Correcting Muslim Preacher who Forbids Football

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh how are you guys doing? I was recently made aware of a video that brother Abdul Rahman hasn't had made on the permissibility of football or lack thereof. And this video I found it astounding

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absolutely astounding

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and I've just come to the conclusion that there must be a deeper reason why such conclusions are being met. So after I've done the initial prognosis, if you want to call it that or diagnostic and once we've quickly just ran through some of the things that he said

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I'm gonna offer some solutions inshallah tada Okay, I'm gonna offer some solutions so the first thing he said was that the reason why football

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what well he was saying about football that it hasn't helped move your vitamins Allah

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what Kim calling

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or putting into place laws which are

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man made laws against the against to Holly foo against the laws of Islam.

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Let's take a look at this astonishing and shocking okay. segment of him speaking about this harmful thing he has his back he will go on in the lobby area, manmade laws are applied here in the game. For example, first of all, Allah says No Malaria can be canceled. Okay.

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The Prophet also says Allah Allah Allah said Well, I had to come out of the hyrulean out of the main room barossa Latina Saba Haemophilia a comet to have been filled out the Haley area limited Aruba, Irina, remember nessa you are him a lot of educators even imagine his hacer la sala him a lot of dedicated instances. Some scholars have weakened and others we're coming to an issue known as combinative. Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah sent Subhana. Allah we spoken about this issue. Let's not take it to the because some of these forms can be recorded. Some of these forms can be called for record we mentioned in the podcast we did yeah, we've done a podcast on in the form that it can

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become more flexible.

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What's the bare minimum that you

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go for Oscar is higher than Akira matrices. So where the man made losing footballers? Okay, we know in our legislation, what do we have? In our show? Yeah, we have a budget and we'll have a lot in our 50 books. If you look at it, when the scholars speak about fit, they divided into four or even if you want, say two, let's make it for the bad act of worship.

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I buy that. Then we have an amulet lsbu Nika Bella Vista. Hola. Hola.

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Then you have

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an LG, not yet. Jeanette are crimes that are committed. And then I will do which are capital punishment. Okay. Reality punishment for those scholars. That's what are our legal Islamic legislation revolves around

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the things you study. Now, football consists of is a game of coming into contact.

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When a person attacks another person and breaks a person's bones, or brace a person's leg or get past gets injured, or a person who puts a finger in a person's eye, do they go to the chapters of an engineer yet? And

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anyone who was in the vicinity will will Judo hacker sauce Do you believe? Do they say that? No. Will they read the code writers stoneage yellowcard called the pitch Typically, this is a game. That's the game that's in our religion we have it doesn't matter whether it's a game or not Islam

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as you mentioned at the beginning, so all you have to liquid is the manual mechanics that governs everything it conforms to everything our religion enters every minute thing you go to the toilet, you're taught how to kill yourself. I'm absolutely astounded by that.

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Because here the obviously the assumption let's let's say why is wrong, okay? The assumption is

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that, for example, they're playing football and someone gets injured to the point where one of the limbs gets amputated, which rarely happens or Okay, their bones got broken, which sometimes does happen, right? That the punishment is going to be automatic removal of the game, red card or whatever it is. And he says that this goes against Islamic laws, which indicate that you know, whatever it is have precise has to be given basically, which you can see in the quotable fill in the Bible of Jeannette.

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How pathetic sorry.

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How is that a contradiction? When if it's an Islamic State, the person the claimant can actually still make the claim.

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And he'll have video evidence to suggest that the person actually hurt them. For anything for

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All of this being recorded will help the retribution of justice if that particular court decides to take videographic evidence.

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I don't see how there's that mohyla for health out

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and why is it assumed that a referee should have I think about this for a second Why should the referee have the powers to do hotdogs or punishments or does your auto ever maybe

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just think before you speak, just think

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this is absolutely diabolical.

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This is absolutely dire when he talks about not getting along with or not loving, not being able to love people of different faiths and religion. Let's take a look at what he has to say.

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The middle like who's offside and without any penalty where he's shot from all of these are animals administrative This is my good okay with you were talking about guanine to Holly for Aqua light I'll go against the laws of a lack of adequate island which the football players are forced to follow for example some of them and will expand or some of them for example some of the laws that the army that they go into is

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the player is made to love his football player team member even if he's of different religion.

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It doesn't have to question how you play with you how you play just like you call it you at work you've got anonymous and colleagues and we have to love we work together Of course you're working it's a job for them. There are some of you who come out saying we don't get along better job late years later had big rifts between these two guys okay? I'm really agree with you two or three people you might not get along with no problem. They can't get along with the entire team members.

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You've mentioned no different to me in my corporate job in my company. I've got non Muslims I have to work with them. I'm like some of them I don't

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usually can come into your work and do your work and leave it's got nothing to do you don't even know if your team your team members or your people you're working with here. It's a team thing. I need to know who the striker is I the goalkeeper needs to know the Yani. You have to be Nanodegree this point you're part of it happens when a Muslim marries a Christian or Jew.

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What happened with the Prophet Muhammad wa salam?

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O Allah subhanaw taala he revealed in the color demon habita

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were like in the Lucha de Maya

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if a hobbit Toby I

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love that's not relating to the religion, natural love between people from different faiths is haram than the Prophet fell into Hara

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we will see how your methodologies and how your statements are so totally against the sun on the Quran. The I'm shocked with all due respect that you had the absolute audacity to come out and speak in the manner that you have on a topic like this.

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Where enter kulu Allah He may Allah tala moon that you may say about a lot You don't even know

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what and I'm I'm shocked that someone who's spent so much time. I'm actually I can't hold it in and I'm not going to lie to anyone here. I don't want to backbite this man behind his back. I'm going to tell you guys exactly what I think. This shows with all due respect. The difference the important difference between someone who studies and regurgitates and memorizes knowledge and someone who thinks and contemplates there's no better kind of example we can get for this. How can you come to these conclusions?

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How can you

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praising disbelievers? And he's indicating that Well, look, he's I say, I'm not gonna go into the permissibility or lack thereof.

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He says, what I am going to say is I can't see how someone can bring themselves to praise someone who basically is a disbeliever. And he, he mentions a few traits. So let's see what he says on this matter. And come back.

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That's something for the women, men I'm imitating the woman in the sweater.

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It has been but Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I'm sorry to go back to something we were discussing earlier. You mentioned the Heidi to me yesterday, which I'd like to bring forward in Sharla. We're talking about the way we look up to some of the Muslims look up to non Muslim footballers and things like that, are you lots of praise and I must say he's so good at football. Scholars talk about authenticity, like in discussion back and forth regarding the Prophet somebody service that letter who really cool efficacy either way, no.

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Don't say, monastic or a disbeliever. is a master good or don't praise her for you know, in Yakuza, if he is then sort of under your load, you're not allowed to praise him and speak highly of him. So if the headache is authentic,

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lot of back and forth to it but the point is, the point is, I don't want to fall on all the press my

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I'm saying I even if there was a shadow prohibition on this issue, I can't

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Someone who said Allah has got a child. Allah has a child. So someone who doesn't believe in Allah His existence, somebody who doesn't even worship would like to work with Allah, who disobey Allah of the creative abodes into this world. I honestly can't speak greatly and high in glorifying like that I can't use my heart won't allow me. If someone says inside your mother, your mother, you wouldn't you wouldn't even know what this value is. Or you wouldn't even like him in any way, shape or form. You have enmity towards him. What about Allah? I know you're saying this is such a good play. I want to watch him I like the way he plays.

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Also, the concept of backbiting your lady damage terrible katella one in Nevada one emobility justice baba baba

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Kula he made a mockery to Allah in lamotta. Why would why yada.

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Now, this is absolutely diabolical.

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And this is my life and his Sunnah. He is mentioning a hadith which he says, oh, the authenticity of it is we don't know whether it's strong or weak. Well, let me give you three Hadees, which we know the authenticity is strong. Number one more time. If Nadi was a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explicitly, absolutely explicitly said, had he been alive.

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I wouldn't have I would have forgiven this I would have asked Allah to forgive these people.

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So this is a kind of praise, but you might say no.

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You guys mentioned the philosophers.

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Why? You mentioned the philosophers. You have Khurana sooner. Why are you mentioning, you know, thinkers and so

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why measuring Aristotle?

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Why mentioning Plato.

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Why I want to tell you something today that maybe you did not know

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that the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam he mentioned a bait of shaft. He mentioned a line of shaft for a man called lobbied to us nonbeliever before the time of Islam.

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And he mentioned

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mahalo Allahu martillo, or something to that effect, that whoever is the site of lies in vain

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and that the Prophet Mohammed Arsalan he done is to a nice level, but he mentioned and he said, this is the this is the truest thing a prophet, a poet has said.

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One even mentioned it.

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If there's no utility value in so do it.

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Why even mentioned I'm Ruben last radi Allahu anhu

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Imran last, he praised the Romans, he said that the quickest to recover, actually mentioned so many characteristics. He said that the quickest to recover after a defeat, one of the things that he mentioned of many things, so you can't bring yourself to praise this believers. But the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the Sahaba could either you are better than them, or you don't understand them. And you don't understand the religion fully. And this is why I want to offer my services. I don't want to just tell you, I don't mean this to Allah, we're not trying to irrigate you. I just want to back by you. I want to say this, so everyone can hear it anyway. I want to say

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to friends and family, I look at this guy. He doesn't know this and doesn't know that. I'm making fun of you behind your back. However, I'd rather you see this and make it public. But I do want to offer my services. Yeah, I think that was do is like a crash course in critical thinking. And I think that if we humble ourselves to each other, maybe we can teach each other certain things. The Salafi said I tell him when I'm stuffy when I'm winter camp. The two kinds of people don't learn the knowledge. shy person and arrogant person will say please take my offer up. We work closely with you okay to try and develop critical reasoning skills. And hopefully you can start playing those

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in fetters