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The speaker discusses the use of displays or dunya as a means to achieve a certain goal, but acknowledges that usage of displays or d pointers has failed to deliver on this goal. They suggest that individuals who make displays or d pointers are the ones who are successful at achieving the goal and that smart individuals make the same investments as successful parents. The speaker also mentions that people who have success at achieving the goal are those who have wealth.

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You see, we have failed to realize the usage of displays or dunya. called this world, the usage of this world is that it should become the means to achieve your akhira. Your hereafter successful are those who make this dunya as a means to achieve

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the hereafter wise are those who invest

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who invest on their parents as a means to achieve the hereafter.

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Intelligent are those who make the children as a means to achieve akhira and smart are those who invest their wealth as a means to achieve the hereafter.

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But our