Ahmad Saleem – Eight at Eight #003 Why is Salah a burden on us

Ahmad Saleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of reminders for daily lives, including mental health, to reestablish control and prevent negative behavior. They also read a passage on finding a partner for help, and discuss the burden of Islam and the importance of avoiding complaining. The struggles of life and the lack of reward for non-stoppers are also discussed, along with the challenges of life and the importance of re Texts and understanding the power of the soul to achieve goals.
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We had a little bit of a technical difficulty. I don't know what was happening, my mic was working, but it stopped working. Anyways, welcome to another episode of eight at eight at nine o'clock. After all the technical difficulties that we have done, we've been through. Again, for those of you that are joining for the first Hi, my name is Ahmed city, and I plan to do daily lives, hopefully eight minutes at eight o'clock. And the purpose is that we want to be able to remind ourselves and revive ourselves. This is predominantly for myself, like, I would want to go through these reminders myself, and it helps me to stay it helps me stay grounded. And while I'm doing that, I thought why

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don't I share this with everybody else that is here online. So I hope that I'm able to actually work this out in a consistent manner, my promise to myself is I want to do at least 100 days of every single day lives, whether it is from my phone or my studio that you see right now, which is technically my bedroom. Anyhow, today's live is a little bit connected to the previous one, I talked about mental health previously. And the whole idea in the previous episode that I did was that we want to talk about this awareness right there has to be this awareness that you know, mental health is a genuine issue that we're facing. And every single one of us we face this in our lives, we may

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not be completely aware of it. Now.

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With the current situation, with all the craziness that is happening around us, it becomes quite easy for us many times to get lost in the conversation. And it becomes very easy for us to get sucked in into negativity. And then we feel like all * is breaking loose. We have no idea we've got no control over anything. Everything was a plot and all of this box sets. And in all of this mess, it's very important for us to stay grounded, very important for us to stay grounded. And how do we do that? How do we how do we go about staying grounded during these difficult times?

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I came across this verse. And as as I have mentioned before, these will be just talking days I'll be sharing how these days I'll be sharing a verse or maybe a small passage from a book that I have. Today's verse that we want to talk about is very important to us. Allah subhanaw taala he says that the elderly laminate sheets rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim he says what staring you know, Bill slobbering was sloth.

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Amazing. Seek help through patience, and prayer. What in the * can be right on? l

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haul Sherry in this slot? It is like maybe I made a mistake. I shouldn't stop like that. Like being a law. It is very big. It's a it's cumbersome. It's a burden.

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Except for the people and harsh rain, the ones that are humble. The ones that have for sure. And why did I pick up this. So oftentimes, the key for seeking help, the way we can attain help is through suberb patients. And Sobor is defined as something in which you don't complain about things. So when you are hit with a calamity, you return back to Allah subhanaw taala you try to connect yourself to Allah, but you don't complain about lodges if you don't go around, talking to people. Oh my God, look at what happened. These guys were so unjust to me. There's none of that.

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You take it inside, as Iacobelli Sam said in a school bus it was me that all I do is I take my sorrows. I take my complaints and I put them in front of Allah subhanaw taala was their angel was solver that seek help with patience. And then second thing is Salah. Now the topic for today is why Salam, such a burden on us. And you know, as I was researching for this, I came across a beautiful, beautiful passage. And this passage I'm going to read this is from a book and I have my book in front of me over here, a small passage. It's a small portion from one of the pious predecessors even during a poverty he mentioned in his tipsleave I've seen him before this was in the Haisla Kaviraj

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tone either in the Halacha Bureau to another illa Allah kashering that this salah is a burden except for the ones that are humble. What does he say? He says we're in nama about Allahu jalla wa Athena and the salah can be rotten Allah has he has a super t that Salah is very big difficult on certain people. Liana man Ghana, they had moved in beam yard the one who does not have Iman, he does not have European that he is going to return to Allah subhanaw taala while I miss La, be Merle Gere, whatever what what i Neither does he have any. You know, he's like, yeah, it's very feeble for him the fact that he's ever going to return to Allah subhanho data. It's like a faint memory for him.

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Well, so Ebola and he doesn't care. There's no abnormal pub, no punishment, no reward. Nothing is motivating this person for someone

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uttering the Hawaiian Aina well

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that person for him Salah becomes like why are we doing this? This is I know like this is so difficult for me what blah blah like why are you wasting your time? Why are you bringing like a CELTA? You don't know, William, these are all fables and stories of the people of the past. Why are you doing all of this, right? And then he says Leanna who loves your Jew be Informatica or Iraq and he does not even wish that he wants to pray because he has no hope for reward. He doesn't care about any of this. For him. It's just this world and this is an extra item on his topic on his thing, why do I need to pray five times a day like I'm gonna have to go to work and I have to make coffee,

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right? So I have to do all of these things. And then on top of that, Allah subhanaw taala wants me to actually pray five times a day, like no, excuse me, this is too difficult. We're living in the 21st century can't happen. Right? Then he says, Lay on JRuby Amati * what is rockin Nefer was deaf. He does not even attribute any benefit that he is going to gain from Salah and neither does he see Salah as a repulsion for evil from him right in the Salah. 10 had an infection it will mooncup that Salah it prevents you from evil from fascia from from you know things that are indecent it prevents you from that he doesn't believe in that.

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Well how Lehman cannot hide his sofa, sofa dough and takuna salata, I think he could be wrong. And it is true that if anybody is off such that he does not have doesn't have any thing that he's going to return, doesn't see any benefit in reward because it for him, everything is this world, then for that person. Definitely Salah is going to be a very big burden and a cumbersome. So how do we make sure that it's not a burden on us kashering we humble ourselves, we have assured for Allah subhanaw taala and we ground ourselves with this knowledge that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada He is in control of everything, including your eye blinking, including your breaths, and everything that you and I do in

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our lives, it is controlled, and he in his infinite mercy has asked you and asked me that we should pray five times a day. And then we use that connection with Allah subhanaw taala, to rejuvenate us to reconnect us, and to bring us back to bring us back to to this this this, like this life that we're living in. And then the life that we're looking forward to. This becomes our connection between the two. And you know, as me and my wife, we were actually talking about it. And you know, we came across this beautiful thing where it said, I think she she came across a passage where it said

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the reason we go to sleep in this world is because this life is extremely difficult, and your soul and my soul were never meant to be in this world. That's why after 60 after 24 hours, 36 hours, whatever a certain number of hours, no matter what type of a human being you are, you cannot stay alive because it becomes very tiring for the soul to be in this realm. And it has to change its realm and go to a different realm where it actually belongs. And you and I and all of us. We belong to that realm which our souls consents to we know that when we go to sleep, our souls leave our bodies and goes up. And then for some Allah subhanaw taala gives permission for that soul to come

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back. And for others, the soul never comes back. So this life is difficult and we can seek help for two things being patient, remembering that everything that you're going to come across every difficulty you're going to be rewarded for it does that come Allah Who? I will see you all tomorrow As salam o Aliko. And if you liked this, I would definitely ask you to spread it with any of your friends. I'm sure there are people that are seeking some help. They're going through difficulties share this video with them like and subscribe a Santa Monica Muhammad Allah

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