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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a video of a hip hop performance where a hip hop member named Ali Khurana is playing a song called "medianity." The hip hop member discusses his experience with a hip hop member named Ali Khurana and mentions that he is using a certain swagger to convince them to use it. The hip hop member also talks about his experience with a hip hop member named Ali Khurana and mentions that he is using a certain swagger to convince them to use it.
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Muhammad Ali was telling him about identity you know, have you been on Muhammad early he also used Marienbad

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yellow Imam Al Bukhari you will Muslim couldn't be so he and

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many Abbas Ali Allah who and whom I'll call

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this hadith, just to name tomorrow and then this will be over, as I'm sure all everything laid out if everything goes as as we believe it will be, then there'll be a hobby Wednesday night in Charlottetown. And the whole lotto will kind of end until Ramadan is over. There

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are two more Hadith about Ramadan. And this is a description that had been Ibis of the Allahu Anhu is of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, I think is worthy of sharing with you and towards the end of

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as we go as our countdown to Ramadan is ending. So he said, kinda rasool Allah He said Allah Allah He was salam. Ala Judah Nursey Bilhah brother Alia Sato. Sam was the most generous person when it came to height.

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This is just a kind of a blanket statement. You had never seen anyone who was more generous with goodness with whatever whatever he had to offer that was good than the profit out of your stilettos. And then he added on to what kinda Eduardo Mallya Kunal fit on Madonna Hina Luca who Gibreel Ali's and the most generous time for him in the most generous he ever was ALLAH he'll salatu salam was during Ramadan when he saw Gibreel you're wondering what does that mean? So he explains a little bit more well Can a yellow color who Gibreel Calella you lettin P Ramadan? Tyrion says yeah, maybe you saw Allah Allah you earlier Salam, Ali Hill Quran and Gibreel would come to the prophet Ali Asad

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Rehman Ramadan every night. That's not how it was outside of Ramadan. Ramadan it was sporadic it would happen in spontaneously in different times. Ramadan every night to be able to come to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam until Ramadan was over. And the Prophet Allah you saw to someone yeah I don't know either you can Quran in the Prophet Alessandria recite the Quran do this Mia back to you breed Alayhis Salam

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Becca and I said Allah hottie he was salam either lochia who Gibreel fear Ramadan ajua Double Heidi Mina rial masala and during Ramadan when the Prophet Eliot's Austro macmedia breed he was more generous with higher than the sent twins. Now out whenever they want to talk about you know, generosity, they think of certain similes in certain metaphors. And the one that really does is real morcilla Emoto style means that when sent, sent with what sent with clouds that have rained that will bring life because for someone living in the in the desert, that's probably the most valuable thing ever. So in our budget,

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describe the profit how to use AutoSum during Ramadan that whenever in Ramadan, he was more generous with higher than than descent wins. I mean he was giving away whatever he could possibly afford to give away at all times out of your Salah to Assam during Ramadan. Why because that's the time if you want to make if you're wanting to actually count for something if you want to make sure that you are optimizing and capitalizing on a time when any good deed is way more valuable

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outside of that than normal done. There's no better time like if you want to do anything good in Ramadan do it what else are you going to do it because if you want the Agile you're going to do it anyways. Might as well get the most amount of agile possible, do it in Ramadan. Allah slaughter was around when he would just bring out bring the best of himself out during Ramadan. So if he was always the Hadith begin saying he was the most generous person ever. And then Ramadan he was he was way more generous than he ever was. He was just more generous than then send twins. The real model I love I love this description. But Allah Allah Azza wa sallam, it was like a force of nature and of

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His love to us. Right? He's like a force of nature, you just can't stop him. You cannot hold him back. Even he doesn't have a lot doesn't matter doesn't like he'll find something he'll find something to do, you'll find something to give. There's always something to give. That's that's the key point that is always something you can give him. Now Ramadan is the time to do it. Sometimes it's well sometimes just knowledge sometimes it's time. Sometimes it's just a little bit of empathy or compassion, or

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there's all these different things that you can offer people that are very meaningful, you know, you have the ability to offer Ramadan Ramadan, make sure Ramadan you're thinking about because that's how he was ALLAH usato It was like he met Gibreel read the Quran and just, you know, felt the need felt the urge felt the desire felt the motivation just be the best person he could be and to give as much as that's that's the hallmark of a good person, someone who gives and takes less so and with that and Sharla before I forget, and Charlotte is CPSA that was called the Canadian Palestinian Association Shall we have an informal meeting here in the messy we're very honored that they're

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here? It will happen inshallah right there beside the wall. So anyone who'd like to join them? It's brother, I think it might have been Baraka, Luffy who is going to be here in Charlottetown and he'll be able to lead a discussion. You're welcome to join them in sha Allah right after sunnah.

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The good. Okay. Yahweh, my man Buhari you are Muslim coulomb visa. Hey, I'm Emily Ibis. Radi Allahu Anhu Malakal. God

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was seldom urged you are the nurse he will hire. We're gonna educate that Mallya cool fee and I'm Alana Heaney elkaar who Gibreel alayhis salaam wa Khurana Gibreel your Luca who call La La Qin fee Ramadan yeah are you gonna be your son Allah Allah Who early you are selling them Ali Hill Quran? The Quran Allah pseudo Allah He said Allah Allah, He will tell them either lochia who Gibreel roofie Ramadan ajuda Bill Haley missionary Helmore Salah Rasulullah he said Allah, Allah, you are using a certain swagger, you know Allah, you know, he learned to still feel good to Buddhic What's that Allah who was telling him about like, I learned

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every you know, Muhammad, you know, just like he's mean he's like more LatinAmerica