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Jummah 120822

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The importance of Islam is discussed, including its five pillars, its importance in enrolling in classes, and its importance in shaping one's life and health. Prayer is emphasized, especially in the upcoming month of shipping, and praying for the right thing is emphasized. The importance of praying for the right thing is also emphasized, particularly in the first question when a woman killed herself in the act of attack.

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It's been like a month or Haim and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Bella Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Hatami the br will send you the info serene wa he was having here in the goodwill Miami or Manitoba home.

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Side in July on Monday. My bad ruler will lie Samira live in a Shavonda regime. Lucha manga Rahim yah even though the phenomenon or the whole official makeup cough are not and who are not at Toyo Goodwater Shavon in hula Kuma, Raju movie, of our full of lies and Allah who earlier Salam Bucha Islam Allah comes in shahada peon La Ilaha illa Allah another harmala Rasul Allah, or economy Salah Italia is a con on hydro Sami Ramadan, oh come up on Monday salatu salam

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expect two brothers. Today I will be talking about one of the most

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important aspects of Islam, which is often neglected by us. And we are very, very

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lenient or easy towards this particular obligation in Islam.

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We know Islam is based upon five Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he stated, in this authentic hadith, that Islam is based upon five,

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your Islam stands on five pillars, in other words,

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and each one of them is important.

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This is your Islam, these are the basics. This is what the prophet is telling us.

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This is not advanced stage in Islam, rather, this is the basic, this is like a condition for you to be a Muslim, these five pillars. Number one is of course, the Shahada. When you enter Islam, you accept Allah as your Lord.

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You accept Allah as the only deity to be worshipped. And his messenger Muhammad SAW Allah Allah is Allah, this is the first first step into Islam. This is when you become a Muslim.

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Then, after that, the next step, the most important step after the shahada itself is a solemn

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five day praise.

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Then, in order it is Asaka, which is your charity, compulsory charity which every Muslim must do,

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if you fit the nisab if you are eligible,

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if you qualify to do this charity, you must do it once a year trip 2.5% of your savings

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and the details can be found in the books and

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it is the fasting of the month of Ramadan

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or hunch.

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Some people say some Aloha say is hudge after as a car other say it is the first thing of the month of Ramadan, those who can do it those who are not ill

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and are fit they must first and then Hajj is obligatory upon all Muslims who have the Isata is Tada is basically you are physically fit and you can afford it financially.

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Today I will be talking about

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the second pillar of Islam which is a salon

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and it is often neglected.

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We neglected collectively as Muslims as a jamaa.

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We are negligent towards it, I can tell you

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with absolute confidence that most Muslims on the planet, people who call themselves Muslims, who have this title attached to themselves that they are Muslims. They are not praying five times a day.

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Majority are not praying at all.

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And those who do pray some, they are not praying five times and there are even fewer who are praying five times a day. Those are the truly fortunate ones and he

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When among those those who pray with for sure, with concentration, or even fewer.

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So this huge blessing of Allah subhanaw taala, a Salah, which was made obligatory upon us, when the Prophet Salla Salam went upon this night journey, what we call an extra

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El Mirage, the prophets, Allah Islam, he went from Mecca in one night to Jerusalem, as a miracle. And then from there, Allah took him above, to the seventh heaven having been having been through all the seven heavens where he met different prophets.

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And then Allah personally

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gave the obligation of five daily prayers. This happened according to most estimates, in the year 10, of Nabawi, not hindering the year 10 of gnabry with the province, Allah Salam had been a prophet of Allah preaching in Mecca. And in the outskirts of Mecca for nearly 10 years. Allah made these five the prayers obligatory.

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And this is your connection to the last panel.

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This is your communication of the last panel God.

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This is when you wake up and thank Allah

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every single day from Fudger. From

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the time van comes up, till the time sun goes down, and it is dark at night.

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So you thank Allah five times a day. Now you may be thinking, why is it important to do that? Why do you have to keep repeating, you can do it once, and that should be enough. No repetition makes it stick as the same. Right? Anything you repeat in life, it becomes part of your life.

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And it shows your dedication to Allah.

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This is the least we can do. It is Allah who gave us all the blessings. It is Allah who gave us our lives. It is Allah who gave her health. It is Allah who gave us our wealth. It is Allah who gave us our children and our parents. It is Allah who gave us all the things to be happy about in this life.

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And it is Allah Allah the life itself. The Life itself is a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala it is a NEMA. It is an Amana in belongs to Allah.

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And this is why everything we do in life has to be for Allah. Allah tells us in the Quran, Allah commands is directly in the Quran, that whatever you do in life, it has to be for Allah Subhana Allah, why? Because he is your Creator. He's the one who made you he's the one who gave you everything from Allah subhanahu learnership Agra, Jim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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In US allottee one usuki balmaha Amati de la hora, Bella Amin, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say to your followers, tell them that your Salah, your sacrifice, your life, your death, everything is for Allah. Everything is this is a Muslim. This is a Muslim. If someone asks you what is a Muslim? who is a Muslim? Tell them this is a Muslim fall in nurse allottee What do Sookie balmaha kamati Lillahi Rabbil Alameen This is a Muslim and my salah, my sacrifice, my life and my death is for Allah is from Allah. It belongs to Allah. We come from Allah on to Him we will return. So Salah is mentioned amazingly in this verse number one called inna very, indeed.

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By default,

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my prayer most importantly, before Allah mentions life and death, think about this. Allah mentioned Salah in masala tea, one Uzuki or Mahalaya Amati Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. So number one is surah. Number one is your Salah. No wonder, no wonder the Prophet sallallaahu Salam put so much emphasis on it. No wonder it is one of the most important pillars of Islam, according to the Hadith.

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And this was gonna send it over and over you believe?

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Yeah, are you under Lena Armano or the hollow or the hollow entered?

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into Islam or the overall festival may carpha Completely. What are the Who Who are the shape on and do not follow the lines of shaitan do not follow his footsteps do not follow his footsteps. Okay?

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So enter into Islam completely. Now what is Islam? What is Islam? This is a verse from the Quran, where Allah says, enter Islam completely don't play games, do not play games. If you're serious, then do it properly and don't follow the shape on because anything other than Islam is effectively following the footsteps of shaitan it takes you away from Allah. So what is Islam the Prophet explains, the prophet explains, who knew Islam or Allah?

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Islam is based upon five as I mentioned earlier, so Salah is number one. So now is number one is your connection to Allah, Allah. Then on top of that, there is no Salah without Al Fatiha. The Prophet told us in a categorical Hadith in Bukhari, that there is no Salah without Fatiha so far the HA is obligatory upon every Muslim to memorize. There is no Salah without the prophets of Allah.

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Allah narrated by Imam Bukhari The Prophet said so Allah Salam la salata, limonum yatra, before they had to get up, there is no Surah for those who do not read for comfort, lassana, this is law. Now here, what we call a law of negation, just like La Ilaha. When we reply, Allah and there is no God, there is no one worthy of worship except Allah. Likewise last salata, there is no salah, full stop period, except that you read Fatiha in it. You have to read the Fatiha and what is the Fatiha This is why it is important for the HA has been split into two parts. One is for Allah the other one is for a slave. This is your communication with Allah subhanaw taala this is when Allah looks upon you

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with mercy. Allah wants to bless you. Allah wants to save you. Allah wants to Allah wants to keep you safe. Allah wants to give you Jana, so that's why Allah wants you to ask him. Allah wants you to ask him and how do you ask? The first part is for Allah subhanaw taala when you praise Allah, Allah

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Allah will language about our dreams.

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I'll hamdulillah Europe, Bella

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r Rahmani Raheem, Maliki amiti, e Karna. A Buddha where he can ask this problem.

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You reaching out to you

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are the greatest of beings. All praise is due to you. All praise is due to you, you are the Most Merciful, the most magnificent.

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You are the owner of the Day of Judgment, when everything.

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When everything will belong to you, when nothing else will matter except to your decree. You are the honor of the Day of Judgment and you are alone by that virtue, by that virtue or those things we have mentioned, you are alone, we worship and You alone we seek help from this from the next part is for the slave who is asking, having clarified, having explained or having reminded yourselves, who you are talking to now,

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if datasphere Autonomous stopping Serrato Latina ontology, viral MCDU Biale him are bawling, therefore, oh Allah. Therefore, because I accept

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all these things about you. Therefore, put me on the straight path, the path of those who are blessed by you, not those who have gone astray and have earned Your anger. So this is your Salah. This is why salicylate important because you now speak to Allah directly your Creator.

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So the importance of Salah cannot be

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stated in one football by brothers, there is a lot set by the whole Ummah on this, even the prophets of Allah salaam, he made some very very harsh statements about salah those who missed the salah.

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Those who missed their Salah those who do not pray they cannot possibly be Muslim. Who said this, the progress of Asante

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In saying this, there are multiple reports on the profit solar system, whereby he stated that anyone who abandons his surah he has disbelieved. He or she has disbelieved. Am I making this up? Am I making this up? No, absolutely not. The prophets Allah Islam said, in an authentic report narrated by Muslim

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and bluebay in our VEDA, whom Allah lubaina In our VEDA, Houma, Salah, c'mon Tara kaha Fatah to cover the difference or the covenant between us and them the disbelievers the covenant between us and then the disbelievers the difference, in other words, is a Surah. Salah is the difference among Tanaka ha Kapha. In another report Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said bye Babel Rajamouli obaidul puffery Russian

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Turkish Salah between a man and Cofer and shook. This is what the professor was saying, between a man or a woman for that matter. Any believer between a believer uncovering ship is the abandoning of Salah you abandoned your Salah you are on your way to friendship will stop. That's what the Prophet is saying. So even the Quran made similar statements.

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Why is the prophet making these statements? Who understood the Quran more than the Prophet? No one. He was the one who received the revelation. He is the one who tells us for Salah is so Allah it's so important that the professor Islam had to make these statements. Why is the question why? Because the prophets of salaam received revelation from Allah.

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He was saying what he received from Allah and Allah said in the Quran in surah Tauba.

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One of the last suitors to be revealed Surah nine in the Quran, in the current order, but one of the last chapters of the Quran to be revealed.

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Allah says in verse five, when Allah talks about dealing with the machine again,

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the pagan Adams, who were attacking the Muslims, and the Muslims were told to retaliate, defend yourself, the pagan Arabs are attacking you. Okay, retaliate, defend yourself. Defend yourself. And if they repent, Allah is saying for intolerable. If they're pushing again, the pagan Arabs if they repent, and what is repentance? Is it just to stop hostilities?

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What is repentance in this case? Is it to stop hostilities? No, that's not enough. They are fighting you. They are attacking you. Allah is combining the believers to different results. Okay? But if they repent, Allah says in verse five of the Quran, in toggle,

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then Allah gives the conditions. What does repentance actually mean? In the case? The case of the machine again, that pagan out? What does repentance actually mean? For interval we're above a Salah we're out of the car for fenosa Lila home if they repent, and they pray washer failure in the Arabic language. This is Washington Thea, this is a conditional Wow. This is a conditional and not optional conditional. So when Allah says, if they repent, and pray Thy salah, and do the cart, give compulsory charity, for those of you don't leave the way. In other words, the repentance will be acceptable. In verse 11, of the same chapter, same surah Allah says, for interval, if the repent,

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welcome Salah for others, the god for Edwin Dean, then they become your brothers in this Dean, Dean and Islam, then they are your brothers. If they pray and they lose the cart, then they are your products. No wonder the promises were made those statements. I had to buy in an hour

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of Salah for a month or like a half a hardcover. No wonder, the wonder of the sahaba.

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They did not consider anything

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leaving Islam other than Salah and momentum as a uniform to the Sahaba did not consider anything other than leaving salah. leaving Islam. Salah was the ultimate symbol of Islam. Even the hypocrites in Medina, the munaf in between those who had Cofer inside, believe outside, were praying in them

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masjid, they were coming to pray in the masjid at Fajr time at Fajr How difficult is Fajr rasool Allah upon Amana afek, a hypocrite, one of the scientists, the two prayers will be very heavy on him. Father and Aisha Fajr you love your bed, you're sleepy, you're in slumber. You don't want to get up

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and you love the bed so much, especially in winter. You don't want to leave your warm bed. Right?

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And then it's time to pray. You hear the alarm? You don't leave your bed.

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That's a sign of the fog. That doesn't take you out of Islam, but clearly, it's a sign of the fog.

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It's hypocrisy

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and inertia, you're tired.

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You've been working hard all day, and you're tired. So this is what the Prophet said two prayers will be heavy on I'm gonna stick to prayers in particular. I mean, he's praying on us and mothering. The prophet is not saying that those three prayers basically render him not I'm gonna affect no he's saying two prayers will be heavy on I'm gonna affect Fajr and Isha Lavon. So even the hypocrites will come into the masjid, we're coming to the masjid and pray with the professionalism in his companions. Not only that, on the power of your loved one, he said, la hotdog feliz La Mancha Salah, the one who abandons prayer, the one who abandons Salah has no shade in Islam, your card, your Hajj.

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Okay, your fasting in the month of Ramadan is unacceptable to Allah. If your Salah is not intact. If your Salah is not there, and you are doing charity, you are going for Hajj and you're fasting in the month of Ramadan. None of these worships or none of these good deeds will be accepted by Allah if your Salah is not there. It's like without Shahada. There are people who live in such Allah and they're doing good deeds on the Day of Judgment, these good deeds you think they will benefit them? If they don't acknowledge Allah? They don't acknowledge Rasul Allah. They've been doing Mother Teresa,

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Mother Teresa.

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You think her good deeds will benefit her on the Day of Judgment? Especially when she has been committing * worshipping a man or the Trinity? What do we believe as Muslims if you die and shook

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nothing will benefit you on the Day of Judgment. Nothing. Likewise, you don't have your Salah you turn up on the Day of Judgment with your fasting when you Hodge okay? Even if you were called Haji sob in your neighborhood is not going to save you. It's not going to save you. So all of these things are very, very important my brothers and this part of the football and inshallah in the next part. I will mention some more things about salah and its importance. Afterwards Dhawan and in Hungary live.

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In the handle in the Shangri La Hey, model we want to start you know, when our with a bit of immaturity and pushing our Mincy Molina may allow for LA motel or menu during the era when a shadow on

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La la sharika a shadow mother of a daughter solo a mother in Stockton tabula with having any idea Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam were shown to have opened

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in Valhalla offered the Galala container.

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Respected brothers. Salah

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is so important that Rasul Allah, so Allah is

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the last words

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in his mouth,

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or upon His Beloved. It bless it lifts were what? In the province of Lhasa lamb was on his deathbed. Salallahu Alaihe Salam. So Allah already was

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What did he say?

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It is reported that the prophets of Allah Salam before he passed away, is that a salah or salah, or Monica, a man who come or malecha A man who come? Why is he saying this? This is the most important man to walk the planet.

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We believe as Muslims, this is the most important man to walk the planet even to disbelievers is one of the most successful men in the history of humanity.

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Even a disbeliever called Michael Hart, he puts him as

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Number one, he wrote a book titled The most influential men in human history, the 100 most influential men in human history. And when you open the book number one is Mohamed salah.

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Moses is later on and Jesus is later on actually, I don't know where Jesus is in the list. But Rasul Allah is number one, Prophet Muhammad is number one.

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So even to disbelievers.

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He's a very successful man.

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He has almost 25% of this world, believing in Him. And what is he saying the most important man,

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or one of the most important men in human history if we want to take all of humanity, even those who don't believe in Him, according to them, he is one of the most important men in human history.

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M the most important time of his life? What is the most important time of your life?

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What is the most important time of your life?

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When you're dying,

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your wives, the children, your mothers, or fathers, they're all around you. And you want to speak to them. You want to say the last words you want to say provide.

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You want to save your mind, in law, in the hands of Allah, I am going do this, do this, do this, make my grave head to this. So you give your most important instructions, yes or no? You give your most important instructions. What is the Prophet say? A salah, a Salah. Hamanaka, a man whom your prayers and your prayers and people you possess. In other words, in other words, your servants,

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people who have been placed in your hands as a trust from Allah, they are your responsibility. So take care of your Salah and take care of the rights of your servants. These two things you will mess up. This one the prophet is telling you these two things you will really go wrong on. So beware your prayers by daily phrase and the people who are in your supervision.

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Your servants Allah.

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These are the words out of solipsism. No wonder of your loved one, when he was stopped

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leaving the prayer of

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leading the Sahaba when he stabbed,

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so bad that his stomach was split open completely. A Persian slave name, a Buelow.

00:27:38--> 00:27:40

He stabbed on the tab

00:27:42--> 00:28:29

and he split his tongue koken he felt the Sahaba did not leave the salah. The Imam fell and other men came forward to lead this man, one after another stabbed 13 companions of the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam, when they finished the salah. They finished the salon they went immediately to the man who was studying everyone there. They overpowered him and he stabbed himself in the process. And there were 13 Sahaba who were injured, some of them they died immediately. Others were Shaheed later on Ahmad, one of the Allah Juan, he went unconscious. When he gained consciousness it was time. What? What was the first question when his eyes open? What was the first question?

00:28:30--> 00:28:38

Or the first question? Where are my children? Where is my wife? Bring them so that I can talk to them? I can say bye bye to them know, what time is it?

00:28:39--> 00:28:47

What time is it? Mr. Olson said take me to Salam. He doesn't care about anything else. He wants to praise Allah when his stomach is split open.

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Why? Because they knew this is the connection between Allah, one of his hobby. One of the companions also Allah Azza Salam obey. He's about to be crucified. The Meccans have captured him. They want to crucify him. They told him you're gonna be crucified. You're gonna be nailed on this pole. Right? What does he say?

00:29:12--> 00:29:14

What did he say? Let me pray.

00:29:15--> 00:29:19

Let me pray before I meet my Lord. I want to pray.

00:29:20--> 00:29:42

So he cleaned himself in front of the Mexicans and Mexicans and Muslims, the pagans are looking at him with wonder, what kinds of species are these people? Where did that come from? What's wrong with these people? This is how dedicated they are to the faith. This is how much they love Mohammed and his Lord, Salah this ALLAH. So he prayed, and he prayed quickly.

00:29:43--> 00:29:57

And after he finished, he said, you know why I prayed quickly, so that you don't think I am in a state of fear and I prolonged my prayer. I don't want you to think that I am scared of you know, crucify me.

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

And then you will ask which

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You'd rather Muhammad be in your place today.

00:30:03--> 00:30:29

Would you rather be Muhammad Muhammad in your place today? He said, even if I was given 1000 Live or something like that, he said something, something to this effect or maybe in this country, something to this effect that even if I had a chance to do to give my life again and again, I would not have my prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam picked by a phone, even picked by the phone, Allah. So Allah or there's

00:30:30--> 00:31:15

so will give them the blame. If we are not doing doing a saliva not praying My brothers, then there is nothing. This is a connection with Allah subhanaw taala we all sin every single day we sin, sin sin, we do so many things, okay? And this is your return to Allah five times a day, Allah is so merciful on you that He wants you to come back to him fall inside and say Subhana Allah and then Allah will forgive you because you came back to him. Okay, every Salah experience for your sins, every Salah every will do it remove your sins from you. It removes from your sins from the one of this hobby, it came to the Prophet also he said yada for Allah I have coming to the same. Ya rasool

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Allah I have committed a major sin. The Prophet asked him, did you just pray with us? Did you just pray with us in German? And he said, Yes, y'all so Allah, the Prophet told you to sit down. Sit down. Why?

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Why? Because your sin has been forgiven by Lysa private sin. You don't need to announce it. You have prayed. That is a form of repentance. That is a form of repentance robust, but someone who does not have that in his life. What repentance? What connection? What relationship with Allah subhanaw taala none. You don't pray your Salah you have no relationship with Allah. In fact, the Allah ma have said repeatedly, do not give your daughters to someone who does not pray.

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The first question you should be asking the man who comes to ask for your daughter's hand. Do you pray? Forget about his money. His job is Chi house.

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His influence he may be a politician. He may be x, y and Zed. He may be a very rich man or tycoon. Forget about all that. Do you pray?

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If the answer is

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then your answer should be Salam. Aleikum. Wa, we're not interested.

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In fact, check what they mean. Allah they

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he was asked

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he was asked

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someone who doesn't pray at all. Is that no janazah for him, cannot be buried with the Muslims. Is the Bihar is slaughtered animals are not halal.

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And if I'm not mistaken, he added there is no Nikka with Him. You cannot get the doctors to such people. Someone who doesn't pray, no janazah.

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And no barrier with the Muslims. No other way.

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And Annika.

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This person is not from the Muslims. Of course, this is a very harsh view. This is the humbly view. This is the HANA villa, they take this view and by the way, in light of evidence, in light of evidence, when we look at the Quran, and what the Prophet said about salah, this view makes most sense. This view makes most sense. So may Allah Subhana Allah give us a trophy to be very, very diligent about our salah. May Allah give us the Tofik May Allah bless us with the strength and the Eman to continue praying until the day we die. May Allah give us despite all our sins, all our errors, all our weaknesses. May Allah give us the blessing to pray to Him. May Allah allow us to

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pray to Him until the day we die because it is only Allah who allows you to pray. If it is not from Allah, you will not pray and you need to question why are you not praying? What's wrong are you doing in your life that you cannot pray? What evil are you doing? What is what is in your mind that Allah doesn't like you enough to allow you to pray? It is Allah who will allow you to pray to Him. So seek prayer, seek ALLAH and you will start praying Ramana Gollum non Susana lithography la vaca hamdulillah and Hakuna middle Kasserine urban Arjuna for dunya Hassan Avila hora de hacer una menar upon Allah Tatiana with Natalia Latina kafu velana Binaca ontology Hakeem Allah Marisa Islamic

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Muslimeen Aloha Munzer Islamize main anaerobic rubella desert Yama has gone was salam ala mursaleen when hungry Lyra Billa Milwaukeeans Allah

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wah shadow animal