Should one desire punishment after sinning?

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First thing is that you should not do all this cursing and asking love punishment, they were allowed to punish you. You also can forgive me, you know, I don't understand why you need to ask him to punish you. You know, why don't you ask a simple question? Well, I've got some bad habit. You know, forgive me and save me. If you still happen again ask him to he never a startup or forgiveness. You can be tired of asking forgiveness, but he never tired. He never said that. If you ask me. Third time I'm not forgive you. You ask a million time, every time you need to forgive. The first thing I'd advise you, you know, leave all these habits of cursing, asking punishment and making all these

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gestures that this person is just that do this. Don't do all these things. Just be simple serve Allah and ignore really that people do mistake people do sin. Nobody's pure. Some people do more sin some people do listen, a very, very different and Allah is the one who forgives everybody. If under a Hadith, if the professor is somebody c'est la ilaha illa Allah they will intend to paradise with hora de La Crosse a Muslim both are both are said Oh Allah what the prophet y&z now while sir, even if the person was in ansara stealing Zenaida was sin and the Prophet al wenzer. Now when set up even if it does dinner,

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then Buddha against it, when is an hour? The hell Wednesday now when struck? And then the third time I would ask when is

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the Prophet the Wednesday now answer. Rama on February 200. Never ties. No, don't ask this. Certainly we can sit there, and our society is much more corrupted. And when the evil is next to your hand, just enough pressing a button I can see all the evil. Yeah, but certainly not very easy for the people to control the desire. And to keep them suffice. Two people can fall in the trap. So the best cure for that I will tell you, you know, don't curse yourself. Don't ask Allah to punish you. But ask Allah to forgive you make force yourself to pray.

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And mecalac that if I miss one of prayer, I'll give one pound in charity megabox giving charity to prayer the time go to the mosque, you know something like that. And then make if I do a sin, you know, I will give one pound in a box two pounds, whatever can help you are open to Lhasa hautala to one thing mill the player very regular. Don't read the Quran, I spent time on the Quran, the email is there, but you spread force yourself to read the Quran understand. And the third thing I will tell you, good company, attend the classes, you know, where the people are going to people are coming to this class, to spend whole day to sometimes sitting with the people listening to the

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teacher, it will help you to change your mind. Good companionship is also very, very encouraging. Very, very helpful. You know, I my salary. I said to the people one of the reason

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I don't do many since now become very pious, the reason I don't have time to do sin, because if it's nothing for some morning until even I'm here teaching and when I go home, I'm so tired. You cannot imagine when you're tired, you can't do anything other than sleep. And then I wake up I still tired then I go to gym and then come back then some then sometimes I write articles and item commentary or Muslim, the life that the way I've chosen it really does not lead me to do anything to go anywhere. So I'll say just just bear with yourself. Just make many many of these commitments coming to the class if you have more time teach people you know do good thing good do some charity, helping people

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this thing and it taught me maybe it's not that you don't want to sit I don't think it will happen. It doesn't happen to anybody, even people like me. We do many many syncing but more likely Allah will forgive you go to prayer sins are forgiven you go for charity sins are forgiven you come to the colossal sins are forgiven you ask Allah to forgive unless you know mark on loading them Do you want the theme will knock on alarm or they don't want Mr. Phil if people to stay far he never punishes them loose Jafar repent to him the soul you know don't go for perfect like Allah knows we are in week time, Islamism week Muslims are in recondition society not to talk to will slip will fall. But

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don't lose lose the hope you know is still you can be if you die as a believer, Westin really, you know, who did not do sin and Alhamdulillah some time I probably my life, which I don't like to deny, make this intention, well, I have this problem, but reward me because that problem that I die the Muslim, if I die the Muslim that's such a good thing. You know, certainly we are not the best people. We can't desert the best paradise. But if you die the believer we hope Allah can forgive. So you know, I advise you don't worry if you commit a sin of sin either do good deeds in ohana, you didn't say good deeds removed about it. The when you do a sin, do good deeds more than that sadaqa

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charity and so that by the very, very effective, I found really, whenever I do some committed some mistake or some symptom, minor, whatever. When I do

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Do sadaqa and sadaqa helps so much You can't imagine your mind purify the you, Koreans, you and also going to the prayer when you go to the mosque to help so much can you go will do and all those things, to never lose the hope for manyata Narottama therapy in the world of bondo the people who are in there they are the one who lose the hope, good people all over the cutter love. I love the mercy the much bigger then all the sins of the universe.

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No sin is bigger than the mercy. Impossible. It never happened. If you do sin, all your life, our loved one what I forgive you is a much heavy than all the sins. And he always say forgive, he's ready to forgive. So a believers cannot lose hope they don't make all this punishment for yourself and a person unnecessarily. I feel the way you say it makes me to think you are more pious than all of us. At least when you do evil, you become so much worry and concern. So that's a good sign of you that you are a good believer, but don't go too extreme. You know, do all the if it do something but do something good that I'm trying to say