Don’t Lose Hope on Allah’s Mercy

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The conversation covers a range of topics, including history of Islam, personal and professional risks, and the importance of forgiveness and embracing the message of Islam. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to stand up and make history, as well as the importance of forgiveness and embracing the message of Islam. They also mention the potential risks and uncertainties involved in life, including personal and professional losses and the need for work and personal development.

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Sit on YT equal Muhammad Salah yoga carto

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Aloha uncover Aloha

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he heard

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the rules rule alone OH?

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evening we'll be hitting a stain

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Mr mandava he will be here to stain without even talking in order I would wanna in the other body mean Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira on my bag in the hamdulillah Madonna strain on iStockphoto and I want to be like even Cerulean fusina Women say RTR Medina, Mayor de la Alpha la mandala woman up Alpha Haji Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hawa hula Shadi Cara who eyeshadow and Mohammed Abu also to my bag will see call mine FC data to Allah phenomenon Allahu Taala speak Italian Karim Allah He ministry in Tirana rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim yeah you

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Allah wa Kulu covenant said either you slept in a coma hola como oilfield la combs and overcome when my daughter Ella or Sula who was up at the FISA 1000 lVms mabank.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he mentioned the story of a person from Benoni Salam in

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and this person from bundle is raw eel.

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He is going to be on the Day of Judgment seeking for one hustler. So what his accountability is going to be done. His accountability will happen and he will be like 49 Good deeds 51 bad deeds. Right sorry. 5050 and he needs one has an ad to enter. So he asks Allah subhanaw taala Yeah, I'll be a mini

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Oh my God, give me some respite. Give me some time. Let me let me figure things out on this day. So Allah subhanaw taala tells him, go ahead, find what you can. So he starts with his family, he goes to his friends, he goes to his mother, he goes to his father, he goes to his son, he goes to his daughter, his wife, his in laws, his relatives, his uncle's, his aunts, his cousins, his nephews, his DCS is all of them

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and nobody is willing to give him one data on that day, then on his way back, he has lost all hope on this day.

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On his way back, he finds a person

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Lagu Jeeva.

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Minister yet this person's got mountains, mountains

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of evil deeds, what a who has an atone Weida

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and he only has one good deed.

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So he goes up to this person. And he says to him,

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lie and invoke Al Hasan, this one has an of yours is one good deed of yours, lions, a mammal Jeeva I'm gonna say

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this one deed of yours, look at what you got.

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You have this giant mountain of sins, how is this one person going to benefit you?

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So this person he really reflects and he says now, okay, if I only have Senator Anwar, who the Imam elgiva administer yet, how is this one Hassan are going to benefit me in front of the mountains of sins that I have. So at that point, he says to him with her, go ahead, take it I mean already destined destined to hellfire, you may as well enter Jannah with this Hassanal because this Hassan is not going to provide me any benefit.

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And this is from the Bible of chavara anybody can intercede on that day, right? So anybody can intercede and interfere in anybody's if Allah gives that permission. Okay, then an angel for Yeah, if you're not dealing with it, and Angel says it's not true. Listen, both of you.

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Allah subhana wa Taala has decreed from savasana what Allah has decreed that both of you shall enter Jannah

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so this hadith was mentioned, when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw some of the Sahaba final tool. They lost all hope and Allah's mercy. They lost all hope in Allah's mercy in reference to the sins that they had committed in life.

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And then in the verses are the following, where Allah says,

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bow to bIllahi min ash shaytani R Rajim Padilla, Houma, Valterra sama what you are,

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leave your shahada say Allah is the One who is the originator of heavens and the earth. And He is the nor alive the unknown was shahada and things that are evident under the homophobia in regarding who are female con Wolfie, he that he fought. And Allah says, over here, Allah is telling them that Allah is going to adjudicate with all the differences that you and I had in this world, all the problems that you and I had a difference of opinion conflict. He will adjudicate that on that day.

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Then Allah says Hello Anna, Linda Lina Laura Wuma Phil of the Jamie Missoula Who am I who left the Dovi minzu ill with either Yeoman Tiama that if the people who had done bad deeds if you were to give them this earth and whatever it entails left, that will be he they reused all of that to ransom themselves. They will not be able to ransom themselves.

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Well, but Allah Muhammad Allah He Mala Mia Kuno Yeah, does he born and it becomes very evident for them those things that did didn't even take into account when they were in this dunya

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let me assume they did not think about this. They didn't think that they're going to have this and they didn't think that this is you know, insulins coffee. Well, if I am returned logy then the higher caliber the people of Kfar and you know people wish it again and people have treachery but do they think Look man, God's kitten kitten care of me in this world. You really think if there is an afterlife when I go back, there is not going to be like a better life for me. Look at what Allah has given me that

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I will find when I go and meet my rub something way better than what I have been left behind. So to respond to that Allah subhanaw taala says my Tassie Boon there are going to be dealt in a way that they had no

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aren't even taking into account that this would ever happen to them. Then Allah says,

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After that what medalla whom? Oh, sorry

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Well, my dad at home said to Marchesa boo, and it became evident for them, the evils of that which they had done in this world, all of the bad deeds, all of the treachery, all of the going against Allah subhanaw taala its effect became very evident for them on that day, that man, our armor while we're determining what is going to happen to our eternity, and sometimes we forget that it's your actions and my actions that determines your eternal abode. Your eternal life is directly linked to my armor, your armor, and the intentions behind that, amen. And amen could be perfectly law heavy. That's why Allah said the volume was shahada things that are hidden inside only Allah knows what

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shahada obvious I learned that you and I see in front

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then Allah says,

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for either muscle in China do Ron Donna Sumida well now

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that when a person is struck with calamity in this world, people who are lost in this dunya people are they're not connected to Allah subhanaw taala they're running in this world rat race what happens when they are strapped with blue any difficulty in life? So maida how well now then if Allah gives them a full bounty returns back favor and multiplies to them and takes them out of this calamity. Near Mata Mina Bala in nama Otahuhu, Allah in the person's attitude becomes I've been given this because of my degrees that I have.

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This new job that I got is because of my degree. But when a person loses that job, we never credited the degree

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right in my ot to Allah and this is my knowledge, my knowledge, let me do all of this. The money that I have the success that I have, it has everything to do with my knowledge. And sadly Allah subhanaw taala is not in that equation.

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Allah says Bolivia fitna don't work in Accra home Gaia moon,

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this dunya this life, this money this fruition, this abundance is nothing but a test. But majority of us don't understand and don't have knowledge about this. But the pilot had lithium in cuddly him fama avana and Houma Canary XC Boone, these type of statements Allah is reminding you that the cone there were nations that came before you but no, it's right in there who came before you, the Christians and all the other nations before you. But these statements have been set by the people before you Farmar for now and whom God we actually born their actions did not reveal them any bit when the Uddhav of Allah was supposed to come on them for our father whom say he I to my Casa boo

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and they were hit with the evil doings of their own hands.

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So you and I are when we're strapped with something, there's somewhere in the equation. It's my hand. It's my Iman something I have done. Someone I have heard someone I have taken their right from somebody's right. I have not given when Allah subhanaw taala places in those difficulties. But I saw the homes. I saw the homes that you add to my kids who were living in avalable minha Allah, so you will see boomset de marca so say,

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well let the Nevada movement Allah is a you'll see boom Selia to Marcus, that the ones who did what am I who transgressed they will be struck with the evils of that which they had done. Well might have been more dizzying and they will never be able to overpower Allah subhanaw taala Elijah do che means that you become incapable of defending something.

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And over here, this is in reference to Allah subhanaw taala that law had you urges Allah, nobody can make Allah incapable. He is the all capable. So Allah is saying that no matter what plans you do, how much savings you have, whatever planning you do in life, at the end of the day, if the calamity that during that difficulty is going to fall onto you, you will not be able to avert it. La George's Allah Subhan Allah then Allah says after that

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when I'm ya allah mo N Allah Hiab suited risk by remaining Asha via what is the number one reason why today people leave the way of following the path of Allah.

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We're running after dunya job this that evening degrees. Promotions Get me another part time

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and degree get an MBA, hopefully I'll get a higher, it's constant rat race. So Allah is like, at the end of the day, don't you know our lemmya Alamo? Don't they have this knowledge and Allah Hi episodes already palaemon Yasha Allah is the One who opens the risk for whoever he wishes, how many of us know people in our circles that don't have any degrees and they make more money than you?

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And how many times do know people that have a lot more education and everything checks off, and they can hardly score a job that is over six figures.

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This is all inevitable and evident in around us. So Allah is like this bust of rays, because of which this expanse of risk and money because of which we live Allah, we forget Allah. That is at the hands of Allah. Yep. So tereska lemania Shah, his his choice, he can give it to whoever he wishes?

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Well, yeah.

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And if Allah has given you, then rest assured that Allah can take it away from you.

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Allah has the ability to constrict your provisions. So if you have been given, that's why my mind chef used to say that if you see somebody who's in need,

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and they come to you and they ask you for some help, it is not your responsibility to do the

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investigation, whether he is truly in need or not. Because Allah Ziza Allah Who Fiamma carne Harada, the one who placed this person in that position, that he comes to you for asking money, God your own energy, Allah ComiCon

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that same being Allah is capable of taking you out of your comforts of the houses and cars and put you in that position where you are going to need money.

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Then Allah says, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah mu God not know. And Allah has absolutely no risk over here. Sometimes when we say the word there is, we may think that it is only money.

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In the tradition RES is every single thing that Allah gives you. Whether you deserve it or you don't.

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It's from Allah. And Allah gives it to you. That is risk, time is risk. Baraka is risk, children are risk. Good, health is risk. Life Long Life is risk, healthy body is risk. It is not just confined to money. Risk is everything that Allah has given you. Whether you deserve it or not, in the form of a bounty that is risk from Allah, look around us, we are filled with risk. One of my teachers used to say that if you start taking a stab, if you start taking an accountability, start writing in a book, all the bounties that Allah has given you, you will soon realize that every single one of us in this room, Allah is treating them with a unique bounty that's only yours and not shared with anyone else.

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And that is why 17 times a day when we come and stand and 70 and raka as we say, Alhamdulillah here I mean,

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you praise someone who has given you things that you never deserved.

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You praise Allah we say Alhamdulillah why? Because he has given us things none of us are worthy of anything, our AMA, they're not worthy of presenting to Allah.

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But when we stand there we say Alhamdulillah Hello behind me. Praise be to Allah. Why because he is the best store and we are the ones who are not even worthy of that endowment from Allah. That Allah says, Allah mu Do they not know and Allah Hi, I'm so tourists Kalima, here Sha. Allah is capable of giving abundance to whoever he wishes while you're there and creating constrict men to whoever he wishes in nothing. Is it God in this alternation

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law, there are signs for all of us. The Omi you may known but people who benefit from these signs are for people, the government for those people you've known who believe in Allah subhanaw taala.

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Then the crux of this entire Hogben Allah says, when you are going to be in the path of finding your wrist, your sustenance, you're going to be working, you're going to be striving. This is life. We're all here. Life has difficulties. You're going to have to make sometimes compromises with your dean to keep your wrist going all of these compromises if you've crossed the lines and if you've gone too far, then the next verse is for all of us who have done that, where Allah says

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either the levena Surah for Allah

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forcing him

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prophets of Allah why do you sell them as asked to say oh Prophet saying, Yeah Hey buddy, all my servants, who is Allah calling out to their servants Alladhina Surah fu Allah and forcing him the ones who have transgressed upon their unforce ie they have crossed all the boundaries of Allah they know that they have crossed those boundaries those individuals, Allah is calling them out. Yeah everybody, oh my dear servants, they say no, in order we may say, Mary paralogue

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The question you need and I you and I need to ask here is how do we call upon a person who is a sinner? When we see them in society, what is our attitude? If the attitude of the Holic is this to them, Allah is specifically calling out to the ones as sort of who I eat, it's not just that oh they made a mistake they have crossed all the boundaries.

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These are people who are committing Kabyle these are people who are committing major sins

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and that leads me back to the same concept right that this masjid and any other message is meant for these people.

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I let you know sort of who are the unforeseen the ones who have crossed and they will not look like what you and I would want them to look like

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they're gonna look different but we have to accept them because they're harlech accepts them. Then who are you to not accept them?

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They are going to be different a sort of other unforeseen him Allah is saying Ya anybody

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Masha Allah? Yeah, you

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allele in Astra for Allah and forcing him What is Allah telling them la takana tumor Rama Tila Do not despair from the mercy of Allah. When they come to these houses for the Mercy of Allah, we become the first people to lead them to despair. Oh, brother, have you seen your clothes? Have you seen your look at you how you look like how you walk, like we become the source of despair.

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These houses are for Allah and not for you and I.

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And there are ways that we need to operate in these places. These are not sanctuaries for pious.

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These are hospitals for the the spiritually sick, and there is going to change the demographics. And we have to be comfortable because their violence has not left them. This is their house. Remember you are here in this house because of the will of Allah.

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Allah can take that away from you our hearts and we will not be here. And there will be people that Allah will bring, they will not be like us, Allah says that in the Quran.

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They will not gonna lie or coulomb saticon They won't be not like you.

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So we have to be very careful and open that when Allah doesn't reject such people, we have no right.

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We have when we see them, we should feel joy that somebody has entered Allah's house.

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The same Allah who has allowed me to be here, welcome. Come on in. Come on down. I was in a Coptic Church. And we had

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we had a wedding they had a banquet hall and the wedding was in the in the banquet hall and to the end.

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We went in and we asked some questions. Now imagine Coptics and Muslims don't get along very well. In Egypt those of you that are know from Egypt they know that this is like they don't get along well look up to you and and Muslims, they don't get along this worst animosity that even like Jews and Jews and Muslims and Philistine right now. So they,

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as soon as recognize that we were Muslims, there were three of us. Their leader left the congregation, walked all the way down, greeted us. And he said, well come to your home, took us in his room, fed us, brought tea for us treated us and says how can I help you?

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Would we ever do that to a person if somebody comes

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if I can ask the brothers to stand up there's a whole lot of brothers at the back. So if we can make spoof, please, all everybody can stand up and make us up so other brothers can come in Sharla.

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Stand up mix up so that there's a lot of brothers at the back.

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Fill in the first stuffs first so that you can sit down and shut up

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Then Allah says Kalia ADA de AlLadhina asafo Allah and pushing him Lata Khanna toma Rahmatullah in Allah Halal federal Goomba Jami indeed Allah will forgive all the sins. If you ever share a sin that you have done with any human being he will never forgive you. He will always chastise you for that sin mashallah mashallah look at this hello salon into Santa Masha Allah, I know what you've done in the past you become a pious person today you become religious, we know and we have and we even have sayings in our Arabic and Urdu like No Do we have a saying that such were cocky Billy had culturally right we say all of these things like Marcia laughter You killed 100 People now you go into Haji

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mashallah, mashallah, right. So these are things that we ALLAH is saying what in Allah Hi yah

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yah, Allah is going to forgive all of the sins except ship all sins can be forgiven

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in the who who was a fraud or Rahim Indeed he is the one who is a lover for I look for is an attribute that you make a mistake you come back I forgive you. You make a mistake you come back I forgive you. You make a mistake I forgive you come back. I am insurmountable amount of times. No matter how many times you come, Allah will forgive you. Because He is Allah for he never gets tired of forgiving you

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and on top of that, he's merciful to you imagine if you go to your boss and say I made a mistake they're like alright, yeah, but you know what I forgive them mistake but no promotion for you. Allah doesn't do that. Oh no Ramadan benefits for you. Use if you said no Ramadan benefits for you. You get only one Salah Elijah. No, a Rahim he forgets who Allah for WA Rahim a Rama to who lie you are me Luca BMRC I think he does not deal with you as a sinner. He deals with you as a fresh start. Hmm Yeah, Allah come here Allah and become if you want to come and then Allah reminds us that don't get lost in this. We're unable to be como esta de Mola, all of us are being asked to turn back to Allah

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wa ously moolah and submit to Him and His ways. Minh cobbly to como la vida was to Manhattan's our own before the punishment of Allah comes and then there will be no help for you.

00:42:25--> 00:42:34

May Allah subhanaw taala grant us Adelphi to truly turn back to Allah subhana wa Tada Casa de la Motta, Allah Allah, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam.

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Smilla Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena viva. And then we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to send the abundance of salutations whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask that Allah subhanaw taala senses choices of blessings on this blessed day. For verily there is no better vicar on this day than the vicar of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the seller for Salah Hain will spend the entirety until Maghrib just sending salutations on the view Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, we asked Allah subhanaw taala that he grants every single one of us true heart that's really understands the Rama and mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and he makes us from those who

00:43:26--> 00:44:05

deal with others with Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. We ask Allah that he open our hearts opens our hearts and our chest and our minds to be able to understand the true message of Islam. And we become the torchbearers of Islam and these lands and the lands to come, we ask that Allah subhanho wa Taala protects every single one of us and their entire generation Isla yo Milty Amati with iman, and with Quran and he Allah protects them on the state of Eman and the state of submission to Allah subhanaw taala we asked Allah subhanaw taala that our youth are struggling with their Iman and faith crisis that Allah solidifies their Eman and grandson certitude European Iman. And we ask that Allah

00:44:05--> 00:44:40

subhanaw taala makes us from those who can be the bedrocks of these turmoils situations and difficulties that our youth follow that we become the source of stability for them and their lives. And we ask Allah subhana wa Tada that whether this is this semester or any other massage and that the become a source of inspiration for every single one of us, and to help us to connect with Quran and the message of the Quran. And in the end, we ask Allah subhanaw taala if anyone is sick, that Allah forgives, forgives them and cures their sicknesses and that sicknesses becomes a source of forgiveness and expiation of their sins. And if anyone has lost any of their relatives that ALLAH

00:44:40--> 00:44:59

SubhanA wa Tada forgives them and makes them recover. Ria Rodolfo Maria and Jana he makes them a piece of garden from Jana and opens the window for them so they're able to see their my farm in Jana and makes them from those who will say out of the agenda. Oh Allah make hisab quick quick. I want to enter Jana and we ask Allah subhana wa

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

Allah that He gives us this blessed month of Ramadan tofield to truly worship Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Houma Taco Bell, minasi Yamuna bhakti Yamuna what is going on to our channel Quran Wa cellular automata Allah Allah, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Sallim wa Kimi salah.