Islam has the Solution for Obscenity

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Islam and Quran and Hadith they prescribed hijab. Allah says in the Quran in surah new chapter 20 Verse number 30 it first before exam for the man. Y'all live in Amman oh you believe lower your gaze and protect your modesty. Whenever a man looks at a woman and any brilliant thought comes in his mind you should know what his gifts that are the job for the man for the woman the next verse student decides chapter 24 Verse 3130, the moment you should lower again and gather modesty and display on the beauty except for appeared ordinary off. There are basically six criteria for a job given in the Quran and the Hadith number one is extend for the man it from the navel to the knee.

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For the woman, the complete body should be covered the only part that can be seen as the face and hands up with the rest. Some say that even the face should be covered. The remaining five criteria are the same for the man and the woman. The clothes they wear should not be tight fitting, so that it reveals the figure number three, it should not be translucent or transparent so that you can feed through the clouds. Number four, it should not be so glamorous, so that it attracts the opposite sex. Number five, it should not resemble that of the opposite sex. And number six, it should not do them as observed believers. These are the six criteria for a job and people ask me that why job

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should be done. I tell them that if there are two twin sisters, who are very beautiful, equally beautiful if they're walking down the streets of Sokoto

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and one sister one lady, she's wearing a complete hijab Islamic is a complete body covered only part seen his face and unfinished and the second twin sister she's a Westerner wearing miniskirts or shorts with a low neck. And as I'm walking down the streets of New York asado and around the corner there is a hooligan who's very far catch who T the girl physical abilities, abilities the girl wearing the Islamic hijab or will it be the girl wearing the Western coat miniskirts and shorts? Who is your abilities?

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Which girl?

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miniskirts correct, simple question, simple answer. Allah says in surah

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chapter 33 Verse 59, all Prophet tell your wives and your daughters and the believer woman when they go abroad they should put on the clock so that they shall be recognized. So hijab has been prescribed to prevent the woman from being molested to protect them. Khurana is the solution for affinity for STD for pornography.