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Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying the Torah with the right hand and not rushing the recitation of the Quran. They also mention the need to complete the recitation of the Quran in a calm and deliberate way. The speaker suggests that the recitation of the Quran is not a trade-off between the two, but rather a better option for the individual.
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Can you summarize some of the key rulings pertaining to the Tarawih prayer? Number one, what is the reward of praying the Torah with the imam in the masjid? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Rajala either Salama email me on Saudi fat Hosea Bella who Kiambu Leila, if a person prays with the Imam until he ends his prayer, he is given the reward of printing of the whole night lower. Number two, what about those who leave early before the Imam has completed the prayer?

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Of course we pray that Allah Almighty rewards them amply, but we also remind them that they've missed out on a very specific reward. You see, even the scholars who hold that the Sunnah is to pray eight units for the Tata we pray none of them advise people to leave after eight if the Imam is praying 20 None of them advise that stay with the Imam until he finishes as much as you can. That is, number three. Is it better to pray the Torah we in the masjid or alone at home? Yes, both are permissible. The majority of scholars are of the view however, it is better to pray in the masjid and some jurists have argued that it can be better to pray at home if one has memorized the Quran,

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if there is no fear that he may become lazy and pray less than what they would have prayed in the masjid and if the congregation in the mosque is not going to be affected if this person stays away. Now needless to say that those who opt to pray at home having latched on to the scholar of difference of opinion they shouldn't be lured into the devil's trap, whereby the end up missing a shot in congregation is very important. And more important than all of the data we have prior you do in Ramadan, particularly for men to pray share in congregation, beware of this satanic trap. Another question that people ask about the Tarawih prayer is that they say I intend to pray more Salah more

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prayer after the Tarawih prayer in the mosque is completed. So should I pray the Witcher with the imam or should I delay it? Well, you've got one of two options here. Generally number one, you could pray the Whittier prayer with the Imam and then you carry out when you carry out your night prayer later on that evening. You don't repeat your winter prayer as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that with Ronnie feeling that there are no two winter prayers to be performed in any one night. That's one option. The other approach is for you to delay your with your prayer so that you perform it at the end of the night after having finished your night prayer after the title we

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so in that scenario when the Imam says the Salaam and he finishes his water, don't end the water. Use that up and you carry out an extra unit to make it an even number and then you carry out your with your prayer by yourself at home when you finished your extra night. Another question people ask is about the ruling on reciting from a copy of the most half in the Tarawih prayer. Now this is a matter of scholarly difference of opinion. Some have argued that reciting from the most half doesn't invalidate the prayer whether you've memorized the Quran or whether you haven't, that the occasional turning of the pages whilst you are praying does not invalidate your prayer. This is the view of the

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Shafia. He's the Maliki so the Imam, the two students of Imam Abu Hanifa, Abu Yusuf al Muhammad, and it's the formal position of the Hanafi school however, that it does, in fact, invalidate the prayer. So be cautious of this difference of opinion, especially if you are an imam. Another question people ask is can I carry a copy of the must have as I pray behind the imam in the Torah, we have prayer. Now in principle, this really shouldn't be avoided. for so many reasons. It's going to compromise your ability to apply the Sunnah of placing your right hand over your left hand and salah.

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It's going to cause sometimes excessive movements that are quite unnecessary. And this is a movement that can distract you from praying with OSHA with attentiveness. It can also detract from your ability to apply the Sunnah of staring in the place of frustration, and so on. So many compromises will be unnecessarily made it should be avoided. Another question people ask is, should the Imams endeavor to complete the recitation of Quran in the Tarawera prayers from cover to cover? According to some scholars, namely the humblest and most of the Hanafis it is indeed encouraged to complete the full citation of the Quran during the Tarawera prayer.

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And this can be understood from the reports which state that angel Jibreel used to study the Quran with the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam The motto of Ramadan, and he would review it with him from cover to cover on each of them. And Imam Ahmed used to favor he used to like the complete the completion of the reciting of the Quran for those who are leading in Salah.

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Now needless to say this has not come at the expense of the quality of our citation.

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Rather, if there is going to be a trade off between the two, then it's better to recite the Quran in a calm and deliberate proper way than to rush the RE citation.

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For the sake of completing the recitation of the Quran of Ramadan. Yes, it was narrated that Omar, he enjoined the recitation of 30 verses in each unit of Tarawih prayer, which meant that they would complete the entire recitation of Quran three times in Ramadan. That's assuming that they pray 20 units a night,

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but that was suitable for their time. Generally speaking, in our time, it's better for the Imam to recite on the basis of the people situation, he should recite an amount that would not put them off from joining the congregation because increasing the size of the congregation is better than lengthening the citation and Allah knows best

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