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In hamdulillah Hina Ahmed who wanna say you know who want to surf hero when I was with him in Shruti and fusina was see TR Marina yeah the healer who fell

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well my youth limb further her dear.

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Why should EDA in Allahu wa the hula Cherie Keller 100 and Abdu or solo, some Allahu Allah Who on early he was so happy he was in

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in Hyrule Hadith Nikita of Allah he

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will hear on heavier heavier Mohammed in some Allahu Allah He was in, we're sure one or more defer to her Rocco llamada team,

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Allah Allah

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we praise him Subhanahu wa Taala and we thank him for his service.

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And among them, the one that is present, today is the net amount of the 10 of hedger.

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May Allah azza wa jal make these last days for every and each one of us and may Allah enable us to do our utmost and seeking His forgiveness and accept from us mean

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and in these occasions and seasons of Allah's mercy and Rama.

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We want to emphasize

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the importance of tilbyr

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because repentance is the first step that a sinner takes to Allah azza wa jal

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and it is the step that the devout keep holding on to that keeps accompanying them on their journey to Allah azza wa jal to the last breath.

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You cannot do without Toba whether you are distant or close to Allah azza wa jal

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and some of us when we think about filbur, we think that this is reserved for the really sinful, who have done public sins, major ones against Allah azza wa jal, so we demand that they do repent and return to Allah azza wa jal, and they should.

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But we forget that all of us at every moment of our lives, we need tilbyr

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And that becomes a state a condition that we are in rather than something that is reserved only for a few.

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And we know that Rasul Allah has some Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam he says, To boil Allah He for India two way to life in the Armenia Tamara, he says, Repent to Allah azza wa jal for i Indeed, repent to Allah each day 100 times, you understand that you could be Rasulullah sallallahu Allah you it was Islam, but every single worshipper of Allah needs soba and each one still fits his and her condition.

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Some of us have assigned to themselves

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a classification of I am a Muslim, I will do a and b but the rest? No, I'm not a chef, not a scholar. Yes, I will come to Joomla I will country I will do certain things. But the rest of it says how we have sliced this off and considered this to belong to somebody else. This is not for me, my path in life is different. I'll do a and b but the rest of the alphabet No.

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Maybe later, but for now my focus is somewhere else. And the question here is, why is it that we have deprived ourself if this is our state of mind? Why have you stopped yourself short of excelling of reaching Allah azza wa jal by limiting yourself and saying the rest of Allah's commands are not for me? What is missing in you? Why is it that you cannot be the person who claims to the highest levels of Jannah so for instance, when you hear that, the first thing of the day of Arafah, which will be on Tuesday by the will of Allah azza wa jal that will forgive the sins of two years past and present. By what heart will you receive the proclamation for Rasul Allah Alayhi Salatu was Salam,

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will you be eager? Will you say I cannot wait for that day? Will you consider it to be a burden? I don't feel like fasting Why do I have to do this? Is it a an obligation or recommended and if it's recommended, Do I really have to do it?

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By one's heart will you receive that information by the heart that says you know of how many things I have done the displease Allah azza wa jal do I want to arrive

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When I meet him with all of that baggage,

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with all of that darkness in my heart do I want to meet Allah azza wa jal like that or do I want to be cleansed and washed? So a single day doesn't write can remove the sins of two years. But that is the difference of a heart that is repentant, and a heart that has been hardened and has sailed away from Allah azza wa jal. So we need this silver in the seasons of a birder because it is easier in the seasons. Allah's Mercy is closer to you Allah's forgiveness dissents. The reminders of Allah are all around you and people are calling you to come to Him. It is easy to repent, and not to believe the whispers of the shaytaan who says repentance is not for you. You are longing to the sin of

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Allah, you are a rebellious person, you are a sinful person. Forgiveness is not for you, or a person who puts himself down by saying I tried it so many times that it never worked. I don't think that is for me, it is too hard.

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You say that as long as you are seeking Allah sledgehammer and fighting with your Shavon you are in jihad, and sooner or later Allah will give you victory against your enemy. But you need to have Toba, Allah says were to who in Allah He demean

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all of you. Come back to Allah azo did in tilbyr. So if the Shavon is telling you ALLAH does not forgive, tell him that Allah forgives all sins. If the Shavon tells us you are too weak, tell him with Allah support I defeat you. Until him would know how Allah Who water in the villa by my side there is nothing that is stupid.

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And if I call on Allah,

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Allah can change my heart can change my life can change my condition, that sin that you consider to be so mighty, so addicting, that can go away.

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But we have to wonder from him subhanho wa Taala we have to ask it, and so the Toba begins in your heart and in your mind, what do you say to yourself, I want to be better and I can be better. The how is with Allah azza wa jal, but in the beginning, you must have that in your heart

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that I have to be better.

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And there is a huge difference between a person

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who is cognizant and aware

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of his own faults. And a person who has decided to ignore and neglect the wrongdoings has an anniversary Rahim Allah. He said in alumina, alumina. He says, If you meet a believer, you will always need them blaming themselves. You have to be kidding me. He had the mouth to be athletic mouth to be heavy enough. See, you'll find him saying to himself conversing with himself and saying, What did I want with that word that I said, For what did I see that word? What did I want with that meal that I ate? For? What did I eat it? What did I want with that thought that I had for? What did I have it? He says, you will find the believer constantly combating himself because the believer

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wants the pleasure of Allah zoeken and that is a nurse to lawanna that Allah swore by in the home on the nurse, the self that leaves itself you do something but then you say should I have done this? Should I have said this? To what end? It was it said suffer Allah?

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Why did I eat this? Was it halal? Was it haram? Why did I look at that thing? Was it Khaled was it haram? Even when it comes to thoughts? Why did I ridicule that person in my head? I didn't even say a thing by Why did I think less of him? Or her because of how they look are because of what they said. Was not that an evil thought? Or why did they think that they are evil even though I have no evidence of it was not that an evil thought? So a believer constantly cleanses himself by questioning what is it that I'm seeing? What is it that I'm doing? And if something leaves into sin, he goes back and he inspects copper wire to shape

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the loop How did I follow the shape and how did He tricked me into this thing and discovers by it the quality of the shape on and he blocks it.

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But Dad what is needed for that is self aware as he says Rahim Allah will manifest your file the woman whether you bury he says the disobedient does whatever he doesn't

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He does not care about it means he says what he says. But there is no afterthought seeks each walk whatever goes wherever he is where he wants, does whatever he wants, thinks whatever he wants, speaks without reservation. But there is no Toba. And there is no afterthought.

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So what we want in a season like this is for me to say myself, and for each person to say to themselves, I want to repent at this moment and come back to Allah azza wa jal, and repent from my seed that I'm in. And if you really think about it, you will find things that we need repentance from.

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Either an obligation that we have not fulfilled,

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or a haram that we will engage in,

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or bad thoughts and bad habits that inhabit our days. So you say I'm at this safe right now.

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But I want to use these days and I want to use do I want to use thicker to come closer and climb higher? So I could stop this harangue?

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Second, stop saying things that displease Allah Azza himself says think about it. How many times do we lie?

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And how many times do we gossip and fanfight?

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And how many times do we really feel people

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are dry slip people for goodness, meaning that you would have to go and ask for their forgiveness? How many times

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there are people who pray and fast and they're supposedly religious, but when it comes to people, right people's rights, even financial rights, they lie and they cheat to take their money. How many people are okay with their friends, but they're not good with to their families. It's astonishing that you could find a person who has dual personalities like that great in the masjid in the house of Allah azza wa jal great with their friends great with their relatives, but he or she, when they are at home, they're at their worst. How can you be a good religious person when you mistreat your spouse?

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That is one and that is something that you need Tober from and when people separated when they divorced, Ilana Hammarby except for funeral Allah azza wa jal is pleased with and had showered them with his mercy. You see how people when they want to divorce, they treat each other what they say about each other, their wives that they want to take from each other that does not belong to them, all of that if you're doing it or if you have done it needs, stillbirth.

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And you have to think also in terms of ambition.

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And we find the person who is ambitious in worldly sense is constantly blaming himself for missed opportunities. If you love money, you would say to yourself, I should have it invested here, I should not have sent my money there. I should be more careful with that these are ways that I can grow my money. So you're eager to increase his because he has ambition. If you are someone who loves his job or ambitious, you will can you blame yourself i Today I was late I will never repeat that I will say fry for over time. In order to prove myself I will do this and I will do that you will What if you wanted excellence in that field? You blame yourself for things that somebody else would not

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depends on your intention. So we all have ambition in the dunya but do we have ambitious India

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that is actually asked yourself my goal is not simply contend to be simply a safe from hellfire. And that should be our goal. But I also want to rise to the highest levels of Jannah I want to compete I want to be there

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and it is showing all the effort that I put I don't even which I don't even know which one of it is going to save me from hellfire. So each one of them is an opportunity and each missile for each missed opportunity is a loss. So then you start blaming yourself for what a day you fasting that you did not fast a day or you did not read the Quran.

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Now for sin we're not we're not talking about blaming yourself were sin but for Miss opportunity. This day I did not read the Quran. And this day I did not make and this day my record of Allah was so weak I can feel that it was

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so weak I need to change that tomorrow. And this day I was not good to my family not good to my parents not good to my kids be say I did not give sadaqa so to blame yourself from missing the opportunity of the worship of Allah azza wa jal getting close to him, and then making that out and planning to be better tomorrow, and that is the Toba that we're talking about. So rasool Allah, Allah Allah is Salatu was Salam. And we need to follow his example when he would sit when he would be here with his companions, he would repent stuff that Allah where to go, lower taboo lay stuck

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in one sitting 100 times. But the more that you see it, the more the more that you say it, the more that your heart becomes attentive and alive. And you say, yes, indeed, I should be close to Allah azza wa jal. And I remember that an hour ago, I said something I should not have stuck for Allah from that you remember what you said at the beginning of the day, and then you resolve not to repeat it again. That is the Toba that every single person should have so now in the pager,

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let that be an opportunity for us to embrace over

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from the small things to the big things, major sins, small sins, public sins and specially private sins, sins between us and Allah azza wa jal or sins between us and other people embraced over completely and ask Allah Allah to give you the foresight, the energy to continue with that Tober a whole look only had was Dustin Allah it went up on the stock.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on plebe and we'll go back and fee he will certainly we'll send him one or so leave him and what he or so he will send them.

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We says that we here we have to take advantage of these days.

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And one of the best of them that is coming up is the day of our offer.

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And there are lessons many lessons from today about.

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One of them you could see in the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu ala he was sitting down when he says

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when Allahu Allah

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Allah azza wa jal descends befitting his Majesty subhanho wa Taala In another Hadith, he says is a sunnah it dunya to the lowest sky

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while you were here,

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and he phrases His servants in front of the angels of Allah azza wa jal for

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over a barrel, Allah he says, Look at my servants, I totally should have done houbara mean Khalifa join me. He says they have come to me should offend, Waubra, disheveled, dusty, from every distance, road and land.

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Mother You return what is it that they want?

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And it says In another Hadith,

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he says, I make you witnesses.

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That if your sins were as many as sand grains, or rain drops, or the form or the bubbles of the sea, I would forgive them.

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the bounty of Allah azza wa jal on that day, he says, ma'am, in Yeoman, there is no single day where Allah frees people from hellfire more than the Day of Arafah.

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So the beginning of its Allah zoton In His Majesty descends to see that a brother,

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that is what Allah has Zelda loves that sacrifice. A person who had battled, you know, the distance, the heat, spent so much money left behind, family ease and comfort left behind what they love. And they endured all these things, all these burdens, in sacrifice to Allah azza wa jal, Allah is saying look at them have everything that duniya behind.

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And if come to me, what is it that they're asking? And I'm gonna give that to them.

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So if you're asking for your forgiveness for your salvation, Allah will grant that to you.

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Because Allah loves that from us that our heart would leave everything else for him subhanho wa dawn

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that if somebody tells you money or Allah him say Allah,

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Allah if somebody tells you the agony of distance and traveled or Allah you say Allah,

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that somebody tells you people are Allah, You see Allah if somebody tells you what you love or what Allah loves, you say what Allah does,

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that you become a true servant of him. Subhanahu wa

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To add, that you truly surrendered.

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You say nothing matters. If you are happy with me. Nothing else matters if you will forgive me, all the dunya evaporates if you tell me that you are happy with me because I know if you are happy with me, everything else is fine. I know that you will take care of me. I know when I die, you will leave and besides me I know numbers erected you will help me I know when I stand in questioning before you, you will be easy on me and I know that you will take me to jail. If you are happy with me, everything is fine. No loss in the dunya is a loss if Allah is with you, so he looks as those who have given up everything and the way that they look and what the burden that they carry tells you

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that they are doing for Allah azza wa jal Otherwise, why would a person be doing this? So in our event that though we are not there in our event that we want to carry that spirit here. So when we say fast they don't fast just because somebody is compelling you don't fast is because it's happened fast is because you want to say to yourself, I want to sacrifice for the sake of Allah azza wa jal and even if that sacrifice is hard, I want to do this because I want to teach my heart and body that Allah matters more than anything else.

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So fast the day of our offer, and cleanse your heart on the day of our offer, and make a lot of DUA and feel throughout we will make the best of the Day of Arafah from federal till.

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Take whatever time you can all the time that you can, but sis was ALLAH has zoton If your home is a suitable place without distractions, do it at home if you need to come to the house of Allah to do it. without distractions come to the house of Allah and spend an hour or two or more. read Quran pray and cleansing your heart and raise your hands and Jehan ask Allah hazarded forces is good for his forgiveness. But have a plan and have an intention. And remember the forgiveness of Allah. Remember that Allah comes closer to his servants because of it.

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So have the same heart and embody the same sacrifice. And know that Allah Hazeldene wants similar sacrifices for us from us for the rest of the year and for the rest of their lives, will always encounter a choices.

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This is what I want. And this is what I love. And this is what is easy. And this is what Allah loves.

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And sometimes we ignorantly think that if we follow our own thoughts and desires and likes, that that brings us pleasure and ease.

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But following whatever Allah loves his true ease, if you want to complicate your life.

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If you want to do your life, follow your own desire. If you want to do your life, if you want to complicate your life follow with the JSON is promising you because if it brings you a little bit of freedom now, later on, it will complicate your life so much

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that you will wish that he was never listened.

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If you want to ease when Allah calls you for Salah, leave everything else and engage yourself in South Africa's afterthoughts Allah, Allah will give you ease in your life. If there is a choice between reading the Quran on social media, read the Quran because once you finish that portion of your Quran, Allah will give you comfort and ease for the rest of the day. Nothing on social media can give you that. If it's between eating and drinking, you see that's having fun and fasting and fasting is denying yourself what it likes. If it's between the two, deny yourself what it likes for the sake of Allah because when you break your fast, Allah will bless your heart and body with what

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he loves and what you love. And when you meet a lot as though you're looking back at that day you will say Alhamdulillah I denied myself what I've wanted.

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If I kept feeding myself everything if I wanted to eat and giving it everything that it wanted to consume, I'd be in hellfire.

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So sacrifice to be saved and sacrifice for your own safety. So on the day of out of plan on fasting

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and see Leyla haev Allahu la sharika Buddha who code I will have to who other Felicia imperdiet and throw yourself at the mercy of Allah azza wa jal and plead with Him to save you and ask Him for everything that you want

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of the good of the slave and the good of the next for yourself and for your loved ones and for your families and anyone that you know, and we don't forget also the hope here

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and there is great reward from Allah are so different both here in the sacrifice that can be offered after solder to the to the third day of the days like the *ty so there's great reward in it. And if you can slaughter it, where are you

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Live where you could take the meat and eat it and give it some away then you do that that is preferable because that keeps the Sunnah alive in practice, you see it and you could see it. If you're unable to do this, then bathe nila zodion And you can afford it nothing less than sending it somewhere else. If you cannot afford it, Allah azza wa jal is the most forgiving. But if you can at least send it somewhere else, so somebody can eat, and somebody can benefit and you get the reward of sadaqa and making people happy on that day. So don't delay if you have the means and maybe some of us are not used to it. It's not part of our practice, not part of our habit. We say why not

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embrace this opportunity and make it part of your habit? Make it part of your routine that every single day you will say, I'll sacrifice because before me Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would sacrifice and that his sunnah. And before him Ibrahim Ali Sinha would sacrifice and that is his sunnah. Why not become of the people who follow the Sunnah of the prophets of Allah Allah hemos Salatu was Salam and give that for his sake. So as Allah Allah Allah Allah mean or hamara he mean to bless us in these days yeah, Allah grant us a sincere repentance gratis Asus repentance from every single sin for missing every all of your commands you don't believe me? Give us your open alanine

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the hope that we can be better people and grant us the strength to be better people Yahama Rohini Allah you know very well how the shape one has manipulated all of us and how he had he plotted against all of us were actually allowed me to weaken the plots of the shaytaan he asked me to extract this from his grasp Yahama rocky mean yeah Allah give us power I guess the whispers of the shape on and give us tower against our neffs as commanders to do evil give us power over our own weaknesses Yeah, but I'll need your Allah make us among the righteous make us among the righteous make us among those righteous whereas your bill alanine for the highest level of Jannah Allah mean

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we ask you for the highest level of Jannah you Allah you are the most merciful and more forgiving. We asked you for the highest level of detail camera me as your enemy to enable us to fast on the Day of Arafah and access that first thing from a car camera I need what I should say enable a car will allow me to be sincere now very bad on that day and following these Yahama Rahimi you Allah we asked you that you cleanse our hearts filled them with your love and love for your Prophet it is Salatu was Salam Alaikum I did did it Eman if you could do Vina Allahumma did did the EMA and alumina, alumina, alumina, silica, alumina, alumina, alumina silica has shifted as he says the whole island

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Allah Marisa Luca sciatica the city will Allah Allah Minister Luca shipwreck of Sydney with aloha Moses enforce and how you Romans until you are all Allah, Allah Allah

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Allah Allah

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Allah, Allah Allah

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Allah Allah, Allah so yeah, and you will hear and he was either with your Quran Allah how much I mean they're good enough okay cathedral with that Kira Allahumma Femina blue Banerjee, Mary Magdalene

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Allahumma Femina blue Banerjee Marina, I didn't know I mean

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Allahumma Femina. Dono Banerjee Marina, I didn't mean how am I? Yeah, how you a human will be a rock medic in history, as

00:28:25--> 00:28:28

well as taking you down. fusina Perfect. Well,