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Al-Fudayl ibn ‘Iyad (107-187 H)

Series by Ali Albarghouthi

From the Lives of the Righteous
Heart Therapy
Islamic Manners
Manners of Seeking Knowledge
Muslim Tidbits
Stories Of The Quran
The Muslim Family
Sharh Assunnah
Stories of the Prophets
Tafsir Surat Luqman
The Will of ibn Qudamah

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About Ali Albarghouthi

Ali Albarghouthi received his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Wilfred Laurier-University of Waterloo Ph.D. Program in Religious Studies.

His dissertation focused on Ijtihad and reform among Muslims in North America. Ali Albarghouthi taught at the University of Saskatchewan and currently heads the Institute for Muslim Research and Progress.

Ali Albarghouthi is the Educational Coordinator, Khateeb, and Instructor at ISNA Canada, and Khateeb and Instructor at Khalid ibn al-Waleed Mosque.

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