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Paul from Allahu alayhi wa sallam as should you do, Al?

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What should he do? Eyelash Irati What should he do? Allah spot

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Paula Raju, Min l Jiang,

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Paul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to an Allah subhanaw taala Elta. And now we

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wouldn't lose by even with

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in a hadith that is narrated by a scholar of the fifth century he died and for 30 of the hijra, and his name is Abdul Malik had been bestowed on. And in his work as an ally. He narrates this particular idea, and it's a hadith that it's, it's obscure. We don't hear this hadith recited very often. But there's a lot of important meaning in this hadith. And this is narrated from

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Abu Ashati. He said that a man once came to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and asked him, O Messenger of Allah, who are the people of the fire. And so then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he replied, and he said, that you have asked about a matter that is grave, something that is Alvine. And so then the Prophet SAW Selim said, every severe or harsh poverty, and this is a word that is very unique in the Arabic language, you can't translate. And so then the man, he asked, what is the poverty, Messenger of Allah, Allah Hi, buddy. And so then the Prophet sighs LM he defined the car that he is the one who is severe and harsh on their family, and the one who is

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severe and harsh on their kinfolk or their their tribes, the Asherah and the one who has severe on their side their companion. Now, these words here can have different meanings in Arabic, l can also mean one's wife, and Asherah can also mean one's close relatives, their kinfolk is not necessarily the tribe, and the slaw had been referred to one's companion. But in the Quran, it also refers who was liable Bill Zhang, the companion that is, by your side, also meaning your wife. So there are different meanings that can be taken, all of them are considered as valid. But the point of what the Prophet SAW Selim is saying here is the one who is revered, the one who is harsh, they are the

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people of the fact. And this is a warning, it's a stern warning for for those who have a inclination to treat other people harshly, and especially those who are closest or nearest to them. So then the man asked, Who are the people of paradise. And so then the prophets iclm said, of Han Allah, you have asked of a great matter. And then he said, The lies tell him every Bife in was it, every person that is considered as their weak, they might not have a lot of status within the society that they're in, or that they don't have a lot of wealth, and Moosehead it means kalila Mal, the one who doesn't have a lot of money, but it also means that they don't desire it, because they don't possess

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it. That's what a mood hit is. And it comes from the same root as desire head or zoom, which has to do with one whose heart is not attached to the material of this world, that their concern is only with Allah subhanho wa taala. And so we know that the people who are poor that they don't have a lot of wealth, there's a certain advantage that they have, in the sense that it's easier for them to detach, from an attachment to the material wealth, from an attachment to having things, you know, luxuries and things like that. It's actually easier for them. And so if they have an inclination towards turning away from things of the material world, that there is that and that they'll have an

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inclination towards that which is with Allah subhanho wa Taala because the understanding of Zoho one of the meanings of Zeus has to do with the one who is used the Raha of the dunya, that they give up the rest of this world in exchange for the rest of the akhira having a sense of rest or Raha in the Accra, we know our prophets, Isaiah said, Lara, it might mean elaborately that that the believer doesn't get rest in this world until they meet their Lord, meaning that that's the nature of the dunya that we live in. And if we understand the nature of this world that it is please

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thing, and that we continue to strive, we continue to work right towards what is in the AF era that is really encompassing the meaning of the Tsar head. And the moose head is the one who they don't have a lot of wealth for their hearts not attached to these types of things. And so the lessons from this hadith are many, we need to be a people of gentleness, we need to be a people of kindness, we need to be a people that are not severe, or harsh or hard hearted towards other people, and especially those who are closest to us. Those in our households are family members, how often is it that we find people that you know, in public and with people in in public spaces, that they're very

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nice and well spoken and whatnot, but then as soon as they go home, behind closed doors, they become a different individual, and that they become very severe and harsh and hard on their family. And the prophets are sellin is giving a warning in Don't be of those who are harsh, don't be the poverty of the poverty, right, those who are there, they're harsh hearted and severe, that even the word Chedid can mean violence, because violence is not only something which is physical, it can be also emotional, it can be verbal, people can do violence through these things, right. And so it's important for us to be able to understand that lesson so that we don't be of the people of the five,

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but rather, that we want to be of the people of Jana, that are people that are those who have, you know, no attachment to the things of this world. Even if Allah has given you wealth, you hold it in your hands and not in us Allah subhanaw taala and YouTube arlena Jamia Norway, an Imam,

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restaurant, Chiquita Hill and valley and at the end of the law Ando and

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roger and Roger Lowenstein Allah Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam men, hello now that all of us will Allah is Allah Allah Allah, Allah. Allah Now lien will Lucia de de cada de la Cala virtually will no poverty fatherly you ya rasool Allah, allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sad do Allah Holly wash Eddie do Allah Shira Portia de do Allah spa him. Paula la julu men a halogen, Harlan Vu Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, an Allah, Allah, delta and our women even though I even was a law