Approaching The Last Ten Nights

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The speakers discuss the upcoming weekend holiday and the importance of finding one's own success and happiness. They stress the importance of worshiping the Prophet Muhammad and reciting the Quran, as well as the importance of giving sada 49% to receive a fundraiser. The speakers also emphasize the need to strive for success and seek out opportunities to achieve goal of God. They emphasize the importance of sharing good deeds and connecting with one's life through kinship, and connect with one's parents through kinship. The segment ends with a discussion of making a program to give in charity and connect with ties of kinship.

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in Alhamdulillah nama Duenas that you know when I stopped funeral when arugula him and jewelry and fusina Amin say Dr. Molina Maria de la who for Ramadan when a little further had the Ala Wai shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula shady Cara, what I shall do I know Mohammed Abdullah sudo or SOFIA woman felt the hero Hello, Bella risotto Amano Nasir Hello masala Coumadin Mahajan, may Allah lado How can a hearty heart lazy wine happy la Hardik Serrato Abdul Salam Heidi rebels Allah Hiya kulula isodiol vikita Bilal Karim bada Rudy bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you hello Dean Tapachula haka, Ducati who ultimo tuna Illa. Anta musli Moon macabre to Allah Johan NASA Takara Baku

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Mala the Halacha Kamini nevsun Wahida Wirkkala caminhos Oh Jaha Baba Thurman humare Jalan cathedral Manisa what type Allah holiday to Luna be he will on hub in hola Cana de Cumbre Kiba Wakanda Tada Yeah, you heard that? Taco Lucha Pulu covenant said either use la cama hola como de Nova, la hora Sula, who forgot the festivals and ottima and my bad,

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all praises due to Allah

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Who is magnificent in his essence perfect in his attributes and undeniable in his presence, and may peace and blessings be upon Muhammad Sallallahu it who has said him and his followers until the Day of Judgment, Allah subhanho data says in the Quran, Oh you who believe fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. And Allah says, All Mankind Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produced from that soul its mate, and made from their combination many men and women, so Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, verily, Allah is Ever Watchful over you. And Allah says, Oh, you who believe fear Allah and

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say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious.

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How long it seemed that we were waiting for Ramadan. And we were asking Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to experience another Ramadan and we were anxious and we waited and waited with bated breath and here we are on the cusp of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala described it so precisely when he said a yam and Mardu that they are a limited number of days. But the good news is that what remains is better than what has preceded and as we usher in these last 10 nights

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we are reminded of Charlotte Island shore hotwire intend to just remind about a few practical actions that we can commit ourselves and recommit ourselves to, so that we be of those who are successful. And the one who is successful is the one whom Allah subhanaw taala accepts from

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approaching these last 10 nights with a recommitment to play.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man karma Ramadan Eman and YT saben will feel like the humatrope Adam and then we always see every Ramadan it starts off with a lot of energy and then there's the mid Ramadan dip. And then there's the last 10 where the energy picks back up again and so let us be of those who inshallah to Allah recommit to finishing the last 10 strong, the province of Allah it was setting themselves whoever stands the month of Ramadan at of Eman with this app seeking its reward, recognizing its reward and add a faith they will have their sins forgiven and so what we are playing for what we are worshipping for what we are seeking is the forgiveness of sins.

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And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also instructed

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Deus that in the last 10 nights to seek out a night, that is equal to the worship of 1000 months Leila to Qatar. And Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed an entire Surah about this night. And the story of this revelation is incredible because the Sahaba of the Allah on whom were informed about a man from Venezuela who worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala for 1000 months, every day going out in the path of Allah subhanaw taala. And every night praying Theon and so the Sahaba of the law and when when they heard that story, they said their their objection or their question was incredibly.

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It is incredibly

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instructs us to their their psychology. It instructs us to the spirit of competition that the Sahaba of the laundromat, they said, O Messenger of Allah, one of us doesn't even live that long. We don't even have 80 years of adulthood, we might if a person lives a long life, they might themselves live to 80 and that's as much as can be hoped for. And the province of the ladies have informed us that the lifespan of this home was between 60 and 70. And so their their question indicates that they were not satisfied being the best worshipers of their generation but they want it to be the best whoever worship Allah Subhana Allah. So Allah subhanho data revealed in nines and now feel a little

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better Rama de la camellia despite the need to calculate an artificial that the worship of Leila to God, it is better than the worship of 1000 months, as a consolation for an OMA, that was given shorter lifespans, we were given these seasons of goodness where a person stands for one night. And because of their standing, they are given the reward of 1000 months of worship. And so this is an incredible opportunity in the province level like this. And I'm told us to seek it out

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in the last 10 nights and to seek it out in the odd nights of the last 10 nights and the Sahaba differed with regards to what night is later to Paladin so you had I will say them who did who said that it's on the 21st night and you had even Ibis who said that it's on the 23rd or the 27th night, and you have will be even the guy who said that it's on the 27th night and Allah subhanaw taala knows best about the the majority of scholars hold and the way that they combine between these evidences is that Laila to God that rotates one year maybe on the 21st, another year, and maybe on the 23rd and one year maybe on the 25th. And Why did Allah subhana data not simply tell us? Well,

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anytime Allah Subhana Allah the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam communicates to us the incredible value of something like it is hailed as the future but doesn't tell us exactly who, what, when, where, why.

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It indicates to us the importance of the journey and importance of striving. And so the province of the lightest, and then tells us that Allah has one name, that is the greatest name, whoever is asked by it will be granted and whoever requested it will be received.

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And he doesn't tell us what name it is. And we are told that on Friday, there is an hour where your DUA is accepted, and we're not told what hour and so what does that require of us it requires from us to strive and to seek and to knock on every door that those doors be opened or that that door be open. And so number two, is to seek out data to Petra number three, of course is the

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data to further Allah subhanaw taala says about if you how you proper Kulu Ambien Hakim, the on the day of or the nights of power, every matter is determined, every matter is determined. And so if it's best that even the names of the Hajaj for that year, whoever's going to go to Hajj in three months, and we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to return us to our house to his house a beautiful return. But their names are written, and a person may be walking amongst the living,

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having been decreed on a little closer to be of someone who passes away that year, and that is dispersed. And all of these things are facilitated on that night. And so for a person to meet it with their app is incredibly fortunate that a person meets that night of power seeking Allah subhanho diatas bounty and I shall Allah and I asked the province of Allah they send them as reported by to me then she said, If I experienced later to other What should I say? And he said, Say, Allah who may Nikka foolin to hit with alpha five for me. And there's nothing else to remember from this whole but it is to constantly make this something that you are constantly reciting over

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these last 10 nights that you say Oh Allah, you pardon you love to party and so pardon me you overlook you remove the trace of sin, you love to do so. So remove the trace of mine. So seeking a lot of drought in the last 10 Nights. Number four, of course is the recitation of the Quran Allah Subhana Allah says shahada, Ramadan and Nydia Zilla feel Quran who didn't Ignis the recitation of the Quran is the best vicar and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said that the best of those who fast are those who make the most thicket and so the citation of the Quran and the prophets of Allah Allah is setting them as you know, he recited the Quran and he reviewed the Quran in his last

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Ramadan of his life twice over with the GBD and it is set up and so that we occupy ourselves with the recitation of the Quran and we use what remains of the days of Ramadan to develop and to continue to strengthen our

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Quran habits. Number five is to give sadaqa to give sadaqa. We know the program of Ramadan, every year we know how it goes. We know that it goes with taraweeh nobody should be surprised by now that there's going to be fundraisers. No one should be surprised whether you go to any restaurant in the world and there's a fundraiser in the last 10 nights of Ramadan. We all continuously have a choice every year, Allah subhanaw taala. He says, Well, oh, Raja Raja Abdullah, who wrote this, this verse always makes me reflect on Ramadan. Actually, in Surah, Toba ALLAH SubhanA wa dadas chastising those who had an opportunity to go on a campaign with Rasulullah sallallahu idea send them and Allah

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subhana wa Tada says, if they had wanted to actually go with you, they would have prepared for it. And so preparing for distribution of sadaqa in the last 10 nights of Ramadan, Allah subhana, Allah has fissile and a bit of a basketball, the lion who says in the Hadith, it's Anwar, he says, can also Lola Lola, listen, I do notice that he was the most generous of the people. And he was most generous in Ramadan. And so letting that generosity touch every matter, or every project that we can facilitate. And Allah subhana that has made it so easy for us that a person can simply go online, and they can schedule from today their donations for the last 10 nights. And then you don't have to

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worry about it. Or whatever you give can be a fugly can be an increase. But you don't have to worry about did I find somebody to give charity today that I forgot yesterday? What's What can I do today to fix that, that you sit there and you automate your donations, and then you take advantage of that. And then the last that I mentioned, have a good deed and there are many good deeds that a person could create. And every one of us should put some thought into how we want to spend the last 10 Nights based on our personality based on our time commitments based on our our schedules. But one of them that I don't want to overlook is the connecting with your ties of kinship, because

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guaranteed on a little pattern people are going to be asking Allah Subhana Allah for risk and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gives us a secret recipe for those who are seeking list and the Prophet satellite SNM says As reported by quality men, Allah then up Salah hoof fear is that whoever wants for the risk to be expanded, and for their lifespan to be extended, that let them connect the ties of kinship. Let them connect the ties of kinship. That means talking to your uncles, and that means checking in on your aunts. And that means reaching out to family members.

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Taking the time to send the messages taking the time to you know, in the last days of Ramadan, congratulate them on the month of Ramadan, especially for those of us who may not have necessarily most of the time when we're speaking to our family members. It's because our parents are putting the phone in our face and saying speak to this person or speak to that person that we don't look at it like a burden, but we look at it like we look at everything else and act of worship. And it is an act of worship that comes with incredible reward. We ask Allah subhana data to allow us to hear the speech and follow the best of it according mathematical muster for the lady we're looking for stuff

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you don't know before right?

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah it was like the ascendance in cathedra should have a ley line Allahu la sharika wash. I don't know Mohammed Abdullah surah. So for those of you who are who joined, just now, we went over six things that a person can do to take advantage of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And we mentioned pm and we mentioned seeking out later to Qatar in particular and to invest our nights in making dua to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and recitation of the Quran because it is the best of remembrance, as well as to make a program to give in charity and to connect with the ties of kinship and so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who are

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forgiven in this month and we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to make us of those whose charities who accepted and whose fasting are accepted or citation of the Quran and RPM. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make the best of our days are last days in the best of our moments the day that we meet him alone with me now see, I'm Anna. Okay, I'm Anna Oroku Crighton Allah whom, in Nanus, Luca general Makabe hydrocodone environment when are you becoming a narrow Maccabi Rihanna according Muhammad Allah Hama Tina fusina Taqwa Jackie Hunter firemans aka Antonio how Allah Allahu Maximilian dynamic for sciatica matter who will be been an OB namaste sciatic I mean I think I'm actually gonna be hidden

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netic Wamena Latini Moto, we will be hiding Amasa dunya AMITA and Allahumma via smart you know, upside, you know, Quwata algorithm update and otherwise I mean, watch I fall in ILM and Valentina. One student Allahumma alum and iodine Allah jiamusi birth and IV Dean in Kabbalah Homina Willa Blaga Amina, whether in an IRA mossy Rana which Allah Ginetta here, Dora nebula medicale, Mr. Rob Durham, who may come out of Burnie so the whole maca Mala Burnie so they are Aloha mahalo Tana multimedia and wash prima donna Amato. Lucy me. Aloha man Saudi when it comes to life in an uncle BNF equally makan Abba hamara Maccabee Iranian Fe based in Makkah this work integrated mock this Allahu Allahu

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malefic was added one enough he Philistine obviously

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it'd be another Muslim in Allahumma Kula marine and you're McMullen marine Aquila Manassa and you're makhanda Nasir Allahumma Helfer Heather Webber and Allahumma Fahad a little bit and also Allah Hi lecithin Muhammad Akuma la sala tickle Good luck