Did the Prophet Have a Beard Before Prophethood

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The speaker discusses the history of a warrior's name, including his name and his actions. He explains that the warrior was a warrior and used to beat people up and use his sideburns to kill people. The speaker also mentions a famous phrase about the Lyme disease and how it harm a goat.

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the before province, the province I said I'm having a beard. Yes the province Hello. I said I'm had a beard. Yeah. You're welcome. All of them had beards. It was part of

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I'm sorry. I mean

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no. Well, listen, listen to make them feel better to make them feel better.

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Hold on.

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No, no. So

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no pity. Pity

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in the sense in the sense that they didn't shave their beards. Okay, so the lighting is a bit of the liveness is a bit is the son of us debating that one and a smart the daughter of a buck

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Zubair in the lava is a warrior.

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And he's the son of a bit of nylon. He's the son of Sofia, the daughter of the methodic. So he's he's a, he's a cousin of the province of ally Deus, and

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he's the cousin of the profit center. And if you guys remember, when a smart she was helping the province level, I sent him an abacus during the hedge era. And she was she was pregnant, right?

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She's the owner of the two headbands. That's what they called her right? She was pregnant. When she gets to Medina, she eventually after a couple of months, she gives birth. And the Muslims celebrated the birth of the liveness Zubair because the Jews of Medina had told the Muslims and said that we've made you know, hexed you are made some sort of curse and you're not going to have sons and why didn't you're not going to have sons. And so he was the first son that was born in Medina. And when I say that Abdullah was a bed was a warrior, his dad was a warrior. So what did his dad used to do? When at six years old, Abdullah in his bed, used to go with his dad to battles. He's not going to

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fight in the battles. But how do you train like a young warrior? What do you do? So, you know, when the battle was when the battle was over, and you have like a few guys were still not finished. He would give his sudden his dagger and say, Allah, go finish them off.

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And he would you would go, he would go. And as smart as my I know, we're like modern and we're like, oh my god, like, but that's that's how they lived. Okay, that's how and so smart use the SMR use to kind of even her she used to kind of beat them up a little toughen them up and stuff like that, like they're trying to make. So I remember one sisters panelist, she said, she said, she heard this story. I'm delighted it's a bit and how his mother used to like, beat him up to toughen them up and stuff. So she said, I started doing that to my son.

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And his, her son was miski. Like, he's like, five, six years old, or 10 years old, or average, she used to beat him up. And then she's like, subhanAllah, she was like, and then I realized what like, what I'm doing isn't isn't working.

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And then she said, like, she's like, he's like an adult now. And he never lets me forget the fact that I used to beat him up for no reason. And subhanAllah that also shows you what it shows you that you can't just take these stories and try to superimpose them on modernity, it doesn't work like that. So instead, what you're supposed to do is you're supposed to try to figure out what is the avenue? Like, what is she trying to do? She's trying to toughen them up. How would you do that in a modern context?

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You put them in MMA. You take him into teach them jujitsu, teach them karate teach them like that's how you do it here. And now you don't need to, you know, take them out back and all that type of stuff. So the point here is that the love news of it, I want you to know that this he was a warrior par excellence. He was a worshipper of incredible levels. That he says or they said that Abdullah was a bit. He was the type that he would not find anything that people couldn't do, except that he did it.

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Like if he found something that people could not do, he would do it. One time the cable was flooded. So the wife stopped.

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What is that blood is regulated do? He went and he swam. He swam making the offer on the Kaaba, and he would dive to kiss the Blackstone. He was the type of person who he was called fattest Koresh. He was the warrior of courage. Okay. And of course, later on, he would

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challenge I've done Medicube number one for the field Alpha after my Oh, yeah. And after, you know, and you know, the famous story of how it had judging the use of catapulted the Kaaba. You guys are

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I mean, it's amazing history. He was crucified at the Kaaba have the lemons of it, he was crucified by hydrogen music. And when he was finally besieged around Mecca, he went to his mother, a schmuck who was old, and she was blind by this point in time, but this was his mother who raised him. She's like 90 something years old. And hello, I feel like it's done and had judged abusive is, you know, his people have given up and he's going to be killed. And so he's wearing armor. And she hugs him and she's blind. And she says to him, are you wearing you're wearing armor? And he says, Yes. And she said,

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he says, I'm not afraid of death. Like I'm not afraid of death, but I'm afraid of being mutilated. I don't want to be mutilated. And then she says to him, are famous phrases. What does it harm a goat to be skinned after it's slaughtered?

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Was arm she's like you You either are on truth. You're either on truth in which case you die for the truth or you're not on truth, in which case, you know what an evil decision you've made. But the point here is that I say all of this to say that when you read the description, description of the Lyme disease read when you read in the description in the books with all of his ferocity and all of his strength and all of his honor and all of his dignity and all of that. The description is that his sideburns did not connect until he was 60.

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His his, his sideburns did not connect. They did not connect until he was 60 years old.

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So inshallah if you guys live long enough.

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Diapers will connect and shot laughs