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and then from the delight to either muddy waters that you want us to feel when our although we love Him and Cerulean fusina woman CEO Dr. Medina, me the law who follow the law who will mean you're looking further ahead era Why should you Allah ilaha illallah who had the hula Sharika Why should you know Muhammad Abdul who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi also limit the Sleeman Kathira you're living in a tabula hyper Ducati what are the moeten in low and mostly Mon? You have NASA Takara Bakula? The Khalifa coming nursing Wahida kala caminhadas Oh Jaha Bethlem in Houma region and cathedral when he says what up Allah Allah the DISA Luna be hearing a lot of hum in

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Allaha Turner are the camera thema you Hello the enamel otaku, Lucha Kuno colon city the Stella Kumar man,

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bathroom, or menu theory la hora Sula, who forgot the funds are frozen Alima and my biographer inner circle How do you think you tabula Tada while you don't hit the head you Mohammed in southern Allah wa he will send him when Shabbat morning to have a bigger Bakula begotten dadada allah God everything for now.

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One of the highest levels of Eman and one of the greatest ways in which to attain the full meaning of the complete meaning of la ilaha illa. Allah is when the Muslim knows that they must completely submit all of their affairs to Allah azza wa jal rely upon Allah trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, have certainty in the statements of Allah azza wa jal, and in his promises are known Subhana wa Tada. It is when a person realizes that in this dunya there is no escape from Allah, except to Allah azza wa jal, there is no protection from the Wrath of Allah or the anger of Allah or the punishment of Allah, except by turning back to Allah azza wa jal to His mercy and to His pleasure

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unto that which he loves. Subhana wa Tada. This concept of fleeing from Allah, turning to Allah azza wa jal, it is a concept that is repeated in the Quran and the Sunnah. And it is a principle that was understood by all of the prophets of Allah, and by those who follow them, such as the Companions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, what are the Allahu Anhu macmaine Something you will find being mentioned. And it is something which is important because of the circumstances that we are all going through, whether individually, whether within our family life or whether it's an ummah, the oppression and the difficulties that we see around us. When a person realizes that everything that

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happens is by the decree of Allah, and there is no escape from that which Allah azza wa jal has decreed except by turning back to Allah subhanaw taala that is one of the most powerful principles that the believer can have an apply in the Quran in surah Tauba Allah azza wa jal gives us an example of this in the Battle of taboo in the story of those three companions that didn't participate in the best of taboo. Khabib nomadic and his two companions, he led him to Omiya and Moraga admirable about the Allahu Anhu image marrying these two companions when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left photobook they had no valid excuse for staying behind, but yet they

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stayed behind. And it's a long story and a long narration and it has many lessons and benefits. But when Allah azza wa jal summarizes the story in the Quran, he says Subhana wa Tada concerning these three, that when the Earth became restricted for them, when they found that there was no way that they could go, because for 50 nights, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam commanded that they should be boycotted. No one spoke to them.

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No one gave to them sometimes, even when they came to the masjid to pray, no one would greet them. To the extent that after 40 of those 50 nights, the Prophet said Allahu Allah, you will send them even commanded their families, their wives, that they should stay away from their husbands 50 Nights a caribou Malik said that I went to the house of the closest people to me, my cousin Abu Qatada, probably Allah who can and I gave him some hands. And I said to mobile Qatada, don't you know, that I love Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he wouldn't respond, wouldn't respond, asked him a second time estima third time, and eventually all he said to him is Allah and

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His Messenger know best. Allah and His Messenger know best 50 nights they went through that. When Allah azza wa jal describes us in the Quran, he says, that they came to a realization that Allah azza wa jal because of it he revealed the Toba in the Quran in verses the me and you recite until your piano. Well then no. German Allah He Illa Elaine, they came to the realization that there is no escape. There is no shelter, no refuge from Allah, except by turning back to him. Subhana wa Tada. This was an ordeal on a trial, they came to that realization that they could only escape the difficulty by turning back to Allah azza wa jal Khabib romantical the Allahu Allah he says in his

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narration, that Allah gave to me eloquence, Allah gave to me speech, had I wished I could have settled before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and made an excuse. And I would have been more eloquent than some of those hypocrites that came and made their false excuses. But I knew that even if today I escaped from the anger of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it was only the macro was short time before Allah revealed my true, my true streak to him, he would realize that I was lying. So he chose to be honest. He chose to be truthful. He chose to obey Allah and His Messenger of Allah who are the evil synonym. And as a result, he went through a difficult trial, but

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because he turned in the difficult trial back to Allah azza wa jal, Allah subhanaw taala says, well done no Allah, German Allahu Allah Li from metabo. Aleem Leah to then Allah accepted their repentance from them, that they would continue to make repentance to him. Allah azza wa jal had already decreed that he would reveal these verses about about them, that Allah would accept that Toba that Allah would forgive them that this will be a lesson the role of the believers would benefit from but they came to that realization can be no Malik says that during those that ordeal of 50 days of boycott, they came to him a letter from the King of a son of a son is a province towards

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the northern part of Arabia was a kingdom at that time. And he wrote a letter because he had heard of the case of cabin nomadic. He wrote him a letter that was sent with one of his emissaries that said that I know what your companions have done to you, the way they're treating you. This boycott that they have against you, so come to us, and you won't regret it. We'll give you will look after you will give you money will provide for you. So caribou Malik took the letter, he ripped her up and he throw it in fire. And he said and this is also a trial from the trials. So when he realized that there was no escape except by turning back to Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal forgave him. And

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Allah subhanaw taala accepted his repentance. This concept is one that is repeated in the Quran, numerous stories of the prophets of Allah and the book of Allah azza wa jal when they mentioned a principle in these terms are similar to them. For example, in the story of Noah, he has salatu salam, when Allah azza wa jal decrees the floods that would come upon the earth, and from those people that refuse to embark upon the Ark of Noah Halle, Sanam was his own standards. Allah mentioned subhanaw taala in Surah Hood, and so when know how to use and I'm close to his son, and he says, Tim, come upon the ship, come with me. And he says, No, my father, I will go and claim the

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peak of the highest mountain and that will save me from the floodwaters. How does know how do you respond to him? He says La simile Yom Yom in mid ly in dama rhyme. There is no one that will be escaped from Allah's command on this day, except that ALLAH Shah was his mercy upon. You can't run from Allah's decree. There's nowhere else that you can go, there is no escape. No, no way for you to go, no refuge, no shelter, no protection, except by turning back to Allah azza wa jal and that is the beauty of ibadah. It is the beauty of Eman it is the beauty of telecoil and Allah azza wa jal when you realize that there is no source of hope, no source of joy, no salvation, no success, no

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reward, except by turning back to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why we have these concepts in our religion of fear and hope you fear Allah, but you hope in Allah, you fear Allah's punishment and his wrath and his anger. So what do you do about it? You go towards that law which will bring you hope and safety from that fear by turning to Allah's pleasure by turning to that which is rewarding by former

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Lars the agenda by turning to that which is beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala when Ibrahim Ali salatu salam was being thrown into the fire by his own father, his own people, they built a region tired some of the narrations in the books have deceived they said that they let it rage that fire and kept adding fuel to it so much so that when it came to the time to throw Ibrahim Ali Sanam, they had to catapult him in because of the severity, the veracity, the robustness of that fire, they had to catapult him in from a distance. It is said in some of those notations in the books of FCM that Jibreel RT senang came to Ibrahim Ali Salam, when he was being thrown into the fire and he said to

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him, Mo, Ibrahim, What need do you have? What do you need? And he said from you, Gibreel nothing, perform Allah, his home. That is understanding that even in our most difficult situation, you turn back to Allah azza wa jal as you know at best, but the Allahu Anhu has said concerning the verse in Surah Al Imran when the people were gathering against the Muslims in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the people said to them, God Jamar will come on as the people have gathered. So fear them for whom Eman Apple the room increase them in Eman and they said Haspel Allah who wanted men were keen, Allah is sufficient for us. And what a blessing protector? Abbas Radi

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Allahu Anhu mana said. That is what Ibrahim at Eastern am said on the day that he was thrown into the fire. And it's what the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when the people told them to be fearful of the forces against them, nothing in the dunya can hurt can can harm those that Allah azza wa jal protects. No one can stand before Allah's command, no one can come between Allah azza wa jal and his willingness decree. So the believer holds on to that which Allah azza wa jal finds beloved, and when Allah subhanaw taala when you turn to Allah, when you flee to Allah, as Allah azza wa jal mentioned elsewhere in the Quran, fulfill rule it Allah flee, hasten run

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where? towards Allah azza wa jal and what are you running away from? From the punishment of Allah subhana wa Tada from his anger from that which will incur His wrath, you turn towards Allah azza wa jal and that is why in so many of our two hours, so many of our car, this principle is one that is repeated in the stories in the Quran, in the story of Lusardi salatu salam, the sorceress, the sorcerer's that Pharaoh king with in order for them to challenge to battle to duel with Musa Ali sarin, because he thought that the miracle that Musa was bringing was a form of sorcery and magic. So he gathers his sorcerers. He gathers his magicians and he comes in he tells them to duel with

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Musashi Salaam and we know the story because Allah mentions in a number of times in his book in the Quran, but when those sorcerers realized that it's no magic, no sorcery, no trick, this is a sign from the signs of Allah azza wa jal, they fought in frustration, and they declared that the heat so Pharaoh becomes incensed and angry, and he says to them, how dare you? How dare you collude with Musa and believe in a God that I gave you permission to believe in? What do they say? They know that what they did would bring them certain death. It would bring them torture, it would bring punishment from Feral, but they said because they realize that even if that's what it leads to, ultimately,

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success is that which Allah azza wa jal determines Fatima intercom in NEMA Takoradi however, you can hire to dunya do as you please because all that you please can only be done in the dunya you have no control over anything else. You have no overall control over the heavens and the earth. It is only what Allah azza wa jal decrees, and Allah praises them, even though according to many of the scholars with to see that incident led to their death, led to the crucifixion led to the end. But Allah azza wa jal praises them because they realized at that moment, that there was no escape except by turning back to Allah subhana wa Tada. This is a concept that the Companions understood as we

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gave him the example of cabbie nomadic Radi Allahu Allah. They said that in the time of Rama, or the Allah one, as he was going towards a sham in his Khilafah when he was the Khalifa and there was a plague that was ravaging that part of the world in which a number of the major companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would also pass away from the companions that will sit on a sham from them would be able to obey them or genre and from them will be my living will Jebel amongst others are the Allahu Anhu

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Omar within his entourage from Medina, they were going towards that area. And when they heard of the plague, he decided that he would go back to Medina he wouldn't continue. suburbia, they would come out before he'd been afflicted by the plague when he came out the road to greet Amara to welcome him because he was the general of his armies in a sham. He said to him a llama. How can you run away from the decree of Allah azza wa jal, so I'm going to sit to him obey that. If anyone had said this other than you, I would have made an example of them if we run away from Allah's decree

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We are only running towards Allah's decree. That is the understanding of this concept, to turn to Allah azza wa jal to believe in Allah to have trust in Allah azza wa jal to hope in Allah subhanaw taala. That is what allowed the belief that allows the believer to have that strength of Eman even in the most difficult and trying and challenging of times. And this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would include these these words in his account in his hands. In the hadith of Al Bara.

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Radi Allahu Anhu al Bukhari, the Prophet said, some Allah when he was sending him a dua that you make before you go to sleep, you said sort Allahu Allah, you will send them with a mix of supplication as the last thing that they say before they go to sleep at night. If they were to die that night, they will die upon fitrah they will die upon Eman they will die upon the natural way in which Allah azza wa jal had created them Allahumma Islam to what genique Will what to me unique well, to the hurry Ed Rocco button Warahmatullah e Lake lamb LJ when I'm in German Kala, and to be Kitab, we can Lily and Zelt will be in a b You can lead yourself, Oh Allah, I submit all of my

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affairs to you. Oh, Allah azza wa jal, I submit my face to you and entrust my affairs to you. I will Allah I give myself over to your protection out of fear and hope of you for there is no escape. no protection from you, except back towards your Allah. I believe in the book that you revealed and in the profit that you sent. Whatever makes us thrive before they go to sleep. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if they die that night, they would die upon the fitrah look at these amazing words, in trust all of my affairs to you. Everything that I have, I do and I give over to Allah, out of hope and fear. For there is no escape, no refuge, no protection from you, except by

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turning back to you oh Allah. And that is how the believer is, every single day. They trust in Allah azza wa jal, the Eman and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Their reliance upon Allah azza wa jal, their pleasure in the decree of Allah subhanaw taala, whatever is decreed. That is what the Movement does, it is what the believer does. And these words should be ones that we repeat over and over again, when we go through the challenges that we go through and you see the difficulties that we see. And we go through the trials and tribulations that Allah azza wa jal has decreed as a test for me and you and for others, to see how we will respond and how we will behave. May Allah azza wa jal greater

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steadfastness May Allah subhanaw taala keep our feet firm upon Eman May Allah azza wa jal shower upon us the knowledge and understanding of this religion BarakAllahu li Welcome to the Quran and Sunnah whenever a new year can be Matthew human and it will hikma Akula Cody Heather, what's the federal law do you want to community man? What's the minimum equilibrium InfraStop zero in now we'll have four right?

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Learn from the Lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he was talking to the woman who Allah also limit the Sleeman Kathira on my back. I want to conclude and leave you with a another dua of a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam this time narrated by his wife Aisha, Radi Allahu Allah and collected in the city of Lima Muslim crema hula, she said about the Allahu Anhu that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray during the night for young lady or not when he would make this dua in his Yama lane. He would say hola me near odbd doklam in psychotic will be more emphatic, I mean, robotic, were able to become internet or Ethernet and are they entertainment athletes are

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the NFC Allah azza wa jal I seek refuge in Your pleasure from your anger. And oh Allah I seek refuge in Your protection from your punishment of Allah I seek refuge in You from you. For no one can praise you as you have praised yourself and amazing to to seek on protection in Allah azza wa jal in his mercy in his protection in his benevolence, in His grace, from Allah's Anger, from his wrath, from his punishment, where all the becoming co Allah I seek refuge in You from you meaning in that which you have decreed against me or when that which you have in that which you have decreed. That will be difficult for me, from your punishment from your from your from your anger from your Wrath

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of Allah seek protection in you in your mercy in your worship, in your Eman in that which is beloved to so when you know therefore the no one can harm you besides Allah and no one can benefit you besides Allah, that is something which strengthens the man of the believer, something which gives them certainty and increases them in total in Allah subhana wa Tada Allah azza wa jal in Surah Ibrahim, he mentioned the story of prophets in general, how their people used to respond to them often with rejection, often with threats of punishment and torture. And Allah azza wa jal says

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those verses twice, Allah subhanaw taala refers to the telecoil of the body of the of the of the prophets word Allah He familiar with Kenyan noon. In Allah, the believers should trust one man, learner terracotta and Allah Muhammad Hidin as woonona will not be run now, the two Munna where Allah He for the tiller, kiddin whatever Chiune. And then they would say and why shouldn't the believers trust in Allah when he guided us to this path? He showed you a man? He told you the straight path he gave to the Quran and he gave to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why wouldn't you trust in Allah wilderness be Rhonda Adama the tuna and we will have trust

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in Allah despite all of the harms and difficulties that we go through, so that those who wish to rely on please the trust placed their trust in Allah subhana wa Taala let's Allah azza wa jal for an increase in Eman and increasing your team and increase in tobacco. That's Alonso to the showers His blessings upon us and His mercy and our families and our communities that Allah has revealed that he mixed the affairs of the Muslims easy wherever they may be, that Allah lifts the repression, the hardship that Allah azza wa jal gives them fortitude and patience and steadfastness that Allah azza wa jal allows us to live upon Eman and die upon Eman and be resurrected with the people of Eman

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Subhanallah because you'll see phone was turned on when animals sunny in Orlando de la you're blind

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Allahu Akbar Allahu at the bone and shed when you know I know more. I should warn them Madonna rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah

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God the karma the salah to God the garment Asana Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar.

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hamdulillah Europe Benard me in a Rockman Rahim moneykey A woman been the Moodle in your tennis 13 is Dino Ciroc almost 13 Ciroc on the Contadina and I'm Tara name while you didn't know Boulby earning model or nein nein

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so business model being Canada and he found a professor who was the daughter of a hand wouldn't know the origin more or Fujairah who

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one we assume oh can you use further in the senior Tomie option

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Hill from Tony Robbins. I mean, a Walkman you're walking man Manichean will meet Dean iya cannot

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tennis 13 is Dino Cyril Khan was stamping syrup on evina and Dharani him are you really gonna be earning him? Off on nein nein

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and the Hadith or launchy would you only a woman even Maha Shira Amina to

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rune and either he became a phony upon what Enos

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he found off your one ina Jima and he can further also you want you know we gave us hopefully further gives in

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water waterfall fell you are the Moore's law rather than

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