Ramadan Motivations 17 – the Three Repentant Men

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smilla silibinin Kumar

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start in sha Allah. Yeah, Stan can begin

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How do you narrow down I mean, this means that you would have really now so that was sent

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in right early. He was like me he was in them. salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato there's a lot of Bill alameen or hamara amin to forgive us and to bless us and seems panna with the IRA to accept us and that deniers and to allow us to be closer and closer and closest to him. In this month and beyond it was him subhana wa Allah to expand our hearts so that it's easy for us to receive his verses receive His guidance and accept it and follow it and ask him subhana wa tada to make our hearts tight when it comes to this citizen to his disobedience and to anything that displeases him and distances us from him Subhana Allah vasque him on camera he mean to be the most merciful with us

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to allow us to be merciful to accept what we do in Ramadan and forgive what we cannot do to give us the appetite and the desire to continue to do more until the end of this month, amin

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and Salah cinema on his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa early he was sending them.

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So today at handling the we have another story that comes from the Quran. And the background to the story comes from the sooner but the story itself. And let's call it the verdict, the final verdict to accept those men's repentance is right there in the Quran. And that tells you that it is something

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that Allah zildjian one in us wanted all of us when we're reading the Quran to remember whenever we read it, that their ordeal, what happened with them, their attempt to repent and Allah azzawajal forgiving them and accepting their repentance, but a little bit of background, a little bit of background, and then we'll come exactly to the area that is inshallah tober. So the background and the context, you know, imagine with me now, the messenger sallallahu wasallam receives news of an army that is gathering. Okay, near the area of the book. The book now is a city in northern Saudi Arabia.

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So he has this news of an army that is collecting and gathering in that area around that area. So the messenger so the lotto system decides to preemptively march towards that army from Medina, March all the way towards that army.

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And the time when he did that, so the law he was in them was a very difficult time. So the army that we would collect to march with called j should set up the army of difficulty.

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Allah xojo calls that time in the Quran, the time of difficulty, so it will also the hour of difficulty, but rather it's the time of difficulty.

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Why was it difficult, cabin nomadic, let's call him the hero of the story. protagonist of the story, the one who was involved, who repented to Allah azzawajal for from what is it we're going to see in sha Allah, He tells the story himself the whole story. And he says that this was a difficult time because it was extremely hot. The Muslim army and Muslims were gonna about to leave Medina and march 12 for a very long time, during the hardest or a very hard time of the so that's one thing. Second, it was the time where staying in Medina was more attractive.

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The harvest was fast approaching, meaning the fruits are gonna be ripe. And people in it's easier to stay in the shade in Medina and next to water, eating those fruits, it was more comfortable. It was extremely hard to leave all of that and much in under the heat for all that distance and it's a very long distance. Now add to this, that the Muslims didn't have a lot of resources then they did not have a lot of food. They didn't have a lot of rides.

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How difficult was it for them? Right You knew the profits audison them before leaving Medina. He would say

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Who would finance the army over lucilla the army have difficulty. This is a difficult task, who would finance it? Everybody would like to donate, they would donate here donate there until a third of our firm are the Alo and who brought a whole chunk of money and he finance the army of a wrestler, but just barely to move.

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They say about what happened with them. They say about what happened with them is that Canada Shariah Takapuna either they if 10 people would take turns riding a camel, one person would dry, then after some time, he would get off and another person would do right and so on. And so and so 10 per camel.

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And then they said about food, he said people would split a date.

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Like, imagine it for a meal, they would split the date, one person would take it, the other person would, I would take it, it reached an extent it says there in the description of the festival. And there was no firing By the way, there isn't there's Muslim march to that area, but there was no fight.

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To the extent that they would have one day that person would take it. And he would chew a little bit until he would find some of it states then he will take it out, give it to somebody else. He will take it to a little bit of it. Yeah, what what forces anyone to do this except extreme need, and so on. Right, and they will just drink water after that. And also they lacked water. To the extent that even the few candles that they had, they would slaughter them, so that they could drink some of the water that they've candle had stored in their bodies in their bellies. until they've asked the messengers of Allah to send them all prophets of Allah. Could you just pray for us that Allah would

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send rain and he prayed analyzes even sent a cloud that broad rain down. And it was only specifically to the camp of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and the people within not enough not outside the camp. It didn't rain outside the camp. So it's a very difficult time so camp nomadic was saying about himself.

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He's saying when the Prophet Salim said them asked everybody to get ready every every able bodied person to be to get ready.

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I delayed it.

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And I said, I'll do it tomorrow. And I will do it tomorrow. And he said, Indeed, I had bought a right to get ready for a to get ready for that March that travel. This is what that battle. I did buy something, but I just got lazy.

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And I favored, you know, staying in Medina. And I kept saying in a day, I'll do it in a day. I'll do it tomorrow, I'll do it once you know, they get ready to move. And they got ready to move and they started moving and I said okay, I'll get ready tomorrow, the day after, and then I'll catch up with them. And he kept delaying this and delaying it until it was just too far for him to catch up with them. And he said I wish that I did. I wish that I did. And he said what made me regret this so much was that when I would leave my house in Medina, I would only see among men or only women and children but among men, either a known hypocrite or someone who was sick and could not leave with

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the messenger somebody was in them so that everybody left with him a lot he was in. And it was a really difficult time for Muslims. And some of them as allies and says in the army Rademacher Luciferian coming home, he says Allah will forgive you.

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Because some of you in their hearts, you want it to stay back. But Allah has little strength in your heart. He forgave you. And you march with him a lot he was in them. So it was not an easy decision to say, we're going to go out with the prophets a lot he was in now for this person khabib nomadic he didn't leave. He stayed behind. And now news of people coming back now the province audio is sitting them coming back with the Sahaba.

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And then he thought to himself, what am I going to say? What am I going to say to him?

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Can i vi and he said if I lie you'll find out about it.

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And he said I did not know what to do until the news definitive news came that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was going to enter Medina, I knew at that time, I'm going to be honest, I will tell him the truth.

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So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam comes and sits and all the hypocrites he says of there are about 80 or so they would come and they would apologize. All this was happening. This was happening. I couldn't because of this and that and the messengers of Allah while he was sitting up. He said he will accept what they say and ask Allah to forgive the meaning he leaves their internal Eman their internal honesty to Allah as though that whether they are honest or not, he'll accept their apparent excuse. Gavin Murray comes now Calvin pneumonic

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is a veteran Sahabi he witnessed acaba he's an unsightly witness.

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The octopus was a very old Muslim, a very distinguished Muslim, not just any person. So he comes in the province or loosen them sees him. He so cab says for the Westerner, there was someone who would, he says he smiled, the smile of someone who's angry with you. Right? So he smiled, but he has, he's unhappy with the why. So he says, Come and sit down. He said, came and sit down. He says, Why did you not follow us? So cover medic, he said to the messengers, a lot he was sending them and this is one of the best things that kabam ematic did. He says, If I had wished or prophet of Allah, I could argue and I'm eloquent, I could tell you something. And I could, you know, exit from this

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embarrassing situation difficult situation by with my eloquence, but I know that if I lie to you now, Allah will be upset with me. But if I'm honest with you, now Allah will be happy with me even if it's later, I had no excuse.

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And that was not as rich as I was or able bodied as I was as when I stayed behind. He's completely honest.

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So the messengers, a lot of you earlier was in them said he says unmodified sada he says for this guy, he's honest. He says, stay back until Allah azza wa jal decides your fate. He says, hope we see you goes back, he walks back to his home. his tribe follows him and he said, What did you do? Why couldn't you just make up something? Or Isn't it enough that you just say you had an excuse? And the Prophet would ask Allah to forgive you? Isn't that enough? He says they kept insisting on me until I was about to go back and say oh, no problem. Well, I had an excuse he wanted like to retract it. But then he asked Did anybody else do what I did? Like Be honest as I was, he says yes to other people

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did exactly what you did. And they witnessed the Battle of bed. So again, to other seniors habas distinguish the hover it says since they also did the same, I'm going to stick to what I did.

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Now the difficult part comes the purifying part for cabbage pneumatic II rather than omiya murottal neurobion these are the three the two people who wouldn't admit it and cabbage nomadic who witnessed and Aqaba before but

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so the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam tells everybody do not talk to them. Not anything. So no one in Medina Cabo medic says no one in Medina would speak to them. No one cab says the other two were older than I am weaker than I am. So they just stayed home crying. No one would talk to them. He says I was the youngest and the strongest. So I would go out into the market go to that msgid pray behind the prophets a lot he was sending them.

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If I used to give Salaam to him to the Prophet, he wouldn't say anything. He whispers but I do not know Is he whispering said I'm whispering something else.

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I see that when I'm praying right? If I look at him, he wouldn't look at me if I'm just concentrating in mind so that he could just see the Prophet with a corner of his eyes. The Prophet would be looking at me.

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If he says Salaam to anybody in Medina, no one would give Salam back to him. No one How long did that last 40 days 40 days it will conclude with 50 but 40 days and he said here that even during this time it was so difficult. What added to that difficulty is that he received the messenger coming from the king of Assam This is a kingdom that exists around the area like after book.

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And he said to cabin nomadic and capital Valley could read and write he said to upcoming nomadic you don't have to endure this. We understand that Mohammed sallallahu wasallam had forsaken you come to us a king is inviting him come to us we will honor you and take you as a friend. Take you as a friend.

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He says oh god Malik sits upon Allah. This is a test from Allah zo did so he took that letter and he threw it away he burned it.

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At the 40th day, the prophet SAW us in them told their woman their wives separate from them. So governor Malik says what should should we divorce them. The message came no just separate from them so so his wife separated from the meaning as she went to her parents home and he stayed alone for the next remaining 10 days.

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This is when the

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following idea comes down at the 50th day 50 days of no one talking to them. 50 days of isolation.

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This is what allows the gym says we're under 30 living in a fully fu meaning and Allah azza wa jal had forgiven this

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Three who are delayed, their repentance were delayed.

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Their forgiveness was delayed. So I'm for the three who were delayed had the either to the extent until when. But it will also be modified, but the earth as spacious as it was, or as it is, became small for them without any human fusuma and their own selves became too small for them. So Allah azzawajal describes in the Quran, their situation, their physical, mental, emotional situation, he says, they see how vast and how big this earth was, it became so small and tight for them because no one would talk to them and there is no place to go there alone.

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And they know that if they leave Medina, where would they go? Because they want Allah as noted, and they want his prophets of Allah to send them so they had to stay in Medina if they wanted Allah's forgiveness, so this earth as big as it was, became so small, and he said, even their own selves became so small and this is an expression of what grief and anguish away You don't know what is going to happen and one day after the other, you're talking about what? close to two months, right?

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Then Allah azza wa jal says Allah no alertmanager I mean Allah Isla LA and they believed that there is no escape from Allah except to him.

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There's no way to run away from a lake set back to him. And this area, or this part of the eye tells you why is it that Allah so did all this with them, we'll come back and shut Allah for her to then a loss of justice to matabele Himalaya to boo then Allah forgave them, so that they can repent, he gave them tilbyr so that they can take this stone but Allah ease them into tober accepted them into Toba and Allah zodion v repented Allah accepted that from them. What the webull Rahim He is the one who accepts repentance, off acceptance of redemptive repentance, the Most Merciful. Now, Kavita Malik says, you know that he was praying and this is how we received this news of his he was praying

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Fiddler on the Roof of his house. And then after the saw that somebody else from afar, cabin nomadic, I bring you the good news of the best day that you have seen. Since you know, your mother had given birth to you. He knew at that moment a lot, except that there were pendants and he rushed and Ryan to the profits a lot. He set it up. And people started congratulating him and the Prophet congratulated him. And it's a repentance that did not come from the Prophet sallallahu send them It came in the Quran.

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Allah Himself pronounced their repentance. Now the question here is, why is it that Allah zildjian made it this hard on them?

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First of all, right there were not just any Sahabi any companion, there were distinguished solid companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that mistake was a big one.

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That's one second, because the thing that the Sahaba endured in that battle of the book wasn't easy. It was very difficult, the decision to come up was very difficult. That experience was very difficult. As a panel, I could not imagine that we today we could fathom how difficult it was, we're used to a lot of luxury today, a lot of luxury, that if something bad, a little bit of it happens to us, we just give up immediately. We don't have the capacity to tolerate pain. But for them Subhanallah It was so difficult, that they kept when the prophets of Allah Hadi was sitting them and they don't you don't know your fate, when you reach that destination, what's going to happen to you,

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but thirst, hunger, physical fatigue, lack of everything, like of all comfort, and yet they did that with the profits of the law to sell them for the sake of Allah zodion. And it wasn't easy Allah as he said, he stabilized them. It wasn't easy. They could just give up but Allah Zuma was with them and they could stay with the Prophet because of this. So let's also you know, keep that in mind that when Allah asks us to do something, it's not always going to be easy. Fasting is not always going to be easy, it is going to be difficult at times, we will face things in life that will not be easy. It will not be to this level of the Battle of the book, there will not be to that level, but understand

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that it will be difficulty in it and you have we have to ask Allah for support so that we stay steadfast and strong. If not, we will waver we will give up we will turn against everything that we believe.

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So difficulty is inherent in life and also inherent in religion, be ready for it. If it comes, don't give up. Take comfort that that can

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Pain is of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went through a lot.

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physically, emotionally, it was a lot, and they stayed true. And we will experience some of that may Allah as the journey, you know, give us a bad certainty so that we continue to be Muslims despite the temptations and difficulties, and also for the three.

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Why did it have to take so long? It is for Allah xojo to purify them from that sin, for you find them any remnants of attachments to the dunya. So slowly, all the dunya right, separated from them, no one would talk to them, no one is close to them. And they had to endure this.

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They had to be patient with it. Even at the end separating from their own wives again, you they don't know what's going to happen, but separating from their own home. So all the dounia departed. And the only thing that stayed with them is themselves and Allah zildjian.

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And then they had a choice. I could leave Medina, I could give up on Islam. I could turn away from him. That's a lot. He was silom I could do all this or I could stay put.

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I could keep asking Allah azza wa jal, and I could believe that there is no way to escape Allah except back to Allah. If you were to run away from Allah, what would you run? How would you escape his anger? Where would you go? Who would protect you? So the only one who could protect you from Allah is Allah. So you cannot run away from a like setback to Allah as a villain, that's why you stay.

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They say this, Like what? Like a little child, your mother gets angry with you. You can run away from your mother, why would you run to who would be more merciful to you than your mother. So you only can run away from your mother's anger back into your mother's pleasure.

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Forgiveness, only then that could that anger could transform into forgiveness. So you can run not run away from Allah zodion except by asking Allah for forgiveness. So when their hearts were completely purified, what he meant was there completely solid, they were completely purified from sin, Allah as though that took them back. And this also last benefit in sha Allah, I'll share with you with this is that

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a lot of times we say to ourselves,

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I'll sin and I'll repent later,

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Ellison l repent later. When that happens, we have to question whether we really will be repentant later. If we are not regretful if we have no real remorse

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Are we going to regret it if we had already planned our repent later?

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And a lot of times in fact, staying away from the sin is a lot easier than repentance.

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Now going with the prophets of Allah, how to send them in that verse, we're in that battle and coming back with him, it was easier than having them to endure all of this alone for 50 days. So don't count on yes, we say that a lot of zodion is off forgiving and he wants to forgive us. And forgiveness is very close to us once if once we ask Allah for it, but at the same time, don't count on the fact that repentance is always going to be easy. I'm only going to have to say I Allah forgive me and that is settled. It's not that for them, they have to pay a price for it. And sometimes our repentance is not simply going to PSA Allah forgive me, it's going to say it'd be your

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Allah forgive me for so many times, until that sin is over. It's gonna be Yella. So just forgive me and we going through some difficulty in life, some difficulty some difficult times until Allah as legit forgives us. So don't think that it's easier to sin and ask for repentance later. Sometimes the easiest thing is to what I mean to do this and then repent later. Sometimes the easiest thing is to stay away from that sin. You don't have to go through the process of repenting. Once the sin is committed, yes, we say repent and ask Allah Zoda but you do not know whether stuff for Allah or Allah forgive me is sufficient, or that and plenty of other experiences that include a lot of good

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deeds, and a lot of some a lot of difficulties in life until that sin is wiped clean. And this is what happened. Just imagine one thing that they said I just want to be comfortable here in Medina and not go in the heat in hardship. They have to pay a price for for 50 days in isolation

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in their own hometown in isolation. So Subhanallah something to think about. And this is why Allah zildjian

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wanted to share that with us to understand that the favor of repentance

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favor of Allah accepting our repentance. How much of that net Amma that Allah would guide us to repentance and that he would accept that from us because once a liar accepts it Subhana Allah your sin is taken away and you are steadfast and you're close to him subpattern what?

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So I see a question right there it has to do with with repentance. So let's start answering the questions. Can you tell your husband husband, your past sins? No.

00:25:27--> 00:25:37

If this is something that is between you and Allah as a private sin between you and Allah, it has no bearing on your husband no bearing on your family, why would you tell any other human being about

00:25:38--> 00:26:25

something between you and Allah private sin remains private, if it has a bearing on somebody else? So we have to discuss that then what is that bearing? what it what what impact does it have? What benefit that would would it have if you tell other people about that sin, so it has no benefit, no bearing no impact, you keep this to yourself. So private sense, remain private. Why? Because you don't want to expose others to expose other people to your sin and make it public. Because once we make sense public, it would make people less or more inclined to commit such such a sin, just as if you know that everybody steals. If you know that everybody accepts rhymes, it's more likely for you

00:26:25--> 00:26:59

to accept it. Why? Because it's common practice. Everybody, you know, drinks, all my friends drink if you know that about them, if they share that with you, you're more likely to drink because it's not such a big deal because everybody does it. Isn't that is that the case? When you when you believe that everybody does it, your kids will tell you this, you will tell yourself that everybody does this. If everybody does it, you're more likely to do it. So when you share your sin with others, you're spreading the fact that everybody's doing it so you keep keep that sin with you but you don't share it with people right?

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How do you pray the last 10 nights insha Allah so let's let's delay the answer to this question in sha Allah to Saturday. So Saturday we'll talk in sha Allah but the lesson and nights of Ramadan su will talk about how to pray how what to do in sha Allah What is special about those nights inshallah, kind of sister who is not fasting still observed Laila to conduct by making dua at the third part last third part of the night? Absolutely. Absolutely. Nothing stops you from this sort of system who is not fasting?

00:27:30--> 00:27:44

Who says that you're deprived of Laila to cuddle a little cuddle is for everybody. Later 200 is not predicated on you fasting or not fasting, you could be sick, you could be menstruating, you could be traveling, you can still witness later too.

00:27:45--> 00:27:51

So absolutely. When the night comes, you know any night of the last 10 nights of Ramadan, we'll talk about this insha Allah

00:27:52--> 00:28:15

do your duty your Quran you even though you're menstruating, do your Quran do your Vicar of Allah Do you have to add your sadaqa do all of these things right and keep doing it and keep doing it and keep doing it right if you rest you can rest in sha Allah it's not an issue. But yeah, absolutely you can witness later to other you can worship Allah later to other with all of these these types of a by that inshallah.

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Salaam how do we have Allah has accepted our repentance? The thing is that you don't know for sure that I'll accept that your repentance. That is the

00:28:26--> 00:28:31

tricky part about repentance or the difficult part about it. We can say that there are signs,

00:28:32--> 00:28:34

signs, okay.

00:28:37--> 00:29:19

Okay. There are signs that Eliza may have accepted your repentance, but there are not certain signs and that's what is difficult about committing a sin. Because when you commit a sin, you're 100% sure that it's sinful. I know this is haram. I did it 100%. Now I know it's written in my book. Now I repented from it. I do not know if this has been erased. I've been forgiven or not. I do not know the only thing I know I'm trying. I'm trying. But I have no clue of Allah accepted this from me or not. That is what the difficult or the tricky part about repentance. That's why it's always safest. Not to commit that sin. But if we fall victim to it, then we absolutely have to repent. There are

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likely signs, likely signs. What are those likely signs? Well, lo and it is something like I regret doing this. I really regret it and I feel bad that I've done it and I always feel bad that I've done it.

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And also, if you don't go back to it, it's not a condition for repentance that you never go back to that sin. But it is a stronger sign when you don't go back to it. But as I said, it's not a necessary sign. You could repent from his sin and you'll be sincere. Then after some time go back to it because of weakness. The first repentance is accepted. If Allah accepts it is accepted, even if you go back but remorse

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Regret Nether is essential. So when you always think about it, you really regret it. And every time it comes up, you ask Allah for forgiveness.

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Also, you, you follow this with a lot of good deeds.

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And that experience also changes you. So you commit one bad thing. And you pay for it by doing a lot of good things, or good things after sadaqa do Salah, reading of the Quran, forgiving others, these kinds of things just to make up for it. So that is a good sign. Another good son, as I said that, that transforms you that experience transforms you see you stay away from that sin, you're more eager, more resolve to obey Allah xojo and you adopt good habits, good worship of Allah zodion these are good signs that that sin moved you closer to Allah and further away from that sin. And then you know, you regret it and you continue to ask Allah for forgiveness, these unlikely signs, but none of

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them is certain. We hope we ask, we wish from Allah xodus that Allah forgives us.

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So, can you explain what is his Why? Why he does Seba what he does?

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And how do we do this in our lives? And

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what does he know? You mean? What does it

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What does? A What does he do? Is that what you mean? It just confirmed that for me? insha Allah that's what you mean. So can you explain what is what the Siva is that what do you mean the sap or what is it? If that's the case is it just confirm that for me and I'll come back and ask you a question. So is it mandatory? Is it mandatory for a lady to cover her feet while crying?

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As in She must have socks on okay financial so

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this or the feet our or not? If you're praying in the masjid

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Okay, if you're praying in the masjid and non Muslim men can see you or at home a non Muslim woman can see you then your feet an hour should be covered.

00:32:14--> 00:32:39

So in front of other men, not your husband, not your father not your children in front of other men Your feet are our and should be covered. When you leave your house. Your feet are our you should have socks on when you leave your home. So if you're praying outside your house and none Manhattan can see you foreign men, non relatives can see you you have to have your feet covered for the sake of what their eyes

00:32:40--> 00:32:41

if you're praying at home,

00:32:42--> 00:33:04

praying at all do you have to cover your feet? According to some scholars? Yes. According to other scholars No, you don't have to that is all of them. The stronger opinion that the feet the feet in Salah are not our in front of non relative men or our insula at home dinner our just the feet

00:33:05--> 00:33:23

if you're not confident and confident if you're not comfortable with this, you just want to wear socks. Go ahead wear socks insha Allah that's the safest, but the strongest opinion and for also ease. Okay, is that no, you don't have to cover your feet when you are praying. Okay, hold on.

00:33:29--> 00:33:31

I'll try to figure out what that is.

00:33:33--> 00:33:50

Oh, it Saba. Okay, inshallah. Yes, yes, I got what you're saying. Insha Allah. So that to answer your question, again, in sha Allah, so if you're praying at all for females, you don't have to cover your foot, your foot, right, not your legs. So your dress will go all the way up to your ankles and shell, right. That's what that's how it should be.

00:33:53--> 00:34:06

A private sin should be kept private at the time of the proposal, even if directly asked about it by the prospect. As long as it is not harmful, impactful addiction. Now, I mean, you're not gonna want to go to a person.

00:34:07--> 00:34:32

I don't know what type of sin we're talking about. Right? If something that was committed in the past, you repented from it? That's it, keep it in the past. And if you're going in sha Allah to marry someone, you don't go investigate their sins like that. Tell me by the way, have you ever smoked done? By the way? Have you ever taken a sip of alcohol? I tell him by the way, have you ever done this and that, don't go investigate something like that. If a person may have been bad, perhaps in the past,

00:34:34--> 00:34:59

and then they repented from it and what you see in front of you, if someone who is observant of Islam, just take that don't go and investigate right with a microscope, every possible sin that the good have done, and ask them to confess this, this is not good for you to do, because it's, they can turn that against you on they said, Have you ever looked at this? Have you ever thought of this? Have you ever been it's not a good thing to do? So you don't have to answer

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Have these questions and you have to tell that person maybe at the time of proposal of someone is maybe

00:35:07--> 00:35:29

Ill informed that they're asking these questions you're not allowed to ask these things because everybody has since so don't ask these questions. Because if you get to know the sins of every single person in detail, you're not gonna marry anybody, but if somebody a lot, but if Allah had covered up the sin of so and so, enough, that their apparent

00:35:31--> 00:36:11

reputation is a reputation of piety accept that from them, you ask their friends, how Who is this person? We know them to be pious and good people. You ask the relatives pious and good people do you ask people on domestic we know them to be good people if this is enough inshallah you talk to them you find tough what emanating from them you find them to be good people. That's enough. You don't need to know what they were doing 1520 years in the past that's that that's between them and Eliza Forget about it. When I pre lay little cutter at night, how many cats can I pray and how long should I make it in sha Allah as I said, we'll do this in sha Allah on Saturday at Saba, so I got I got

00:36:11--> 00:36:58

what you seen. So this is you know, say a lot make our fasting email and YT server. This comes from the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu he was sending them because the Prophet said if you fast Ramadan Eamon and YT server you fasted Ramadan out of a man is server meaning waiting for the reward from Allah meaning you want rewards from Allah and you're waiting for that. And if you pray at night clear in Ramadan, amen and YT SERVER OUT of Eman, wet the server awaiting the reward from Allah then Allah forgives you your past sins. Allah forgives you your past sins, if you fast and pray with these two things in your heart, he man would believe. And then ft said you're awaiting rewards from

00:36:58--> 00:37:26

Allah, meaning I'm fasting because Allah wants to reward me. I'm praying because I want a lot to reward me. That's why. So what I'm saying and at times I would say Allah make our fasting email and YT server, meaning as you said in the Hadith, as would make our sins forgiven, and then make our pm email and YT Saba with a man with awaiting of reward from Yama. So this is the motivation for why we fast and free so that's why I'm seeing

00:37:27--> 00:38:07

serving alcohol and pork in your job, which is forbidden Islam is your money, how long if this is how you mainly earn a living, it's harder, you shouldn't have this job if you're serving mainly alcohol and pork. This is how long you should quit this job. Right? So a lot there are a lot of details whether it is partly what have you do mainly what you do, then if it's partly of what you do, then part of your money is haram in proportion to how much you serve. And you should leave that job right you should try your best to leave that job because you're serving alcohol and you serving pork and you should not be touching these things or serving or encouraging people to eat and consume

00:38:07--> 00:38:08

these things.

00:38:10--> 00:38:43

Yeah, so this one, can you tell your husband your past sins? we've answered this one. Can we sisters recite Quran during periods? Can we hold the origin? So this is a common question right? So again, there is the other opinion that tells you no you cannot touch the Koran and you cannot recite Okay, there is the middle opinion that says what you can read the Quran but don't touch those half directly. You can read the Quran for my sisters on their period, you can read the Quran, but don't touch those have directly. So what do you do? Well, if you have a phone or

00:38:45--> 00:38:57

an iPad, reading it on your phone or tablet is allowed because it's not almost half? Or if you're touching those half you're touching it with a glove or with that handkerchief. Let's see. All right.

00:39:00--> 00:39:06

So that's the middle opinion, the opinion the other opinion that says No, in fact, you can both

00:39:08--> 00:39:11

read the Quran when you have your period and touch it

00:39:13--> 00:39:50

right so you have this this that opinion, the opinion that I favor that I will give you insha Allah now is that you can both read the Quran and touch in almost half inshallah it's fine. And there's evidence for this as this other scholars will say there's evidence from the middle position and the evidence for the other position online. But what I'm telling you in sha Allah at this time is that yes, you can read the Koran inshallah, no question with that. If touching the arm for you is problematic. You don't feel comfortable with that then with something with a with a barrier between you and the pages, or using electronics. If not, I believe in sha Allah touching the must have even

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

fewer on your period is financial Allah but again, if you're you're uncomfortable with this again, just with a tissue, you can flip the pages or hold

00:40:00--> 00:40:04

Almost half or wear gloves if you're doing this that also insha Allah is fine one more way.

00:40:06--> 00:40:42

Fair and Shall I think we've answered all the questions I hope that have not missed anything as I said insha Allah in the in the on Saturday we'll talk specifically about the last 10 nights of Ramadan May Allah azza wa jal make those very fruitful and pious nights for all of us. We ask Allah have anatomy to make us of those who witness a leader to other and when it Ninotchka either need to ask him up anatomy to make us of those who are forgiven on later to part of those who worship Allah on that night. Their worship is accepted and it's better than 1000 months menial, but I don't mean to ask Allah but either need to make our fasting and accepted fast and all prayer and accepted

00:40:42--> 00:40:50

prayer. I know what you are and accepted to our west Allah Zoda to guide us towards repentance. We asked him subhana wa to Allah.

00:40:51--> 00:41:32

to grant a sincerity in our acts, make them according to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Either you are sending them will make you ask him or but either need to forgive us all of our sins to guide us towards repentance, and accept our repentance from all of our sins so that we need him to handle what Allah symbolist mean. And we asked him that he would admit it admit us all into Jenna, without any account without any questioning without entry into Hellfire, but directly into Jenna I mean Europa alanine, Who asked you that you elevate our station into gender all the way into the highest levels into gender to fit those into lean and mean Europa alanine, if we are not worthy of that your

00:41:32--> 00:42:09

forgiveness and your mercy Allah is worthy of that. Whereas a lot of it and I need to make our fast and easy man and wife deserve our pm Eamon and multiserver leaders and Nick reading the Quran enjoyable for us and make it the other but Adam in the light of our hearts, make it our connection to you your hammer. I mean, with nilla We will see you at the same time tomorrow. We ask Allah to bless you and to keep you safe and to accept from all of us. I mean, yeah, but I mean subhanak alumna will be handed a shadow and that either in the ancestor funeral cover a double Ed would have been you know, I've been alanine said Amani Kumara hematoma. He