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Shala today we're going to do a short explanation of a beautiful hadith is a dua so long dua lengthy DUA and it's a very comprehensive you will not be able to memorize it in this explanation because it's very long but you can I'll tell you how to find it. And also the point is to understand the phrases of this dua so that they show love to other we can memorize them and use them. The hadith is reported in the Sunnah of an SRP and the Muslim ummah, Muhammad and others and it's a beautiful story as well. And it goes that amount of vinyasa you know, the famous companion, his father, he acid and mother, Samia were Shaheed and Amal was the one that the Quraysh tried to torture him. And

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he acquiesced. And he said things you shouldn't have said, he comes running to the Prophet. So they said them he says Yarrow sort of life committed. Cofer. The process says what happened he explains the story that the courage killed my mother, my father, they're about to kill me. And I said something, you know, just to get the torture off. So the Prophet says that how's your iman said the man is strong in the heart. He said, Don't worry, if they repeat the torture, you repeat what you have to say. And then Allah revealed in the Quran that 11 ocarina whoever is forced is forgiven. If you're forced, you're going to be killed and whatnot, you're forgiven to say whatever. This is a mod

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of vinyasa. And I might have been yesterday as well. He's the most famous Sahabi in regards to the fitna between the Sahaba our prophecies and and predicted that the bows here are the group that is rebelling, is going to kill a mob, and so he died in the battle of Safin. A Shaheed he was fighting on the side of it though the Allah who I'm against the other side of why we are the Allahu Allah Allah forgives although the Masha Allah, but he was on the side of it and his death was a marker for many of the Sahaba that the one that was closer to the truth was added to the Allah one because he was fighting in the camp of it and a prophet system said that the Bosnia group the rebelling group

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is going to kill Ahmad vinyasa and he died in that battle. That's a Shaheed AMA has a few Hadith not that many a hadith this was one of the Hadith. So this hadith goes as follows that one day he led them in sada one day he was leading them in Salah, he was the Imam of the Salah, and for ojos he prayed a short salah, and then he left the gathering. Some people complained that you left a very short Salah you let a very short sunnah we wanted a longer Salah behind you. And he said, even if I have led a short salah, I made a dua in it that the prophets have some taught to me. This is why we were doing this hadith, I made a dua in it that the prophets Allah Allah said, I'm taught to me that

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made up for the length I didn't need to make it long. As long as I have this dua, then even if it's short, it's good. Now this shows us that Subhan Allah and the time of the Sahaba they wanted longer sought us right in our times we have to make shorter Salah no problem times change, but at the time of the Sahaba they wanted Allah to give a longer Salah Why did you make it you know so short right? And he responded back that within the Salah there was a quality so what is important is not how long how short, it is the quality and Ammar are the Allahu Allah and said within this salah I made a DUA, that dua made up for the length as long as I made this up, don't worry about it. This also shows us

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by the way, an important sunnah that we neglect, and that is the Sunnah of making dua in such that this is a form of Salah he's leading them in Salah it's a form of Salah, and when he's in such the he makes this dua which we're going to say right now. And he is saying because I made this dua then doesn't matter if my salah is short, and this shows us an important neglected sunnah, that when we are in such the, we should prolong the search that we do up after we say subhanallah bit Allah Subhan Allah Allah subhanaw taala after we make any of the other regular of God subordinate producer upon our America, we should then make dua from the heart do about the deen and duniya dua about this

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world and the next world and any do us are permitted at this time. Any do us and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that increase your do as in your search because you will be the closest to your Lord in such and because your chances of ISTE Java are higher for coming in on a new stage java.com Your chances of drop or higher so this is a swing that we should come back to now. When he said this. He was in the end of the restaurant he left one person ran behind him

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He says, oh, Amara vinyasa teach me this dua. And because of this one person we have this memorized Subhanallah the the blessings of being eager for knowledge, right? The blessings that you want to learn something, you know, when he's leaving, he says, Look, I made it to adore. It's a good salah. It's I did it. He left one person. Randy says, Yeah, Amara Alemany teach me, what was this dua that you said. And so this is the longer that he said, I'm gonna go over it phrase by phrase. So he said, What I said was that Allahumma in the Allahumma bear in Mecca. Oh Allah, I ask you by the fact that you know ilmenite Well, quadratic, Allah. And I asked you by the fact that you have power over your

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creation. Now, the DUA is beginning by asking Allah subhanho wa Taala via his attributes via his power, oh Allah be inimical time. Because you know, in Mannheim, where we put the rhotic idle Hulk, and because you have power over the creation, before we begin what we want, we begin by praising Allah. Before we say give me we say yeah, Kareem, before we say Forgive me, we say you're far. So we open our doors with what is called TELUS Su and tawassul is of many types and of the types of there was soon to was soon by Allah's names and attributes that was sold by invoking Allah with what He is befitting to be invoked with, this is the opening of dua. So I might have been the answer says that,

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oh, Allah, I asked you because you have elemental life and because you have ultimate control over the creation. What do I ask you? A Heaney? Madam, tell Hayato, Hydra leaf whatever funny either Adam to refer to Hydra Li, this is the beginning. First First thing that you ask, Oh Allah, grant me life. As long as you know life is in my best interest and cause me to die. When you know that death is better for me. What a beautiful dua, the default of most of us, Europe give me a long life. No, that's not what we ask. Because no matter how long we live, eventually, and it's not the quantity of years. It's the quality of life. We want quality of life. And sometimes some people live a life

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where the quality is so bad, so poor, that really it's not worth it. And that's why our profit system would seek refuge in Allah from living a life until he becomes senile, or will become rodella Another rumor. I don't want to live that long that I lose my senses. We don't want to live to that life that we become tired we become you know, somebody else has to take we don't want that. Right? And so Amada vinyasa begins this day, he's learning from the prophets I send them and this to Isaiah, Allah, take me, yeah, Allah gives me life. As long as you know life is better for me, and cause me to die when you know that death is better for me. The next phrase was a Dukkha sciatica,

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for labor when Ida Ania. I asked you, Oh Allah, that you grant me, a fear of you, when people are looking at me. And when I'm all alone. In other words, my heart has to be the same regardless of whether I'm in public or private, right? And in the Quran, so many times Allah DNA of sharara Bumble hype, right, those who fear their Lord in the unseen, the real test of piety is not when people are looking at you. The real test of piety is when you're all alone, is your Hashem the same? Is your fear of Allah and worship the same, let my actions be consistent. fileted Well, Allah Ania when people are watching, when I'm all alone, it should be exactly the same. Again, what a profound dua

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right? You want your class to be so high, that is irrelevant. Whether you're in public or private secret or in front of the whole world, you will do the exact same thing. So I asked you Allah has sciatica for the baby. Well, Allah Nia well Kadima, tell HealthDay robot Well, Hado and I asked you that are always speak the truth, whether I'm happy or whether I'm angry, my tongue has to be Muslim. Now some have pointed out the first part of this dua, Hashem is about your taqwa. And the second part, the collimated help is about your Anakin. And the summary of all of Islam is taqwa and Adam, right taqwa and how you treat other people. And these two phrases combined that oh Allah grant me

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Hashem of the heart, and oh Allah make my tongue straight, in all circumstances, and the tongue, it is the key to unlock the tongue is how you interact with other people. And our profit system is saying Yara, whatever my state, whatever my internal, my tongue has to always be saying that which is appropriate that which is correct. And this is basically the miftah or the key of o'clock, so Allah so the prophets are making dua to Allah

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that grants me the o'clock and gradually the reality that no matter what happens, I'm always saying the best words. And even when I get angry and I lose control of internally, externally, I can control externally and that's the real subject, right? No matter how angry you are, you're not gonna get into trouble. But when the anger affects your tongue, when the anger affects your limbs, that's when you might cross the line. And so even if I'm angry, Oh Allah, let my tongue always speak that which is best was a local Kosta Phil *ery well arena and ask you, oh, Allah, I'll cost moderation. Whether I'm rich, or whether I'm poor. This is a interesting phrase, as a local caster

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fee. Phil *ery. Well, Hina I asked you moderation in poverty and in richness. What does this mean? By the way, the profits are some would never ask to be wealthy.

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He would never say, Oh Allah make even though it is not wrong, per se. It is not haram. We may ask to be of the wealthy. But we should always add a caveat and make me have the generous, right. Never say oh Allah give me money, just like that. That's a fitna. And that's why our processing never just said give me money. No, that's not really even if you want money, oh, Allah grants me wealth and make me have the salah Hey, no problem. You add that at the end as well. But our profit system is melcombe is higher than mine and yours, it is not befitting that he asks Allah for lots of golden silver. What did he ask Allah as a local cost? I want moderation in poverty and in richness. Now

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scholars have different what does this mean? The majority interpretation which Allah and there's nothing wrong with having multiple interpretation is that Oh Allah, regardless of how much wealth or poverty I have, I'm always being generous and taking care of my family moderation here. I don't want to be extreme in either giving everything or withholding everything. So regardless of my own financial circumstances, regardless of my own state, I should always be consistently generous and consistently prioritizing family because that's what Islam teaches us, right? Islam does not teach us that we become impoverished and leave our wife and children poor, we give everything to other

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people. No. So this is the the majority interpretation of cost. There is another interpretation, nothing wrong with this, and that is that if I am blessed with wealth, or tested with poverty, don't make it extreme. Either way, give me moderation. So, there are a hadith that I seek refuge in You from the fitna of Lena and the fitna of Fokker. And this could be interpreted this way that Oh Allah, if you give me wealth, don't make it a fitna. For me, don't make it so much. And if you're testing me with poverty, don't make it a fitna for me that there is no food to eat, right? So you go through a little bit of cycles, if the cycle is within a reasonable spectrum hamdulillah Don't test

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me with unreasonable spectrums, right? And we all know that extreme wealth is one of the biggest tests of mankind. Look around you, Wallah. Look around you how few people of that category are righteous. Similarly, extreme poverty is a major fitna, because you cannot concentrate you cannot pray, you cannot take care of your children. You cannot live a normal life. That too is a problem. We don't want to go there. So another interpretation which is valid, that Oh Allah, if you test me with wealth, Don't test me with that, which is going to be too much. And if you test me with poverty, Don't test me with that there's going to be too much poverty. So I want moderation, even in

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wealth, make me moderate, and even if I have to be tested with poverty, not too much of a fitna, and both of these interpretations aren't valid so I asked you all I'll cost fee for the cochlea will clean up was a Luca Iman Yan furred was a Luca Kurata in the Latin Quarter, Oh Allah, I asked you blessings that never stop and a coolness of the eye that will never cease. So continue to bless me, bless me, bless me continue to give me comfort that will never stop once again. We have multiple interpretations the primary interpretation, what is it that will give you continuous blessings forever and ever.

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Jana, what it is that will give you continuous coolness of the eye without stopping Jana. So one interpretation, which is again, there's nothing wrong all these are valid, right? The first interpretation these two phrases, I'm asking you for Jana, and he's describing Jana, Oh Allah, grant me that place in which the blessings never cease. And that place in which the comfort of my eyes will never stop that is genuine. But you can also interpret it completely valid, that Oh Allah, continue to bless me forever and ever and ever in every type of blessing.

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In this dunya and the next, and continue to give me comfort forever and ever and ever in this dunya and the next and that is also a valid interpretation. Don't we want blessings in this dunya? Don't we want comfort in this dunya and this is also a valid interpretation. Once again, notice the comprehensiveness of the DUA our Prophet system is not saying, blessed me with wealth, blessed me with the house blessed me with children, he keeps it open leaves it to Allah, continue to bless me how you know best how to bless me, Oh Allah, and of the etiquettes of the DUA is to be Jahmir comprehensive. don't specify when you can leave Allah to specify why would you want to restrict the

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blessings of Allah? Oh Allah continue to bless me and of story. Oh Allah continue to make me happy. What more do you want, right? Allah knows best. When we add an adjective for no reason we add a noun for no reason. We are restricting for no reason. Oh Allah continue to bless me with with wealth. Okay, how about your health? How about your family? How about the problems of this dunya why restrict the unrestricted? Oh Allah, I asked you blessings that never stop. What a beautiful dua. Oh Allah, I asked you for a comfort of the eye that never ceases. Always make my soul at peace. SubhanAllah. This is the etiquette of the Prophet of the prophetic dua. And the Hadith goes on. That

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was a local ribo Vidal Cadore beautiful phrase here was Hello kyriba badolato I asked you Oh Allah, that after your decree comes, you grant me contentment of that decree.

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We can change Allah has other, we cannot change other. But we have to accept that other and be content. We don't have to be happy. We have to be content, there's a difference between the two. Nobody is happy at a calamity. But once a calamity happens, we have to have a resolution in our hearts resolve it. In law when they erode your own. Allah is the one who says confer your con we must accept Allah SCADA, even if we don't be happy at it. So he's asking for real law by the ABA. Because to reject a law is the essence of Khufu or with a biller to reject it why did this happen to me? This should not have happened to me you are rejecting the power of Allah subhanaw taala So the

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Prophet system is asking Oh ALLAH one your papa comes grant me contentment at that kappa. So this is the next phrase few phrases left here was a Dukkha let's get another so sorry was barra de la Shiva added mode? And Allah I asked you for the coolness of living after death. What again, interesting too, ah, after I die, I want to live a good life. Subhanallah when you make this dua, your mentality changes. death does not become the end it becomes the beginning. Oh Allah I asked you for the coolness of life after death. Imagine you're asking Allah, you're looking forward to the real life. You want the life that is sweet, the life that is good, beginning with the Barossa and continuing

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all the way to Jana. Oh Allah I asked you for the coldness of life after death Subhanallah the whole again, for the Muslim for the Mothman death is not the end. Rather it is a milestone that all of us have to pass and after that milestone, we want to have the real life so oh Allah I ask you for the best life the beautiful life the life that is cool and sweet that will come to me when after death Subhanallah again, the mentality changes and the phrase then the Hadith goes on, was a Luca lead that another the ILA will check. This is one of the phrases that is why the hadith of Amara is so is so important. In mama SHA three others they use this hadith to prove the doctrine which is

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mainstream Sunni doctrine, non Sunni is denied the Morteza denied it the others denied it. And that is to look at the face of Allah subhanaw taala right, it's in the Quran. Would you whom and another little bit and now they're up to looking at Allah azza wa jal is one of the key doctrines of the Quran and Sunnah. And we understand that we affirm this in earlier times there were other groups and this and that they denied it. They said how can we see Allah this means he's this and that they went down their philosophical way. The hadith is what was a Luca led that and nobody in our trick, and Oh Allah, I ask you, the sweetness of looking at your face, the sweetness of looking at your face. Now

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the looking at the face of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is the highest blessing of Jana. Nobody will get it unless they are off agenda automatically. Only the people of gender will get it. And it is the best blessing of Jannah

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Even Janna itself becomes negligible when you see the face of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tala Lilla Dena Arsinoe those who do good and husana will get the perfection of Jana was Jada and more than Jana. This is in the Quran. Those who do good will get Jana and more than Jana. The prophets have said a zyada another row era which he called Kareem, the extra zyada. It is to look at the face of Allah subhanho wa Taala and of Nakayama has a beautiful passage in his description of Jana where salata Juma in Ghana will not be a hotter and hotter bus No, so that'll Joomla or there is no Serato Joomla Joomla will be when couches will be spread and people will sit down and gaze at the face of Allah

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subhanho wa Taala that is Joomla the Joomla of Jana is not like us, no, there is no Salah there is no but July time what will happen July time is the weekly the weekly time where the people of Jana will gaze upon the face of Allah subhanho wa taala. And everyone will be in accordance with his MACOM with his Ahmed with his good deeds, the more was the more common good deeds, the more the longer that gays will be. But everybody in Jannah will get that case. And our Prophet system described it as let that another the sweetness of looking, there is nothing sweeter than that gaze of Allah subhanho wa Taala when we're able to see Allah and that does not happen in this dunya as we

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know Musa us he didn't get it in this dunya you cannot get it. It is only in the era that Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Canada in the home Arab Bamyan within the module Boone on that day, the people who rejected Allah shall have a barrier between them and Allah Imam Shafi commented on this he said, when Allah shall punish the kafir with the barrier, this indicates he shall reward the believer by lifting the barrier. You get the point here right? When Allah says gala in the home Arab Emil Mithila, Matthew Boone, the kuffaar shall be blocked from Allah azza wa jal from seeing Allah Imam Shafi he said when the kuffaar will be blocked, and that is a punishment. This means the

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believers will not be blocked and it will be a reward and the whole Quran and Sunnah mentions this and the additive model is explicit. Oh Allah, I asked you for the length of looking at your beautiful face was Shoka Isla de quoi, Oh Allah, I asked you for the desire to meet you to be excited to meet you. Shulk even an old Ashok right. You want to have the show. The desire, the eagerness to meet Allah. Again, this is a beautiful Hadith and phrase here, not the desire of death because nobody desires death. But what will happen after death to meet Allah I should be excited to meet Allah. And the Prophet system is saying, Oh Allah make me excited to meet you. Give me that

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trepidation gives me that desire, that yearning that Oh ALLAH eventually I want to meet you. And when we have that desire, will it not be manifested on our actions and good deeds want to our entire life change when we're thinking about the akhira looking at Allah, the desire to meet Allah so this this hadith, by the way, it's so beautiful, because it combines this dunya and the next give me the best of this dunya make my life good over here. Allow me to live as long as I live and then die when death is better for me. And I want you to meet you, Oh Allah, I want the desire to meet you. I want to see your face, when you keep on saying this dua. Right? What will the problems of this dunya be

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to you? Nothing, you don't care. There is the eternal life afterwards. When you're eager to meet Allah, then you're not troubled by what is happening in this dunya so we're Shoka in the field Lady Laura Mudra, Willa fitna, a mandala and O Allah, allow me to meet you, but I don't want the death to happen in a calamity that is harmful or in a fitna. That is misguiding. In other words, all of these phrases, they they imply death. I'm going to die. I'm going to meet you, I'm going to see you, Oh Allah, I don't want my death to be bought raw Madeira. The raw is like a general calamity that is harming lots of people. I don't want to die in that type of calamity. Well, I fit that in mandala

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and neither in a misguiding time that might misguide me a fitna happens and I turn left to right and my death comes to me No, I don't want that allow the death come to me when in a state where my Eman is strong, and the calamity is not affecting me and my family. So we ask Allah for a dignified death. And this is what this phrase implies. And then the final phrase of this hadith Allahumma zeyneb is Xena 10 Eman where Jana Who dat and moto the in the final phrase Allahu Jose inna busyness in Eman O Allah beautify us

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With the beauty of iman close me with the clothes of iman Oh Allah Allah Eman to make me beautiful. I don't want to be beautiful because of my wealth. I don't want people to like me because of my fame No, my Xena that which brings me admiration and respect my Xena should be Iman let my Eman speak for me. Ze Yin busyness and Eman where Jana who Dalton moto Dean and O Allah make me of those who are guided and allow me to guide other people Oh Allah make me of those who are guided and make me so guided that others will be guided through me and because of me, this is the famous hadith of Ahmad vinyasa, and you will find it in every prayer book and you can literally Google the dua of amount of

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vinyasa, there's only one I might have been SS only a few Hadith, and only one of them is a long drought. So if you Google the dua of Amara vinyasa, you will find this beautiful phrase and you will inshallah download it and use it in your prayers and you will then increase the quality of your Salah even if the quantity is small make this dua in your session as a prophet system did May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all of the things of this dua will continue later said I'm not going to lie to Baraka

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