Dos & Donts When Visiting A Muslim Cemetery

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I sit down we're gonna have to love it. I got to we're here at a graveyard Muslim cemetery hamdulillah in Houston, Texas so we just wanted to share a couple of the etiquettes of visiting a graveyard number one is to give them set up the province the lowlights and I'm taught us to say I set it equal 100 Dr. Mina well were mostly Mina were in insha Allah who become law code nurse Allah Allah Allah Anna welcome raffia which means peace be upon you are dwellers of the boats, and inshallah God willing, we are going to follow you. And we ask Allah, for us and for you safety. So this is a DA that the province liberal idea send them would make, and we're taught to make it as

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well. He taught a shuttle the lion had this throughout. Number two is that graves can be visited during the day or the night the province of Allied air send them would go out during the day, and he would go out at night to visit a book here. Obviously, we're limited with regards at times, but it's encouraged to visit graveyards, although there's a difference of opinion amongst the scholars with regards to women visiting graveyards, then number three, how should a person dress you can dress in any clothes that you're comfortable with. It's not from the sunnah to wear all black, although I'm wearing all black, I'm not wearing all black because I'm coming to the graveyard though I'm wearing

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all black because I like to wear all black. Otherwise, it's not recommended to wear all black because it's resembles the tradition of non Muslims. Number three, that a person should avoid the traditions of non Muslims when they come to cemeteries, like putting flowers on the graves as you can see here, or like lighting candles, and doing visuals at grave sites, or anything else that is done to resemble non Muslims or resembles non Muslims. And it isn't of the culture of the Muslims should not be done. Eliza yet have mercy on our loved ones who passed away. And may Eliza Jed preserve us and our loved ones were alive. One of the conditions of removing Moncada is that it

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doesn't give rise to a moon card that's bigger than it right so you don't remove a What's the word for a moon card, you don't remove an evil. And number three also is that an important one is that we don't walk over graves because the province level lightest and upset for me to walk over a sword, a sword bleed is more beloved to me than for me to walk on the grave of a Muslim. So we have to be very careful with regards to that province, the lighthouse and was asked about

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marking the grave of a person. And he said sure, so that I know where my brother is buried. The idea of having a sign as long as it doesn't become a tool number one that it's not raised, that we don't raise our graves. That's another thing the raising of Graves is something that Islam is categorically against. And that's why you'll find the Muslim cemetery here we don't have raised graves at hamdulillah they're all flat in the province of alladia said it um, as I didn't have you thought of said the province of Elijah said them and joined upon me that I don't find a race grave except that I lower it. And that's because of what it leads to of eventual veneration. A lot of

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cultures have classes and even in death, where the wealthy have incredible structures built for them, and the poor don't have anything and so no, you came into this world with nothing and you leave with nothing but your deeds and so we don't have this idea of raise tombs, and then at the same time also

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that the tombs are the marking still become a symbol of extravagance. So both from a theological standpoint and from a extravagance standpoint, grave shouldn't be raised. These are pretty much standard. The names this is how the grip the cemetery does it. There's no problem with that. But if a person were to invest money and making their tombs how or tombstones or things of that nature, it wouldn't be allowed provice de la vie de cinnamon his companion with Madam your mother was buried the Prophet cellulitis and and brought a rock and he placed it at the head of his grave so that he could know where the grave of his brother was. And so that's why when you go to a place like Medina,

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you'll see that a lochia, the best cemetery and all of Islam, the most virtuous cemetery and all of Islam it doesn't have any names for the companions of the province, little whiteness and them who are buried there, but rather simply stones to indicate that it's a grave. But according to the majority of scholars that it's Mikado, and Allah Subhana Allah knows best for a person to write the names on groups names and dates.