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Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 31st episode he talks about the name of Allah – Aladheem

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages Welcome to another episode of the 99 names I am your host Fidel Han and I'm here with our motto showcase a comb. Let's get to the topic of an album, our name for today, which is at Ali. It's Malala Lim So allow them is mentioned throughout the Quran as well. And it's paired sometimes with an ID a lot is the high and an AVI means the great

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ally being the Great. So great. Yes. And Rob will option Alvin the great or the mighty or the SCOTUS will create the great yeah, so or it's the mighty so the, the mighty or the great, and we're gonna get to the different aspects of this name, but and it's differences from October in Malmo the cup there. Yes, it is different from a lack of automatic a bit of caviar. So, you had mentioned a good difference. I forgot what the difference was. Oh, had to do with October is great importance versus el

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alim is great in it's like nothing comparable to him. So allies again, is great in his essence. aquebogue meaning Yes, exactly. So you say Allahu Akbar, you're basically saying that there's nothing greater, nothing more important. There's nothing who nothing else matters than Eliza. Yeah. And so and I'll leave

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Islam, greatness as opposed to smallness. Right. And so a lot, so gel is great. In his essence, there's no limit to him, okay? There is no one, there's no limit to his knowledge. Okay, there's no limit to his ability.

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And so a lot is again, his name and his essence and in His attributes, so he is limitless is everything. Yes. And so also Alvin carries another net and connotation, which is one of them, which means that he is the one who people hold greatly. Okay, great in their, their reverence, great in their regard. And so you have talim have a lot of zodion. What is that? It manifests itself in everything that we do.

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Having talim of the the name of Allah so that we don't speak a law's name in vain. So go and just make oaths with regards to Eliza that are not true. Now, what's the difference? Now, this is something that I've always wondered about is like, um, among Christians, right? They say don't say, Don't speak God's name in vain. Yes. Versus like, how does that compare to when you're saying, I don't know the Christian? They're like, you know, sometimes we were Christians were like, Oh, Jesus Christ, right? Like when something happens, right? Like for me, when somebody says that, that's like the equivalent of say, oh, Subhan Allah, or like,

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I don't I don't think they mean it by Subhana. Allah though, I think that a lot of times, it's really just, it's adding nothing to the conversation. And they don't even mean. So panela by they don't mean any reference directly to Jesus Christ by it. Because if something's happening, right, and like some something bad happened, right, and then like, people will say that, but I always thought that I, I, I felt like that was an appropriate response, as opposed to something like, oh, because remember, in class, some of the teachers were like, they'll speak God's name in vain. And they say, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm like, I don't get it. You're probably just trying to get the student to

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be quiet, maybe. But if anybody has any comments with regard to this conversation, please do comment below, and share your thoughts if you have any, if you're familiar with what bilad is discussing, because it is interesting, but I want to just try to limit we already started off this conversation with a big kind of tangent from an Islamic perspective, from from what you're teaching, you don't swear by lies the widget, right? You'll say will lie. This will lie that will lie. This will lay that Goblin and your, and these are false oaths. Okay. Okay. Okay. So you you you pay attention to so it's not something that you find common in the Arab culture? Oh, very much, but I don't see that

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outside of the Arab culture, like in that manner. I don't know. I don't know outside of that. Okay. I don't what do you guys swear by DC culture.

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This is like if you're swearing and the basic culture is like you're really swearing, okay. Like for them? If a person is swearing by a larger than they're being truthful than then great.

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Okay, so the second is

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we're talking about lies or good being exalted or noble as a joke being revered in a great manner. And the prophets of a lighter sent him when he was in difficulty. He used to say la ilaha illAllah haldimand haleem. La Jolla had a lot of but not a lot of similarity. Or a lot of Sheila lkt and this is narrated by double hadir, recorded by Bahati that the prophets of the lesson MC used to say there's nothing worthy of worship except Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, the alim, the great as we'll translate it here, and that had him remember we talked about him as being the forbearance and forbearance

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said was restraint okay, right. And Laila had a lot of bloodshed I'll leave it like the law. There's nothing worthy of worship except Allah The Lord of the great throne light and the love of the Lord of the semi lies are all what selections from the Quran This is from body Oh I used to say in times of difficulty this is what he used to say. Okay, so you say I love the Lord of the heavens and the earth and the Lord of lkt the Lord so this is all wrong statement or various things. This is various statements they used to make all in sequence. Oh, okay, right so it's just one it's one tradition in that sense okay. Also the prophets of the light I sent him he says Kalamata, he said there are two

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words that are heavy baton a lot of man they are beloved to man, the peloton or have you eaten and listen? They are light on the tongue okay? I tequila tangerine Misa they are heavy on the skills of good deeds on the Day of Judgment. What are they so paneled by who will be harmed so candlelight are they Oh, okay. So pan allow team is in that context? Yes. Kind of light all the time. So Pamela and his praise and Subhana Allah the Great Okay, so these two words the prophets of the lightest and um this is also in body and weighs upon Allah He will be handys para la la themes. That's it okay. So the prophets have said these two phrases these two words but this is different from the hadith of

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also so don't worry mentioned Subhana Allah He will be handed 100 times Yes, this is different. Okay, so so it's not Subhan Allah Allah demon 100 times, oh, lb Allah will be handy. 100 times that's separate. But here the prophets of the lesson I'm saying is these two phrases are both beloved to Allah. They are heavy in the scale of the deeds, and they're extremely light upon the tongue. And so what's that encouraging us to do? Say more, say it a lot. All right, right, because they're heavy on the scales. And so every time you say them, you are being rewarded a lot, their their their return on investment over them is very great, also from the greatness of Allah. So we'll

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just mention a couple of manifestations of this extreme reverence for a lot. So just because of his greatness is that you understand that

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Allah has revealed his greatness is without limit. And so what what does that create in you as far as belief and emotion, that there's no one who's greater than him?

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Whether you're walking amongst kings, or whether you're walking amongst tyrants.

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This reminds me of how one of the mobile kings of India, he was known as Akbar basically kind of made up his own religions, but many times has historically they call them overly awesome.

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The the greatest mogul mogul, right? And he had like, I guess he had the most rule, but part of what he did was he kind of like, brought a lot more of the territory under his control. But then he also was very, I guess he modified a sound quite a bit. Yeah.

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But we mentioned tyrants and kings, and just and so whether you're in the company of mobile album, or whoever, yeah, you recognize that a lot as it has allowed me a lot has the greatest and there's no one who is equal to either Mohammed Ali, for him, Allah who passed away. Recently, our champ, the hero, he called himself the greatest but when he succumbed to his long, long illness with him a lot. Yeah, you know, one of his famous quotations is that he said that I have this illness so that I know that I'm not the greatest he is. Yes. Right. And so Allah is the Greatest, and from this understanding of the South lemo of a law, so he had that a lot is the greatest is that I submit

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Myself to him, there's no one more worthy of Me submitting to than a lot. There's no one more worthy of Me submitting my intellect to than Allah, you know, people, they sometimes have this arrogance about themselves that, oh, I don't understand why God does such and such.

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Right, but that they say that as if they are as if they're worthy of understanding or having the ability to understand or they have a lot of nature, right? A lot, just his existence. And then we talked about that, when we discussed it, oh, man, some point in time, the prophets, the little light days. And he said, You need to stop and just understand and affirm your belief. Yeah. And realize that you're never going to, you know, understand human existence is not capable of comprehending many, many, many things of the Divine, not even the divine of creation, yes, of creation. And we all submit that we have limitations if you're not a science person, which I'm not. I was presented this

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weekend, this past weekend with, you know, some homework on partial differential equations,

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which is a really high level math class, and I'm just like, man, as soon as algebra in high school, or middle school was enough for me. The rest of math was just, it wasn't my thing. I had a friend of mine who was really, really bad at math in high school. And it wasn't until he was able to apply it to

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physics of motor vehicles and cars, that he finally got it. And now

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Once he saw that math apply it, it made sense to him. And then he became a programmer and compliance it auditor and finance. Great, great, but we have this statement where we say master of or jack of all trades master of none because we we all understand the limits of human ability. Yeah, that you're not going to have a person who's just a master of everything. And so if we submit that we are limited in our ability, but you can arrogant to think that a person is going to understand a lot. Oh, yeah. Fair enough. Right. Yeah, completely. Yeah. No. And that's why I think it's important to get multiple scholarly perspectives just like okay, so

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nobody here check out the right here. One of the things that he was mentioning after he taught the series to the Youssef Yeah, he, so one of the guys I think was a you that asked me to tell me to tell him my reflections from a cinematic storytelling perspective. So I told it to him and his response was, you know, it's amazing just not just stories of other things, but specifically even from sort of us if you could get so many different reflections, perspectives and feedback on that from cinematic storytelling perspective, from sociological perspective, from a government policy perspective, so depending on who's looking at it with some knowledge that's why it's like one person

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is never enough to cover the

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breadth of why there's no one person absolutely 100% 100% so

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that is from holding a lot as though again an exhortation and his greatness the second after that is thought Lima have a lot of words you know his book and that's part of that is the reverence that we have usually people will take the most often they'll put it where they put it on the top shelf. Yeah, that's from recognizing Eliza is greatness that a person purifies themselves when they mentioned the name of allies are German they recite the word of a lot of sometimes they leave it there Okay, yeah. But let's look at the the good side of that and that is that you you hold it You hold you know, you know there are people who the Salim of the thing that Eliza just swears by okay.

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And so you know when she mentioned us Student Okay, he was tossing a pen around Yeah, she had said to him a lot Yes swears by this pen. Don't you see this level of of traveling for Eliza? Just holding reverence for what Allah swears by for what he says this brings back to another question. Is there any published work that showcases all the things that he has ever sorted by in the Quran? I don't think it needs a published work first and just I mean it's not that many things okay, you know that allies are just swears by so if a person just swore to do one reading of the Hold on, okay, they would find all of the things that Allah says right, there are a lot of things and usamah that

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Allah swears by he also swears by the life of the Prophet sallallahu said I mean other things as well. Now are there things that he swears by that are mentioned in Hadith specifically, like what is what's it Yeah. So for example, the prophet son loves I sent him he mentions that allies are just says with regards to the Tao within Muslim he says, What is the DOJ lady? I swear by my is and I swear by my jailer, I swear by my,

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my is my power that I will aid you. I will aid the age you're at aid. Okay, I will assist I will support Okay, this vow of this person who is oppressed, even if it's after a while, okay, so you'll find it in the Hadith as well. But if you were to just do a reading of the Quran, you'll find what is the download of the one who's oppressed? Oh, do I have the person who's oppressed? I gotcha. Oh, that's why they say don't mess with people. Yeah, don't mess with the drive the oppressed, accept it. Also, from the thallium of Eliza jealous to obey Him, obviously, right? person.

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Do you know the famous story of Imam Malik, you know, his position with regards to not praying after acid? Right? He doesn't pray after all. So this is famous opinion, you don't pay

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extra periods after also. So a student came. And he just

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he saw him sitting down without praying. And so he got up and he said,

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it not even a student might have been a child is basically someone who didn't know. Yeah. He says to him, he can't he says to him, get up and pray. You didn't sit down, you didn't pray, get up and pray. I show you my mighty gets up and he priests, okay. And then his students are all jotting down notes. Everybody's waiting, you know, did he change his position? What just happened? And so

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when they asked him, they said, What happened? Did you change your opinion? He said, No, I was afraid that I will be from amongst the people whom Allah says, Allah who Mako, LA County, and when it is said to them, make record, they do not make record.

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And so he's saying, I don't want to be someone who's told to pray and then I don't pray. So I just prayed just in that moment, out of his

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fear, reverence, you know, and submission to Allah as the way that he's submitting his famous opinion, his position and all of that for the sake of Allah as I did. The last thing that I want to mention, you know, a assaulting Eliza Yeah. And you

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Fear and your love and your hope Yeah. And always understanding his greatness just in your day to day life.

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It really manifests itself. We were just discussing last night, there's the the story of the man who you know who's in the shade of a lie. He's a person who cries out of fear of a loss. Oh, yeah, having that reverence of Allah, like really appreciating the relationship that you have with him. appreciating the guidance that he guided you with.

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Not what the prophet SAW Sam said three people, or a person who has three characteristics, they will taste the sweetness of faith and one of those is a person who hates to return to cocoa just like a person would hate to be thrown into the fire. Okay. You see, I'm saying like a person, really

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seeing the greatness of what they have, just the fact that we know a lot. Here we are, we're talking about the names of a lot. We're going from one video to the next video to the next video, and people might be watching this and this video in the next video director. And you're not understanding that these are names that Allah gave us access to if he didn't give us access to these names. We never would have known that one. One question comes to mind is how many people have a crisis of faith are able to get out of that if they simply learn the names of a lot? So many people feel like they're destined to the Hellfire, okay, and they're like 12 years old, 13 years old, 14 years old, because

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what they've been told is Hellfire, how far how far, how far. And if they simply knew that a lot, hazarded those little man, Mama's over him, if they know that allows them afford to work if they knew that he was an alpha if they knew that he was all of these things. And that's why part of knowledge is to, you know, and wisdom is to know what is appropriate and when to share it with. You know, I heard this example yesterday, in fact, with regards to just the concept of suicide, yeah. Okay, so

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you have a hadith authentic Hadith of the Prophet cellulitis, and it says that the one who kills himself by stabbing with a piece of iron or metal, yeah, that person will be stabbing themselves in the Hellfire perpetually, forever. Yeah. If a person kills themselves by throwing themselves

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to the ground, like from a high place, just from a place, that person will be falling in the fire perpetually, forever, so they'll be re experiencing that.

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Now the person but at the same time, there's another man who

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injured himself whether he was in battle or not, I don't remember. Yeah. Authentic as well, if this man had injured himself, and so he cut off his arm, okay.

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And he bled to death. But did he do it just to die? Or did he Okay, so he then had a

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it might have been might have been the he was just so or it could have been maybe the injury. He was a fear. I mean, he might have. So he amputation as Yes. Okay. So he passed away. And the person who was with him, I don't remember if it was his father, who was with him, but he said, he saw him in a dream, okay. And in the dream, he saw that this person he asked him, he, he saw that his hands were his hands were like cuffed,

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chained or shackled, shackled. And so he said to him, What happened to you? What did your Lord do with you? He said, My Lord forgave me. And he said, What about your hands, like, I see that your hands aren't free. And he said, My Lord said that he's not going to release that which I damaged by myself. Okay, and so this man went through those lessons, and he told him of the story. And he said,

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Oh, ally releases hands, all our releases hands on. So the prophet SAW Selim was seeking forgiveness for him. And so here, the chef was mentioning the story. And he said, a student of knowledge has to know, you have to know when to use what, okay, right. And so if you've got people who are like suicidal, or addicted to drugs, or something like that, you don't tell them the story of the man whom a lot as of yet for gate, but at the same time, if you're going to visit the family, to give condolences to a family who their son or daughter ever had committed suicide, then that is what you do. And you encourage them to, you know, give charity and to make us to fall and to do hygiene, Omer

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on behalf of their disease. So you, you know what to share at the appropriate moment. Right? And so many times when people young people, whoever they feel like

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it's one it's a it's a mistake, yeah, Joe was just talking about mavala always because that's going to create a balance. Yeah. And you have to balance and you have to know and so that's why even you know, the the scholars will mention even the same person during different states of their life or stages of their life. They should be more inclined to fear or hope and Allah's mercy.

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And even in the same day, depending on their state, okay.

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They think about the fear of Allah and they think about the mercy of Allah

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and you should know the names that have to do with

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All of them. So we mentioned those few points though. The like one who hates to return to gopher holes and all that stuff for that the other two. Yeah. So the first one is that Allah and His Messenger become more beloved to him more than anyone else, okay? That you taste the sweetness of faith, Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to you more than anyone else, okay, the second is to love a person and only love them for the sake of Allah. Okay?

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That if a person reaches that level you you're loving people and you're only loving them for the sake of Allah, sweetness of faith there. The third is to hate

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to return to disbelief just like a person would hate to return to the fire. Okay, gotcha. Okay, so I guess some takeaways. Ooh, light turned off. So that's like the that is a sign that this has gone really long. We're at 27 minutes so long don't mean we're probably gonna shorten this up but uh, so basically takeaways

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exalting allies one recognizing so

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that's one so saying that statement a lot so how long how many so panel bivalvia also have it is to recognize that a lot as a good is greater than everything is greater than your problems he's greater than your opponents he's greater than he's greater than you. Right and he's greater than your whims and your desires and you know your thoughts Yeah, right.

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And your difficulty in submitting to him and the third aspect of it is practicing Tallinn of Allah as of yet practicing the you know, it may not come normal to a person right?

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that a person for example

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like for example Salim of the province have a license every time you hear his name that you say something about it, send them that might not be natural for a person okay, but you continue to do it until it becomes natural to you. How do you show reverence to allies agenda could be something as simple as you taking your most half that you just keep on the desk and that you bring it up on the shelf. You just sit there you reorganize your your bookshelf, or you just clean up your desk, or you clean up your desk but this these are all exercises I'm not saying this is a be all end all or anything like that. These are all one question. Is there any what is it that what's the one thing

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that you can do right now? Yeah, give reverence to Allah. Yes. And make that a condition to have it. Exactly. Cool.

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I think that's a good conclusion. Or Salalah that's it says that I'm hammered it also have you settled into some confusion.