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AI: Summary © The concept of reality is distorted by light and other factors, leading to sadness and disaster. People need to visualize their memories and see the real in the present moment. It's crucial to not waken oneself to the idea of death and focus on the present moment. The importance of knowing rules of Islam and preparing for one's upcoming death is also emphasized. Different events, such as a "medicure for datch" and a "weirdly way" event, are also mentioned.
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In an hombre de la hinomoto wanna start you know who wanna stop Pharaoh? When I o b la Himanshu Dorian fusina wa cftr Melina Mija Hilda who Fela movie La MaMa youth lil further ha de la. Y wash hadoo Allah Allah Allahu Allahu la sharika wash How do I know Mohammed abu allah sudo sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam

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in the hiral, Hadith eatable, Mahi tada was higher on the head you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Warszawa Mourinho de tu Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna Matata it La la la la, la la la la, la. All praise belongs to Allah, the Most High and the Most Merciful, we thank him. And we seek his help, aid and assistance and forgiveness and protection from the evil of ourselves in the sense that we do, indeed who serve Allah guides, no one can lead us astray and who serve Allah leads astray no one can guide I bear witness that there's no one worthy of worship except Allah alone. And that Mohammed Salah la vida he was sending them is his slave and messenger. The best of speech is a book of Allah. And the best of guidance is the guidance of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And the worst of religious matters are those that are

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innovated. Every religious innovation is a bit of an every bit dies. misguidance and every misguidance will be in hellfire.

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The question for today's hooked by is are we awake?

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Are we awake?

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And I don't mean by it. Have we woken up from sleep?

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Are we alive? I don't mean by it? Are we dead?

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But our eyes or ears? Or our hearts? Are they a week? Our minds are the weak are we as we are physically alive? Are we also spiritually alive or not?

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There's a saying attributed to it, you know, we thought they were on the Allahu anhu what he says and that's when the moon for either Martin teboho he says people are asleep

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until they die. And then when they wake up.

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People are asleep. But when they die, they wake up.

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Meaning and this is derived from an idea that will come in sha Allah to explain it. But meaning that when they're asleep,

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all this talk about the Day of Judgment coming and account that is waiting for us. Angels, prophets a lot as our agenda seems like a dream seems too much to some like fantasy, to some seems like something that is not going to happen. And so we live our lives, not paying attention to any of these facts as if we are asleep. As if we are dreaming when somebody comes and wakes us up. And that dream that we had that we thought was reality exactly as we wake up every single day, we think that whatever we are going through is reality. But that reality that without thought is gonna last somebody comes and wakes us up. And when we're up we recognize that all these things that we have

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saw, were just a dream. And now we are facing reality. So when you see the angels face to face, now you will know that what Allah has said was true. You may not have believed it before, or believed it but not have taken it seriously before but now you are face to face with an angel. Whether he's happy or not, that's something else. But that's reality, then you wake up.

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And then no, Josie says he says that the person at that moment, if he's able to go back only few minutes, only a few seconds to do something good. They would pay everything that they've ever earned, and everything that they've ever possessed in order just to rewind and go back a few minutes because that awakening is a rude awakening. You're not ready for it. You don't even want it. You're not only do you do not expect what's going to happen. You don't even want to see what's going to happen. So what actually happens is a very rude awakening. Because what follows is very rough. What follows is very disastrous.

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So a person could wake then,

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and Allah azza wa jal says which this saying is likely to be taken from

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FEMA flood him in hada. He says you were heedless of all of this. I'm aware of it. Turn the wave

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It ran away from it. For Canada and Canada, we so we have removed your veil lifted it up from you. Football subtle can be Omaha deed. So your eyesight today is sharp and strong.

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You can see these things before, but nothing you could see them.

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There are things that you could never see.

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Like the world that is belongs to the labor the unseen. But now when you're about to die, and when you die, you can see it. So your eyesight is sharp.

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But also when you come closer to death, and this happens, whether you're Muslim or not, when you come closer to death, the veils of desire and temptations the veils of this dunya start lifting up one by one.

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And that wealth though was temptation or tempting and the wet woman or without attempting, and then fame, that was tempting, all these things start leaving you and you start seeing life for what it really is, and who you are, who you really are. And so you start seeing better because your morality, mortality

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comes back to inform your life.

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So you can wait to wake up then

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or you can wake up at this moment.

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And Allah azza wa jal in more than one ayah in the Quran, describes those who are on his path as a life as seeing

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as blessed with light and goes on the opposite path as dead as blind as in darkness.

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A lot of Gil for instance, says are the Jericho in Basra, Iraq become, you have received bhasa proofs from Allah zoa Jin, now why are they pulled beside him? Not to call them here beside him. Beside because when you receive these fools from Allah, you can see

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before that you can, before that if someone were to ask you, or if you were to ask today, someone who has not privileged to know what Allah has revealed, and you ask them what is right and what is wrong, they're playing to it. If not, based on some limited human experience, that could tell them somehow right from wrong, but otherwise, I don't know how you're going to live your life. I don't really know. What awaits you after you die, I do not know, what is justice, and what is injustice. What is virtue and what is vice? I do not know. So when Allah says these basa and they wake you up, all of us are in this slumber, are in this deep sleep, are blind, until these basa and come and

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these are the verses of Allah meaning the Ayat of Allah in the

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understanding of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but they're not only limited to that

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gray hair is Messiah, that the loved ones is also basa era, disasters around you and me are also bizarre because they keep waking you up to the reality of this earth, and the reality of your own life. Then Allah says from an upset of an EFC woman amiya family. So if you see if you decide to take them and see you're seeing for your own benefit, but if you decide to take them and still be blind, you're only hurting yourself. That's what it is. You can take it all

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and he can continue to be blind. You can know that this is haram but continue to ignore it, and it will grow to you. But because of this blindness because of the habit because of an attachment is never going to leave it because the eyes have been opened and the heart is not open. And Allah is not present in the hearts see will continue to be attached to it. But sooner or later you're gonna wake up and see its reality. If you voluntarily wake up, then you're among the fortunate because you can

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recover, you can rectify, you can come back and live as original but if somebody else wakes you up, if the angel wakes you up, then there is no room for you to go back.

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This is how we are

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and even the believers experience that.

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Allah as the origin says in alladhina taco, either Mr. Home pa if Amina Shivani Tata Kuru, for either home soon, it's the same theme and the same image that you keep seeing in the Koran. It says those who have Taqwa when a thought if a whisper from the Shaitaan as

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If the shaitaan is circling them, trying to see their weakness to attack them, and that's what the shavon does with you and me, each one of us has his own unique particular weakness and the shaytaan because he had spent time with us circling and studying, circling and studying, he knows where to come and how to attack. This person

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is quick to anger. This person is envious. This person likes money is weak in front of it. This person is weak in front of the opposite side this way this person is tempted by alcohol this person is tempted by this and he knows he knows how to come. But he says Allah says those who have Taqwa when the shaitaan comes in circles them or tries to tempt them to the Kuru they will remember they'll remember Allah azza wa jal because at that time, the shaitaan is putting veils on your

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screens in front of your eyes, you can see right from wrong, the only thing that you can see is my desire. Now, this is how am I know but I really want it and you don't see that in a day or a month or a week or a year this money is going to curse you don't see because the shade plan is blind to do with desire. So if a person is fortunate, and they have duck white, they'll remember what will they remember these basa and Allah Hudson they'll remember the or and they'll remember,

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Masuda lies a lot to set them and as soon as they'll remember that they're gonna die.

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As someone in a gathering started to back by it another one person turn to him and he says that curry Oh my God, oh, no.

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He says, remember the day when they will put the cotton on your eyes, meaning visualize. And that is a way for a person to wake up, visualize your death.

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Visualize when you are lifeless, your soul has left your body. And then think about what you're saying and think is this going to help you or not, is a person who remembers his death lives.

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And a person who does not remember his death is dead before his actual death.

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And only when you remember death, that will bring you real life.

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To that crew, they remember and then they can see. They can see beyond their own desire, they can see beyond today, they can see tomorrow they can see 1000 years from now why who gave them this power Allah surgery.

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They can see what benefits them and they can see what harms them and they believe it to be true. And that is why they listen to Allah and not listen to the shape.

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But if we are asleep,

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then it's only the shape time who will inspire us as only the shaitaan who will be our guide. We seek Allah's refuge from that Apollo family had I was stuck through it when I confessed

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at Hamdulillah, Hamden, Kathy I don't even know Barack and Fie, he will suddenly will suddenly monado Sunni he Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

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If a person decides, or less as them, and they want to wake up, that waking up jacoba is not going to be comfortable.

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It's necessary, but it's not going to be comfortable.

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It's not going to be comfortable to realize to actually know that you're gonna die and everybody knows that they're going to die. But to actually visualize and know that your soul has to leave your body. And anyone who has moved from one place to another or one country to other recognizes how difficult that move is to leave behind what is familiar and face the unknown. You know how difficult it is. Now if somebody is going to tell you that you're going to leave this earth altogether.

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This earth and everything that is familiar to you, including the body that you lived in all of your life on this earth and move somewhere else. You should recognize that that move is not easy.

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And to be ready for it is not easy.

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And then one of those days somebody is going to come and tell you

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we can do anything to help you and you are going to die.

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And when you put yourself in that situation you will start receiving life as it is and reap appreciating the hereafter for what it is and saving for the hereafter.

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In fact, nobody needs to tell come and tell you do something for your hereafter because you'll understand that I'm leaving this place. And the only thing available for me, the only place that is going to take me is the next life. So you will do more for it than this dunion, when you wake up, is not going to be comfortable, because you will look at all your habits and you'll re examine all of them. You'll look at the people around you, and you reevaluate all of them, you look at your priorities in life, and you'll reevaluate all of them. And that's not a comfortable thing to do. Because you formed attachments, if you can't grow, and you've got, you've got accustomed to things,

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how you wake up how you sleep, how you spend your day, how you spend your money, what you watch what you do not watch, it's very uncomfortable. And that is why when you give advice to someone, asking them to wake up from their sleep, that's also very uncomfortable to them. Somebody who drinks and they think that their happiness lies there, you come and tell them to stop drinking.

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Somebody who smokes, somebody who takes drugs, somebody who goes out and he sends one with his friends, you tell him to stop doing this, and he is invested in all of that he's happy with all of this, and he's asleep, and you shake him and you want to wake him up. He's not gonna be happy or comfortable with that.

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And unless Allah subhanho wa Taala wants the best for that person. And unless that person is willing to put the effort in not gonna wake up.

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So it is difficult, but it is necessary. And if you do it, you will get an aid from Allah subhanho wa Taala, and guidance and assistance because you want to live unlike everybody else. And that's another way or another reason why it's difficult. If a lot of people around you are asleep, a lot of people around you are drowning in this world. And the only thing that they want is to sleep and wake up and gather more money and so on and so on and so on. And what you want is something beyond, if everybody around you is satisfied, living like an animal or less, and you come and tell them there is something beyond the more important, you'll be ridiculed and mocked. And that's why it's also

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But if you open the book of Allah azza wa jal every single day, and open the Hadees of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam every single day and make that your example and that your guide and that your motivation and that your company is not going to be as difficult. If every single day you remind yourself of what is important and what is not. Because as soon as you turn on your phone, as soon as you go online, as soon as you go outside or even inside your home, you're receiving maybe hundreds or 1000s of reminders of why you should activate this obey Allah, hundreds of reminders every single day, hundreds of different opposite directions to what Allah once and if you're not going to remind

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yourself every single day or fall back into sleep, you fall back into unconsciousness, you'll fall back into death. And your revival comes only from Allah as a widget. So you only always have these reminders coming from the other side. So you need reminders to come from Allah has originally

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as you eat every single day as you drink every single day as you breathe every single minute. You need the en la zodion with you to remind you and protect you. Otherwise, we are and you are lost, and you can afford to be lost and you can afford after receiving the benefits of Allah azza wa jal

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Allah as the audience says, our man can I meet him for he know who I

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am, he says, as is the person who was dead. And we brought him back to life and gave him light with which he walks among people. Gamma methylene blue Mati Lisa vihara de minha, like the person who is in darknesses, and he cannot escape it.

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If Allah as Virginia had brought you back to life,

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with a man and Islam

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and gave you light by which you can see and talk to other people and live a life that Allah loves, and live a life that you will love. Are you still going to be tempted or follow the example of those who are in darkness as fillable nomads who cannot get out and the only thing that they see is darkness is and when they tell you what is important about life and what is not you believe them

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and you're supposed to have the light and be the person who is chasing their darkness, but you accept there's

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so Allah azza wa jal is

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offering you that choice you have it Allah gave it to you and he brought you out of death.

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And it is your life is it in the Quran and in what Allah Snowden has revealed.

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And as I said the beginning, you either gonna wake up voluntarily or somebody else is going to wake you up. Either it's going to happen in this life or it's going to happen just before your death. Either way, you're going to see the truth of what a law surgeon has said. So make it sooner rather than later. Make it now so you can be ready for the time of your actual death, so that it will be a happy time. Now the miserable and a sad time, let your move to Allah azza wa jal will be a journey that you will be happy with another journey that you wish it never happened, it's going to happen either way. So prepare for it like you prepare for any major move in your life. And know that this

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is the greatest journey. So be ready for it more than you've got ready for anything else, at least take a few steps before to Allah zone and decide that I don't want to be asleep anymore. And I don't want to be unconscious anymore. I don't simply want to follow the crowd anymore. I want to know what Allah loves and I want to do it. I want to know how Mohamed Salah lohani was in and live then I want to live like this. And I know I have shortcomings. But whenever the shaytaan tempts me whenever I am weak, I want to immediately come back to Allah azza wa jal because I know he forgives me, every time I come back to him, no matter how many times I sin, as long as I keep coming back to him, I know

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that he will forgive me. And this way you will be saved from the trial of this life. This Allah has

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been an ESV and our new IP and our new keila now when you have hamana when you say dinner, we ask Allah to wake us up from our slumber in our sleep, to make us of those who seek you and seek the Hereafter, who seek you following the footsteps of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam We seek refuge from the temptations of this life, those that we know about and those that we do not know about, make us of those who live your love for the hereafter not exclusively for this life. Make us of those who use this life for the hereafter open al amin and not otherwise we ask you a lot of you give us all of our sins and our spouses and our children and Mohammed Saleh Ali he was in them. We

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asked you to make us of the people of gentlemen out of the people of hellfire. We ask you to soften our hearts so that when we hear your reminders we respond to them. We ask you to make us of those who read the Koran every day, who read the hadith of your messengers of Allah Allah us in them every day, we ask you to strengthen our email so that we are trying to live as Muslims every single day. We ask you to remind us that whenever we make a sin, we repent we ask for forgiveness and we come back to you whereas we are open Allah mean to elevate us in this life and elevate us in the hereafter. Aloha Marina for dunya has no authority hacer una joaquina de la la jolla Maupin,

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Liverpool Louisa una de la jolla, Masato Luis Obispo de

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la ministre local gelato Makarova la Hammond COVID environment when I became in a narrow Makarova in a tone environment, in theory masala Kakuka Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will be coming shortly Mr. kamin who abacha Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yada yada you will be a hermetic and a study of Russia and an akula when attacking fusina Tata I welcome