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Episode Notes

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 36th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Assitteer


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The concept of "slime" is discussed in the context of shrouds, where individuals can be "slimey." The "slimey image" is discussed, with the "slimey image" being the "slimey image." The "slimey image" is used to cover one's appearance, and people can show their true selves. The "essence to yourself" behind the Day of Judgment is discussed, along with the use of "has been true to yourself" and "naughty mistake" as ways to protect others. Visiting profiles and cyber Semitism are also discussed.

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls brothers and sisters children of all ages and welcome to another episode of the 99 Names of Allah I am your host Bilal Khan and I'm here with a model shokri now who is lit up with the light of a shrimps Mashallah sunlight behind me? Yes, indeed.

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Okay, you're gonna come, everybody I gotta come closer to the mic. So bam. We are going over the name of a lot SCT doesn't do anything with I don't know what that means. Okay. SCT or oceti we're gonna we're gonna get to it inshallah to add up, but are you going to spell it out? Oh, you wrote it already. I wrote it in English. But in seals, the one who consumes from set can seal. Okay. Oh, that's interesting. So in order we have this terminology use talking about guys whenever they don't when their shorts are too short. They're like, Oh, the like the stuff that is showing. Okay, yeah, that which you should conceal. Yeah. Okay. See how I'm explaining what to do to you. That's crazy.

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Okay, so this name is a deer doesn't show up in the corner. Oh, okay. But it is in the center of the profits of the lighthouse. And so let's look at the Hadith. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said in Allah has no jail hayoun City HIA was set for a Dr. Sara hadoken for the aesthetic. So this is in narrated by Ahmed Abu Dawood and say I'll be happy where the prophets of Allah to send him He says, Verily Allah azza wa jal is HeIIo. He is he has higher shyness and city he is city, he loves that.

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Things to be concealed. He loves higher and sits he loves both of these two things. And so the province of the lightest and obsess will ever be this of you, whoever Have you beat this, then let them cover themselves. Okay. And then the prophet SAW the light as a lump in

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another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu send them he says aloha minions eloquent philosophy de nuestra la mina silica philosophy de Nino Maddy aloha Mr arato ammirato Lehmann benei Idi Amin hunter you and your immediate family womenfolk to the beaker and Dinah mentality so a lot Heidi in the province a little lighter than me makes a very prominent and I'm sure you hear this in your winter as in Ramadan. You hear this a lot okay and that is persons the prophet SAW Sam saying or La

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Jolla for Rafi I asked you for our full

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forgiveness and health in the dunya in the acid I asked you

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for for my in my dunya and my family and my wealth alone Mr. arati Oh Allah conceal my our everything that should be shown more that should shouldn't be exposed of me. Okay, so this phrase, it's layered. Meaning it carries a lot of meanings especially for our it stir our it means cover my body. Yeah, that was shouldn't be exposed, but also my faults, okay. Those things that should not be exposed, or if it was exposed, it would harm me. Okay. And Allah as yet he conceals. One of the setup. He said if if people are amazed

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at you, yeah.

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such an amazing person believe it is such an amazing person on models. People are wild, right? And people much greater than us whoever

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they said in America ijebu. I mean, Jimmy stralla I think they are simply amazed at how beautifully Allah has been set over you. Okay, how much a lot of it has concealed your faults. That's really what they're amazed that they're amazed that this image of you that Allah has allowed to be propped up by concealing everything that's negative. We're all photoshopped human beings. Okay, or Instagram filter. We're all Instagram filter. Yeah, right. In real life. We're all Instagram filtered. Yeah. And we're all Photoshop. What is the Photoshop, all of these blemishes that we have on ourselves a lot as the origin has concealed and a lot as it gets filtered out. So people see this propped up?

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image of us, right? And that's what they're really amazed at. That's pretty deep, isn't it? They don't see the real is I think I remember watching something about how

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another detective story, and this family was literally just under the lens of this investigation. Okay, in the end of the episode, it turned out that the family was completely innocent. But all of the things that came up of really taking a microscopic look at everything that they do. The mother of the family goes to the detective She goes, she says no long lines that you probably think they were really horrible people now. Right? And then the detective goes, if,

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if everyone knew, every one of us, we will all hate each other. Yeah, that's absolutely true. And that's what many of the setup they said. They said, if people knew my sins, or if my sins had a sense, nobody was sitting next to me or people

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knew my sense that nobody would sit next to me so we all benefit from the concealment of a lot as always. And you know, this name city is authentically reported from the province of Elias and even though in much of the Arabic world what's more popular is yes at that. Okay? So they pronounce it said that yes a dad Yes, that is very popular. Is that incorrect or is incorrect? Okay, what's authentic from the Prophet? So I said, Let me see tear, okay. And so it's actually so foreign that when you say sit, did people think that you're like speaking wrong? Like when I say city, I go to Sudan and I say to city people, like oh, this this poor American kid he doesn't know that that

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as a as a thought, I'm like, no, it's authentically reported from the Prophet so I said him that it's a deed said dad is actually what's what's not. Like, what what causes it goes to thought? I don't know. I don't know the historical what caused people to start saying stuff that I have no idea, okay, but that's what's popular Now. Now.

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A couple of things with regards to this concept of Eliza it makes it clear so when we mentioned the, the province symbol, it said it needs to make sure you're asking Eliza again, to conceal your sense also, Allah azza wa jal from him being stated is he conceals our false and he conceals our mistakes. Also, Allah azza wa jal, he loves sit, he loves that you can seal your faults and your mistakes. And so that's part of he man, actually, people have this skewed or just messed up warped idea with regards to what being real is okay, being being truthful is Oh, yeah, they have this whole idea of like, Oh, I gotta be true to myself and gotta be quote unquote, authentic. But there's, there's a

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difference between, like, I don't know what being a hypocrite is. Right? And so they think being a hypocrite concealing your sins is me being a hypocrite, because I'm showing up this photoshopped image of myself, I need to show you the nofilter Yeah, the I need to if I

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was like, authentic is not who you are, in all of your blemishes. Authentic is who you are aspiring to be. Exactly, exactly. So if a person goes to a party the night before, they don't need to show it. Especially in the world of social media now, where everything is just so easy. Well, nowadays, you don't need to show it as a show.

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But a lot of people show it themselves. Yeah, like too many people, they show it themselves. So they show all of their mistakes. When these are things that a lot as a good conceal, like nobody needed to know. Yeah. And in fact, the TMI Yes, too much information, the private satellites and have in fact spoke about this when he said he said cool Almighty mafa, Elon Miuccia heroine, or hero. He said all of my own less forgiving except for them, which are heroes, you know, it just means out loud. Okay, you have solo, that's Jedi and solo that city. Okay. Joe means out loud. So those people who really outwardly can broadcast Okay, all of my own most forgiving except those who broadcast

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broadcast what and the broadcast

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sort of law he says, a person will commit a an action, meaning of sin at night, somewhere else, but

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he wakes up in the morning, and a law had concealed it, nobody knew about it. And then he says, Yeah, hold on, I'm going to buy the hotel. Okay. They'll say Oh, so and so last night, I did this and I did that. And I did this and I did that work at birth so horrible. Will you be who you actually are I know. And then he spent the night Allah concealing his sins, and then he wakes up and he uncovers the covering of his Lord. Right? And so it's very powerful imagery. This person, you know, in the old days, basically pre internet you'd have to go up to your friend on the stoop and say, This is what I did last night and tell them the story and that's the example of the Prophet

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civilizing them as given but now in the world that we live in it

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covers every social media eventually yes yeah. Every aspect of you revealing to people things that you have done and again, people again they mistakenly think that it was it's you know part of being real nope actually being a man is to conceal your faults because a lot as I get to sit here and he loves it. Why is this important? Because a lot of this is in a linear a bona and to shellfish to fill it in amo la cama de la la la la jolla. Anima antimalaria alimony sorta neuralyzer says those who love for corruption, Fantasia, lewdness and decency to spread amongst the believers, to them is a painful punishment. But something that people don't comprehend and understand is normalizing sin

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as a problem. Yeah, as long as we're concealing it, it is something that's controlled, but when you and you don't control how many people live up to you how many people respect you or how many people are just when you broadcast the things that you do, how it catches on, and so then you become a part of this virus spreading in your community or spreading worldwide

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in the world that we live in. Also a lot as your conceals our faults, not just in the dunya

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A lot as you can see, it's our fault on the Day of Judgment, a law. So how does that how does that reconcile with the idea that?

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Okay, like, like, you know, your deeds will be visible on the day? That's right, yeah, there will be some people who will bring them forth and he will actually seal them between them and the people. Okay. And so a lot as you'll say, do you remember such and such Do you remember such and such a urine or such as such? And the person will say yes, a lot is it will say to him, I can seal it for you in the dunya. Nobody ever found out about it. And I forgive you for it now. Okay, there's some people who will people will never know the things that they did. Not even on the Day of Judgment, even on the day, but not the end of the day. Again, you remember, on the day of judgment, people are

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going to be naked uncircumcised. Beautiful, all of that. Yeah. And I shuttled the line I was asked, like, how are they going to be? And he said, like, people are gonna be looking at each other. And he said, No, it's much more difficult than that.

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It's like, the day of judgment is much more severe than that nobody is going to be paying attention, or too concerned, it's like a situation with fire. How right like buildings on fire, and people will run out and whatever they're wearing, or not wearing. So if you can imagine that just with a building on fire. Now the Day of Judgment, you multiply that that's a very good example, just like a hit. So we've covered concealing your own faults, a lot concealing your sense but there's also the fact of concealing the sins of other people. What happens if you come across the fault that somebody has a mistake that somebody made? Do you then go and expose them because the prophets of Allah to

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his enemies Jasmine cetera Muslim and cetera Laviano piano, whoever conceals the faults of a Muslim, a lot will conceal their false on the Day of Judgment. And the opposite a lot the prophets of Allah who said them, he says,

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well out of taboos living well at the tip of our tongue for no money at him a tabula rasa woman yet by law Raja Yoga houfy at the province of ICM says in Hadith, it's

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reported by Mohammed Abu Dawood and others, he says, do not follow the hour on that same word is being used here out of the believers, the hours that which they hope to conceal or that which they don't want to be exposed, don't go out trying to expose people don't go digging into people's business. And if you do that, so this goes directly attacking paparazzi's, Pavarotti, TMZ, all of that type of stuff. Yes, whoever goes trying to seek out the and expose the Muslims, Allah as the general go, to expose them a lot as of yet will follow their mistakes. And whoever Allah does, that Allah as the agenda will expose them, even if they be in the middle of their house, even if they're

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in their most secure place, their most private place, they will be exposed. Okay. So these are some of the meanings of acetate, what are some action items, of course, number one, concealing your own sins, recognizing that's part of the mind, and it's part of it as part of it, like, not only are you trying to protect yourself, and what shouldn't be shown, but you're also trying to protect the other people around you, of course. So you are

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your protector of those who are in contact with you. I remember, I remember, like even even professionally, like even professionally is considered good that you know, you don't talk about your colleagues you don't talk about

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just you know, because a lot of times, I think this is the kind of thing where just I guess islamically, the celebrity culture that kind of springs up, and the people like, oh, like, what do they do here? What are they doing? I'm like, Look, that's none of your business. Right? Like people, or teachers or staff. These are things that they're good at. They just need to do, right. And if there's anything beyond that, like, these are my colleagues, right. And I think that's the thing that a lot of people don't seem to get. You know, it's just amazing sometimes how people they don't really realize the reach of their mistakes, especially when they publicize it. So I remember that

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there was a period of time where it was very, very cool for people in college to take pictures on the cell smoking hookah, you remember that? I think it's still popular. Okay. I remember just a period of time where it was just everybody's profile pic. Yeah. Was them smoking hookah? Yeah. That was just on my newsfeed, this brother smoking hookah this brother. And then one time I see the sister smoking hookah her profile pic. And she's the MSA president. Okay, so I'm just like, she's an MSA president. And so I remember just messaging her and I'm saying like, you know, like, come on, you can't have that type of a profile picture. And she was like, she had a couple of responses. She

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was like, well, it was kind of just once. And two,

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you know, it's not hot on three. And so we just went back and forth. And you know, from like, Yes, it is. But to even if it was just once the person who sees your profile picture isn't going to know that, right? And they're not going to assume that you see somebody's using on their profile picture. And you're not even going to really think about it. You're just going to think oh even sister so and so right even brother so and so does it and so you've now

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weekend, any barriers that they may have? Or you weaken the barriers that they have for this particular issue? And that's something that we all need to be aware of. And so whatever you do, we're all human beings we all fault but as much as you can trying to

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mitigate the effects of sins on others as well. Yep. Okay, so that's the name of Eliza Genesis tip solahart s and implement the idea of cyber Semitism.