The First Sin

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The speaker discusses various actions Subhan and their history with Islam, including shayism and fire. They also talk about the root cause of "by the way" argument in Islam and the importance of reading the story and sharing it with others to gain insight into the situation. The speaker emphasizes the importance of reading and sharing the story for gain --

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Bismillah Nura,

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Allah subhanaw taala when He created

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Adam it said

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and humankind,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada on honored

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us, as human beings, betta Karima till the bar for honors that Allah subhanaw taala gave to us that no other creation has

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first honor that Allah subhanaw taala gave to us to Adam Alayhis Salam, and then henceforth us

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Allah says that Allah created either mighty salaam with his hands, but up to hoobie Allah created Adam it salaam, he himself yet one

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click Adam.

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Are you my worker who did not ask the angels to do it? He Himself took care of it. Number two, one of us to feed him a ruling. We ourselves ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has the ability to give life and so can he delegate that ability to give life to somebody else. But in our case, he took on that responsibility for Adam Ali Salaam and gave life to

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number three.

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He commanded

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the angels to do search that to Adam.

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No other creation that was ever created was commanded to do sit down.

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And the angels were commanded to do says that to Adam Alehissalaam.

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Number four, why llama Adam and Aquila, Allah subhanho wa Taala created the innate nature or fitrah in every single creation. But on top of that Allah bestowed Adam Alayhis Salam blessed, Adam, it he sat down with knowledge with the alien that which even angels were not given.

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Now, it was very natural response

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for it believes to react in a negative way to this

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because the only closest Hulk creation to insan would free will. And the abilities off communication, thought and all of that was gin and Iblees was kind of

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gin he was the most knowledgeable, rather some of the Adama he said he is the most knowledgeable creation of Allah till today. The knowledge he has about Allah none of us will ever be able to achieve that knowledge.

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But he became jealous.

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And in response to the four honors that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada gave

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Adam Alayhis Salam and Babu Adam, he did three big blunders, or three big mistakes.

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First mistake

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that he did is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada ordered him

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to do the system.

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When the Command of Allah comes, there is no room, no door

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for you and me to do our own he had

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if there is enough from the Quran, or Hadith, if a lot of fun,

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do or don't. There is no room left for you and me to say oh, there is conjecture. Let me think about it. Like maybe what Allah really did not really mean this. What if he meant this inversion of this? So we start making speculations on the commands. He did the same thing.

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Even Allah asks him this question, ma Managua and distributed among I commanded you. My command was sorry, my command was unequivocal. It was very clear, do Sr. What led you to not do Sr.

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So that's the first thing that I found.

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Now that I want to take a moment and talk about it. As Muslims all throughout, we are in varying, we are all headed towards connecting ourselves to Allah subhanaw taala some are better others are struggling. What is not accepted by Allah subhanaw taala is that you reject

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our weakness to get up for Fudger somebody is unable to get up for Fudger he's struggling, but he's putting his alarm. He's doing everything but he's not capable. He's not he's really genuinely struggling.

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Maybe his Eman is not there. But when he wakes up

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appears like Man, I'm so sorry this happened I feel bad. Yeah, Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala is okay with that. He knows that you're struggling. What he wants from you is to get up and pray Fudger when you wake up, what Allah does not like,

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is the attitude of shaytaan or a bliss.

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Man, I don't really know how to pray.

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I think the prayer was you know, it's misunderstood today, it's very hard to pray in Canada.

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These blatant rejections off the commands of Allah are the first step of shaper.

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He's like, I'm not going to do system about what stuck about

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arrogance, a ballistic bar, that you think your intellect, your brain my brain is capable is has the ability to take a command of Allah and strip it apart and analyze it and put logic to it and make sense of it. Not gonna happen.

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We have to talk about this in a very clear cut manner. It's not going to happen.

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When the legislative authority ie Allah subhanaw taala legislate something, you chemo, yeah, como che and when he commands to something, he is not in need of giving you the law behind it. What's the logic? What's the reason why the Martha

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lastra Levine he Halima?

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The Anana and died about Allah were like partners with a loan. Oh, well, you didn't make this decision. Tell me why did you make this decision? None of us have that ability. They thought that the exact same thing.

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The second blunder that shaitan did, which was even bigger,

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which was, according to many of them are firstly, Ron was the primary reason.

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Allah kicked him out of that realm. And he distanced himself and he distanced him from any mercy ever touching any mercy of Allah ever touching him. And that thing, that sin was the birdie role, NASA

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and our Oba nasioc

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And Allah,

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Lian, Nika Dakka, Dakka.

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suddenly, because what happens

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when we do these debris rot these speculative justifications to the sin that we do, that becomes the ultimate source

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of you being distanced from the Mercy of Allah Subhana Allah.

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And that's exactly what shaytaan did.

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But Rama What did he say? Enough? i You mean who?

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I am better than him. logical argument, I'm better than enough. Okay, if you're going to walk

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yesterday, holy man do How can I am better than him? How can I make sense that to something that is below me logically does not make sense to me? Oh, Allah. What did he do in this? He actually took the Command of Allah and said, Oh, Allah. In other words, oh, Allah, your command that you're giving me that don't do this, or do this is void of any wisdom and hikma, you don't have absolute knowledge. Hence, I need to present a logical argument to you for you to understand why I can practice this.

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And this is what we're facing.

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I'm not going to talk about what has been happening for the last few weeks here, but the root cause of it within our community, is that

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when we seek to find

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a suburb, Allah, the reason the logic behind why does a woman have half of what a man gets in inheritance?

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Because Allah said it, let's first understand that it is nothing other than the fact that Allah said it.

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It's in the Quran, and that's how it is.

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And we as Muslims believe in the ultimate

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knowledge of Allah, and we believe that every single command of Allah is based on hikma wisdom. Even if we in the temporary time right now with our eyes do not see the value of

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history will tell us go and read history and you shall find

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him in again. But when we

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notice he gives us the

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Right, he gives this logical argument that Allah subhanaw taala engaged in this argument with him. He doesn't

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he does not engage in the argument with the police. Whereas if there was anybody that had the capability to rebuttal this argument of at least it was who Allah subhanaw taala

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but it is not from wisdom and it's not wise for us to engage in such argumentation specially when it is coming from an element of arrogance and ignorance

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that's the second mistake that he made

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right set up the

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update came as a done I think he'd wrote wrote this most who are in Arabic. It's called Al Mustafa doing business in Iran. What do we learn from the stories of the Quran? It's a very big book, you know, it's a very one of the foundational books in crystals and Quran if we want to learn, and for those of you that are Arabs, you should definitely have a copy of that in your libraries. So he mentioned in that in this slide, he mentioned something he says something really powerful.

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He says that most of the time, the person who is arguing with you and that person's argument is based less ie the arguments are based on bottling on beat pure conjecture, no solid grounds. Usually the argument within itself, negates itself. And then he takes the example of a police and he says look, he says collapsed and even now we're Holux a woman teen so he's doing doing the US Bollea over here is the answer under the Julio to be the matter that I was created with is a phenomena thin and narrow of Almina pain. Let's look at it in Wilder that is located in reality held an hour of filming clean. And the answer is what No, because fire irrespective of the cultures you are wherever you are

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in the world is always synonymous to burning synonymous to hatred, synonymous to, to empty have it's synonymous to evil things. It's never synonymous to comfiness and coziness and really nice and loving environment.

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In all cultures, fire symbolizes antagonists type of alive worldview, whereas spleen or earth and it symbolizes what it symbolizes the elite. It symbolizes what God, you know, composure, it symbolizes Zahara, beauty, everything that you see around comes from clean. So the kingdom is like that. He says, this itself negated the argument

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as an average person, you and I can see the negation in the argument. But why did somebody such as a bliss, the most knowledgeable creation of Allah was not able to see.

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And the answer to that

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When we run sessions over here, if I can just ask the brothers, I see a lot of gaps. I know I'm going to interrupt us if we can all just quickly stand and make some move. There are brothers that are standing outside and move up please, they're all standing in the hallway. So if we can just fill up the so forth, if you have a spot in front of you, please fill that out. So we get the spots to the brothers who just got lucky.

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So keep it or arrogance is the root cause

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of blinding her heart.

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Even if you have knowledge you could have you could be the most logical person in the world. most knowledgeable person in the world. You could have knowledge of Hadith and Quran and everything. But if you have arrogance in your heart, you will not see the truth.

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The last him out BA or blender that Shavon did or at least did was that after he realized that Allah is upset.

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What does he do? He puts the blame of misguidance on who?

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Allah subhanaw taala he says Hobbema await any Oh ALLAH you're the one who misled

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you up to seven

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for the amount of weight any because of you you let me what am I going to do? I am going to peg myself in misguidance then I am surely going to sit every single path that your people are going to come towards you. You will find me there.

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And I'll stop there waits.

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Eli the chemo flossing except those who are working on fixing their insides with Allah. Oh Allah make us yours. We ask Allah that He grants us sincerity and protects us from shake Bong. I mean

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and I think this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala when we start the Quran in the first three pages he introduce you to introduces you to this this conversation you know inshallah

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The time is short. But you know, if you get a chance, please go and read the story of at least because it has a lot of parallels with what is happening today. You know, I have a lot more points. But you know, due to the shortage of time, and I want to be cognizant of that, I just want to leave with one point. And I mentioned that, you know, I'm not going to talk about the issue that has happened, you guys are all aware of it. But I want to talk about is a very important lens or spectacles that we need to put on when we are discussing any of such issues. And this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. When I do sessions in this masjid, on Sundays, with the youth

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3035. They write journals.

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They write things in confidence with me.

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They share things with me, I do not know which person is writing that journal. They're all black journals. These kids have their secret code, they write it, I walk away, they put it together, I go and I get to read them. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has blessed me with an insight of what is happening in their minds. And I have over 100 plus teenagers that are living today in public high schools, or Islamic high schools are homeschooled, and they're sharing their problems.

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And one message that I have for all the parents,

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our children, our teenagers, are deprived of true love in houses.

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They don't feel loved.

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If I was to say one thing

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that is unanimous across all of them,

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that these kids are there are struggling to find love in houses, they don't feel loved.

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And subhanAllah, sometimes I would see them, and they would come here and you can look. And you can see that this person is like that cracked ground, you can put as much water as you want of love. And they will soak it up. Because they're not feeling loved.

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I was speaking to one of the parents and they were like, my son is doing this and this and this and this so many things. Well, I asked that parent a simple question. How old are you? The parents, I'm 47 How old is your son? He is 18. How were you at at

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the Pan Allah parents want their children

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to be at 18 The way we are at 44 is not going to happen.

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It's not going to happen. You yourself was not that vision that you have of your child at 18.

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If Allah subhanaw taala, after all of the sin that shaytan did, he did not take him to account and says Come and I will take care of you.

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He did not do that.

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You want to go.

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And as as as my grandfather or imala used to say the relationship of your child in the home, your child in the home as a parent as a teenager, and as a parent is the relationship of a rubberband.

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If you stretch it too far wide, it will break.

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And as a parent you need to understand when the child is running away. The worst thing you can do as a home as a family is to run in the opposite direction from the child.

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Because you're going to snap that relationship bond. And when that bond is snapped,

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then those of you that have been through that police is called child's surfaces is called on of this is called you need to understand that that bond the child doesn't know better. We are the more sane, knowledgeable experienced. As he propels away, you make sure that you're with him. So that that rubberband relation doesn't break. Here's the beauty of rubberband. As far as he keeps going. Eventually that child is going to get tired and he'll is going to snap back.

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Sometimes it'll take one year. Sometimes it'll take two years. Sometimes it'll take eight years.

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You as parents me as a parent, I am a parent of three teenagers. Three, five things you must provide unconditionally love unconditionally.

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When they become valid when they become fully responsible in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala

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you're not held responsible for their sin.

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You're held responsible to making sure that the environment you provide them is safe. That's number one unconditional love. Number two, unconditional food. Food is a necessity of life. You're not going to say I'm going to cut your food off.

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Three shelter as a parent as a father as an up this is the wajib on you to provide shelter clothing number four number five space if the child

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needs some space some time, give him that space, don't come on his head and say do this and do that. Now 90% of this behavior that we're seeing in our society, and the child's being attracted towards the new form of relationships that we're being suffering from the root cause of it. The root cause is in the house. The child is not feeling loved. Every action of there's this question,

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the last goodbye that I came, I was going away, but why? Well, on the way out, a sister came to me. She says, I have an issue. What's wrong, sister? I have an issue. My daughter does not make hoodoo. I'm like, How do you know? She's like, I go and I check the sink.

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as cheap

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as possible.

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And then I make sure that you know, I see the mat is not wet and she's like, and she has detailed

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investigation on her daughter do you think the daughter doesn't know?

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She knows.

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And that's Do you think that behavior is going to help that child?

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If we're really concerned about your child and my child Wallahi when you leave from this masjid, before you leave, pray to Allah to Allah coz Allahu

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Allah guide him because you and I can't guide if no Holly Sarang could not guide you and I can only tell but at the end of it, it's Allah who guides you are required to love even when he drowns? No Harley Sam does not disowned his child yeah matter other two for Hollis doubt about who he can ask Allah, Allah, what happened? He was my son.

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In no way, buddy, that's my son.

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He didn't leave him.

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As a parent, we can't leave our children. And all of this issue that we're dealing with the root cause of it is lack of love in our houses. He asked Allah that He grants us the ability to truly connect with our teenagers and to understand our problems. And we understand that you know, for our teenagers to understand that they're going through a very difficult time. You cannot imagine what is happening.

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We ask Allah that he keeps them steadfast in this and keeps their Eman firm on top. Go look at how those tougher illogical money assignments mean for stuff.

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Mullah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Mala Nevada, and then we ask Allah subhanaw taala that he grants all of us the ability to truly truly, truly connect with ALLAH SubhanA wa ask Allah that He grants us the ability and grants us the wisdom required to deal with these challenges. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that He strengthens the Eman of every single child that goes to a public school system or university. And we ask Allah that Allah shows them what is right. And Allah guides them to that which is right and protects them from that which is evil. We ask Allah that the company that our children hang out with that Allah unifies that company, that company becomes the company of

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Saudi hain. And we ask Allah that if any of our friends have bad company that Allah distance them from whichever way possible in his hikma, from that bad company, and we ask Allah that these centers, they get filled. I get so happy when I see so many young people that these centers they get filled with younger generation coming to this masjid. And we ask Allah that the wisdom that our elders have that are sitting in the front lines, that wisdom is transferred to that younger generation so we can grow the next generation even stronger in sha Allah