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The long run one day he was walking in the streets of Medina.

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And he was walking and he passed by another Kenyan by the name of Helga rhodiola.

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And how

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he saw him sitting in the streets of Medina, just in the alleyways of Medina, he noticed that he was extremely upset. Something was playing on his mind, and he was extremely upset. So he went up to him. And he said, showing some concern for his fellow brother, he said to him, what's wrong? What's upsetting you so much on this day? and humble over the long run replied, he said, NAFTA,

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has committed hypocrisy.

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It's not an easy or light statement for anyone to make, let alone a Muslim or companion. Our profits are low. And he said, he said, not

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committed to

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overthrow the alarm system. Why? What has made you committee policy? So how can we pay that he said, when we're in the company of our profits, and we love it instantly. And when we hear him recycle, and he reminds us of a lot, and it reminds us of death. And it reminds us of the day of judgment in the hereafter. And it reminds us of how best and how bad the man is so strong, and we feel so connected to a loss of animal data, we feel that there's nothing else in this life that matters. But then we leave the profits on a lumbar leave. We go back to our families, we go back to our homes, we go back to our jobs and our businesses. And we become engaged in the life of the slog. And when we

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become engaged in that I love this Well, I would imagine begins to plant becomes weaker. We have other things that preoccupied our minds. And so we find that that attachment and we just felt that connection that we just had, we lost it, or it's become considerably weaker. And so because of this flip flop state, these two states that I feel, I feel from myself in

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the long run, I'm really hurt this explanation. And Abubakar, as you all know, is the greatest companion of our profits level lower than he was. When he heard this explanation. He said to him, I'm gonna buy a lot I feel the way that you feel. I experienced this just the way you experience it. So why don't we go to the profits on Alibaba, and he will send them and ask him about this. So they went to find the profits of

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the processor and saw them approaching. He could see from humbler that he was extremely upset. Something was upsetting. So even before we came, whilst he was still approaching him, he said Jimbo Hamada, what's wrong with me? and Hong Kong, I said, O Messenger of Allah.

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Allah has committed hypocrisy. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in white or humble, and so humbled, I went through that same explanation, and then a messenger of love and then review and he was like, What are you remind me of a lot on the Day of Judgment. and thereafter, I feel like there's nothing in this life that matters more. And I feel so connected to a lot. My email is so strong, but as soon as I leave you and I go back to my daily routine, all of that disappears considerably weaker. And so I feel for myself epoxy. So the profits are a lot more

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from his mercy and His gentleness and his kindness, understanding the needs of Islam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, byculla if you were to always be in that state of hiding the man that you experience when you're with me, that allow would make the angels come down to the earth, and they would shake your hands. They would reach you in your houses, and they would reach you in your beds, and he would reach you on the streets for $1 or two masa. There is a time for this and the time for that. This beautiful notion of our profits on Alomar legal send them

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beautifully describes the dilemma that most of us face. And it's not a new dynamic. It's not a new issue. It's not a sign that you're a bad mystic. If you feel this way, as we see even the weakest companions of our profits on an

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executive like this, and that is that sometimes we feel extremely strongly that perhaps in the month of Ramadan, when everyone's excited we're honored to go to the mosque with with one of the Muslims. Perhaps for those of us that have been fortunate enough to go to Morocco, Hajj, Mecca and Medina, those beautiful places, and you've experienced a strong Emad connection. You feel like Eman boost has taken

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Have, you feel so connected to allow everything around you, and you feel like there's nothing more important. But as soon as you come back or move on finishes, when you come out of that situation, and you go back to your daily routine, come back to university, you go back to work, you go back to your family, and all of these mundane, normal issues just take the normal pace as they do in our lives. They're no longer to feel that way. And that's typical, but it's normal, that you won't feel the way that you feel in your in your, whether your family whether you're in London, or any of those places, because they are different. They're different experiences for us. And so our religion, from

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the beauty of our religion is that religion, which is comprehensive, and balanced, the profits are a lot higher. I mean, we'll send them and

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so we didn't say to hombre Yes, you're right, you're

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right, how can you not have strong email all the time? Why don't you always worship Allah? Why don't you always have a connection to Allah and the Quran. And this is a misconception that unfortunately, many of many of us, as Muslims also have, that in order to be able to Muslim, you always have to have the strongest of email. But that's not possible more as a human, nor is even something achievable. And that's like, the alarm feels low EMA and low enough of what is probably very high demand for everyone else. But even so, if he feels low enough, it shows that he can he can experience those types of feelings. And if you go through those types of emotions. So the real

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question isn't the fact that you're loving the man, that sometimes you find it difficult to play, maybe make a professional, maybe give us a copy of that, that is maybe

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burdensome for you, maybe reciting the parameter, a daily basis is a challenge for you. That's not the real issue. Because those are things that everyone faces. And if someone comes to you and says that they don't face that, then either they are extremely special person. And you need to really connect to that individual, or they just money just by telling you the truth that is trying to sugarcoat the way they are because they don't want you to think that they're a bad person. But it's normal, because all of us go through that. So that's not the real property or the real question. But what the real question is, is how do we strengthen our imagine those times of weakness when we no

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longer feel that connection? When the local Ramadan has finished, when you have to be you have to leave a place like Mato Medina and come back home. How do you split that up man?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us many ways and I don't have the time unfortunately to go through one of them. But I want to mention to you another beautiful neurulation Another handy in which the profits are lower and he will send them summarized three very practical ways that we can always put in our email and imagine as you go throughout life, you could give yourself that email boost as and when you need it as and when you need to make that connection to alarms that will generally connect to the lower arm you know how to administer a doctor but you know sub medicated right you know what's wrong with you, you know how to self medicate. That is what the profits on

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the profits on lower incidence in the Howdy.

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Muslim anointed but honestly demanding of your loved one. He said some Alomar lady will send them so often men couldn't if he he wanted to be in the hallowed email, three things. If you find that you achieve them, you master them, you will attain the sweetness of the right you will taste the sweetness of the map. And let's just pause and ponder over the statement you will taste the sweetness of the man that by deep or by necessity means that he might sweetness to it. And if I was to ask you a question, we've answered yourselves, in your mind, how many of us have actually tasted the sweetness of female. In fact, 100 years even knew that there was such a thing as the sweetness

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of a man. A lot of people dial in number and he describes this religion and he describes the heat and he describes schema and he describes the law. He describes it to a tree and authority. A lot of a lot of restaurant. Kenny went on when he met in

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a lawsuit supposedly the Paragon and the example of the good. What is the good word? It is

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the example of that one is like the example of a good tree. And what's one of the greatest benefits of a good tree. The good sweet fruit that it produces the tastes that you have when you crunch into the apple or you pick the orange when you take that banana that is what a good tree gives you My sweet fruit. And so likewise Eman also has a lot. A lot should allow you to taste that sweetness and that is one of the biggest problems we face

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But the fact that we can't teach that students in fact, forget the sweetness, we don't even know where the trees, we can't even rotate that you don't even know, we'll forget the tree, we don't even know where the garden or the tree is, or where's the orchard, where we can go and find that tree and

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share with them in detail

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of the past. He said, number one is the magician has agenda in the hereafter. As we all know there's a lot of power lies in the hereafter. But in order for you to enter into the garden, you must first enter into the garden of this world.

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That was a very trance state before you enter into the garden of a law, on the day of judgment in general, you must enter into the garden of this world. What is the garden of this world? What is the agenda of this world, that gentleman is tasting the sweetness of the man, that is what the agenda is, if you can achieve that in this world, then you will get Charlemagne the blessings of Allah is messy achieve, gentlemen, the next slide, because a lot is quite general in many ways in the world. And he says, for example, that it is a recipe, for example, that the person that enters into it will never want anything else in exchange allows us, for example, the gentleman expressing the soul

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perpetual, and they keep renewing themselves, that he will never become bored, you will never be anything other than satisfied by gender. So likewise, if that is the gender of the athlete, or likewise, by inquiring into the heart of this loan, by tasting the sweetness of the man, you'll never want to be, you'll never want to leave that. Once you taste that sweetness of the man, you will never want it to go. And you will try everything you can in order to get it back. That is the beauty of this how evil the prophet SAW the love, it will send three things which if you do, you will taste the sweetness of the map. And if you want to see the truth and reality of the statement,

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you don't need to look any further than ourselves and compare us to the companions of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. For example, if I was to say to you that this is obviously a an absurd statement, because I will never actually say this. But if I was for the sake of argument to say that you will enter into gender, parity doesn't matter what you do, you will enter into gender fibers to give you that guarantee right here on that. And it was a solid guarantee. None of those, like, you know, dodgy things that you get people calling you up, this is a solid guarantee that you will get intergender that is the guarantee that I give you right now. Ask yourself this question. How would

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you worship a lot change after the penalty?

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Would it increase and become better? odd, the opposite? Would you completely stop.

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And if you think about

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ourselves, myself included, it would be that we just go for a

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normal version, no fasting Ramadan, no need to give money to people in the charity, learn that stuff, right? Nothing wrong retirement, like we're just going on holiday, right? That's it, everything. And the guarantee is you can do whatever you want. And you will get into gym. That basically means anything you want, anything that was normally around

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whatever you want, and anything that was obligatory of you is gonna love bigotry, do what you want. And I think most of us will take that approach. And that is a sign of our demand. But what we fail to realize is that this guarantee was given to a number of the companions of the Prophet son alone where it was said, they were given such a guarantee that they will enter into gentlemen, irrespective of what they do, they would have gems of armor,

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and many others. They were promised Paradise by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and innumerable statements he actually said to them, doesn't matter what you do after today, you will get into gender, like the process of circumcenter as a member of your loved one, when he gave 1000 camels in the way of love, he said, doesn't matter what was the man does not have to do into gender. That's like the open ended statements. Except there's no but so whatever he does, he will continue to change. Even after that point, he becomes the West

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Region. But then look at the lives of those people.

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After the death of the profits on the love army instead of did they go and retire? Did they go on holiday? And it was well done? The other day, they've spent 20 years of their lives sacrificing Buddhist religion. Don't they deserve a break? Don't they deserve to own retirement? Should they be allowed to like pass this on to someone else? But instead, even after the death of the law, barely even send them the increasing email? They would do even more they would strike even more. They would worship a lot even more. And you will think it was impossible. How can you do that? After the death of the prophet SAW the love it

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Senator did so, and he never stopped. Why? Because it wasn't the case of it's a burden. For me it's an issue of our own. What is an issue of an obligation or a provision? It was, what they found was that they tasted the sweetness of the man. And once they tasted that sweetness of the love, didn't matter what everyone else wanted a want, whether they actually didn't have to, they wanted that piece. And they wanted to preserve the taste. And he wanted to keep tasting it because it was so delicious. And that's why they continued to worship Allah the way that they did. And it's amazing when you read their minds, like you think, with these people, even human, right, you think, well,

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maybe the angels have something because of the way they were, after the death of the Prophet, some of

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them will go a long way, would recycle or others. And he got hundreds of people behind him, pray behind him. And he will say that he was quite so much, he would cry so much from his recitation of the Quran, that the people behind him couldn't understand what he was saying, weren't able to decipher the virtual diversity. Because of how much he would quite remember of your love, it would lead the complainants in prayer, he would cry so much that the people behind him would cry because of his

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age just because they moved in that same way. But because of the way that he cried the emotions that they had listening to the plank, it would make them cry. That that the beauty of the way that the last panel, apparently, these are people that will come to you, gentlemen. And that's why this tasting the sweetness of the man is not just an understatement. It's not just something which I want you to just listen to, it was in one ear comes up, I want you to try and experience this, I want you to try to go back to the best of your ability. Ask him a lot for some reason blacula, that He gives you the tofield and the ability and the business to be able to do this. And I want you to try just

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once, and see if you can find that peace of mind. And if you sincerely try, Allah will help you. And once you find that sweetness of the man and you taste it, honestly, I promise that he will never want to go back. You will never look back. Because that's how beautiful it is, is like someone saying that once you go into Germany, you can leave, they will never want to eat. So not like a no brainer smoking with a question that's worth asking, once they enter, they will never want to leave hard enough.

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They will live there forever, neither will they want anything else in exchange. So profits on the long

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game was three very practical ways. The first it said that Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to you than everything else. Allah and His Messenger, are more beloved to you than everything else. That is a simple statement yet again. But its meaning is so comprehensive and so profound, that you implemented in your lives is a very difficult stroke, that Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to you with everything else. We know for example, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he was having none of you truly believed until IMO beloved him that his parents and his children, and a lot of the people

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on the love line when he came to the Prophet, he will send them and he said, Listen, Jamila, you won't be loving to me, you won't be loving to everyone else, with the exception of myself. What did he say? Not yet.

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whatsoever? Not yet, what what is the waiting for? Not yet, meaning that you haven't yet completed email, you haven't reached the perfection of email. So that the alarm rang, he reflected on himself. And he realized that he sacrificed so much for the

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sacrifice to sacrifice his life, and he sacrificed as well. And he would put himself in harm's way to ensure that not a single drop of blood would leave the body of the party.

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So after reflecting on that, he said, No,

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I have realized that you are more beloved to me than everyone including myself. So what did the most of them say?

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Now, you have reached that status of email. So what does that mean to not a lot is messenger more than anything else? It means that you learn about the religion, you study the Quran, you study the life of a rocket, so the longer it will send them, you read it, you learn about it, you study it, and then implement it in your life and you submit to it and you fight off those desires that go against that is basically in a nutshell, but it's very, very difficult to do because often what we find in the Quran and Sunnah of the law tells us to do on the southern border is to do is something which can be fixed in many of our designs. Many of our natural inclination is that

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natural inclination is to sleep in the morning or not wake up.

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Naturally pronation is to keep the money we have in our pockets in our pockets, not to give it to other people. Our natural inclination is not to starve ourselves for 18 hours a day, it is to eat and drink, but to put a lot and His Messenger before everything else shows that submission shows that faith shows that, that hope that you have been allowed the trust that you have in Allah, the certainty that you have in the promise of Allah. And that's why the prophets on a low bar and he will send them was once visiting a river and it was with a number of his companions. And after he visited the great red reduce alarms to the, to the deceased Muslims there, he said out loud, he

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said, I want to meet my brothers, I want to meet my brothers and sisters. So the companions were amazed, perplexed by the state, they sent a message of love, we love your brothers. stunningly Have you logged into it as well already. So he said, No. He said, You are my companions. You're not my brothers, you are my companions. My brothers are those people who will come after me. They never saw me. And they will still have faith in me, and they will follow. So

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that is what it means to be a part of the process. And

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we went there, we never lived with the processor, never sat with him, never spoke to him. Don't worry, don't slide don't know anything about in terms of like firsthand information. All we have we have from books. And

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that's it. It's still we believe in, we have faith in individuals, the messenger model, the Law Center, and so on and so forth. And that evolves and dictates that belief in him dictates that we follow him. And we placed him above everything else, even if it means going against our designs, even if it means that other people around us will look down on us, even if it means that the criticizes, even if it means that when you walk down the street, people give you funny looks over a shop abusively. That's what it means. Because the profits are a lot more unequal than continued in a hurry. And he said, my brothers are those people who have never met me, never saw me, they would

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have beaten me, and they will follow me. He said for one of them to hold on to this religion will be like holding on to red hot coals. That's how difficult it will be to worship Allah to come close to Allah to follow the example that

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imagine taking a red popsicle and holding in your hand. And despite all of your natural inclinations, to let it go, throw it away, work away, you keep it in the palm of your hand. Because you know, that's what it takes the profits of a lot of r&d facilities. And he said, for one of those people, meaning those people who hold on to this religion, like what hot coals for one of them is the reward of 70. They said original love, do you mean 74 months them for 74 months

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is that no rather simple, almost

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imagined to reward 70 components of the profits on the lower end incentive. And it's a gentleman happy to didn't stipulate that and say, you know, a buck or more or it could be any one of them. Imagine 70 times the reward of one.

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And that's because the faith that you need to follow the prompts are certain after his death, it is much more difficult. Because during his life, you'd see his miracles, you know that the blood was being revealed to him, you'd speak to him and he would give you that sprint that you need in your Eman, you will have it as a real life role model. Imagine that if you had a question about any issue of your religion, don't need to go to Google don't need to go listen to a book you don't need to ask someone. The prophets Allah

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is the person you ask if you want to want to pray.

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In the heart of as nice as he is, I'm sure a lot of these reciters it is the process of leading the path, you want to go and listen to the final output. And the wondering like is going to be notable initial Samadhi is the province of a lot more legal center given.

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That's what those companions have. So in a way, alaric gave him a great message. That's why they have such a special status in our religion, because they did and saw him and they saw that time. But for us, it is more typical. Because we don't have anyone to hold us and say I'm getting liberation from a lot concerning this issue. We have to go and plant a lot of effort to go to the Oregon and the sun and write those rulings that are the standard and then apply and implement them. So the reward is great. A lot of soldier alarm soldier knows this. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said they're gonna love this created paradise in the hellfire. He created them. He told me

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to set up to go and look at the two. I went up came back when summarizing the origin came back. He said to Allah that I don't think anyone

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We'll hear about Jenna except that they will completely. And I don't think anyone will hear about the Hellfire, except that they will feed on the word of it. So then Alexa will just paste hardships around gentleman. And he picks ease and comfort and luxury around the halfpipe. And then he said, should we not go back.

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And so he went, and he looked at the tube, and he came back. And he said, I fear that hardly anyone will enter into gender. And I'm a lot I fear that everyone will fall into the fight. That is the hardship. When you wake up. In the morning, when you make water with cold water, and the heat is not on yet, or the pipes, I started working in your house, and I'm really looking at

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those problems that you face on a daily basis. That is a struggle that you face. But that is one of those things that will be closer to the gym. And that's what it means to love a law and the prophets of the law. Marlene said that more than anything else that was also special about the companions, that they will sacrifice everything for the profits of the love it will send them they will never question it. They wouldn't stand up and say But why? But if but only but maybe they wish to accept what he said. Because they knew that that was a part of the fate that they had. And that's why when the profits are low value, we'll send them went on that miraculous journey from Mecca to Jerusalem

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into the heavens and back. What did the non Muslims do? What did the Orisha take an hour to do? The first person that they went to was doubled up? Because they thought I was crazy, is taking too long with a single made from Russia to Jerusalem, which in that time would take a month. Not only that, but then he went to the heavens, came back, went all the way home to America, and was asleep in his bed. So they went to Walmart and they said, Have you learned what your companion is see in the profits over

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and above at the store was only the one we had to get meant the profits on the Lamar legal center will have this incident from his lips. So they went and told him what he was saying. And they said how can you believe such a man? What

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did you say? Let me go and check the facts. Anyone verify? Maybe you missed? A spoke, maybe he woke up? He was feeling a bit tired? didn't know what he was saying? He said no. He said by a lot if he said that, that I believe. He said how can you believe such a thing? He said, I believe that every day revelation comes in directly from the heavens. So why wouldn't I believe him about a single trip in his life.

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That is the man that his companions had. That is how they sacrificed everything for a lot. And for the profits of a lot of money. And exact sacrifices in the first place to taste the sweetness of that sacrifice that is within putting a lot of a lot more ideas than before everything else. The second thing that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that will allow you to taste the sweetness of the man. He said that you have someone that you love for the sake of a lot that you have someone that you love, only for the sake of a lot. And really, honestly, we already have this relationship. What relationship is the loss of someone speaking about you speaking about friendship,

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that's what he's speaking about. And everyone has spread. I hope everyone has spread publicity within rundown, geocaching you let people know that you will call your friends. Everyone has this relationship. It's one of the first relationships that we develop, we will know we have children, we have a family member brothers and sisters, and so on one of the first external relationships that our child can make his friends, and go out before their business acquaintances and business partners. All of those are the things they would have friends, maybe it's their cousins, maybe it's for example, the children, their neighbors, maybe the messaging and make some friends. One of the

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first relationships that we have, once the profits are low, or instead of saying, one of the ways that you taste the sweetness of the man is that you make sure that that friendship is for the sake of Allah. It's not because you need money. It's not because you want to like, for example, marry someone in the family. It's not because of any of those reasons. It is for a lot of

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others the mistake that we made, most of the friends that we have just became a friend, or that relationship was because they happen to be in our class, or on our course, or maybe they grew up in our neighborhood. Or maybe my parents know their parents. That's the way we make friendships. That's how these relationships are formed. For the vast majority of us. It's a very organic way. But the bumps are missing that you need. That's okay. You can have those types of friends. But you also need that special group of people around you that you only have that friendship for the sake of love. Because when you have that friendship for the sake of Allah, then those people will ensure by the

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permission of the law that you will be strong. Then the types of friends when you go out and you have a nice day.

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time, when the time comes that we make the same mistake that 10 minutes, I'm going to play that the kind of people who are in the month of Ramadan, where you might be visiting ABC and D, they'll say, gee, why don't we just take that 30 minutes today just to recite some extra? When they have some very good cause, they will say, why don't we give up the extra child 55 times, why don't we give 10 and they will always encourage you always look out for you, and they won't be ashamed. They won't be scared, they won't be afraid of reminding you of a lot when you need to be reminded. So if

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you're not doing something that you shouldn't be doing as a Muslim, then they won't be shy, they won't feel that their friendship will be ruined if they bring this up to you. So they will mention it to you not why. Because what's more important to them is that a lot of and that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned to us the hadith of a man was leaving the village and was going to another village to visit a friend. So it was a gem, an angel in the form of a man. And the angel came and he said to the man from the village, where are you going? And he said, I'm going to such and such a village, is that you? Why are you going? Is it because you have some money issues?

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Maybe you need some money? Or you need to get some loan repaid? You said no, not because of money. Is that Is it because of marriage? Maybe you want to marry some of them? He was talking to someone from your village? He said no. He said that for some other reason from the dunya. The man said no. So they asked him that Why? He said only for the sake of Allah, only because I love that person for the sake of Allah. So the angel said, I am an angel, the new road has been down to you. I know that just as you love your friend for the sake of Allah, that Allah also loves you.

00:31:44 --> 00:31:51

How amazing is that we already have these friendships, or we have to do is treating the profits on themselves. In the

00:31:52 --> 00:31:58

long run. The losses and I have eaten footsie four types of people, a lot of them.

00:32:00 --> 00:32:32

A lot of one of them is obligatory a lot that he loves what types of people the profits on the lower end, we'll send them set those who love one another for the sake of Allah, and those who sit with one another for the sake of Allah, and those who visit one another for the sake of a lot. And those who strive for one another for the sake of Allah. It's exactly what friends do. They love one another, they support one another, they trust one another. They visit one another, they sit with one another, and they strike one another. But what's the common denominator? What makes it

00:32:33 --> 00:32:41

go from a normal friendship, to the friendship that a lot of speaking about it is for the sake of Allah? It is for lossy. And that's what

00:32:42 --> 00:32:43

he says.

00:32:44 --> 00:32:47

Yo, man even better than I do. In

00:32:48 --> 00:33:25

the best of firms on the day of judgment will be enemies work to another except for the price on the right. How can a best friend become your enemy on the day of judging that person that you trust the most, you probably speak to them more than you probably speak to some of your family members. Normally we confide in these people, before we even confide in our parents. Normally the first people that we speak to in the day, and the last people that we speak to about this is how close we are to these people are unknown, that they will be our enemies. And we will be there. How? Because on normal Deanna, we will say it was our friend that delayed us from going to the prep, it was our

00:33:25 --> 00:34:05

friend, that didn't remind us that we need to reset them overnight. It was our friend when instead of making me give the money to charity, he told me to go and spend it on something else. Or she did. And so we will blame one another except for the except for the people of piety and righteousness whose friendship was already based on lopsided platform on human piano, they will reap the benefits of their friendship. This is an extremely important point. Look at the friends that you have around you. Not only the way that they are friends to you, but the way that you are friends to them as well. Ask yourself this question. How have you benefited your friends in front of a lot. Look at the

00:34:05 --> 00:34:05


00:34:07 --> 00:34:46

They will choose extremely close friends, the best of friends. And you find by studying their lives, that whatever else they face in their life, they will always support one another. They're always constantly with one another. They're always striving to one another. And they're always competing with one another for the mercy of the last panel in town. They're always in competition. And that's where everyone knows the famous story in the book, when remember the loved one was wealthy at the time. So he came to give some charity to the process of selling. And he gave half of this month thinking that normal animals today were better than half of my mother who's going to give half of

00:34:46 --> 00:35:00

everything they own. But then a loved one came with everything that he had. And the profits on the long run equals send them said Jim, who have you left behind for yourself and your family. What have you left behind? What did he say? He said about

00:35:00 --> 00:35:30

For them, Allah and His messenger. Look at the way he combined between the first two points on demand. Number one, for everything online is messenger before everything else, everything for the sake of Allah, I like for them a lot in his messenger. And the second point look at a friendship. And it wasn't more of jealousy. And I didn't go and stop for the rest of the day and say, Look, I'm never going to speak to you again, even like this was my only chance. And he took it from me. No, it was a friendship based upon love for loss.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:36

And so he was happy that his brother did better. And that's why the alumni

00:35:37 --> 00:36:04

disappeared, beautiful story, whenever one of your loved ones into the midst of vision. And he led the Muslims in prayer. And after the first prayer, he went in a different direction as the way that he normally takes to go to different parts of Medina. And one of the LA Rams saw him doing soul searching and taking a different role. And so he was curious, where is abubaker going at such an early hour in the morning. And so we followed. And he followed him to the outskirts of Medina. And I woke up

00:36:05 --> 00:36:40

at about, and you get into that heart. And he stayed there for some time. And then he left and went home. And remember, the loved one was just sitting there watching and read. And he wants to know what's the lubricant, so that I can go and do the same thing. I could compete with a robot I could be like, so he goes on, he knocks on the door. And he enters and he finds an old woman or brain woman. So he says, Who are you? And what are you doing here? And who is that man? And what did he want from me. And so the old woman said, I'm an old white woman, and I'm no father or brother or son.

00:36:42 --> 00:37:03

And I become so old that I must become blind. As for this man who comes every single day, I don't know who he is no idea. But every day he comes to my house in the morning, and he cleans my house. And he looks my goals. And he makes my bread. And he fixes all of the first of my house. And then he leaves. And until this day, I

00:37:05 --> 00:37:10

left that house in tears, quiet. And he said attacked.

00:37:12 --> 00:37:17

Anyone who becomes a honeypot who will never be able to live up to his standards.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:20

Look how easy would have been.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:35

There's an old blind woman in the outskirts of Medina, someone going out somewhere or making some food somewhere going fixed, fixed, she was aware of she needed going out. But how many of the competitors would have rushed to one hop that will go

00:37:37 --> 00:37:58

even though he's the most important person in that society, there's so many issues to deal with. He will go and he will do it himself. Because that's tasting the sweetness of the man. And the loved one will go and do it himself. Because he has that friend. That's that's always this woman is always looking up to him. He's always trying to strike with him for the sake of the loss of

00:37:59 --> 00:38:03

the third point that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that

00:38:04 --> 00:38:18

he could taste the sweetness of the matter is that he disliked to leave this religion, just as you dislike to be thrown in the fire, that you dislike to leave this religion, that just as you dislike, to be thrown into the fire.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:24

This is basically an issue of holding yourself to a tank.

00:38:25 --> 00:38:43

You need to look at ourselves and assess our lives. If we were to die today, how confident are you that allow showering you with is messy, but allow them into judgment today, based upon what you've done so far? How confident are you that you have done enough to attain the pleasure of loss?

00:38:45 --> 00:39:11

Or is it the opposite? Are you completely unconfident, you have no confidence in this. And the likelihood is that a law would punish almost everything every day that you wake up every day that you live, it gives you a chance gives you a chance to increase in worship gives you a chance to strengthen your email gives you a chance to do some good to benefit those people around you. It gives you a chance to make Toba to repent to seek forgiveness from him. So

00:39:13 --> 00:39:44

it gives you a chance every single day that you wake up. How many chances Have you missed? How many chances will be squandered? And how many more chances do you have left? And the reality is that we don't know. There's a common division in exercise that people normally do. I don't know if you've come across this before, but what they normally say is for example, assess your life, what you do at home, what you do, I love everything your whole life. Now imagine someone wants to say to you that Tonight you will die

00:39:46 --> 00:39:59

last night, Tonight you will die. So they gave me the guarantee of gender. This is like one of those other full strategies, which no one can prove. But for the sake of argument and it's a possibility that tonight is the last month of your life.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:20

What would you go and cheat? What would you do? What would be different on this night? Well, how would you change your plans tonight? From when you already have time in your mind for the rest of the evening? Once it? What What would you change, knowing the reality of your life is coming to an end. This is what the loss of power dialer and the prophet SAW.

00:40:21 --> 00:41:01

Want us to assess every single day of our lives up to the moment, the alarm company would say, every day that passes by a part of your life passes with a bit of you leaves with it, because that time will never come back to you. You'll never get the chance again. You can't be one of them. We all know that. We all know for example, you just have to look at when you went to primary school. How many of you remember when you were in primary school? Everyone remember, it was just an old people always say that. It was like it was yesterday. But that means that the time was done by so quick. And we haven't really used didn't really utilize it the way that we wanted. And often people say if

00:41:01 --> 00:41:25

I could turn back the clock, then I would do this and this I would change this and this. But there are things you can't so there's no point thinking about silly stuff later. If you waste only time, think about how you'd be right about Professor crazy, because then you lose the rest of your life worrying about reminding that pop. But you still have a chance to learn it's still giving you that chance that you dislike to leave this religion just as you decide to be thrown into the fire of

00:41:27 --> 00:41:44

the province on a number of equal settlements asked by his companions. Where can we meet? Where would you be well, we can be conceived as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, I will be at my farm, I will be at my home and I will conclude the Shabbat with this story. I will be at my pond.

00:41:45 --> 00:42:06

And we know from the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the water of this part will come from this river and coastal in general, that water will come from that river in general is river cork and Kolkata. And the water will come out to this pump, which is outside of China. And the profits are low it will send it will be standing there serving people himself with his own hand.

00:42:07 --> 00:42:20

He mentioned that the process of them serving you, how much would you have given what you have sacrificed? How much would you have spent just to serve him once a single cup of water just to see him once just to shake his hand once, just

00:42:22 --> 00:42:48

once. But on the on the honor that the processor will give to his followers is that he will serve that he will stand and he will serve them and he will serve them with golden cups of the woods of his farm. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described that what he said is whiter than milk, sweeter than honey, more fragrant than must whosoever prints from it will never be zesty again. That's how amazing

00:42:49 --> 00:43:29

the profits on the long run He will send them said though, as he's standing there by his poem, waiting and welcoming his followers in his home now, there will be a group of people find this former Muslims a group of people from this room who will be coming close towards his party. But just as they come close, the angels will come and they will drive them away. push them back and right away. So the prophets of Allah equals send them out of his mercy, his kindness, his gentleness placed on them. And he will say, I'm a teen monkey. These are people for my employer, they are people for mine, let them come let them drink. But the angels will say, you don't know what they did

00:43:29 --> 00:43:31

to religion after you die.

00:43:32 --> 00:43:48

That's what they'll say. You don't know what happened to religion, what they did your religion after you die, there may be misinterpreted, the way that they will choose what to follow and what not to follow the way that they would just pick and choose elements that suited them. You don't know what they chose religion.

00:43:49 --> 00:44:17

And imagined on that day, by coming after years of longing and waiting to see them once you find the seam in the horizon. And it's not just any type of medium is going to serve you with this water that will make you experience noticed ever again. And just as you come close, the angels come and they push you away. And they say about you that you change his religion after he died. Well, what's the opposite of love it you see them saying in response to the angels? He said, Sir,

00:44:20 --> 00:44:26

take them away from remove them from a distance than probably those people will change my religion.

00:44:27 --> 00:44:59

He will free himself from those people. Imagine how much grief and sadness and loss we feel on that day. Being one of those people that instead of putting the profits on a lot of it will send them first is that bring a lot of us is that a premium or add plus, we chose to pick and choose elements of our religion. We chose to change the religion to suit us. We chose to not follow that example Trump's sacrifice. So on that day, they will make no sacrifice for us as well. They will free themselves from us just as in our lives.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:36

Even though we don't do this explicitly, we don't say it. But our actions say, and they speak volumes for us, that we are distancing ourselves from them, from their, from their way from the teachings, through the way that we talk, the way that we act, the way that we deal with other people. When we don't follow the guidelines of a lot of these prophets, Allah says, mic was, will distance himself from those people, my dear brothers and sisters in the 70s are three very simple things that are easily in the past for every single person sitting here today. And I put up coming today and said, You don't like from the way that you strengthen your marriage, and you memorize the

00:45:36 --> 00:45:45

Koran. And that is a way, it's very difficult for most people to do that. And that's sad, but it's the reality, I could have come in and said, one of the ways that you stood the new humanities you

00:45:46 --> 00:45:47

go every month.

00:45:49 --> 00:46:26

But again, it's impractical for us. So instead, I chose to give you three things that are in the trust our world, and some of you, in fact, everyone has started on all of these three things to a certain way. It's just that we found obstacles in the way shape parents, companies, pieces, different obstacles, in our path, in all of these three things, in sacrificing for love the process of setting them in having friendship for the sake of Allah, in follow the religion of Allah, and not wanting to do that religion. But chicken comes in whispers into pieces, these obstacles, and some of us we fall back because of these obstacles, others are still stuck. They don't know which way to go.

00:46:26 --> 00:47:05

They don't know how to get around the Boulder. They don't know how to get over the obstacle. And so this and so it's not difficult. What it takes though, is self discipline, takes determination, takes you really wanting to taste that sweetness of email. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he looked throughout his life, when you look at how much he nurtured his companions, who educated them, he will never, hardly ever, if ever find a single hobby that speaks about military strategy, find your single heavy images, and said, this is the best battle formation. This is the way that you might want to watch it. This is the type of weaponry that you should look into

00:47:05 --> 00:47:42

inventing, finding a single hobby in which you have any of those things, the process of selling them never focus on each of those issues. Maybe not have Ethernet in the bathroom in the midst of the battle and say go and set up the troops there or something. But other than that in Medina, is the role of the time in between those battles. There was no preparation. Yes, the companions will archers, they would ride horses, they were just so many things in preparation, but you won't find a concerted effort. There was no military school, there was no Santos right at that time where they would learn this stuff. So instead, what did the officer focus on? What did he spend 23 years

00:47:42 --> 00:48:19

teaching his companion expect teaching them how to teach the sweetness of the mind. Because if you taste the sweetness of vanilla, everything else is easy. Everything else is easy. But if you can't taste the sweetness of the man, doesn't matter how scientifically advanced you are, doesn't matter how logically advanced you are, doesn't matter about any of those things. Because that heart and heart is what matters. At heart, you're still very weak, you're still disconnected, you still have no attachment to anything, you can easily be bought up by the by the luxuries of this dunya by money by fame by power, all of those things are temptations to so the profits are low, Harvey was seven

00:48:19 --> 00:48:57

level focused on these issues, he would focus on the heart, focus on what makes the person struggling the man focused on the ways that people can teach the students of the mind focus on the way people can attach themselves to a lot how to worship Allah, how to connect with the Quran. That's what the life of a prophet SAW a lot of our teachers, as well as kind of Darla place was Beautiful Names and attributes, that it gives us the ability to strengthen our human without a loss of power dynamics us for amongst those people were normally mo resurrected without our profits on the lower legal center. And it will be given the shape of a love and you will be allowed to meet the

00:48:57 --> 00:49:35

profits of a lover it will send them and drink from his pump and it will be entered into the agenda as the last panel data that strengthens our email enables us to sacrifice for large profits or lower the standard that we put them before everything else that we have friends that we have for the sake of a lot of love alone, and that we dislike to be treated this religion just as we dislike to be entered into the rest of the Los Angeles world and degenerative for those that are that. I like to thank the brothers and the Sisters of this place. I really wish they invited me here to York University very distantly from Birmingham. Very happy to be here with you.

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