A Simple Demonstration Of How To Say The Athkaar After The Prayer

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The speaker is giving a recap of the Islam practice, which involves praying every day and following a strong federal law. The practice involves various exercises, including twisting every hand and saying the prayer 10 times each. The practice is recommended for those who cannot sit down and see the religious presence.

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, whenever you pray your prayers, your obligatory prayers, as soon as you finish from the five daily obligatory prayers there have got to be said and they are six. I want to demonstrate with you how simple this would be. As you're sitting, the first thing you'll see after you conclude the prayer, a strong federal law, a strong federal law are still federal law three times and the better version is to see a strong federal law a Tallboy Stouffville Allah toyboy estafa Allah Tobu la that's the first one. The second one you'll see Allahumma Anta Salam omenka Salam Diabolik there the GLL you will eat Quran. Then the third one would be to say La ilaha

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illallah wa hola Shari color the whole koala Han hamdulillah who are other equally che in Kadir Allahu Malema analemma opposite what are more of Bucha Lima Managua and found the jet demon culture. Then the fourth one would be La ilaha illallah wa ghoulishly Keller local mukono Al hamdu Lillahi wa ala kulli che in de la hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah Walla and Abu inlet Yeah, la Nirma. to wonder who fog Lola who further on Hassan, let ilaha illAllah Muhammad Sina Hadid one oh carry healthcare fuel, that's the fourth one. Then the fifth one would be the Subhan Allah and hamdulillah and Allahu Akbar, and the way you do it, the minimum is to say it 10 times each. So you'll see Subhan Allah

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will hamdulillah one Allahu Akbar with that whoa in there in between, and you will go 10 times likely is Subhan Allah Well, hamdulillah Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah, what happened to the level Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah Al hamdu lillah Allahu Akbar. And you will do this, that's for the fifth and then you will open up again, 6789 and 10. And you can see it 33 times each. And if you did say it 33 times each. Then at the end of that, you will see let you know Hey, Lola, devilishly color, LOL Mukalla hamdulillah Allah condition perdere. That's our fifth one. And then the sixth and last one would be to read a little kursi Allahu La ilaha illa ha ha You will pay you until you reach the

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end of wha hoo allottee you will avoid him. And it is better to see them all as you're sitting down. And if you can't sit down and you need to walk away, then you can see them as your walk away. And it is also better to see them aloud. Unless there are people around you then see them silently so that you do not disturb them. And you also should know that you have from after the obligatory prayer until the other end of the next obligatory prayer to see them. So if you finished your solid and you're walked away, and then you remember the half an hour later, you can also see the guilt after the print. Well hamdulillah and remember when you read AYATUL kursi the reward of this is that

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nothing stands between you and the paradise except death. If you were to die, you enter the paradise. Imagine you have a AYATUL kursi recited after each prayer, Allahu Akbar a person guarantees be evenly left for himself or ask Allah azza wa jal to accept and that he admits us all into the paradise Allahu animal. SallAllahu wasallam robotica and Amina Mohammed was early he also BH marine