Eternal Eloquence – How Not to Be Romantic

Ammar Alshukry


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When romance backfires, there was a man during a time of hollow metal sheet who was spitting game to his wife. He was being all romantic. And he said to her, you are divorced three times, if you are not more beautiful than the moon. And so he didn't get the reaction that he expected. She actually took it seriously. And she said, we're separated. That's it. She was a righteous woman. She was obviously literalist. And she said, No, we're divorced. And so he

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was suffering. He was hurt by this. And he couldn't take her back. He said three times. And so he went to how to model sheet to ask for relief. And how long of a sheet gathered the focal hot? And he asked them this question. This is the scenario. The man said that he was divorced from his wife three times or that she's divorced from him three times, if she's not more beautiful than the moon. And so they all didn't have much to say, except for one who told her how to another she then he said to him, yeah, I made a mini recite Surah to team. And so he recited sort of the ticket until he got to the verse where the Halacha insider fee sne Taku him, we have created mankind to be in the best

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molds in the best folds in the most beautiful shape. And so he said to him, stop right there. She is more beautiful than the moon. And we all are, we are all have been created in a way that is better and more beautiful than the moon. And so hold on Rashid told the man and he sent a letter to the wife of that man telling her that she is highlighted for her husband, and he told them to not say stuff like that again.