Ali Albarghouthi – Ramadan Motivations #04 – Repentance

Ali Albarghouthi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of accepting forgiveness and not denying one's mistake in a month of priority. The concept of hesitation is related to a belief that Allah is sending thousands of people to gather in public, which is a gathering. The speakers emphasize the need for a state of mind and physical presence to achieve this and avoid negative consequences. They also recommend a stock law to prevent future mistakes and suggest ways to avoid regret, maintain a positive attitude, and avoid sinful behavior. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding weight and drinking alcohol to reach destination and offer advice on maintaining a positive attitude and avoiding sinful behavior.
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Santa Monica rahmatullah wa barakato. inshallah, we will go live shortly inshallah

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hamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while early your cibjo sing them May Allah is overdue enable us to be of those who please Him and send a parnas says often man, his mercy and His forgiveness and the desire in our hearts to please Him subhana wa to Allah and the beauty of Eman and the desire not to anger him subhana wa to Allah know, ask him or her murrah he need to accept from us all the good things that we've done, to grant us a good intention in our hearts in the month of Ramadan. And forgive us all our shortcomings and our mistakes and this month, no ask him subhana wa ala to make this month a month of Rama for us a month of forgiveness, a month of recovery from

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sin and from hardship, an acceptance of a month where the arm of Allah xeljanz the father of Allah the relief of Allah descends upon us, no matter what we are going through, we ask Allah zildjian for his relief, relief when it comes to health when it comes to wealth when it comes to family relations. When it comes to the state of our minds and our hearts the state of our oma we asked him to pan over to Allah for relief.

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Humbly learnable and I mean,

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this is for us. What is it? It's the fourth day we're about to finish the fourth day, some of us have begun the fifth day of Ramadan May Allah accept from us all and give us the strength in sha Allah to continue I hope by this time, at least physically we've got an adjusted to it. I mean, and I've opened sha Allah physically, emotionally or getting into the rhythm of Ramadan and if not, inshallah, we're still in the beginnings of Ramadan. So ask Allah azza wa jal for it. And in fact, the hadith of today I hope in sha Allah will lend support to all of that help us in sha Allah get more and more into that rhythm or that spirit of Ramadan.

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Whether we are worshipping in the midst of them are around other people or we are forced to worship alone at our homes. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says in a Hadith, and this is in Muslim, tubal in Allah, He says, repent to Allah, for any a tubal in Allah, if you do me me at Amara, indeed, I repent to Allah a day 100 times. So here in this Hadith, there is both a command at its enter description, both coming from the Prophet sallallahu he was in a command to repent, but also followed with a command or with a description of what he salon he was in them does, so that the description of what he does could enforce what he is doing, asking us to do. The description of what

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he does, in his own life personally, will enforce what he is asking us to do. So he says, do this because indeed I do this 100 times a day, not once or twice 100 times a day, I repent to Allah zildjian 100 times a day, that description from himself Allah and he was in love is important because even the Sahaba they noted that they said we would note that when the messengers of Allah when Rasulullah sallallahu he was in them would sit with us sit in a gathering, right? Let's say they invite him for something or they're sitting to learn something or they sitting after fedloan or after the or what have you a regular gathering, they see what would count him saying sal Allahu

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Allah, you are sending them 100 times or at least a stuffier Allah

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that is on his tongue Salah lo it you're sending them would be that phrase of a stuff federal law or Allah homophily Allah homophily a stuffier Allah. So if they would count 70 to 100 times in that single gathering, this is in addition to other gatherings throughout the day. So he solo it was in them continuously would ask Allah for forgiveness.

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And that is something that was what repeated often with him throughout the day.

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What does it mean then? What he said Salalah earlier your earlier was in the one is you say repent to Allah 100 times a day for indeed I do it or repent to Allah, for indeed I repent 100 times a day. What is told me

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Okay, Toba is asking Allah for forgiveness. So saying a state funeral law is terrible.

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But what is tobuy mean generally or more comprehensively? What does it mean? It means a return

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Turn back to Allah zoji. So it means that imagine with me that you're walking on a path. And then along that path as you're walking, you stop, you pause and you wonder, am I on the right path? Do I need to go back, take few steps back and maybe reconsider the path that I've taken, the choices that I've made. And when you are reflecting like that, he will discover that you've made some right choices, she will continue along those right choices, and you made some wrong choices. See you all head back, and you will correct the wrong path that you've taken the wrong steps that you've taken, you're correct that repentance is exactly like that. As we are walking, marching towards Allah

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zildjian marching towards the ultimate end, the end that is what our death

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as we're walking towards it, we pause and then we say I've done few things. In fact, many things. Some of these things are okay. Some of these these things are not. Some of these things are pleasing to Allah, some of these things are not they need to correction. They need repentance, they need Allah's forgiveness. Because if I keep carrying these things with me, they're like carrying weight that will pull me down. And I will not be able to reach my destination. It's like walking without food, without drink, or with weight on your shoulders and you need to let go of this weight. Okay, let go of that weight, throw it away, because it's sort of stopping you from reaching your

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destination and you need food and drink but you forgot to take them so saying a stuff for Allah or asking Allah for repentance.

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To forgive us saying stuff, federal law stuff feel a lot of stuff for Allah. Is that repentance that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is asking for? It is a statement with the tongue. But also the feeling that comes from the heart that I need Allah azza wa jal to forgive me because I had been burdened with sin, burden with wrong choices. burden with not doing the right thing at the right time. And I need a lot to take me back.

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So if the messenger Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would do this 100 times a day. Imagine how many times we need it. Imagine how many times you and I need to say stuff and a lot every single day. And to sincerely ask Allah Take me back here Allah forgive me all of my sins, the sins that I know about and the sins that I do not know about the big sins that I've done the small things that I've done, and maybe I did not even realize when I'm doing them, because I gotten so used to them that I'm doing a sin.

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So we spent a lot a lot of the a lot of time the thing that is stopping us from connecting with Allah back from appreciating

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his Rama is mercy, the sweetness of a bada is at the heart is weak, and the body is weak. And the weakness is the weakness of sin. We still carry that with us. It's like an infection like a disease. And the cure for all of that is repentance is to feel that yes, I admit that. I've done a lot of bad things in my life. And some of these things I know about and some of these things I knew about and then I forgot. And some of these things I don't even realize that I've done them. So I need Allah to rescue me from these terrible things. What do I do? How do I stop them infecting my life and my heart and my family? And my children and all you know and my wealth? How do I stop all of that? By

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repentance? by stopping and saying I want to repent from anything and everything that angers Allah stuff EULA and stuff funeral law and stuff funeral law, and to continue to say, uh, stuff funeral law stuff, funeral law and stuff you know, someone will may ask why 100 times? Why would the Prophet sallallahu wasallam do it at least 100 times? Why isn't one time enough? He said says like medicine. Or if you notice a panela if you're cleaning something clothes or dishes

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Okay, let's say for instance, I'm cleaning my dishes or I cleaning my clothes. And sometimes the stain is light.

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And a couple of rubs removes it and sometimes the stain it's stubborn, it hadn't been there for months or maybe even years and you need to keep swapping as scrubbing and soaking and scrubbing and soaking and then only it comes up. It's exactly our hearts and this is exactly our body. Sometimes the sin is a veteran sin had been there for a long time. So we need to keep scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing and that is what a stuffer Allah does. A lot of my fiddly stuff for a lot of stuff will last a lot and he keep doing it and doing it and doing at least until at least

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Print in the heart until you feel the heart is elevated until you feel that you're closer to Allah, you're lighter. So one of the bad has insha Allah that I want to recommend for myself and for you I'm not only talking about for you, I'm only talking for my for me as well. One of the better I want to recommend for everybody and it's an easy type of a better is to say a stock law throughout your day and night. Whenever you remember following the sunova, civilize and alario Cinema that is the beauty of this sooner the beauty of Hadith is now you can read something and you can immediately apply it is to say a stuffy little look after your Salah in your center in your Salah after your

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Salah as you're walking as you're coming before your if thought after your if thought throughout your day when you're fasting at night when you finished your fast and you're getting ready for so now what do you finish your night sada stuff you're stuck in LA so inhabit populate your days and nights your hours with a stuffed hula with stuff in LA I stuck through a lot and you can use a short form stuff for a lot of stuff if you have a lot of stuff you're a lot you can use a stuffed hula hula Deena either in the hole hey you're a young what a to LA you can do that stuff you're already there. In the hole. Hey you okay you were a to LA. You can also use sable is too far the best of his

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default alojamento rabina you know how you learned the HELOC Daniel and I were an

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e commerce startup. Oh to become insured Rhema stata una convenient medica Alejo, who will be then be faithfully for in the hood if firouzja No, but in the end, right? This is too far is in the morning and evening Africa. And this is an opportunity in sha Allah to direct all of us to the morning and evening Africa. They're available right in his no Muslim has no Muslim available online available also as an app on your phone downloaded his non Muslim, the fortress of the Muslim or the fortress of the believer. Go to it and memorize this.

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Or if not memorize it, read it at least once a day. Right? Read it once a day because that's the best of is still far. But at least at a minimum insha Allah stuff your stuff here a lot of stuff you will want.

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And this is default in Sharla. If it comes from the heart, we are conscious and aware of what we are saying there will be most effective. But even if not just get yourself ready to sing a stuff for a lot all the time. Because if you get used to either your tongue used to it insha Allah, maybe the heart will follow. And you will find your heart joining your tongue and your body joining your heart and your tongue in turning back to Allah zodion. And you will feel it with every ounce of your body saying I want to come back to Allah zodion and then it better becomes easier and more meaningful, or more enjoyable. And your doubt become become stronger. And you don't feel so burdened with sin so

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have you as sin, you can move closer to Allah zodion with ease with lightness, there's a lot so again, wants to forgive your sins and this is the month of forgiveness. So let's ask Allah zolgensma forgive us all of our sins, the ones what we know about and the ones we do not know about. Someone may ask well, I forgotten about some of these sins Do I need to be conscious aware of them? Do I forgot about them? It says you don't need to. Even this is you forgot about if Allah knows from your heart, if what you're saying is Yeah, Allah, I forgive me all of my sins. I repent from all of my sins and Allah knows this from you, then Allah will forgive all of your sins. Whether you forgot

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about that sin will you still remember it? Okay, as long as there's deep and honest regret, and a desire to return to Allah, Allah will forgive all sins Subhana Allah He knows about it, we forgot about it, but he knows all about it, and he can forgive it all. So let's get our terms in sha Allah used to seeing a stuffer Allah And with time but even in that zero gel, day after day, night after night, you will see the effect of how that can change in shall our hearts and transform them. So a question here he says, it says here regarding the digger that we say is it okay that we say it in our hearts, not reciting it in our tongue. Now in sha Allah, if there are reasons to stop you from

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saying it with tongue, you can say it with heart example. For instance, you go inside the bathroom, right? Or in an area where it's inappropriate to remember Allah. Yeah, you can you can remember Allah it with heart, not with tongue. But at times, where it is possible to say both with tongue and heart. Say it's always better to involve that time. Because a more of your body's involved in remembering Allah, that's better. Right? So the more of your body. So when your body, your tongue

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Your heart is involved in the group, Allah, that's the most superior, the better, just like inside out, all of your body's involved in remembering Allah xuejun. Now, when the body is not involved, we say at least the tongue should be.

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And when the tongue is involved, the ears hear what you're saying. And the movement of the tongue counts as remembering Allah. So we say in sha Allah, it is better, it is better and try your best. So when the Prophet somebody was sending them was saying, stuff for Allah 100 times and on this Harbor, notice he was saying, saying it 100 times he was saying it with a stamp.

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Because more of your body is involved. And when you're more of your body is involved more of it, you get more out of it, you get really more out of it. Rather if you just saying it with heart alone. So say as the federal law was done and heart insha Allah, or the vicar of Allah zodion most effective is when it's done and heart both of them right. And some people ask what if I'm saying it only with tongue and my heart is sometimes absent, we say persist and continue. Pull your heart pull your heart back so that it matches what you're saying. But don't quit letting go of Allah simply because your heart sometimes stress let it straight pull it back but don't stop the remembrance of Allah

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even if it happens to be only with tongue okay? Just pull your heart back but don't quit remembering Allah because we sometimes fail in being conscious internally now bring your heart back in Charlotte to what somebody is saying is can we use this sucker to avoid sin when the sun is in front of us? Absolutely. Absolutely. When the sun is in front of you, I can you can you use this thicker to distance yourself from

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that sin? Absolutely. Because when you see a sin, remembering a lot distances you from it, okay?

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So for instance, use of allihies salaam when he was invited to sin, what did he say? Halima? Either Allah I asked Allah for his protection, you can say that Oh, the Wheeler or my other law as use of set both are the same. So if you see my other law or you're remembering Allah and asking him to do what, protect me from it, so you can do that when you see a sin? Or you can say as that question or as as suggested, you can say a stuck for Allah. Allah forgive me. Yeah, Allah forgive me. And that is bringing Allah's Name and asking Allah xojo what for his love for his mercy. So that could also be effective because when you remember Allah, okay, that go for either home upset on you remember

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him, and you can see again,

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because the problem with sin brothers and sisters, what is the problem with sin is that at the moment when you're about to sin, you don't remember Allah. You just only remember your attraction to that sin, that suppose that benefit you think it's gonna bring you how much you love it. And so that blinds you to the love of Allah blinds you to the Allah is watching you at this moment. That's why we commit that sin. If you remember Allah, you'll see again, you also know Allah is watching me at this time. And this sin is not as beautiful, not as enticing, not as urgent as I think it is. I can live without it. So that is what remembering Allah brings to all of us when we remember him. If that

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is what opens our eyes, we see it as an ugly sin. And we see Allah watching us we stop doing this.

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So again, it will help us in sha Allah in Ramadan, and hopefully if it becomes a habit after Ramadan, that the more that you remember a lot less likely you are to sin.

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Because you are close to him subhana wa tada and the chiffon has less of a space to inspire and whisper. So listen, Sharla gets used to it with tongue and with heart saying stuff for a lot of stuff from a lot of stuff in Allah. And remember that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say it at least 100 times a day. So let's plan for at least 100 times a day. Right? If we don't have that habit at least 100 times a day. And you can split it out throughout the day 25 times after this so that 25 times after this so that 25 times after this fella, without you knowing it in sha Allah very quickly, you're gonna end up with 100 without you know, even you know without a burden 100 a

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few times or 25 before I go to bed 25 as soon as they wake up from bed, if we just just split it out like that will easily insha Allah be able to say 100 times over stuff for Allah, without much of a sweat in sha Allah and we can say even more than that. So as Allah as though just to make us of those who remember him often, and remember him both with tongue and heart and body was him subhana wa to Allah to make us of those who sincerely repent to him and go back to him from every sin, major and minor sins that we know about and sins that we forgot about. Sin

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There are between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala and sins that are between us and humanity. And why ask him subhana wa Taala to make us of those who are forgiven in this day and in this night of those who are forgiven in the month of Ramadan yeah Allah zildjian we ask you that you give us the strength to enhance our bed in the month of Ramadan and make us those who taste the sweetness of a better mix of those who witness later to cuddle and witness the sweetness of the last 10 days of Ramadan Allah Allah mean to fast, amen and what is ever consciously what our intention is for your sake and for forgiveness of sin, and makers of those who pray at night. Amen. And the server will

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pre consciously meaningfully for your sake for forgiveness of their sins. We ask you out but allow me to accept all the good that we do in the month of Ramadan, allow us to enhance it and double it in the coming days and forgive us the mistakes that we do in the month of Ramadan and make us up those who are included in the forgiveness of this month and include in this forgiveness our parents and our children our spouses and families and the oma Muhammad Sallallahu it your early you're sending them does that come along here if we're listening in show and ask Allah so Jabal al amin to reward you for joining us today for your questions for

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just being here who asked a lot but I mean to bless this meaning of ours and making a meaning for his sake to make a sincere our deeds and our intentions when sha Allah will see you tomorrow evening Dara Bellamy with one reflect with few reflections from the stories from the Quran.

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Insha Allah will be at the same time but then at 630. Till then in sha Allah asked Allah to keep you safe to preserve you to enhance your Eman and keep you close to him does up on low he Allah Subhana Allah will be handing a shadow in there either and stuff it'll go into what we need. When hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen sulamani Kumara Mittal llahi or Baraka?

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