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The speaker discusses the loss of their partner's memories and the importance of acceptance of the "har" in Islam's actions. They emphasize the need to be mindful of behavior and avoid sinful behavior. The importance of showering and cleaning one's body to avoid harmful behavior is emphasized, along with the need to overcome fear of one's behavior. The speaker also touches on the negative impact of showering and the importance of laughter in shaping one's behavior. They express hope that the final chapter will be a break from their current relationship with Jesus.

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Now that you have completed your Salah

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stay put for a moment, don't rush out. And as there is really a pressing need, otherwise stay put, where are you going? What can be more important than trying to contemplate in silence about the enormity of what you have just come out of. And here there is a sense of grief. There was a sense of sadness, there was a sense of sorrow, your communication, your direct talk with Allah Almighty has come to an end. And it's not going to happen now until a few hours perhaps there should be an element of sukoon to you. Not an instant reaching to the phone to see who buzzed me.

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You've disconnected. So there was an element of grief, there was an element of sadness. And that is why some of our predecessors like yeah, have no Atharv when he would finish his Salah he would observe a moment of stillness

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and the signs of grief would appear on his face.

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And Ibrahim on the high one of the turbine when he would finish it Salah again he would observe a period of silence and sukoon tranquility

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and he would look like an ill person. Anxious has Allah accepted it, has he not accepted it? When is the time for the next sobre la ilaha illallah so stay in your place of Salah for a moment if you can, and enjoy the dua of the angels as they are CT as they say, Oh ALLAH forgive him. Oh Allah have mercy upon her. And they continue making this to out so long as you don't get up and leave.

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First thing you will see when you finish your Salah is what? Estelle Fetullah Estelle Fetullah Oh ALLAH forgive me, Oh Allah, I ask your forgiveness. Subhan Allah that's the mentality of a believer. He puts forward his very best of a bad to Allah worship and then he or she feels that perhaps they have just come out of a sin because they recognize the enormity of the one

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whom they are worshiping. And nothing can be fit his Majesty and His glory. You see a selfie with Allah Allah forgive me a selfie with Allah Allah forgive me. And you find this as a common theme in the religion of Islam. In many of the acts of worship, they are concluded with with a repentance Hajj, when you finish it Allah said to Pharaoh in Haifa Falco nurse was still fear Allah go in the direction where people are going and ask Allah to forgive you. This is how much

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it's concluded with is still far when you finish your will do what do you say? And who is supposed to cleanse you you say at the end of it. Allah how much it means we make use of those who are repenting to you oh Allah. When you are at the end of the night, the night is coming to an end and you have been praying what should you do there? Allah said, Well Mr. Creedy nebulous har, those who repent at the later parts of the night, the night ends also witness defined repentance to ALLAH SubhanA Medina, our messengers lies and then spends 23 years sacrificing everything he has to convey the religion. And at the end of it all, Allah Almighty says to him for 700 obika was the beautiful,

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glorify the praise of your Lord and ask him to forgive you your life ends with this.

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So here you are finishing your Salah, and you say a stellar funeral law a statue of a humbling reality Subhanallah I stuck a few to Allah Stepford Allah. Then what do we say next? Hola. Hola, Anta. A Salam, O Allah, you are the peace. Because one of the names of Allah is a Salam, meaning, the source of all peace, Oh Allah, you are the source of all peace, women Kasara. And from you is all peace to America generally, while Iran blessing you are Oh Allah, Lord of the majesty and glory. It's very suitable that you make this dua now that you've concluded your Salah, what is the relationship is clear.

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When you are saying Oh ALLAH security Salam is from you, we're translating it as peace.

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But Salam also has the meaning

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of security

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and freedom of defect and deficiency.

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So when you say that something is Salim,

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it means that it is free from deficiencies and defects. So you've come out of your sauna

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and you acknowledge that your Salah is plagued with deficiencies. And so you say Oh Allah, I acknowledge this. And I acknowledge that the source of all perfection is you. So accept my prayer. Make it free from deficiencies. Accept it in a way in which it has no defects, overlook the defects of Allah and give me security in my salah. Except it give me security in my health that enabled me to pray give me security in my money, give me security and my family give me security by deed my dunya I acknowledge that a Salam is you and Salam is from you. So it is very suitable that you conclude your Salah in this way.

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And then you will recite AYATUL kursi and it's many other things that you will say

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coming to the end of the lecture.

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You're now in sha Allah

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and the set up rates on the authority of Abu mana. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said man Cara AYATUL kursi feed Uber equally Salatin back to the lamium. Now homing do holding Jannetty ill mouth whoever recites I have to go to see which is area 255 from Surah two of the Quran whoever recites AYATUL kursi at the end of each prayer nothing will prevent him from entering paradise but there

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is your only hurdle

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as soon as that obstacle is dealt with inshallah Jana will be the home whoever recites adult good see at the end of each obligatory Salah nothing prevents him or her from entering gender but death in the law, an optimistic and hopeful future that we await Inshallah, if Allah knows,

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then you will begin your test to be Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar, you will ideally use your fingertips, your right hand, if you want to use the tests via you can use it this be a difference of opinion between the scholars but the majority say it is fine to use the bead counter, whether it's the physical one or the electronic one no issue Inshallah, but because your limbs will speak on the Day of Judgment,

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it is better to use your hand

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and you say, as Muslim, the rates on your authority of Allah hoorah that whoever says at the end of each salah, Subhana Allah 33 times, and then Hamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 33 times that's 99 and then says only 100 La ilaha illa Allah no one has the right to be worshipped but Allah wa Sharika alone without a partner, the whole koala who will hand kingdom and praise belong to him while while aqualisa In Korea, and he's able to do all things. What is the outcome?

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Whoa, FIRA de la hora de novo we're in contact with luxury bath, his sins will be raised even if they are as abundant as the form of the si

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la ilaha illa Allah this hadith shows you two things, shows you how evil man can be that he can disobey Allah Almighty as much as the foam of the sea as an analogy, and it also shows you the Mercy of Allah who is able and willing to forgive the sins of man even if they are as abundant as the form of the sea. So

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why miss out on the operate on this on this opportunity? Why miss out on this daily opportunity to have your sins raised when I come to this lecture? No Wednesday evening. I prefer to walk

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the car is there Alhamdulillah. But I enjoy the walk from any land by the way to hear it takes about an hour 10 minutes, I enjoy it. But on a hot day like this, you realize just how much sin you can amass.

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And you are making your way to a masjid to worship Allah. So the opportunity for sins are so many on a daily basis and most of us are unaware that we are accumulating this.

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Then Salah comes a daily or nightly opportunity to shower

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to cleanse yourself from all of the things that slow you down in this world and the hereafter SubhanAllah 33 Hamdulillah 33 Allahu Akbar 33. And then the DUA I shared with you. And when you're saying this, don't rush. Think about what you're saying. You are seeing Subhan Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah, How perfect is Allah? Meaning how far is Allah from all of those deficiencies that they attribute to Him? That's what Subhan means. We spoke about this. Think about what the Christians have said, what the Jews have said, what the atheists have said about Allah subhana think about those who mock their religion who mock Allah Almighty, were at the heart of it here in the

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Western world.

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Thinking about these things, and you Say Subhan, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Subhana Allah is far from this. Then when you say Alhamdulillah think about what you're praising him for having dinner for food, have dinner for health hamdulillah for my senses, hamdulillah for my strength, my my money, my savings, my spouse by peace of mind, the guidance to Islam ability to read Quran Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. When you get to take me here, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Gather all of the things that society has told you are important. Whether it's fame, or social media following or homes or cars, or monetization, whatever it may be. gathered them all your problems, your burdens,

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your worries, everything that seems great and say Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than all of it. Allah is above all of it, Allahu Akbar,

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interact with your Dickie.

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Now that your Salah has come to an end,

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there is one final thing that remains before we depart.

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One obstacle which if it is not overcome, there is a

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fear that all what you just heard no longer matters.

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Everything that we have been studying for the last 10 weeks or so, maybe you have absolutely no use gone to waste. If you don't overcome this last challenge when you complete your silence

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This is the crime of

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self admiration.

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To think Hi of yourself to be proud when you finish your Salah.

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And that is why I'm bizarre and the rates on the authority of anus. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said no lamb to the Enable la Hershey to La Kuma, who are Akbar Amin who are eligible.

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He said if it wasn't for the sins that people commit,

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I would worry for something that is even more harmful than sins. He said, Oh God Self admiration. Did you understand the Hadith? If it wasn't for the fact that people commit sins, which by its nature humbles them remove self admiration. If it wasn't for the fact that people commit sins, I would have feared something even more worse for you than the sins that you don't do. His self admiration. A drop of it can devastate a lifetime's worth of good deeds, be careful.

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Islam does not tolerate or hold up self admiration in the least.

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So you finished your Salah

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and you enjoyed it.

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And perhaps you shed one of two tears, one or two tears as well. And you experience the meanings of Osho that we're trying to build in the series. And you come out of your Salah and you think to yourself wow that is a Salah to be proud of

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how can Allah not accept the salah like this can't get any better?

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fact I think paradise is was created for people like me.

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Then you begin to say look at those fools out there who don't pray, how foolish.

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Now, whilst I agree in principle that a person who does not pray, he is a fool.

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What is more foolish is to look at them with the eye of belittlement and then to look at yourself with the eye of admiration. Instead of channeling that energy into Rama mercy and duty carrying out your responsibility but because you didn't do this, they didn't benefit from your DUA your advice and you didn't benefit from your Salah.

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Salah last one more holy cat the prophets Allah Allah wa salam said there are three traits that are destructive to a believer Shahan matar greed Shahan matar greed that is obeyed.

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Well, how can Mutata an impermissible desires that people follow? Number three, what our job was but even FC, and self admiration?

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Beware of that. Now that you have completed your Salah, ask Allah Almighty to accept begging for forgiveness. And think about now how you can discharge your responsibility to others from family and friends who have not prayed this evening or this morning

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this is the end of our series Dear brothers and sisters

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Subhan Allah how merciful is our Lord gender Giuliano for gifting us with this lifeline

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what can be compared to Salah what is out there that can remotely be compared to with Salah

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nothing, look at how it has been fine tuned and designed by a Why is created such that it nourishes you and develops you from a holistic perspective. It's a complete program. It's a university. It's an entire school a bootcamp to nurture you from every perspective which shows you the intricate and intimate and perfect knowledge that Allah has of His creation. And you see that just through the forms of saga.

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Salah has bowing, has standing has sitting

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it has prostrating Salah has utterances has periods of silence. It has praise it has glorification, it has dua requests.

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It has thinking, reflection reflecting, weeping, it has it all. So it is serving you physically. It is serving you mentally. It is serving you socially. It is serving you emotionally, it is serving you spiritually.

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Who can do this. What a Lord, who is intimately familiar on why should it be when he is the creator familiar with the nature of insanity human beings.

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Salah is where harmony is found, where growth is found. Where nurturing is found where salvation is found. sunnah is the greatest gift given to you after Israel. So cherish it my brother, cherish it, my sister with the end of our series. I really hope

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With that, you will see this final moment of our journey as the beginning of your relationship with who you are not the end, you will go over the content Inshallah, whether it's something you have seen online or whether it's a book Inshallah, we hope this will come out as a book format in a few months time. This is the beginning of your relationship with who shall not the end.

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Many times we feel in the back of our minds because we had attended a lecture on this topic or that topic, there is this implicit belief that we've mastered it, because I attended this course in this order, like that is the beginning of it. Here in the case of crucial you will discover the real hotshot from the one who is not by what they do after this session has completed.

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So put yourself to test my brothers and sisters, I pray to Allah subhanaw taala that you have found the same benefit I have found in the series. I've enjoyed it immensely. Delving into the secrets of Salah and understanding why we do different parts.

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And subhanAllah I know of a brother of ours who delivered the same series over

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60 weeks 16 weeks

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and one of the things I didn't mention

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Imam even Altium he says, After speaking about all what he could about the secrets of the Salah beauties of Salah and he goes on to say well Kuma the corona hoomins Shani

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Calcaterra enviva Everything we have said thus far an outsider, he said is just like a drop in the ocean. There is much more to say and to discover and reflect over when you are connecting with your Lord Subhanallah So I pray that to Allah subhanaw taala that this will be the beginning of your relationship with crucial, some alone and have you know hammered and hammered down