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The ongoing conflict has caused harm to people and communities, including leaving behind buildings and privacy lost. The normalized behavior of people who don't want to be recognized as "just empty political" is also a problem causing harm to people and communities. The crisis of marriage and lack of intimacy among people, which lead to problems in the future, is also a topic of discussion. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting people's privacy and privacy in order to avoid war and finding a partner to enhance their personal and psychological well-being.

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Mr Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa sallim wa barik ala Nabi you know, have you know Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain are bad.

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They are really ma'am or musetti He was anything Hassanein. And as all the Allahu anhu, God, everything eCollection Muhammad right to us. By saying that I said Ben Malik, with a reasonable generation.

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It's becoming like extremely more and more difficult to actually talk about anything

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else than some of the pictures that are emerging from Rafa on a daily basis, I'm finding it very challenging to,

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to embrace any conflict or engage in a conversation that doesn't, it's very hard to stay distracted from from what's actually occurring there. I don't know how to understand

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what's occurring in the world today. Because the humanitarian crisis, if it wasn't clear, maybe in November, I mean, now as we're talking mid February, there's four months of bombardment of a space that's smaller than London, smaller than London, by the way, like Qatar does is smaller than the City of London, go look it up and look at the actual, you're talking about extremely Imagine if the city was bombed for four months straight. I just think about that. And they have three or four times the population or even more, maybe six, seven times the population. So it's very hard actually, to chat about things. And I feel like we owe it to ourselves to always have topics that we're talking

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about, just so people can feel that they're not caught in this world hole of the negative and difficult images and difficult thoughts. So we, you know, I run different series, and we try to keep people a little bit distracted. But at the same time, we shouldn't be distracted to the point where we go numb, or we stop looking at the top of that issue altogether, we feel like somehow, with the four or five protests that we did, that we've done our part, I don't think that's a reasonable approach to to a conflict that is that is over 70 years old, or 75 years old at this point. So I'm still hoping that our advocacy groups continue to need to advocate and continue to guide the

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community in ways for advocacy. Because this is not the time for it to die off. This time, this issue has not the conflict has not stopped. The volume is is ongoing. It's anything it's becoming more ambitious. There's there's a lot of aftermath, from what from from this conflict and aftermath that I don't think we've taken time to fully absorb and understand. Part of that is that a part of the aftermath that we're looking at now is that they we've normalized, the bombing of hospitals and schools and places where only civilians exist, where I'm not international law, absolutely forbids that type of behavior. And it's been normalized now, because once you do something, once you cross a

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line, and there are no consequences, that law, you shift, you've moved the line. Within your context, you've moved the line. So they've moved the line. Now the line is no longer, you know, goes hospitals and schools and places where it's only suddenly there's not, there's not often they're not off the table for them, they can go ahead and do whatever. And this is a problem. This is a problem because there has to be there has to be something that everyone respects and right now there's there's nothing we're seeing pictures of children that have been on either they're hanging from from fences blown in half, and worst end, and we're still talking about, we're still using political

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jargon and using diplomatic phrases to explain the plan for the next couple of months. And, and to increase the number of and to make sure that we put in our planning is the safety of civilians, and it's an unfortunate casualty of this you can't just empty is empty political language, that means nothing that goes nowhere. That is just something to say when you get asked a question. So you're not sitting there like a like, like, like an imbecile. So you just say things that have no meaning to them, they have no teeth and have no. And that's what basically is happening right now. And somehow it's been accepted worldwide, and it's been normalized. And now we just sit down and watch

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it and we don't you're not like I remember the first time they bombed a hospital, there was a lot of anger. And we thought that that's not going to slide well this lid. And they bombed every other hospital after that. And now there's almost nothing left. And now they're actually going into hospitals and shooting people inside of hospitals and it's become it's become the norm. Same thing goes for schools in areas where we're there should be no conflict. And that's just very upsetting that that's where we are right now. So in case we've come to a point where we want to move on because February is coming to an end and Ramadan is coming in and we want the next summer

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afterwards. I don't think we can afford to think in that mentality. I think we have no choice but to continue. If you're even if you're even if you're not Muslim, or if you just have some humanity in you then you have to in some decency, then you have to continue to see this as an ongoing crisis that requires your your support your advocacy and your your voice in order for it to need to end

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In order for us to at least find some some closure with it and you allow to allow them regardless of all that when he when he said none so Donna says in this hadith that I'm still on the topic of marriage and I'll talk about that for a couple of more for a week or two next, not this Friday, but the Friday after we will start our pre Ramadan sessions. So from February 23, which is not this Friday, but right after everything will be kind of focused on Ramadan, preparation, whatnot. So until then, we'll still run a few things here and there, but once not this Friday, but Friday after begins everything in sha Allah will be focused on building data on Ramadan. And when he said that

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Allahu Akbar Allah can Rasulullah Islam Allah Allah azza wa jal, Morrow, believe it when I need Tibet to Lena Yun Shalida what can they afford? What is our word valued? And where do they fit in the Mocha theodon mbi Oh, Mel Piaba and there are other narrations that you've heard before. But this is the one that I've chosen. And this is the wording for it. When he said it will be Allah who I knew is that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam would command Bilbao Alba is capacity. And that's why I'm reading this hadith. Now for the other piece, I'm gonna reading this to you for this piece, specifically, this wording he would command for you to go and gain the capacity is the capacity to

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get married. That's what it actually means. So he would command people to go and gain the capacity to get married, you wouldn't come out, you'll just get married, because sometimes you're not ready to get married or you don't have the capacity. So marriage is actually going to cause more trouble than you're already in right now. But it will command you to go and gain the capacity for marriage. Go give me the weather that capacity is financial, social, spiritual, psychological, or physical, whatever it is, go gain the capacity so you can do it. Well enhance tobacco and he would command people to not engage in the concept of full abstinence or full celibacy or Tabata where you're going

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to decide because it's unnatural, because it's unnatural. It's unnatural for a human being to live their lives and not look and seek intimacy, intimacy, whether it's psychological and emotional, it's also physical. It's not not just abnormal for you to seek a life with no intimacy at all. So he would command you to go gain capacity so that you could find that because it fulfills a part of you. That's important that is central and crucial you require and he would say on it, you saw it was a Mary Ellen Balu deliver dude, the one that will show you love and the one that will give you a family because I'm hoping to show off the numbers of my own mother the Anbiya on the Day of

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Judgment. Rather Alex doesn't want us to display his own mother Day of Judgment. So marry someone who will show you love and will bring your children that was his advice to us out of his swag to us that I'm in general is a beautiful piece of advice. I hope you find it. You find that beneficial Yahweh Yamamoto people study because everything Hassan

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and unless you know the Allahu Anhu called can Rasulullah sallallahu Moro biloba to Ghana and Tibet to Lena Yun studied and what can I afford Hooters? Oh God, we'll we'll do that. We'll do that for in the Mocha theodon MBA a young multi Masakazu