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Moving on, a lot of brothers in light of what is happening in front of screen will speak about the Khilafah. They will call for the political unity of the Muslims where it is this individual, this system, this office that will unite the Muslims once and for all and bring us the glory of the past they speak about Khilafah the caliphate where is it? I want to zoom out for a moment and ask you the question, what is the purpose of a Khalifa? What is the purpose of a caliphate in the religion? And what you will see La Ilaha in Allah, Philistine and the cause of a mesial axilla is acting as the interim killer and miroir de he says describing what the purpose of a Khalifa is, he said an imam

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out to Moldova to Nikita Tinubu What if he harassed? D? Was he sad? Dunya he said the position of Khalifa

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the office of Khalifa is intended to be a system that succeeds prophethood with the intention of preserving religion and managing the worldly affairs. Did you understand the definition? The position of Khalifa caliph is a system that is intended to come after profited and succeeded with the objective of achieving want protecting religion. And what what did we say? Managing the dunya

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in the beginning of Islam after the death of our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this position of Khalifa was assumed by for men to for rightly caliphs, Abu Bakr Omar worth nine ally they were the rightly guided hula. And then after I laid on the Allahu anhu, there came many hula and dynasties up until we lost the field effort. And then in the end of time, our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam predicted and prophesized that there will be a Khalifa and his base will be in Philistine and he will be following the guided ways of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but in this phase of ours today, the 21st century there is no such carryover. And so from

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the Mercy of Allah Jalla Jalla Allah who he doesn't leave the Muslims empty handed and he gives them an interim Khalifa. And it couldn't be argued, and some of the contemporary scholars have made this argument that the cause of Philistine and the cause of Al Majid Al Aqsa is acting as the interim caliph, up until the Khalifa arrives. How is this we said that the purpose of a caliphate is to unite the Muslims. The purpose of the Khalifa is to raise the Eman of the Muslims. The purpose of the Khalifa is to make them hereafter centric. It's not just pure politics, the purpose of the three faiths to raise your morale and courage. The purpose of the Khalifa is to help Muslims come

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together, unify become strong together as a unified body and to rise above petty differences. And the cause of Philistine has achieved all of those things. Is it not? That Philistine has unified us in ways that we would usually struggle with that?

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Is it not that the cause of Philistine has made the lines very clear between what is right and what is wrong between justice and injustice between Eman and hypocrisy? Is it not that it has done that? Is it not that the cause of Philistine has raised the morale of the Muslims worldwide despite the suffering in the USA? And is it not the cause of Philistine has helped us rise above the petty differences that we were stuck in through YouTube and Snapchat and Tiktok. Before October? It has done all of those things. And as one of our sisters, she said that in my life, she has family members who have died. I have never felt my Eman strong as it is on this day.

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So this is from the baraka of LSD to laksa and the blessings of Philistine that it is acting as an interim Calif, bringing the Muslims together from a religious and political perspective La ilaha illAllah. Furthermore, we can say that the barbarity of the entity of Israel, and the incompetence and competencies of its allies have created the perfect and necessary conditions for the restructuring and rebuilding of iman. We didn't have to do that. They have done that. They have created the perfect conditions for the revival of the OMA not us. They achieved that in Allah. Leon Soto had the deen the Roger infatti, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah at times

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will give victory to this religion by way of the most sinful of people when they are scorching the land and when they are targeting the bakeries and they are decking the hospitals and when they are killing the babies, and when they are busy besieging the population, and they are cutting off the electricity and the internet. They have created perfect conditions for Muslims to come together and for their Imam to be restored. And I say and I've mentioned this before, that what is right here and it's incompetent allies have achieved by way of improving our Eman and helping in the Muslim inevitable ascendancy on the global stage. What they have achieved in 20 or so days is

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Something that we as speakers, scholars, students of knowledge, teachers parents could not have achieved in 20 years. The lessons that they have taught us in our tea, the theology about relying upon Allah, the yearning for martyrdom, the love of Al Masjid Al Aqsa, the importance of unity, the importance of upholding justice. What they have taught us in 20 or so days is something that we haven't learned in 20 years in our mythology. And this is not to take away from the baraka and the efforts of our scholars and our teachers. God forbid we need you, but I say that your efforts can never be compared to the Barco Philistine Alhamdulillah and I want you to see the silver lining in

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all of this