Eight at Eight #002 – A Sahabi with Mental Health

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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the difficulties of mental health during the pandemic, including the negative impact it has on individuals. People are constantly feeling anxiety and anxiety around their life, and mental health is a real possibility. Leadership and seeking spiritual help are essential for avoiding negative consequences. The conversation ends with a virtual mental health Institute called booking a business on the day of the coronavirus, and everyone is hoping for well-being.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh who was Milla will hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he will back. Welcome to another episode of eight and eight, although it is at nine o'clock but it's still called eight and eight. I got live, busy with a few things, wanted to share something really powerful today. A lot of us are, as we talked about it, we're all going into these lockdowns and a lot of us are going to have these difficulties and difficult challenges. So I thought, let's talk about a very pertinent issue. And that is mental health because a lot of us last time when the law lockdown happened. We all went into this whole mental health crisis and everybody

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was like, Oh, how's it possible? Muslims can't have Melton mental health and all these discussions started happening. So why don't you share something? Today I'm going to share a story of as a hobby who suffers with mental health and, and to an extent that he recognizes that he has this issue, and the story is of a bloom, I'm out of the Allahu where he is with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and obviously he's one of the companions and Rasul Allah is walking by the masjid and he sees a boom I'm out of the Allahu I'm and he sees him in the masjid so he goes up to him and he says, yeah, about Omarama Miley or aka the masjid in field lady walk the salah. Why is it that I see

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you in the masjid and this was not time for you to be in the masjid. i It is not time for prayer. It is not the time that usually people spend just sitting and reading the Quran in the masjid. Why are you here?

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I will model the Allahu Allah and he turns to him, but I sort of love SallAllahu Sallam and he said yeah rasool Allah

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lezzy Matney hongmoon. What do you own? All prophet of Allah? Or another narration it says whom on lezzy matinee? What do you want on palatini? That lezzy my basically means that something has claimed on to me and a woman under the law and he's saying that oh Prophet of ALLAH, do you own hormones worries about this world and what's going to happen? It has claimed on to me it has latched onto me what a lets me do you know and financial burdens has dragged me down it is Drew like I like me it has weighed me down so I'm not able to live my life.

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Then Rasulullah sallallahu it he was selling them he turns to Obama or the Allahu and and he says, he says, or Ali mocha Colima. Kelemen is our alt. If I'm going to teach you something, either. If you were to say these words, as have a law who is Zoa Jilla, hammock, Allah subhanaw taala is going to dissipate for you your sorrow, your worry, all the types of tension, anxiety, everything and have Allah Who hammock work Allah Dainik and your financial burdens Allah subhanaw taala is going to take care of it Subhan Allah, this is so powerful, so Rasul Allah is saying that to our Mama, I'm going to teach her something, and this something is the key for us to get rid of all of this. Now, number

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one, but also the law tells him the DUA, which we're going to come to but more importantly, Rasul Allah recognized the existence of mental distress in the sahabi. Why? Because usually when you and I are distressed, when something happens to us, when somebody is about to lose their job, when somebody is about getting into a car accident, when somebody hears about their relative or loved one that is about to die, what happens we connect with Allah subhanaw taala our heart connects in we feel this deep spiritual sense and longing to connect with Allah subhanaw taala so we can free ourselves from this pain that we're feeling at this moment. And that's exactly what this hobby that

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he was feeling that pain he was feeling that anxiety he was feeling that burden of life he was feeling the the hum the worry that was taking him down when the financial burdens so he decided that he was going to connect with Allah subhanaw taala. So first and foremost as a Muslim, recognize that these things are realities of life, you and I believe in other we all believe that everything is destined. Despite the fact that Rasul Allah did not come in and say, oh, what kind of as a hobby, are you? You are a companion What a disgrace. That is, you know, huge need to have Iman and Athena and other, you know, it's already destined. Why are you worried about this know, the existence of

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worry. And sorrow does not negate the belief that you and I have in other that's not a negation of that, but rather an affirmation that yes, we believe in the predestiny. But we're human beings and we are going to be impacted by the life we are going to be impacted by the workings and accidents and sorrows and financial burdens are going to take an impact on us. Very important for us to realize that number two are so lost and Allahu Allahu wa sallam. Look at the terminology. There were this

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Have as they had such great awareness about their mental health, that they were able to express that to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and Rasul Allah did not say, you know, you know what, what kind of Muslim are you? You know, you have mental health issues Subhanallah No, you must, you must, you know, must not read enough Quran as some of the people over here if you talk about metadata, just like Obatala most stuff for Allah, so tahini sector, how is it possible, Musa man, you know, and he has mental health not possible, like excuse me, you're not better than this hobby over here. And if this hobby can have issues, he we are destined to have a lot more issues than that if sabe

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recognizes the existence of those issues in his life, it Who are you and I, there's nobody that can even come close to combined all of us in this world. We cannot come come close close to the Eman that you know I will model the Allahu Ahad. Having said that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam also recognizes when he responds and he says, Shall I not tell you about words that are going to dissipate your sorrows and your worries? What does that tell us? That there is an existence of sorrows and worries in your life. But you aren't going to seek help, you're going to need help. And so law obviously provided the best help spiritual help. Having said that, that does not negate the

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existence of seeking help Rasul Allah just opened the doors for us saying that if we require spiritual help, then we get spiritual help by the DA which is Allahumma in the road to becoming an HMI well has an O Allah I seek refuge from you from him from sorrows and hasn't and sadness, what are all the weaker and I seek refuge for you, man holla but today will be coming and IGC called Castle and I seek refuge from you from being incapacitated while you cancel and I become lazy in life. What I will do become in a bottle and I seek refuge from you from buckle being a miser while Jeb was driven, that I become a coward, what will become an elevated Dane and I seek refuge from the

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the overpowering off Burt financial burdens then on me. Well, I have a ritual and the wrath of men. When we seek when we make this dua, Allah subhanaw taala is going to dissipate that having said that, do seek out mental health. So for example, if DHA is not working, there is the spiritual cure. But sometimes these mental health issues require interventions by experts, not an Imam, not a chef, not going to happen. You will come to me and say I got mental health issues. I'm seeing things and you're like, oh, yeah, let me read some calls for a business on you. Like, like, got other days for that, right? Seek professional help. What I would highly recommend is there's a very nice Institute,

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it's called hull center. It is working in Canada, it is working in the US. I have had really good experiences with people that I've referred to, but reach out to them Helene center, they do virtual online mental health, and they have an Islamic perspective to that. But remember that any intervention, you should not get addicted to it. That's it. Remember, this mental health exists, we can seek spiritual cure, we can speak seek, professional and medical help both exists. So for example, when you physically break your arm, you can read social Fatiha seven times, that is going to expedite the healing process. But it's not going to fix your bone. If the bone is twisted, you

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still need to go to the doctor fix it in the first place. And then the healing process, the spiritual existence, the spiritual connection can help but you're still going to need the mental health person to come and correct the things back. That's all I got to say about this. I hope you guys have a beautiful day and stay safe. And don't worry about the lockdown. It's all written down in the books. We just need to worry about the day you live today. Tomorrow every single day, and we should work hard for that cinematical markets Allaha cattle