Adnan Rashid – Bad Language of Qadiani Prophet Heated Debate

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "immature" and "iosity," against Jesus's use of the word "yoes," and criticize its use. They also discuss a dispute with a Greek apologizer about a woman named Missus Ha reacting to a woman called Missus Qaleed. The segment ends with a quote from a woman named Missus Ha reacting to a woman called Missus Qaleed.
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Those who are insulting the Prophet of Allah. I disproved that I showed him that's not the case. You know why? Because he was using these words against Muslims, who would not accept him as a prophet. So if if a Muslim, if a Muslim comes to him and says we probably don't, he's calling us what can you do? He's calling us what? Children are prostitutes. And that's about to be a problem, because we have so much literature that we cannot reject. Because, again, learn how to be moral. Absolutely not. The Bible is not the source of morality for us, it is for you. Okay, you are being unjust, how first of all, Oh, the Quran talks in jail, which are not the fault of

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a prophet of Allah called someone the prostitutes child. The injeel was not

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behind. No, Bucha No, no, no, the other one did, Musa

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Is he is he praying? Can you call him please?

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Huh? You have him in jail is not the four Gospels. Okay, the Injeel is something and saying you opening a different chapter now. Come back to that cautious to come back to the swear words. For God's brother Abraham, would a prophet of Allah call someone a prostitute child? If if a prophet can say that your dogs and swine? Yes. I don't believe the province controller. I don't believe that. You're now using Bible he's using the Bible to defend Misaki La Mancha. No, no, I'm not give me something.

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Using the Bible as an example. No offense. How do we know Jesus used those words? That you believe okay?

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The word swine, the word swine, the word? The word, the word. Cure what brothers the meaning of swine? Fine. Wait, wait, wait, what word was? What word was used by Jesus? swine? How do you know? It didn't in the Bible? Bible is in English. The one you're reading is in English. What words were used? Why did Jesus Christ what? What words? Did he say that you are translating as wine and and hypocrites and vipers? Tell me? You have no leg to stand on my brother. You don't know he took Jesus gentle. Stop saying I don't know what I'm talking about. You don't because you don't? Because you're claiming, oh, Jesus said something. And I'm challenging you. Greek is not. Jesus did not speak in

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Greek. Jesus did not speak Greek. He did not speak Greek. Whoa, what do you mean? Oh, Jesus did not speak Greek. So you're claiming you're claiming something about a prophet of Allah without knowing what he might have said? So they're going okay. When you take this argument in the context? Yeah. And we don't know what to put Jesus talking about the Holy Prophet. We do. And we don't. I'll tell you why. I'll tell you what, asked me. What's the meaning of product Julius? I'm not even using that. I don't even go to that. I'm talking about other things. So here's to me from the Bible that talks now not when you independent away from the whole point, the point that the point he talks

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about the Holy Prophet beautiful, I have a debate with Samuel Greene in Australia.

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I'm asking him

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to come in and say let me respond. Let me respond. I have a detailed debate on this with Samuel green in Australia. It's their online prophecies about Mohammed in the Bible. Now moving on to the issue of curses against opponents he stopped so he was killing banana, Ibrahim, Ibrahim Ibrahim, no, no, no, you're doing what you're doing. We shouldn't be doing. He claimed that Mirza Malama HUD Guardian he was using these words against those who are insulting the Prophet of Allah. I disproved that I showed him that's not the case. You know, why? Because he was using these words against Muslims, who would not accept him as a prophet. So if if a Muslim if a Muslim comes to him and says

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to him, we have Hadith in Bukhari, which says, Learn about your body. We have a decent a Muslim and Bukhari that Rasul Allah said to Ali, Ali, you are lying to me. Harun was to Musa but there is a prophet after me. Then we have a hadith where the prophet said, Omar would have been up there was a prophet after me it would be Wait,

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wait, let me finish let me so So if if, if we if we are using these evidences to reject him, or his prophet per claim to Prophet dude, he's calling us what can you do Gilad? He's calling us what? Children are prostitutes. And that's supposed to be a prophet. Because we have so much literature that we cannot reject. Because, just like again,

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completely like Howard, right? I'm gonna read the quote again. I'm gonna read the quote again. No, I'm not talking about what he said.

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Anyone who rejects My claim is a child of a prostitute, right? First of all, no, no, do you know do you know? Look at me answer

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What what Brother? Brother? Do you think I'm making this up? Do you think I have the audacity to fit in front of a camera? It's gonna go out to 1000s of people you think I have the audacity to make this out to the camera you show to the camera what you're quoting from okay, I'm you I am quoting from so.

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I'm gonna, I'm gonna show it. I'm gonna. I'm gonna I'm gonna give the crew he's not quoting from the book. Okay, okay not quoting from something else from his auntie website. Okay, wait. All right now. Now what I'm going to do is wait right now what I'm going to do is I'm in response to this. I'm actually going to pull out the scans of the original pages, published by the AMA these you're listening, or just a picture. Take a picture. Yeah, yeah, yeah, these are quotes with references. Take the reference to where when he when he calls people kanji Rigoberta their son of a prostitute. That's Haqiqa till ye Safa. 1514 Rowhani Husain Gil 22 CFR 446 445. Go and check out these

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references. If these references are not true, then I'm guilty. Okay, but don't don't just take it from there. I'm gonna I'm gonna

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I am not denying what

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other no one is saying. So what's the point of showing this on camera? What? If you're not denying your vision Vikings now? Well, okay, let me finish what I'm saying. My God what He

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promised me.

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I'm gonna get

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I was asked to meet Oswald in private. You asked me. I promise broken. You did this to yourself. No, no.

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Come and take a picture of this. I am not worried. What's your take a picture of the Rowhani because I'm here. Yeah. The original book. original book. Is this your is this Ronnie? No, no, no, no, no. I want you to take a picture of this. No, no, I know. Because it's no problem. Okay, that's I was robbed. You put some distance on what you were putting from now. The point I was trying to make. Okay, I'm reading from the original books. No, please. No, no, you because you did this to yourself. Okay.

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Okay, Joe hamari photogra. representing Islam, breaking his promise. Okay, that's all we're Tamati photogra guide nahi hoga. Assaf some judge Vega que Isko wala dual haram Banega shortcut, or analiza donahey Rowhani design. This is our bolo RB declarado I bought it in RB man. You will do me agile, agile Rowhani design. This is the actual scan from the original book Rowhani design or do publish by the AMA published the original. Okay, so it's published by the comedies right? Okay, published by the Amadeus the quote is there anyone who doesn't believe in Morocco Allah Muhammad Qadiani is one of the Haram He is a bastard child. No, no

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