Enter Into Islam Completely – Recite & Reflect #26

Ahmed Hamed


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of shaitan as a way of life and the need to be alarmed about it. They emphasize the need to be a Muslim and not be part-time. The speaker also mentions the threat of shaitan causing problems and the need to be aware of its potential.
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Go, do moving. This is particularly addressing to the believers meaning it is for me for you and for those who c'est la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah and Allah subhanaw taala is addressing us and declaring that we cannot be a part time Muslim. We cannot practice Islam partially and leave Islam partially. We need to be a Muslim, following Islam wholeheartedly, and Subhan Allah Islam being termed as dean, and Dean is a way of life that needs to be lived throughout our lives until we die. Another point of reflection is Allah Almighty is giving a warning about shaitan that we should never ever follow the footsteps of Shavon and Shavon is not going to deviate us. All of a sudden, he is

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going to deviate slowly step by step. So following the footsteps of shaitan is like following the footsteps for the path of destruction. So we need to be always alarmed about it. And we need to always treat shaitan as an open enemy