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We are live

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. But none currently occupied with the children are here

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Mashallah, so welcome everybody to the final night of Ramadan live streams i think is this is the last one the 29th and yeah so we're gonna what's the the subject matter today at the moment it's only me and but Adnan we are being joined by brother Hamza

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at about eight o'clock I think did we get any go ahead from anyone else? Or is it just going to be us three

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sorry repeat the question please will use of it No Is it just me you and Hamza today we got a go home anyone else. We're gonna have other people joining us in sha Allah. So it's going to be a dynamic appeal like all other appeals brothers and sisters. We welcome you all to another Sapiens Institute appeal. This appeal is probably going to be the last appeal for this Ramadan. So this may be the last chance for us to support an institute like this that worked so hard in empowering the Muslim youth in particular, and the rest of the Muslims in general, and at the same time giving confidence and knowledge and reasons to defend Islam and represent Islam. So Sapiens Institute has

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been a great

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contribution to the dialogue world.

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In the last one year Sapiens Institute has done a lot of good work trained over 6000 people offline and online. So we request that you come forward tonight and start making a difference in sha Allah tala. by making a donation, you can see the donations link rolling on the screen right now. It is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. That is the link. And the question is why do we need to support

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an institution like this? Why not give money to other causes, there are so many good causes out there.

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And so many people I need, the reason why we are asking for you to support an institution like Sapiens Institute is to empower our leadership or potential leadership rather, okay, Sapiens Institute is conducting webinars, seminars, writing articles, producing videos, media content, so that Muslim youth is empowered to have confidence in the faith of Islam, and at the same time, is able to deliver the faith of Islam or to represent the fate of Islam globally. This is a very, very important cause. And my brothers sisters Islamophobia is

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basically going,

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you know, strong, and, and it's going with impunity without impunity, right? Okay, with impunity rather. Okay. So,

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Islamophobia industry is a multi billion dollar industry, and it is well funded, well grounded when it comes to media and politics. And we need support my brothers sisters, we need support, to have a response to Islamophobia, through education, and through information, and that information in education is

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available free of charge on Sapiens institute.org. If you go to sleep in this.org, you will see that this educate this education in different forms is available free of charge. We don't charge for our services. What we do need, however, is your support. Without your support, we won't be able to go on for very long. And remember, we are at odds with with a very powerful How can I put it lobby that spreading hate and misinformation against Islam. And that hate and misinformation is causing confusion among a lot of young Muslims who are very active online, they go on websites, they go on YouTube videos, and they see content that can they cannot respond to. And as a result, they become

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confused or some in some cases, they apostatize we want to stop all that we really want to provide powerful intellectual answers based upon academic research. And this is what Sapiens Institute specializes in. So for that reason, brothers and sisters, the least you can do is to start sharing this live appeal on Facebook pages on Instagram on WhatsApp groups, and also encourage people to make donations. donations are very important and come forward to start a competition. Remember, in the last appeals, the competition's did really well. We had people coming forward saying that they will give 1000 pounds or 500 pounds if anyone matches that particular donation and we always succeed

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seeded in not only matching these donations, we had more people coming forward to give more. So starting the stream with another 100 pound donation who is with me Bismillah Allahu Akbar Samir. Mashallah for the

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quickie. I missed it as well he did it

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a little bit before I'd noticed. This is beautiful. So a lot but assignment rather. Also me, but so me and Mila bless you for making this donation. I mean And may Allah enable you to encourage others And may Allah use this donation to encourage a lot of a lot of other people. So do 100 pounds with me. We got the TV, we got the TV

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Chandan Shani is a usual suspect.

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Okay. This person has been supporting our appeals thus far, quite consistently. So my brother and sisters who wants to match that 100 pounds donation towards Sapiens Institute. And what is Sapiens Institute doing? That's a very important question. We need to highlight the fact that Sapiens Institute has done some great work in the last nine months and seeks to do a lot more in the coming year. So imagine tonight is Laila Takada and you decide to support our work of training and developing over 10,000 people to intellectually share Islam. Imagine how many hearts they will transform transform, imagine the number of shareholders supporting us is supporting the engine that

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drives the Dow forward. These are some of the amazing things we have planned after Ramadan insha Allah for the next 12 months. And they are as follows number one, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims. Number two, complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. publish your website responding to leading anti Islam websites, expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, which is a one to one service where people have questions and doubts. So one of our Sapiens experts responds to these questions in a one to one meeting.

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And also number five professionally. Video 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Number six published two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven, produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam. Number seven engage in more academic discussions, debates and dialogues to boost the morale and confidence of the Muslim youngsters. Number eight Finally, start a new podcast. So these are the things we seek to do inshallah, within the next 12 months brothers sisters and this is what you are donating towards.

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I will give I will give I will give me 20 minutes. Okay, I think it's in response to

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Yeah, so that was the response to your challenge.

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And thank you so much just a victory. Mila, bless you. Sister victory had a conversation with myself and by the Hamza in the last appeal. And may Allah bless your sister male except from you. You are an amazing supporter of me. And please continue to support me Allah bless you.

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And if it's Laila together tonight, then the blessing multiplies many fold many, many, many folds, right. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said anyone who stands in the light of power and worships Allah, it is it is going to cause you to be forgiven by Allah subhanaw taala your sins will be forgiven. Also, I'll do 100 pounds if another six people join that makes 1000 pounds out of the livestream Absolutely. TIMA has put out a challenge. And may Allah bless you mounting this challenge

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and another six people do it. That would be a brilliant start with 1000 pounds and by the way, brothers sisters, let me remind you, this might be the final chance for you to support an institution like sapiens, this Ramadan Because tonight is our last appeal for the month of Ramadan online when it comes to you know live appeals on video

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on Facebook on a number of different

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YouTube pages. So May Allah subhanaw taala Bless you all from coming forward. So who wants to respond to temas challenge? another six people to donate 100 pounds each and we will start the appeal with a beautiful 1000 pounds support. Let us know inshallah. So this is what we want to do rather than sisters in the last sorry in the next 12 months in the last nine months. We have done 6000 Muslims have been trained offline and online to share the message of Islam. Sure, Youssef.

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Tell us why people must support tonight.

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So Salam aleikum, everybody basically as but none was quite rightfully pointing out, there is a huge push to demonize the Muslims to demonize Islam. And to give a particular impression to the general public as to what the message of Islam is. And many of this involves a lot of misinformation. And there's a lot of effort and money that is being put into making this push happen. Now, obviously, there needs to be a counter to this. Now, there's a common thing that people say where they go, our data should be free data should be free, and they'll criticize organizations like this one another's for trying to collect money in order to be able to produce material. And in order to basically

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counter the attacks, the intellectual attacks that are being made upon Islam. And this is a terrible

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accusation to make, because it really does not compare to what we're doing, the Dow is still free, everything you go to the link, you go to Sapiens institute.org. Here, as you can see, and all of the material that has been produced by Sapiens Institute is free and accessible to everyone, we are not charging people to have dauer given to them. And, you know, that being said, it this still requires funding, this still requires a lot of money in order to pay for things like the website is the material, the research, people often underestimate how much time and effort it takes to write a book, how much research is involved, how much reading goes into that. And, you know, if you want the

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power to be part timers, people that are working in McDonald's for most of the time, or you know, as taxi drivers, or whatever it is that they're doing not to belittle these jobs. But if you expect the dour to have to do all of these things, and simultaneously do research, and, you know, all of the the behind the scenes work that goes on, in order to be able to fully understand the subjects in order to be able to refute them, or to give a you know, a strong stance in favor of, of Islam, as the religion of Allah subhanaw taala, you know, that this, it's unrealistic to expect the people doing it part time to be able to compete against the, say, for example, the Christian apologists

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that are currently getting 10,000 pounds or dollars per month. And that's, that's just one in particular, there's, there's high numbers of these people with a lot of money behind them. And you know, with this, they can afford to pay their own for, you know, they give a job to someone who's a full time video editor, they give another job to someone who does research, they give another job to someone, they're funding their own community, they're giving full time jobs and full time wages to these people, and they're pushing out high quality content, you know, they've got top notch aesthetics, and it's pulling people in, and that is something that's happening. And on the other

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at the moment, the the Muslims are lacking in terms of this, and that there needs to be a big push, there needs to be a huge counter. And you know, and people underestimate how much aesthetics are important in this, as well, when you know, if you go to to one channel, and it's just, you know, next month with a little crappy video of him on his phone, and it's grainy and the sound quality is terrible, the youth will not zone into that they will not be able to pay attention. When you've got all of this other content, aesthetics, voice quality, sound quality, video quality, all of this is important when it comes to you know, giving the message to the people especially, you know, with the

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modern day, how people get spoiled with a lot of the things that they're given today. So, you know, this is this is what this is going to be contributing towards, it's going to be contributing towards being able to produce high quality content that is well researched, isn't half

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you know, leisurely put together that isn't

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done without care and devotion and effort. All of this takes time and money. And you know, this is what you'll be contributing towards if you help by donating to Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live. And you know, this this isn't just being countered obviously, by the the push, for example on YouTube. They do have adverts that even pop up on you know, if you go to Muslim channels on YouTube adverts pop up, funnily enough for ex Muslim campaigns and, you know, anti Islamic campaigns on the very videos where Muslims are trying to give our and why can they do this because they have a lot of money behind them. They can pay for these adverts

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And, you know, obviously the the video editing, the editing that's involved in that the recording all of it, all of it is, you know, they have the funds there in order to be able to do that. Now, it's not just that you've also got the the media. So I've you know, I've repeatedly mentioned these statistics before, but the media has got a skew. And this has been shown within, I think I might have the links are here. So there is an article written by

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Justice quarterly,

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which is a peer reviewed journal. And it's called Why do some terrorist attacks receive more media attention than others. And in this article, it highlights how, you know, Muslims commit 12.5% of terrorist attacks on the planet, yet receive over 50% of the media attention. If someone is Muslim, and they commit a particular crime, that crime is abundantly put forward on the news abundantly put forward, in,

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you know, newspaper articles on YouTube videos, people are talking about it. And so a ridiculous degree and if you have on the other hand, it's a it's a white, non Muslim, who commits a crime on minorities, such as black Africans, or Jews or in the synagogues, and things like that. And they receive, on average, a particular crime would get 2% of the media coverage, which is a lot less. And there's more information that shows that, for example, not only are they trying to put more attention on the bad things that Muslims do, but they often will, you won't hear of these particular statistics, but they'll hide the good things as well. So there were studies done, that showed that

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they would go about and they would ask people is when is it okay, to attack civilians, innocent civilians? Is it sometimes justified? Or is it never justified? Now, what turned out is that when you go to secular countries, what you'll find is that, that out, either it was it was marked as either not okay. And under any circumstances, or sometimes it was okay. And in secular countries, more people would say that sometimes it is okay to attack innocent civilians in the in terms of war. And that's in secular, quote, unquote, enlightened countries. Now, when you go to the Muslim majority countries, you find the complete opposite, you find a high majority of people saying that

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it is never okay to attack innocent civilians. And there's an obvious reason behind that, you know, attacking innocent civilians is forbidden within the religion of Islam. And you would not think that that would be the case, because obviously, when they're putting forward a lot of this media that you see, in the news, a lot of it is attacks on innocent civilians. And that is often correlated with Islam. Yet, when you look at these studies, you see, the opposite being echoed within the oma that they do not believe that this is okay, the majority of us according to the laws and those following the Sharia, and we agree to this, that it is not okay to harm innocent civilians. But you won't

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really see that being pushed on the news. When Muslims are being represented on the news 3% of the time, they are self representing. And that is Muslims, the self identified Muslims, so it's not even people that are necessarily within Amazon or Walmart, or people that are within orthodox Islam, that 3% could also include, you know, all these other sects, that may fall out the vaults. And then you have 21% of the time, Islam is being spoken about by one person, Donald Trump. When this study was done, Donald Trump seems to be able to represent Islam more than the Muslims can themselves. Now this isn't necessarily because the Muslims aren't trying to have a voice, you know that there are

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plenty of people out there trying to talk on behalf of the Muslims within the oma and we're just not getting that media attention. And whenever it's, you know, it is it's, it's usually in terms of a negative light and they they shine the torch on that. And anything good that's being done is often being brushed under the carpet and this is being confirmed within academia, academic journals are writing and confirming that there seems to be this particular skew against the Muslims and there needs to be a push, there needs to be a push and so this is what Sapiens Institute is aiming to do in sha Allah with the support of those of you who are subscribed who are watching these live

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streams, who are you know, getting involved in the Dow all of you, you know, have an opportunity to get involved with this and inshallah it will be something you know, in the sense of you planting seeds, what you you what you give today, insha, Allah will grow and become something exponential, and something that might inshallah, by the will of Allah be a huge counter force to this negative media that's being published.

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against the Muslims.

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Absolutely, absolutely. Thank you so much. Thank you. So for that brief, and I hope people are paying heed as to how important a project like this is, you know, if we let Islamophobia Go on, on a baited, you know, unchecked, then what's going to happen is it's going to become a very difficult situation where the Muslim like it has already become in many parts of the world like India for example. I mean, it's not a joke Come on. Can you imagine how Indian Muslims live in certain areas of India? You know, in India Islamophobia is now fashion, okay, certain places of France, let's say or maybe some places in Europe where Muslims can't walk the streets because Islamophobia has clearly

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brainwashed and conditioned people into thinking that Muslims are not humans anymore. We have been dehumanized. Okay. Is there any form of when someone send a message? Muhammad no man, but is there any form to fill for getting trained? And being among those 10,000? Lucky men? Yes, absolutely. You need to go and apply for courses online. Okay.

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All the Sapiens courses are free of charge, you just need to apply and register and you will be entered into those programs. So they will be an adoption, of course. And then you will be entered into those programs, but you can you will be getting,

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you know, you will be getting messages and emails, informing you about upcoming courses, and you can join those courses and through those courses, you will have the confidence and the courage and the knowledge to not only defend Islam, but to share Islam with anyone you want to share it with. Okay, I was talking about Islamophobia, how it has really changed the dynamics for Muslims in the world, Okay, are we going to watch, sit idle and not do anything about it. And remember, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, the intellectual heritage of Islam should provide confidence for Muslims are exposed to contemporary challenges that confront the rational foundations of their religion.

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Many of the answers to so called New objections from detractors and secular thought, have already been dealt with by Islamic classical scholarship.

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From this perspective, Muslims are standing on the shoulders of giants. Indeed, the only concern should be accessing that wealth of knowledge and learning how to contemporize it by using a language that is modern, relevant and applicable. And this is what Sapiens has been doing, and is aiming to do insha Allah, please support our work. This is what we aim to achieve in the next 12 months. We would like to highlight the fact that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, while lie brothers and sisters, you have no idea. And I say this with confidence 90% of the Muslims out there

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watching this live stream, and listening to us have no idea the kind of intellectual heritage we have. We don't even know the tip of the iceberg level, let alone the iceberg itself. What our scholars produced in Islamic Spain in alone dollars for over seven centuries, what they produced in Baghdad, what they produced in India, let's say what they produced in

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let's say Damascus, and Central Asia. In terms of intellectual heritage, you have no idea. Islam is a powerhouse, the Muslim civilization is a powerhouse, we are standing on the shoulders of giants, we are the last people to be on the backfoot when it comes to defending our intellectual heritage.

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How can we the Muslims be seen as backward people? It doesn't make sense. It does not make sense. The reason is, we do not have institutions like sapiens, because no one is educated no Muslim youth, no one comes from the mother's womb with education and confidence, it needs to be taught, it needs to be given it needs to be taken. And Sapiens Institute is facilitating that TIMA sent another message giving 100 pounds will be giving 70,000 pounds as rewards are multiplied in Ramadan up to 700 times or 70 times in some reports. The point is many many many times, many folds. Also if it happens to be Laila, either the night of power about which the Prophet said muncom Allah Allah call

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cadre Mr. Anwar the servant of warfare Allahumma Taka Domine dombey. Anyone who stands in the right of power with firm conviction and

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a sense of accountability, Allah will forgive his sins, Allah said in the Quran

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In general now who feel a little further, Mama Dada Kamala loco cada Laila toccata be hi Roman Alicia, Layla Takada, the night a power What do you know what it is? Allah is asking what do you know what it is? It is better than 1000 months it is the 29th Night of the month Ramadan which may well be like little quarter if it is lower. That's all I can say. So and kids so the center mass Islamic komaki x Hindu river from India, please do a video on the importance of history well as monitor spread now. I mean

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I will be doing videos on history my entire channel if you watch my channel is about history. I like to talk about history. I like to promote Islamic history I like to talk about our giants. There are so many lectures on the Muslim heroes on my channel, watch them inshallah and take some inspiration. And this is what Sapiens Institute wants to highlight tonight. We stand we stand on the shoulders of intellectual giants like Al ghazali a blue Tamia Okay, if you look at for example, Abraham Lau aka shower you love from India. Okay, April April Khaldoon Calderon from Damascus. These are our intellectual giants. We are standing on the shoulders of philosophers. Our points are intellectuals.

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Okay, Tamimi sent a message Sapiens Institute Did you guys hear about a land called Palestine? There is a nice MOS called Alexa there you have

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ever heard of it? Absolutely. Have you heard of it? We have. We have and that's why we are here. We are here so that Alexa is not attacked. Simple. We are here to have enough leaders, intellectual leaders to talk for Islam to represent Islam on the global scale. Whether it's in the UN, or whether it's on the country level, whether it's on the global level, whether it's on the local level, we want Muslim intellectuals to be empowered enough to open their mouths to talk about Alexa to talk about our current problems. So my brother or sister Mimi, you are from Baroda meme, I am assuming May Allah bless you continue to pray for us, and get someone to support us so that Alexa is not

00:27:23--> 00:27:59

attacked. So my brother and sisters, we need intellectual leadership, we need to tell our youngsters that we are standing on the shoulders of giants if you don't, if you don't, if you do not have leaders, you have nothing. There's no one to speak for you. There's no one to talk to you. There's no one to represent your civilization. For that reason. Come forward right now. Share user, do we have any questions anyone to engage with? So that we can take questions and encourage others to come in and support our work, but I want that one or two people to come forward and start the competition? Someone already did. We had some 100 pounds donations, I want one person or two people

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to come forward and say, I will make a donation of 1000 pounds. If someone can match it and watch what happens. Watch the wonders happening. inshallah. Let's start with engaging. I'll be back in 20 minutes. Let's see if six people donate 100 pounds inshallah. Yes, in 20 minutes, I want to get 1000 pounds.

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And check.

00:28:21--> 00:29:02

Yeah, I think I get 1000. So with regards to the Alaska thing, so the the crimes that are being committed, they're the one of the major things that sort of allows these things to happen. And for them to get away with it is a product a lot of the time from the the anti Islamic content that's being produced. People just have this notion of Muslims in their head as being, you know, the barbaric backwards, this, that and the other. And so anything committed against them, ergo must be justified, regardless of context. Regardless of you know, that all they need to hear is that someone is you know, attacking Alaska mosque, someone is doing something to the Muslims. And the reactionary

00:29:02--> 00:29:12

thing in the mind of people that have been sort of inculcated by a lot of this anti Islamic rhetoric is Oh, they must deserve it, there must be something that they have done which is motivated this.

00:29:13--> 00:29:52

And you know, that so analyze is quite clearly not the case. And it there needs to be a huge push against this. And this is obviously going to be in the form of, of articles being written, responding to contentions that have been put forward, giving people the confidence to be able to articulate why Islam is the true religion. Why Salah Salem is the prophet of Islam, why he is the Prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, who is got? How do we know that God exists? How do we know what we can say about God? You know, what are the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala what can we say about the religion of Islam? What can we not say? All of these things, you know, is involved

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

in the whole process of, of building an intellectual community, of spreading Islam of responding to it

00:30:00--> 00:30:34

A lot of the rhetoric and so you know, if you do donate to this today, or in the future, because the links still going to be available, even after the live stream, then you will be contributing insha Allah to a counterforce to a lot of this. So at the moment as well, obviously, if you want to start asking questions, but at Nan said, do so in the comment section, I will begin to post the link on there, and we'll try and get people to jump on the stream as well. So just keep an eye on the the comment section for that, inshallah. And let's see if anyone's asking anything.

00:30:36--> 00:30:39

So bear with me, because there's a lot of comments.

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Right, also comments, people comment.

00:30:46--> 00:30:50

So I just said this melibatkan is, is a lot of

00:30:51--> 00:31:03

hashtags there. So just like it you only need to do at once you've done it a number of times, and this is for everyone in general as well try not to spam the comments section, as it makes it very difficult to kind of go through

00:31:04--> 00:31:10

Yeah, to find some some comments and things like that. So just literally, but may Allah bless you.

00:31:15--> 00:31:18

You guys should start membership on your channel.

00:31:20--> 00:31:21

So YouTube membership,

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or on the website, yeah, on YouTube, so you can get I've just started mine is basically you give an option for people to join. And you can do tiers or different levels. And that gives the people the option to basically become a member they get a little badge next to their name and the live comments, they get access to

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little emojis and things like that. We mentioned it too with the Hamza inshallah. Maybe it's something we can look into.

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Other than that,

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yeah, unfortunately, I can't put slow mode on because I don't have access to the

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the actual channel I'm just on stream yard as an admin. And I think because we're streaming on multiple channels as well. It's not possible to put it onto slomo because you can only do it on one and then not the others. Because obviously that's with streaming on four channels at the moment.

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slow mode on beehive. Okay.

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bee hive pattern that would mean hexagon, right? Done. I can't wait 20 minute park my car in the rain to donate 100 Allah, Masha, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, there are some crazy supporters like that as well. Crazy in a positive way. Crazy and passionate. You know, sometimes the word crazy can mean you know negative things. But if it's for the right reasons, if you are crazy about the right things, a lower middle of bless you our sister theory, I'll accept from you. This is the park in the rain is a sister from I'm not if I'm not mistaken, Norway. He called in yesterday. Norway, Sweden, I think Sweden or Norway. She called in yesterday or the last appeared rather. And we had a long discussion on a number of different topics. And may Allah bless you, sister. Look, this is the kind of support we are getting a sister park in

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the rain and she made it. So Abdu gas, donated 100 pounds remember brothers, sisters, other God doesn't decrease? Well, absolutely. That's the wisdom we follow. That's the philosophy circa The more you give, the more Allah increases, the more aligned creases, so we cannot be left behind in a time like this. Laila to cover potentially, and the month of Ramadan, last hour, the last day of the month of Ramadan, or the last opportunity in the month of Ramadan to donate to Sapiens Institute. And if you make a donation, you would be planting a seed that may become a tree which will start to bear fruit in the coming months. And you will have all that reward brothers and sisters, don't

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belittle it. Don't even hesitate in making donations. Because Allah will multiply it many many, many, many folds as the mother Ramadan. Any good deed done in the month of Ramadan. Allah Subhana Allah Chandan Gianni done donated 100 pounds May Allah bless you. Well, I continue to bless all the brothers and sisters who have just woken up and they start making donation. And this is why we are here. We are here so that the things like Alexa don't happen so that we have leadership that can speak for us And the world knows what we are about so that people do not commit crimes against us easily. The reason why it has become so easy to commit crimes against Muslims is because we have

00:34:47--> 00:34:59

been dehumanized we have been demonized and then as a consequence we have become demonized and dehumanization makes your blood cheap makes your property cheap.

00:35:00--> 00:35:49

You make your fair game, you are a sitting duck. Unfortunately, what's happening in the world in particular in Palestine is a result of that demonization and the resultant dehumanization. Okay, there is no sip, no one cares. No one bats an eyelid. No one bats an eye because we do not have enough intellectuals to speak for us to represent us on the global scale to talk about our problems to explain that we are a great civilization that stood strong for over 1000 years. How can you do this to us? So my brothers and sisters, this is something you need to understand supporting Sapiens Institute, and the potential leadership it will produce is supporting the defense of Islam, the

00:35:49--> 00:36:11

intellectual defense of Islam, does anyone know if the brothers will be doing a stream one more time, I've been working all week, so I don't I didn't get time to catch the previous streams. They are online, you can go and watch them. In particular, on my channel, that's a lot of hours to watch. On average, we did four hours each. So that's nearly 40 hours of work for you.

00:36:13--> 00:36:24

Watch, that's a lot of time for you to give in if you want to do that. All the streams are available thus far on my channel. Okay, so I'd be interested to see how many hours you've put in this past week.

00:36:26--> 00:36:39

I'd be interested to see if anyone in the comments could go on to the channel and look how many hours worth of effort that we didn't put in getting in this past 10 days. Minimum four hours each. So Collette time is my turn.

00:36:41--> 00:36:43

SubhanAllah Hmm.

00:36:44--> 00:37:26

It doesn't, it doesn't seem like that. But that's a lot of time. 40 hours in the month of Ramadan. Allahu Akbar. We're asking brothers and sisters and one lie. People are being very, very generous, unbelievably generous. A lot of people came forward in their support the cause May Allah bless you. So let's get to some of these brothers and sisters and wake them up. You see what's happening in Palestine is happening because of Islamophobia. Because of global Islamophobia, there is nothing else to it, you have become cheap, you your blood is cheap, unfortunately, right? Because you have been de humanized. Right? Unfortunately, unfortunately, there is very little sympathy. So brothers

00:37:26--> 00:37:59

and sisters, we need to really raise awareness about our value, who we are as a civilization Sapiens Institute is raising funds to create those intellectual leaders who can speak for us, okay, through our courses or webinars, or articles or books, to give God to give confidence to young Muslims in Islam. So let's see, who is there to engage with us. Is anyone there to ask questions with the use of Yeah, there's a there's a few there's one on the screen someone's asked. Hello, can you work with a non familiar listening Dr. Stephen? Stephen Stephen

00:38:01--> 00:38:03

Charisse is a Muslim professor of history.

00:38:05--> 00:38:51

Yeah, he is a great brother, Mashallah. And is a historian. Why not? Okay, Sheikh Fatah, slim commented about to start a lighthouse session work is ongoing as this live stream is happening. Donate to support the word Allahu Akbar, can you imagine right now, one of our team members, jackpot tasleem from USA is about to start a lighthouse session with an individual to answer questions to help mentor, another Muslim to become empowered right now as we speak. And the work continues even now while we are raising funds for this work, who wants to come forward and start supporting this work and the work never stops? When you donate? Your donation is solid progeria doesn't stop the

00:38:51--> 00:39:15

result. The reward does not stop. Are there any questions about the use of online? Well, we've got some people in the back so I can bring the first one answer we've got Brother Mohammed Salah wa Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa Alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato How you doing? Good, good. How are you guys? I hamdulillah How can I help? So um, I have two questions. One of them's just really quick.

00:39:16--> 00:39:17

Either one of you if you could respond.

00:39:18--> 00:39:21

It has to do with a verse in the Bible, and

00:39:23--> 00:39:59

how would you respond? I was just wondering, how would we respond to it? It's the one that goes along the lines of Give me the glory. It's Jesus talks, speaking to the Father gave me the glory I had with you before the world was and usually Christians take this as like proof that he is divine and he's claiming divinity. So how would we respond to that? would respond to that by saying that having glory with the father of God the Father, before the world wars, is not a super surprising idea, because all the prophets who had glory with the Father

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

Glory that God had this glory before the world was created. Because whatever glory God was going to give to people who will be born later on, was with God from eternity, because God is eternally knowledgeable, his knowledge does not appear. All of a sudden, God is not ignorant on one day and becomes knowledgeable the next day. God is eternally knowledgeable of what will occur. And if that's the case, the glory of Moses, whatever glory God gave him, was with him forever. But the knowledge that God will create Moses, or Moses will come about once in a future. Once upon a time, Moses will be sent to the Israelites, that knowledge was with God, before the heavens and the earth were

00:40:51--> 00:41:28

created. Do you agree? I mean, the Christians will say, yes, of course, we agree. God is eternally knowledgeable. That means he had the knowledge of the creation of the heavens and the earth and whatever will take place. And if that's the case, Moses, whatever glory God had for him, was in God's knowledge. Likewise, Jesus was glorified by God, in whatever form that glory was there eternally. So what's the point? Yeah, so even from like, our perspective, as well, Allah subhanaw taala, the first thing he began to do was to write down destiny, what was going to occur? And obviously, if this occurs before the creation of everything else, then, you know, whoever is going

00:41:28--> 00:41:36

to be glorified, is glorified before the creation itself begins. Yeah, that's that. Yeah, that's a very good answer. But

00:41:37--> 00:42:02

it'll be hard explaining it to the Christians, because they're always stubborn. They won't see it that way. Well, yeah, this is the thing is that every, Everywhere you look, there's going to be stubborn people. So it's just about picking and choosing your battles. Again, you've got to recognize who's stubborn and who's not and who's more open to having a genuine conversation. And you Your job is just to give the message. And you know, if they don't accept you, you move on to the next.

00:42:03--> 00:42:07

Try to simplify ideas, go step by step, try to

00:42:09--> 00:42:51

try to how can I put it build up your argument? You ask? Is God eternally knowledgeable? Yes, he is. Is he aware of the glory? He would grant certain personalities in the future? Yes, he is. Then what's the problem? How does this point prove that Jesus is God? what they're trying to say is that because Jesus was God, sorry, Jesus, because Jesus was eternally there in the knowledge of God with his glory, he becomes God. But you can argue that for Moses, you can argue that for David, you can argue that for all other personalities, God created their knowledge. So just because they were eternally there, in God's knowledge doesn't make them God. So

00:42:53--> 00:42:58

in terms of the statement as well, itself, it's very vague. So can you repeat the statement?

00:42:59--> 00:43:43

I don't remember it directly, but it's it's he's just asking Grammy the glory I had with you before the world was. Okay. So within that, to make a jump from that, to then say, therefore, Jesus is God, it's a bit of a non sequitur. Yeah. Yeah. Cuz they don't have they don't have much to hold on to. But this is just one of the verses. So you got very vague statement is contains very little information. And then from that, like, so, having glory before the world existed before? Yeah, the world was like, Yeah, why does it having glory before the world existed necessitate that you must be gone? Yes. That's a non sequitur. So that the best answer to that is just to say, Listen to that

00:43:43--> 00:43:56

conclusion doesn't follow. JOHN, john 17. Five. Now glorify me my father in union with yourself. Okay, hold on. This is a very spawn translation. Let me get a more.

00:43:58--> 00:44:15

One, one second. JOHN 17, five. Let me get a translation. A lot of these biblical translations are theologically driven, by the way, yeah. So let's go to Bible hub, this website or Bible gateway and IV. Okay. And are we

00:44:16--> 00:44:27

okay, and now Father, glorify Me Your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began. That's the verse, john 17, five, that's an IV, and I'm

00:44:29--> 00:44:37

sorry. And now glorify me together with yourself with the glory which I had with you before the world existed. That's

00:44:40--> 00:44:40

one second,

00:44:41--> 00:44:54

Revised Standard Version or an RSV is supposed to be a good translation. So let's see what it says Bible gateway, okay. New Revised Standard. So that's the verse Are you listening?

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

So now Father, glorify me in your own presence with the

00:45:00--> 00:45:09

Glory that I had in your presence before the world existed. So same thing, same thing. So Jesus is asking, if he's asking

00:45:10--> 00:45:12

from the Father to glorify Him

00:45:13--> 00:45:38

with the same glory I had with you before the world was created. How does this work prove that he is God? And if you go to two verses back, if you go to verses back, john 17, verse three, this is the only verse in the Bible, that categorically, without any vagueness states that Jesus cannot possibly be God.

00:45:39--> 00:46:27

JOHN 17, verse three, what is it say? The father is the only true God. You know, the verse, this is eternal life, that you may know the Father, the one true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent. Yes, right. Yes. Yeah, that's a hard one for Christians. The father is the only true God. If the father is the only true God, then Jesus cannot be God. Because Jesus is not the father. No Christian in the world. No Orthodox Christian in the world will say that Jesus is the Father. That's heresy. That's heresy according to the most Orthodox churches, Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Church. That's heresy. Right? They won't say that Jesus is the father because they believe in distinct

00:46:27--> 00:46:50

personalities, persons. These are three persons within one being the father is not the son, the son is not the Spirit, and the Spirit is not the father. So if Jesus is saying the father is the only true God, that means Jesus is excluded from that divinity. And if that's the case, then john 17, five, must be read in light of john 17. Three.

00:46:51--> 00:47:31

Does that make sense? Yes, that perfectly? Makes sense. Thank you for that answer. You gotta you gotta read before and after. JOHN 17. Three is the indicator that gives you the context. So you don't read john 17 five in isolation, because it can confuse people. You read it in light of 17 three, john 17. Three, and then it makes perfect sense as to what Jesus means he's saying basically, whatever glory I had with you, before you created the world. In other words, in other words, that whatever is whatever honor I had with you give it to me now or give it to me today? Basically, that's what he's saying. Okay. All right. Is it okay, if I ask one more question or? Go ahead,

00:47:31--> 00:47:44

please. So James, wait, I saw a video of his he was, the video was titled, what Christians should know about the Quran. And essentially, he comes across I think Surah 33. And he says, This is the most

00:47:46--> 00:48:02

This is the most human surah that Muhammad peace be upon him could have said, because he claims that because of what occurred with Xena and how he took her as a wife after she divorced,

00:48:04--> 00:48:17

said that it was all because of his desires and that he claimed that the Quran was giving him this special privilege, but it was just him fulfilling his desires because he really liked her because apparently, it had been kafir and

00:48:18--> 00:48:49

cool to be that he came over to her house one night and she was dressed properly and then he like he just flat thought she was attractive or something like that. If you could explain that. There are two There are two ways to respond to this particular point, Xena instant incident or her marriage to the profit or her divorce with Zaid mentioned in the Quran, okay, in chapter 33 of the Quran. Okay, two ways to respond. Two ways to respond. Let's say James White's spin is an accurate one.

00:48:51--> 00:49:42

It is a valid spin on that particular passage in the Quran. And if even if it's valid, if we do a comparison between that and the biblical stories, like David, lusting after Bathsheba, or Judah sleeping with his daughter in law, Tamar, I'm sure you know, the stories are like getting raped by his daughters. Sorry, or a lot getting raped by his daughters. Yeah, that's one that's another one. But there's there's one in Genesis where Judah sleeps with his daughter in law thinking she's a prostitute. On the street. Yeah. On the street. Yeah, right. And then David, lusting after Bathsheba, right. stories like that. Okay. So, if you criticize the Prophet for something a lot

00:49:42--> 00:49:59

less. That's, that's if your interpretation and your understanding of the Quranic passages about zaner are true. If your interpretations are true, then even then, looking at if the Prophet let's say saw Zainab like that.

00:50:00--> 00:50:02

In a compromising situation, and he felt

00:50:03--> 00:50:50

possibly lustful. I mean, that's what they claim towards the center. And then he wanted to marry her. Okay, do a comparison of that, with what we find in the Bible. What legs do you have to stand on? Dr. James White or anyone else who brings up this argument? What legs D if that's the word of God, and it's good for correction, righteousness and morality, as second Timothy 316 states. Okay, second, Timothy 316 states, where Paul categorically said, All scripture is God breathed. It is good for correction for righteousness and morality. If all of that serves as a model for morality for Christians, then how is the Prophet condemned? Even if your interpretation is correct?

00:50:51--> 00:51:22

That's one way of answering that question. The second way is, this pen is completely inaccurate. There is there are no authentic reports where it says the Prophet Salah Salem lusted after Xena, okay, in fact, the Prophet did not what we do have authentically reported is that the Prophet salallahu salam, this was an extremely difficult thing for him to get married to them. God revealed, Allah commanded him to break a tradition within Arabia, that once you have

00:51:23--> 00:51:52

an adopted son, that son, basically is like your real son. You can't get married to, let's say, his wife if she's divorced, or even the daughters of an adopted son. This is the tradition which Allah wanted to break, right? This was a jolly tradition. This was a tradition from the old age that if you call someone your son, he becomes like your real son. So what Allah is trying to prove through this is that your adopted son is not your real son.

00:51:53--> 00:52:21

He's not your real son. You can get married to his divorced wife, you can get married to his daughters, you can get married to his sisters, so he doesn't become your blood relation. You see, this is why Allah commanded progress on Asana marries Xena, and who got Xena married to Sage in the first place. These questions if you ask them, it was the Prophet. If the Prophet wanted Xena for himself? Why would he give her to date

00:52:22--> 00:52:29

in the first place? So these are some of the responses we give to these bigots are not James White, because James White is in a different category.

00:52:31--> 00:53:11

I don't believe as a bigot. He's a good friend of mine. But of course, he's a Christian missionary and he has his biases, prejudice, he wants to put a wants to take an interpretation which he feels comfortable but but even if his interpretation, his understanding of this particular issue is correct, then how on earth you can consistently condemned the Prophet when you have all the stories in the Bible. You have no leg to stand on. Yeah, yeah. Thank you. That was very satisfactory. Thank you. Thank you guys. For Do you guys. Andy romiley Cora patella while it comes Sonoma de la he was Ricardo. So you got another donation here? Because of the sister who parked in the rain to donate, I

00:53:11--> 00:53:12

had to donate.

00:53:13--> 00:53:29

No aim. squeaky May Allah bless you. Thank you so much. And remember all the sisters there are sisters. I mean, this sister was driving. And she stopped in Sweden Sunday right now in Sweden. He was driving. She stopped in the rain and she made a donation. May Allah bless her and she

00:53:31--> 00:53:49

she doesn't want to show off. She's not a show off. She did. She just did this to encourage you. So my brothers sisters who are still sleeping, still thinking, this may be the night apart. This may be a little cutter come forward and start making donations and make this possible so that we don't have what's happening in Palestine today. Right?

00:53:50--> 00:54:34

We are in We are a group of people who educate people. We are not politicians. We are not military generals. We are not heads of states. We are educators. And the best we can do is to educate the Muslims about their civilization, so that they become confident to defend this civilization and to talk about it to preach it. That's why Sapiens Institute is so important. We are standing on the shoulders of giants. This is a theme tonight, we are standing on the shoulders of giants. And we want you to realize that these giants, we can't let them down. We need to carry on building on the shoulders of giants is the theme tonight. We must carry on from where they left and build upon what

00:54:34--> 00:54:59

they left for us. They left a lot of literature, a lot of intellectual legacy for us. We need to really do justice with that and we need to move forward with it. So brothers sisters, don't hesitate to make donations. It may well be Laila toccata. Tonight is the 29th ninth night of Ramadan it may well be Laila Taka who knows and if it is your Lord it so let's go to next questions if there are any user, yes, so much is asking here.

00:55:00--> 00:55:18

Can we give via monthly direct debits? So there's nothing set up at the moment, I'm just having a look at the website, it looks like you can make a cup, a bank transfer. And I have written it down though, because this obviously fits in with the YouTube membership idea as well.

00:55:19--> 00:55:40

I'm sure she can, but 100 I can come back and respond to this question, inshallah. Let's remind him when he joins us in about 510 minutes, he will be joining us, so we remind him inshallah, to inshallah, I think the best way to do it at the moment is probably to email CP Institute. I'm trying to find the email address info at sapience.

00:55:42--> 00:55:45

dot something when it was the email address? Let me find out.

00:55:47--> 00:55:53

Give me a minute. While I'm trying to get that information. We've got Sammy soleimani. me.

00:55:56--> 00:55:56


00:55:59--> 00:56:00

sent me

00:56:02--> 00:56:09

a question. Question, a message in a question. This is regarding today's topic with Palestine

00:56:11--> 00:56:37

assistances, which many places across India, the shops and they buy the products traditionally supermarkets. It doesn't take one minute to read the label of the products to see what from, for example, in a Tesco, some Tesco locations, what dates some of the deeds were produced in by in occupied land by the occupiers.

00:56:38--> 00:56:49

So, for non Muslim fellow Muslims data, you have to be very careful when buying things from subs. My second question would be the two documentaries of Anna

00:56:51--> 00:57:01

which would be what can more Muslims do to have more of an impact for the people of Palestine? And the fact that the Occupy is as well?

00:57:03--> 00:57:21

Mashallah, did you get the question but the use of Yeah, basically, what can we do as an oma practically? that can help benefit brothers and sisters in Palestine, currently undergoing the occupation at the moment? What can we do to help them?

00:57:23--> 00:57:48

First of all, I would say, right, yeah, raise awareness, if you have social media, when you see these videos being shared like that there was one today that I had to share when I saw it, so Hannah, like this, some sisters in a mosque. And the Israeli soldiers are just throwing stun grenades and smoke bombs at the sisters. These people are quite clearly on armed, they don't possess any

00:57:49--> 00:57:56

weaponry or anything like that they're not a threat to anyone. And the soldiers just run into the mask fully armed, fully

00:57:57--> 00:58:36

covered up and you know, all of the the gear on, and they just start causing havoc, and people need to see this sort of material, because this is the kind of thing that you know, these are technically war crimes, they're, they're breaking international law by the performing the sort of things they have been doing today. So this is, you know, it's an incredibly important subject. You can also do things like write to your local politicians demanding that they speak on behalf of our brothers and sisters. So if you live in the UK, for example, you can do that you can find the information for your local politician on the internet. And you can do that with their emails, you can ring up their

00:58:36--> 00:59:17

offices, and encouraged people that you know, close to you to do so as well. And then, you know, if this happens enough, at the end of this insha, Allah that there could be a huge push within government itself to sort of have answers to this, or at least, to speak about it publicly, where you've got all these TV cameras. And obviously, these are being broadcasted on onto television and things like that, this raising awareness getting people to see why this is unjust. Why this is, you know, apparent why this is a war crime, why there is international law that says you can't do that. It's basically having the conversation talking about it. And getting in touch with influences is

00:59:17--> 00:59:51

another thing. Tagging people sharing the videos with them also seeing them to speak up. You see Dr. King's brother used to mention our practical things and they are short term solutions. In my humble opinion. They are long term solutions. Long term solutions are given by your intellectuals, your think tanks, your scholars, your your Manasa scholars, I don't specifically mean theologians, I mean, scholars in the sense that people who are intellectually academically trained to

00:59:52--> 01:00:00

to predict you know, your future, looking at your, your current situation, right. We need policymakers. When

01:00:00--> 01:00:46

advisors to government of your different Muslim governments. So this, we need long term solutions and Sapiens Institute is that long term solution education, create enough intellectual leaders who are well aware of the Muslim civilization and is history so that they can represent it today. They can, they can create a nostalgic feeling about it, so that Muslim oma wakes up to it and wakes up great potential. And then you will have leaders who will take the right place in condemning such crimes, and they will raise awareness and they will, they will literally intellectually highlight the hypocrisy of the governments that support such brutality against innocent people in places like

01:00:46--> 01:01:10

that, okay, it will not happen until you have proper solid intellectual movement going on. Okay, because the other side is very strong. The other side, the side that is oppressing the Muslim is very strong intellectually, financially, economically, in terms of media, they are very, very, very powerful. But what are we doing in response? Okay, brother, Nana,

01:01:12--> 01:01:53

question, which is, the occupants more whistlers become aware of the daily products they buy on a daily basis? If they can realize such where products come from occupiers if they stop buying the product? Not a long term solution. Okay, you boy, your boy caught the dates you boy caught the toothbrushes, your boy caught the cars they've made. So what what's that gonna do, they're gonna sell to someone else. There are Muslims, Muslims are not the only buyers in the world, we have Muslims, the only 1.5 billion or 2 billion, let's say, right, the rest of the six or 5 billion people in the world they will buy, if they become Islamophobic. If they become infected by the

01:01:53--> 01:01:59

global media as they are repeatedly or increasing increasingly becoming affected, then what happened,

01:02:00--> 01:02:39

we still need a long term solution. And the long term solution is to have enough intellectuals, enough leaders, those who can speak for yourself, those who can represent you, those who are aware of what you stand for what you can do, what your what your potential is, this is what we need. And that's not to belittle the the suggestion made either but because it's important to do what you're doing or what you're suggesting, as well. So it's in conjunction with long term goals as well. So there's some people that are convinced by intellectual arguments. And so obviously, we need to work on that as well. Some people have convinced or motivated if you hurt their pocket. So you know, that

01:02:39--> 01:03:17

is an important factor as well, and simply just not putting money into the pocket of people who are actively trying to undermine Islamic principles or undermine or occupy Islamic territories and things like that. It you know, all of this is important. And so yeah, no, definitely even just now, you mentioning that and people hear and it might make them in Sharla. Think twice when they go out shopping and their purchasing dates and things like that to just double check to make sure that they're not contributing to something upfront. So just just here, but they use last quantity like blessing during

01:03:18--> 01:03:21

Ramadan, melee increasing. So

01:03:22--> 01:03:26

where are you we are still looking for that support that really moves us.

01:03:28--> 01:03:32

There's a question I'm called non does Christians really believe more? mustard?

01:03:35--> 01:04:03

mustard seed is the smallest seed cause the Bible says that when it's wrong, okay. I don't think it's a very big point. Okay. When he says it's the smallest seed Maybe it means the middle one of the smallest seeds maybe. Okay. hyperbolic not always literal. It's not always literal. I mean, the little Yeah, there's alliterative technique called hyper ball. Like, like, I will say, Oh, you know,

01:04:04--> 01:04:47

what's a good example? I had so much I had the most food anyone's ever had last night during if that, like, I can say that. I don't literally mean, like, I'm in the mood. Like saying I hate the word, the hyperbolic word. I ate all the food in the restaurant. And that's not possible. You know, that's not possible. Okay. I want to know about books written by a nun. Okay, that's a good question. Please make Do I have written one book. It was published a while back, but it wasn't really fully to be published. I am working on on the same book. And hopefully, it will be out and there's another book I have co authored. It's titled, Abraham fulfilled and that is also in the

01:04:47--> 01:04:59

pipeline. So one book is being written by myself. I am improving it currently. And the other book has been written. It has been authored with two other co authors.

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

And it will be out soon as well. So bear with us in Sharla. On that note, what is this? What are we doing to support this cause? Is the question Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live. That's the link. I want you to paste everywhere on your WhatsApp groups on your social media accounts, Share, share, share, share this stream right now. This is Alicia can do okay and support this work? What are we raising funds for? We are raising funds for a noble cause that will enable us to educate 10,000 Muslims within the next 12 months. That's nearly every hour. A Muslim is being trained on average, every single hour a Muslim is being trained intellectually academically, to give Dawa and

01:05:44--> 01:06:31

to defend Islam. Okay, because there are so many attacks against Islam. Islamophobia is the largest threat facing Muslims today because it is Islamophobia that provides the intellectual impetus to do away with the the Muslim concerns on Muslim Muslim existence in some in some cases, right? Okay. Islamophobia is the intellectual impetus behind a lot of the crimes that are taking place in the world against Muslims. Let me repeat that in case you don't get it. Islamophobia provides the intellectual impetus to commit crimes against the Muslims in the world. Sapiens Institute is going to train 10,000 Muslims to defend Islam intellectually and academically and represented properly

01:06:31--> 01:06:43

with love compassion and mercy. Okay, we are not a political organization, we are not working for any government. Our support is mainly coming from you. Can you let us down? No, you can.

01:06:44--> 01:06:54

Does the Sapiens Institute accept the cost money? I am not aware okay. Brother Hamza might join us very soon he will be able to answer this question inshallah.

01:06:55--> 01:06:58

Except the cotton money. Okay.

01:06:59--> 01:07:41

That's a really good question. Okay, there's another question Muhammad Oman, but is our defensive stance against Islam. We are a step two be forward for a shot of Islam. So what you asking is, is our in this case defensive? Or is it like a progressive step to share Islam both our means defense, as well as represent? Okay, so when you defend Islam, you're not only defending you're representing Islam, as well as you're clarifying as to why Islam is true. People are claiming Islam is false. Islam is a problem. You're clarifying No, far from it. Islam is the solution. And it's true. Most importantly, it is from God. So you got it wrong. So Tao is not only defending Islam, it is also

01:07:41--> 01:08:21

representing Islam and presenting Islam to the world. I hope that answer your question, and this is what Sapiens Institute is doing. So I want you to understand what this is just come forward and support in your own way. Sharla so we take more questions to Allah yet, so we've got a red pen in the back helping them Oh, Salaam Alaikum written? How can we help you today? Why do you call Sarah lavaca How you doing, brother? hamdulillah? How are you? handling Xochimilco for the streaming? I just want to have one quick question brother about the IP the processors, you know, that are feeder? Brother, I don't see I mean, like, this is like the most happy that you know, because many divided

01:08:21--> 01:08:23

among Muslim like, you know, Shia and Sunni.

01:08:24--> 01:08:39

And I don't know brothers because we are Muslim, we don't have you know, arcada of Savior. What is going to save us is our deeds and mercy of Allah. We're not like, you know, Christian, the waiting for Christ. Like, yeah, sorry, for my

01:08:40--> 01:08:56

apologies. We don't have like, you know, Jews waiting for you know, their own Messiah. So, how can we understand this appear better? Because, you know, if you read through history, there's a lot of maladies came out. And all of them like, you know, pose a lot of conflicts

01:08:58--> 01:08:59

among this type, I mean,

01:09:01--> 01:09:04

in this acted, this is my question, please.

01:09:06--> 01:09:53

Repeat that. But last bit, the question in general, sorry. I mean, how we understand our Kido Maddie, because, you know, there's a lot of conflicts of understanding in Muslim like between the Sunni and Shia, okay, the Sunni view is very clear in our books, Al Mahdi is an individual will come near the end of times, and he will be a leader of the Muslims, he will put justice on the land, and he will emerge just before the descent of Risa Salaam and Alma de will be from the family of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And that's the view of the alesana it will Gemma as for the Shia view on Maddie, we don't agree with it. We don't believe is true. We don't believe it's

01:09:54--> 01:09:58

it's accurate in the light of the teaching of the prophets. Allah lies

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

That's my personal opinion, by the way, I don't represent the entire Sapiens Institute team on that view. That's my personal view. So I'm making it very clear that Sapiens Institute does not necessarily agree with my view, but that's my personal view. Okay. So although I'm speaking on a platform, that platform is not for this, these kinds of discussions. Okay. Since this dude is not a sectarian organization, neither am I, I'm not secretary, Secretary that I just gave you my view on what the Sunni is believing and why we don't agree with the other views. Okay. We may not be agree with many other views, for example, on Monday, so it's not only one school,

01:10:40--> 01:10:46

brother, because, you know, there's a lot of Muslim become more, you know, obsess about this.

01:10:48--> 01:11:10

And they don't want to know to do anything like for Islam, if we'd like for instance, what's going on the conflicts, you know, in Palestine, they will sit Oh, we will wait for the day when Maddie came. And like, you know, we are Muslim suffering these days, they will say, Okay, one day Maddie will come and you know, we'll change all these. So how can we

01:11:12--> 01:11:18

in light Muslims about this appeared that we don't carry on this idea.

01:11:20--> 01:11:28

I don't know what to say about that seriously, because the Allah are the people who should respond, we should guide the Oman this, right.

01:11:30--> 01:12:09

But my view is that we must be pragmatic. And when there is a problem, we must find a solution. We must find a solution. And the solution is we don't wait for Maddie to come us come and feed us every day. Right? Do we? Okay, we don't have food at home. What do we do we go out and get food right? We don't wait for the mother, your Isa Islam to descend to feed us. Likewise, if there is a problem, which is current to our time, we need to find a solution or get a solution that is not extreme. That is not violent, that doesn't cause problems and destructions for us and others. So we need the proper solution, or long term solution. Short term solutions are always there, but we need a long

01:12:09--> 01:12:11

term solution. That's all I can say.

01:12:13--> 01:12:18

Okay, thank you global to soccer. Soccer salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

01:12:19--> 01:13:06

So we've got another question here by Padre who's asked, I've heard that God cannot have a god. Would you explain I don't understand. So, you know, the, the understanding that we have of God is that he is the the ultimate being the highest of all beings, he is the the necessary being he is unique, and he is distinct. And he is a necessary being that his his his non existence is impossible. He always has existed, he never had a beginning. Now, the reason with these attributes in mind, it becomes absurd to say that God could have a god is because if God had a God that would make God Himself created, which would mean he's not a necessary being, he's not self sustained, he's

01:13:06--> 01:13:55

not independent, and therefore not a god. And the question is, is Well, then, you know, my even refer to the the God that has a God as a God at all. Why not just refer to it as what it is a contingent created being, we worship the highest of all beings, that the necessary being the unique being, that which there is nothing higher than the independent, the only one worthy of worship Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah is unique in its existence, he's like I said, eternal, he has no beginning no end. So it doesn't make sense to refer to him as having been created. And because he is independent. He's, you know, he's not in need of anybody. He's free of need. He's the rich. And so

01:13:55--> 01:14:10

that is why it wouldn't make sense to refer to God as having a god. Because this would contradict the the attributes, that we declared that he has automated to at least ignore the attributes in order to make the claim that God does have a god.

01:14:11--> 01:14:21

So that's a short answer. There's obviously a lot more that can be said on that. I'm not sure if but that man wants to add anything to it or not, or we should move on to something else.

01:14:22--> 01:14:46

Yeah, it's very simple statement I have. God doesn't have a God because God is God. And God cannot have another God because God is the first and the last. He's the creator of everything other than himself, and God is not created. That's why you cannot have another creator. Okay? So the Creator, the ultimate creator cannot have another creator. That's the answer.

01:14:47--> 01:14:48

Because I've

01:14:49--> 01:14:59

said this is coming from someone just commented, what about Alexa, or do you not care? We have been talking about Alexa for the last maybe half an hour, right? You

01:15:00--> 01:15:01

Yeah, we've mentioned it twice now in the stream.

01:15:03--> 01:15:09

And we know what they're talking about. Okay. Anyway, let's ignore it. Obviously, the brother or sister might have joined just now.

01:15:11--> 01:15:28

Yeah, may Allah bless. Yeah, I know, obviously, this is coming from a good place. You're concerned for your brothers and sisters who are being oppressed. So I would just say try not to be too quick on the gun in terms of pointing the finger and assuming the worst of your brothers.

01:15:29--> 01:15:33

You know, we are concerned about Alaska and that there was another comment that was before that.

01:15:35--> 01:16:06

There was a lot more insensitive, just fit a lot don't like say don't be so quick to judge your brother's to assume the worst of us. We do care about Alaska. And we will inshallah, spread awareness where, when and where we can leave, like I said, already, we've spoken about it twice in this live stream along and we will continue to speak about it. We're not shy of talking about it. And we're not trying to hide the fact that this oppression is occurring. We will raise as much awareness as we possibly can. And so we've got another person.

01:16:08--> 01:16:25

Who did we just have one was it? Did we have red pen on? Already? I don't think so. Let's go. So I'm on a red pen. We you just on now. Are you someone new? Yeah, I think so. I think we already spoke with the red pen. I can Yeah, I'm sorry about that.

01:16:26--> 01:16:30

Okay, no problem. No problem. I'll just remove you just to make room for some more minutes.

01:16:31--> 01:16:40

If you just jump onto the live stream on YouTube, in charge of what she just said, I'm gonna go. So now we've got someone called critical.

01:16:41--> 01:16:43

So I'm gonna call him critical.

01:16:46--> 01:16:48

You're muted. You need to unmute your mic.

01:16:53--> 01:16:55

Critical you are live right now.

01:16:56--> 01:17:00

And you are critically close to be removed.

01:17:02--> 01:17:04

While a console? How are you?

01:17:06--> 01:17:07

Can you hear me? Yeah, we can hear Yes.

01:17:09--> 01:17:12

testing testing. Okay. Yes, yes. Okay. I can hear you. Michelle.

01:17:14--> 01:17:59

What's your question? I spoke last time. Yes. Mr. admin, let's pay him read my question. The question is, that why don't the jinn kill us? I asked this question, I believe with hamsters. But last time when you reply that me Brother, you said that you believe that jinn inspire people to do evil things. We gave the example of Hitler, but that's not the question. I meant. The true forum of the gin. Why don't you just do like, like, Hitler did and kill many people with this to form? That's my question. You may be world of the jinns.

01:18:01--> 01:18:21

Yes, with his reforms, they're doing corruption. Oh, no. Yeah, we don't know what they're doing they own world we have no idea we are completely uninformed. So what Jin's do within their own communities, and their own world, we have no idea. We don't know. It's relegated to the unseen Yeah, it is.

01:18:23--> 01:18:23

It is on the right.

01:18:26--> 01:18:29

I know I know. But according to the Quran and Sunnah.

01:18:30--> 01:18:38

jinn can harm can even kill the humans, you know? Yeah, like in chapter number. numbers. Yes, we do.

01:18:39--> 01:18:44

So what exactly is your question? We will question yeah.

01:18:45--> 01:19:04

According to the Quran, the jinn do corrupt was the corrupted did corrupt honors? No. So why the don't do with the humans with a with a truphone like they did help the prophet SAW so they made an incident

01:19:05--> 01:19:05


01:19:07--> 01:19:08

don't mean an NC version.

01:19:09--> 01:19:18

So just to summarize the question, Are you asking why they don't appear in their true form like they did for the Prophet Soloman Elisa know

01:19:20--> 01:19:27

why they know why they don't kill, why they don't harm us with their true form because they can.

01:19:30--> 01:19:36

How do you know they don't? How do you know? Did you hit or do you know you're hitting, killing?

01:19:37--> 01:19:54

For example, you know, when people use drugs, when people have accidents when people end up killing each other, it may be your team involved. They may be shotgun involved. So how do you know but you can't say that whenever you can't. They clearly do.

01:19:56--> 01:19:59

But we never heard about a gin or

01:20:00--> 01:20:10

meta metaphysical thing killed millions of humans like Hitler, did you see my point? So why would we need? Why would they need to kill millions?

01:20:11--> 01:20:17

No, no, no, no, what he's saying is that we do not see a jinn, like was before and said they corrupt

01:20:18--> 01:20:49

or Aladdin movie come and do do this because they don't work like this. They work from behind the scenes, the genes do not come on the front line and show themselves and do things like just like angels, the angels do not come and show themselves except to certain personalities to special personalities. Likewise, genes do not come on the front line or come to the scene and do what they do. They do their work from behind the scenes. I hope that answers your question.

01:20:50--> 01:21:28

Just to like kind of make a relation to what you've already mentioned. He said, like what Hitler did. So, you know, to what degree can we say that jinn weren't involved in the workings of Hitler? in you know, how many Jim was saying that? That's Hitler? What Hitler did? I know, I know. But he was to say that jinn weren't involved in that. They didn't whisper to him out inspire certain thought what saying, what he's saying is, why don't we have a gin? Who is Hitler, the jinn wearing the uniform? And we know that's the jinn. But it's like Hitler. And I answered that James do not work like that they work from behind the scenes.

01:21:29--> 01:21:38

They work behind the work from behind the scenes, and they do not show their real appearance to humans. This is what we know about the gyms. Does that answer your question?

01:21:41--> 01:21:42

Hello, critico?

01:21:44--> 01:21:45

You muted again.

01:21:46--> 01:21:47

You need to unmute.

01:21:50--> 01:21:51

Does that answer your question?

01:21:53--> 01:21:56

Okay, let's move on. Okay. Let's move on.

01:21:57--> 01:22:30

To critical mela blessing. Thank you, ceremony. Thank you. So let's move on to the next question. Sharla. So by the way, Sapiens institute.org is raising funds tonight for the work we will be doing brothers and sisters within the next year 12 months. This is what we are raising funds for we are standing on the shoulders of giants, and we need to uphold that legacy left behind for us giants. For sorry for left behind by the Giants for us. How are we gonna?

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How are we gonna? How are we going to uphold that legacy? How are we going to become giants in the metaphorical sense? How are we today going to become giants standing on the shoulders of giants who left before us a legacy. So this is how we plan to do it within the next 12 months. Number one, empower and train over 10,000 Muslims complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam. publish your website

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Know playgro so good time. Okay, that's the time Are they five minutes 300 pounds who wants to match this challenge from playgro acaricide

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questions. JACK anon. Is there any benefit of passing away in Ramadan? My father passed away last week. I donated for him today. Please make God absolutely there is benefit for passing away in Ramadan. Alhamdulillah. Allah has blessed your father with

01:26:00--> 01:26:53

his end of life in Ramadan. Because the Prophet salallahu Salam said in an authentic report is Raja Ramadan, foot the head of wobbel Jana boldly, Ababa Gnar was afraid of the shell team. When the month of Ramadan comes Allah tala opens the doors of general wide and he locks the doors of jahannam tightly and shayateen are chained. They are not lose any more of the roaming share team. They're not lose anymore. So in the month of Ramadan, any believer who dies Allah Akbar the Prophet told us the doors of Jenna are open for them. So your father insha Allah insha Allah insha Allah is going to be in Jana, May Allah forgive us. For me, I give him the month of Ramadan for a reason. The reason why

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people joining us in sha Allah blazing heat, commented barnacle if you can please keep your persecuted brothers and sisters in Palestine, China, the president God tonight absolutely give them give them into us and do something practical to find a solution to help them help them and one of the solutions is exactly what we're doing tonight. Intellectual leadership standing on the shoulders of giants to become giants yourself. Okay. And when you become giants, intellectually speaking, no one wants to mess with you. Simple as we become blind seriously intellectually speaking more than

01:28:50--> 01:29:36

physical giants, they can be you know, there can be many responses, that kind of thing. But intellectually, if you become giants, no one wants to mess with you. Right? What's the best way to explain to an atheist who has no clue about moral philosophy? Their morality is subjective. Your use of? Yes. So the best way is just saying so what is morality is it's a guide of what is right and wrong. And then you say so how do we determine that? How do we how do we figure that out? And the question is, is well, like, who do we look to, to to decide that if, for example, it's got, you've got this transcendental being that is all knowing all wise, and obviously has a better capacity to

01:29:36--> 01:29:48

be able to hand to as a moral system, where with there would be a perfect guidance, you know, a solid system to work with. Now the issue is, is if you remove that,

01:29:49--> 01:29:59

the idea completely and you end to say that the secular world, all you have left is the human being. All you have left is that a group of us

01:30:00--> 01:30:25

Deciding what we think is moral or immoral based on what exactly so there's a number of ways you can do that. Now, personally, I'm not a big fan of the objective versus subjective narrative, mainly because the whole objective subjective things is a lot weirder than people give credit to. So subjective, basically is referring to the the first person

01:30:27--> 01:30:59

perspective. And with that, you've got the associated feelings and sort of, on top of it, and you can obviously look at things in terms of objective as well in the way that you're trying to say, separately from the human being, now that there is a relationship between these two subjects, in that in order to come up with the objective, there needs to be a subject in which there are things separate from, so to come up with things in terms of like an objective moral system, your

01:31:02--> 01:31:16

like, for example, the current law that we have, you can say that it's subjective in one sense, in that the human being has, you know, based on their own particular fancies on wins as written certain things down

01:31:18--> 01:31:55

and wanted to, you know, say this is wrong, this is wrong. This is right, this is right. Now, not everyone within that community has agreed to that necessarily, the people in power generally have done it. But it is rooted in subjects it so you can say, Well, you know, this is based on particular whims of a particular people at a particular time. And you go to Japan, they have a completely different moral system over there, there's certain things that they allow in Japan that, you know, were completely abhorrent. And you wouldn't allow in a Western countries, especially not in Muslim countries, and you go to, you know, all sorts of places all over the world, who is it that's

01:31:55--> 01:32:36

determining the the moral structure in these places where they differ. And obviously, when you've got these governments in place, and they've got their own particular legal system, it boils down to the subjects. Now, you can also refer to as objective in a way, because once it's been coded, and it's been written down, that code is there. And so you can treat it as an objective thing, I don't really like personally, going down this route of just saying, Oh, your morality is subjective, therefore, we're going to dismiss it because the argument is often a lot more complex than that. And personally, I think it's best to just kind of avoid these terms, objective and subjective. And just

01:32:36--> 01:33:01

to hone in on the idea of well, who is best placed to give us a morality. Now, if you can prove that God exists, then, you know, he's always he's all knowing. And if you can convince them off that, then it would make sense to take a system from God rather than from, you know, say, as a group of human beings at work in politics.

01:33:02--> 01:33:05

And I've pushed certain laws through in this and the other.

01:33:06--> 01:33:07

The whole,

01:33:08--> 01:33:50

obviously, there's gonna be some brothers that don't agree with me on this, because they, it is quite a popular argument to try and make it forward from the your morality subjective perspective, I just personally find it often sort of wanting, because the language is quite ambiguous, the two words are sort of interrelated in certain ways, and I think it's much better to just go along the lines of, well, if God exists, then he is going to be in a much better position to give us our morality, then if he doesn't exist, then you've got this whole issue of trying to decide out who has the authority, whose whims and whose desires and who's this, that and the other do we inclined

01:33:50--> 01:34:05

towards? But that's a huge subject. And it's, you know, it's not easy to get into someone who's not really familiar with the whole moral philosophy or ethics and social philosophy in general. But yeah, that's probably the

01:34:06--> 01:34:12

you can talk about this for hours. I don't really want to go on too long. But I hope that answers your question, inshallah.

01:34:13--> 01:34:15

The timer has gone off, by the way at none. I don't know if he's still with us.

01:34:18--> 01:35:00

He's still there. Am I am I yes, I'm still here. Sorry. Oh, just. Okay, so if there are any more questions, we'll take those for the use of also brothers sisters, don't forget why we are here tonight. 29th Night of the month of Ramadan, it may well be Laila Coker, and if it is you are loaded. Allah you're loaded with reward. With reward. Allah subhanaw taala said it is better than 1000 months. If you pray in Laila to color and if it happens to be lighter to color, which is a high possibility, then you would have done it for over 1000 months, which is over 83 years. We cannot possibly do that physically. Right. So my brothers sisters, this is your time.

01:35:00--> 01:35:12

wants to support. This is your chance to support this noble cause so that we can all enter Jannah collectively insha Allah tala, this is a struggle for all of us. We're like, okay, we need one. Like if this was like a Christian appeal,

01:35:14--> 01:35:34

Christians would have donated by now hundreds of 1000s of dollars, especially in the US in America. So they're very, very passionate. For some reason. They're very, very passionate in supporting their causes. Right. Someone asked question, well, brother now what are the signs of a lot of the signs of Layla Takada are when you feel like donating?

01:35:38--> 01:36:04

When you feel like making good donations, do you feel like making your donations? Then if you feel just do it, just do it? Okay, that donation will open the doors agenda for you. I'm joking. I'm only joking. Okay. Don't take me seriously. On that point. The signs of cancer are that night will be very peaceful. You won't find many noise outside the sky will be clear. And when the sun sun rises on that day, it rises.

01:36:05--> 01:36:46

How can I put it right? It's very shiny. It is very bright. It is not dim. You know the sun when it rises, it is very, very shiny. It's not dim. So these are some of the signs of a little color, as far as I remember. So we don't know if it's a little brother tonight. If it is then we are loaded. So what does this do not hesitate. Do not hesitate to support this cause we are doing well in fundraising 100 a lot of people are coming forward. May Allah bless you all, you have been so generous. And those of you are still watching. Please share this live feed with all your contacts. Whether you are on Facebook, that's so easy to share. But Facebook is so easy. Just press the share

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button and put it on your wall and let others watch. And if you can't donate, then share the link. Just share the link. Okay, on this live feed, also share the donations link Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. just paste it on your WhatsApp groups. Let's take someone else inshallah in questions. And have you met the challenge of 300 300 pounds yet? Not yet. By the looks here. I'm trying to scan the comments when there's a lot going on.

01:37:16--> 01:37:19

There's so much joining us. Yes, we've been joined by

01:37:22--> 01:37:25

Abdu f also known as the manual can't, apparently.

01:37:27--> 01:37:30

Okay, welcome back to the Mr. Can't.

01:37:32--> 01:37:35

You came up with some interesting philosophies. It

01:37:38--> 01:37:40

was can't a deist.

01:37:42--> 01:37:43


01:37:44--> 01:37:46

So why don't

01:37:48--> 01:37:52

I ask the question? Can I can I get my answer first for use of?

01:37:53--> 01:37:58

It depends. Really? I don't think he was because he did a lot of arguing.

01:38:00--> 01:38:22

I don't know to be honest. I'll try and find out and I'll let you know. Definitely he was definitely not a not an atheist. Now he wasn't an atheist. He was an atheist. So he was either a deist. Or he was not a Christian either. Because a lot of his theories. He believed in, like objective morality as well.

01:38:23--> 01:38:36

Sorry, I think Emanuel. So by the way, it's the account I made. It's just it was a joke between your my friends. So but I still have it. But basically, I think he was he also believed in objective morality, if I'm not mistaken.

01:38:38--> 01:38:41

Yeah, he had his own sort of system that he worked with.

01:38:42--> 01:38:47

He was he was very absolutely so like, for him. truth was

01:38:48--> 01:39:32

always morally preferable in the sense that even if a murderer came to the door, and asked for the information on where his victims were, or the people that you should tell them, or if he says, Is there someone in this house and I want to kill them? And if they are here, I will kill them? Are they here? That you shouldn't lie? Yeah, I think he was very hardcore about basically, like, you know, more moralities like something, you do it for the sake of doing it, not because you like it kind of thing, can I not? It's not tied to its consequences, either. So he wasn't a consequentialist, in that he didn't think something was moral because the consequences were good or

01:39:32--> 01:39:34

bad. It was moral in and of itself.

01:39:35--> 01:39:59

So, just to I want to be clear, because I joined a few minutes ago, and about 20 minutes, I think. So my question is it with regards to the Muslim Ummah, in general, so, unfortunately, the past 100 years or so, or maybe even longer, we as Muslims, we haven't had basically they're just saying in Arabic in them yet. We'll be

01:40:01--> 01:40:19

mcconathy rbls basically, if you can feed yourself, or if you can control, you know your own sustenance, of course, Allah is the one who officer controls everything. But if you can control it, basically you can make your own choice free will, from you know, out of your free will other people will

01:40:20--> 01:40:31

basically make you subservient to them. And unfortunately, we see the oma is in the state. But all in all the economics of the world are mainly outside of the Muslim countries.

01:40:32--> 01:41:05

And I feel Can you hear me brother? Yeah, okay. And I feel it is rooted in our, I guess, Muslim or our thought. But we need to change that at some level. And that's why ccap nccu institute a such a big help. Because not only do they refute, but they make positive arguments. And they allow us to be critical thinkers and yarning, insha. Allah and you guys are doing an amazing work. I have the lab donated many times, not much. Become a student.

01:41:07--> 01:41:08

But I've donated hamdulillah

01:41:10--> 01:41:19

a fair few contributions. But I feel so what do you think about what I said basically says we cannot control our economic situation.

01:41:20--> 01:41:29

We can basically control. I mean, this is one of the reasons that basically the world looks down upon us because we don't have any real economic powers.

01:41:32--> 01:41:37

Yeah, certainly get to the live stream, by the way, no, no, you can ask what your libros there's,

01:41:38--> 01:41:44

there's that limit there. So what is your question? in particular? So specifically, what what is it? What?

01:41:46--> 01:41:53

So basically, my question is, what role does economics play in the strength of the Muslim?

01:41:57--> 01:41:58


01:41:59--> 01:42:04

Good question. I'm not 100% sure that it obviously plays a particular role.

01:42:06--> 01:42:44

You know, you've got a lot, especially with youth, not even just the youth these days, but people in general, they look over to the west, they look at how successful they are. And they think, oh, they must be doing something, right. Look, look at how, you know, they've got everything going for them. It's a very naive approach to life. Unfortunately, people still kind of subscribe to this sort of thinking. And, you know, the answer here is in the course and the store, if your own, you know, he was a wealthy person, he said to people, like, you know, look at me, I'm powerful, look at everything I have, look at all that I own look at, you know, and he sort of used his economic

01:42:44--> 01:42:45

status, I guess,

01:42:46--> 01:42:50

you know, as an argument in favor is on off his own position.

01:42:52--> 01:43:13

And, you know, if you think in terms of the the, the, the states that the believers were in, under his rule, so the Jews that were, you know, the, the followers of Moses Ali Salaam, and the people of Moses Ali, salaam, they were obviously not in the same position, economically, they were

01:43:15--> 01:43:15


01:43:16--> 01:43:24

Effectively, you know, he was, he had full control over them, he was, he had enough power so that he could, even if he will

01:43:26--> 01:43:28

murder their sons. And

01:43:30--> 01:43:30


01:43:32--> 01:43:46

I don't think I asked my question, then in a good way, I've not finished answering, once I've finished, maybe the the point I'll get across. So the, the issue here is, like, obviously, if their position economically wasn't that

01:43:48--> 01:44:10

well off at the time of most at least, this itself played no part in terms of their gaining victory over fear on and so you could say here that there is, you know, much more fundamental and much more important things at hand here than simply having an economic advantage over your opposition or over your opponent.

01:44:11--> 01:44:30

So, and, you know, with the faith, they're following with Musa Elisa Lam, and they're, you know, getting behind him, they inherited, you know, everything was thrown in the throne was wiped out. And, you know, he wasn't able to take anything with him and everything he owned was left behind.

01:44:31--> 01:44:32

So, you know, with that

01:44:34--> 01:44:51

last one, I can give victory, you know, from places where it doesn't seem like it's going to, to appear. So I think here fundamentally is sort of sustaining a core foundation within Islam that this is the key thing. This is what's going to give us victory long term, and that you know, the benefits of the dunya

01:44:52--> 01:44:56

Let us fight the tide, things come things go things come things go

01:44:57--> 01:44:59

and you know, if Allah wills and we

01:45:00--> 01:45:20

We can get our act together. And we can inspire the youth to want to defend Islam and to, you know, go out there and call people to the religion and to refute the nonsense that's being spoken about it. You know, all of this will contribute, I think more successfully, to our,

01:45:22--> 01:45:33

to our gains long term and going into the future, then questions of economics per se, obviously, it's important, I don't want to sort of dismiss it as completely irrelevant.

01:45:34--> 01:46:22

Was that an answer to your question? Or did I misunderstand what you wanted? I think I think yeah, I think you mostly answered the question. Basically, my point was, obviously, we as Muslims, we believe, we know, the material means they're not going to be the be all and end all. Because they are they're not the determining factor in whether, for example, we win, or we lose, for example, the story of Mr. Raja Mohan. And when he was five, when the Army during his time was fighting, and he told them, you know, if it's a to it, we're just basically based on weapons and stuff, we would use it. But that's not our only kind of standard. So I understand that. But I think it was more nuanced

01:46:22--> 01:46:36

in the sense that we as Muslims, and we, as Muslim countries, we cannot let ourselves be dependent. I feel on other countries who, for some reason, they have this indicator against us Muslims.

01:46:38--> 01:47:10

And so we cannot let them basically have this control over us in terms of economic means, obviously, they already have a big part of them, already control us in many ways, through intellectual means. And that's why I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Because you're helping so many brothers and sisters across the Muslim world, basically, defend themselves intellectually, basically, not be subservient to other ideologies, you know? Yeah. So yeah, yeah, definitely. I think as well, one of the other problems is

01:47:12--> 01:47:16

probably tied to this. So the West already have like a bit of a monopoly on

01:47:17--> 01:47:43

a lot of things in terms of economics. And what you find is when you have these up and coming intellectuals within the Muslim Ummah, they kind of rushed to the Western world, that, you know, they, they soak up all the jobs, you know, they they pay this, they pay that, and what you find is, very often people will leave Muslim lands, in order to go work in non Muslim lands, because of financial gain.

01:47:45--> 01:48:03

Not necessarily because they want to do dow or because they want to spread Islam or anything like that. But just simply because the jobs there are going to be bad, but then this has a problem. Obviously, it's soaks out all of the that which can make the Muslim Ummah great from the very places where we need the most in the Muslim lands.

01:48:04--> 01:48:07

And I think this is this is a huge shame.

01:48:08--> 01:48:15

Unfortunately, and probably one of the contributing factors to the you know, because even the non Muslim countries themselves, they,

01:48:16--> 01:48:19

they often talk about how there's countries that

01:48:21--> 01:48:30

supported and very much pushed forward by the work of the immigrants that come here to work and help sustain these nations. That's key to their growth.

01:48:31--> 01:48:53

And, you know, for that reason, they, you know, they implore and often call for immigration for people to come to the, to the west, that have these skills that can help build these countries. But then, who's left in the who's left in the Muslim man's, everyone's rushing as his brother? Because, you know, it's one thing leaving your country

01:48:54--> 01:49:25

going to learn, you know, acquired knowledge acquire the means before? Yes, yes. But basically, you know, usually, you know, once you acquire them, then you stay there and just not help back here. Yeah, so that's some of the key point as well as, so there's this idea of leaving the Muslim lands in order to gain an education in one of these particular places, like in London, or in New York, or wherever it is, you know, these they have these prestigious education hubs.

01:49:26--> 01:49:59

But the aim should be to take that, and then to then inject whatever is learned and whatever benefit you've achieved from that into the into, you know, making the Muslims great into, you know, providing for the societies where the Muslims, you know, even this idea of being able to perform Hitler. Ideally, we should be creating Muslim societies, where when we're doing down, we're calling, obviously, we're what we're doing here with Sapiens. And when we're doing down, we're calling people to Islam, that there are places that they want to flock to

01:50:00--> 01:50:39

Where we can live as Muslims on the show? Yeah, under the, you know, the law of Allah subhanaw taala and with together as an oma, and you know that these would be the kind of places that would flourish, and people would want to flock to, and would want to go there to and to contribute. And it's not like the the oma hasn't been able to achieve something like this before, you know, we've already done or we've done it before. And so what why can't we do it again? Why can't we produce a hope, a, you know, a sense of Islam where, you know, people flocked to it, people, they have a desire and, and we can make it easy for them that you know, that you're, you're Muslim, you come

01:50:39--> 01:50:50

here, and there's not all these, like millions of hoops that people have to sort of jump through these days, in order to get visas and, you know, visas for your wife. And I've heard horrible stories of

01:50:52--> 01:51:15

brothers being separated from their wives and the children. And they've had to leave the countries and because they can't get visas, where they are, and they can't get their wife's and children visas where they need to go and, and, you know, for no fault of their own families have been separate, separated, because this sort of mechanical visa process that sort of being implemented in the Muslim world, which is very Western in its nature.

01:51:16--> 01:51:55

Exactly. That's, that's kind of why I brought the economic question into him or into interview because I don't, I don't like the idea of us Muslims, being dependent economically, of course, intellectually, unfortunately, we're so dependent, and we're so lost, that we didn't even realize that we're dependent. So that's why again, I really appreciate what you guys are doing, I hope. But one thing that I recommend, I'm not sure if it's already implemented, that your works. So CPCC Institute's work is translated into Arabic, I would really much muscle that's already in place or not traveling in Shall I actually think it's something that if it's not already in place, that is

01:51:55--> 01:52:11

something that's going to be implemented, and I don't see why it wouldn't be. There's, you know, we have Arabic speakers within the organization itself. And I am aware that articles are currently being written into languages like Turkish etc, and my article at the moments

01:52:12--> 01:52:31

in the possibly in transit. So I think this is going to be the aim, we, you know, we want to make the organization as a global one that has a global reach, and, you know, inshallah, that that's the goal and the aim, because I've heard so many stories about Western organizations, like nonprofit organizations that we go to,

01:52:32--> 01:53:15

and then basically, bully them economically, into basically starting to change their laws into laws with accordance to basically Western beliefs. And when they will try to make Muslims and Arab countries seem barbaric. In the process, basically, you definitely see that happening. So I mean, for I just for me, personally, there seems to me to see us Muslims and Arabs, basically be so dependent, economically and intellectually, unfortunately, upon the West, but May Allah give us strength and make us less dependent on? Well, obviously, we're all dependent on the last one was all about let's mail our facilitators so that we can reinvigorate a new armor. And with that, as well,

01:53:16--> 01:53:36

for those of you who are watching, who are interested in getting involved, there is the opportunity to volunteer with Sapiens Institute's as well. So if you go to Sapiens institute.org, there is a on the top of the I mean, I'll tell you, I'll share the screen and I'll show you probably better

01:53:37--> 01:53:37

share screen.

01:53:40--> 01:53:45

Here we go. So if you go to Sapiens institute.org, let me get rid of that banner resource, you can see the screen properly.

01:53:47--> 01:53:53

And you go to circus institute.org request, volunteer. And there are forms here

01:53:54--> 01:54:30

that you can fill in. And these are the kinds of things that we need help with. And, you know, obviously, when you've got volunteers, they genuinely tend to be part time. And they put the effort that they can in, but they are very far and few between. Now, obviously if you're someone who doesn't really have money, but you have a bit of spare time, this is a really good way to help contribute. Helping Sapiens Institute's and so you literally just fill in the details here and you give a brief explanation with regards to your specific your specific skill set, what it is you think you can contribute. So even if it's Say for example, you can you know, you're fluent in Arabic and

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you're fluent in English or if you're you live in Scandinavia and you're fluent in Swedish or you know that we need these articles being translated into other languages. If you can help with that, you know, send your CV and give a brief explanation.

01:54:48--> 01:54:51

I will definitely do that because I've always wanted to help you guys.

01:54:52--> 01:54:59

So, I am pre medical. So I basically go to the medical field. I already have a science major and hamdulillah Russell and

01:55:00--> 01:55:07

I want to do my best to benefit. So, so I would definitely go to the website and apply

01:55:08--> 01:55:49

inshallah inshallah mela, increase us over that. And just because this is this is as important as the the donations that obviously with the donations as well, the effect is going to be multiplied, because we can, you know, with regards to like video editing and things like that, you can, you know, if an organization has enough money, they can give a full time job to a Muslim, where he is producing high quality content if we can, if we have enough money coming in so that we can hire a full time video editor for example, imagine the the benefits that would come from that. And not only that you're giving a Muslim, a job, a Hello job he's doing. If not, it's not just a Hello job is

01:55:49--> 01:56:31

it's an amazing job. Imagine having the opportunity to work full time for an organization, being able to produce high quality content for them. That's effectively influencing huge amounts of people, children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, everyone's pretty much linked to the internet, these days administration, all of these things require time and effort, obviously, if we can get volunteers doing that hamdulillah. And if you're watching this now, and you're capable of helping in some way, go to the website, and put your name forward, send your CV and send your skill set forward and what it is you can do to help us because this is key and it's probably something I think we

01:56:31--> 01:57:14

should emphasize a little more as well, we, we definitely need donations. And in doing so we can expand the organization we can do a lot more effective work and inshallah have a much wider reach and much more effective reach upon the the onma. And upon doing Dawa, and calling people to Islam and fixing a lot of these misconceptions that have been perpetrated by negative media, which, you know, I've already mentioned several times in several streams, there is a skew there is a skew. Muslims are being misrepresented. Muslims are being over represented when they do bad things and underrepresented when they do good things. And so they do, there's a huge need for this a huge need

01:57:14--> 01:57:24

for volunteers, a huge need for donations in this organization. And in others like IRA, for example, they do a lot of great work on the ground, calling people doing door to

01:57:25--> 01:57:33

door calling people to Islam, all of these institutions in order to be able to do what they do require funds require

01:57:34--> 01:58:15

materials in order to be able to do that. And these materials don't just sprout out of trees, you we don't just find things and you know, is a bunch of stuff in the bottom of the cupboard. That's that's going to help us like these things require funding these things require the effort of the unmark collectively, where they can and if you are not someone who has the time, and you can't really volunteer, but you have funds then do so by donating to organizations such as ourselves Sapiens institute.org. For slash, donate live. If you're someone who doesn't have money, but you have time, then volunteer your time. If you're someone who neither has money, nor time, then share.

01:58:15--> 01:59:02

If you have social media, you can at least do that. It doesn't cost you anything. You know, it's literally just a case of copying and pasting safest Institute's website link or the donation link to your social media even sharing the volunteers page. You don't want to share with all of these things thinking proactively not good. I used to work in restaurants a lot. And one of the things that was valued greatly by the management was people that were able to think on their feet. And one thing that really annoyed the the managers were people that couldn't do that. People that sort of stood around there was loads of work that needed to be done. And they just stood there like plonkers just

01:59:02--> 01:59:39

waiting for someone to tell them something rather than looking and proactively thinking about what it is that needs doing. And then doing it if you're stood there. And there's a there's five tables with no customers sat on them and they're all dirty, they've got dirty plates all over them. It and you're just sat there and like no, I'm not gonna do anything. I'm waiting until someone tells me to do something. You're not you're not being proactive. You're not you're not thinking you're not engaging with the environment and the things that you need to do. You need to do them you need to actively think about doing something yourself. And it's dinner time for me my message just came in I

01:59:39--> 01:59:59

didn't realize what time it was. So I'm gonna have to go but yeah, so think about these things. If you're watching this, think about sharing everything about savings Institute's share the night the donation link, share everything, you know, the volunteers page, share these these live streams, share it all and inshallah that that will incur rewards for you, you know

02:00:00--> 02:00:24

If your actions themselves are leading people to be aware of the organization that hadn't been aware of it previously, or you know, someone sat there thinking I've got all this spare time, what can I do and then Subhanallah they look at the social media and see the volunteer link that you've posted the day before, you know that these can have profound effects you know, and the whole butterfly effect that you know, that that affects can be exponential, but I'm gonna have to leave that anonymous home for a little minute.

02:00:26--> 02:00:34

inshallah brother Hamza should be joining us soon. So you won't be alone for too long. So shall I just leave you with the the comment section?

02:00:35--> 02:01:04

Yeah, if you leave me with the comments section and if people want to ask questions, inshallah, they can ask me questions on the comments section, and brother Hamza will join us very soon, inshallah, over the comment section and let people in when necessary. So brothers sisters, why are we here? Sapiens? institute.org, forward slash 20. Registered User, thank you so much. May Allah bless you. Now, jack. I'll be back after dinner anyway. And just back off here for your your questions. It was pleasure talking to you.

02:01:09--> 02:01:22

Do not hesitate to support. We wanted to say something to sorry. He was trying to say something to you. I think you wanted me to go ahead and run around. And I remember, last stream you asked if my name is Abdul,

02:01:24--> 02:01:33

Abdul, Abdullah, Abdullah and f is just my last initial. That's why I was when I was trying to join in I thought I was gonna lose my spot. So I just put it very short.

02:01:35--> 02:01:40

I just want to leave so other people can come in just a couple more lucky or what have you. So

02:01:44--> 02:01:45

on that note,

02:01:46--> 02:01:53

we are still waiting for the challenge to we met 300 pounds I think there was a challenge put out anyone who makes a donation of 300 pounds,

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the person will make a donation of 300 pounds. So please make a donation of 300 pounds meet the challenge and let others also join in support Sapiens Institute. The link is Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. Why must you support Sapiens is the question. Sapiens Institute is literally standing on the shoulders of giants, we are upholding and promoting the legacy of the Giants we've had in our history, many from a Londolozi many from the Middle East, many from Central Asia, many from India and beyond. And what do we want to do? Imagine tonight is a little closer and you decide to support our work of training and developing over 10,000 people to intellectually share

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Number three, you know that task in itself is so important. A lot of doubts there out there are very common doubts and a lot of people have them and there is not one place we can find answers. So this book we will publish on doubts will answer all the main doubts against Islam and the Muslim civilization. All the main major doubts so one book, point number three publish a website responding to anti Islam websites, leading anti Islam websites and Sharla.

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Link rolling on the screen you can see the link rolling on the screen. You can see it Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link, because you're rolling right now, Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, start sharing inshallah. Okay, so brothers sisters, if you have questions, if you are part of the internal chat, you can post your questions here. And if you find any questions in the public chat on different channels, please feel free to post these questions. If they are relevant questions that they're good questions, post them here, and we will try to address them to the best of our abilities in sha Allah. So if there are any

02:05:44--> 02:06:38

questions, please post them in the chat. I can see the chat right now. So Katie put up a question, Mr. Brother, Don, what's the ruling on the bid? Because some scholars say it's fourth. What's your view? I believe shaving the beard is not allowed in Islam. For men to have facial hair is an obligation. This is what I believe in, right? for men to have facial hair is an obligation. Now most traditional orama are of the opinion that you should grow your beard. Okay, at least a fixed length, at least a fixed length. Some other scholars are of the opinion that you can trim from the sides. So this issue is well discussed among the scholars and I have just told you what my view is. Hope that

02:06:38--> 02:06:39

answers your question, Katie.

02:06:41--> 02:06:45

As long ago started a while ago, I'm sorry you started down someone said Salaam to me.

02:06:48--> 02:07:35

Why can't God be omnipresent God is omnipresent but you cannot conceive God we believe Allah is present everywhere with his knowledge. We believe Allah doesn't have to be present physically, because that would constitute coming down to our level. And Allah cannot do that Allah would not do that. The reason why Allah cannot do that is because Allah would not do that. Okay, there are certain things Allah would not do because that that contradicts his nature. Allah would not break his nature, right? So Allah is present everywhere in his knowledge. Allah knows exactly what's going on in the universe in every single part of the universe, even the smallest corner of the universe

02:07:35--> 02:07:36

Allah knows what's going on.

02:07:39--> 02:07:46

Brother Can you let us say I can't currently but the Hamza will be joining you very soon. He will let you in inshallah. Okay.

02:07:49--> 02:08:33

Okay, show me asked a question. There is a hadith in which Moosa is having a conversation with Adam, in that had these Moses is to Adam, why did you send humanity to Earth? Adam replies that why do you blame me for something which had been written a long time before I was even created? out it Allah decide for you? If Allah is knowledge? No, this is something, you know, whatever occurred in our lifetimes, or before us, is basically in Allah is knowledge. Allah knew this is when it's going to happen. Allah knew this is when these things will occur. So Adam is simply saying that it was already predestined, right? Allah knew that this will happen. So why do you blame me for something

02:08:33--> 02:09:12

which was not in my power? That's what Adam is saying to mozzarella. Okay. I hope that answer your question, where the Hamza asked the question. There are many scholars say that Islamic banking is okay. And there are some others who say that is the same as conventional banking. So what is your view? I have no view on that. I'm completely ignorant on Islamic banking. I don't know anything about banking. I don't know anything about how these banks work. And what is halaal and what is haram? So please consult your scholars who are financially trained, who are trained in Islamic finances. Okay. Question from the public chat. Thank you for me for posting. Will the Jews be

02:09:12--> 02:09:59

forgiven by Allah because they believe in the oneness of Allah, although they don't believe and follow the last prophet Moses, Allah, okay. Now, all the Israelites born before Islam, who believed in the prophets of the times, will have salvation. The ones who are born after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam if they do not believe in the Prophet sallallahu sallam, obviously, as Muslims, we believe they don't have salvation. They reject the prophet of Islam knowing well that he was a prophet of Allah, then they will not have salvation period. Okay, that's what the Quran states. The Quran states, those who have disbelieved from the Israelites and and the nesara. They will not enter

02:09:59--> 02:09:59


02:10:03--> 02:10:34

What about the Hadees which says Moosa was running naked? Is it authentic? Weak, it is authentic, that had this is authentic. Most of us not running naked in public. The Hadees doesn't say that. Rather, it was a miracle that occurred. Okay. So, it was to show that musala salam, you know, this happened to him, right? In this Hadees there's no indication that he was running around naked in front of people. Okay. I hope that's clear.

02:10:35--> 02:11:10

Question from the public. Uncle at nine How old is Earth based on the Quran? The Quran does not say the Quran does not say anything about the age of the earth. So anyone who claims that the Muslims are young earth creationist is a lie and is a misrepresentation. We are not young earth creationist, like some Christians, are we the Muslims are not young earth creationist. We don't believe in a 6000 years old earth we don't. Okay. In fact, there is plenty of evidence in Islam to suggest that Islam.

02:11:11--> 02:11:26

Islam proposes an ancient Earth millions of years old earth, okay, the narrative points to that direction. There is nothing in Islam that suggests that we believe in a young earth. Okay.

02:11:28--> 02:12:10

Well, the Hamza said, Thanks for answering the previous question. There are some scholars who say look other ships night from Ramadan. Ramadan, is that true? Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. It may be true. Yes. And my experience has taught me that may be true. Okay, Katie, for that non scholars give her these reference to let the bread grow. So what's your view on those? Are these are those are these incorrect? No, the hypothesis correct? Are these any authentic or these is never incorrect. Let me tell you something. And authentic. This is never incorrect. But that it says leave it leave. It doesn't mean leave it let it grow without being you know, without it being groomed. The prophets

02:12:10--> 02:12:24

Allah never said that. Don't take care of your bits. Rather, leave it means let it grow. let it grow with limits, let it grow. Groom it, clean it. Take care of it. That's the point. That's the point of the Hadees. Okay.

02:12:28--> 02:13:11

Question. So does 40 years mean a long time ago? Yes, potentially. It could mean long time ago, long time ago. brothers do you think the West will defeat turkey or Turkey will stand strong with his Islamic view? No idea. No idea. I hope there is no conflict between the West and the tech and Turkey. I hope they come to terms in sha Allah. Okay, Ma sha Allah assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah cat. Are they gonna Salam and I'm glad to have you here. Now that you have come, we can let people in to ask questions. But we were having a very interesting session. People were asking questions in the comment section. Some of them are posting comments from the public comment section. So we can

02:13:11--> 02:13:28

continue with that. But at the same time, I want to remind everyone we are here to raise funds for Sapiens Institute for doing what I have already mentioned. Start thumbs up can take over start Hamza I need to go and pray my Isha. I'll pray. Sure. And I'll join you straightaway. Is that okay?

02:13:32--> 02:13:33

So I'm just frozen.

02:13:35--> 02:13:36

Can you hear me?

02:13:37--> 02:13:41

Okay, once again, let me just fix my my internet. Just bear with me.

02:13:42--> 02:13:47

Yes, your internet is a bit slow. So what? Let me know give me

02:13:48--> 02:13:49

give me a few seconds.

02:13:50--> 02:13:53

We'll continue with the questions. Till slaloms is ready.

02:13:55--> 02:14:08

The Bible says human beings came 630 6000 years ago. Do you believe in that? No, we don't believe in that. We do not believe that the human beings came about 6000 years ago. We don't believe that. Okay.

02:14:09--> 02:14:36

Brother, Where can I find the list of authentic 99 names on which no scholars have no disagreement? That's a good question. I don't know there is a list of 99 Names of Allah and they are pretty much agreed upon those names are mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah. They didn't just pop into existence. Those names those 99 names, famous names. Of course there are more than that. There are more than that. adores 99 you are referring to are all mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah.

02:14:38--> 02:14:59

Is it a sin if we keep our beard shorter than a fist length? No, I don't believe that. I don't personally believe it's a sin to keep shorter beard than a fixed length. I don't believe that. Okay. That's my personal conviction. Or we just have to keep a beard one size obligatory if you keep a longer

02:15:00--> 02:15:32

It is a lot better. Okay, it's a lot better. But keep it neat. Keep it fine. Keep it nice looking. Don't keep a bushy beard that looks all over the place that looks like all over the place. We are not told to keep rough, dirty beards, we are told to be clean, and keep a beard that are grown to the promises. So at the same time, don't have your bits so grown, that they start to look funny. So that you start to look like a character from some kind of you know, so it's very important for you to understand that.

02:15:33--> 02:15:36

You need to close the other account. The other screen

02:15:39--> 02:15:43

sounds like can you hear me? Yeah, good. Is the Motorola

02:15:44--> 02:15:47

Moto slalom Tila, can you hear me? Yes, I can.

02:15:48--> 02:15:58

How are you bro? I'm good. Good. So what's the story? We'll be raising. And it's we started nearly

02:15:59--> 02:16:41

core, you know, to two hours ago. And Alhamdulillah we've been doing well. We've been answering questions and a lot of people asking questions. So I will take a short break to go and pressure and come back straightaway. You carry on please. And there are many people asking questions. brothers sisters, please make a donation. Tonight is your last chance to support the Sapiens Institute in the month of Ramadan. Tonight is the last view for the month of Ramadan. It is the 29th night which we will be a lot to cover. So do not hesitate to make a donation on that link. We are still waiting for a 300 pounds challenge response challenge response someone challenged we are still waiting for that

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challenge to be my 300 pounds let's see if it's met before I come back Saddam's a few very soon from Morocco. Allah

02:16:49--> 02:16:52

okay brothers and sisters I pray everybody as well.

02:16:54--> 02:17:13

This is your brother Hamza, do this with a reversed cap on just to keep the hair in some kind of, you know, well, that's there you go in some kind of structure. Anyway, so brothers and sisters today is the last livestream of Ramadan, the last Sapiens Institute livestream.

02:17:14--> 02:17:58

And we're going to be taking your questions. But the kind of theme that we wanted to address was that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, we need to build on the shoulders of giants. What do we mean by that? What we mean by that is Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala has had the Rama for the oma. And he has shown his providential care throughout the ages. And that has manifested itself in early lemma in scholars in our intellectual classical tradition. And I'm telling you, we are facing contemporary issues, ideological and conceptual issues with regards to challenges, and especially from the detractors of Islam. However, what is significant to note is that the answers we

02:17:58--> 02:18:44

already have, the conceptual framework we already have, the basic ideas, we already have, the research we already have, because is from our classical traditional element already did the hard work for us. Our job now is is to now to try and attempt to contemporize to make contemporary, that classical tradition, that intellectual scholarly tradition. Because you may hear arguments or you may hear certain perspectives, defending Islam and using certain Thiele philosophical arguments to share Islam, you may see these things and you may think they're new, they may have a different language, they may be applied in a contemporary way. But fundamentally, they are traced back to our

02:18:44--> 02:18:58

intellectual classical tradition. And that itself, generally was traced but can be traced back to the end the Sunnah. And the reason I'm saying this is to give us a sense of intellectual confidence to give us a sense of,

02:18:59--> 02:19:44

you know, we do have the ability, and we do have the capacity to deal with do these ideological, unprecedented issues that we face, in, in today's world. And as long as we stick to the methodology of, of the dilemma, that we're close to the Quran, and the Sunnah, we will be able to find our way in sha Allah. And this is why we need to build on the top of the shoulders of giants built on the shoulders of giants. Not only are we standing on their shoulders, but we need to build on their shoulders. Meaning that we need to take the work, take the understanding of the listener, take the link to the listener, take the arguments they used in the positions of perspectives, and just make

02:19:44--> 02:19:45

it contemporary.

02:19:47--> 02:19:59

And this should give us a sense of confidence because it means we don't have to start from the beginning. We don't have to start afresh and it also means that we already have it in our intellectual tradition. We have what it takes

02:20:00--> 02:20:03

It just means that we just have to make a contemporary. And this is exactly what

02:20:05--> 02:20:49

what we're doing at Sapiens Institute. This is exactly what we're doing and exactly what we want to do. And hamdulillah in the past, less than 12 months, we trained over 6000 people to be able to share Islam academically and intellectually. And after Ramadan within 12 months in sha Allah, we want to train and develop and empower over 10,000 Muslims to be able to share a sum academically and intellectually. We also want to produce a book on doubts more books on the kind of Islamic foundations in Islamic thought, videos, discussions, academic discussions and debates, essays and articles. And we will continue to expand we will expand rather our lighthouse mentoring service

02:20:49--> 02:21:04

which is giving one to one free one to one mentoring to non Muslims, new Muslims dyad preachers, ex Muslims and or and those who have doubts and we also give mentoring to Imam scholars and leaders to be able to mentor them to help them on their dour journey.

02:21:05--> 02:21:40

So brothers and sisters, this is amazing work this is exactly what we need as an oma, this is exactly what is required as well. And this is asking for your support. So it could it for many is the last night of Ramadan, it could be the night of power today it could be so we should always maintain that consistency especially in the last nights of Ramadan in order for us to be you know, eligible for that special Mercy of Allah subhana wa Tada. So each you know, acts of worship or that night is better than the 1000 months. So it could be Now it could be tonight. So if you

02:21:41--> 02:22:07

like what you've heard in terms of, you know, what we've done and where we want to go and you think it's a much needed project, then do not hesitate brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said sadaqa does not diminish wealth sadaqa does not diminish wealth. So without any further ado, go to the link in the description, or go to Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live.

02:22:08--> 02:22:10

So let's take some questions.

02:22:16--> 02:22:19

Let's take some questions. Okay.

02:22:23--> 02:22:26

Let's take Eb docks

02:22:33--> 02:22:33

Salaam Alaikum.

02:22:35--> 02:22:36


02:22:37--> 02:22:41

How are you, brother? I'm good. How are you? I'm good.

02:22:43--> 02:22:45

So first, I would like to, you know,

02:22:48--> 02:22:58

make you all for safe Institute because I can't donate something financially, but at least I can make dua for the work you guys are doing. It's It's really amazing. May Allah bless you and put barakah in what you do.

02:23:00--> 02:23:33

Yeah, so like, my question is not that simple. It's kind of complicated, but I will try to make it simple. In few words, is that since fasts, many months, I'm facing this, I am facing this kind of doubts about Islam. Well, these downs are not intellectual, obviously. And I feel it's spiritual. But I've done a lot of thicker with proper intention. And I've prayed a lot of Salatu and asked Allah subhanaw taala to clear these doubts.

02:23:35--> 02:23:58

But what I'm facing is that when I study about different religions, for example, Hinduism, okay, and I'm basically from India. So, the culture affects me a lot around me. So that's the reason I when I study about these religions, like Hinduism, I find them contradicting and I you know, I search on the internet about

02:24:00--> 02:24:05

the species and the opinions of various scholars of Islam and of the other religions

02:24:06--> 02:24:11

of Hinduism. And then I find different prophecies of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

02:24:12--> 02:24:31

in Hinduism, but then the Hindu scholars some of them refute it that no it's not there and I'm just you know, stuck in this whirlpool of criticizing or you can say proving other religions as a fault especially Hinduism

02:24:32--> 02:24:40

and I know it's a good thing because Islam was not came to destroy other religions it was came just to spread what is true

02:24:41--> 02:24:59

it didn't came to criticize other religions. And I feel I shouldn't do that but I don't know how to escape this fall for like when I go into to Indonesia, I just keep reading articles and you know, I just fill in this stuff, but I don't know how to use it. So can you help me out with this? Okay, I will

02:25:00--> 02:25:32

Don't shut up. I'ma bless you soccer here. So there's a few things you bring him. Sally raised a really good question, brother Hamza, wouldn't you think it's wiser to teach the thought of how to deal with doubts, rather than reshooting? individual doubts? Absolutely. And that's when we first we created a course called no doubt 10 effective strategies, which is basically the soul of dealing with doubts on how to deal with your doubts and the doubts of others. And I'm telling you, it is a phenomenal course, I have seen nothing like this out there before. And that's why we're professionally filming it. And it should be ready in Ramadan to put on our learning platform for

02:25:32--> 02:25:34

everyone to access for free.

02:25:35--> 02:26:07

So we appreciate the kind of reality The human being is not just an abstract intellectual, rather, he has a enough's and an upper learner in Colombo and the ruler, and the fitrah, and so on, and so forth. And all of these things are a dynamic interplay. And so the kind of approach to dealing with doubts is not just answering them, it's not just even being on a path. It could also be a spiritual issue, a social issue, you need good friends around you. And we unpack social psychology we unpack the Quran and Sunnah with regards to the effect of your society and your friends.

02:26:08--> 02:26:42

And so there's 10 effective strategy strategies, and they're phenomenal. And they stopped from being able to make a distinction between a shoe pack and a valid question and it was for so you need to if you if you know how to make the distinction between those three, then it empowers you because making distinctions and policy, you know how to address each one. So it starts from that, then it goes over to dealing with your friends and your environment. He goes to deem the old trauma, it goes to it addresses also about seeking aim. He also talks about critical thinking. So this course is phenomenal brothers and sisters, I'm telling you, and it's going to be delivered by shefa. tasneem

02:26:42--> 02:27:06

is going to be filmed you saw me film professionally, and it's gonna be put on our learning platform inshallah. So, if you guys are in touch with our social media, email list and our website, then this question that Abraham raised is, is beautiful. This point that he raised is beautiful is exactly what we're doing and exactly what we want to do in Sharla. So

02:27:08--> 02:27:12

my dear brother, you are asking a question concerning

02:27:14--> 02:27:40

you asking a question concerning you are speaking the so for example, you're on the internet, you're in this Whirlpool, you're going down this rabbit hole, if you like, and you hear about tensions and this than the other. Okay, so you haven't really given me a particular convention. But let me help you with some advice, my dear brother, yeah. Yeah. First thing you need to treat that this is a problem, I'm not able to find what's the proper issue? Okay, that's, that's a problem. That's the problem I'm dealing with.

02:27:42--> 02:27:45

Why is it Um, so, you know,

02:27:46--> 02:27:55

I don't feel you know, like, I don't feel something good. Like, I just feel I should study about more about other religions and all that stuff.

02:27:57--> 02:28:02

Okay, so I don't know, this doubt is spiritual, or something like that. But I've tried.

02:28:03--> 02:28:23

I've tried increasing my record and all that stuff with it with good intentions. Okay, so there's a few things here. Yeah. When you go online, and you what specifically what particular event online or thing online or interaction online brings you these feelings? What is it exactly?

02:28:24--> 02:28:27

It's actually the concept of Vedas.

02:28:29--> 02:29:05

Okay, so what about the concept of Vedas that has given you a problem, like, you know, as V in Islam believe that God sends human as messengers when he feels that there is a problem in the world going on then and he wants to inform people about how to behave and how to live life, then he sends messengers, but what they believe is that there is only one God, but he, he doesn't send messengers in a form of human beings. He himself incarnates as human being in comes into the earth and, okay, why, why?

02:29:06--> 02:29:07

Why is that giving you a problem?

02:29:09--> 02:29:23

I don't know. I like I know, it's not. It's not logical that God can take a human form because it limits his power and you know, his ability, his characteristics, but I really don't know what's going on, you know? Okay.

02:29:25--> 02:29:45

Obviously, this can't be unpacked here, then. I think I'll give you some general advice, but I think you should book a lighthouse mentoring session. Yeah, actually booked one of the lighthouse session. Good, brilliant, brilliant. So you'd have one to one with one of our specialists. But as a general rule, what you need to try and uncover is if it's not an intellectual issue, so it's not

02:29:46--> 02:29:54

you're not convinced. So this is a typical shoe pack, because Shu heart which is poorer for Japan, which is like a destructive doubt,

02:29:55--> 02:30:00

to the word Toshi, who is it because twitch boo is basically it tries to resist

02:30:00--> 02:30:28

Bamboo resembles something that isn't. So I shop her is a falsehood that tries to resemble itself as truth. That's why even taymiyah Mela have mentioned he basically said, you know, the reason some people have been duped by shewhart is because there's an element of truth in them, or they appear to be looking like truth, but they're not so and worship, how does it just attaches to your heart, and if it's anything goes inside, it tries to suck away your emotion.

02:30:30--> 02:30:36

So this is obviously not an intellectual issue. So it looks like it's a heart issue, meaning of the spiritual heart. And you mean,

02:30:38--> 02:31:15

you need maybe need to have certain strategies in place to help you. So one could include obviously, we haven't had a discussion yet. But I can imagine that one would include really fixing your social environment. The other one is preventing yourself from dealing with those shubha if you know, it's not an intellectual issue for you, but the very fact that they exist, that these arguments exists, these perspectives exists, that they, they create a shorthand should have within you, then you should just not deal with any we should put you should prevent, you should put an obstacle to basically accessing that type of information. Yes, that's what I'm thinking about is like, I know,

02:31:15--> 02:31:31

it's so intellectual. So I'm just cutting off of the things which you know, disturb me. And so, so one could be not approaching it. The other one is fixing your social environment and your friends. Another one is basically

02:31:34--> 02:32:13

focusing on element knowledge. And what I mean by element here is knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because I'm a true believer, when someone when someone really focuses on Allah, with regards to his names and attributes and his tell heed his oneness, the fact that He is worthy of worship, the fact that we must single out and direct all acts of worship to Allah alone, that he deserves to be known that he deserves to be adored, he deserves to be loved, and that we must direct all acts of worship to Him alone, the internal acts of worship and external acts of worship. When you know that about Allah, why he's worthy of worship, you let you study His names and attributes. And, you, you,

02:32:13--> 02:32:45

you, you, you continue that type of spiritual journey to get to know Allah more, a lot of these does diminish anyway. So these are some of the strategies you can you can use, and there's many more, but I think if you book the lighthouse session will be far more effective for you, okay, because we have to unpack our context because the center of interacting with individuals is to individualize them. Right? meaning is you treat them within their own context with their own moral variables, even social variables right. Now, obviously, group to group doubt is different, but one to one that was also very different in the summer is to essentially

02:32:46--> 02:32:53

understand that person's context and understand the individual variables and that would require basically a discussion. Okay. Yeah.

02:32:58--> 02:33:01

Okay, so, thank you.

02:33:10--> 02:33:13

Okay, let's have some Salaam Alaikum Salaam.

02:33:15--> 02:33:26

salaam aleikum, Hayden. Good. How are you? Oh, yeah, not too bad. Thank you, bro. I just want to thank you guys, because, well, that, for the last couple of weeks, I've been watching a lot of videos.

02:33:28--> 02:33:49

Every time you guys are on, I've been on a lot of knowledge. So yeah, I really appreciate it. Man are all of you guys have just been a great help to me? I mean, you understand that so many? sponsors thing I want to say. I do have two questions. I mean, the first one is going to sound a bit stupid, but it's some it's just got a doubt by habit. Very, very strange doubt. But

02:33:51--> 02:34:03

like, when I walk about for instance, and you know, I just I tend to take daily walks, just sort of get out look at nature and try and keep fit. And I look at people and I think to myself, okay, so

02:34:04--> 02:34:05

are we all Muslim?

02:34:06--> 02:34:26

Like, like, like, are we? If Allah created us? Are we all Muslim? And it's just people don't know. No it yet because obviously, you know, because of obviously they don't believe in Islam, or they don't believe in the prophet or whatever it is. But when they die, obviously, they're gonna find out. I mean, I mean, does that sound strange or? No, it doesn't either.

02:34:28--> 02:34:59

This is very beautiful, actually. So I wouldn't say everyone's Muslim, but I would say that everyone is born with a natural disposition that would bring them towards the truth and that would basically help them affirm the truth. So in the Islamic tradition, we have this concept of the fitrah I don't know if you've heard about this before. And the fitrah comes from the Arabic trilateral stem, Fatah which you have was like photron and Fatah who meaning something has been created within us and that is a natural state. And there are two major opinions in the in the scholarship.

02:35:00--> 02:35:26

Tradition on this issue. And by the way, this is not Hocus Pocus stuff because this if you study philosophy and psychology, the concept of nativism is very real. Are things any Do we have any abilities? Do we have any belief? So do we have any dispositions, this is well known even the whole formulation of language, you have the, the linguistic Nativists who believe that there are specific domains in the brain that that have linguistic bias.

02:35:28--> 02:35:30

So, although we think that this is

02:35:32--> 02:35:44

Hocus Pocus is small, because in the philosophy of language as positive psychology and quality of religion, religion, religion, philosophy, religion, psychology, religion, rather, we all talk about these things, right.

02:35:45--> 02:36:18

So that's very important for you to understand. So in terms of the fitrah, there are two major opinions. One opinion is that inside your natural state, there is a form of knowledge, you call it primary knowledge or proto knowledge, whatever. And that is to acknowledge God and to want to worship him. But based on the prophetic tradition of the Prophet, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, that basically gets veiled or clouded if you like, the words are not used to that degree in the Hadees. But you could use a metaphor and say, because of parenting and socialization, the fitrah gets clouded. Now,

02:36:19--> 02:36:54

that's why people haven't got those awakenings within themselves because they have a clouded, innate nature. And it's the job of people who preach a psalm will talk about a psalm, or interact with their brothers and sisters in humanity to try and help unclouded the fitrah. To awaken the truth within. So from that perspective, they have that basic essential element of what it means to be a human, which is that you acknowledge your Creator and you want to extensively praise Him, Your Worship Him. The other opinion is that there is no knowledge at all in the fitrah, it's more of an affinity to directly towards the truth. And if all the variables are in place, it will direct you

02:36:54--> 02:37:37

towards the truth. It's like a vehicle, for example, if the car, the windscreen is clean, it's going to reach the destination. But if it's misty and clouded, it won't reach the destination. So sometimes because of parenting and socialization, and sins, or whatever the case may be our own arrogance, maybe it gets the fitrah gets clouded, and that vehicle that's driving you towards the truth goes off the path of truth. So in in one sense, you're right. Every human being has this innate nature. But are they Muslims? Technically, no. Because Muslim, What does Muslim mean? Muslim is not a kind of ethnic identity, bro. Muslim is a state of being. These are states of being how you

02:37:37--> 02:37:50

relate to the world, how you relate to yourself, how you relate to others, and how you relate to Allah. It's a state of being how you become in the world, it's not just a label, right? So a Muslim is the one who submits to the divine

02:37:52--> 02:38:11

who peacefully submits to the divine and that is, that affects what they say, that affects what's in the heart, and that affects their actions as well. So I wouldn't call them a Muslim. Well, from the perspective of having any knowledge or any disposition that directs them towards the truth, then absolutely, I would agree.

02:38:14--> 02:38:44

Yeah, not that not that answers it because like, sometimes, like I said, I can't ground and sounds a bit crazy, but like I look at, for instance, I don't know, like old couples that are sitting on the bench, for instance, and, you know, they're reading a book, they look fairly happy. And I and I just think to myself that Oh, hang on a minute, like, so other created everyone. It's just that these people, their hearts are not, they have had the choice of maybe they've chose not to sort of look into the Quran or or,

02:38:45--> 02:39:28

like, become like, religious, if that makes sense. Like, that's, obviously I know, I should, I should have relationship with myself with God myself with which which I do. But when I look at other people, I worry about them and think, you know, like, it can't just be me in this world, if that makes sense. Just the mere Yeah, of course. That's a beautiful feeling. You have, you know, this, this intellectual empathy, emotional empathy, and then the spiritual empathy. It looks like you go with three my friend. So that's very good, because empathy is imaginatively basically feeling what they're feeling and is taking people's shoes and walking, walking at a distance in their own shoes.

02:39:28--> 02:39:49

And you're doing that not only from an intellectual perspective, but a spiritual and existential perspective. So it's really good. It's a good trait, bro. Yeah, well, and I have one more question. And last one, just last question for you. Before you ask that question, very quickly, I want to remind everyone why we are tonight. The discussion has been going on for very long and Mashallah.

02:39:51--> 02:40:00

I want to remind everyone, we are raising funds for Sapiens Institute, which is an institute that's educated

02:40:00--> 02:40:45

Teaching Muslim youngsters on how to defend Islam and represent Islam intellectually and academically. This is what we pioneer. It's about empowerment is about building leadership is about creating that leadership that can represent Islam on the global scale in the near future. And in the next 12 months, we are planning to train 10,000 Muslims, online and offline, to defend Islam and to represent Islam academically and intellectually. So this is a very niche kind of thing. It's not something which is ordinarily done by Muslim organizations. So we are working on creating academic, intellectual, rationally robust leaders who will be able to defend Islam globally, a lot of people

02:40:45--> 02:41:25

were talking about Palestine and what's happening in Jerusalem, and much of the ACA. And my response was that there are long term solutions and there are short term solutions. Long term solutions are even more important than short term short, short term solutions. So this is one of the long term solutions when we have intellectual leadership to defend Islam defend Muslim interests, wherever Muslims may be. And that's only possible when we have education when we have confidence when we have empowerment, and we are standing on the shoulders of giants. That means we can ourselves become giants in our own age, once we understand that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. And this

02:41:25--> 02:42:04

is what Sapiens Institute wants you to learn that we have all ghazali we have no Tamia, we have shown you a lot. We have a beautiful Dune, we have even hasm people like that. Behind us, we have all the theologians, the points and the philosophers and the thinkers and the scientists, and authors and book producers and you name it, the list goes on and on and on. Muslim civilization is very rich, never feel ashamed of our history. Of course, they were unpleasant, unfortunate events in our history, no doubt, we don't stand for them. We don't defend them. We talk about all the positive achievements of the Muslim civilization. We're going to talk about that we're going to learn about

02:42:04--> 02:42:46

that, you. So for that reason, brothers and sisters, if you want us to continue doing what we do, you need to start supporting us, right? It is about our survival as a civilization. And civilizations only survive, when they are self aware, when they know what they have done, when they know what they have achieved. And when they have a desire to keep repeating what they have achieved positively. So brothers sisters, we cannot belittle this cause Islamophobia is an exist existential threat to the Muslim community globally. What is our response? What the user was talking about content coming up every few minutes against Islam online? online, every few minutes there is some

02:42:46--> 02:43:29

anti muslim anti Islam content coming up. What about us? What is our response? The reason why was happening in Palestine today is because we have been demonized. We have been dehumanized to an extent that none of the global powers are willing to stand for us today. It's very unfortunate. None of the global powers are willing to stand for us today. Okay. We don't have a seat in the Security Council. The five powers that sit on the Security Council, none of them are none of them are Muslim power. None of them represent Muslims. Why is that the case, there is a weakness somewhere on our part, we need to overcome those weaknesses. This is why we need thinkers, we need policymakers, we

02:43:29--> 02:44:14

need advisors, we need historians, philosophers, social scientists, this is why Sapiens Institute is a collection of such individuals who are working towards that and we want Muslim or more or more to wake up to this need this gap or this vacuum we have collectively left for us to be in this state in the first place. So can you belittle this cause 29th Night of the month of Ramadan may well be light at all color. It is the month of Ramadan, it may be your last chance to support us in this month of Ramadan. And hopefully we will have achieved what we promised to achieve by the next Ramadan. Those things I mentioned the list which I will continue to mention. inshallah. Very shortly. So before we

02:44:14--> 02:44:20

get to Brother Sam's question or his last question, which I want him to keep brief, and I want answers to be brief for the

02:44:21--> 02:44:49

use of slides use, please keep your answers very, very brief. We don't have very long left. And we are now live on our lead hours channel as well. So there is audience there as well. Please ask questions. And we would love to have your involvement for brother sisters. Most importantly, do not belittle supporting this cause because this may well be our solution, or one of the solutions. Over to you, brother Sam, thank you so much for your patients.

02:44:50--> 02:44:58

No, thank you don't be silly. Um, it's bit of a deep question, but I'll keep it very short. So if you said I don't need to be like, oh, what the hell.

02:44:59--> 02:45:00

I just wanted to

02:45:00--> 02:45:00

Last, like,

02:45:01--> 02:45:09

why would and this is? Again, this is this is the slight small doubt, I think to myself sometimes Well, why would I look want to create?

02:45:10--> 02:45:44

Why would you just not make everyone just get why would you not just create everyone just to get along? Now I know he gave us free will and obviously human beings have messed up the world and, and you know, socially split people, but why why would they? Why not? in the first place? Why did he bring the shapes on here? Like Like, like, why did he just not do any of this? And, you know, why do we have to go through these tests? And, and and these hard times in the software's, if that makes sense in like a polite way, basically. Thank you very much. It's a very good question, Adam. Sorry, Adam. Sam, Sam.

02:45:47--> 02:46:20

I'm a bit comatose here. But it's a very beautiful question. Because there's a few ways to address this question. The first thing is, life is a test. And I would argue necessarily so because in order for you to go to Paradise, or to be rewarded, or otherwise, or or to go to, to go to hell, you need a mechanism that will be deserving of paradise. And that mechanism is that life is a test. So, otherwise,

02:46:21--> 02:47:05

one would argue that it's unfair. Or one would argue that there is no meaning. Why would I say that? Because if everyone is forced to do goods, and made to go to Paradise, then paradise doesn't have any moral or even existential meaning. Goodness doesn't have any moral or existential meaning. It's like someone putting a gun to it and saying, give charity, your charity has no meaning anymore. So that basically, it says that one aspect of the discussion, the other thing that you need to consider is, we know when we say why did Allah create shaytaan? Why did he do this? Why, but he did do that. You have to appreciate that some of these questions are never going to be answered ever. And that is

02:47:05--> 02:47:43

actually a good thing is healthy, epistemologically, from an epistemic point of view, why? Because think about God's knowledge and God's being God's knowledge and God's wisdom is boundless. He has maximally perfect names and attributes to the highest degree possible. So his knowledge is to the highest degree possible. It's has no deficiency and no flow and sort of his wisdom. So the reasons behind these things are not going to be even understood, even if the reasons were given to us because it's come from a source is way beyond us. It's like, for example, it's not an analogy, but it's, you know, by greater reason, it's an A fortiori argument. It's like a seven year old trying to

02:47:43--> 02:47:54

understand a professor of mathematics, right? So by greater reason, there's gonna be some things that we're just not capable by virtue of our own contingency and limitations. That's number one.

02:47:55--> 02:48:03

And even if you can't answer these questions, these questions do not undermine the foundations of the truth of Islam. Finally, just to end on this point,

02:48:05--> 02:48:10

Allah is a bar, he is the source of all goodness, he is the ultimate good from that perspective.

02:48:11--> 02:48:58

And he loves good and he was good to happen. So when you think about the story that Allah created human beings with freewill, they were placed on us, and the and he could choose between good and bad oneness of God, or its opposite. And by choosing the good and choosing, worshipping God and the oneness of God, he basically can be good, you get eternal life, in paradise in bliss, and love with with with his creator. That's one of the good greatest stories ever told. So. So it just makes sense that allowed want to make that a reality. So what we're living out is really an expression and a manifestation of God's names and attributes. This is the way it is because of who God is. God is the

02:48:58--> 02:49:14

source of all goodness, he is the wise, he is, you know, all of these other names and attributes that we affirm from the Quran and the Sunnah. And he just makes sense that this story would be made into a reality. So combining these two things together is gives it some kind of a satisfactory kind of,

02:49:15--> 02:49:53

it's not a conclusive answer, because these things are based on, you know, God's boundless wisdom and knowledge. But it gets you thinking about, you know, maybe he's maybe he's right, the test does become the mechanism, the fair and just mechanism to facilitate who go Who does who's deserving of products or not, and it doesn't make sense, I feel we're forced to do good with all time, then it will lose any more meaning, any virtue, any kind of, it wouldn't make any sense. Yeah. Yes. And I do appreciate that, you know, we have limitations and God's knowledge and wisdom is boundless, and, and we're just limited and whenever we're going to access that knowledge, and some of these questions

02:49:53--> 02:49:59

may refer to that and we just don't have the ability by virtue of our limitations and contingency, and then you could say Yes, he does.

02:50:00--> 02:50:20

Makes sense that God is the source of all goodness. And he would make he wanted to make this amazing story of reality, because he loves good and therefore, you know, what we're living out right now is a manifestation of his names and attributes. So putting all those things together may not be a conclusive answer, but I think it makes it continues, you continued you thinking in a different way, inshallah?

02:50:22--> 02:50:48

Yeah, thank you very much. I'll, I'll try not to think about things like that too much. Because your mind always leads to emptiness, doesn't it? Like always leads to? Yeah, because there's some stuff which you can't think about really too much. And that's why, you know, the person says, oh, he said that, you know, the, in our tradition, we don't think about the essence of God. Because, you know, don't that's something that's way beyond us, right? We are basically

02:50:50--> 02:51:03

even in comparison, to be honest, but we don't have the kinds of cognitive and intellectual even spiritual capacity of fathom the greatness and the majesty of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

02:51:06--> 02:51:45

Thank you. On that note, thank you so much for the family. Your question then. Thank you very much. Bye bye, God bless mother. And I want to remind everyone, this is the 29th Night of the month of Ramadan. Depending on where you are, it may well be local culture, and if it is, it is an opportunity for us to do something great. I've been looking at some footage coming from Palestine, a lot of oppression taking place there right now as we speak. And people are very, very frustrated. We we've had comments were brothers and sisters saying what about Palestine? What about Palestine? This is exactly what we are saying, what about Palestine? Are we going to continue protesting? Are we

02:51:45--> 02:52:31

going to continue throwing rocks and stones and now we're going to continue sacrificing people? Or are we going to create the leadership that can defend, protect, and represent our views and our concerns in an academically robust way? Okay, you can have one strong voice with confidence and educated voice then 1000 voices that are not really taken very seriously. Okay. protesting I don't think is going to achieve anything. Unfortunately, this is my personal view. I don't want to be political on this program, but you have to understand education is the way forward. It was education that changed the Muslim world forever. That made the Muslim world The first commandment from Allah

02:52:31--> 02:52:51

subhanaw taala. To transform humanity was it crab is Mira Baker lady Holla Holla call infantum and Allah the Quran bukal Akram Allah, Allah Allah column, Allah Mallinson mala Mian amiano these are the first five verses a lot of real to humanity in his final book, in his final message to humanity, education,

02:52:52--> 02:53:35

education, awareness, learning is our way forward. This is what made us strong in the first place. It was the reading of the Quran, it was the comprehension of the Quran. It was the revolution, silent revolution that transformed hearts, by the Quran that changed the world forever. And this is exactly what we need today. We need to revolutionize our hearts, we will before we start talking about changing the world around us, we need to be the change ourselves. And that's what Sapiens Institute wants to do brothers sisters, it is your chance to support our work, which is education. We are not politicians, we are not generals. We are not heads of state. What we are, is we are

02:53:35--> 02:54:14

educators, we can educate, some of us are Alhamdulillah qualified in certain areas that we can talk about, for example, for the hands on my shoulder has a master's in philosophy, hijab. Muhammad hijab has a master's in Islamic theology. And he also did a theology masters with the University of Oxford I don't know if he has finished it yet. And the mother sabol is doing his PhD and of course mine is already a PhD doctor for the use of Mashallah is also highly educated who has been defending Islam intellectually for for a while. So brothers sisters, these are the kinds of teachers and

02:54:15--> 02:54:57

and instructors we have to do our work. Do you want to support a long term solution to the problems of this oma? The long term solution is to educate your confidence will only arise through education. Once you believe that this is the way this is the solution, this is our legacy, then then things will start to change. So Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link. This is where you need to make a reference inshallah Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link, start making donations so that we can educate more and more Muslims to defend Islam intellectually and academically. This is exactly what we want to do. That's the purpose. This is what Sapiens to do

02:54:57--> 02:55:00

stands for. Okay. We are standing on the shore.

02:55:00--> 02:55:12

To the giants, and we need to be giants. Okay? not physically but intellectually in case people start getting ideas that we need to be big friendly giants from Roald Dahl's

02:55:15--> 02:55:30

novel in a Roald Dahl's novel, have you read them comes up? Yep. The Big Big Friendly Giant? Yeah. Big. Yeah. Big, right. Big. We need to be literally, we need to be literally BFG. Intellectually. I mean, we will we will have

02:55:31--> 02:55:45

we will have maybe different issues and opinions and approaches to the whole socio political context, obviously, since it's a varied panel. And we have a specific job to do at hand we maybe we should not really talk about at length.

02:55:46--> 02:55:49

Otherwise meet up on my end up fighting on the internet. I'm joking.

02:55:52--> 02:55:54

Let it happen online as well as

02:55:57--> 02:55:58

the world.

02:55:59--> 02:56:23

Yeah, I mean, look, you know, I've I've been very agitated what's happened with the whole Palestine issue? I know, I'd noticed. I noticed traveled the world at night as being a victim of police brutality in Egypt and other places. I believe. We're at least in Egypt, and not been all around the place. So he's had these firsthand experiences. Even if you went to Palestine Didn't your mom.

02:56:24--> 02:56:30

Yeah. Mom went to Palestine. He went to visit Didn't you were? Yes. And Janine.

02:56:31--> 02:56:44

No, no, two has a you know, so I'd mind you know, he's got first hand experience about these issues as well. So, you know, I mean, I've been to Oxford as well. And all I remember is like,

02:56:45--> 02:56:57

I remember that some of the guys have been extremely low cowards. Basically, that fear in the eyes. They're extremely scared, extremely cowardly. And,

02:56:58--> 02:57:05

and that's what happens. And that's what happens. And that's what they're doing. They did a spineless coward. But there's a lot of

02:57:06--> 02:57:26

different approaches and different solutions. But we're not going to talk about that today. Because all three of us might have different perspectives. And it's not the topic for today, but be assured that our hearts are with the oma, we want the oma to succeed. This one is definitely a solution. What we are talking about tonight, whether we disagree or not on other matters, yes.

02:57:27--> 02:57:35

This one what we're doing tonight is definitely a solution we all agree on. Right. We all agree on that. That education, empowerment.

02:57:37--> 02:58:26

Raising the confidence of the youngsters of this oma is definitely one of the solutions so that they can talk for the affairs so that they can represent the their respective concerns. So brothers sisters, this is something we definitely agree on. And I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the Ummah will agree that definitely empowerment, so confidence in boost, and knowledge is our solution. Because this is what made us great in the first place. What made the Muslims of civilization so powerful? What made the Islamic domain so powerful? From the Umayyad period onwards manomaya then bhanwar, bust and the Ottomans Okay, and then other respective dynasties, what made them so powerful. It wasn't the

02:58:26--> 02:59:10

military might, it was the intellectual might. It was the fact that Muslims were producing so many scholars, so many thinkers, so many, you know, theologians, our real strength was in the civilization we came up with, right? And this is what we need to do. We need to be a living civilization we need to demonstrate globally that we represent a solution to human problems, not a detriment. Okay? And that's only possible we can when we can actually represent our civilization educationally or academically right? So Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is the link my brother and sister we've been with you for three hours and we want some challenges coming

02:59:10--> 02:59:35

forward. We want some of you to come forward and start encouraging others to make donations whether it's 100 pounds 300 pounds or 1000 pounds. I'm waiting for that big donation to come through. It is the end of Ramadan we're nearly finished with Ramadan upon Allah. I don't know how much benefit we took from this Ramadan meal except from us. Whatever little deeds we did, okay, we are all imperfect. So metal excerpt from us alone.

02:59:36--> 02:59:59

So my brothers sisters, this is your opportunity before the month of Ramadan Ramadan ends officially. We need to start supporting. We need to start supporting this called Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link. Start making donation ritual and don't let us down let's take some questions. Let's take some comments in sha Allah that some people in okay who do we

03:00:00--> 03:00:08

Here we have f A Otherwise Otherwise known as truth seeker. truth seeker mela make you the truth seeker. Come on, come on.

03:00:09--> 03:00:10

Let's talk

03:00:16--> 03:00:16


03:00:18--> 03:00:36

your mute. I think speaker has been offended he doesn't want to talk now. Fa you are muted. You are live by the way in case some people actually don't know they live they have been letting Yeah, we bring catch them off guard. like doing things puttering around the house. Hello? Hello.

03:00:38--> 03:00:38


03:00:40--> 03:00:45

Okay, let's go to the next one in Sharla. So now we have

03:00:46--> 03:00:52

MV Agusta Okay, I hope you're awake.

03:00:53--> 03:00:59

version three. And viega you are alive right? Hello. Hello.

03:01:00--> 03:01:07

Assalamu aleikum wa alaikum Salaam wa. We are I'm from India Kerala South India

03:01:08--> 03:01:09

amazing place man I would love to

03:01:11--> 03:01:14

see you brother I seen your debates

03:01:15--> 03:01:19

with many Christians so I lobbyist calls in is

03:01:20--> 03:01:26

my confusion is about john chapter 1am I was a Christian now my next Christian I'm a Muslim alright

03:01:28--> 03:01:34

Mashallah, I converted almost more than a year ago Yes. Well any

03:01:36--> 03:01:41

major change my look the numeric miracles in the Quran, you know,

03:01:43--> 03:01:45

many other things, but mainly the

03:01:46--> 03:02:25

lack of time All right. So the question is about you know, john chapter one, when I talked to the Christians, I am bit confused about the nicey endearing ism. Right if you read the Bible, in john chapter one was one in the beginning was Word the Word was God, the Word was God. In john chapter one was 14. It also the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Right. So the question is in the IC and content in Islam, does it talk about, you know, word empowerment? You know, was this was there already Not a word but ask God. This is my gospel.

03:02:27--> 03:02:34

So, hello. Your question is whether Jesus was there as God, what what was your question? Sorry? No.

03:02:37--> 03:02:45

No, okay. Yeah. Yes. The question is whether Jesus was the word incarnate, as good as or was he the god there?

03:02:47--> 03:02:53

Okay, that's okay. I got it. He was made into God incarnate. Okay, what

03:02:54--> 03:02:57

the gospel of john is saying, which is basically

03:02:58--> 03:03:19

an idea borrowed from Final, who was an alexandrian Jew, who was a stoic philosopher, he presented this idea about loss. Okay, that loss is God's wisdom that manifests itself, right? And what john or the author of john, for example,

03:03:20--> 03:04:07

did was he borrowed from fire or a lot of Christians don't accept that. But it is very clear when you read the writings of phylo, the alexandrian, Jewish philosopher, and what john is saying in john one, one, is the similarities are striking. Okay, so many ways can be used to interpret that particular passage. It's a philosophical idea. It's a it's an expression of philosophy, possibly strike philosophy, right? There are many ways to interpret that. There is not only one way, also the term Theosophy, when he says, In the beginning was the Word the Word became God, when he says the word became God, there, the term Theo's is basically without the definite article, okay? Because

03:04:07--> 03:04:09

when we go further, and

03:04:10--> 03:04:57

in the beginning was the Word the Word was God and the body, I forgot, the actual word is so often quoted by metal, In the beginning was the Word the Word the Word was was with God and the Word became God, something like that. Okay, let me let me get john one one out. How can we get on board was formal? Yeah. JOHN, one, one. Okay. Right. This is how I got the Word became flesh, right? And the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word and the Word was God, right? When it says the word was with God, that's with the definite article. Okay. And when it says, The Word was God, it says it without the definite article. The term payoffs, without the definite article can

03:04:57--> 03:04:59

never mean God with the capital.

03:05:00--> 03:05:56

Okay, because that same term has been used for Satan. In the Bible. It has even been used in the Old Testament for Israelites. Israelites are God's. The Book of Psalm Book of Psalms, Psalm 82, verse six clearly states that Psalm eight, Psalm 82 verse six states that the Israelites are gods, okay with lowercase. Okay, then Exodus chapter seven verse one state that Moses was made a god to Pharaoh, okay with lowercase g. So, even if Jesus was referred to as p OS, without the definite article, biblically speaking, biblically speaking, is not a problem. Because the Bible calls many people gods who are humans, right? The problem would be when there would be definite article before

03:05:56--> 03:06:41

the word Vyas in john one one, when it refers to the Word became God, okay, that's where the problem would be. But it can never mean God with capital G, because there is no definite article before the word chaos in that particular words. Does that make sense? This is one of the easiest and the simplest way to explain this away. Alright, I heard 100 without explaining this during this time in you know, I don't know if that's a very strong explanation. shakaama dissolve was a giant in his field, too. But at the same time, there are so many different ways, even Christians explain it the way I've explained it is now you know, if you if you read Unitarians, I've strongly recommend a book

03:06:41--> 03:06:52

for you by the way. It is authored by a Unitarian Christian scholar. His name is Anthony buzzard, Anthony buzzard, right. And okay, sir Anthony buzzard,

03:06:53--> 03:07:30

has authored this book titled, the doctrine of the Trinity, Christianity's self inflicted wound in this book, he treats this very question at length a very, very, very robust and thorough treatment of this question. And you will see a lot of details there. Okay. It's quite complicated. It is very, very deep, theologically speaking, but if you read it again and again, hopefully you will get the gist of his ideas, Anthony buzzard, the doctrine of the Trinity, Christianity's self inflicted wound, look into that book.

03:07:31--> 03:07:35

All right, all right. So, one more cool thing about the library.

03:07:36--> 03:08:10

You know, there are many contradictions right? For example, one was it says 3000 souls souls and others a 30,000. In one year was in was eight years or another it says he was 18 years old. Medical contradictions, yes. Yes, if the Bible does have this contradiction, and now you are these are there are contradictions so the Quran says has been from anyone besides Allah, they would have been contradictions right. So if the Bible has contradictions it cannot be the Word of God right. So, yes,

03:08:11--> 03:08:17

if it has contradictions, especially mathematical contradictions, it cannot be from the same

03:08:18--> 03:08:43

one God cannot be revealing and inspiring all this all this different information about the same events? Oh, why don't the you know the the Muslim debate is the is why don't they use this as a you know, I have I have you used it on the matter or depiction? I've seen that. Yeah, if you watch my debate was Christ

03:08:44--> 03:09:15

with Samuel green, green, I have used the contradictions in the four gospels as contradictions about the details of the crucifixion the event, the event or the incident of the crucifixion, the alleged crucifixion, the details are so different in the four gospels that is mind blowing. Why would I say odd? Why would the same God inspire these four different authors with different information about the same event? It doesn't make sense but clearly this information is not from the same God

03:09:18--> 03:09:25

as in the debate with Samuel Greene he you know forego gospels are not written by the original disciples I was

03:09:26--> 03:09:33

pretty sure you're aware of you know, why don't you use these old testament like man right in one message foundation

03:09:35--> 03:09:35

Yeah, why don't you

03:09:37--> 03:09:48

you know, I don't think Sam will be Oh, wait we do we do we use them check ama d dot use them like a nag use them against William Campbell. If you watch the if you watch this debate

03:09:50--> 03:09:59

between a William Campbell and like a Nike used the contradictions and he buried them with them. But we don't want to keep using them. We don't want to keep using them because the Christian they

03:10:00--> 03:10:15

You know, unfortunately they don't take them very seriously for some reason. So we have many many powerful powerful arguments and our arguments are getting even more sophisticated by the day. So it's going to get better inshallah keep watching right in the middle of the show. Thank you.

03:10:18--> 03:11:01

And may Allah give you strongly mind I mean Salaam Alaikum. I mean, I mean, the same. I mean, okay, coming back to our main concern tonight, Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live Don't forget that link because a lot of people are watching and we're not getting as many donations as we expected. It's the 29th month sorry 29th Night of the month of Ramadan. Allah bless you all that may well be letter from color. We all loaded literally. Okay. So don't belittle Don't hesitate, share with others and encourage others to donate by making a donation your thoughts to come forward and let us know if you made a donation, let us know that we can announce that inshallah, comment and let

03:11:01--> 03:11:04

us know inshallah, so that we can announce it. So maybe we can take more questions.

03:11:08--> 03:11:09

Serving then next guest.

03:11:10--> 03:11:16

She tried, again, see if he's around, or she are gone, right.

03:11:17--> 03:11:20

Salaam Alaikum. Fa. Are you with us now?

03:11:21--> 03:11:22

Are you still AFK?

03:11:26--> 03:11:37

I think he or she probably forgot. Yeah, I'll remove them from the studios Oh, then give a bit more room to people who may have engaged with someone else inshallah.

03:11:38--> 03:11:54

So we now have Salomon Salah Molly koosman. are from Saudi Arabia. Bri come Sarah. from Saudi Arabia. Yes, yes. Yes, I remember that dp.

03:11:56--> 03:11:59

Actually, I have one question for Hamza.

03:12:04--> 03:12:20

Why, why? We don't see you like, you don't debate you don't debate with many people like this. Famous. It's a hit. You don't like debate with them? Why? Oh, yeah. Good question. I mean,

03:12:23--> 03:12:30

generally speaking, any more or, or he'll never debated he has debated from the top most atheist.

03:12:31--> 03:13:11

Because there's a few things. So the first thing to understand is debates is no Aikido strategy. This is very Quranic, just based on the linguistic structure of when Allah says and call to the way we Lord with Hickman beautiful preaching, and debate with them in ways that are best. The while here is like, there's a linguistic understanding to indicate that it's not a main strategy from the DAO. So you use it with wisdom, meaning in the right time, right place. Many people use debates, not just for the sake of it, and with all due respect, it's actually maybe taking the Dow a little bit backwards with regard to not intellectual arguments, but with regards to the kind of personality and

03:13:11--> 03:13:45

the approach. And, you know, the way people are more endearing, you know, the fool that that they, you know, Danny Clark has has diminished from that perspective. And we've we've created far more problems than it solves as well be revived things should have never existed. So debates have to be used wisely. So when we do a debate, so when we debated Lawrence Krauss for example, he was going to be like the fourth horseman after Hitchens death, or they were planning him to become another big leader. New atheism was too strong then so you use it in the right time.

03:13:46--> 03:14:01

So it's still the right time, but you have to use it wisely. Don't use it as a predominant strategy. The predominant strategy is just, you know, engaging with people with warmth, with a flag with good art with good arguments with good discussions with wisdom with hikma with the SN.

03:14:03--> 03:14:06

So that's one point. The second point is,

03:14:07--> 03:14:23

we are going to hopefully do this year some some big debates. And remember, after Krauss, who was left and the bigger guys, some of them didn't want to debate me. I think one of them was going to debate in academic in South Africa. He agreed, but when he found it was me he he pulled out.

03:14:24--> 03:14:27

I don't know why he pulled out but he pulled out. So

03:14:29--> 03:14:59

Yanni. So yeah, that's that's I don't know if I'm answering I'm a bit tired to Paris. But I don't know if I'm answering that question properly. But we have to use it wisely. It has to have the muscle has to outweigh the Masada, the benefits have to outweigh the harms. It has to be used strategically in the right way. But if we constantly use it as a medium and a means for the dollar, then what happens is people associate the Dow with just debating and that is a really that's that's antithetical to the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

03:15:00--> 03:15:37

Rather, we have to have a repertoire of different tools, debating discussions, good dialogue, one to one, you know, positive outreach community work, they have everything realistic and use debating when and if necessary. It shouldn't be the default position but unfortunate for many brothers and sisters the default position and that needs we need to change that narrative a bit. inshallah. Yes, they're very important. Yes, they shouldn't be done, but in the right time, right way, right place. And for the key objectives, not just for the sake of it, people were debating things for the sake of it, and then the revived shuba has never existed, right, which is the basic also in doubt, just

03:15:37--> 03:16:07

don't talk about things or not any, you don't want to pick some fringe element group of people and bring them to the your platform and exposes ideas to the world, you just don't do that. It's, it's, that means you're not there for Allah. You mean, you're there just to win debates, which is ridiculous, this is not this is not this is not the Aflac or the shucks here of, of the duart. They have to do because they want Allah is the word to be the highest, they want to awaken the truth within people. They want to help guide people through food through the word of Allah subhanho, wa, taala, and so on and so forth.

03:16:08--> 03:16:14

just expand on what you said there. So they may do so very quickly. You mentioned that

03:16:17--> 03:17:04

very quickly, just respond, okay. So the main reason is, is that it's not even to do with whether or not these sort of rational contentions, and it just simply mean, Hamza. Were talking previously, about people that, like, they'll get doubts about things. And they've not even they've not even watched the video, they just know that there's a video that exists. And they're like, Oh, my God, you know, there's a video out there, and sometimes you watch it. So Mohammed philosophy, did a review of hams his book, and that being present online was enough to cause people doubts, that brother fried from fried responds, he was getting messages from people that were saying, Oh, can you

03:17:04--> 03:17:06

refute this video? Can you refute this video? It's,

03:17:07--> 03:17:44

it's causing me doubts, they certainly are there. And he asked questions, and it turns out the person hadn't even watched it. And so you know, with the this kind of tying it into the wisdom of, there's no point bringing things that are fringe and irrelevant and that most people are not even aware of, and then putting a spotlight on them, you know, so that everyone in the world can see because there are numbers of people out there, that that don't really engage with this kind of thing. In a rational manner, just simply the presence of something that they see as a response or a rebuttal is enough to check their faith. You know, what's interesting, Bro, I forgot to say these

03:17:44--> 03:17:50

have announced this year, we're planning to do a course on menara.

03:17:51--> 03:18:04

On the etiquettes of debates and discussion from the Islamic tradition, from the Islamic tradition, there's actually our scholars have written books on the advocates of one another, the etiquettes of debate and discussion.

03:18:05--> 03:18:05


03:18:07--> 03:18:27

I'm going to attend Of course, we all need it because I guarantee you that most of us have not sat through a book on the ethics of debates, and the proof is in the pudding in the way we discuss sometimes. I mean, I've met Michelle Mashallah, he's he's a he's a senior in this like, the way he deals with the Christians is phenomenal. And he puts the human the right way. I don't want to praise you out, man. But it was really funny.

03:18:28--> 03:18:33

When you debate Sam ugreen when he was talking about preservation of Bible Quran, and you were like saying to him

03:18:34--> 03:18:40

you're basically saying you got far more issues like you're naked and you're completely missing

03:18:50--> 03:19:01

these jobs he says, bro, he turns the English to phenomenal like once I told that man like Don't worry, Bro, I got good due diligence. Suppose witnessing this. He said, yeah, it's like the frog being a witness to the pond.

03:19:05--> 03:19:08

When it is said in the Punjabi language, it sounds a lot funnier.

03:19:10--> 03:19:14

The tangent is yet so so hopefully we're gonna have that course.

03:19:16--> 03:19:32

Based on that, by any chance, he's actually his chef, Doctor, Doctor, doctors of charge. I reached out to him a few months ago. I was very text. And yummy. Well, we shouldn't be exposing this to the world. To be honest. It was Yeah. But yeah, I've asked him to do it.

03:19:34--> 03:19:37

You know, very quickly, I just want to share something about it.

03:19:39--> 03:19:42

goes for logical fallacies as well. It's a very good book. There's bits

03:19:44--> 03:19:59

checked online on YouTube. Something might be going off of the topic you guys are discussing. I just saw something this passingly one islamophobe is live and he's got 1000 people watching really an islamophobe

03:20:00--> 03:20:14

Live Okay, I don't want to mention which islamophobe and 1000 people watching live Okay, here we are with few 100 people are trying to ask us what I can guarantee you this is long before he gets funded like no day

03:20:15--> 03:20:45

okay, he gets funded like Subhan Allah and we are still asking for Muslim support for a noble cause like this I mean I don't know why Muslims are so slow in funding causes like this I mean a lot of Muslim brothers and sisters they give to orphans they give to Gaza they give to Syria now we're gonna see an avalanche of donations going to Palestine because what's happening but they don't invest in long term solutions, solutions that can cause a prevent that can prevent from these things

03:20:46--> 03:21:17

you know, prevent these things from happening. So what does this we need to wake up hundreds of people watching online hundreds of people watching and the response is not as as strong as we expect on the 29th Night of the month Ramadan while these islamophobes these some of these people are a bunch of I'm sorry to say this they are sorry to use this language but they're like the worst in pigs when you hear the arguments okay and when when you when you see how lying how how deceiving,

03:21:19--> 03:22:01

okay. And they get support is unbelievable how people can support people. And a lot of these people of course, they get funded from Islamophobic entities in India, like BJP extremist element in India, they are very fond of funding islamophobes wherever they may be, or some of this funding may be coming from the extreme fundamentalist Christians. Christian right? In the US. Okay, where is our support? to question what are we going to do with our institution is going to continue with you or without you, but it's going to be a lot easier for us to grow faster. If we have your support brothers and sisters, it really upsets me we're live and I see islamophobes getting support like

03:22:01--> 03:22:08

SubhanAllah. So nowadays, the quickest and the easiest way to get rich is to become an islamophobe.

03:22:09--> 03:22:31

You want to be famous. You want to be famous. Okay, start attacking Islam. You want to get rich dog, start attacking Islam. Okay, you want to be on media, start attacking Islam, or just pretend to be an ex Muslim? Who is now disgruntled about Islam. Okay, you will be on media like that. What about our?

03:22:32--> 03:23:11

How are we going to grow? If we don't get support online really obsessed me? Brother sisters, don't let us down. We're going to continue. We are very stubborn. We've been at it for a very long time already. Some of us been, you know, a large chunk of our lives has been given to this world, you know, with whatever we could offer. But come on brothers and sisters, all you need is to click that donation link. Start making donation Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live. I am sick and tired of Muslims, you know, sleep causes like this. Of course, we may be supporting a lot of these these good causes, you know,

03:23:12--> 03:23:50

that needs support. That means of course that. But what about supporting causes like this, educate educating our youth. So they don't have misconceptions and doubts about Islam so that they have they have confidence, so they can stand up for Islam, wherever they may be? What are we going to do about that? brother and sisters don't sit idle, do something, support this work so that we can move forward and create that leadership? We all want. Everyone loves argon. I mean, I don't want to turn this into a political speech. Everyone loves. I mean, all the Muslims are talking about argon because of a strong language is strong. Okay. He didn't come from a vacuum. I'm not a supporter. I'm

03:23:50--> 03:24:32

not a spokesperson. I don't necessarily agree with everything he says. Or does. I'm just trying to make a point that generally speaking, if you go to the Muslim countries, they are in love with him. Okay. But do you think these kinds of people just come about from a vacuum, he had to go through a lot of hard work, a lot of struggle, a lot of potentially fundraising for him to get there. Right? These things don't just happen. I don't agree with everything he does or says Of course, I want to make it very clear, but at the same time, okay. He may be doing a lot of good, he may be doing a lot of good, right. So if we want intellectual leaders who want to who we want to represent our views

03:24:32--> 03:24:51

and our civilization, then we really have to make a sacrifice, financial sacrifice in this case, Sapiens institute.org forward slash donate live is willing start making donations and let us know when you have made a donation, where we can announce inshallah. inshallah, so maybe we could we can ask someone else to enter and speak to us inshallah.

03:24:53--> 03:24:59

Okay. So, so, I mean, I really want everyone to understand this and realize this

03:25:00--> 03:25:02

So this is not a joke. We're not dealing with,

03:25:03--> 03:25:21

you know, a small number of islamophobes we are dealing with a tsunami of Islamophobia, an avalanche of Islamophobia every single day, there are new content coming up, we're not going to give up, of course, of course, we're not going to give up in the face of all this evil, and all this, you know, are gonna put it

03:25:23--> 03:25:29

this threat to the Muslims around the world, because, you know, this, the intellectual impetus

03:25:30--> 03:25:45

for Islamophobia, or Islamophobic attacks come from the Islamophobia industry, we really need to dismantle this industry, intellectually, through education, and through boosting the confidence of our youngsters. Okay. So

03:25:47--> 03:26:24

some, someone said, many people get deceived by our the gun, he is nothing more than a political figure plays on the contradictions and the conflicts. That may be true. That may be true, but the fact that he is seen as a Muslim leader, globally speaking, is something you can't take that away from him. He uses the Islamic rhetoric, he uses Islamic history, he uses a lot of these these ideas and Muslim identity to attract maybe the board bank is appealing to what he's trying to appease. But he's doing it quite successfully. Right.

03:26:25--> 03:27:04

If we have a good robust plan for the future, where we educate our youngsters, they will come they will do a better job. If we don't like these guys who are currently running the affairs, let's create that class. That bunch of people who can do a better job. And that's not going to happen by sitting and watching us. That's going to happen by moving and clicking the link in Sharla. Sapiens institute.org. forward slash donate live is the link my brothers and sisters, don't belittle don't ignore, don't neglect this need. We are talking about what do we plan to do within the next?

03:27:05--> 03:27:50

What do we plan to do within the next 12 months? Okay, this is the plan, I want to put the plan in front of you, you decide whether you want to be part of it or not. Number one, we want to empower within the next 12 months, and train over 10,000 Muslims online and offline in order to, in order for them to do Tao intellectually and academically, or defend Islam intellectually. Number two, we plan to complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam that can be found offline and online. Number three, we plan to publish a website responding to leading anti Islam websites within the next 12 months. Number four, we plan to expand our lighthouse mentoring service,

03:27:51--> 03:28:40

which provides one to one service to those people who have doubts or misconceptions about Islam. Number five, we plan to professionally video 10 free of charge courses with slides and notes on our new free learning platform. Number six, we plan to publish two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam. Number seven, we plan to produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam. Number seven, we plan to engage in at least four academic discussions, debates and dialogues within the next 12 months. Number eight Finally, we plan to start a new podcast addressing and discussing all the main issues facing our youngsters in the world. Do you

03:28:40--> 03:28:51

want to be part of this? Do you want to be part of this? Now our digital someone we know and love. He said that he will match a 50 pounds donation.

03:28:52--> 03:29:16

Okay, so let's see if people love yes the brother beautiful brother. I mean, absolutely. My brothers and sisters online. I'm really upset when I see cold response from the Muslim community, especially when we know that there are Christians around the world who would go out of the way to donate to these big

03:29:17--> 03:29:32

How can I put a deal lavish concerts in Africa conducted by their pastors, they bling bling pastors I call them bling bling pastors, you know with nice suits, expensive suits, traveling in private jets, deceiving the word into

03:29:33--> 03:29:42

the doctrine of the Trinity, okay, they go to Africa they do a concert, a music concert calling people to Jesus Christ of their version of Jesus Christ right.

03:29:43--> 03:30:00

And they get funded by Christians all over America, hundreds of 1000s of dollars. Millions vary, there is millions. They are in a different league altogether. And look at the Muslims miskeen when it comes to supporting our intellectual level

03:30:00--> 03:30:31

We are very slow to respond. So I really need you to wake up. All of you watching on our channels, whether it's my channel or Sapiens is a new channel or Ali dolls channel, or my Facebook page Wakey wakey brothers and sisters start waking up and start smelling the coffee, because we are facing a real threat in the form of Islamophobia. And we need educated responses. We need intellectual responses. We need academics who can stand for Islam and the Muslim civilization. Let's do it together in sha Allah. Okay. Or would you rather 100?

03:30:32--> 03:30:52

Yes, sir, for his brothers, his apologies for my absent mindedness. I'm trying to multitask. Well, actually, I was I was trying to pretend to be not pretend. But I was trying to be somehow involved in on the stream but multitask at the same time. And hamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for everybody. So,

03:30:53--> 03:31:31

you know, the original theme of today was building on the shoulders of giants. You've heard of the statement standing on the shoulders of giants, we want to build on the shoulders. What do we mean by this? I want every single one of you not to despair because Allah subhanho wa Taala has taken care of this oma has taken care of this community from the very beginning, very beginning. Allah Subhana. What did I sent revivals of the dean? After periods of time, he has inspired the classical dilemma the pious predecessors to teach the deen develop principles, derived solutions and arguments and perspectives, and values, and philosophies, if you like from the Quran, and the Sunnah. And they've

03:31:31--> 03:32:12

been used throughout the ages, and they have worked and have defended and shared the deen and we are standing on their shoulders, but we need to build on the shoulders to realize that we already have the answers. And we do by the way, all we need to do is to contemporize to make contemporary, what the Giants have already done for us the hard work that they've done. And the reason I'm saying this is for you to be encouraged and motivated. And future relies upon Allah Subhana Allah, you know, we just we just lost the link to our classical intellectual tradition. And this was Sapiens Institute is trying to do is trying to use that intellectual tradition contemporize it make it contemporary,

03:32:12--> 03:32:24

teach people how to understand it, with regards to defending and sharing a song academically and intellectually, and getting them to teach others to this is the prophetic model to teach others.

03:32:25--> 03:32:37

And they teach others like the person didn't have success on his own. He told the Sahaba, the Sahaba taught the Thai bean, and so on and so forth. And we have the spiritual, the rich, spiritual intellectual tradition of Islam.

03:32:38--> 03:33:15

So where we need to build on the shoulders. And one way of doing that is supporting the organizations and individuals and entities that actually offering that type of methodology. And if you see our work, that's exactly what we want to do. We just don't want to give you abstract philosophical answers. We want to ground in our tradition, who would have called people to the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The fact that He is worthy of worship, we want people to understand that we have a rich tradition, and that it's derived from the Quran and Sunnah. And it's universal in nature. And this is exactly what we want to share. If you go on our website, for example, you see an

03:33:15--> 03:33:51

essay that goes through the Quranic argument for God's existence, for example. And it's very quite adequate, also universal philosophical argument as well at the same time. So this is our approach. This is our methodology. This not only stand on the shoulders of giants, let's build on the shoulders of giants. So brothers and sisters, if you're inspired by this approach, and this vision, that we want to see a world where people hear the message of Islam and where Muslims can share, defend the faith academically and intellectually. If you want to see that world, then go to the link in the description below. Donate now generously brothers and sisters, Allah bless every single one

03:33:51--> 03:33:51

of you.

03:33:52--> 03:33:53

I mean,

03:33:54--> 03:33:56

let's have some more questions.

03:33:58--> 03:33:59

As per the summon.

03:34:00--> 03:34:03

Did you have your questions answered?

03:34:06--> 03:34:26

Yes, yes, actually, I have another question. Yeah, well, we'll make this one short typically, inshallah. Yeah, okay. Why did his Muslims they left they leave Islam. Like when I asked them, they say I said, I just the religion and I read the Quran Hari. And

03:34:28--> 03:34:28

it was like,

03:34:30--> 03:34:34

about the division and and logic I lifted.

03:34:35--> 03:34:45

So why do you think we are on and we need Bukhari and we are still Muslims. Yeah. Why I became Muslim. Because I read the Quran I went into the sun I read heavy.

03:34:47--> 03:34:54

Why this some people like when they read Quran, they become Muslim. Some, some of them if they read, they leave Islam.

03:34:55--> 03:34:59

Allah Allah, Allah guides who he wills, there's probably a variety of reasons

03:35:00--> 03:35:01

The Quran itself says that

03:35:03--> 03:35:45

through this book, I mean, I'm paraphrasing, many will be guided and many, many might be misguided, you know? So it depends what's inside you. If you have he will I mean if you if you're not inclined to towards believing, and you are a person who desires who likes to do you know live a life of party, let's say, you know, I don't see why you would be guided I don't see why would you like to read the Quran and and find solutions in it or find guidance in it? Why would you? If you like your cocaine if you like your girls, if you like your music if you like your party, you're the kind of person who doesn't like to help anyone, the kind of person who likes to live your life for your

03:35:45--> 03:35:51

stomach and your private. Why would you even consider the Koran as a solution?

03:35:52--> 03:36:12

Okay, Angela was Monday I'm in I am invested to made brothers and sisters 50 gb from me to allow acronym Allah bless you. So digital Dawa, your challenge has been met. Allah bless you for encouraging Angela manzi. Thank you so much Massoud. Allah bless you. Amin, amin, the donation

03:36:13--> 03:36:14


03:36:15--> 03:36:39

all those people who say that they read the Quran and they read the body and didn't find anything in it. We say to them, good luck. If you didn't find noble teachings and Bokhari noble teachings in the Quran, then Good luck to you. Your heart is sealed. That's all we have to say. You think about the some of the operations or they were there at the time of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, they were hearing revelation as it was coming

03:36:40--> 03:36:46

straight from the mouth of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem, and even they rejected so why would it be strange that we would expect

03:36:48--> 03:36:52

you know the people to be apostate in today or rejecting their religion today?

03:36:53--> 03:37:12

Even not Elisa Lam had the mission to try to bring many people call many people to the religion and for what was it? 900 years 1000 years minus 50. And many people were rejecting even him. And so

03:37:13--> 03:37:56

someone actually commented without none, I guarantee you. They don't they didn't read the Quran or Bukhari? Yeah, that may be the case a lot of these apostates the thing they have read, but when we have conversations with them, I have not yet met an apostate from Islam, who has impressed me with the depth of knowledge that is required to make a judgement on Islam. I have not yet met an apostate who has impressed me with his knowledge, in depth knowledge of Islam, for him to her to reject Islam. Okay, because I know so long as you can say, and the deeper you go into Islam, the deeper you become, you know, immersed into Islam and you become a stronger believer.

03:37:57--> 03:38:11

Okay, Katie, you can type your question or we can let you in. Hell, man, thank you so much for your time again. Thank you. She's aka salam o aleikum. wa rahmatullah. Okay, so let's let Katie in or Katie can

03:38:12--> 03:38:16

maybe type the question of Katie's in right Katie go ahead

03:38:19--> 03:38:22

alaikum my people that were you while it comes?

03:38:24--> 03:38:50

Right, brother none I see there are several people you know several islamophobe and atheist who claim Islam is wrong and so I go to their YouTube channel to know what are their questions? So So if someone asked me I'm prepared, but when I go to their YouTube channel there's There are so disrespect for to our messenger and creator so I find it very disturbing. So I cannot stop myself and cursing them. So how do we deal with such people? You don't get

03:38:52--> 03:39:02

it is haram to watch this content. It is absolutely haram not because you cannot answer that content. It is haram to eat human waste.

03:39:04--> 03:39:11

Okay, would you would you disagree with me? Okay, would you would you pick up someone's toilet? Someone?

03:39:12--> 03:39:32

waste? Okay, would you eat it? No. What you wouldn't eat it not because? Because Because this Firstly, it is absolutely disgusting. It's haram just like that these people who are spewing this hate and lies on the channels. It is haram to listen to that stuff. You know why? Because

03:39:34--> 03:39:51

it is so disgusting. You know, one of the reasons, among many other reasons why I become you know, why am a Muslim and why am I a man becomes stronger. One of the reasons that strength is my man, when I look at the people who attack Islam.

03:39:53--> 03:39:59

Now, when I look at the people that attack Islam, when I look at their faces, when I look at the

03:40:00--> 03:40:14

Characters when I look at the life they are living for law he I believe they are truly cursed by a law and that's why my mom a man a man because become stronger. I've never met. I've never met a well mannered

03:40:15--> 03:40:20

a well behaved, a morally upright islamophobe never have you, brother, you

03:40:23--> 03:40:24

know, not from the top of my head

03:40:26--> 03:40:31

have not done that strike me enough to actually actively attacking it.

03:40:33--> 03:40:39

And at the same time this person is morally upright is a truthful person? is a clean person living a clean life?

03:40:41--> 03:41:16

Um, yeah, I'm just I'm just anxious to know what are their claims? What have they found, which is not correct in the salon? That's the reason I go, what were the what were the claims of the people who were attacking the Prophet. The Quran mentions a lot of those claims, they were saying he was mad, they were thinking the Prophet is a liar. They were saying he's a magician. He is. He is diluted. The Quran mentions a lot, a lot of these accusations they were making against the property that they when they prove the point, the same people when they were talking to they ended up accepting Islam for islamophobes, by the way, are doing a favor to us. They are bringing a lot of

03:41:16--> 03:41:33

attention to Islam. And Islam is such a powerhouse. It's such a powerful bait anyone out of curiosity, who starts looking into Islam and starts reading the Quran, I can guarantee you if not all 50% of them, they become inclined to Islam.

03:41:34--> 03:41:46

They end up they end up and they end up becoming sympathetic towards Islam they start to realize that these people who are attacking Islam are a bunch of lowlife they are a bunch of liars they are actually truly misrepresenting this way.

03:41:47--> 03:42:09

Okay. I have another question. You see many scholars like a brother nouman Ali Khan and Dr. izhar mess up you know, they give it a they give a very deep analysis and explanation of Quranic verses, which I cannot find anywhere. So, I think they are adding a by themselves, they all cannot be correct. So will that affect will that will that affect them negatively in the Akira?

03:42:10--> 03:42:51

You see, it is not allowed to interpret the Quran from your own whims. Okay, this is clearly demonstrated in the sun of the progress of the salon, or anyone who is interpreting the Quran from his own opinion. Someone gives an opinion that this is what the Quran means. And if it doesn't mean that you are in big trouble you are attributing something to Allah, which Allah did not say or mean. Okay, so what about the Prophet? You can't even attribute a lie to the Prophet, let alone Allah Himself. Okay. So the Prophet said Mankato, Allah Mohammed and Allah paliotta Baba maka Amina, anyone who lies upon me deliberately let him take his place in hellfire. So how should I

03:42:53--> 03:42:53


03:42:55--> 03:43:38

I'm not going to say don't listen to them. I'm not going to say I'm not an extremist like that. Okay, just to know that it made a big distinction between tafsir into the book. Traditionally, the two words were used synonymously, but they have two technical specific meanings. tafsir is meaning you can't play around with the meaning of the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Yeah, you don't touch the meaning. That's the, that's the classical scholars. We understand the Quran with Quran we understand the Quran with the statements of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so on and so forth, as part of the soul of tafsir. Now, there is a difference between the meaning and the top

03:43:38--> 03:43:47

bar when it comes to the double what you doing your, I'm sorry, but what is the double? What does that mean? Baba is pondering over the Quran because Allah tells you

03:43:48--> 03:44:37

do not ponder over the Quran or the locks on their hearts. And what's interesting here is to reflect on the meaning not to change the meaning or add your own meaning, but reflect on the meaning and reflect on in a way that it makes sense to you or applies to your real life, or the implications of the meaning. This, generally speaking, has no right or wrong. This generally speaking, is like an infinite ocean as Allah says in the Quran, if all the trees were pens, and all the oceans were and all the seas were ink, you cannot exhaust the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you have to be very careful. You have to the criteria for the double, there are certain rules, but generally

03:44:37--> 03:44:59

speaking, as long as you find out what the meaning is, according to the tafsir, then you could ponder over the crown. How does this apply to you? How does this apply to contemporary sense? What what how does it How does it affect me? Or what kind of lessons can I learn? So yeah, so sometimes when these brothers talk about the Quran, they don't change the meaning. They just do.

03:45:00--> 03:45:42

Tip number, which is perfectly fine. But there could be some gray areas and then we need to be careful. But that's the general gist of it. Does that make sense for you? Absolutely, brother. So they give the analysis. So should I assume that they can be correct or mature, I think when it comes to that, but if they haven't changed the meaning, and they saying, oh, if they say this can imply, in all current context, X, Y, and Z, and they say, Allah knows best, they're not changing the meaning. They're applying the meaning in our contemporary context. The danger happens heavy, is when they sleep. This verse means this and the meaning they gave to it has no classical president is not

03:45:42--> 03:46:18

in line with the sort of tafsir is not in line with with a hermeneutical tradition, that will be very dangerous, but as long as they stick to the meaning, yeah, and by the way, these meanings as well, they can be multi layered in certain instances, that's why there's differences among amongst them for city you know, certain issues, but from from our perspective, from a layman perspective, just stick to the type of interpretation that you find which is Quran with Quran and Hadith. That's the best approach for you know, as a beginning. Now, when you look at that meaning you find what that meaning is like, right? How does it reflect to me? I for instance, for example,

03:46:19--> 03:46:30

jacoba husana, yaku Bala Salaam, said I complain to my grief about my grief to Allah alone. And then after he says to his son, go look for

03:46:31--> 03:46:59

the use of and his ahi meaning Binyamin, and then he says, Do not give up, do not despair of the life giving Mercy of Allah. Only the kuffar only those who reject the truth, despair, the life giving myself a lot, that's the meaning here. So that's the meaning one of the changes to meaning. Yeah, kupala Islam complained about his grief to Allah. And straightaway he had his vices funds, not to despair of the mercy of Allah. Let's now do turbo, we're not changing the meaning. So

03:47:00--> 03:47:37

if you're in similar grief situations, complain to Allah alone, because he's the only one who could change your affairs and remind other people about his mercy, Allahu Akbar, you that's a number so apply that in your life. Every time I feel grief. Let me complain to Allah raise my hand in Doha to Allah speak to Allah complain to Allah, Allah, Allah, you can rectify my affairs, and you believe that you show your utter dependency to Allah subhana wa to Allah. And then after you go to the load, and you say we have a load that is our rock, man, he has a and what does what's a rock man mean? Three major meanings. It's an intense mercy, it's avoiding over mercy. It's an immediate messy and

03:47:37--> 03:48:23

he's such a powerful mercy that nothing can stop. This is the book, you're applying it to your life now. Do you see my point? Yeah, absolutely. As well as for Dr. asar he's a great scholar. Okay, I'm not saying is perfect. And I don't agree with everything he said. At the same time, do take knowledge from his translation of the Quran because the way I see it is a translation of the Quran and he explains it in the Urdu language for the new audience is simplifies it as for if you want to read a passage of the Quran in the older language then Modi's career is good pain will go on and you should read classical prophecy like the one did by Mr. Lucas here. Also Imam mana Saudi of Dr. mana

03:48:23--> 03:48:46

Saudi his time is toasted has been translated into Urdu and English is the short Tafseer of the Quran is a good place to start to learn the meaning of the Quran according to the authentic sources. Okay, brother, any any Hindi in Hindi translation? Can you refer me of a war on Quran? Quran? I was in Urdu or English, in in Hindi in hindi, hindi.

03:48:47--> 03:48:53

I don't know of any good translation in Hindi. Do you? Do you read or do No brother only English and Hindi?

03:48:54--> 03:49:05

That's a question you might have to ask Indian Muslims, or Indian Muslim scholars, they might be able to recommend a good Hindi translation of the Quran. I can only talk about or to an English

03:49:06--> 03:49:14

concept of God in Hinduism, that doesn't make sense to me. So if I speak to a Hindu guy, what is the best argument I can put up? To have any idea?

03:49:15--> 03:49:20

That's a long question with a long discussion. And a simple question.

03:49:22--> 03:49:59

You see, you start with defining what is God and Who is God? Get the definitions right first, before you start talking to Hindus about who is divine and who is a God. You need to ask them, How do you define God? And once you start defining God, you start to bring it down to the nature of God. Can God do certain things for example, okay? So we when we when we narrow down the definition, and then start to use that definition to judge the deities, the ones they worship, and all of them will fall apart. Every single one of them they will realize Hold on. We've just made these things up. These

03:50:00--> 03:50:16

The mythologies we have believed in for hundreds of years, then they're not even true. And also talk about the authenticity of information there they have received in their minds in the Upanishads and other scriptures, basically, when you talk about them about their religion, they become very aggressive.

03:50:18--> 03:50:19

Then don't talk to them. Tell them

03:50:21--> 03:50:36

the fate of that piece of oranges when you meet made the ignorant child one, yes, sort of a fun you know, he says you say words of peace. The if you look at the language here is also means big, become peaceful, act peacefully.

03:50:38--> 03:51:15

And that's why you have to shift your strategy from talking to good behavior, just to break that kind of remorse and bring that antagonism and slowly you soften the hearts inshallah, just like we mentioned last time, and sort of facilitate what Allah mentioned, one idea that use holistic dour in sort of forces facade first 33, who is better in speech and the one who calls to Allah, how he according to Allah, does righteousness, righteous deeds, it says I'm one of the Muslims verse 33, this often is this thing for and Allah says good and evil are not the same repelled by that which is better in between two people whose hatred, it will tend to intimate friendship a lot. So that's, you

03:51:15--> 03:51:24

know, now you know what to do. Be a person but I need you on that brother. I want to remind everyone that we are raising funds for safety in the studio,

03:51:25--> 03:52:00

and brothers sisters, this organization has done immense work, wonderful work in the last nine months. And we wish to continue we plan to continue with a plan with a robust plan for the next 12 months, and I have addressed that plan already. Part of that plan is training 10,000 Muslims by the use of if you don't mind putting that plan up. There you go. That's our plan for the next 12 months empower and train over 10,000 listeners complete a free book addressing all of the main doubts against Islam. Okay, public your website responding to leading anti Islam website,

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expanding our lighthouse mentoring service, professionally, film 10 free of charge courses and also publish two new books on Islamic thought and proofs of Islam also produce over 60 new videos addressing doubts and providing a strong case for Islam engaging for academic discussions and debates. Start a new podcast. This is what we want to do in the next 12 months. A very realistic and doable plan. The question is, do you want to be part of it? Do you want to be part of it Do you want to help us achieve all this we will do it with your without your brother and sister but it is your responsibility to come in and take full advantage of the reward they're in so you cannot belittle it

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will lie you cannot ignore this this is the month of Ramadan any good deeds done in the month of Ramadan is multiplied 70 times, if not more. In other words, many jewels. And if it's the night of power if it's Laila to cuddle tonight, which is one of the odd nights in the Ramadan and tonight is the 29th nights of Ramadan, the Ramadan you cannot you know imagine the reward we are dealing with there and you're planting seeds these seeds will grow into trees and these trees will bear fruit and we're talking about human trees Allah Akbar these 10,000 Muslims we will train within the next 12 months Believe you me it will happen if we have done it in the last nine months. If we have trained

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Okay, Adam Hassan wants to support the dollar and will donate 100 pounds make da I grew up to be I grew up to propagate that being I mean, you have already grown up

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where the Hamza Do we have a system where people can donate make donations monthly?

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You click on it

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you got your different currencies there is all for those.

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03:56:07--> 03:56:15

so brothers and sisters, I will request your leave brother Hamza, it's time for me too. Exactly how to take care of yourself.

03:56:17--> 03:56:59

I am very very overwhelmed by the support we have received and we can get more inshallah continue to support this brother and sister. Well, except for except from all of you. These were beautiful, exciting, full of love and compassion. 10 appeals we did for Sapiens Institute this summer gone. Please continue to support us, even after Amazon. share the link, even after Amazon, share the website. Tell people to support this great work and become part of it. Join the courses, read our articles, share our content, read the books, and attend the webinars and seminars and all of that watch the videos in sha Allah. Allah bless you all. I request your permission to leave the panic

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03:57:02--> 03:57:07

quiero Coronado Alexa Malecon, whoever, la consola. La he will put up our

03:57:11--> 03:57:22

search? Should we have a look at the Bat again. So what is it you need to do you just click that click the donation amount that you want? Pick the currency you wish to donate in?

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It's basically a service which is for specifically ex Muslims to people that have left Islam because of intellectual spiritual, make this a bit bigger so people on phones can see it.

03:57:55--> 03:58:30

Yeah, so because of intellectual, spiritual, emotional doubts for students or university or college students who are trying to reconcile and Islamic identity with the EU is a big word vicissitudes, vicissitudes of college life, non Muslims as a non Muslim thinking about embracing Islam, but have been succumbed by doubt, leaders, so community leaders, Imams, or activists who deal with people who suffer from doubts and are interested in learning how to better articulate the foundations of Islam in a modern context and do that. So preachers, activists are engaged in the work of sharing Islam, and you can basically book a

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03:58:34--> 03:58:34


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03:58:41--> 03:59:25

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with one of our specialists. This one to one service is critical. Many people have access to books, videos and research. Yet it is not enough for many of them. Human beings need that one to one interaction. It is no wonder that Allah did not only reveal the Quran, but he also sent down the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was an example and he was a guide with this one to one mentoring, we can achieve greater impact and we can achieve long lasting transformations in sha Allah. We need to

04:00:00--> 04:00:47

Think long term. Now is not the time for vanity metrics, we must focus on what is needed. And not only what just looks good. This service is for five main groups of people. Number one, leaders in moms and parents. Number two university students number three non Muslims number for people who are involved in Dawa, and number 5x. Muslims. For leaders in moms and parents. We want to empower them on how to deal with other people's doubts and mentor them on how to articulate the foundations of Islam. In a modern context. For university students, we want to empower them on how to reconcile an Islamic identity with student life. We also want to mentor them on how to deal with any doubts about

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Islam and train them to be able to confidently and academically share the deen. For non Muslims. We want to engage in a conversation to help them remove any doubts they have about embracing Islam and aid them on the intellectual and spiritual journey. For those who are involved in dour. We want to mentor them on how to intellectually and academically share Islam. For x Muslims, we want to engage in a conversation on the sources of the rejection of Islam, and empower them to understand the truth of the faith. Now, you may be thinking, This is amazing. This is one of its kind, yes, it is Alhamdulillah. However, with the minimal marketing we have done, we have been overwhelmed with

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04:02:29--> 04:02:32

Oh, we've lost some time on my own

04:02:33--> 04:02:33

underwear, he's gone.

04:02:35--> 04:03:20

So yeah, everybody, if you haven't already donated please do if you are able to. The link is in the live chat is also in the description. It's also scrolling along the bottom here and pinned on that bit there. So please do that if you are able to. If you cannot donate then please share the link as inshallah this may lead to someone being exposed to the organization who wasn't previously exposed to it. And then donating as a result of you're sharing it and insha Allah, you're sure in any reward from that. We've said multiple times all of the material that we are producing is completely free. And you can get access to that on the Sapiens Institute website, which we'll have a little explore

04:03:20--> 04:03:21

off here.

04:03:23--> 04:03:26

We've lost brother Hamza as well. So

04:03:27--> 04:03:33

I'm a one man band today. It seems as though Yeah, so let's have a look. I'll share my screen

04:03:34--> 04:04:11

as well. So yeah, here's the Sapiens Institute website. There's a lot of material here. So you've got a number of books that have been published, you can get access to but the hamsters book, the divine reality, and the PDF, there is free, as you can download the book, and it's an addition specifically for Sapiens Institute as well. There's also for the Mohammed had jobs book on the scientific deception of the new atheist, which is available to download there, as well. And there is also Dr. of man's Dr. malnati book on being human,

04:04:12--> 04:04:28

which is available to download, as well. Among, obviously, the books, there's also a lot of articles that as the article I've written, there are nihilism, among many others. As you can see, there's plenty of material there. And we are currently in the

04:04:30--> 04:04:33

process of producing more content. So do check that out.

04:04:35--> 04:04:57

And then obviously, we've got the the lighthouse services, which are the things already mentioned helping people currently suffering without inspiring leaders, people who are looking to do Dawa and wanting strategies or help in terms of how best to do that. All of this is provided in the lighthouse mentoring service, as you saw as well. We currently are quite overloaded.

04:04:58--> 04:05:00

So there is a need to explain

04:05:00--> 04:05:33

There as the the next available sessions, unfortunately, a very far away in the future. So the next one that's available is the 22nd of November. So basically what obviously we'd need to do to expand that is to try to look at getting more people involved in the organization that can deal and have the ability to deal with helping people with their doubts, etc. So that's available there as well. So do check out the website in general, there's also a number of webinar courses that get produced. So if you look at

04:05:35--> 04:05:37

watch, there's nothing on there at the moment.

04:05:39--> 04:06:10

I think we've just uploaded them to the the sapience Institute YouTube channel. But basically, I, for example, I did a webinar series that was based on the article. So it's a four part series, which was available for free to watch. And it was later uploaded to Sapiens Institute. And while it was doing well, it was done live on the webinar software that we're using, and the end of you have an opportunity to engage with those. And obviously ask questions, and we can answer them, etc. as well. It's not obviously just me that's doing this as a number of different

04:06:11--> 04:06:49

projects that have been put forward. And insha Allah, we will continue to keep pumping out more and more material. There's a lot of plans in the pipeline. And so there's a lot of exciting things we're looking forward to in the future. So if you haven't already, please do donate. The link, like I said, is in the description below. I'll put it in the chat again, inshallah. And you will be contributing to this service. So now because I'm on my own you'll have to bear with me because I'm kind of trying to manage the comments section and everything else want

04:06:53--> 04:06:53

to have a look.

04:07:01--> 04:07:03

Let me try and message

04:07:04--> 04:07:15

Okay, it's just it Yeah, he's message he's just next to the laboratory with not having technical issues or anything like that. So yeah, if you want to ask your questions, feel free to add them to the comments.

04:07:16--> 04:07:24

For the time being, I'm not guarantee I'm going to be able to answer all your questions on my own, but we'll see what we can do. Salaam Alaikum. Mahmoud Mohammed.

04:07:26--> 04:07:32

You are live oligomer Hello. Can you hear me? underlay? Yes, I can hear you. How are you?

04:07:33--> 04:07:37

I'm okay. I hamdulillah. How you hamdulillah? I'm good. What's your question?

04:07:38--> 04:07:45

Um, my question is, I had a question about a dude. Actually. Yep. And

04:07:46--> 04:07:49

often when we talk about Hadoop, especially in the West,

04:07:50--> 04:08:00

we hear this emotional argument that, for example, you know, the punishments are too, too off putting or is disproportionate to

04:08:01--> 04:08:04

compare compared to the to the crime that's being committed.

04:08:06--> 04:08:09

And I just wanted your take on on this particular

04:08:12--> 04:08:13

particular question.

04:08:14--> 04:08:28

Yeah, good question. So yeah, we generally, the the West likes to sort of put their positions forward as being morally superior. But it can be quite questionable in and of itself. So for example,

04:08:29--> 04:09:16

when someone commits a murder, even a maybe more extreme example, so someone commits homicide, where there's multiple people being killed, or there's a mass, like in America, for example, you have these mass shootings. Now, is it really more just, for example, to take this person and to put them into prison, at the cost of the taxpayer? Keep in mind to put people in prison costs in the excess of hundreds of 1000s of pounds depending on like, what kind of level security prison that they're put into people who mass murderers generally get put into high security prisons which costs a lot of money and so you're expecting the the taxpayer to full count, so X amount hundreds of 1000s of

04:09:16--> 04:09:20

pounds every year, and to put them into prison and leave them there

04:09:21--> 04:09:29

often, Mashallah, we've been rejoined by Buddha Hamza salaam aleikum is often

04:09:30--> 04:09:54

you know, they live in in quite comfortable conditions half of the time, especially more recently, with the advent of human rights and things like that. prisons themselves, you can have games in there, you've got PlayStations, mobile phones, there's all sorts in prison, they're not necessarily living like a super harsh life, for the entirety of the time they're in there.

04:09:55--> 04:09:59

Is that really more just then the

04:10:00--> 04:10:00

capital punishment

04:10:02--> 04:10:03

to save.

04:10:04--> 04:10:14

So this is the question it's like, they, it's mainly it's based on hyper empathy. But empathy itself can go too far in some cases, and

04:10:16--> 04:10:25

they say you can kill with kindness sometimes as well. And yeah, so personally, like, that's the way I approach it is they,

04:10:26--> 04:11:07

they root it in this sort of emotional response, they say, Oh, this is this is scary, if you see it, it looks apparent. That's the whole point. That's the whole function of these kinds of punishments. They're supposed to act in a way that's a deterrent, when you see them, you're not supposed to enjoy it, when you see it, you're supposed to fear it, when you see it, you're supposed to be affected by that experience. And the whole point of this is to instill in the population, an understanding that these kinds of things will not be tolerated. And also, the you have to see the penal punishments in the Islamic tradition as part of the holistic model. Now, if you have a liberal presupposition, and

04:11:07--> 04:11:15

you impose it on a reductionist view in Islam, by reducing Assam to a penal code, then you never allow us to speak for itself.

04:11:16--> 04:11:30

So we have to have integrity to the truth. And we have to realize that Islam is not liberalism, we do advocate a conception of the common good, technically, liberal political theory basically says that the government cannot

04:11:32--> 04:11:47

have a conception of the common good or promoted that much, you have a marketplace, a vacuum of competing values, because that's, that's liberalism, right? It's like negative human rights in a way here.

04:11:49--> 04:11:57

So what so what's important is in Islamic tradition, we have a society that promotes these cohesive values.

04:11:58--> 04:12:12

After that, it puts mechanisms in place to prevent you from committing crime in the first place. So it puts mechanisms in place to prevent you from committing a crime in the first place. After that,

04:12:13--> 04:12:52

if you do commit the crime that the criteria so stringent, it's virtually impossible for you to get caught. And if you do get caught, or if you do go through the court process, and the criteria so difficult, is so stringent, that it's almost impossible for you to have the punishment enacted when you enacted on me, based on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which I'm paraphrasing that it's better to free nine criminals and to inflict the punishment of one innocent person, and so on, and so forth. So when you understand it, from that perspective, it looks is far more holistic. It's far more nuanced. And it's based on a,

04:12:53--> 04:13:32

the, you know, the kind of holistic Islamic model, which is based on ethics, which is based on stringent criteria, and so on, and so forth. And then on top of that, you have Sue to be harsh punishments. Now, the philosophy of crime and punishment from that perspective is more of a deterrent than anything else. So you have to see in context of that, unlike liberal societies, there is a conception of the good life propagated by government and society, there are mechanisms society to prevent crime from happening in the first place, then if something does happen, the criteria are so stringent, that it's almost impossible for you to have the punishment enacted on you. So when you

04:13:32--> 04:13:56

see in that context, it makes a big difference. And I remember once check was speaking to a friend or colleague or whatever it was about the punishment for married adulterers, he gave them all the conditions that can be for pious witnesses, they have to say, they have to have seen it in public. So if you see in private, then you don't evade the witness anymore, because you can't spy on people. And who does that in public anyway? Do you see the point?

04:13:57--> 04:14:06

conditions here for the conditions? and his friend or colleague said something like bloody hell if if they do get punished because of that they deserved it?

04:14:07--> 04:14:28

Because you'd have, you're probably joking by his Yanni, it's almost impossible to get caught. But if you see it in light of all the other kind of layers of society that was talking about how it's connected to ethics, and so on and so forth, you see that it's comprehensive, and it's coherent, and it makes sense.

04:14:30--> 04:14:53

So, yeah, people usually impose a second liberal paradigm on a reductionist view on Islam, meaning they reduce is something it's the penal code, or one, one law. Yeah. And then you have to unpack that by changing the lenses that they have. And once you do that, then at least that appreciate in a different way. I hope that makes sense. You did the juggle off her beautiful answer, brother.

04:15:00--> 04:15:02

Yes if you're mute me your mute

04:15:05--> 04:15:14

sorry. There we go. So it so yeah, we've got some. Let's Let's forget fundraiser now Yeah, yep. Okay. Let me talk to you. How are you?

04:15:15--> 04:15:24

I'm good. You look at you go No, no Ron yourself. Look, I've got a high beam light. I'll make what I'll increase the nor levels.

04:15:27--> 04:15:28

Remote for it

04:15:29--> 04:15:40

somewhere How about you know things going with my hands getting too lonely to cut it so I was wearing this hat as well. I was gonna say Mashallah brilliant looking little hat. Was it a flat cap backwards? Or is it

04:15:42--> 04:15:47

some glorious locks there? Is this actually suppose somebody gave it to me?

04:15:48--> 04:15:48


04:15:50--> 04:15:53

I'm gonna demand the half suborn as well I think. Yeah.

04:16:01--> 04:16:14

Where are you in the world? By the way? You Turkey? So no, your office in the office? Why did I get the impression you were in a different part of the world? No, I was the same place I was the other day when we're doing the stream.

04:16:15--> 04:16:22

Digital. I'm so jetty right now, why you did this, bro? Is it because of the Hey, you come to come and take some of my hair as I'm sure

04:16:25--> 04:16:33

there's enough going around. So balls got a lot to share as well. And he says absolutely glorious at the moment. He's very nice, very nice and thick washed out.

04:16:36--> 04:16:51

So let's you have any questions when he asked you some questions. So where do you see yourself in five years, bro? Me? Yeah. Good question. I don't really know. So that the only kind of thing that got me into this mainly

04:16:52--> 04:16:59

was I finished uni. And then I was like, What do I do now? and philosophy degrees and new Toria Slee.

04:17:00--> 04:17:42

ambiguous, especially when it comes to like trying to build a career from them. And see, I was like, What do I do. And then I wanted to do something meaningful, I wanted to do something that had an impact. Because I'd spent too much time working in call centers and in restaurants and then these other little jobs, and there was nothing really with much omp behind it. You just working for these big companies and representing them like Hello, you through to me today, how can I help you and then you're bearing the brunt of a lot of these complaints are often very trivial dunya sort of problems. And when you resolve them, you don't really feel like you've you've helped someone overcome

04:17:42--> 04:18:00

something huge or anything like that. And so the idea of getting into our the idea of setting up a channel and trying to do something that could help a lot of people that was sort of the main drive for me. And then obviously the opportunity for working with you guys at Sapiens Institute crops up and I jumped straight on that.

04:18:01--> 04:18:11

So I'm not 100% sure, like, I'd like to continue down this road that I'm going on. In short, a lot. I'd like to get involved with Sapiens Institute more and more, if that's possible.

04:18:12--> 04:18:15

And whenever I can, and however I can.

04:18:16--> 04:18:47

And yeah, and that's pretty much the only thing I've had you how do you keep yourself in check, bro? Like, how do you obviously know? When did you commit to assumption 14, right? Yeah. How do you keep yourself in check, you know, people liking you, you a public profile is growing? What do you do? What's your secret? What's your mechanisms? Or what? What have you thought about it? Are you just like naturally humble? I don't know if I'm naturally humble, bro. Maybe I'm gonna hide in my arrogance.

04:18:49--> 04:19:03

But for me, I tried to ignore the compliments. And I tried to take the critiques seriously. So like, when people make the comments and things like that, I'll read them as if they're cutting into something

04:19:05--> 04:19:19

honest or true. And I don't just I really began to hate that whole sort of ignore the haters. Sort of the cliche, YouTube popular. Well, I hear so agree. I remember.

04:19:20--> 04:19:23

You know, you know, shut up the Abdurrahman, Hassan.

04:19:27--> 04:19:30

Um, I hear so many names. I couldn't Yes.

04:19:31--> 04:19:37

Man, Hudson. He, I don't know if he studies now but he was like the mentor of dalaman.

04:19:40--> 04:19:41


04:19:42--> 04:19:59

let me just be very honest, I don't agree with his approach. But he came to the office one day, I think a few years ago, he gave he came to give me his approach on what he thinks you should do in the dour and who you should sit with who you shouldn't. So you know, hopefully I

04:20:00--> 04:20:04

was polite. And I just, you know, tried to respect him as a student of knowledge.

04:20:06--> 04:20:14

I tell you one thing that I learned from him, and I'm giving this example, because it's someone that I don't really share platform with, we just don't really cross paths.

04:20:15--> 04:20:21

But you have to respect everybody. And you have to love everybody. love everyone with Imani, whoever has in mind, you should love them, right.

04:20:24--> 04:21:03

And he taught me something that day. two things. Number one, he said Hamza. He said, something like this a sign of a class to learn from those who criticize you. Right. And the way he said he was very powerful. The other thing he taught me was, he said, You need to focus on more on the kind of wildlife where they will worship the main core of the NVR and link it. But we were doing at that time, we're trying to but his comment when he you know, he needed agitate me, but he was give me the advice. He drastically changed the way we gave our in IRA. And of course, when we're linking it more of a Quranic centric approach, we kept the kind of philosophical arguments, but we tried to, you

04:21:03--> 04:21:43

know, do a little bit more. And that's because of him. Really. He put us even though it now he's someone you know, I don't get involved in this kind of stuff, the salad fees versus the moderate suffered seller fees, if you wanna use that term, and the mother Phillies versus these guys, I don't get involved in that stuff. I don't get involved in any kind of sectarian stuff. But people know what I'm about. And, you know, they know that I don't, I don't really follow the kind of public approach of chef, Abdul Rahman Hassan. But that is to show you that you have to respect everybody, you have to by default, believe everyone is better than you. And you have to, by default, really

04:21:43--> 04:21:54

take the criticism seriously. Because you have to stand in the possibility that what they're saying could drastically improve you. And if you do it for the sake of a lot, then you don't care where it's coming from. So

04:21:55--> 04:22:31

yeah, that's a very interesting story. Because just to echo what you were basically saying about, maybe the critic, you know, don't don't when people say, ignore the hate is no, you should be very conscientious. In actual fact, you should be your best critic. Now, that can be a bit dangerous, because you need people that are eating people who are brave, brave, maybe I don't, I don't if brave is the right word to use, but a little bit more adorable. This is called Bismillah. You need people like that. I'm like that. And I became like that there's so much stuff they've probably done. It hasn't been out there. Because it's like, Is it good enough? You know, what's going on? I know I

04:22:31--> 04:22:41

could improve. It's not the best expression of my work, or I need to spend much more time on it, because it's not there yet. So I get like that as well. A lot.

04:22:42--> 04:22:56

And is difficult. And that's why you probably need like really positive more. I think I'm positive but you need people who are like a bit more risky, I think. And that's why we got Mohammed hijab in the team. Yeah, don't don't get me wrong. He's very, he's very.

04:22:57--> 04:23:29

He's got a son. He wants to do things properly. But he's also like, Hi. laughs Bismillah Yeah, but I suppose like that, because when I first started making videos on YouTube, like I was doing 1020 minute videos, and it would take me weeks to do like a short video, and it was like, the amount of hours recording I would do, just to delete all of it. And re record Li re record Li re record and it was obsessive, and it was headache inducing, and caused a lot of anxiety. And then

04:23:30--> 04:23:45

hamdulillah I managed to get in touch with with a support. And, and he was like, No, no, no, we're gonna do it. One shot, no edits. This is, you know, however it is if there's awkward silences, there's an offer and we leave it in. And

04:23:46--> 04:24:07

I was like, okay, and that was really nerve wracking, but I did it. And funnily enough, it was a longer video, but it took less time to than the shorter videos. I was there. Yeah, there has to be like an 8020 rule. Like you've done enough. I mean, you know, I think mmm Shafi. There's a statement that's been attribute to him a lot of missing him that he checked his work like 40 times or something. And then he realized, like, only the book of Allah is perfect.

04:24:09--> 04:24:20

Yeah, and I know that, you know, bro, after writing a book here, let me tell you something. Hemingway, famous writer, you know, he said about writing. He said, writing is easy. You just go to your typewriter, and you bleed.

04:24:22--> 04:24:49

That's what writing is about, bro. I'm telling you. When I did the first copy of the Divine reality, the editors put something in there that that didn't exist. It was like almost shocking. Like, obviously, you could tell from the context. It was a mistake. And you know, people overlook those things. Even Harry Potter's got about 100 typos. Yeah, but I was like what the hell What did they put that in there? And you get a sense of anxiety and worry and you could go do go do another update and

04:24:50--> 04:24:59

and the whole book process was, I think they gave me great hazmat Yeah, I go gray. Now if I've had that experience, just doing that I say for you, guys.

04:25:02--> 04:25:03

Guys, guys,

04:25:05--> 04:25:08

I think it's a man thing. When I'm talking to my brother. I'll say my mom.

04:25:14--> 04:25:15

We thought weird.

04:25:17--> 04:25:23

So yeah, that is he was a monster. Yeah, it was. It was only supposed to 3500 words. I think when

04:25:25--> 04:25:27

he was 17,000 words, he

04:25:29--> 04:25:34

could write a book right 30,000 words like, Oh, no. Now we'll do a part two inshallah. Maybe Yeah.

04:25:35--> 04:25:41

Maybe we'll get Yes. Oh, I was sorry. I didn't. What was your strategy? My strategy? Yeah.

04:25:43--> 04:25:44

Just you obviously said you don't.

04:25:47--> 04:25:52

You know, you take the critic seriously to see if they've got a perspective. So you could learn and improve is anything else?

04:25:54--> 04:26:04

Yeah, well, I just, I fit. Like when I was younger, and even still now, like, it's still there. I just have to fight it a lot. I was very, very arrogant.

04:26:05--> 04:26:15

And the problem with arrogance is is when you're being arrogant, you don't think you're being arrogant. And and when you you're being arrogant, and you think you're right.

04:26:17--> 04:26:37

You're very certain of yourself. So even when I'm pretty sure I'm in the right. Business, there's still a part of me that's always like, wondering if I am, you know, have I done this properly of high? Should I have done that like in Ramadan alone? So I made a response video to some popular atheist

04:26:39--> 04:27:14

YouTuber, and I did it and I didn't really think too much about it. It was just like, yeah, we'll do it. It'll be nice. We'll have a nice little chat with some brothers and we went on. So that was a good conversation. But maybe it was a bit too heated for the month of Ramadan. And it was getting quite popular quite quickly said it was for my standards. Anyway, it was getting like 7000 views or something like that. And I got some advice for some brothers saying it's probably not the best type of content for the month of Ramadan. Oh, did you put it down? No, I didn't. It's unlisted.

04:27:15--> 04:27:47

It's still on the channel. And then I did another one the other day on a really really controversial topic. Where I've been aware of this video from uni because I was doing watching these things, arguments before by atheists and things like that, because I was having discussions with atheists in uni. And and one of them was on the subject of necrophilia. Oh my god, this is a really disgusting did he did a video in Ramadan and necrophilia. I didn't think bro I didn't think so i think was like you just unscrewed your head for a while and you put it on Yay.

04:27:52--> 04:27:52

It was

04:27:53--> 04:28:06

good. Basically, for those who don't know what necrophilia is, do not Google it. Oh, my gosh, it means dead in Greek philia means love over a friend of his lovers of dead people. Like they have a dead people fetish.

04:28:07--> 04:28:12

Yeah. Are you serious? Like really serious? You did this? Yeah. No.

04:28:14--> 04:28:15

No, no, no, it's not listed.

04:28:16--> 04:28:29

But what it was is the video itself hasn't got anything in there. That's to it. Like she's not trying to say that you should be. Yes ago.

04:28:30--> 04:28:41

responding to an atheist. Yes. Who's promoting necrophilia? not promoting it, per se, but defending against the arguments against necrophilia. So

04:28:43--> 04:28:48

basically, this person went onto Twitter. And apparently left wing Twitter has a problem

04:28:50--> 04:29:10

where they promote all sorts of weird kinks. And it gets really annoying for them. So then they tweet about it and say, you know, you know, left wing to is down the pot when someone's trying to defend this or that. And, and so there was a number of arguments made. And then this person's made a video saying why these arguments fail.

04:29:12--> 04:29:29

See, okay, and then I was giving a response to that with brother of the law and making more kind of atheist atheistic paradigm. Yeah. So she was like a heavy atheistic materialist. And it was all like, she didn't express it explicitly say it in the video.

04:29:31--> 04:29:46

But it was implied in the things she was saying she had this particular notion of identity that's rooted in the body insofar as it's alive. Okay. And so, basically, it was interesting because we were watching it and we were explaining why.

04:29:48--> 04:29:59

If you are a materialist, this becomes a problem. Because these notions of what is right and wrong, end up moving to weird notions of property rights, instead of the whole thing being immoral.

04:30:01--> 04:30:05

And yeah, so. And even now, like I'm mentioning, it feels like I shouldn't have

04:30:07--> 04:30:16

mentioned it to mention that well, principle and this is something that I mentioned this earlier, a key principle in the Dow sector also of dow is you do not.

04:30:18--> 04:30:35

And I think unfortunately, collectively, we're all responsible for this, especially some of the brothers in Hyde Park, bless them. We, you should not revive a shubha or in or introduce a shubha into the public domain, if it's not well known.

04:30:37--> 04:30:39

And that's what we have to be careful about.

04:30:40--> 04:31:07

Now, I remember in Hyde Park, the brother used to debate debate that with the Kermit guys, I don't know what they're called. I think there were black nationalists or something or or I don't remember, but no one knew about them. No one knew them from Adam, as we say, in Britain. Yeah, no one knew them. But because Hyde Park is about debating for the sake of it, they started debating these guys, they create a lot of shubo hot to the point where I think I received an email and I was, I was asked to train them

04:31:08--> 04:31:17

to try and interject or whatever the case may be. I've just blocked someone called Adolf Hitler, by the way, I don't know why they use that name, but they're blocked. Anyway.

04:31:19--> 04:31:45

So yeah, so that's something to keep in mind, obviously, what you're doing is fine, because atheism is predominant. And, but but there's a fine line, sometimes you don't have bring, you don't want to bring in Unless, you know, strategically that dow or that shubha, or the argument is going to be popular in the next few months or years. And you're developing and you're pre empting, the onma to prepare for it. That could be so it's about muster that muscle amasa the benefit outweighs the benefits and the harms there. Yeah. So with

04:31:46--> 04:31:49

that, I'm not saying it's because I'm saying this, so

04:31:50--> 04:32:31

people can know in the audience that this is a very important with sort of the data that you do not bring in into the public domain can doubts and concerns are not known or will not be known. And and usually we only bring those into the domain of the dour, because we just debate for the sake of it. And that's very problematic. But yeah, well, that's quite, it's one of the issues with philosophy. It's like they try to find problems that aren't even there yet. But you know, it's like, and it's often the case, it's the searching for them, the causes of them. And but yeah, so with regards to what we were kind of discussing, it's not a doubt it's not sure the heart. So it's not a problem

04:32:31--> 04:32:56

that people come up with, with regards to Islam. It's more of an atheist shabiha, the materialist shabiha, like if you're an atheist in a patrol, yeah, of course. And so it was interesting, in terms of like, if you're dealing with people, and they are like heavily materialists and heavily atheistic and they've got this sort of materialist notion of identity.

04:32:58--> 04:33:05

This is an interesting problem, often the case that obviously, when you're talking to people they like to bring up you know, the

04:33:06--> 04:33:33

very controversial subjects in Islam. Okay. Mohamed, Salah, salams marriage to HR at the Ella and her, and they, you know, they, they often use these as as ways of causing shughart within the Muslim ummah. And it's just, it's an interesting example to levy backup them, because it's like, well, so how do you then say that this particular thing is more? What it? What do you base your morality on? If it's based in notions of?

04:33:35--> 04:33:37

Well, yeah, that once

04:33:39--> 04:33:40

I think my wife said this,

04:33:41--> 04:33:54

someone came up to her and said, Oh, you probably murdered on your own and start saying stuff like that. When she just turned around, I think she said, yeah, it was brilliant. I think, from what I remember was a while it we said, What age do you want her to be?

04:33:58--> 04:34:07

Because of what I remembered, it just baffled him, because he's going to say, whatever age I say, I would have to try and justify it with my own kind of

04:34:08--> 04:34:48

secular or naturalistic improver justifications. But you can't do that. Because if you see 16 other states in America, say 18, or other places, see, maybe 14 if you've got your parents permission. It's an arbitrary cut. He basically was a way to show that your rulings are arbitrary. All ones have nothing to do with age do with principle and values. Yeah, yeah. That's the age of Ayesha thing. And this is something that I think Sapiens is going to focus on not not particularly issued. Oh, by the way, Sabrina Hussein's saying about chef Alia, we're going to do a part two. Yeah, you know, I reached out to him, we'd be sending voice notes. I've been getting so busy. I've been very rude. I

04:34:48--> 04:35:00

haven't got back to him. I'm going to get back to him because I wanted to do something even bigger. I wanted him to do like a series or something longer this like a long podcast type thing, where he talks about Islamic spirituality from a point of view

04:35:00--> 04:35:01


04:35:02--> 04:35:03


04:35:04--> 04:35:07

have? So did you just put me off there?

04:35:08--> 04:35:21

From from a non Muslim point of view those some non Muslims understand the inner dimensions of Islam from a spiritual point of view. Now why is Allah with your worship? What are the diseases of the heart? how we solve the problems of the diseases of the heart, so on and so forth?

04:35:22--> 04:35:26

Anyway, yes. So instead of just answering questions, we should be able to

04:35:27--> 04:35:54

give people concept, but also learn, teach them to the door swings both ways. So every time someone makes an accusation, they actually expose an ideological and philosophical weakness as well. So for example, this whole age of Ayesha, I don't even think it's an issue. I don't know why people have made it into an issue is because I think we suffer maybe from liberal presuppositions, or I don't know what it is, or some kind of liberal sensitivities. But we have to be very clear.

04:35:55--> 04:36:37

This whole discussion if you study or solo has nothing to do with age, age is really irrelevant. In actual fact, age shows how arbitrary secular law is, because in different countries, the age of consent is different ages. Islam has principles, it's a timeless principle tradition. Are they psychologically fit? Are they physically fit? Is there social acceptance, yes, is the essence of more relativism here is called off the old free customs, right? So if this social acceptance then is valid from this perspective, and there are other kinds of principles, when you put those in place, over time, different times in pieces, the age may fluctuate or change. But at least you should

04:36:37--> 04:36:55

always ensure that they're biologically fit physically fit, spiritually fit and social acceptance. Do you see how powerful that is? I mean, principles are? Yeah, it'd be at the time the person some, it was a different kind of social context. And that was the age

04:36:56--> 04:37:11

for Ayesha Raja and her even when her dad said, Oh, she's ready now go take her kind of thing. There was a social acceptance abubaker rajmohan. So it's got nothing to do with age. And we should just turn the turn the split and not spin

04:37:12--> 04:37:29

the door, swing the door the other way, and get them to realize you guys have the problem now, because your justification is an arbitrary justification is based on some arbitrary age, France has lowered it now recently, they lowered it because of their own social, political

04:37:30--> 04:38:11

customs. Why? Because everyone's like doing naughty things. Young kids are doing naughty things all the time. Right. So in France is the age of consent is getting lower. In other places, it's different age. So the point is, one on arbory tradition, it's timeless values from almost panel. It's odd when you apply to different types of places, you get the best results. So this is some that we need to expose in obviously, with wisdom and hikma and compassion, just to show them, you guys have no, like, you know, you have no moral high ground. Yeah. And we have the divine timeless principles that when you apply them properly, then you always get the best results for society. an

04:38:11--> 04:38:22

age of consent is an example is based on those also the principles you apply different times in place, you're gonna get the best answer, but what about them, they have to change your laws all the time. It's like they make up their God in the morning and they eat him in the evening.

04:38:24--> 04:38:46

But one of the issues is they often it's sort of imposed the way Western laws applied onto the way Sharia is applied. So they hear that Oh, like I showed the allaahu was nine. And then they go from that, Oh, that must mean that the legal age is nine. And that anyone who is the age of nine falls under this category of being

04:38:48--> 04:38:51

idiots. Yeah, let me tell you something, you know that you know, what law he I

04:38:52--> 04:38:56

I'm inclined towards this view, you will find yourself in the Quran.

04:38:58--> 04:39:35

Right? If you're a disgrace, a human being you, the Quran would read that in you and you try and find things that represent that the Quran is like a mirror sometimes. Let me explain in Allah says, There are ambiguous versus unambiguous verses and ambiguous, the unambiguous versus like the foundation of the book, the ambiguous versus people, you know, with sickness in the heart, trying to find some kind of, you know, dodgy interpretation of something. So those type of verses, you would find yourself in those verses in a way because it's a mirror of your own heart is very interesting. One of the right wing guys, he used to like protest against the Muslims and he used to call him now

04:39:35--> 04:39:37

they will lead the process on a pedophile or whatever the case may be.

04:39:38--> 04:39:40

He got caught for pedophilia.

04:39:42--> 04:40:00

Yeah, so it's just it's just a, it's just a projection of him. I'm telling you, and that's why it's very important to understand where your heart is, when you're when you're approaching the text, especially when it comes to these ambiguities because Allah is saying there are ambiguous verses. And those are the sickness in the heart. We try and find a kind of

04:40:00--> 04:40:15

You know, a dodgy interpretation kind of thing. So the Quran is going to read you and you will find yourself in the book. And those kind of people who automatically say, Oh, my God, the age of consent is now nine. Maybe maybe some of them is because they they've got their own issues. Right.

04:40:16--> 04:40:38

And they miss as well that like there is conceivably within the Islamic paradigm, someone who's 18 years of age who's not considered permissible for marriage. Yeah, he talks as excellent as 36. If you apply those principles today, physically fit mentally fit psychological fit, social acceptance, you might get says a six year old, he's not he's not fitting.

04:40:39--> 04:41:24

Exactly. I know there's a bit far fetched, but you get the point. But it's not it's not even that far fetched. I know, so many people like their age 2025, even 30. And they're still like kids. They're still like children, like they, you know that they don't have any serious duty in their life, that there's no serious responsibility. They have no intention of getting married or raising children. They literally just sort of they're doing the same kind of work they did when they were 15 1617. And they're just living for the weekend. Like every week is a pie. Or Well, the end of the week is a pie and the during the week is the build up and the means to achieve the pie. And it's

04:41:24--> 04:41:32

like so Pamela and the things that they're getting up to when they're doing these things is that you can't have kids around you and like you'd be a danger to them.

04:41:34--> 04:41:51

So shout out shout out to perfectly brewed I think it's a husband wife podcast, the both doctor believe Mashallah Tabata cola. And I think they're from Yorkshire. I'm not sure. I think they're saying Yeah, Yorkshire here because I think they think you're from Yorkshire. You're not from Yorkshire. Sorry, I'm from Yorkshire.

04:41:54--> 04:42:01

And I'm a man clap your mic lead. Yeah, North Manchester sound like I'm in Bolton now. So on tip five tip for wit tip baby.

04:42:03--> 04:42:05

whatever you gotta do don't chippy.

04:42:09--> 04:42:13

Right What did you have? What you thought? What did you anyway? What do you have

04:42:15--> 04:42:23

Mashallah, the beautiful cooking of my life. It was like a curry. vegetable curry with the noodles.

04:42:25--> 04:42:29

That's nice. Yeah, it's really good. And then the mango Lassie.

04:42:30--> 04:42:32

Yeah, I think we've been seeing you sipping that

04:42:34--> 04:42:47

down it is that thick though? So it kind of it makes you heavy, doesn't it? Yeah. But then you got to kind of drink more resources a bit more and then some ice cream and some nuts and yeah, I saw on the site

04:42:49--> 04:42:56

where well we were in the office so we had there was like a Turkish there was some haleem which is

04:42:58--> 04:43:07

worse Do we have some some vegetable curry thing ish? was not really a curry but I don't know the names of these things is food is fuel, bro. I saw all

04:43:08--> 04:43:11

kinds of things. Nom Nom, nom. Right.

04:43:14--> 04:43:25

Let's conclude I think. Let's talk about your there's about 226 people on here. So let's talk about what's your channel called? pondering soul.

04:43:27--> 04:43:28

How many subscribers you got?

04:43:30--> 04:43:31

Not that it matters. But um,

04:43:32--> 04:43:51

I think about 8000 something. Alright, so let's let's make it to 2000 more. Everyone go now. Go to pondering soul. And subscribe. Consider being a patron member as well. He does some private sessions. We had an interesting private session the other day, didn't we? We did Masha.

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Allah should have been longer, but you want to check me off. We're gonna have to do I had to run somewhere.

04:43:59--> 04:44:05

It wasn't I would have stayed on that for hours meaning you don't mean I can. You could cheer up 00

04:44:06--> 04:44:07

Britain gift to the GOP.

04:44:10--> 04:44:22

Something I had to go and run to do it. Well, I think my promise my wife had finished at 5am. And I think we were talking until about half past five. Oh, okay. And so I was already getting dirty looks and I'm gonna have to go now.

04:44:23--> 04:44:52

You deserved it. Man, you did exactly that they would get one time so those wondering so guys check some stuff out on their pondering soul by use of condors. So please subscribe to his channel. And look out for his part two essay of naturalism and Islam on the Sapiens Institute channel. So yeah, I mean, I'm gonna call it a day. You're more than welcome to stay if you want. Mr.

04:44:54--> 04:44:59

We've been streaming now for nearly five hours. Yeah, so brothers. This is what we're gonna do.

04:45:00--> 04:45:00


04:45:02--> 04:45:36

obviously we've got our targets that we spoke about that we're going to try and definitely achieve in sha Allah by the willingness of Allah. But we're going to do something more things online that I'm thinking of maybe doing weekly, every Wednesday, maybe like what Youssef did when he shared his screen. And you could put a PowerPoint, sorry, you could put a PowerPoint presentation. And we could take you through free content. Everything's free anyway. But I think maybe the online strategy would be to introduce you to send comms concepts in a deep level, and then tell you to go on to our learning platform where you registered, still free, but to go for a formal course. So I'm really

04:45:36--> 04:45:48

excited about different ways to communicate with you. We've got doing the podcast as well. Let us know, let us know you want to host that. He's, I think he's just got a really good podcast about him.

04:45:49--> 04:45:58

His laid back nurse and his Hello. I get nervous, though. I'm clumsy sometimes and awkward. You might have that they love it, don't they? They love the awkwardness.

04:45:59--> 04:46:16

Well, why realize people love authenticity? You know, obviously, we don't have good o'clock, and other than be the best possible version of ourselves publicly. But if you do that a lot, I think people do see a sense of I'm not saying fakeness but like, does that guy even go to the toilet? Like,

04:46:17--> 04:46:55

does he need to do is injured? He doesn't even shower does he need to shower? He's all squeaky clean, right? And in our world, I think we need a kind of a pious authenticity, if that makes sense. Yeah. Not to say that people are not authentic they are. But authentic to the degree where they see a sense of realness in that person. Like, you know what this guy is really He's like, sing with me in the living room is a really nice guy could connect with this guy. He's not coming across. Like he knows it all. He's not trying to answer all the questions. And he's like, growing like I am. And he's phenomenal. And that's what what people want to see, bro. Do you think sometimes, but sometimes

04:46:55--> 04:47:27

I also get the impression that people want to, like, they kind of because it there's the whole, what's it called when people's image of you feels disconnected from the reality of you, like the big you open this ideal that they make out of you and you don't feel like you can ever sort of live up to it. And I get that a lot where I don't feel like I'm as clever as people sometimes when they comment and things like that think I am. Like, I still feel like a baby in terms of even nihilism, or,

04:47:28--> 04:47:36

like kind of branching into philosophy. I've only got a BA like, I'm not no masters, PhD, like I've wrote a couple of essays.

04:47:38--> 04:47:56

I'm pretty new into it. And it's like, it's quite nerve wracking. Because when people are asking you questions that people often treat duart like Google search engine, they can't be bothered doing the research themselves. And so really, no, you're right, the balance. I think it depends who you are, what age you are, and what part of your journey you're on as well. Like, you know, if someone's like,

04:47:57--> 04:48:12

in the 40s, or 50s, and they've been more accomplished, maybe academically, kind of dour, career wise, for them to start putting the feet on the table and start chipping and running and you know, having a cigar in front of everybody and chilling with them. That's not going to be appropriate. Yeah, for sure.

04:48:13--> 04:48:15

But I think it's about

04:48:17--> 04:48:25

it is there is a balance. I think we live in an age of authenticity. And you see this like for example, who's that famous rugby player Newcastle rugby player who got his name?

04:48:27--> 04:48:29

Not a sports dude.

04:48:30--> 04:48:34

You know that rugby another brother was his name. Does anyone know in the comments? Beautiful brother.

04:48:36--> 04:49:01

The New Zealand rugby player? Oh, yeah, he's um, I see on Twitter. Yeah. What's his name? Sun, Sunny, Sunny jet. Willie Williams. That guy has that natural authentic ability. Yeah, yeah. very lovable. You just you marshmallow preserve him in his family man, that you know that people love that kind of stuff. And I think that's why Mohammed hijab is very popular as well.

04:49:02--> 04:49:27

He's got an interesting sense of authenticity by him. I think he doesn't really care what people think, which is a good trait. Then his him when when he feels he has to be a certain version of yourself, he will do it. And I think people really appreciate that seen on comments on youth like in this is why we love hijab, because it's a sense of authenticity. And obviously, there's balances in this checks and balance we must have as well. Absolutely. I'm just trying to make the overall point that maybe we need to

04:49:29--> 04:49:33

bring it to the public forum, a sense of authenticity.

04:49:35--> 04:50:00

And you know what that really means, bro, that doesn't mean you just have to be you know, a silly little kid or you have to be, you know, say things that just to get people to think that you're normal. No, I know. Authenticity means that you have an integrity to yourself. Meaning that you're not really caring about people's likes and dislikes, and, and, and so on and so forth, that you're not a community. You're not a chameleon.

04:50:00--> 04:50:01

In the dollar, you just you

04:50:02--> 04:50:41

within the context of good etiquette and other but you, you, you put your heart on the table and your mind on the table like this is me. And I'm not going to be affected by your perceptions. Unless is constructive criticism unless you're being a critical friend, but I'm going to be me. Without those filters the filters off what do people expect? How am I going to make them laugh? Hang mega make them happy? What How should I be in this situation just to get more likes, but it's just to me without those kinds of filters or drives. And then when that comes out, people will naturally want to listen, and I want to be close to you. Because I think we all have an internal radar of wanting

04:50:41--> 04:51:01

to connect with authentic people, whatever that means for that person. It doesn't mean someone's like, Oh, just chilled and and but other know, it's a sense of you saw them as they are. Does that make sense? Yeah, there's a danger with it as well. Because sometimes obviously the goal is everyone wants that. You see it, but then it's

04:51:02--> 04:51:35

the humble arrogance. Yes. Well is such a balance that i think you know, when you know you come across humble but then you have in your mind what am I doing this just so that I look humble? Yeah. As one check said about a class he said you're always going to be worried about those things. And being worried about is actually a good sign. So you always then I wonder I go an extra layer deep. Am I worrying about that? Simply so that I can say to myself, so right like yeah, it's like

04:51:37--> 04:51:53

hey, you never stop constantly worrying about practice guys. But May Allah bless every single one of you brothers and sisters This was our last livestream of Ramadan but it's not vemula last livestream of Sapiens Institute does aka here for supporting us every single one of you.

04:51:55--> 04:51:56

Every every

04:51:58--> 04:52:27

everything that you've done everything all you do as all your support, no matter how big or small mal amico extremely heavy, initial dedicated to this cause and everything we said we're going to try to achieve in the next 12 months we will do it inshallah, with the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala any mistakes has come from us or not the shaytaan anything good has come from Allah subhanho wa Taala have a wonderful eat brothers or sisters and we speak to very soon use of final words. Salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Guys, I'm Erica.