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The transcript describes a man who made a comment about the "handwriting of theiter's handwriting" during a gathering that encouraged him to pursue knowledge. The man later wrote a book called "just saying love" to his teacher, which became the most authentic book in existence after the Quran. The man later wrote a book called "just saying love" to his teacher, which became the most authentic book in existence after the Quran."

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In the lives of so many great people before us, and in our time and after us, it was just a single statement that they heard. And it ended up turning around their lives forever. And they give you just two examples. Look at the man with the hubby. What started him off passing comment within a particular gathering that encouraged him to pursue the path of knowledge. And that was when he shaped and bizarrely said to other heavy in the Hotbox that you should be hooked up and had the theme. He said, you know your handwriting. It resembles the handwriting of the scholars of Hattie. So happy he said for having them. Allahu Allah. Yeah. Hey, Mel, howdy. So from that day onwards,

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Allah subhanaw taala placed the love of Hadith within my heart, and an imam with the hubby would become Imam with the hubby. And he would excel in many of the Islamic sciences. And he would author texts that are just indispensable to our Islamic library today. And we are quoting him time and time again in this lecture series. It started with a statement of encouragement he heard similarly Imam Al Bukhari what started him off it was just a passing comment within a gathering that launched Muhammad Buhari into the skies of Hadith and famous and now he has collected for us as we know, the book that is considered to be the most authentic in existence after the Quran. His his agenda, and

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Buhari he said, telling us about where it all started, he said we were sat in a gathering with our teacher is hachimura Haha, who said little gem atom keytab and Mata Sauron Lisa Hey, so nothing Debbie slash and he said, Why does it any one of you think about gathering a summarized book containing all of the authentic narrations of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Imam Al Bukhari he said for Waka, Anika, lb for AQa to V Jana and he said to instantly the love of doing this fell into my heart, and I began to compile the book your Allah, bearing in mind that Imam Al Bukhari was only 16 years of age when he heard that and because of that one passing statement, and

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he decided to dedicate the next 16 years of his life in compilation of this book that every one of us has on his bookshelf, or hasn't benefited from or has heard of it. You know, Allah, identify the talents. Look at the words of better Dean Ibnu Jana who said Kanye is our interview sorry, in a relationship back and

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our human. Whenever we saw a young man who was exhibiting signs of intelligence, we would throw our nets over him, figuratively speaking, right, we would throw our nets over him. And he would only leave after he had become a scholar. So please don't allow the tenants to go to waste. The potential reformers that we are craving for today as Muslims, they exist in huge numbers. They exist today to see why they existed in the past. The only difference is that those before us were blessed with parents, with friends with passers by who identified those talents in them. They guided those talents, they nurtured them, encourage them, finance them. And it could be just a passing comment of

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encouragement that you offer someone in the gathering. But to him, those words make him feel or her feel that they were just given born. They were born on that very day. And it changes the course of their lives, and the purpose for which they live for and then every bit of good that this person does later on in their lives. A copy of it is documented to your skills as well.