99 Names – EP 5 – Al Khaliq Al Khallaq Ahsanul Khaliqeen

Ammar Alshukry


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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about 2 names of Allah – Al Khaliq and Al Khallaq and why it matters to you.

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Welcome to the tagalong. I'm your host, Bill Hahn. And no, I'm your host ocata shoukry. You're not just visiting

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the names of a launch online right now today or right now we're going to do an hanoch. An s&p 500 p

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highly dangerous run. Yeah. Here's the thing with the names. Different scholars have had different HDI dot, right? Everyone's trying to figure out what the names are. And so every list that you read from a different scholar is actually going to have some variety in it.

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So, so a Holic luck and accidental high lift lead. Yeah, so hot is the one who's the Creator, the one who creates, okay, and her lap is the one who consistently create so it's not just a one time thing, so he doesn't stop doesn't stop. Is it? Is this where he comes out with his aliens theory?

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Possibly. Because his whole thing is that a lot smile? A lot. That means after humanity has been judged and put into the heavens, is that mean? He's meant to stop with us? Or are they would he continue to create more? Okay, interesting.

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And this is the part of the class where we learn martial law of the law, the law.

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aware, memorized it.

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When a guy has x file t shirts got out of the closet.

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Put it on my trachea.

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I grew up on Star Trek.

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I believe it.

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I don't think I've ever seen in a single episode. But on hanah National pilot, the final penis is the best of creatives gather. And then the Creator.

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The constantly creating and the best of creators. Yeah, investigators.

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So, I mean, it goes back to does this actually, is it the best of creators actually puts humanity in its place? So, of course, because some people create, right, and the people who do create the are, you know, you create one thing, you get one patent and people appreciate you. You know, you do it a number of times, and people idolize you, somebody like Steve Jobs, and how he's idolized and loved. And so what about the one who created the heavens and earth in the sky? And if you just go out into nature, it's absolutely breathtaking. It's amazing. Yeah. And Everywhere you look, that's a less creation, right? He is 100. True.

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So just a couple of things with regards to a highlight or a HELOC. Like what is this name denote What is this show? One, of course, is it shows the absolute power of a lot. And one of the things that you'll see the name that's paired with a HELOC twice in the Koran. And the only name that's paired with a hold up and hold on is a lady.

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I leave the room of course, okay, because he's not just creating. It's, there's no there's no luck involved. There's no a luxury of his own, who creates and allows perfect in his knowledge. And so his ability to create indicates the perfection of his knowledge.

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Okay, Oh, you know what, this is interesting, because you're talking about this from the perspective of somebody even writing a book, I think it was even if I'm a chef, and just even in my own thing, like, you write something, or you produce something, and later you come back to it like, Oh, I could have made it better. Yeah. Whereas somebody who has knowledge, perfect knowledge of something, you can create the best.

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It's like, even when I was I mean, I did my whole thing with creating a making a couch. Yeah, it's an ongoing project.

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There's no mold, I make a nice couch finish is done. It just needs to wrap up. It just needs a wrap. But the thing is, this like is the sectional, right, I created the first part, not knowing what I'm doing, which took me like two hours to do. And the second part I did in 45 minutes, which was the recreation the other part, but now because I knew how I had to do that. But then I'm thinking about I could recreate the whole cast much better than how I started it. But somebody who creates and is that on him, would do it right the first time. Exactly. And not only that, but it also gives us, you know, comfort with regards to his guidance, you know, sort of robotic Li Aloma hudec? Doesn't he

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know, the one who created like, this guidance that he's given us? Doesn't he know best how we work and how we function and how we'll be happy and how we'll be content in our lives when he's the one who created isn't the you know, through look at the hold on like an owner's manual, so to speak or something like that, then

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he is the one who we should trust the most with regards to how we live our lives because he's the one who created also of the things that you know, come to mind with regards to a HELOC or a HELOC. Is that a lot as urgent. You know, these are he's placed signs that indicate to us His presence and his ability and his attributes. And so, you know, who is Allah? You get to know him by seeing his signs on the earth. Like if you just see the beauty on this earth, you realize that

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That this Lord of ours is beautiful. Because of the beauty that you see, you see his his knowledge and you see his mercy, and the way that this earth exists, you see his ability and everything that we experience. Now, these are some of the things with regards to a HELOC. And one of the most beautiful verses to conclude this topic is just or hot up is, you know, the rest of night Mr. or losses and I hope to sum it up later on.

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It's a beautiful verse and the DNS, Corona lockdown and all the knowledge you know him barely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the interchanging of the day and night are science for people of love intellect, right? reflections are open to understanding. So who are they identical on a lifetime, and then they remember a line and standing and sitting down and laying down while as you know, been waiting a long time for some thought. It's interesting, I was listening to an interview with this neuroscientist, his name in the hospital a lot from Canada. And he was talking about like, the whole thing with like some of these new atheists where these guys the arguments is like, they're

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known as like, because they have PhDs. But they don't publish anything. But one of things he said that within this field of science, these people were discovering and observing and looking play, there's a lot of people who believe in a lot. And even if they don't believe in a religion, they believe in a higher metaphysical reality.

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Just looking at the signs, I mean, I believe it, I mean, just look at the reach you just a little bit of what I've come across with regards to the human body, and I'm no specialist at all, but you got seven octillion atoms in your body 37 to 70 trillion cells, the cells that line your stomach regenerate every five days, your skin's outer low layer, epidermis is shed every two to four weeks, every two to four weeks, you've got a new skin, or your eyes can distinguish between 2.3 to 7.5 million colors, even though I really believe that they're only eight that you guys can see. got blue, red, green, roygbiv. Yeah, whatever that is. I still don't believe

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I still I don't know about teal, and all of these different colors that brothers start to mention. Now, that will be

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your nose can distinguish between 1 trillion different smells just crazy, right? But then, uh, you never think about it until you think about it that you know what i can distinguish between

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the smell of grass and the smell of rain and the smell of

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associated that smell with that. So you might be able to distinguish it, you may not know what it is, but you do you do know what it is. But you've never sat there and thought about, man. I know so many different smells. No, you don't know everything about that. Right? You know, the sense of your your children? Maybe? Yeah, I know, you know, the sense of your parents, you know, this so many different sense, right? Yeah. What else do we have here your pinky, if you were to lose any finger, a person might say their pinky gives you 50% of your of the power of your hat. 50% 50% try to do pull ups without your pinky, not gonna be able to do it. Class one hand to another, that's roughly

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the size of a human heart. Okay, beats 100,000 times a day, pumps, 5.5 liters with each pulse around 3 million litres a year.

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That's all you know, just some of the functions of your if you were to take all your DNA from your body and uncoil it it was stretched to Pluto and back 10 billion miles.

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The DNA in your body? And that's what the law says it was the idea to do more cleaning of your physical methods of analysis in the earth our science, for the people have certainty. And in your own selves, there are science, don't you see?

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Exactly. And that's even not even going out to the stars and how many billions of galaxies there are how many billions of stars in those galaxies? And yeah, and Allah swears by that he says what often will be autopsy wrong a lot of children I swear by that what you see, and by that what you don't see.

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And that just opens up a whole other aspect of question radio, Sonic waves and gamma waves and, and, and then after all of that, we don't know most of what's out there. Yeah. Tech even in like, even on this earth. There's so much on this earth that we don't know. We know less about the earth and we know about space.

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And we're not even talking about the oceans yet. Yeah.

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Crazy. Yeah. So that's a little theme in return. This is what this is. It makes more sense now with the whole concept of Lehman releasing 100. Yeah.

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Yep, for sure.

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Cool. That's a fun symbolizing