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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not letting problems come to them and memorizing gateway numbers to avoid wasting time. They share stories about Islam's actions and the use of Islam as a means of achieving success. The speakers emphasize the need for acceptance of Islam's rules and allowing people to let their hearts rest, as well as a potential area in the Quran that summarizes everything that Allah has said. They encourage people to pass trials and let their hearts rest.
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belief in other belief in Divine Decree, this liberates the Muslim mind. So that when something comes to you and you did not want it to come to you, you remain happy, or something that does not come to you, but you wanted it to come to you, you remain happy because you believe in something called other divine decree. Today, I would like to share with you a few thoughts to speak about kada and I guarantee you, the brother, the sister, if you give me an attentive ear, you will walk away from this lecture with a tangible shift and major change in the way that you approach any one of the problems that comes your way be it marital, be it social, be it financial, be it spiritual, I would

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like to present you to your brother, your sister, with four gateways, four doors imagine and my request my pitch today is that any problem you have passed through each one of those four doors and what will be from the other side, you will find the problem that has diminished in size and life that you will enjoy and you will be a happy Muslim gateway number one to believe that Allah is absolutely just therefore before you say why me Why not hurt? Was that fair? Why did Allah Almighty send that my way? I wanted this they did it. How can they put their hands on it? Not me. This is not just somebody may say a stuff for Allah. He said to you, Allah Almighty said in Allah Hello. Carla

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got Russia. Allah Almighty does not do injustice to even the weight of Allah Almighty said when Mara Boca Viva la Milena IV your Lord does not do injustice to His servants. Allah Almighty. He said while I am Lily Mora Buka Haida your Lord does not do injustice to anyone. The absolute justice of Allah subhanho wa Taala has your problem through that door. Believing in this one gateway has a profound effect in removing so much sorrow from your life. In fact, the very dua prayer supplication of sorrow that we make when you are down, there is a reminder in it that Allah Almighty is just Do you know that our beloved Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that dua of sorrow is as follows

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Allah who met in the abdomen, Oh Allah, I am your servant. It'd be no Abdic son of Your servant Ibnu analytic son of your maidservant NASA TV Edik my forelock is in your hands, Marvin fee, HK MK your command over me will always be executed Adlon V. Tada and your Kedah your degree over me is always just underline that and then you say you're gonna be good listening who I asked you by virtue of every name that you have some major being upset that you have given yourself or insult that movie topic or a name you have taught us in your book, I limped, who I hadn't even contact or anything that you may have talked to one of your creation, or we stepped thermotherapy I email her deck or a

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name that you have kept secret to yourself and touch it and pull arrabiata and be that you make the Quran the life of my heart were no more Assad glory and the light of my chest wa Jalla Hosni and the departure for my grief was I had the hand me and the release from my sorrow. He said, anybody who says this dua, Allah will replace his grief with happiness, the Companions they said Messenger of Allah, should we memorize this? He said, Every Muslim who hears these words should memorize it. This is gateway number one, do you remember it? The gateway that says Allah is Most just therefore expect good over him and don't doubt him? There is justice in what has come your way. Gateway number two,

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believe that Allah Almighty is knowledge encompasses all things. It is essential if you want your belief in Divine Decree, to be in place to pass your problem through that second gateway as well. That Allah knows, therefore before you say, how come? Does Allah not see me? Can Allah not hear me? I remind you of this gate, Allah sees old and he hears all there is no sky that obscures his vision from another sky and there is no sound that obscures his hearing from another sound, what is private to you is public to him and what is hidden to you is revealed to him. Allah Almighty, He said, Allah may Allah be an Allah. Does he not know that Allah can see Allah Almighty said to Prophet Musa and

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Harun in any Macrina smell? I am with you both. I hear and I see Allah Almighty. He said, what it's like in Rebecca has been, as we say to you, oh Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I have encircled people completely Allah

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some knowledge, and Allah Almighty said think about this. Why

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don't you hold Avi with Allah are the keys to the unseen layer Allah Maha Illa who no one has knowledge of them except ALLAH, where Allah

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and He knows everything that is happening on the land. And in the sea. One night a spoke to me what I'm touching in the area animals. And there is no leaf that falls off any tree except that ALLAH has full knowledge of it, while I had that fee alone on that hill, nor even a grain somewhere within the darkness of the Earth, while a lot of you will be seen in fee Kitabi movie and nothing dry or moist, except that it is with Allah written in a clear record, and is the knowledge of Allah. How can you say Allah does not see me? Or it has Allah not heard my dua? How can you say, Allah? Did you not see me? Why can you not hear me? Hola Don't you know what I'm going through? Has your problem through

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the second gateway that says, Allah sees all he hears you, he sees you. He's aware of your situation? Why does he do the things he does? We'll get to that in a moment. But for now understand, he knows. And that is why the Scholars they say something which is actually quite difficult to get your head around actually impossible. They say Allah has knowledge of what has happened in the past, and what is happening at present, and what shall happen in the future. Take note of number four. And he has knowledge of those things that shall never happen if they weren't to happen, how they would happen upon the infinite probabilities of circumstances that will never unfold. But if they were to

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unfold, Allah knows how they would unfold. And you say, Allah does not know or you doubt whether he hears your DUA, Gateway number two, Allah sees all on his own gateway number three, to believe that Allah Almighty is absolutely wise in everything he does, that will allow your heart to rest. And the amount of doubts that we may have in our hearts will come flushing out if you understand this third gateway. And if you want a demonstration of this a snippet preview of Allah's wisdom, I share with you a story that all of you are aware of the story of the Prophet of Allah Yusuf Alayhi Salatu. Salam, if you want to I had access to the script of the story of Yusuf, before the event unfolded, I

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can guarantee that most of us would choose to edit the script and change certain parts of it. I mean, you read in the script that this baby Yusuf is going to be thrown in a well, you'd say why does that have to happen to our child? No, we'll change that. You see that his brothers will conspire against him to kill him know that he doesn't have to go through that will change that. You'll see that he will be sick to Egypt and sold as a slave and separate from the arms of his mothers and fathers. Why should any child have to go through that want to change that you read in the story that he's going to grow up to be a very handsome man and then a woman will seduce him to

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do the act of immorality with her? You say? No, there's no need for that. We'll change that. And then you read that he's gonna be thrown behind bars from some years. What does he have to go through that he's a prophet? He's got better things to do. We'll change that. Had Allah Almighty accepted those changes with the story has panned out the way it did, and wouldn't be ending has been as perfect as it is today. The answer is no to show you the wisdom of Allah. Allow me to demonstrate this rewind in the story of Yusuf is perfect Yusuf had not been the subject of conspiracy when his brothers wanted to kill him use it would not mean have thrown inside of the well. If use it was not

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thrown inside of the well. They would not have been picked up by the Egyptian businessman. If he was not picked up by the businessman who sent him to Egypt He would not have been sold as a slave. If he had not been sold as a slave, it means that he would not have been seduced by the wife of the ruler. If he was not seduced by the wife of the ruler, he would not have been put inside prison. But if he was not put inside of prison, his ability to interpret dreams would not have been discovered. If your ability to interpret dreams was not discovered he would not have met the ruler. If he had not met the ruler, he would not have been able to save the hole of Egypt that was going to experience a

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famine. If he was not able to do that, that it means he would not have been appointed as a treasurer and had he not been appointed as a treasurer, he would not have been able to invite his mother and father and his brothers from Palestine and live with him in Egypt and they live happily ever after. Subhan Allah has all the wisdom from Allah subhanho wa Taala How can you doubt in everything that he sends your way? It's because it's what you need, even though it may not be in line with what you want, but trust Him and allow these doubts to disappear once and for all. This is gateway number three, Allah is the most wise in everything he does. And I here remember the story of a king and a

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minister and the minister was mashallah like yourselves a practicing person. And this man

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Esther had a statement that he would always repeat which is clearer to female star hula goodness is what Allah chooses there is good in everything Allah chooses. And so one day he was eating with the king as usual. And the king as he was cutting into his food, he passed the knife over his finger, and he wounded himself and he started to bleed. And so the minister said to him, Hey, don't worry, goodness is what Allah chooses, be happy. So the king was like, Are you gloating at my misery? It's like you're happy because of what happened to me. So the king said, your place will be the seventh, and he sent him to prison. And as he was being taken away behind bars, the minister said, goodness

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isn't what Allah chooses. The king had a habit of going out to hunt every evening. And he would go with his minister usually, but now the Minister is not there. So he went by himself, and he was chasing a particular animal during his hunting exercise. And he was running so fast that he did not realize that he had just crossed the boundaries of his kingdom. And he entered now the sanctuary of idol worshipping communities. So they caught him, they arrested him, they fettered him in chains, they took him to one of their biggest idols, they lowered him onto the ground, they placed a knife to his neck, they were on the verge of slaughtering him for their idol. And then they saw that his

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finger was damaged. So they said, This is not suitable as a sacrifice for our God. So they removed the chains and they and they set him free. So he realized that Yeah, it's true goodness isn't everything Allah chooses. So he went back to the palace, and he freed the minister, and he hugged him and apologized. And he said to him, I understand you are right, goodness is in that which Allah Subhana Allah chooses, you are right, forgive me. But I have one question to ask you. Oh, Minister, I understand the wisdom behind the wound in my finger now, but I don't understand the wisdom in you being sent to the prison. And when you were making your way there you said, goodness, isn't

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everything that Allah chooses? What is the good enacts? And then the minister said to him, Your Highness, who is it that usually goes out hunting review? You said you, he said so when they discovered that your finger was cut? Who would they have sacrificed in your place? You said yourself, he said, Therefore goodness is in everything. And Allah Almighty chooses, Allahu Allah, Allah, Allah knows when to let our Lemonwood does not know. This is gateway number three, rest assured, allow your heart to rest ALLAH knows and Allah is wise, Gateway number four, and I will conclude with this. Hola Hola, Feigl Maya SHA, Allah does whatever he wants. I know a lot of people

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don't like to talk about this. Maybe it's not politically correct. But it is a reality when understanding other and things that Allah sends your way or to the Muslim ummah at large. Allah does what he wants, whose kingdom is it? It's his kingdom, the earth that you're working on. It's his Earth, the air that you are breathing, it's his, the body that you are borrowing. That's his, he does what he wants. Who are you? Who am I pity creatures to challenge Allah Almighty His wisdom and to say how come why me? Allah says I do what I wanted to my kingdom. Allah agenda generic who said in the Quran, speaking about Mary and Mary Boyle XRP Anya Cooney pm Cecily Basha, she said, My Lord,

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how can I have a baby when no human being has ever touched me? What was the response from Allah? Koala, cuddly killer who

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he said to her thus it will be Allah Almighty create whatever you want. Allah Almighty said in another area. Woman you really love me McCrimmon in Allah Hi, I'm Marissa Shah, whoever Allah humiliates no one can honor Allah does whatever he wants. Allah Almighty said Allah number three, when we shall, Allahu moko death can Allah if I will now you read if Allah wished they would have never fighting one another but Allah does whatever he wants in area number four Allah Almighty said in Allah how you to

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slowly hottie Jen Tajiri Mila Tatiana, in Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah Almighty will allow the believers who do good deeds to enter gardens beneath which rivers flow indeed Allah does whatever he wants, never forget that. You say how, how come I'm still poverty ridden? I'm still a poor man broke, yet all of my friends are doing better than me. They haven't got half the skill set that I have. I say to you, it's Allah's kingdom. He does what he wants, he hasn't given you permission to be rich yet. Allah does whatever he wants. So therefore allow your heart to set up, be pleased. Brothers and sisters, these are four gateways that I would want you to share with you remember that the justice of Allah, the knowledge of Allah, the wisdom of Allah, and Allah

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does whatever he wants for gateways. When you if you have an issue, be it Islamic or otherwise pass your problems through these gates and watch how our hearts will rest with Allah's decision he knows and that is why there is a beautiful area in the Quran that summarizes everything we said surah 64 Allah said Ma saw them in

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Mostly betin Fill out of the UEFI and fusi comm na Saba me mostly, but in a lab even in any calamity that befalls you, he said, realize it is by the permission of Allah. And then he said, Why may you mean bill?

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But whoever believes in Allah, Allah will guide his hearts, Allah hakama Do you feel the medicine? There is another citation of this area, every citation of academia that reads as follows what may you mean been there he,

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whoever believes in Allah, his heart will rest. I'll connect you said explaining this area. This verse is in reference to a person who is afflicted with a trial when he realizes that it is from Allah subhanho wa taala. And so his heart surrenders to Allah and His heart relaxes. Yes, Allah has realized that the the see that baby Musa was thrown in, despite him being a child at the time, it didn't harm him. Yet it was the very same see that would destroy the Pharaoh when he was inside and he was at his strongest which shows you that when you are close to Allah, your weakness will not harm you. And when you are distant from Allah Almighty your strength will not benefit you. Remember

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these gateways it will take time to simmer it will take time to digest it will take time to practice the use of these gateways. Take note of them and pass every one of your trials through them. And the outcome will be a Muslim man, a Muslim woman who lives happily on dunya happily in their grave, and happily on the day of judgment on Allah takes them by the hand by the angels and sends them to the place in Jannah.