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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of watching and being cautious of situations, with Moosa being a supportive person. They emphasize the need to be recognized for their actions and manage behavior to increase productivity and confidence. The speakers also mention the use of "ma'am" positions to increase one's confidence and productivity.
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Welcome back we are covering the names and attributes of a loss model data the name that we're going to be covering today in this particular video with a mod and yours truly belongs on is elbow elbow see okay elbow series The one who sees or the all seen

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now is this going to be similar to a situation like a severe where yeah so semia is both of them invoke you know the same sentiments okay or similar sentiments and that is that a lot as it sees you

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so, it carries the connotation of I have to be conscious of a lot that I have to make sure that what I do I do it properly because the law sees me and that's the the fear inducing or the caution inducing aspect yeah and then there's one that we don't speak about as much but the client speaks about and that is that allows you did is not only seeing you but a lot as you get is what not just watching you but watching over over you Okay, is this really in any way relate to a harlot only in the sense that the one watching over you is allied, okay, and a half analyzes and so it's basically like, I have unlimited backup, wherever I go.

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You don't Ally's again is the one who's watching over me and a lot as yet is the one who protects us not just monitoring, but there's there's an entire tactical, there's heavy backup.

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Backup, gotcha. There's a beautiful verse, or a lot as he says to speaking to the wives of the Prophet he says,

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When de la hora and a man while omo love what do you do aside from me? So a lot as it says if you if you guys all try to overpower the prophets of the lightness and look for in Allahu Allah. Allah is his mo Allah. Allah is his caretaker.

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Or Alhaji is his support Mola. Who would you be anybody to? Just in case, you know?

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Now is it I'm assuming this was given or revealed at a time when he was having conflict, conflict with his wife, Daddy, and that sort of thing. So they had kind of, you know, did some, some plotting against the Prophet, civilize them about a story of honey, you'll look up the first verse of sorts of that email find it a lot as it's meant a lot, a lot in the language modal allies, his molar ngvd will slider from what we need, and the righteous believers to like, that's all the prophets, I send him his backup and then a lot of what he could do about the Vatican, and the angels as well after that, they're all behind him.

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Yeah, so it's just like, it's just like everybody. So when it comes to the phone, the margins that popular I just don't know how to turn off this

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honestly. So you can see or give how laid back this is but we're just we're just trying to keep this moving inshallah Tada. So Allah as the agenda. So a lot as it is watching over you. And that's what allows you to get he says to her own and Moosa when he sent them to put on he sending them to a tyrant likes the world has never seen, and they're just two guys and there's no Human Rights Watch. There's no Amnesty International, there's nothing. There's nothing they're being sent to Sharon. And what does the law says? He says, in any markoma a smart what Allah, He says, I am with you. I see. And I hear, like you're not going in on this alone. And so the believer knowing that a lot as it is

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a semana will see it, yes, there's definitely truly the aspect of, I am cautious of what Allah again sees me doing right that a lot out there you can catch me doing something bad, but at the same time, a lot as is watching over you, and He will protect you and He will support you and He will be there for you and He will be there with you. When you call upon him also a beautiful aspect of and manifestation of understanding living with this name and we'll see is it should make you become a person who excels in what they do. You know, the prophet SAW said I was asked about he said what is it

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and he said it's that you worship Allah as if you as if you see him and if you can't reach that level you do what you know that he sees you so this name is directly tied to that.

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Yep, that you recognize that a lot as a deal is Albacete that he sees your worship he's aware of your worship also. Not just in the religious aspects but in everything that you do. That allows it to washes over you a lot of watches over the that product that you're that you're trying to push into the marketplace that's of substandard quality, and you're promising everybody and you're saying that it's the best thing ever alive good sees that. Laws are good. And so this should push us a community that believes in a semi believes in a bossy this should push us to you know, we should have neat quality control.

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Ideally, right, seriously, our quality

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Control should be our belief that a lot as though Jen is the one who's monitoring us, even if your employer isn't monitoring you he's not you know, or she's not, you know, checking your hours watching over your hours that you recognize that a lot as good as the one who, who sees what you're doing, there's just gonna be a reflection, like, it's just me, don't have them check up on you. But the idea of just one of the things that's really valued in just corporate america is the art of managing up, as opposed to you reporting up to them. Like, yo, by the way, this is this is my, this is what I've done. Yeah. As opposed to, Hey, what did you do? And you know, people knowing that you

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know, what, you only take what you've your hands have earned, and that you are, you know, the most successful people that always say, I'm my worst critic, you hear that all the time. They're like, I'm my worst critic, basically saying that I am the one who checks and monitors myself the most. I don't need anybody to do that for me. Yeah. And so it's that concept as well, because you're recognizing that Ally's agenda is the one who's going to hold you accountable, even if no one else on earth holds you accountable. So these are some of the meanings with regards to a lawsuit. So what's the takeaway on this one, the takeaway is really upping our game, okay? upping our game, in

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everything that I become more conscious of a lot as the gym, you know, I've asked, you know, so many of my own teachers, and even people, you know, who I just have met scholars, and I asked them and I say, Well, how do you increase your support? For example, how do you increase your consciousness of a lot as we get this president consciousness, and there was never one particular thing that anybody ever told me, there was never, you know, unfortunately, they didn't just tell me any, you know, this is how you do it. There's no recipe. They said, Your topo will increase when your acts of worship increase, your topo will increase when you intend to stay, and you actually do stay away from sips.

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The more you increase in your worship, the more you stay away from sin, the more you're double and increase, and I'm like, Well, I need more dupois so that I can do these things. It's like chicken in the egg. Yeah, I'm like, I need that. That's the reason why I want more that was so that I can do acts of worship and services, where they're like, well, this is how you do it. Yeah. You just kind of, you know, jump in and swim. It's interesting because it because the same philosophy seems to follow along with the it's like, do you act first? Would you be first? Right? And so it's just the idea, even just like the the psychology of physiology. I'm just wondering if there's also the

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spirituality, if it's physiology, in the sense that if you're feeling down or you're feeling low energy, just get up, take a superman position, right, and hold that for two minutes. And your psychology is going to follow you to follow that position.

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of position of confidence.

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No one will like you if

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nobody likes Superman.

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Nobody likes like, Oh, boy. So anyway.

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And that's it. That's a semiotic OC, that's a semi and that's a little secret. I would encourage everybody here to call upon a law was written by him being a semi and to call upon a lot as a year. of him being a little sick, or sort of lives in a coma. We're gonna have to end here. So now, Mike

Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this episode he talks about a powerful name of Allah – Al Baseer and why it matters to you.

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