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general attitude

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has to be having a decision of the dismissal becomes

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a concept and children

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I understood what it was teaching, you have to go back again and have someone explain it to you appropriately. Islam does not teach you to be passive ever, you're always being asked to, to, to do your duty to stand your ground to take a stand to do that which is correct and to fulfill your role you'll never taught you never, you are never told to sit back and wait for things to happen. And you know, see, that's not how it works. That's not how Islam is. So whatever, you have to understand it appropriate. So it doesn't turn passive. But there are moments where you are being dished out, you're given something you don't want, like life will throw you a curveball and it'll it'll

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hit you right in the head. And you'll fall splat on your face in the mud. And you'll be there for a while. And villa is the villa is what gives you the ability to stand up again, and to brush yourself off and to continue moving forward. That's what we'll do is villa is understanding that this is a part of what Allah subhanaw taala gave me. There's no point of me objecting or being upset or it's just this is it. This is the part of the test, I get up I try my best and his way he says Allah has a lot to assert, and he's had his beautiful color in HTML J. Ma of I mean by that that's the first piece. Indeed.

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Great reward comes with great trials. The greater the trial, the greater the reward. So if you want a great reward, you have to know you have to go through a great trial. If your trials are all small and insignificant, and so will your rewards. They'll be the same they'll be just as small and insignificant. So you want great reward yourself, Deana, then you're going to be trialed with great trials. We're in Allah either have Coleman EBIT telethon. And if Allah subhana, Allah loves a group of people, a nation or even an individual, then he will try all them. He will put them to the test for sure if he loves them, then he will trial them scholars and Jonnie Lula from the past would

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would feel better if they got a negative thing in life versus a positive one. It's a really weird thing. But they would say that if I got something positive, there's the possibility that Allah subhanaw taala looked at me and said, You're no longer worth it. Here's dunya here's your dunya here's dunya take what you want of it, but if he gives me something difficult that I know he still cares if he gave me difficulty that I know that he still cares about me he's still looking at me seeking me sin and he's given me a way to get rid of my sin and to prove myself so they would be much more comfortable with a difficult and then they would be with a with an ease. We ask Allah to

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give us ease say I mean I'm not asking for difficult but I'm explaining to you how some people kind of understand things because they knew when Allah either humpback or many will tell him if he truly loves you, then he will trial you from our lovely fellow who Rila woman selfie fella who's so I was stuck up. Those who accepted those who are in contempt with it with the trials they are given, then that's what they'll get. They will get contentment satisfaction, and those woman succulent those who get upset

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or angry and disgruntled because of the test, then that's what they'll get disgruntled, mminton upset.

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Whatever you do, is what you get. Your trusted the test will will is going to be there whether you're happy or upset whether you are making content or whether you're not whether you're whether you're satisfied, satisfied or not, the test stays. So if you show a satisfaction and acceptance

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And then that's what you have you walk around with satisfaction and acceptance. And if you show disgruntlement and upset and objection, and that's what you have, you walk around with the objection and it doesn't change, the test is still there doesn't go away. Your reaction to it doesn't change its existence, but it changes what you get for it. Nothing comes from Allah subhanaw taala labeled, nothing comes from Allah, Allah labeled as an act as a blessing, or an act of of punishment, nothing. It just comes unlabeled, the label gun is in your pocket, you will label it, what do you want it to be? Do you want it to be something good for you?

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Then you'll label it like that. And if you want it to be punishment, and you label it that way, as well from LDF, hello, Rila. I'm gonna find out who you are, except for Allah Subhan Allah gives you and you work with it, then you've labeled it as a blessing your milk Iam will only increase your your stance and your ranking. And if you just choose to say I don't accept it, and I'm going to object, I'm gonna lose my faith, and you've just tabled it as an act of punishment. Because it's how you bait it's based on how you deal with it. He never labels upon what I say don't ask, Was this coming to me? Allah Subhanallah as punishment, or he doesn't label things you do. He just gives you

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a tiller, just give you a trial. And then you will decide what you want to do with it. You want to make it something good. You can make it something, you can make them nicest thing. The worst thing you can make the nicest moment in your life. The worst moment on the Day of Judgment, you can look back and say that was the worst. Allah subhanaw taala gives you a million dollars. I thought it was the most amazing moments of your life. You don't use them, right? Your milk piano you look back and say that was the worst moment of my entire existence. I wish it never happened. And then on the other hand, you could be given the most difficult situation, the worst day of your life. You deal

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with it well, and then you almost can't look back. And he said that was the best moment. Because look at look at all the record, like, look how helped me save me saved everyone around me. Things that happen in the world around you and to you aren't labeled, you label them. Remember that you're the one who chooses what to do with this. You just get dished out here, here, deal with it. Sometimes it's great you'd like and sometimes you don't like it. But on the day of judgment, whether you like it or you don't like it will depend strictly on how you dealt with it when you got it. That's why he said from a lovely FLL hydrilla I'm gonna suck buffalo. So you want to be your show

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satisfaction, your acceptance. And that's what you have. And you show disgruntlement. That's what you have. It's all about you. You decide. I think that's a very powerful Hadith I hope I was able to bring it closer to yellow email than it did me the up Jamie he will email with no merger fees or no he said no. And I said numedica Allahu Anthropo. Bon Jovi or Salalah. Haile who early he was in Ireland. Ma Eva mille Bella in Allah either. Bomani patella femoral, the fellow who the woman circulator further who still saw the Karasuma is Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Griego some loves your hunger which main Sharla two minutes and then she has most of the houses