Ismail Kamdar – David vs. Goliath – Why Palestine will win!

Ismail Kamdar
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Number Two who understand stock zero. We're not mean we talk a lot even a little bit I mean surely at fusina omega z, they are Marlena. Miyagi Allahu Allahu Allah, Allah will be you they

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are called call Allahu Taala the Quran Majeed but I want to be loving ministry Tony rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Rahim. What are Latina in Luna law he coming in Cali Latino Hola, but we added cathedra BS Nila wala who saw me

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as the genocide in Gaza continues. And this is something that is shaking the hearts of many people around the world. I want us to reflect today on a story from the Quran. That should give us hope and optimism in times like this. So history is full of stories of times where it seemed like the believers were going to lose, were practically in terms of worldly means everything was on the side of the enemy. Yet, very often, not all the time, but very often, the Muslims would emerge victorious in a miraculous way.

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And this concept of the weaker group in terms of physical means winning the war. It is summarized in the Quran, in a timeless story,

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a story that is told in a very unique fashion in the Quran. And that is the story of David and Goliath.

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And it's quite ironic that the tyrants that we talk about today, claim to be the descendants of the people. They claim to be following him. They claim to be people of his religion and his lineage and his and his

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Yet he was a hero who fought against tyranny. And he is the model of how to deal with history. And our history is full of stories of David versus Goliath. Sometimes the Muslims won, sometimes they did not. But today, we want to focus on the victories so we can have some optimism. So let's go to the story, right, the story is mentioned in Surah Al Baqarah. Towards the end of the second jurors, the last two pages of the second use of the Quran is the story of David and Goliath. And it's narrated in a very unique way. There's very few stories in the Quran, related in a way like this.

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You see the name that would, David only pops up once in the entire story. And it only pops up in one short three word sentence. Right? It's just three words sentence, like the name Dharwad is just mentioned once in a three word sentence that summarizes the entire story and gives us a timeless analogy. What is the three word sentence? What Katella would do gelita They would kill collide. That's what the whole story of David and Goliath, which we know from the Israeli yard in the Bible and Hadees and the stories of the Sahaba we know details about what happened between them. In the Quran. It's a dirty word. It's these three words were Katella who Judah David killed Goliath.

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But the story starts before them. And it's interesting the story barely mentions any names. It talks about a prophet and the Israelites asking the prophet to give them a king so they can fight the oppressors they can fight the tyrants and he appoints dilute Saul as the king and the march and when they see the enemy, they realize they outmatch they realize the outnumbered they realize the enemy has better weapons than them and they say

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the si

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la boca de la yo which are loot our God we don't have any power today against Goliath and his army and the Allah mentioned something beautiful something that's been repeated throughout history after this and we repeat it today in the case of the Palestinians as well. Paula Xena yeah renew Anna Anna whom Allah Allah those who knew they will meet Allah meaning those who are accurate centric focus on the ark in a focused on Allah we had fun to work on in Allah What did they say when they saw the enemies were more than Devi number the enemies have more powerful than them? The enemies were more prepared and what did those who believe from Allah say?

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This had come in Fiat in quality while but we tend to see a lot of BS Neva. They said How often has a small army defeated a larger army with the help of Allah Wallah who Masami Allah is with those who have suffered. And then he mentioned they do either David. Rob by the average Elena Sabra was a big one sooner ago male caffine Robina Africa Lena sobre la

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Our Lord poured down patience upon us rain down patient, patient and father upon us with some big abdominal make as far make us brave, make us courageous, when soon Alko will come in and assist us against the disbelieving enemy. A very powerful dua again, very relevant to what's going on today.

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And that was with a handler says that the Army's met, and the army squad and then only he mentioned the name of that word. And he says what we'll do,

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and the David killed the Goliath will adapt Allahu Allah made him to kick Allah grounded into kingdom.

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Now the scholars say that the reason why the whole battle between David and Goliath is just summarized into three words. This two main reasons mentioned one reason is that everyone knows the story. Everyone across the world regardless of your religion, or culture, knows the story of David and Goliath. It doesn't need to be given in detailed in the Quran, because you know the story. As soon as you hear David killed Goliath, the whole story comes to mind.

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But the other reason why it's mentioned in such a short and simple and profound manner in the Quran, is because it becomes a timeless analogy, they would kill Goliath doesn't just mean that they would always have defeated Giroud. But it means over and over again in history, the David's, the weaker, the ones with less preparation, the ones with the smaller army would be the enemies, because of things that were beyond the imagination beyond their control, be factors that nobody considered factors that the enemy wasn't thinking about, and most importantly, the assistance from Allah subhanho wa taala. So we see this in our history over and over again, there are many, many

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situations with a repeat client, we go all the way back to the Battle of battle, the first major battle in Islam Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, with an army of 300, who aren't well armed, who aren't well equipped. And they face an army of 1000, who are completely well equipped, and who are prepared for battle, and we have all of the leaders amongst them.

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And really on paper, it looks like the Muslims will be massacred. But we know historically that this was a decisive victory for the Muslims. This was the turning point for Islam, where the leaders of cover were defeated. And Islam began to rise.

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And after this event, many more incidents redeemed would be collide.

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When we look at your book, the Byzantium Empire, the most powerful superpower in the world at that time, and this is just 10 years after that, just 10 years after a group of 300 beat a group of 1000. This about 10 years after that, the Muslims now have an army of 1000s. And they're marching into the land of the Byzantines and the Romans. And Romans ascio. What did these guys want? These are Arab Bedouins. They're in their view of aliens. These guys will have a civilization they don't have an empire. Why are they coming to all the lands? Do they want food? What do they want? They didn't realize what they were up against. So the king of Rome, Europeans, he said, You know what, let's

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destroy everything we have against him at one time, it just wiped him out. He literally gathers all these armies from all these bases, and puts them into one place. Teenagers go to destroy the Muslims. And the Muslims are outnumbered five to one on that day. Right five to one, this difference of opinion what the exact numbers are. The numbers can be exaggerated in history books, right? So like one history book says the Muslims had 20,000, Romans and 100,000. seems unlikely for that time. But in a way, what we do know the Muslims were outnumbered five to

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get the one, the one a very decisive victory over the Romans, which led to the opening of Damascus, and Jerusalem and Palestine and all of those Byzantine lands will become wisdom there that remains over the bulk of history. Once again, they will be collide.

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And then fast forward 90 years later, or 70 years later,

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Muslims are now all the way in Morocco. Look how quickly Islam expanded. Right? We have a small army of Makkah versus Medina. 10 years later, you have the Muslim world versus the Romans. And now 100 years later, we have the Muslims in Morocco invading Europe, going into Spain. So the Christians of Spain are being oppressed by the King, the Christians and Jews have been are being oppressed by the king and the year that the Muslim rulers adjust. So they call upon the Muslims of Morocco and say help us out help us fight okay. And so the the Muslims of Spain is entirely given CI is any young man and young lord African man with an army a small army to go into Spain and the Spanish leaders

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they think the same thing

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They look at this army and they're like, let's just wipe them out in one go. It's a small army, what are you going to do against us? Right? So the king sends the whole army, he sends as many people as he can to fight down with him and zeod and the North African Muslims. And

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what happens? Once again, the small army defeats the big army, David beats Goliath. Danny Gibbons era, not only does his army defeat the army of the spirit of this of the Spanish Christians, but they conquer Spain, and he becomes a Muslim man for several 100 years.

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And yes, there are times when Muslims lost as well. But today, I want to focus on the positive, I want us to understand this concept, that this idea that David beats Goliath, this idea that the small army defeats the big army with the help of Allah. This is something that's not just mentioned in the Quran in one story, but it's something that has repeated itself in our history over and over and over again. And we have to have firm faith in this when we look today. And we see that the Muslims of Gaza, they are small, they are not prepared well, in terms of actually having finances and the military. And, you know, the support of who was supposed to be the people around him. And

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the enemy is backed by billions of dollars, you know, from other countries who then he doesn't even better for them to be helping them. And they have this huge army and they have all this technology. And you may think, how are the Muslims going to win? At times like that, we should say to each other, the same thing that the army of Duluth said to each other, coming out in Cali letting all of our theatrically released, Nila will love Masabi How often has the smaller army defeated the bigger army with Allah's help with Allah's permission? Allah is with those who have struggled, what they struggled in times like this, being persistent, being resilient, being strong, being steadfast. And

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that is what we are seeing from the people on Gaza. We are seeing southern in every possible way.

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You're one of the things they enemies wanted to do to them, which they thought would easily be able to do to them was to break their spirit. No, we don't we kill a few of them, and they'll give up at the run away. But for some reason that they can't understand. They cannot read the spirit of the Palestinians. That no matter what you do to the Palestinians they the main strong Binyamin for the the main farming, they believe in Allah and they believe in divine victory. And this frustrates the enemy more than anything else. You know, when Bilal Rajala

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was being tortured,

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and they put the stone on his chest? And he would see I don't I had one God, one God.

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Do you know why he would say that?

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He will say that to frustrate his enemies, because they were trying to break his spirit. And every time he said this, they will get frustrated because they knew no matter what they did, they cannot break the law. And this will develop them. And the same thing is happening today. To those who are trying to break the spirit of the Palestinians that no matter what they're doing, not only did the Palestinians remain strong, but every day support for Palestinians around the world continues to grow. It has grown more in the past few weeks, and maybe in decades.

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Millions of people who in the past would have been pro Israel and now pro Palestine because now we can see the truth. And that means that the tide is turning. And that means it now becomes even more possible for the small group to defeat the larger group with the help of Allah. So David versus Goliath is not just a story from the Quran. It is a timeless analogy. It happened at the time of the Buddha Islam it happened and bother. It happened in Yarmouk, it happened in Spain, it can happen today. And we have to be optimistic

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that Allah will help those who are patient, Allah will help those who affirm Allah will help those who are fighting for truth, Allah will help those who are fighting oppression. And we have to be patient in times like this, and continue to make dua and continue to support the Palestinians any way we can, whether it's speaking the truth, fighting propaganda, sending them aid, in getting working with the politicians to find other solutions. We have to do what we can to assist them because we will be held accountable for doing what's within our ability. And it's up to us to make sure that we are on the right side of history. We ask Allah to support our brothers and sisters in

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Palestine and to grant them victory. And we say Robina avec la him sobre la was a bit Akadama who wants to have algo Minka Varian superhard

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mousseline hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen

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Hamdu lillahi, WA salatu salam ala Mala

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tabula rasa you heard you have the Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, mashallah morning, how Calamar doesn't impede our COVID-19 Dolla dolla

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So, let's get to the psychological about this

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Why does David beat collide? Why is it that historically, so often

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in ways that nobody understands the bigger, stronger power distances? There are many reasons for this right? The most obvious ones I mentioned in this verse b is Nila and sabe. Re, B is Neela. Allah decides who is victorious. Right? Allah Subhana. Allah Allah Imran he gives kingdom to him, whomever he wills, He takes it away from whoever he was, how many times in history has someone thought that they were unstoppable, that they were untouchable, they were on top of the world and out of nowhere, that kingdom was destroyed.

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And so number one, it is the permission of Allah, Allah decides who will be victorious. And sometimes it is for us, and sometimes it is against us. This is history. And this is the way the world works.

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You know, if you look at the story, I'll keep going back to the studio correctly as I was super young, when he had a conversation, one part that stands out to me

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directly and asked him when he was supposed to be on video, level five is profit. And he said yes. And he said, who want to be answered sometimes even sometimes even. And he laughed. He said, that is the case of the prophets. That meaning that truth doesn't always win in physical battles. Right? The truth doesn't always win a political battle, sometimes Muslims will lose. Remember, I said that the Muslims ruled Spain for several 100 years. Although Allah the last being after them, it's a Christian country now.

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Right. So what's interesting about about this is that in least leadership and rulership comes from Allah. And Allah subhanho wa Taala can turn things around, miraculously overnight. And we know 100 years ago, Muslims lost leadership in many ways in many parts of the world. And we lost that central leadership. But we shouldn't have a defeatist mindset about it. It's been 100 years, it's been 100 years now we need to start looking for solutions. When asked we need to start looking for a way forward. When we look around today, we see too many people who have a defeatist mindset. They talk about things like oh, we just wait for the end times. You know, Maddie will sort it out, easily

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Islamist sorted out, we will nothing we can do about we have people who just sit around and they say even worse than that, we have some people saying, Oh, the Palestinians are being punished for their sense. Now, you can never say that or anybody else. You know, what Allah is punishing? Who Allah is testing for Allah to decide how you will treat people. Saying that Allah is punishing a different group of people for their sins is a is a form of religious arrogance, of assuming that you are better than somebody else. Be careful with these kinds of words.

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And so the number one reason why the smaller group can defeat the bigger group is by the permission of Allah. Number two is because of sovereign because of sovereignty. Don't underestimate the power of sovereign of just waiting it out of just being the one who doesn't give up. Because this is what happened in the Battle of the Trench. Right? Muslims were besieged, the enemies outnumber them. They just had to wait it out. They just had to wait till the enemies had normal provisions and the storm came and they went back home. Right? What did Mandela have to do when he was in prison? For those 27 years? You had to wait it out. Right? sober. Sometimes just having that resilience in you and being

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the one who doesn't give up. Sometimes that is enough to win on its own, because your enemy gives up somewhere down the line because of frustration. Well, I mentioned two other reasons that people don't realize why the underdog sometimes wins and why the the weaker looking one sometimes it's number one, is because the stronger one, and the estimates is opposition. Right, the stronger one under estimates his opposition. So in the story of David and Goliath, we have this giant tyrannical king, who has this powerful army and powerful weapons, and he sees the small shepherd with a slingshot. Right? And he's like, What could he possibly do to me? He's not aware of the courage of

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that with his training, his skills, how long he had practiced and trained for that moment is another way of all of this. He underestimated the enemy. It's the same with the Romans when they fought Holly been Waleed and his army in your book. In their mind. These are barbarians. These are Bedouin Arabs coming to our land who wiped them out. They underestimate the military genius of Hollywood. They underestimate the diplomatic genius or embodiment of the US. They underestimate the courage and the bravery and the commitment and the debacle of the Muslim army.

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And the same thing will happen today.

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Right, the designers and they estimated the Palestinians and the only estimate the support the Palestinians can have will have from the outside world. And they thought normalization is

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happening, they thought it's over. Now we've taken over we want,

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and that under estimating the enemy, it causes the victim.

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They think that the enemy is weak. And when people think that the enemy is weak, they don't take them seriously. And this creates opportunities for victory. One more reason why the underdog wins? Why the one who seems weak or wins. One reason is that when someone's on top, very often, they become complacent. They become lazy, and they stop doing what they need to do to stay in that position. And this happened to Muslims. This happened to the Muslims of Spain, this happened what happened to the Ottoman Empire, Muslims became complacent and they lost the power. But it happens to the other side as well. That historically for example, if you look at the Persian Empire, the

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Persian Empire was one of the superpowers of the world when the Muslims first came about. Yet within a decade, the Muslims had defeated the entire empire that whole land had become a Muslim left. The Persian Empire had become weak internally, they had become complacent they had become lazy. They had become caught up in internal politics, brothers and sisters fighting each other over leadership.

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And this is something else that works in favor of those who underestimated when I will, Jehovah led his army to bother. He underestimated the Muslims and he overestimated his own armor. He literally took on him the victory party, that he took on him singers and dancers and didn't even have a festival. He was so overconfident in his army, and so on the estimating of the Muslim they never crossed his mind he was going to die that day.

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The same thing happened at Guney. When the Muslims went to fight the people of doivent, who named the people who need to get all of their wealth with them to the battlefield. They were so confident that they were going to win that they literally took all of the wealth to the battlefield to show off.

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And not only did they lose all that wealth became Mustafa on that day.

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Overconfidence can cause the loss of certain people are those who think that they are more powerful than others. And we see this in the Quran, Allah tells us this about the people of God.

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Allah told us about the people of Iran and tells us about your own. In all of these stories on the moon and your own. They all have a similar team, overconfidence, they all reached the level where they said, Who can touch us, who can harm us who can do anything to us. And they forgot that Allah is the one in control. And the Allah can take the power away from him, and just Allah to power away from battle just to power away from God just into power away from someone who isn't into power away from God from Goliath, just adding to power away from the Romans and the Persians. Just as he took power away from Jehovah and operation. He can do it again today to those who think that they are

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tangible. So never lose hope. Never lose hope in Allah and victory and Allah's mercy. Because as long as there is a small group, fighting for the sake of Allah against tyranny, there is hope for victory. And we end again with that remind them come in periodically lettin whoever Theoden cathedra dummies Nicola wala whom isobutene How often does the small group defeat the larger group with Allah's permission and Allah is with those who understand it. And we make dua for the people of Palestine take the same dua that was mentioned inshallah Bukhara that they make for themselves we change the pronoun so we making it for the people of Palestine right so we just change the pronouns.

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So for example, do I have real Elena Sabra pour down resiliency upon us was submit aka Domina and make us brave, when she will now allow me to Gaffney and assist us against the disbelievers. If you want to make this dua for Palestine, just change the pronouns from now as to whom there you see Rob Barna offering are they him sobre o Allah send out patients upon them upon the Palestinians was some bit Akadama whom and make them blaming them for making them strong, one sort of whom other Omen cavalry and assist them against the disbelieving people right so this is something that we can do that in the Quranic duas they normally for ourselves if you want to make that same to offer someone

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else, just learn a little bit of Arabic learn the pronoun so you can switch the pronouns around and make the dua for somebody else. And so we end with this dua, Roberta Africa day him several was something Agatha Muhammad supermodel COVID God Vereen.

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Allah mucha mucha Hey Nina be finishing up Philistine, Allahu

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Allah my eyes Elisa, Mussolini Allahumma, easily Islam and Mussolini otherwise at least I mostly mean Robin Arjuna for dunya Huseynov what will ask you the house no agenda but now for Halloween.

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Selene will help do that probably

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