Justice In Islam – Recite & Reflect #25

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This higher highlights the importance of standing up for justice, witnessing Allah subhanaw taala. Now the point of reflection is we cannot deceive Allah Allah Allah, Allah no way is it possible for any human being to cheat Allah because he is anomala who you he is the one who is the knower of unseen. So Allah gives an instruction to stand up for justice witnessing ALLAH SubhanA Huhtala. And there is a very interesting point over here is that usually we go in an unjust way when it comes to myself, my parents, my own relatives, and that's what exactly Allah Allah is a highlights. Even if the Justice goes against yourself, your parents and your relatives, you need to stand just you know

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for justice, at any cost, regardless whether it is against yourself, your parents or your relatives. Another point of reflection is usually we follow our own desires. And because of that, we deal with people unjustly. Allah Almighty reminds us that we need to believe that Allah is the knower of all that we do. So stand for justice, even if it is against yourself, your parents or your relatives.