Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Al-Jumuah #02 Does Allah Ignore Bad People

Nouman Ali Khan
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or as If Allah doesn't know what's really going on this is important. We say it's easy to say Allah knows everything. Easy to say.

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And then people say, Oh, sad, you know some people, they do really bad things, but they don't look like they get punished.

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Like how can why? Why is Allah doing that? And then you like, Yeah, but what what Allah is gonna like punish them on judgment day or what? Oh, so he has to explain to you what he's going to do. This is how this works. Because when judgment day begins and everybody's about to be judged, like hold on Allah, I just want to make sure this guy who stole my ketchup from McDonald's gets what he deserves. Now we may begin.

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We have this sense of entitlement, that somehow Allah owes us an explanation. Oh my God, Allah who knew the outcome I don't know how you but let's says Allah does not is not going to be one to inform you of what he does in the unseen. Why does he have to tell you?

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Our little binder he's gonna show you are watching this binder. I'm like man of washi. You said behold in HEMA of his

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finger. When you medically look good dosing is easy. hecky

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rubbish. Actually surgery was silly Emily, why the doctor can build the Sandy Hook holy crud, hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. He also be running another ad once again, everyone is cinematic on what I've come to light either with a cattle

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SOTL Jamara, which is typical of this group of surahs, especially the Muslim Behat, meaning the surahs that begin with us we have Allah the five of them in this group are very deep, and we loaded beginnings. So my intention is to try and finish our discussion on the first idea today looks unlikely, but I'm going to not rush through it, I want to be able to cover everything that I wanted to share with you in some detail, Inshallah, and see how we progress. Anyway. So the first conversation I want to have with you is about the word just be or the word use and behold, that occurs in the eye up. Once again, an easy translation. The first part of the cya is, every whatever

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is in the skies, and whatever is in the earth, does and will continue to do this we have Allah meaning declares and will continue to declare the perfection of Allah.

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One of the most important studies in the Quran is the study of words. So Arabic is really unique, because every word has an Etymology and an entire story behind it. So I just said, declares the perfection of Allah, that's an easy english translation. But behind this word is imagery. This word does be come from Sabah, and Saba has some images associated with it. So as you will be we'll go through the series of lectures, every time we come across a word, we're gonna go look in the background of that word, where does where it come from? How are the Arabs using the associated words? And then how do we get to the meaning of the word that we're dealing with in this ayah? Okay,

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so those secondary meanings, those background meanings, they help us get a deep understanding of the word that Allah is using. So let's start with the spear, which is coming from the letters seeing that and how those are the root letters of this word. Subbu Subbu Ceiba, were actually unstitched hide or leather garments, I couldn't find a better picture than that. But anyway, ancient times babies had clothes, but they didn't have any stitching on the side, you just stick the arms in and the neck in. And it just flows. Right. So it doesn't, it doesn't. You can't tell if the baby's fat or skinny because it's all just kind of flowing. So that which doesn't stick to the body. Right?

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Doesn't contour to the body. Those kinds of clothes were called Siba. It also means to be stretched or extended out. sunblock is used when you're stretching leather. That's actually called to sub or stretching a string or a rope or something like that. So so far, we got the meaning of something that doesn't, you know, dip down into the shape of the body, and something that's stretched out, leveled out, then to somebody who's actually when you swim, and you don't go underwater. So you're swimming but you stay above the water the whole time. If you go under the water and you come up, that's called a lounge. It's a different word for swimming. But Saba is actually our Sabha the verb

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is actually when you when you don't dip at all you stay above. So now we've got this this idea this concept of something stretched out like a straight line, something that doesn't dip into the body of the child. And even a swimmer that doesn't dip under the water. It's he's he maintains or she maintains the level. For US Cyber savvy, a horse was described as savvy, then extend

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as its legs out as far as I can, so when it gallops, it stretches its legs out. So it's called hacerlo, or has a new Medallia day info Jedi, meaning it extends as far as it can when it runs. So being extended, and engaged without being immersed. Likewise, like the swimmer who won't submerge, meaning the swimmer that won't go down, the child's loose garment doesn't contour to the body and thus doesn't immerse into the form of the child. That's why outer garments are called DISA Musa, meaning spread out. Thus, constant activity with no downtime. This is interesting, if you're working, working, working, and you never take a break, like the swimmer who never goes under the

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water. That's actually called sub. And it's used for the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, when Allah says, in lack of in a hurry, subhanaw taala, you have long, endless brakeless, you know, seamless tasks work to do, where you're not going to get any breaks. And that's called Subhan. Maintaining from this came the idea of not being brought down in any way. In other words, I'm not going to say anything about Allah, that brings down his perfection. So the idea of this be is maintaining or floating our concept of Allah and not letting it drown even a little bit, or not letting it weaken even a little bit in any way. Right. So the way that the scholars talked about this, for example,

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what doesn't Be Fit His Majesty's perfection. But although Hobbit and Z some of it has to do with being him being declared perfect and anoon sub either heeta Allah Maya de Cushitic, meaning that you say something that doesn't, that that is not appropriate for him, whether it's a partner or a child, I will not win with him in my essay for fauna and young Luca, che and Barton, or if you say, Allah made something without a purpose. By the way, that's philosophically all Allah says, He created the skies in the earth with purpose. You know what that means that He created me with a purpose. But it also means every situation he created, he also created with a purpose. Every disadvantage in my life

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was for a purpose. Every advantage of my life was for a purpose. Every test was for a purpose. You know, every ability and every disability was for a purpose. And the moment I start thinking, I don't see the point why Allah did this is pretty looks pretty purposeless to me that this be of Allah is going away. Because Allah never does something without purpose. Right. So that's, that's important now, and you're a bit bizarre that he can be seen. You know, like, I used to have a coworker back in New York when I was in college in 1864.

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And she told me, Hey, you're religious, right? I was like, little bit. She said, I saw God in my dream last night. I was like, No, you didn't. Like no, I did. I was like, No, that was that was the devil. That was the devil. It wasn't a she said that. She said, he looked like you. I was like, that was definitely the devil

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is definitely the devil. Okay?

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And remember that equal to whom? Either your limb home, or you're saying something like, you know the angels saying that, you know, how can we know something you didn't teach us? Even the angels claiming I could even know something that you didn't learn about? lantana they said Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Miranda, how perfect you are? How can we know anything that you didn't teach us? Right? So even me thinking I know something that didn't actually, you know, my knowledge, my experience, my, my skill, somehow came from somewhere other than Allah. Right? That's also taking away from perfection of Allah. And Yafa Allah, He make crucial. Or as If Allah doesn't know what's

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really going on, this is important. We say it's easy to say Allah knows everything. Easy to say. But then people are like, we say Allah is fear. Allah is just, and then people say, Oh, sad. You know, some people, they do really bad things, but they don't look like they get punished.

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Like, how can why? Why are they doing that? Like, doesn't he know that they did something bad?

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I'm like, Do you know what you're saying? What are you talking about here? You're talking about Allah? And you're saying Doesn't he know? You don't know the answer to that question? You don't already know that he knows.

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And then you like, Yeah, but what Allah is gonna, like punish them on judgment day or what? Oh, so he has to explain to you what he's going to do. This is how this works. Because when judgment day begins, and everybody's about to be judged, like hold on Allah, I just want to make sure this guy who stole my ketchup from McDonald's gets what he deserves. Now we may begin.

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I hear we have this sense of entitlement, that somehow Allah owes us an explanation. Oh my God, Allah who knew the outcome I don't know how you But Allah says, Allah does not

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He's not going to be one to inform you of what he does in the unseen. Why does he have to tell you? And you know, this this disease that we have now that you know, things happen in my life, things happen in your life? And people really question like, why did that happen? Why did that happen to me? Right? And then they say my faith is in crisis until Allah reveals to me the secret behind why this happened to me. Until I know why this happened to me. I don't know. I don't know if I can trust Allah. Because I don't see the logic in it. He needs to convince me of his logic before I can move on. This is the height of arrogance. And it's all we don't know. It's our dissatisfaction. But we

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allow it to turn into arrogance. Or Rob Rob, the master is the master. He doesn't owe me an explanation. I have to humble myself before him. You know, I was when I was teaching SUTA daddy out.

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Ibrahim Ali, Sam's wife was very old. You know that right? And Allah sent the angels and what did the angels tell her?

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You're gonna have a baby. She could have been like, oh, yeah, now.

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What? I I was 20 was 2122 3040. If you want to come tell me I'm going to have a baby when I can't even sit down without my bones cracking. Now Now I'm gonna have a baby. This is this is wisdom. This is what wisdom looks like. This is the Allah's plan. Hmm.

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She could have done that yes or no? Because can she see the logic in it? No. Can anybody see the logic? No. All these years I'm living in depression because I can't give you Ibrahim Ali. So I'm a child.

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And now Now when I'm probably going to die before he gets old. Now you're gonna give me a child? What is the angel said I

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can only call around buki in the whole hockey when I leave. This is what you're this is exactly how your master said it. We're just delivering the news. He didn't come up with the policy. I'm here to deliver the package.

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Just this Cavallini Calderon boogie. Here he has all the wisdom and he knows. Meaning you need to trust what? The wisdom of Allah, the wisdom of Allah is perfect. The knowledge of Allah is perfect. It's not like he didn't know my situation. And that he made this decision. When he didn't consider everything before he made a decision. He makes the decision knowing everything. I am the one who has lacking knowledge, not him. I'm the one who has lacking wisdom, not him. This is part of the speech of Allah, the absolute flawless nature of his lordship. So the word to speak and we'll dive into this a little bit more has also been used to describe the greatness of Allah but that's the

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secondary meaning the really the first meaning is we never think or say something about Allah. That is less than perfect of okay. Now

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it says you said behold Linda he, Linda, he the lamb, if you hear the LI before Allah, you can say in Arabic, you said the hola perfectly good Arabic you suddenly have Hola. Okay. Like

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we're two sub b Who Who book rotten? Well, I'll say hola. We don't say to sub the hula who we say to somebody who? So the lamb. Even if you don't hear it, it's still correct Arabic. So then what's the lamb doing there? It creates two meanings. One it creates the meaning does be done of Allah, meaning, whatever's in the skies and whatever's in the earth is in fact doing declaring Allah's perfection. But the lamb can also be tardy, it creates a new meaning. What does that mean? Everything in the skies in the earth? declares perfection of Allah for Allah. Now, what why is that important of infor? What difference does it make? The difference it makes is, if I do something for

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someone, if I did something for you, then I'm describing my intentions. If I did something to you, I'm describing my action. But if I just say I did something for you, that I'm describing my what intention. And if I say it was for you, that means I was sincere to you. If the universe is doing this be for Allah. That means the universe is not being forced to do it. They're genuinely doing it out of sincere intention. Every creation Allah made that Allah made in its nature actually recognizes how perfect Allah is. And genuinely does this be. It's not being forced to do it. Allah didn't force it to do this. We, Allah is not tyrannical over his creation. Everything recommended

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that's why we find in the Quran ETL Tawaran Oh God, Mohammed Carlota dynata ain, when Allah created the skies in the earth, He said to them, you want to surrender willingly or unwillingly? You want to be forced or do you want to be willing and they said We surrender willingly. So this willing this we have Allah means that all of creation does a sincere praise.

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Have Allah they're not you know, atheists like to argue, why does your god like praise so much? Why is he so? And they use words like, why is he so narcissistic? Why is he so self centered? Because whatever site whatever diagnosis they have of themselves, they put that on to God because they have God Complex themselves. So they put that on to God and our response, first response, there's many responses to that, but one of them is actually nothing praises Him, because He demanded it. Everything praises him, because once they recognize him, they have they were compelled to do it on their own. Just by who by by the recognition of who he is, which then leads to other I told you in

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some sources, there are there and by the way, one more thing about SB four Allah that refers to sincerity right? And this these sutras will have sub one subject that came through all 10 of these sutras. What was it you know, hypocrisy, hypocrisy and hypocrites have one major problem, which is what? Sincerity? Right? So the the very beginning phrase actually embeds sincerity, because that's going to be a problem that Allah is going to address throughout the solos, okay? Now,

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when this be has mentioned, in the past, like everything has declared the perfection of Allah, everything has been declaring the perfection of Allah. It's as if Allah is saying, this is an ancient truth, and you're late, like this has been going on long before you even existed, everything was doing this be? Why do you think that if you don't do it, it's not gonna happen. Or it's been happening, it's a lot bigger than you, it's a lot older than you. And the universe is just this, the universe we know is just the first sky that 13 point 9 billion light year old universe that we know, is just the first sky. And then there's the second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh skies,

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whose ages we can't even imagine. And all of them have been doing what this be. So just imagine the volume of this be compared to even the Earth's this B. And then within the earth. Imagine the volume of this be that I do in one lifespan. It's a you can even put the number of zeros you would have to put before you put the one on the percentage of how much might this be accounts in the existence of Thursby is so minuscule, and the ages for which it has been going on is so large, that it humbles me. And it makes me realize me praising Allah doesn't benefit Allah in any way doesn't add to ally in any way, doesn't secure Allah in any way doesn't make him feel but human beings need praise human

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beings need in redemption, human beings need likes and heart emojis and fire emojis under their post. They need that, you know, Allah doesn't need acknowledgement, for his acknowledgement to exist, it's always existed. And so that so you're and also, of course I put here you're not being asked to have something new. It's not like why is ALLAH asking me this? No, he's not asking you have this. This is actually something that's existed much before you and in your very nature, you're denying your own nature. But this surah is about this be in the present and also the future? What is the present actually tells you is this be whether I do it or not? It's happening all around me. It's

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actually already happening all around me. In fact, it's even happening within my own body, my blood cells are doing to speak right now. My skin cells are doing to speak right now my nails are doing to speak right now. My heart is doing to speak right now.

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The way I described this in skeletal Hadid, I'm going to describe it the same way to you guys. I want you to know that Allah is in control of everything, right? But what he did for human beings is he also put most of our life out of our control. Where was I going to be born? Was that under my control? Where am I going to die? Is that under my control? My genetics Are they under my control? My height, my skin color? My you know, my brain capacity? My thought process? So was that undermine? did I decide that I have any say in that? No, I don't have any saying that. What people will come in my life? What What am I going to be allergic to? What am I going to be? What am I going to have a

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bad reaction to? What sicknesses am I going to fall under? What car will come hit me if I'm driving on the road? None of this is under my control. You understand? Like there's so much most of my life is actually not under my control at all. My it is, is not written by me. It's written by Allah azza wa jal, well that Audrina shouldn't be a minute, I don't decide where I'm going to die. Nobody knows where they're going to die. Right? I didn't decide who my siblings are, who my cousins are, who my parents are, if you guys had a choice to choose what your siblings are going to be, we'd been very different families, some of us right so, but the idea is not me. I'm happy with my siblings. But

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anyway, so you have done that Allah created a very, very small circle.

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We will lose

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Think of it like a fence, small little fence inside me. And in that fence, he gave me some freedom.

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So he didn't give me the freedom to live outside his body. He didn't give me the freedom to live outside my lifespan or which century should I be born in? He didn't give me any of those freedoms but within the small circle he gave me the freedom to choose right from wrong that's it. That's that's the he didn't give me that freedom. He gave me some operational freedom over my body. Should I raise this hand or put it down? He gave me that freedom.

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You know, I don't say Allah subhanaw taala just raised his hand No, no, he gave me the freedom to raise his hand he created this fence and inside that fence, I can operate outside of it. Everything he killed, it's got complete control over it, you understand? No.

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The things that are not under my control, like my blood flowing through my veins, my heart beating is that under my control right now? No, it is those things are doing to stay humble Allah but that little circle in which I have choice,

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that little circle in that circle I choose not to do this we have sometimes or not the way I should. Not the way I should. But that doesn't change the fact that everything around me and most of even me is actually still doing what does me even the atheists Hart is doing to be have Allah

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even as even his brain cells, every neuron that fires is doing this we have Allah the tongue, that curses God is doing to speak of Allah. And that's why that tongue on judgment day is gonna say, Yeah, you made me do that. But now Allah, Allah allowed me to Allah handed you the controller over this thing. But today, the hand the feet, everything starts speaking on Judgement Day that were already under Allah's command. They were already doing this we have Allah, you are the one forcing them to rebel. So they say anticlinal That the Tata cola che, the one who makes everything speak today is the media speaking of speak.

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So this this, the way I describe even our bodies is like, I used to watch a lot of Gundam anime stuff when I was younger. Some of you might know or I don't know, if you're more lame that you watch Power Rangers, I don't know. But you're,

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you're you're underneath a gigantic robot. You're controlling it. Right? So Allah has handed you the controls over this body. This body is not me, this is just a robot that I've been given control over. And then one day will come and I will lose control over this machine. This machine will be taken away from me. And then when it's regenerated, it will not be under my control. Most data locally heroes em Allah says Judgment Day disbelievers are going to be staring straight at their punishment and running towards it.

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The natural thing is if you see danger, first of all, you don't look at it. And second of all, if you do see it, what do you do? You run the other way. Judgment Day, Allah describes people that disbelieve are looking at the fire and looking at the punishment, and their heads are staring there. They can't blink and they're running straight towards it. What does that tell you? Their bodies are no longer what?

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There is no longer under their control. The guy is being handed his book on his left hand behind his back. He no longer has the power to what I'll bet isn't. He can't. It's behind his back on his left side. He can't do it because the control has been taken away. But right now we have limited control anyway, so it's happening all around you. And you're missing out what Allah says everything is already doing this. We have Allah and we'll continue to do so. Actually make should make you feel like

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maybe I should join that, that that group that for the rest of the universe is on board. I'm the only one missing out. This is called quinoa. And kit is a big part of Quran study. Let me tell you what Canada is. Nowadays. People see this on tick tock, tell me something without telling me something.

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Right. That's good idea. Good idea means.

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So what Allah says, for example, if I say if I say right now, oh, it's kind of hot in here. It's much better now because the doors are open. But like, if I said it's kind of hot in here, and the organizers said, Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

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Good observation.

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You're not getting making if I was saying, can we make it cooler, but I didn't say that. I just said what? It's getting up. Or you come home and your child is there and you come home, you sit down you say, ha ha, I'm thirsty.

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And your son looks at you and says,

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yeah, it makes sense. You had a long day.

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It's hot outside.

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I said, I'm thirsty. And he says, I heard you

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and it makes sense.

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I can see what Kenya means.

00:24:51 --> 00:25:00

Go run and get the water. But you're not going to say that. You're just gonna say I'm thirsty when Allah says everything in the skies and everything in the earth is

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So is doing this B and we'll keep doing this B. And you will listen to us. That's so cool.

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That's really cool. Everything's doing this be

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stupid is telling you do the spear

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that's called what? Get out when you study Quran you have to keep an eye open for Can I, okay? This, Allah is telling you something in between the lines and it doesn't take a genius to understand that that's what's being said, Okay? Also because the present and future is being mentioned, they will continue to do this be as if to say, I am not going to be around forever. I'm here for a little bit and I'm going to be gone but to the speed of Allah will remain, it will go on forever. And so it and it's hinting at the future. There's another subtle line in the sutras where that this be is mentioned in the future tense, something in the Surah is coming. That's going to tie into the future

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because the TSP is also mentioned in the future. So we're going to keep an eye open for that when we study sootel Jamara because it is B is hinting towards the future. Right? So what we'll see how that manifests itself

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Here's what's coming up in the next episode and this deeper look of pseudo Jamar, but then comes a much more difficult question. If creation is imperfect by the way, Am I perfect? No. Are you perfect? No. Is anything in the world perfect? Actually, no, the only one was perfect to Zoo is hola so now here's the here's the problem is the philosophical problem. The problem is, if I see a beautiful painting, I say the artist is creative.

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But the How can I see something imperfect? And then say the maker is perfect. How can it how can I say that? It's perfect because we're saying everything declares how perfect Allah is. But everything itself is not perfect. So how how is it that evidence that the maker of it is perfect and this is this is by the way, a very common atheist argument. Oh, Your God is so perfect.

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What about cockroaches?

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What about a rash on your skin? What about my cousin?

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God is so perfect.

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The point is actually

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