Zakat ul Fitr as cash or food – Ramadan

Ali Albarghouthi


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The speaker discusses the importance of giving cattle payment in cash during a war, as it is the preferred and authentic way of payment. There is a minority opinion that gives payment in cash, but only when it's not possible to give it in food. The Sun Nos is focused on collecting money for war and tries to force people to give in cash when it's not possible to pay in food.

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So for the cattle federal majority of scholars state that it is should be paid in food fact this is how the prophets of Allah he was in them stated it should be given in a dates or wheat or barley. And that is the preferable and the most authentic way of giving the cattle feta. There is a minority opinion that says that you can give it in cash, but as long as we can give it some food insha Allah I think that is best. So you'll find that Islamic centers are receiving the cattle filter in cash in the money. And what they're doing with that is that they're collecting that money on your behalf and they're going and buying food to the needy. So they're actually deputies to being deputized on your

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behalf to pay the cattle further. So as long as can can be paid in food, then that is the way to go. That's the Sunnah in circumstances when that is difficult, then you can resort to the minority opinion and give it in cash, but only when that is not possible in food.