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shape it seems to

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that he was pretty fit for that great

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It was awesome

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brothers and sisters in the

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waiting room for a long time now and I don't mean to introduce our nature to you and how

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we always

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take the chance if our brothers the score on

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the table likes to come here and we try our best to invite them to come to the mosque to enlighten us in the subjects they are specializing you know our

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armor data

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I can't imagine how he digested the Holy Bible the hook on the other legit religion about Christianity and about today's Amanda all these subjects related to religion.

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As a matter of fact, when I see him every time I see him I look at myself as a child with a child compared with

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any religious matters. I hope that all of us inshallah limited by what he will tell us and we'll listen to him and be greeted by this knowledge.

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Our brother

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Lehmann shaytan, al rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Lal Kitab

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la Lucia de

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Valera Villa Taku, Allah Allah, Allah Allah

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in mercy for Isa Mariama Rasulullah sallallahu.

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ala Maria Maria

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de la serda, calama, z. Mr. Chairman, and my dear brothers and sisters, the subject, as has been advertised is Jesus, men, myth, or God.

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But before we delve into the subject,

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the atmosphere at the moment in the UK is the atmosphere of the debate that took place on Sunday.

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People want to know, those who have not been there, because we can't expect the whole of Britain to be there. They were about 12,000 people on Sunday, from all over Britain and from the Arab countries and from Africa, they come.

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The largest covered Hall in Europe was packed to capacity.

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People want to know what transpired those of you that were not there.

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Those of you who were there, can you just put up your hand I'll have an idea.

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Oh, Mashallah. Mashallah, almost one third of my brothers and sisters were there.

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I might share with you certain things that I was not able to share. in that meeting, those of you who were there, this might be altogether new to those who are not there.

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That how the whole thing came about, and the response of the Muslims, the Muslims on this occasion,

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they seem to have been the liveliest of audiences that I've ever addressed. What made them so, so lively,

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because usually the Muslims are very placid, quite calm. You know, even if it meets cause for an applause, you will find that they are like straight jacketed, they will not have a sound and they won't

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show any signs that they are the appreciate the point, generally. But on Sunday, it was not so.

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Now I've been trying to analyze why all this extra spirit in the Muslim, I may be wrong.

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You might have better answers than what I'm going to give you this moment.

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You see,

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this gentleman happens to be an error. There's no doubt about that.

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He was born an Arab Christian.

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And he has been boasting that his people

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have been Christians before Islam. So it's not a conversion from Islam to Christianity. They were Christians and the Muslims came in over

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their lands. Most of these Arab countries were Christian lands. Egypt was Christian. Libya was Christian Morocco was Christian Syria was Christian Lebanon was Christian. The whole of Palestine was Christian. When the Muslims came out of the desert fastness, and they conquered these territories, and the people accepted Islam. So these are the remnants that have been left behind. They are boasting today that there are 14 million Arab Christians, which the Muslim doesn't seem to know realize, 14 million in July 1975, he claimed 10 million on Sunday, he said there are now 14 million, we will argue with him. We must be on guard. There are 14 million Arab Christians in the

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Arab world.

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But this time, he came in the garb of an Arab.

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Previously you might have seen you saw him in the Royal Albert Hall. That's him. That's him.

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Then, when we had advertised previously, his picture as an Arab,

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he took exception to that. He didn't want to be photographed like this. But this picture we got from his book,

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The liberated Palestinian, who got it from here.

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Among some 3 million refugees, Palestinian refugees, he is a unique person.

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This one again, Christian evangelist in America, now an American citizen, he says he is liberated. His people are in hell. But he is in heaven. He is liberated. And the irony of his book is that on the cover, he puts the Israeli Star of David, still interesting at the heart of any Muslim or Palestinian, the Star of David and the

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Israeli warplanes and Israeli tanks. And he is liberated

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by this book, the Muslims hadn't seen this because this is circulated mostly in America trying to get sympathy of the American Jews and Christians to finance him in his work.

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But now, we when we printed this poster, the man didn't like it, he sent us this photo taken in a studio, beautiful picture, which was advertised in the Sunday Times Magazine section Sunday Times you can see nice, clean shaven, you know, really a westernized era.

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No doubt about that.

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Now, this is what people expected to see a westernized man from America coming along and giving battle to the Muslim. But this man came, like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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He attached himself not only just

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a loose garb, but he put on the weather what you call that black band around.

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You we got we got Yes. And the nice,

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special beer for the occasion.

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Three months, go that beautiful beard. In other words, a picture of deception. Naturally, the Muslim when he sees that it hurts him. What are you up to now? Why are you judging yourself?

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Then he thought he had one on us. You see in the debate that took place in the Royal Albert Hall.

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The arrangement was that who speaks first depends on the passing of the coin.

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And he won the toss. So when he won the toss, no, I'm sorry. I beg your pardon. I won the toss.

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So I said let him speak first.

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I had a reason. My reason was that Look, I don't know what he has got. So whatever he produces, I will be able to refute them I'll have an hour to refute what he has already said. So I said let him speak.

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But for this debate, I had made up my mind that whatever happens I must speak first.

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That was the decision we had come to but now how if I will, the cost. I choose myself to speak first. And if he loses at the back of my mind, as if this guy is a rebellious brawler, you know he's the one who wants to put up a fight. With his no fight he also put up a fight.

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He listened things time factor is that who every little thing the amount of trouble he gave me in the Royal Albert Hall, up to the last minute. We couldn't decide on the format up to the last minute.

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Whatever you say he think there's anything wrong with that is suspicious. He says there must be something wrong there must be a catch. So since I know now, if he wins, I'm sure he wants to take revenge is the last time you made me

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Respect not I met you to speak Alhamdulillah actually he played into our hands. See what is strategy

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via Kareem Salah Solomon said

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what is strategy and you have to use strategy when you go into battle with the intellectual or with the gun strategy you need so the strategy I had in mind was that I got we got so much material

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that we can throw at him and he will not be able to touch anything amazing it's

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there for one hour and 15 minutes I've been throwing things at him, you when you get the tape you see the tape and you verify for yourself throwing things at him so come on, answer this answer this answers is the Bible is not the word of God the Quran is the Bible is not the word of God the Quran is

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and when his tone came, as if you never heard anything

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as if you didn't hear he was like a punch drunk boxer. You know, he just gets into battle, not knowing the only means that the bell has run into, into into battle. He doesn't know what has really hit him.

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one of the things that hit him the hardest and made the Arabs to react strongest the Arabs in the audience

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was that this man he believes in a book. And I gave quotations from the book, the Bible, the Holy Bible,

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in which I'm telling him, I said one Jewish boy, one Jewish lad, he killed 600 Palestinians with a stick.

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I demonstrated the stick I bought a stick with a little nail in front of it with that little stick. He's killed 600 Palestinians from asking him you believe that? And he said yes. One boy Jewish boy with a little stick. He killed 600 Palestinians, then another Jew with a Jawbone of a donkey. But the natives Jawbone with 1000 Palestinians

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a man

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is killing the man killed 1234 100,000 what are you waiting for man? And I said, you 1000 Palestinians if you only spat on that guy, he will suffocate it with the Spirit.

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And you believe that? And the guy says he believes that.

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Then as you know, you Palestinians, us so worthless, actually so worthless in this book, this book of God.

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That David, you know,

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he wanted to marry Saul's daughter palette palette was the king. He wanted to marry his daughter called Michelle.

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So Saul said, Look, the boundary for my daughter is 104 skins of the Palestinians.

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You know as far as skins when you circumcised children, you know, the little schemer, you throw away that color for skin.

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He went 100.

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David is too generous. So he goes and kills 200 Palestinians and he takes of the four skins 200 Palestinians, the Palestinians, and he comes and he counts them out in full. The Bible says they counted out in full 201 234 ledger Canada one pound two pounds, how many pounds.

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So he counted out in full 200 for skins of the Palestinians. You believe that?

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This was wrong.

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Then, God is very merciful to the Palestinians for some special reason.

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He has been telling the Jews kill the Palestinians, men, women and children spare nothing that lives nothing that breeds even donkeys must be cured.

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This God Almighty, the author of the Bible as he believes now he says, look, children, all men, women and children, even the little ones, boys and girls, male and female, kill them all.

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But only young women grown up women

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who would be of marriageable age,

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those women who say for yourself, but you must verify that they are virgins, that no man has no

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if you in testing them out, if you find that they have been secondhand killer,

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but if you can prove

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that they are virgins, that you say for yourself, now soldiers in the field, think man think soldiers in the field do soldiers, killing men, women and children. Now they come across a jungle of 12 they want to verify. So how do you verify there was no saliva test? Those days, you know, today, the doctors they take the saliva of the woman to find out whether a woman is pregnant or not saliva test. There was no such thing. The only manner in which we can verify is to wait and relish these women and so they went

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too, and they discovered that 32,000 of these Palestinian girls were virgins.

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How do they test it? You can imagine left to your imagination 32,000 and out of the 32,000, the Lord God wants to share

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out of those rate and rubbish Palestinian girls, and it says, and takhti into 32 was the Lord share share of Allah Shia? And asking, what does God do with raped and ravaged Palestinian girls? To tell me you believe that because he believes it. Now, when you believe in things like that, it creates a type of mentality, countdown that this is your destiny, man, you, you are supposed to be the hewers of wood in the browser water. These are your gods, you can do nothing to them. One boy can kill 600 another Jew, he can kill 1000. And you people are so cheap in the sight of God, kill them, kill them, kill them. God would say yes is God's word. So what he does is he writes a book.

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Once you have that mentality with that mentality, right, amok, and he's given away the whole of Palestine to the Jews in this book.

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He's advising the people. In other words, it's a look, man, what are you fighting for? All this Palestine was promised to the Jews. He says these Arabs.

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He points out this is a strange that they are not happy that the Jews should have 10,000 square miles. Actually, God had promised them from the Nile to the Euphrates.

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And in 1982, when they attacked southern Lebanon, he said, Look, this is also part of the prophecy. What are you crying about?

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So now he's very generous to the Palestinian people, is that he what he asked for is a small state on the West Bank,

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for the Palestinian small state with a police force, but no standing army.

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In others, a vassal of Israel, small state, what happened to Gaza?

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Gaza, that's all involved from the Nile to the Euphrates do away. Now, naturally, when the Arab Muslim hears this, and I don't know if there are any Palestinians there, the GA bash, they were supposed to make Palestinian Christian, I don't know if his group hears about this guy. That is a traitor. Naturally, you get worked up. So then he started speaking lies.

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He started insulting the audience, which is never done, voila, you never do that. you're wanting to commit suicide. You are in confrontation with the whole audience.

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Look, I mean, you can't satisfy everybody, but you are on a confrontation costs, and you're calling people names, that you've got no brains, you know, you've got no sense.

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unforgivable. But that is that is the arrogance, some type of arrogance that's in him, makes him to bleed out. Then I pointed out to the audience, that this man had lied. He had lied again and again about the Quran. If you remember, if you have seen that videotape.

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This videotape about the debate in the Royal Albert Hall is Jesus God. You see this videotape.

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On that you find at the beginning he appears, he appeared at the first debate that took place in the Royal Albert Hall. At question time he comes forward, we don't know who he is.

00:18:30--> 00:18:36

Very well spoken speaks good English. And in that immaculate English of his,

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his he says Mr. deedat you Muslims believe that Jesus has died? said yes. But so what have you to say to this? And he quotes the Quran.

00:18:52--> 00:19:04

I was stunned. And thinking is a Pakistani. Usually the Guardian is called that verse usually. And this guy is quoting the Quran. And he says, Salam O Allah, you know, in his usual Arabic style,

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which means he says his translates for Jesus was born, he died.

00:19:17--> 00:19:23

So pieces on me the day that I was born, the day that I died, and the directional division back to life again.

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What am I to say to that the Quran says that he died and I say he didn't die. The Muslim said he didn't die.

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Fortunately, fortunately for me, he was playing into my hands. This is a last way. I'm not an Arab assist. You know, that means I know Arabic. I don't know the Quran as a whole. I don't know the Arabic language, but he is actually playing into my hands. He's throwing a ball straight at me is getting cut out. I knew this verse. So I said, you see the verse you quoted was lm and La Yama, Yama.

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Yo yo means so PCs are me, the day that I was born, the day that I die in the future things were the day that I died, and the data shall be raised to life again. So 100 love that people appreciated and they applauded

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the views the man was lying. He lied about the Quran, he is an Arab and his life in his translation. Then, during the course of the debate, if you remember, he said, You know, like to urge you to consider that when we say Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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We see the Trinity 113 times in the Quran, like the Bible says bismil

00:20:39--> 00:20:45

Trinity Father, Son and Holy Ghost appear in the Quran 113 times as a dismal

00:20:48--> 00:20:52

translation is Allah Rahmani Raheem, Father, Son and Holy Ghost

00:20:56--> 00:21:10

the stupidity to the extent to his arrogance in trying to bamboozle maybe he was placating trying to curry favor with this Christians in the audience's You see, I'm an Arab and I can get a little bit so all these are fools and I can do what I like with them.

00:21:12--> 00:21:15

So I said, Look, this is not Trinity.

00:21:17--> 00:22:01

lifestyle he has that He is Allah who is Rahman and Rahim Allah is Rahmani Raheem, there is not a lack and Rahman and Rahim your Trinity is in the name of the Father, and the sun and the Holy Ghost and the conjunction and, and and means three different persons. This is the same Allah with Rahman and Rahim and we are given so many attributes of Allah named canon in the Quran, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah who that He is Allah besides when there is no other God, Allah Malik the king, the Holy One, salam, the source of peace and perfection, and Aziz al Jabbar and these are not so many gods is the same God with his different attributes. So again, he tried to pull a fast one upon the Muslims,

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he blocked us.

00:22:03--> 00:22:04

Then they made another lie.

00:22:06--> 00:22:17

He said, you know, even the Quran testifies that Jesus is the only person who knows the hour of judgment. Jesus is the only one in the Quran

00:22:18--> 00:22:22

in which the Quran says that he knew of the Day of Judgment the last day.

00:22:23--> 00:22:35

Again, he lied. The Quran says that will be the sign of the coming of the hour of judgment that he did not that he knows he lied about the Quran, then a bigger and greater lie.

00:22:36--> 00:22:56

At one stage in his talk at the debate here in the Royal Albert Hall. He said, let me challenge you 75% of the wonderful course and in my wonderful language of Arabic is from the Bible. And I would urge you to look into the Bible and find out where the sources are.

00:22:57--> 00:22:59

Let me challenge you.

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00:23:04--> 00:23:18

the bravado with which he speaks let me challenge you either challenging me or the whole audience. Let me challenge you 75% of that wonderful quote on in my wonderful language of Arabic is from the Bible.

00:23:19--> 00:23:25

You know what? 75%, three quarter, three quarter of this is from the Bible.

00:23:27--> 00:23:35

Lies, lies, lies, so I exposed him as a look use a three quarter. We don't 75% Give me one.

00:23:36--> 00:23:37

Just give me one.

00:23:39--> 00:23:46

One example one comparison where you say, look, this is now copied from my Bible. In my Bible. It says

00:23:47--> 00:23:48

For example.

00:23:52--> 00:23:56

If you open the Quran, you see the same thing.

00:24:00--> 00:24:00

You read the Bible.

00:24:08--> 00:24:08

Open the Quran.

00:24:11--> 00:24:12

That is copy.

00:24:13--> 00:24:17

This is copying. This is cribbing This is plagiarism.

00:24:19--> 00:24:25

one verse, just produce one verse. And I put the Quran the Arabic Bible I put one side and

00:24:28--> 00:24:30

so while I'm telling us a look, you remember you challenge me?

00:24:31--> 00:24:36

Can you do that? You said yes. Now he will get a better then

00:24:38--> 00:24:39

he'll have you.

00:24:41--> 00:24:45

He had his turn. He left the Quran the Bible. He didn't touch it.

00:24:47--> 00:24:48

But he did do something.

00:24:50--> 00:25:00

And the audience didn't catch the joke. Even it was difficult for me to catch what was going on. You see there was something wrong in his delivery. He was saying

00:25:00--> 00:25:17

100 miles an hour. And then he was reading he was not speaking he was actually reading and he had some preparation he had made he want to read the whole thing through. Whether you understand what you don't understand that means he did the job, he will complete his job read it all through.

00:25:18--> 00:25:20

So while he was reading

00:25:21--> 00:25:23

something did sound like the Quran.

00:25:25--> 00:25:25


00:25:27--> 00:25:28

he had this book,

00:25:30--> 00:25:31

this book at him this green book.

00:25:33--> 00:25:39

This is a new production of the Arab Christians was the title Yeshua is hard for me to read.

00:25:41--> 00:25:42


00:25:43--> 00:25:51

Farsi Arabic, this is syrupy mercy, you know the serum the life of Jesus, you know, in the, in the eloquent Arabic.

00:25:53--> 00:25:56

So he read from here, it's chapter here.

00:25:58--> 00:26:00

Just a few lines, if you read this already read this will like

00:26:02--> 00:26:02

this one here.

00:26:16--> 00:26:18

So you see now what's happening.

00:26:20--> 00:26:27

This is in the Farsi, Arabic. This they have now produced this as a challenge to the Quran.

00:26:28--> 00:26:34

There are Christians have done this as a challenge to the Quran. Listen to the non Arab.

00:26:36--> 00:26:39

You can't judge Allah. Because now the words are from the Quran.

00:26:41--> 00:27:18

The words are from the Quran. They use it for their own now, but it's not the language of the Bible. It's insipid. There's none there's nothing in it, you know, incipit, even to the error, he realizes that there's nothing in it. Even the Arab Christian recognizes that there's nothing like the Quran. But so now to compete with the Quran, you copy the Quran. So when you copy the Quran, you begin, every chapter now begins of the Christian Bible. every chapter begins Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Bismillahi R Rahman, and this company competing with cuando se we produce something I said, this is you are stealing from my book.

00:27:19--> 00:27:24

You are stealing and now you're saying now look, this is like the Quran.

00:27:25--> 00:27:28

every chapter now begins with this law. And

00:27:29--> 00:27:30

the fellow does.

00:27:31--> 00:27:54

You see when we take the Quran, you open every chapter, it says makia surah, makia or madonia that this was revealed in Mecca or Medina, in Mecca or Medina. So they do the same. They do the same. So they say this, whereas now they say this is macduffie makdessi. makdessi means better look at this in Jerusalem.

00:27:56--> 00:28:03

New we're in the Christian Bible. Anyway, have they got this sort of thing now then the words I have marked in green, everything's from the Quran.

00:28:04--> 00:28:20

What they do they they call this new science. This is the new science. They call it contextualization, contextualization, it was a new word for me. You see, they had given with this book, secret instructions,

00:28:21--> 00:28:24

that this must not fall into Muslim hands instruction book.

00:28:25--> 00:28:52

But allies Mr. Dibble, as Bob, you know, if you are in the field that the things that come to you and imaginable, so when did you get it Mr. deedat said don't ask questions. Don't ask questions. Look, elaborate Allah He sends it to you because you are in the field. This is his job, that if you are working for him, things keep coming away. That is now you are prepared allies preparing you beforehand is preparing you beforehand is a look, because otherwise it takes you off guard, many sounds like the Quran

00:28:54--> 00:29:00

Could it be that they invented it? They copy a copy about from Surah Maria,

00:29:01--> 00:29:20

you read the Zico, Rama erotica zaccaria. So they start here, this same style, same style, they copy the Quran Zico, Buddha Zakaria is not the person doesn't matter maybe you know something, but as it sounds similar than

00:29:22--> 00:29:47

Makana, shavon Kabhi lindholmen Robbie, all these are phrases from the Quran with their putting that in the new new testament to catch the Arab fish that this error follow ignorant error, you know, he will fall for this. So naturally, the Arab who understands his mispronouncing so many things, he acts he reacts. He was lucky.

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The back

00:29:51--> 00:29:52

I feel for

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

some of the things I didn't mention in something that you can remember

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That the book that he gave me

00:30:04--> 00:30:05

in the previous debate,

00:30:07--> 00:30:22

you know, he gave me that green passer. He said, You know we adults, when we we are we are taught that when we go out to meet a friend, we don't go empty handed his father point, the mystery of empty handed, he came along with this puzzle he gave it to me.

00:30:24--> 00:30:33

But he didn't know what he was doing. This is Alice way. This Bible is one of the most valuable Bibles you can get. This is what is called a red letter Bible.

00:30:35--> 00:30:40

Red Letter Bible. Everything that Jesus spoke is in red, easy for you to find.

00:30:41--> 00:30:43

You know how easy it makes for us now

00:30:44--> 00:30:55

to talk to them with his Bible. revelator whatever Jesus said, is in red. So let's say we accept that that is in Jesus. Let us say that every word that Jesus spoke that is invading Serbia except

00:30:57--> 00:31:08

for the sake of argument we accept. So let's have a look. What did Jesus say you say the New Testament is in jail? said yes. So well, let's have a look, when you just went has been 37 books

00:31:09--> 00:31:26

27 books out of the 27. In this particular 121 out of 27 has not got a red.or a dash or a doodle, not even a script, not even as much not even as much 21 out of 20 700% is that you will get out.

00:31:28--> 00:31:44

Then in the New Living Bible also read letter 23 out of 27 there's not even a red.or a dash or a doodle. And you say this is the in jail. You say this in jail. You didn't even call Jesus, God talking to him.

00:31:45--> 00:31:51

But you didn't even call Jesus in 23 out of the 24 books, he is not even quoted not even once.

00:31:53--> 00:32:14

And you say this is in jail. However, in this so called in jail in this particular one, and there are many other Bibles. You find that Jesus is made to do funny funny things, silly silly things. I'm only reading from the Gospel of St. Matthew chapter 21 verse seven, I didn't have time to read it. I read it for you.

00:32:15--> 00:32:16

It says

00:32:17--> 00:32:19

they bought the donkey and the

00:32:20--> 00:32:22

donkey and the court

00:32:23--> 00:32:32

laid the quotes on them on the donkey and the court and set him on them. They make Jesus sit on them two donkeys at a time.

00:32:34--> 00:32:35

So what this means an acrobat

00:32:40--> 00:32:53

This is this no misprint. In the King James Version grade, he's and he they set him one man on them on the two donkeys? Can you imagine Jesus riding two donkeys at a time?

00:32:55--> 00:32:56

God God reveal that

00:33:01--> 00:33:02

little one than

00:33:03--> 00:33:15

that today. There are people in the world who think that Jesus was a myth. coming to our subject, myth, a fairy tale things that they speak about him.

00:33:17--> 00:33:18

And things that happened in his time

00:33:21--> 00:33:36

that people came out of the greens. Remember I told them, I told you at the meeting, in the gospel message that Jesus when he was crucified, the grace open up and the people came out of the graves. And they walked the streets of Jerusalem. Left Right Left

00:33:37--> 00:33:48

people with the reviewing napkins or skeletons? What when you come out of the grace of having slept for 50 years, 100 years? What do you come out with? And they walk the streets of Jerusalem?

00:33:50--> 00:33:50

First off,

00:33:52--> 00:33:54

what happened to them? What did they do?

00:33:55--> 00:34:01

Who saw the money? out of the 27 books of the New Testament only met you saw

00:34:03--> 00:34:31

26 books. There's not one word of such a stupendous happening people in London or Birmingham coming out of the grave and walking the streets and nobody sees one light will be with us. No. Even in some village in England if this thing happened will be with us. The whole world will know by satellite. Everybody knows that, you know, a little town or village in England. The people came out of the gate and walk the streets. And then what did they do? What they did they do they went back to sleep again.

00:34:32--> 00:34:41

Can you imagine you came out of the gate? Let's say you chose you. You came out and you match with the group and what do you do go back and sleep? Would you like to go see a wife and children

00:34:47--> 00:34:50

so that people say look, the world says

00:34:52--> 00:34:57

that Jesus was a myth. This is a fairy tale. There's no such thing as Jesus.

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

We believe that he was a reality. He was a historical person. And we need more proof. Allah tala testifies to this in his holy book, that there was a woman called Maria

00:35:12--> 00:35:15

and she bought a son without animal intervention.

00:35:16--> 00:35:21

As Allah says in the Holy Quran, our carry read from Surah Moran

00:35:26--> 00:35:32

will answer all your questions inshallah, at the end of it, why he didn't marry for men, they didn't give a chance. They didn't give me a break.

00:35:36--> 00:35:50

from Sudan, Iran, Sudan, Iran was 52. Our carrier was reading and he read in Mombasa Larissa Angola, Heiko masala, dama, Kanaka. Robin, Allah, Allah who

00:35:52--> 00:35:56

the similitude of the example of Jesus in the sight of Allah is like that of Adam.

00:35:58--> 00:36:00

Robin, Allah created him from this, and he says,

00:36:02--> 00:36:20

he was created. So in other words, like Adam was a man, he's a man. And this is the justification of the Bible. Also 83 times in the so called New Testament, in the so called Angel at three times, you see, the title,

00:36:21--> 00:36:36

son of man, son of man, son of man in Arabic, even Adam, Adam, Adam, son of man, son of Adam. At three times he is described as a son of man, what is he he's a man

00:36:37--> 00:36:43

is not a disability that he was a real historical person. It was a god.

00:36:45--> 00:36:48

Our subject is men myth, or God.

00:36:50--> 00:36:56

Now, Thomas Carlyle, I think must have been in this very London in 1840, the British

00:36:57--> 00:37:10

English a scotch, Thomas Carlyle, recognized as one of the greatest thinkers of the past century, Thomas Carlyle. In his lectures, he chose avena via Kareem sallallahu Sallam as his hero, Prophet.

00:37:12--> 00:37:17

And he begins his lecture, his Anglican audience, by saying,

00:37:19--> 00:37:27

in the history of the world, there will not again be any man, ever so great, who his fellow men will take God.

00:37:28--> 00:37:36

In other words, mankind has reached such a standard, such a level of intellectual understanding that they will not accept another human being as God.

00:37:38--> 00:37:40

That's what he says Thomas Carlyle.

00:37:42--> 00:37:47

In other words, suppose I have a D, that start flying in this room via like a bird.

00:37:49--> 00:37:58

I can walk on the water, I can give life back to the dead, I can tell you what you got, how much you got in your pocket, and I can give you every number of every notes that you have in your pocket.

00:37:59--> 00:38:04

Will you accept me as your God? Not the man says, No. How does he

00:38:05--> 00:38:32

say Look, I don't know. I don't know. magic powers. Maybe he's got some genes under his control. And they go tell him some other setup going on between this guy and whatever I'm telling you, but when you look at the man, so no, this is the man. I can see. This man is about 70 years old before 70 he wasn't here after another 70 that's guaranteed.

00:38:34--> 00:38:41

If I had a gun, I can shoot him, I can strangle him. On these thoughts go through your mind is a man is a man is a man no matter what he can do.

00:38:43--> 00:38:58

What great performer miracles are many is that he is no God. This is the intellectual level that mankind is supposed to have reached. He says he assumes that this is what mankind is no, no, no. This is how did it happen?

00:38:59--> 00:39:05

that people are accepting human being as gods. It says Nay, we may rationally ask

00:39:06--> 00:39:23

Thomas Colossus, may we be rationally asked, Did any set of human beings ever really think that the man they saw they beside them, a God, the maker of this world? Did they any set of human beings at any time in the history of man, the people who abducted Sita,

00:39:24--> 00:39:24

you know Rama,

00:39:26--> 00:39:41

God of my ancestors, his wife, Sita was abducted by Ravana, the king of Ceylon? Did he think when he abducted this woman that he was abducting the wife of his God? Did he know when the pan was going to fight Krishna? Did they think they fighting a god? No.

00:39:43--> 00:39:48

When the Roman soldier punch Jesus in the stomach at the trial as a common professor who will tell you what

00:39:49--> 00:39:59

did he think that he was hitting his God punching his God know, when the other soldiers supposed to have landed on the side of the spear? Did he land see his God? The answer is no.

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

The contemporaries, how did it happen?

00:40:04--> 00:40:28

says no. The ways we are now living 2000 years after the event, and people when they read the stories, we sounds like fairy tales. This is men it could have happened. You know, he was floating about here they everywhere way. You know He's here. He's there. He's everywhere. Like, you know, I was here about a week ago, you know that this 19th of June? It seems like yesterday. No.

00:40:30--> 00:40:33

And then is a little bit I was there and he was here and it was in Birmingham.

00:40:35--> 00:40:51

But you know how it's happening. This is Birmingham this morning. I came here back again tonight. Tomorrow. I'm in Blackburn. And next night, I'm in Bradford, and I'm back home. And I am here, there and back again. But now you know how it's happening. I'm not a ghost.

00:40:54--> 00:41:05

I need to transport that everything to make all these things possible. But the minister has said Well, I saw him in gaming yesterday, man. I saw you in Blackboard.

00:41:07--> 00:41:13

I went through five countries in one day by cup and back five countries I went through

00:41:15--> 00:41:15

in one day.

00:41:17--> 00:41:18

It was in the UAE

00:41:19--> 00:41:22

Abu Dhabi to Dubai, to Sharjah to

00:41:23--> 00:41:29

five countries there are seven little states city states. I went through five countries in one day and back again.

00:41:31--> 00:41:32

Poop ghost.

00:41:33--> 00:41:41

This is how I rented a car good car, I was able to do a certain job at the end of this up and I had to come back again.

00:41:42--> 00:41:55

So but now when you are reading the story, it's like a fairy tale. In the book. The Bible is like a fairy tale. So when you do something like a fairy tale, you have a right to assume that this is myth is a fairy tale.

00:41:57--> 00:41:57

Jeffrey Hunter

00:42:00--> 00:42:06

Hunter, he acted as Christ in one of his films called Jesus. No, this is the day of triumph.

00:42:08--> 00:42:28

The film about Jesus. He had to walk up the hill. They took the shooting, they did it in Jerusalem, bounce around outside Jerusalem. And for the filming they had to make him to walk up the hill. And he walked up the hill and panting for breath and sweating. He's a Christian, good Christian.

00:42:30--> 00:42:32

When he went through this acting Christ,

00:42:33--> 00:42:38

he said you know for the first time in my life, I realized how who Jesus was.

00:42:42--> 00:42:58

He must have also been tempting for breathing sweating. Like then I realized that the human Jesus was otherwise you think he is a Superman? Something more than Superman what Superman does on your films, you know, Superman One, two and three. This Jesus was being all that sort of things and I like admit mythology.

00:43:01--> 00:43:02


00:43:03--> 00:43:05

the Quran comes to testify

00:43:06--> 00:43:08

in the I read to you

00:43:09--> 00:43:10

from Surah Musa

00:43:12--> 00:43:13

Surah Nisa

00:43:15--> 00:43:23

and it is a good practice and suggesting recommending to my brothers and sisters, that when anybody makes reference to the Quran and it gives you the reference

00:43:25--> 00:43:35

make a habit of going home and checking up. Not that you distrust the speaker you think the guy is pulling a fast one are you lying? No, no, no. If you go and check it up at home,

00:43:37--> 00:43:57

you read it again. You will refresh your memory and that part of knowledge which rehearsing it will become your property. Once it becomes your property you can share it with others. Otherwise this is good entertainment. This is all good entertainment good entertain minister wasting time in front of the TV. This is better TV you see that the latency but now

00:43:59--> 00:44:09

checkup so I said Surah Nisa and for the bulk of the people, Muslims non Arabs it's very difficult to find solace in the Quran Surah Nisa

00:44:11--> 00:44:24

we will find it in the Arabic Quran very difficult for us non Arabs. I don't know how easy it is for the Arabs to find. I don't know. I have tried wanting to ask how easy as it look surah Zuma.

00:44:25--> 00:44:30

How do you find it? We start paging through Arabs. How do you find it below to find it? Or you just pay through?

00:44:31--> 00:44:32

How do you find

00:44:33--> 00:44:48

when you do start paging through how do you find it? I don't know. I'm still gonna ask the chef inshallah. But now for the non Arab for us. If you have a translation like this particular one here.

00:44:49--> 00:44:51

This is Abdullah Yusuf Ali

00:44:52--> 00:44:56

has noticed that our brothers from Birmingham have taken the trouble to be some all

00:44:57--> 00:45:00

this use of early translation at the

00:45:00--> 00:45:19

Back of this volume, this Encyclopedia of 2000 pages, there is a very comprehensive index. Anybody gives you a name of a surah is a Surah Nisa table you know, but generally, just like in a dictionary, look at the end Nisa, Italy chapter four.

00:45:20--> 00:45:46

We're easy to find every page is numbered. Chapter for us is number 171. Very easy to find. Allah says this Quran is available in the fire. There are five pounds each. Voila, they're very cheap. It's a long term but we can talk about heavier, heavier, heavier means what gift you give me for this man? The man was in how much? says look the heavy is five pounds. So was that?

00:45:48--> 00:45:49

Was that

00:45:51--> 00:45:56

the gift is a gift. How much what price

00:45:58--> 00:46:00

is five pounds? Five pounds.

00:46:03--> 00:46:15

As is very cheap, sir, very cheap. Look at this Bible. I bought this one Birmingham. From the bookshop, well, Hudson's, this Bible here, I paid 995, nine pounds, 95 pounds.

00:46:16--> 00:46:31

Just about 10 pounds of VAT, it was over 10 pounds. I paid for this. This one here, you get 245 10 runs to 10 pounds. Very cheap. You owe it to yourself and your children. To have this in the house

00:46:33--> 00:46:40

will improve your English, you'll have better understanding of Alaska law, what the law was and everything in your fingertips, whatever you want to know.

00:46:41--> 00:46:47

You don't have to start fumbling in this book every you will know about marriage and the M unit about divorce and the De

00:46:49--> 00:46:55

Luca tala, this is chapter 39. Just like that everything What do you want to know? Don't start going.

00:46:56--> 00:46:58

Go look up what Allah says how to do the job if you must

00:47:00--> 00:47:06

know it's there, but we don't consult them up. We are the rehearsal fathers, that when you get angry with you, why would you say

00:47:11--> 00:47:12

and then you cry.

00:47:13--> 00:47:14

So you go to the shelf.

00:47:16--> 00:47:27

But in my country, in my country, the Indian alliums This is unique Hallelu Hallelu. This is now this woman of yours this one ex wife of yours

00:47:28--> 00:47:43

is finished. Now she must marry another old man. Stay with him at least for a night. At least he must go into a position where they can have a relationship. That's a must. Then he must do us again. And then you will marry her.

00:47:44--> 00:48:13

Asset look, you fool. You made the mistake. Why punish the poor woman? What has she done? She She is an innocent victim. Where's your sense, man? But no, you go through all this filth and dirt filthiest dirtiest thing that you can imagine? And you think you had a good Muslim? Because you didn't read the book? What do you know about Jesus and Ajay, open Jesus. See what he says his birth, open it and see what law everything on your fingertips.

00:48:15--> 00:48:21

The birth of Jesus is described the whole chapter is dedicated to a Maria chapter Mary chapter 19.

00:48:23--> 00:48:25

The Christians have taken out a pamphlet.

00:48:26--> 00:48:43

They said, you know, Jesus is spoken of in the highest terms, 13 different places, different different titles, and they are challenging the Muslims to produce another personality with any of those 32 times to a person. I haven't tried nearly two.

00:48:44--> 00:48:54

Now the question arises, look, all this about Jesus, that he is the word the kalama which Allah bestowed upon me that he's the mercy of the Messiah,

00:48:55--> 00:48:56

his room is this.

00:48:58--> 00:49:05

All these beautiful titles for Jesus for Jesus for Jesus, and a chapter a whole chapter named after his mother, Maria

00:49:07--> 00:49:08

said, you see,

00:49:10--> 00:49:13

this man is deserves to be worshipped. He's gone.

00:49:15--> 00:49:27

Now, why is it? Why is it that Allah mentions Jesus to that extent? Why is it that his mother's name has to be exonerated? That she is a virtuous woman? Why

00:49:28--> 00:49:34

can you tell me? Tell me why? Why so much about Jesus in the Quran? Not about Mohammed? Why?

00:49:37--> 00:49:39

Be Afraid? Guess why, yes.

00:49:42--> 00:49:43

Jesus really was

00:49:44--> 00:49:56

anybody else? Why, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, you know, he is a mercy He gave life to the dead. He did this he did that his mother was a wonderful woman saintly woman. Why?

00:50:03--> 00:50:04

Here's my son.

00:50:06--> 00:50:07

This is

00:50:10--> 00:50:21

no, you see, there are so many allegations. There are so many allegations about Jesus and his mother, which needs to be clarified. So many charges.

00:50:22--> 00:50:25

That's right. That's right. They say,

00:50:26--> 00:50:28

you see there is a dispute.

00:50:29--> 00:50:31

There has been a dispute

00:50:32--> 00:50:33

about Jesus and his mother.

00:50:35--> 00:50:41

There was no dispute about the parentage of Muhammad no dispute. There's a dispute about Jesus.

00:50:42--> 00:50:49

So Allah says in Surah Nisa, chapter four verse 171, yaalon Kitab.

00:50:52--> 00:50:53

Jews and Christians

00:50:55--> 00:50:57

do not go to extremes in your religion.

00:50:59--> 00:51:18

Vallarta kuno li lol Huck, and don't say anything about Allah accept the truth, in minimal mercy. Most certainly the Messiah, translated Christ, in minimal mercy. For Mariama Jesus, the son of Mary hasura Why is the Messenger of Allah to whoever proceeding from him? Haha.

00:51:19--> 00:51:23

Wishing he stood upon Mary and a spirit proceeding from him.

00:51:24--> 00:51:28

So believe in Allah and His Messenger, they are going to extreme.

00:51:30--> 00:51:37

One says that because he's got no father. He's the illegitimate child of Mary.

00:51:40--> 00:51:45

Paula, this is what they say, the Jews that he is an illegitimate child.

00:51:48--> 00:52:16

The other says, No father's father's gone. They both went to extremes. So Allah tells us what is the true position is that Luke is a true messenger of God is the word which Allah bestowed upon Mary, so believe in Allah and His Messenger Jesus, that he is a messenger of God. And because there are insinuations, allegations made against Maria, the Quran comes to absolve her of all those filthy dirty charges. The Jews, the Jews,

00:52:17--> 00:52:22

I wouldn't have quoted at all what law What did you say? I just said illegitimate.

00:52:24--> 00:52:39

I would not use the other word, but I have with me now and authority and I'm glad also I we are not in the masjid. We are this in the Proceedings of the masjid. But this is a hole. Here is a book written by a leading Christian called Josh McDowell.

00:52:41--> 00:53:00

He is the head of the Campus Crusade, Campus Crusade universities, he goes to universities and he goes and delivers lectures to them. And according to our friend, George, he says, you know, Campus Crusade for Christ has been raised up with a goal to preach Christ to the whole world by 1988.

00:53:02--> 00:53:09

another six months time by then now they want to push price to the whole world. That's what God who is that this compact Campus Crusade for?

00:53:10--> 00:53:13

It says, Yeah, Josh McDowell,

00:53:15--> 00:53:31

a graduate of Wheaton College and Magnum Laude, graduate of Talbert Theological Seminary is one of the most popular speakers on college and university campuses today. In the past 10 years, he has spoken to more than 5 million students

00:53:32--> 00:53:34

that comes nowhere near that

00:53:35--> 00:53:40

he has to go on TV only two is millions otherwise, very few 100 here few 100,000.

00:53:42--> 00:53:54

He has spoken to more than 5 million students and faculty and faculty at over 550 universities in 53 countries. This mighty man.

00:53:56--> 00:54:02

He says he wants to prove that Jesus is a historical person. He is no myth.

00:54:03--> 00:54:12

And to prove that he produces the Jewish Talmud, Jewish religious book to prove that Jesus is historical.

00:54:14--> 00:54:15

What does he say?

00:54:16--> 00:54:17

This is very interesting.

00:54:18--> 00:54:25

To prove this, Jesus is historical. He quotes the Jewish Talmud, religious book of the Jews.

00:54:27--> 00:54:32

It says here, Jesus is referred to as been fundera.

00:54:33--> 00:54:47

In the Jewish mood, he is described as been and there been some of Pandora Pandora was Roman soldier who is alleged to have raped Miriam. And he produced this child. Say when Pandora introduced

00:54:48--> 00:54:59

who Scott Takei is this is a Christian missionary talking. If we said this, it calls for murder. Voila. If he uttered these words, it calls for murder. We should be shot. Anybody talking like this? That

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

There's a

00:55:02--> 00:55:16

title referring to Jesus been Pandora urban Pantera and Jay Jay Jay Xu been Pandora many scholarship and there is a play on words a Traverse City on the Greek words of virgin Pacino's and so on So, and on the eve of the Passover,

00:55:19--> 00:55:32

Shimon been as busy as I said concerning Jesus, I found a genealogical role in Jerusalem, where it was recorded. Such no one is a bastard of an adulterous.

00:55:33--> 00:55:44

This guy is quoting the Jewish Talmud, talking about Jesus that he's a bastard of an adulterous. And again, he's a bastard again and again and again.

00:55:48--> 00:55:50

To prove what he says, To prove what

00:55:51--> 00:55:59

this is proving now to you, these independent accounts, Jewish Talmud, not the Bible. The Jewish Talmud says

00:56:00--> 00:56:14

that in ancient times, even the opponents of Christianity never doubted the historicity of Jesus, to prove that he was historical have to quote the Jewish Talmud to say that Jesus was a bastard, he was a boss. He was a son of this Bandera Roman soldier who raped Maria.

00:56:16--> 00:56:18

This is what the Christians took down to

00:56:19--> 00:56:28

say that they come down to using the words quoting the Jewish Talmud that the Jews say that he is the illegitimate child of Mary. The Christian said, Oh, he's the son of God.

00:56:29--> 00:56:36

So Allah says, No, is neither this nor that. He is a true messenger of God

00:56:37--> 00:56:48

is the mercy the Messiah, love him, respect him, revealed him follow him, but worship is due to God alone, worship Him, the Father in heaven, who is a real God.

00:56:50--> 00:56:56

So, you see, the Christians now they have developed new techniques

00:56:57--> 00:57:14

in approaching Muslims. This our friend shows, unfortunately, he's still living in the past. See, the Christians have tried the method that he was trying they have tried before attacking Islam attacking the Holy Prophet attacking the Quran. These are old fashioned ways. They have developed new techniques.

00:57:15--> 00:57:28

The real missionaries now they have developed new techniques. This is an old fashioned thing I think the Arab mentality I don't know really what it from, from Palestine, he is still there in the living in the past. Shadows is living in the past.

00:57:29--> 00:57:33

The new techniques are that these people they come to us

00:57:34--> 00:57:35


00:57:36--> 00:57:51

and they want to find common grounds. This Common Ground is what Allah tells us to find with them. We haven't done it. Allah says Paul Yeah, Helen kita tala tell them People of the Book are Jews and Christians come

00:57:52--> 00:58:07

by manana verbena Come, come to common terms as between as a new lit as get onto a common platform and the terms and conditions of getting together. Allah says Allah, Allah Allah that we wish none but Allah, Allah

00:58:08--> 00:58:10

and that we associate new partners with him

00:58:12--> 00:58:26

or baba, Nila and that we do not take from among ourselves lords and patrons other than Allah. tala lo Saku shadow Viana Muslim moon but if they turn back tell them that we are Muslims we have submitted rules to the will of Allah

00:58:27--> 00:58:46

find common grounds which we have failed to do. So the Christians through experience they learn not the Quran they didn't read the Quran, but there's a natural thing to do. If you want to approach somebody find common common in communication find common ground, they're trying to find common ground with us. They did it

00:58:48--> 00:58:57

the language that you love to hear the language of the Quran they use that they want to find easy way of approaching you look at this. Look at this book.

00:58:59--> 00:59:00

no greater love

00:59:01--> 00:59:05

no greater love Look at the beautiful rose multicolor

00:59:08--> 00:59:13

what what book is this? Yes, yes, yes. I give you a quote on anybody who this is what this book is all about.

00:59:14--> 00:59:17

I give you this grand Deluxe Edition.

00:59:20--> 00:59:21

Who said that?

00:59:25--> 00:59:28

I'm beaten and beaten. I'll give it to them. As soon as I'm finished you can have it

00:59:33--> 00:59:39

I only have one please. Yeah, this is not a new way. Did you receive one like this before?

00:59:40--> 00:59:41

You just get it

00:59:43--> 00:59:45

out of the bag inadvertently.

00:59:46--> 00:59:57

Look at this. no greater love. Any young man will lap it up. He will pick it up from from the bookstores. But they give it to free Bala given the gift to the Muslims free

00:59:58--> 00:59:59

no greater love who

01:00:00--> 01:00:00

Like you read it,

01:00:01--> 01:00:09

there was a time when I left this sort of thing. And when I left school, I was reading through love and romance. You know, just

01:00:10--> 01:00:13

and if I came across this, this seems to me like Lady Chatterley's lover

01:00:15--> 01:00:23

when in South Africa, but I said when here's something they're giving it to me free, no greater love. This is the New Testament. Want to catch us now with this free

01:00:25--> 01:00:33

new methods. Now there are a new method of approaching us common grounds, psychological, they come to our homes.

01:00:35--> 01:00:44

We welcome them. This is our typical hospitality. We people, the Muslims, we are so hospitable that our hospitality goes against us

01:00:45--> 01:00:56

is a cause of our own destruction. Yes. Oh nice. So sweet. Like the Indonesian nice, kind people so the Christians, sorting them eating them during the month. Very nice kind people.

01:00:58--> 01:01:00

So they can see you believe in Jesus.

01:01:02--> 01:01:16

But you say you believe in Jesus says yes, yes. You're not a Muslim if you don't believe in Jesus. So you know, he was one of the mightiest messengers of God. But he says yes, yes, we accept that Jesus was the Messiah,

01:01:17--> 01:01:24

translated Christ, you accept that Sidious was Muhammad masala? was a No,

01:01:25--> 01:01:28

no. No.

01:01:29--> 01:01:31

So you see Jesus is masala

01:01:32--> 01:01:37

much as possible. But he says in the Quran, you know that

01:01:39--> 01:01:43

Jesus Isa is Rasool and mercy in the Quran, your prophet is

01:01:44--> 01:01:47

right, like one degree higher for Jesus.

01:01:49--> 01:01:57

It says, you know, Jesus was one miraculously without any male intervention. You believe that he was Muhammad sabol

01:01:58--> 01:02:00

another degree of Jesus?

01:02:02--> 01:02:04

Is this you know, Jesus gave life to the dead.

01:02:07--> 01:02:09

Last permission, did you

01:02:11--> 01:02:12

know the degree of Jesus?

01:02:16--> 01:02:25

He says Jesus is in Heaven is alive. Jesus is coming back. This is a prophet Muhammad, buried in Medina.

01:02:26--> 01:02:28

Perhaps his wounds have rotted in the Grade

01:02:29--> 01:02:59

Center we believe is higher than maybe the living prophecies. Yes. But that's metaphysically. Physically, maybe his bones have rotted in the grave. So maybe another degree of Jesus. Do you think God had a purpose in doing all that? He does do nothing. You just celebrated Elijah kermani Creed. And you sacrifice a sheep or a goat or a cow. But when you look for that animal and animal without blemish, no fall on not broken. You're not cut. not blind. Not limping, right.

01:03:01--> 01:03:05

Almighty when he wants to make a sacrifice, is he gonna look for a second best?

01:03:06--> 01:03:08

Who second best already proved it to you?

01:03:11--> 01:03:14

second best, second best. Now you argue

01:03:16--> 01:03:43

that guy is a trained expert karate expert. What do you what do you know about religion? Nothing. Sitting packets, sitting ducks. That's what you all become now. Because we have lost this. This impetus, we have lost our militancy. We didn't do the job for 1000 years. When you don't do a job, you lose the art of doing the job. You don't know what is all involved. Voila, all this there is it means nothing. It means nothing.

01:03:44--> 01:03:51

It means nothing. If you only know if you have knowledge. When you have no knowledge, we are sitting back. We will fight you with the spirit to fight.

01:03:53--> 01:03:57

So you fight and you lose, the guy comes again. And he gives you another bashing

01:04:00--> 01:04:19

and you don't give up you fight. Sooner or later you can be converted the fighter. The Fighter is the guy who's gonna lose the safest photo is the guys are like go away, man. I don't know anything. I'm not interested in religion. He says that perfectly safe. But a fighter you you can say, I will talk to you.

01:04:21--> 01:04:39

So in my country, for everyone while we are losing losing three girls, they want to argue and debate as well, our daughters. And when they have beaten the ramp to the island, and the poor alum, he doesn't know this. This is not his life. This is something different. Can you see is a new development.

01:04:40--> 01:04:41

Jesus mercy.

01:04:45--> 01:04:47

How do you answer that? Look, I have a book.

01:04:48--> 01:04:51

I have a book, Christ Islam.

01:04:52--> 01:04:59

That answers all your problems. And that book is free. There is no copyright on it. If you want to reproduce it, go ahead and report it.

01:05:00--> 01:05:02

These books, Christ in Islam,

01:05:04--> 01:05:11

Christ in Islam, it explains to you all this what it is, really Allah is nothing. Let's deal with the first one.

01:05:12--> 01:05:15

Jesus has mercy. Mama is

01:05:17--> 01:05:22

just to show you how easy it is. Once you get the facts, the knowledge

01:05:24--> 01:05:28

is you know, let me tell you now that in your book the Bible,

01:05:29--> 01:05:31

mercy Messiah, Christ

01:05:33--> 01:05:37

is used for so many persons, not only Jesus.

01:05:39--> 01:05:43

In your book, the Bible in the book of Isaiah, chapter 45, verse one,

01:05:45--> 01:05:48

God speaks to Cyrus, the Persian king

01:05:50--> 01:06:03

of an idol worshiper. And he calls him My Mercy says, You are my anointed, that though Tao does not know me, I have surnamed v. Like you,

01:06:05--> 01:06:15

you son of perdition, me, you don't know me, but still I call you my mercy. So the Christians translated that as Emily did.

01:06:16--> 01:06:23

The word is how are, you are my anointed? As is not that word anointed. What is it in Hebrew?

01:06:24--> 01:06:30

Is the Messiah, similar Jesus, this machinic is Allah says yo ma, ma, ma z.

01:06:31--> 01:06:42

In Greek Christos translated Christ. So God is telling that you are my Christ, you have a mercy here my Messiah machinic is can be a messiah mercy. So what is Jesus being a mercy?

01:06:43--> 01:07:06

Then pots and pans, the Bible says, We invented we made mercy, massage, pots and pans. What it means is this. I tell my wife, I said, you see this T shirt that we bought. This is only for the VIPs not for every Tom, Dick and Harry who visit says, Don't give them t in this. You keep it for chefs around and people like that when they come, we'll take that out.

01:07:08--> 01:07:21

So when I say that, it means it's your mark for the VIPs in Hebrew, you have made Maha Massey for that anointed for that special purpose. That's what it means.

01:07:22--> 01:07:50

The Bible says were anointed columns pillars pillars were no interred the mid intimacy Messiah. So pillars and poles, horns, and pots and pans, pots and pans and shacks. are all made intimacy, Christ, Christ Christ. So what is Christ in specially appointed for a special purpose? Now every person is a mercy. every prophet is a Messiah, every prophet is Christ.

01:07:52--> 01:07:53

How do I say that?

01:07:54--> 01:07:55

The Quran doesn't say that.

01:07:57--> 01:08:08

You see, because Christ means one who is appointed, but why only Jesus? I said, you see there are certain titles, which we use exclusively for certain people. Like for example,

01:08:09--> 01:08:36

Lucretia Rasulullah, who's also de la automatic musim say Mohammed Salah. But look, the Quran says new cisors hudl la Eva? hula, he says Rasulullah but how could you say Muhammad Rasulullah in our mind, this was associated with Elena de la la, la la. Ibrahim is a friend of Allah Abraham is his friend. What about all the other prophets his enemies?

01:08:39--> 01:08:50

enemies only evaluate this friend, every every prophet is khaleel collembola musah suddenly speak to Allah say this

01:08:51--> 01:09:20

is the why moussaka de Mola. This is how specific titles you give to certain specific persons, but these are common properties for everybody. But we specially we say, Alfred, the great English history, the guys who burn the cake after the Great all the other English kings, very tiny little ones. Richard the lionhearted. Richard the Lionheart? Do you know your English history? Yes, all the other English kings a chicken heart

01:09:26--> 01:09:41

is just certain specific titles you reserved for certain persons, but they can be universally applied. Now once you know when it comes out. You can make a monkey out of it. Or you can make a monkey out of what you're talking about. pots and pans, horns pillars.

01:09:42--> 01:09:57

They all can be messy. According to your book. You guys think that? So once you go through these little booklets like these in Sharla these are these little dynamites these are these little tables that has an LS lm picked up

01:10:00--> 01:10:00

You remember?

01:10:03--> 01:10:15

See this Palestinians again, the Palestinians and the Arab and the Jews have been having it out for more than 3000 years the fighting, fighting, fighting, and you read in the Bible and they were destroyed

01:10:17--> 01:10:25

and they come back from nowhere like ghosts, the Palestinians and they destroyed them actually and they come back again I don't know the Bible says and they destroy them actually and they back again

01:10:27--> 01:10:31

back again I'm using these Palestinians you know they never go to circulation

01:10:33--> 01:10:33


01:10:35--> 01:10:36


01:10:37--> 01:10:38

whatever are saying

01:10:42--> 01:10:46

the Palestinians and the Jews having it out. So now comes the time

01:10:47--> 01:10:58

that the Palestinians they have a giant in the remits Goliath jump. And according to Guinness Book of Records I was reading today that according to the biblical this thing, he was nine foot six.

01:10:59--> 01:11:17

But that title, nine foot six was nine foot six. A bit of an exaggeration but nine foot six. Now once you have a guy like that in your midst, naturally you feel that now you can better anybody. So this Duluth from a hilltop he cries out to the bunnies, right on the opposite Hill.

01:11:20--> 01:11:23

Is there anybody there? We'll take me on July.

01:11:25--> 01:11:33

And the bunnies, right? We're shivering in the pants. I don't know where they used to wear pants those days. But figuratively they were shooting in their pants.

01:11:35--> 01:11:36

Nobody Nobody wants to come forward.

01:11:38--> 01:11:40

So little bow with his day.

01:11:41--> 01:11:43

He's looking after his father's sheep.

01:11:45--> 01:11:51

So he sees the opportunity, man, this is a fantastic time. This is a sitting duck.

01:11:52--> 01:11:56

Giant eight foot giant. This a nine foot six Nolan seven foot

01:11:57--> 01:12:13

this guy slow, cumbersome, you know, abnormal. He is not even steady on his feet as if he's drunk. He's not drunk, but the size cumbersome. He can't control himself. He's an easy target man for his sling. And his mouth waters. What an opportunity.

01:12:14--> 01:12:24

So he comes with a good soul say I'll take him on so I go look up a father ship. The young man is enthusiastic.

01:12:25--> 01:12:27

This guy yeah. So he

01:12:30--> 01:12:35

couldn't resist his enthusiasm. This product here. Here's my solid my shield.

01:12:37--> 01:12:39

So little bow says Look,

01:12:40--> 01:12:41

I haven't handled this in my life before.

01:12:43--> 01:12:44

Maybe it's also too heavy for him.

01:12:46--> 01:13:02

I know my sling, that old fashioned sling, they will lose this. They hadn't discovered rubber there is a pouch with two strings. You put a stone in the middle and you swing gain momentum and let go one side and if you are used to you know how to mark that old fashioned sling.

01:13:04--> 01:13:06

We call it in India we call it Groupon.

01:13:08--> 01:13:13

So big a joke. So it was a bigger joke. Now with a toy. This is a toy

01:13:14--> 01:13:30

sasara if you want to commit suicide go so he walks down the hill. And at the stream he picks up a few pebbles. These are those pebbles. These bouquets are those pebbles. With these pebbles. You master these and you can cut the crack the jungle scalp.

01:13:31--> 01:13:54

The missionary, this Bishop Archbishop's whoever they are with this knowledge here, you can crack his skull. So this is the advice I wanted to give to you get these little pebbles and go to town. Now, my dear business sisters, if you have any questions on what I have spoken so far or anything led to what I have said, you are at liberty to ask

01:13:56--> 01:13:57


01:14:02--> 01:14:07

Of course, if you haven't got questions that we all converted, I can get back quicker to Birmingham.

01:14:10--> 01:14:10


01:14:15--> 01:14:20

Why the rules allow people to marry more than one wife

01:14:22--> 01:14:24

is allowed to marry more than one wife,

01:14:26--> 01:14:29

wife, sister, or mother.

01:14:36--> 01:14:38

The question was,

01:14:40--> 01:14:59

how is it that they in the Old Testament there is a injunction given that you can marry women more than one as long as they are not your sisters or your mothers or your daughters and things like that restrictions are given but they were allowed to marry more than one and the prophets as we read in the Old Testament.

01:15:00--> 01:15:13

Almost each and every one of them have more than one life. How is it? And Jesus Christ didn't condemn polygamy? Not in the least. How is it that the Christians are today saying that only one man, one woman?

01:15:16--> 01:15:23

That is the question. Now the thing is, this is their own creation, the Christian world up to almost yesterday, they practice polygamy.

01:15:24--> 01:16:02

Now, Allah doesn't tell us to go and have two or three or four. But there are circumstances in life when it is necessary to protect women hood. Like I was giving reference, I don't know whether it was last night or at the meeting, that this is a solution to your problem, most specially the West. In America at the present moment, there are 7.8 million more women than men. Almost 8 million women at the present moment got 20 million women in America without husbands 20 million. But even if every man in america got married, there'll be 7.8 million woman left without husbands.

01:16:04--> 01:16:08

What is the solution? The answer we are asking them provide the answer.

01:16:09--> 01:16:10

Here in England,

01:16:12--> 01:16:28

soon after the war, there was a news item that on the east coast of England, they were 1.6 million more women than men on the East Coast alone. Over Britain 4 million more women than men. In Britain if every man gets married, this will be 4 million woman who can get husbands.

01:16:29--> 01:16:40

And soon after the wall, a news item lakeline from London as reading in my country. It said 5000 misfits to be shipped to America.

01:16:41--> 01:16:46

You know, the human mind is so imaginative that when you read something you think you get the whole picture.

01:16:47--> 01:16:56

So I'm imagining that these misfits must be crippled with her grip with clubfoot that they are going being sent to America for treatment.

01:16:58--> 01:17:24

That's the imagination thinking that America medically is far more advanced than Britain. That's what I'm thinking. But when I read further, the news item said that these 5000 misfits were the offsprings of Negro soldiers stationed even during the war. They were the offsprings of Negro soldiers, that they were to back to black to be absorbed in English society. This Negro children to this British girls,

01:17:25--> 01:18:05

that in your home if you had this little one of these little ones, and with crinkly hair and stuck nose, this is now who's this is my sister, Mary's child. Everybody knows this. This is my sister, Mary's child is like a dagger in your heart. So do you do things like that? ship them to America to be joined with the Negro society in America? So they said that maybe Andrew Yang was one of those maybe Cassius Clay moment, it might have been one of those we don't know. But this is 5000 misfits were shipped to America. They were not. They couldn't be fitted into British society. So I'm asking the question that these 5000 misfits, how did they come about? How many nigo soldiers were in

01:18:05--> 01:18:48

England during the course of the war compared to the whites? The white Australian, the white New Zealand, the white noose and South Africa, the white free Finch the light poles, and on and the white British and the white American, the white Canadian? How many blacks were there? A handful compared to the white soldiers, a handful. So what amount of adultery fornication was committed in Christian England to produce 5000 myths, mysteries during the course of the war? What about you tell me to create all this eligible bastard children? How many 1000s, maybe hundreds of 1000s they, you create them. So Islam gives a solution to a problem. It's not a panic being offered as a tonic, Coca

01:18:48--> 01:19:24

Cola or Pepsi Cola. This is a remedy an answer a solution to your problem. And on BBC TV, some years ago, there was a program. The program was about polygamy. So they brought a group of women asking them one by one. What do you think, man? So a woman just appointed me, oh, my dead body will never allow my husband to have another wife. And you met him? He said, Well, you see if the men will look after me and my children, I don't mind sharing a husband. And you never knew my dad. So by the time the program was over,

01:19:26--> 01:19:35

half an hour gone. So these organizers, they got those women against what kind of women were though those who didn't mind and what kind of women are those who opposed it to the male?

01:19:37--> 01:19:43

So they brought the same team back again onto the program. Now, Madam, Are you married? Yes.

01:19:44--> 01:19:47

Do you mind sharing your husband with another woman? And now Are

01:19:48--> 01:19:59

you Are you married? No. You mentioned your husband's. If I get somebody to look after me and my children, right, it was 5050 those who had this and they won't share those didn't have they didn't mention

01:20:00--> 01:20:06

Kidding. So it's a question of haves and have nots, vested interest. But otherwise, it is a solution to a problem.

01:20:07--> 01:20:10

Yes, Any other question? Yes.

01:20:22--> 01:20:23

The only way

01:20:24--> 01:20:30

you can meet these forces is to study the textbooks. There is no other way.

01:20:31--> 01:21:15

Allah tala gives us the secret. The secret is Allah says pull hard to go Hanako. Whenever anybody makes a claim, they make a claim. They say waka Lou they say late hola agenda 11 kana whodunit Massara that you Muslims will never never enter gentlemen, there's no heaven for you, unless you become a Jew. But unless you become a Christian, that's a claim then that's a claim. Now, though the Jews have fallen out of the race, they only won political recognition. They are not interested in converting you. You have to be born a Jew to be a Jew. They want you to accept them that Palestine you give it to them, there'll be peace between us and them. Because our is not a racial war. It is

01:21:15--> 01:21:24

not a religious war. Our battle with the Jew is for that piece of land with their stolen from our brother. That's our battle. They're not interested in converting us.

01:21:26--> 01:21:50

But the Christian we know they're making a mess out of the Muslim world. They have COVID and more Pakistanis into Christianity since independence, and then 150 years of British rule. They are perverted, converted more Bangladeshis into Christianity since independence than in the previous 150 years of British rule. They have converted 15 million Indonesians into Christianity. And by the turn of the century, they will make this Indonesia a Christian nation and their every sign that they will succeed.

01:21:52--> 01:22:10

The answer to this problem is that you have to master his book, Allah says when they make any claim is still common. That this is the wishful thinking being designed hallucination with a backwards backwards, babbling babbling. Don't be afraid of them. Tell them how to produce your proof.

01:22:12--> 01:22:43

Again, if you're speaking the truth, let's have a look at your certificate that entitles you to heaven and distances to hell. Let's have a look at it. Did you do that? Now? 1000 years 1400 years have you been asking them for the forehand? No, I don't know why. I'm asking the Arabs How is it that you read this and you didn't do the job? 1400 1400 years the Muslims is to premium Egypt 1400 years. And today they are boasting that 10 million Coptic Christians in Egypt

01:22:45--> 01:22:52

1400 years we had a good evening. And in 1400 days you could make a dent in the Christian community. Why?

01:22:53--> 01:23:33

simple reason. You didn't ask for his bullhorn. And unless you ask for it. You can't talk. There is no way you can open a subject with them. They already approved them brain wants to say courage that for the sense solution is yours. You can check it out five times a day you can pray fast for one whole month. These are all like filthy rags. He says rubbish worthless rubbish. He says, salvation only comes with the blood of the Lord Jesus. Once you accept that all of our philosophy, psychology logic, it will make headway you've got to break through and the only way you can break through is Koolhaas through Hana Comm. Let us have a look at your heart, your proof. And when you see that,

01:23:33--> 01:23:53

you'll find this all Hocus Pocus. You can find you can go to town, you can crack his skull, he hasn't got a thing. Well, I haven't got a thing. And there isn't Christians who can stand before you. If you only master these little pebbles, this little booklet and each and every Muslim should be going and doing his job. You don't do that, or shaking bars or so and so

01:23:54--> 01:24:10

this is every Muslims duty according to your capacity. Just learn these things, master them and go to town man is the privilege Allah has given you in me as a hero who Allah Dena Cooley is given your deen as the master overcome and supersede them all bulldoze down or

01:24:11--> 01:24:20

that's what Allah says. This is the destiny of his Dean. What the hell machinery cool. So now mine how the music might not like it. This is the destiny of his dream Master, the more

01:24:23--> 01:24:23

you believe in it?

01:24:26--> 01:24:26


01:24:28--> 01:24:31

Yes, yes. That's why you're sitting on your backside doing nothing.

01:24:33--> 01:24:34

We do nothing.

01:24:35--> 01:24:41

Nothing. We believe what you believe. You don't really believe that's the trouble. We say we believe you don't really how is my

01:24:47--> 01:24:47


01:24:49--> 01:24:50

the history

01:24:57--> 01:24:59

of leaders than by the Israelis.

01:25:02--> 01:25:02

Arab leaders

01:25:04--> 01:25:05

in Iraq,

01:25:07--> 01:25:11

in Syria are behind. So can you comment on the subject please?

01:25:12--> 01:25:14

You're talking about politics.

01:25:16--> 01:25:22

You see, our battle was our battle was the Quran or the Bible.

01:25:24--> 01:25:35

That was the subject of the debate, the Quran, or the Bible, which is God's word. And in that battle, this Palestinian Christian has already sold out.

01:25:38--> 01:25:48

That's That's for you to now go and fight them out. You're gonna fight them now. My battle is with the guy who's coming along and knocking at my door. Talk to him how to talk to him. Yes, Ben.

01:26:08--> 01:26:11

The question is, were there any Muslims

01:26:12--> 01:26:16

existing in the time of her Salah slam in the time of Jesus?

01:26:17--> 01:26:40

That the question is, you see anyone who hearkened to the message of Salah Salaam was a Muslim. Jesus was a Muslim, and his religion was Islam. There was no such thing as Christianity, the teachings of the church where they say that Jesus is God is not his teaching. He never preached any such thing. He is telling his people that they must be better than the Jew.

01:26:41--> 01:27:20

Unless you are better than the Jew, the Jew was just formalistic. In keeping the letter of the law, forgetting the Spirit, He says, There is no heaven for you that is teaching you telling them come, I will teach you how to pray, pray like this, and he's teaching them is that Oh, Our Father which art in heaven, God Almighty, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. That is the pray that he thought he didn't say, the father of Jesus Christ in heaven, or Jesus was in heaven. He's talking about the Father in heaven. So in other words, he was preaching nothing but Islam. Churches is quite a different thing altogether. It's not his teaching. They are

01:27:20--> 01:27:37

their own creation. But anyone who followed musala, Salah was a Muslim, anyone who follows Salah Salam was a Muslim, but these people have not deviated. They have deviated from the teachings of healthy siza he has been, he had questioned this.

01:27:55--> 01:27:57

There was a book I had written

01:27:58--> 01:28:17

on the ultimate miracle, I had delivered talks on the subject and there were videotapes and cassettes available. But this man who originally made the discovery, which I found useful in talking to Muslims and non Muslims, but this man has sickness has developed now he's claiming to be a new Rasulullah like what bahala was at one time and

01:28:18--> 01:29:01

this is a sickness, this is a sickness that is quite common to see once a person you know, he finds that he's so clever that people are you know, Hero worshipping Him. And you know, whatever I say, I know these people will believe. So the man creates the sicknesses. Man, I can make claims. Today, this guy called Rashad Khalifa. He is the man who discovered this theory. Allah Hafiz Atocha. Now he said, he is a new rule. He's a messenger of God. There are certain flaws in the theory. But besides that, now he's claiming now on the basis of that discovery, that he is also law. And now he came out to prove first was that the Quran is the last column not change, not one letter is changed. Now

01:29:01--> 01:29:41

through the same theory is proving he's trying to prove that look, the Quran is change, that there are verses in the Quran which are not supposed to be there as the formula. So I challenged this man to a debate. I sent him a telegram that I'm prepared to hire the Madison Square Garden in New York at my expense as a new hobbyist from Tucson come over and prove to the world that you are a liar and a cheat and a false false guy. So this is no I don't want to come to the Madison Square Garden. You come to Tucson In fact, he wants to have discussion Absolutely. Rubbish. There's no time for me to talk to people in private can come. You are the true messenger of God, then come forward, man and

01:29:41--> 01:29:47

prepare to talk to you. So I have discontinued with the tape as well as the book as like I said, normal.

01:29:56--> 01:30:00

No more video, no more. Finish. There's so much more

01:30:00--> 01:30:11

We don't want to create unnecessary strife among the Muslims and that guy every time I'm speaking he's trying to capitalize upon that. So he's trying to win your sympathy that he is a new messenger of God.

01:30:12--> 01:30:17

Finish we got nothing to do with him. He is an imposter and a liar and a cheat and a casa

01:30:19--> 01:30:21

discontinued finished no more.

01:30:22--> 01:30:28

Yes, my son yesterday. That's right. white shirt, white shirt. Yes, the white shirt. Yes.

01:30:35--> 01:30:40

You see the Gospel of Barnabas, it mentions of Olivia Corinne sallallahu Sallam by name.

01:30:42--> 01:30:49

That Isa Salaam, Jesus Christ, he prophesied about the coming of another messenger, whose name will be Muhammad Salah.

01:30:51--> 01:30:56

But now this book is not recognized by the bulk of Christian them. They say it's a forgery.

01:30:58--> 01:31:10

They say this is not authentic. Now, the Muslim is wasting his time. So Allah commands as to demand proof by asking the Christian or the Jew or whoever will have to

01:31:12--> 01:31:29

produce your proof. And they have produced the Bible. Nobody produced bonobos to you today. Now, so talk about what he's what he's claiming to be true. Talk about that. And once you do that, get this mukluks of mine, you will need bonobos This book will still do the job with his book.

01:31:34--> 01:31:38

What's up my man from Tara and so it

01:31:39--> 01:31:40

was a revelation.

01:31:41--> 01:31:42

For us. That

01:31:47--> 01:31:57

is the way the revelation which Allah gave her the Salah, Salah, whatever he gave to her, he said, Listen, Jesus Christ, that is the Injeel. The Why?

01:31:58--> 01:32:39

Where is it? You ask that to the Christians? Where is it? Because the Gospels, the so called gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john, they all say that Jesus went to a certain place and they preach the gospel. gospel means in jail, he went somewhere else and repeat the gospel. He went somewhere else and repeat the gospel. Every book says he went and preached the gospel, in jail, in jail, in jail, in jail. So you're asking, did he have Matthew, Mark, Luke and john under his arm? Is that what he was preaching? No, where is that in jail, which he was preaching? That is what Allah gave him. So whatever Allah gave him is the truth. But they haven't got it. As the mentioned about the

01:32:39--> 01:32:52

book, The Bible is the Bible as a 21, the one in which shows Jamie 21, out of 27, there is not even a red letter.or dash, supposed to be of Jesus.

01:32:54--> 01:32:55

There is someone here.

01:33:01--> 01:33:11

explanation, I don't think any other question remains to be asked. But one question which is generally addressed by the so called Christians in the West.

01:33:14--> 01:33:15

They say that,

01:33:17--> 01:33:27

but now we don't believe in the existence of any god. So how to convince such materialism and and how to prove

01:33:28--> 01:33:31

the existence of God in the light of the Buddha.

01:33:33--> 01:33:40

You see, before you start with him with the Holy Quran, how is it gonna listen to you about the Quran when you say doesn't believe in God.

01:33:41--> 01:34:03

So this people, you're talking about this Westerner, whoever he is, with an American or British, he is still a Christian subconsciously at the back of his mind. Because as soon as a fight starts between the Muslim and the Christian, he will take the Christian side, why he is still a Christian subconsciously. So now what you do with him,

01:34:04--> 01:34:10

a technique I show you. As soon as you ask any of these people, we meet them in the flesh.

01:34:11--> 01:34:15

So what church you belong to, is no I don't go to any church. I don't believe in God.

01:34:17--> 01:34:20

So you tell him, congratulations to you.

01:34:23--> 01:34:29

Amazing, amazing. The man said, I don't believe in God, as I tell him, congratulations to you. And the guy gets shocked.

01:34:30--> 01:34:33

He expects you to top of his head, coffee mug.

01:34:35--> 01:35:00

You don't believe in God, top of his head. That's what he expects from a man of religion. As is no congratulations to you. So I congratulations. I said you see if you told me you're a Christian, new congratulations. Because your father was a Christian. Your mother was a Christian. Right? Is that right? So what did you do? Nothing. You tell me you're a Muslim. You congratulations. Why? Because your father was

01:35:00--> 01:35:08

As a Muslim, your mother was a Muslim, what did you do? Nothing. But you tell me you don't believe in God, I say congratulations, because you are.

01:35:10--> 01:35:13

What made you to reach that stage? Where you say there is no God?

01:35:14--> 01:35:16

So for that I congratulate you.

01:35:17--> 01:35:18

What are you thinking?

01:35:19--> 01:35:33

Well, about what you heard the stories you heard you went to Sunday school, your environment they're telling you about Adam and Eve. Yes. You read about Adam and Eve in Sunday school, you heard the stories, there's Adam and Eve, they were put into the garden.

01:35:34--> 01:35:50

When God made them in the garden center, look, eat and drink, eat any of the fruit in the garden, except this one tree in the middle of the garden, the fruit of the tree, Thou shalt not eat, because the data is there other shall surely die, right? He said, Yes. And they act.

01:35:51--> 01:36:19

And they start, they discovered that they were naked. Prior to that they were in a state of innocence. like little children, they didn't know what was what, as soon as they act that is supposed to be the tree of knowledge, the fruit of the tree of knowledge. So they realized that they were naked. So they started plucking leaves and covering themselves up. And Adam heard. I'm reading the Bible, the Bible, which he read, and Adam heard the footsteps of God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.

01:36:22--> 01:36:48

Mighty King Kong, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. The Bible says he heard the footsteps of God walking in the garden in the School of the day. It was afternoon, late afternoon. So Adam went and hid himself away in the bushes. So God comes and stands where Adam was a few seconds before and he scans he can see them. So he shouts Adam, Adam, now haha.

01:36:50--> 01:36:51

Full Body didn't know Adam was.

01:36:53--> 01:36:55

Maybe he was playing hide and seek.

01:36:56--> 01:37:15

We do play hide and seek. You see I did with my grandson. He's Pharaoh. Now. See, I go home. My grandson is there in front of me. But I look up all over. I say race race to catch you. And he's having a good laugh. He thinks you know, Grandpa can see.

01:37:16--> 01:37:20

You can bring the food with him. Are you? Are you laughing?

01:37:21--> 01:37:28

So maybe God Almighty also play a little joke with Adam and Eve. So Adam feeds through the bushes.

01:37:30--> 01:37:31

And he says I'm here.

01:37:32--> 01:37:39

So why do you behave like that? They've done something wrong. Since I was naked. So how do you know you're naked at the foot?

01:37:41--> 01:37:46

He said no, the women that that day was to me that woman if you didn't give me that woman, I wouldn't be in trouble. You give me the woman now.

01:37:48--> 01:37:54

And you wouldn't say the serpent that because me passing the buck the oldest team in the world, you know, don't own up.

01:37:56--> 01:38:02

Now, I'm asking the Muslim you you believe in a god like that? You believe that? No.

01:38:04--> 01:38:14

He says he also doesn't believe in God like that. So congratulations. You read further down Genesis has gone on to see God. So God says look, you can see me in

01:38:15--> 01:38:23

the Quran says langfang You'll never see me but in the Bible is insistent you know like a spoiled child is a look man. Oh, Lord, I love you so much. I'm gonna see you.

01:38:24--> 01:38:39

What can you do with a pharaoh like that? So right? I will appease you. So God Almighty puts in between two rocks and puts his hand in the opening. So most masala sand can see him. Then he turns his back. And he takes his hand and use us or the back of God so his backside

01:38:41--> 01:38:44

because it's fun side if you saw he would have died.

01:38:46--> 01:38:49

You believe in a god like that. Who shows his backside to Moosa says no,

01:38:50--> 01:38:54

no, he's agreeing with you what you want to tell him he's telling you.

01:38:56--> 01:38:58

You believe that Mary carried God for nine months

01:39:00--> 01:39:00


01:39:02--> 01:39:04

that Muslim carry God for nine months.

01:39:06--> 01:39:10

And this girl was born and were circumcised and they you believe that? Know?

01:39:11--> 01:39:27

That man has taken the first step What is wrong? What is the first step? Anybody want to accept? So what do you say say stack? law? What is law? No. Law, there's no law. There's no object of worship, except Allah.

01:39:28--> 01:39:53

So he's taking the first step. He's saying La Ilaha this, that God, that God no, he's taking the first step men taking the following step. Take him further. That's your job now. On gratulate him and take him out from there. So come come, man. How did this thing come into be? So he explains to you and you find the Quran confirms the Quran confirms this book is telling what you are telling me

01:39:55--> 01:39:57

inshallah, you'll be able to do the job.

01:40:06--> 01:40:13

The Constitution provides the solutions to their problems with intention in mind to the Christians read the Bible.

01:40:16--> 01:40:53

The question is that the Muslims read the Quran, with the idea of intention that this is Allah constitution for us, that we may guide our lives by it. The Christians with what intention do they read the Bible? Generally the Christians are only reading with one idea that this Bible just proves that the system of salvation given by God is that this God Almighty, who made Adam and Eve, he's going to come into the world, some 6000 years after 4000 years after Adam, and he's gonna come and die for your sins. This is what he's interested in. So although they are not religious, but at the back of the mind, this is salvation.

01:40:54--> 01:41:22

Jenna, this is what they have, they get it. So they believe they believe this like a talisman like hobbies. You know, once you have the book, and you know, you believe salvation, yes, they're not interested in practicing anything, because they say, it's not works not by words that you get heaven. It is belief, like Sagat was saying, he said, You see, God Almighty, once he gives you salvation, you do something, you say yes to Jesus. So he gives it to

01:41:23--> 01:41:28

Jana, he'll give you united good books, you do something evil, he will take it away.

01:41:29--> 01:42:02

And then you do God, again, a new Sunday when he thinks, God doesn't do that, once you have achieved the salvation finish. He paid for it. Jesus Christ paid for it. So this is a beautiful idea. If it was true, most fantastic idea, you know, for getting heaven. You don't have to do anything. You just believe you say you believe in salvation is yours. Of course, for others, we have to sweat. And it's easier just to believe and get it. So they are only wanting to find justification for that belief that Christ died for the sin. Our sister, yes.

01:42:07--> 01:42:09

But can you tell me about

01:42:10--> 01:42:10


01:42:12--> 01:42:13


01:42:16--> 01:42:17

the Spanish

01:42:20--> 01:42:21

in India

01:42:27--> 01:42:28

that there are

01:42:34--> 01:42:37

deadlines, and whatever they indicate them they

01:42:41--> 01:42:41

can vary.

01:42:43--> 01:42:43

But don't they?

01:42:47--> 01:42:56

The question is about Muslims marrying Christian and Jewish woman. Allah, Allah tells us that you can marry women

01:42:58--> 01:42:58

who are

01:43:00--> 01:43:03

no no the word Matata, the pious women among them.

01:43:07--> 01:43:09

of those were witches, women.

01:43:11--> 01:43:15

among Muslims, and you're looking for wives, we must look for virtuous women.

01:43:16--> 01:43:25

When you find among the Christian, they should be better than any Muslim woman you can find. But generally, our brother rejects. You see,

01:43:26--> 01:43:28

this is give you an example.

01:43:30--> 01:43:34

See, when I was working in the furniture trade, I had a brother working with me

01:43:35--> 01:43:41

is to have a G. And I saw his brother one day with a colored woman is a mixture between black and white in South Africa.

01:43:42--> 01:43:43


01:43:44--> 01:44:27

to all appearances, you know, she was a spin force, you know, ugly and all that. So I'm coming in telling this friend of mine, so you know, I saw your brother with his wife. And what a man what a thing. He says you see my big brother is telling me some people they eat meat and they throw away the bones. My brother picks it up and makes a gallon. So brothers, Muslim Brothers, they balance on the next you know, where did you find this woman is on the dance floor? Where did you find her in the cinema? She went out with you she went out with how many others before you unless is a good woman virtuous woman. So our brother in the finding easy way out.

01:44:28--> 01:44:55

This Islam allows What does Islam allow? You see the Umar the oma was such an oma that's given that permission that the whole everybody is eager to have that woman change your business, my business, everybody's business. There's no such thing as my business and your business. So I have a right but I'm shut up then the children that are born. What happened marriages break up sometime is a conversion of convenience.

01:44:57--> 01:44:59

Generally, I have seen in my country

01:45:00--> 01:45:21

The woman is converted. What is that? He goes with this woman to go to the movie and silicone to marry this woman. So the Mona Lisa asks the woman you want to marry him. So say the Kalima was that say Li Li, la la, la la la la. Right. Now from today, your name is Fatima. You want to know this? Hello Sidious San Nicolas

01:45:23--> 01:45:26

amenia come out all right. He's got a license.

01:45:28--> 01:45:39

This is the type of people that we have. You see, when it's what is confusion, you got to change that person's outlook, complete outlook on life. At the back of the mind. She's still worshipping Jesus.

01:45:40--> 01:46:10

Then some of them this openly they are Christians, and they make in their homes, the centers for Christian activity. And the men who are losing men now. Because of the woman they marry Christian woman and they're getting lost in South Africa at the present moment. There are so many Muslims that are coming forward, you find shabby rowdy. His wife is a Christian. Saleem, his wife is a Christian, all these because of the women that are Christian now, even if they were not christianized as soon as the marriage breaks up, whereas the woman will be

01:46:12--> 01:46:50

back again to help people and where are they going aunties and grannies are going to church so your little farmers and going to church? They're getting christianized marriage but you die. Foolish you go to your grandfather. No, she goes to her granny center Auntie's. We are losing by the 1000s. Voila, the fools don't know what they're bargaining. They're playing with fat. I'm telling you that unless this Christian or dress, if you can make her a better person than your mother at all. Don't take a chance. Unless you can make her better than your mother at home better than your sister at home. As you're playing with fire. Are you prepared to do that? You've got more time, and you're not

01:46:50--> 01:46:54

a man anymore. You are not a man anymore.

01:46:55--> 01:47:17

But you're not a man anymore. You haven't got the power that men had. Like a wonderful poet says put it very beautifully. I hope I'll be able to translate it. He says sure excited with a birthday cake. We hominy shakes, I hit data per day k qui homina. He may college killer k

01:47:19--> 01:47:20

was the main idea

01:47:22--> 01:47:22


01:47:24--> 01:47:25

the mother is then

01:47:32--> 01:47:36

translated. It says this limit man I'm not talking about.

01:47:40--> 01:47:41

He's also not a supporter of

01:47:43--> 01:47:49

it. He's not a sort of father was the history listed in the y's in the lecture he said clearly clearly very clearly.

01:47:51--> 01:48:16

Says for no reason these university students are getting dissatisfied with him. He explained yesterday in the lecture very, very clearly, that after all, against whom you're going to make sure that when men themselves are so minut they're also already human like women are not men anymore. They are also like women in essence, what is this is it has come to men, that you are not manly enough to exert your rights even in your own home with your own wife. So don't take a chance don't get burnt

01:48:18--> 01:48:19


01:48:20--> 01:48:21