How to Make People Feel Good

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah make people feel good about themselves. You know, the Prophet saw the light is settled and we spoke about beloved living a robust transformation but the prophets Allah said and did that was so many other companions. He was a master transformer cellulitis, alum. And when you look at his companions, you'll find that many of them were not given necessarily the gifts that would make a person, you know, choose them to be a leader, yet the Prophet sallallahu sallam was able to see in them when was to extract in them, and to magnify in them the qualities that made them excel in different fields. So you look at someone like Abdullah

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Abdullah, you know, so there'll be a lot and who was described as being very short, very skinny, yet, he didn't have a tribe, he didn't have tribal support. And yet the province had lice and then took this person took out the laminar circuit of the line who and made him a master authority on the Quran, so much so that the province I sent him said that whoever wants to hear the Quran as if it was freshly revealed, and let him listen to the RE citation of even OMA and the private, subtle and abdulai members who later on would say about himself when he became an authority in the Quran that if I knew anyone on this earth, who knew more of the book of Allah than I did, who could be reached

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by camel, then I would go and I would travel to him and I would reach them. I was allowing him at one time he was climbing a tree during the time of the province that Elijah sent him. When he was described as being, like I mentioned, very, very, very scrawny, very thin, and the wind began to blow and the rest of the Sahaba saw his leg, his legs, and they began to laugh. And so the Prophet saw the light, he said it. He said, of how quantum in the 30s Are they are you laughing due to how thin his legs are, those legs are going to outweigh the mountain overheard on the day of judgment.

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And so we all hear this tradition, as become so well known, the province of Christendom took this cause of could have been a cause of insecurity for him to live numerous below the line Whoa, that he was so thin, so small, so frail, and the province Eliasson, them took that cause of insecurity or a possible cause of insecurity. And he transformed it into a cause of pride, that those legs are going to outweigh the mountain are heard on the day of judgment. And there are so many traditions like that the province the lesson and there was a companion names I had, who the province summarize, and I'm loved, and he was a Bedouin, and he would come to Medina to sell his to sell his to sell his

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commodities in the marketplace. And so the province cellulitis, and them grabbed him from behind one day and he said, Man yesterday has an ABS who is going to purchase the slave. And so as I had just like many people that you know, he leaned back on the promise I sent him and he said, I'm not worth anything. You know, and you may know somebody who will say the same thing. And so the Prophet sallallaahu send him he said, he says, It's Zaha says that they use and you can see the NALSA I'm not moving in the marketplace. I'm not something I'm not a hot product. And so the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him and tell us to be casted in blah, blah, you are not worthless in the

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sight of Allah rather you are expensive in the sight of Allah. Another beautiful example the Hadith has some weakness in the in it.

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The wife of Rasulullah, Senem, Sophia, she was Jewish, her ethnicity was Jewish. And so one of the wives were the prophets of Allah, they set it up, when they would call out to her, they would call out to her and they would say, yah, yah hoo, D. Au Jew. And so, it could have caused her some, some sadness that they would call out to her like that. So she complained to the province alone, it isn't. So the province and the lady said, um, took the cause of her, you know, seemingly or her seeming, the cause of her ridicule.

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And he said to her phenol do if they respond to you again like that, then tell them it'd be hard on what am me Musa was OG Muhammad Sallallahu Sydenham tell them if they were to call you again and try to belittle you because you're Jewish, then tell them that my father is Haldane. And my uncle is Musa, and my husband is Muhammad Salah Leidos. And you see what he did, he completely transformed it, he flipped it on its head, the very cause of her belittlement or reticle. Well, the law on how the law becomes a source of incredible pride, something that cannot be matched by anyone else. And so you see, when the province of Christendom is the one doing this with all of his companions, all

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the time, so listen, if you can imagine why they became the generation that they became why they will be able to walk into the palaces of, of Caesar and Kisara and all of these people, and they would not bat an eye because they were proud because they had self worth that was taught to them by the prophets of Allah. They seldom go out and make someone feel good about themselves. Said Am I