10 Signs of a Healthy Heart

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and then hamdulillah Muhammad who enters the you know in a stock funeral when oh the bIllahi min should already unfussy now I mean see ya Marlena yeah de la Philomel de la Hama Euclid further Hajela Why should you Hola Hola Hola Hola. Hola Hola Chica, while shadow no Mohammed Abdullah su salatu salam. O

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we about Allah Hipple Allah azza wa jal Kitab in Korean by the rubella administrator under Rajim Yeah, you have Lydian armor tabula Hapa Takata Hola temotu nila anthems Limone Wakanda Allah you have NASA Topo Baku Mala the Halacha coming nursing Wahida wahala caminhadas o Jaha weboth Amin humeri gel and Kathira when is what Taku Allah Allah de Luna behavioral or have in Allah haka, and it Cumbre Theva Okada to Allah you have to talk Allah wa Kulu. Poland studied useless locum.

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Kumamoto Miyota Allahu wa rasuluh for cadavers, opposing of Lima and my bad.

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All praise is due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness and we seek refuge and Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides, no one can misguide. And who may allow us to be misled, no one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone, having no partners, and that Muhammad Sallallahu it was setting him as a slave in His messenger and his perfect worshiper.

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Every part of the body has been created for a unique function, and its perfection lies in fulfilling that function. Its illness lies in its disability and performing that function for which it was created, to the point where it does not perform it either completely, or if it performs it, it performs it with some sort of turbulence or disturbance.

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And so what then is the illness of the heart and in this brief, cultivate inshallah to Allah I want to share a number of signs for a healthy heart, a healthy spiritual heart, that we may be able to exercise, some sort of self diagnosis. And this is something that the scholars concern themselves with greatly. Because Allah Subhana Allah, He says that on the day, where wealth will not benefit, or children eliminate Allah Hobbes, Calvin, certainly, except for those who appear on the Day of Judgment with a heart that is free from defect, has to be a healthy heart has to be a perfect heart has to be a pure heart. And so what are some of the signs of a healthy heart? Well, what is the

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function of the heart, the function of the heart is to know Allah subhanaw taala. The function of the heart is to know Allah to love him too long to meet him, to repent to Him, and to prefer him over every other desire, that is the function of the heart. And so if a servant if a person comes to know everything in this world, other than Allah Subhana Allah data, then that person will come as if they know nothing, and if they acquire every share of the pleasures of this dunya that it has to offer, but there's no

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acquire the love of Allah longing to meet Allah Subhana Allah and the pleasure of his company. Then it's as if they acquired no pleasure, as if they knew no bliss, as if they acquired nothing and Allah Subhana Allah Allah says woman out of the and victory for Enola whom and Aisha Blanca. When I showed her we all know chiamata Avila Amma. Allah says that whoever turns away from my remembrance,

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then they will have a constricted life in this world. And we will gather them on the Day of Judgment blinded by the rock, Billy Masha, Penny, quintuple zero, they will say, My Lord, why did you resurrect me as blind when I used to see in this life, that is tuna fantasy to her, Allah says, similarly, our science came to you in this world and you forgotten them, you turned away from them. Similarly, you will experience that or you will be forgotten on the day of judgment. And so sometimes the heart is affected by illness, and its owner, the owner of the heart isn't even aware that it's become ill. In fact, a heart may die, a spiritual heart may die, while the occupant of

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that heart or the owner of the heart is unaware of its death. And of the signs that the scholars mention of the illness, or the death of the heart, is that it is no longer disturbed

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by the most grave since it is no longer disturbed by any evil that is practiced by the body in which it resides. And so it becomes completely numb, spiritually numb, it is not affected by any pain. And among the science of the illness of the heart also, is its dislike for a beneficial nutrition and preference for harmful one, just like a person who has been eating junk food and eating junk food and eating junk food, and they're used to everything that's unhealthy, and you tell them eat carrots and eat broccoli and eat healthy food. And they tell you, I can't stand it, I can't eat that which is healthy, I have to eat that wood to just process than harmful. And that's the only that's the

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only pleasure I get in eating food. So a person may reach a level where their heart is diseased to the point where that which is pure and wholesome and nutritious and good. And has healing for them is the most distasteful thing. And this can apply in a number of realms when it comes to a diseased heart. And so there are four things there is useful nutrition, there is that which is healing, there is that which is healing, there is boring or curing medication. And then there's harmful nutrition. And then there that that which causes illness. So there is nutrition that's healthy, there is medicine, that cures there is that which is unhealthy.

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And that which causes illness, these four quadrants, and the Healthy Heart, our first sign of a healthy heart is that prefers which is that over that which is healthy and curing over that which is sick and harmful. And the sick heart is the opposite of that. And the most beneficial nutrition is Iman and the most curing medicine is the Quran. And both of them both contain the Quran and Iman are both containing the nutrition and the cure. And number two, the second sign of a healthy heart is its departure from this world.

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So much so that a person will live in the hereafter even though their body is here. And hence the prophets of Allah Deus and I'm told, I'm delighted and I'm not he says confit dunya and Nicola rib, or either Sybil, he says be in this world as if you are a traveler, or someone who is a wayfare on the way, be in this dunya as if you are a stranger, a person who's traveling, they're always aware. They don't consider them a citizen. They don't consider themselves a permanent resident or a citizen of the place that they're traveling through. They're realizing they're always aware that their residence is still ahead of them. And so they're not investing so much in this dunya the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam had told Abdullah have known about that. And Ali have never thought about the Allah and who gives a beautiful phrase when he says that the dunya

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is moved to below will ask Allah to mobila He says that the dunya is departing.

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Every single year you and I are departing more and more from the dunya from the moment we came into this world We're departing more and more from the dunya with every passing day, and every day that train that is labeled an ocular is coming closer to our platform. And so he says super cool i mean I'm not a dunya whether to call me Nana in Africa he's a so be from the children of Africa for cool i mean I'm not exactly sure what I like to call them in a dunya so be from the children of the accident Don't be from the children of the dunya because today is I met without his app. Today is action without a

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countability But tomorrow is accountability without action, so taking the advantage, and realizing the importance of departing from this world before we physically depart from this world. And number three, our third sign of a healthy heart

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is that a person whose heart is healthy though heart is continuing to alert a person is continuing to feel pain, until it attaches that individual to Allah subhanaw taala like a desperate devotee is to His Beloved, without whom they can't survive. Allah subhana dialer says living in a minority in Nakuru boom be the gorilla. The ones who believe and their hearts feel tranquility their hearts are perturbed. There is a turbulence in their heart that is not stilt that is not quieted, there is a serenity that is not felt except with the remembrance of Allah. Allah says Allah basically light bulb, verily it is with the remembrance of Allah, that hearts find dress. And so in that moment when

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they remember Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, they taste the sweetness of life, and they enjoy a life that is different from the lives of the heedless. The ones who have turned away from their life's purpose and for what they've created. It's in Allah Subhana Allah, that our hearts find satisfaction and they find contentment and happiness and joy and fear and longing and hope all of that in Allah subhanho wa Taala as Remembrance is where we find the sweetness of our existence. And number four, our fourth sign of a healthy heart

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is that it doesn't tire from remembering It's Lord Earth man did not follow the law and who gave a famous diagnosis of hearts and he made it or we made it a standard he says lo Sandy Mathilde, Kulu, Masha Advincula Mila, he said, If the hearts were healthy, they would never have there, Phil from the speech of Allah subhanaw taala.

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Very clear diagnosis that model the line who gives is a person's reaction with regards to the Quran, a person's ability to read the Quran, not everyone is necessarily going to be reading the Quran all the time. But at the same time, a person being able to listen to the Quran, you will find that people might have the ability to listen to music and other languages for hours, and enjoy it. But then there are some people who are able to listen to anything you're in the car with them. And you turn on a podcast and they'll listen to the podcast with you, you turn on random music from here they'll listen to you turn on some other cultures, foreign music, and they'll listen and they'll

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appreciate but then you turn on Quran and in their heart, there's actually a resistance to it can only listen I can only bear keyword here is bear could only bear to listen to the Quran for a minute or two minutes or three minutes before I have to change it. Right? That's a resistance at the minute. And finally, the law says that if our hearts were healthy, if they were free from defect, they would not have their fill from the book of Allah subhanaw taala. Number five

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is that a person if they miss their daily devotional there would it their daily devotional of the Quran or their daily devotional of of God that they make or something that they offer daily of worship, that that loss be more severe to them than a person who is attached to money when they lose their money? Like that's how valuable fi fi you know, the Sahaba of the Allah and home when they slept through Fudger one morning they were pouring dust on their heads. Like it's an example of incredible grief and and loss. It's what's what happens when someone passes away, pouring dust on a person's head. That's how they felt when they lost, they missed out on that regular habit, of course

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of praying budget, before the sun had risen. When from the signs of health are six is that they long for service. They long for service to be in the service of others, because they know how much Allah Subhana Allah to Allah loves that in the life yeah, own an Optima kinda lab dupioni the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says that Allah is in the service of a person, as long as he is in the service as his brother and the province level lightest and him said for me to help my brother in a need of theirs is more beloved to me than to make it tick off in my message for an entire month. I mean, imagine if one of us had the opportunity in our lifetime, just once in our life, to make it to God

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in an admission to the nubbly. I mean, it would be one of the great acts of worship that we feel we would ever, ever offered. And yet the problem is still alive as Adam is saying not for 10 days but for an entire month for him to make it to coffin and missing the Naboo for him to go and help his brother move or for him to go and help his brother do something some need of theirs is more beloved total solo loss of Elijah send them and so for that person who's got a healthy heart they love to serve. Not because serving is easy for their personality necessarily, but because they know that Allah Subhana Allah loves those who serve. And our seventh sign is that

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when the time for prayer comes, their worry and anxiety over the dunya is lifted, and they find it difficult to exit

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of the prayer. And they find in the prayer, their comfort and their pleasure and the coolness of their eyes and the happiness of their heart. You know, one time a contract came to me after a lecture and he said, What's wrong with my prayer? There's something wrong with my prayer. I said, What do you mean? He said, You know, I always hear you know, people talking about being distracted in the salon che fawns stealing things from you and stuff. He said, I don't experience any of that. Is there something wrong with my prep? I said, What do you mean? He said, When I enter into the salon, everything in this world disappears. It's just me and Allah.

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And he said, I feel most alive in my life when I'm in Salah.

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In fact, when Salah time is over, I'm waiting for the next Salah throughout the day, and I don't even need like an alarm or anything like that. My body responds to the salah. I get goosebumps when it's Salah Thai. So what's wrong with my prayer?

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Said I think there's nothing wrong with your prayer. Since there's something wrong with all of our prayers. That's the problem. Your prayer is like the prayer that we've read in books. May Allah subhanaw taala rectify our physical device and make them suffer the law they were looking for rain

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Have they lost lotsa my little sister in law who I do cyber sending sympathy. In summary, we mentioned seven

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seven signs of a healthy heart but in summary, the Healthy Heart is the one who's concerned is all for Allah subhanaw taala loves him, his motivations are for him. His speech is about him is more beloved to him than any speech and his thoughts orbit around Allah subhanho dadas pleasure and what he loves and when they find themselves being distracted by the dunya as the dunya does for all of us they remind themselves yeah yet to have national multiple in El de la la BK and all the attend multi Oh, content soul returned to your Lord returned to your Lord returned to your Lord. They keep reciting these verses again and again that they may hear that these verses sent to them by their

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Lord when they meet. And so we ask Allah Subhana Allah to rectify our hearts and to heal our hearts from any ailments and that Allah Subhana Allah accept from us are acts of worship and that Allah Subhana Allah blesses our deeds. Lo manana Celica gentlemen Kabita him and call him Iman, when they're becoming another Makarov at home including Mohamed Allah Who matin fusina Taqwa is again teittleman Sokka Antonio hom Hola Hola. Hola. Maximum dynamic for sciatica Mater, Hulu BBN, n OB NMRC attic or mental attic imagine gonna be a genetic Amelia teeny moto will be it now. So I will dunya or maternal Lahoma vs minor upside you know what in a bit the map data about one mushroom

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albino mother Muslimeen or Hamilton or moto Muslimeen what your Hamama come out of Bernie so there are several bites in medicine