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Abraham did Allah Akbar Al Amin Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Habibi, now Mohamed Anwar li he also he urged remain or that

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day we continue with the attributes attributes of the prophets of Allah Allah who earlier Sofiya Salam morning we will talk about how do you go so Allah Allah you earlier Solana, do solidarity with a vicar is how he prayed and how he advocated Allah subhanho wa Taala and they come together and I wanted them to be together. So even in my initial you know, planning they were together because they actually fit together and I think it's an appropriate time to maybe review that aspect of his teaching so Allah hottie was like you said them as Allah subhanaw taala says, Nothing is solid, bought off in a hurry was Zula from you know, Lili in AlHassan Urti use Hibben has to

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perform and establish your pair at both ends of the day and parts of the night and deed good deeds will erase bad deeds. Nothing is solid nudo Crescenzi wasafi Layli are fragile. In Quran Al Federica anima Shuda establish your prayer as the sun sets until the middle of the night and then recite the Quran right around for your D the RE citation of Fajr is witnessed. He says Subhana wa Tada Alina Salah to the decree establish your prayer so that you may invocate me through it. And that's why I think they come together because the purpose of Salah at the end is the Dhikr of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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narrates for us the Prophet Allah your salatu salam would commonly and this is the wording that he used would commonly say to be done or the Allahu Anhu below

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salah they will say oh Bilal grant us ease and grant us serenity by making a comma for Salah. The prime value salatu salam truly felt this. It's twice as a it's a little bit of an anthem. Within the Islamic faith. We use it quite commonly but we only we just that's as far as it goes. We just say this is what the prophet Isaiah salatu salam used to say. He was to love Salah it was to find his ease and serenity within it. And then we all go home. And that's the end of the story. But the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who saved Hadith and the necessity were actually met Joe Ada, Paul wrote to irony if your salah and the cool of my eye is is found within sada that's where he finds himself

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out of your salatu salam to find the most ease in his life

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also narrated

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but it would be sent offline and the prophet Ali Asad was gonna is what are they for says God and Nabil Salam I said I'm either Hazaribagh who am Ron Tessa in a Salah. Another Prophet alayhi salatu salam was in a true difficult time has ever who Mr. Meeting is very concerned about something he is he's distressed, he's stressed by something out of your sight or some of the stress he would face or face. Yeah, he would, he would basically run towards Salah and that is where he would go whenever he was having a difficult time Alejo salatu salam, the thing that he would do to relieve his stress, to get rid of the difficulty to be able to deal with it either your Salatu Salam is he will go for

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Salah that Allah is

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this is how he felt about it. This is what Salah was for him. When you go back to the initial teachings of Allah subhanaw taala for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, those first five suitors that were revealed to him within the first couple of days and then six months of basically it no revelation at all. Within those first five years, you have Muslim men who come in Leila Khalil and Noosa who are in post men who kalila and Ozy daddy or aterial delta theta Oh, the one who called as he ran down the mountain cover me and I'm shivering, pray the night, except a little bit of it, half of it, or maybe a bit less, or maybe a bit more, and recite the Quran with beauty. The Prophet

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alayhi salatu salam and spend six to seven hours every night bringing up the Emmeline, please when you come and talk about who and how long it is and the number of records and how much of the profit out of your Serato you have you're not even none of us are even close to what he did out here so we can't even hold a candle not even not even close don't don't ask me it's actually very Don't Don't Don't ask me the number of like, what do you like number of records? Seriously, the rough idea so I thought I'm gonna pray six, seven hours a night we do an hour and a half and people walk out disgruntled like an hour and a half into it that I started being asked if it's our 35 minutes shift

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why it was 125 yesterday Why 135 Can you get a shake we're gonna be a bit quicker with them. They're making 20 Mistakes six seven hours out of your Sato seven nightly for the entirety of his life Allianz Salatu was Salam even in the midst in the midst of Allah ZURB in the midst of

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this what he did so Allah is like you said and who are going to Allah he's I don't know if you meet him at early but either on at your Salah to bomb or get in there yeah it fauna and the Hula, hula did you do amongst us you will be playing with the children he would be talking once Hayao Salah Jaya he gets up as if he doesn't know us.

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He gets taught me what it's like he's not even it's like it's a different

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Person whenever Salah he goes to Salah he's not because he is because he wanted to. It's a difference between having two and wanting to start out with having to but then if you do this right and you do it appropriately it'll time become something different for you because it stops being a burden and becomes something that grants you ease in your life and you can't imagine your life without it. Just shallow what we hope Allah Subhana Allah grant us by the end of Ramadan inshallah Tada

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in the day of revived Muslim, how do you send a widow who would say that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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After died of Inca El Masri goes along Hadith isn't take the first piece of it when we should go and finally left after Oregon after everything that happened is a horrible day after that day, but maybe Lee Yeah, Rafa. Um, he told me get up at Snia Alharbi get up stand behind me in prayer. I want to praise my Lord. He's after already immediately so they're probably audio sermon that night after already told somebody to pray with me. I don't want to pray alone. I want to I want to praise my Lord. But if I woke up and maybe you said Allah, Allah wisdom, so the Prophet stood or woke up tomorrow, and I stood with him, Carla for Stoffel Muslim Munna sofa the Muslims came to be and all

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the people who were there for or had stood behind the Prophet alayhi salatu salam that night and they praised ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and thank Tim are losing no for for everything else. For everything else you don't. They thought differently. But the Allahumma Jemaine and they don't Hadith the Prophet audience thought was certainly stunning isn't sitting in the masjid. And a gentleman would walk into the masjid and pray. And once he was done, he would come to sit with a prophet Ali Asad to sit on his group and he will say it'll GFR suddenly, but in a lump to suddenly go back and pray again, you didn't pray. So the man would go and pray again. It would come back again the

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Prophet audio so I told him to say the same thing to him. Go do it again. Do it again. You come back the second time, go to third time, apply the yellow suit Allahu Allah. He locks in ovelar. So I don't know how to do it any differently. I'm sorry. This is all I know. So we explained to him how the assault was on paella. Ada junto a la sala de vocabulaire though MCRA mltssl Allah Camille Purana Stan Miktek we read the Quran to Moroka Forgive me, had double my inner rakia until you're you're in a state of calmness during record. So bow until you're calm. So every piece of your every every organ, every bone, every muscle, it just stops and you're calm for a moment.

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Right? So none of the

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you know those games where you're turning around and just none of that none of the marathon Olympic Ganni prayers that are, you know, breaking world records and 25 seconds and whatnot. He would he would pray he will do record at that ultimate end, you use that word document and until you find until you're calm, but still, motiva had to still be like Rafi and understand and make sure you're straightening your backup when you stand by your message you have to document in a surge to measure this document in Nigeria, these two messages that Optima in necessity they use the same word next to Jordan calm and then sit and save some communist by some math either electrophysiological kuleana do

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that every locker that you pray, because the gentleman was just kind of going up and quickly and coming back. And that's how you pray if you are a source of value cinematography, I'll let you know and I am no no no one Biba we are Hajikko. You have tested a woman who called yo man Hudson of art in her lab time in Germany, he she if someone had us asked if you had a river in front of your house and every day five times you went and you and you bathed in it, what filth would be left on your body at the end of the day? Because of Yasser Allah He lived by Mandela and he he shaped no he wouldn't have any and it'd be hygiene level will be very high for either because he goes slower to

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homes or certain material but that's how the five prayers do it for you. They purify you, they cleanse you they leave nothing for you. If you do them right. You end your day with no Zulu even if you've sinned during the day, Allah has forgiven them Inshallah, at the end of the day with the salah.

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Say devotee Massoud or the Allahu Anhu once you saw the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam praying for kala

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La Jolla Anna Lee letter B Rasulillah. When he walked into the masjid, he saw the Prophet Allah says I'm praying alone. We told them so he said to myself, I'm going to have this special bond I'm gonna pray with the Prophet Allah usato said I'm alone. So he prayed with the Prophet Allah, Allah to send me and he said, but he was late to help and maybe you had to be me. So I pray with him until I had a very evil intention. That I had a horrible intention for partner we are about good ramen. Where are you? Where you need your tea. So what are you and he's the Imam What are you talking about? You had a bad intention on Hammam tool. And a puma well, maybe your Salah isn't Am I had intention of being

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surrounded and going home and leaving the Prophet it is on the surface to pray alone. Why have they even tells us why are they familiar man How do you also inside your head for lay to mind maybe your Salah exam data Laylat if invested you solely Why don't you see the Prophet Allah is awesome Titus taught us to do the FIFA in Aruba in October. Like for children I showed it always do the fifth so on your page or something nothing more than that you shouldn't go more. Shouldn't be a long prayer. But when it comes to student he didn't teach us to do that.

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I'm I'm gonna rant for a second, just for your own bit. So now

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is not to please people, so nice to train people. If I make a saltwater mug to belong, then you have the right to come and say this is not appropriate. This is not what the Prophet alayhi salam did and I would be wrong if I did so. But if I were to take sunnah and make it and squeeze it into something really quick, just so people can pray and be happy, then I'm actually not doing my job for you. Because sooner is not here to make it easy for you Sunday is to train to teach you if you don't pray that Meister that you pray and pray more. So you actually get some coaching because you're not doing it properly. So for us to cater to the, to the, to the larger group until we have for example, a

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sunnah to make it quick and half an hour, 15 minute you can go that is not healthy. That's not what we're supposed to do. I think it's awesome. didn't do that. He did it in the photos he did the all the time was very clear on that. We don't even debate that, of course and funnel, he make it quick, people have to pray. But sunnah, that's for training purposes, that's so that you increase your closest to Allah. So we're not supposed to make it simple. We're supposed to make it enjoyable. We're supposed to make it something that you can tolerate and work with. But the point of it is that you learn. The point of it is that if you're not used to praying an hour every night, that you learn

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a little bit of how to do that and you stand and it more, it's tiring, and it's a bit more difficult and you're not you learn to stand your ground anyway. That's the point of what we're supposed to do that it's more popular for me to make a Salah that's maybe 45 minutes, it's easier for me to actually read, I can literally I can get you out and 50 No problem. It takes nothing. But that's not what we're supposed to be doing here. We're supposed to actually be training and learning and getting used to standing in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala reciting the Quran because it's sunnah. See, when we don't understand the priorities and understand how Islam actually works, we

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make the wrong decisions. We're not supposed to make it easy for people in sunnah Sunnah the Prophet audience on this hadith shows you example, he has ever stood there, no one told him to. He didn't invite him. This is sunnah he's not praying for you. You can go pray on his own. This is how he preys on a soul to Islam. So John is different. He didn't stand and go on our infomercial and win more I went for a little bit more in Asia, he chastised him and told him if I turn on Auntie Mo, thank you someone who wants to cause fitna Radi Allahu Anhu either been Jebel, one of the one of the mountains of Islam. He was told this by the prophet No, you pray it, he can make it concise. People

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need to go to sleep they have to get get out of here. sunnah is there for training purposes. And we cater to people's needs and we're not actually doing them a favor. We're not teaching anyone. We're not actually getting them. We're not bringing people closer to Allah subhanaw taala So are they if it says that I paid behind the profile of your son he was alone by laughter Khalifa Kurata the URL to your cloud Ami I tend to my guy said he probably read like 110 millimeter Jetson My job was he read 100 They kept on going if I go to Tim will have to Majorca he'll finish the Bacara and then you'll make requests per item of data and Nisa. At that time the Quran was not put in the same

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sequence it was done at the end of his life. It was so odd to me. So I said he'll read like 100 and maybe go like do raquan by Tara, let me just do my job was that 100 kept on going for quality you Tim from

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finishing, you'll make look one guy left after the Hylian run to call to your crush on me. I tend to Majorca Okay, he'll do 100 And you'll make requests for aka anime manga was 100 he finished up to six in one Roca is like six nights after all we are handling Kanaka he's playing out of your soul to a certain like literally a week after oh yeah that takes us he's done doing a world record pilot for them to have been finished. But like I say me I do we have to Subhanallah be at all the mobile Hamdi de Baca and Roku Tari been mean to me. We made Roku and his records are similar to how long it was for him to stay both on modify if I can offer a hope or even middle record he then he stood up and I

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look at him look at him and it was similar to the same timing to massager that they distribute it was similar to

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Roku so I said Motorola Ceylon, you read the Quran it flowed out of him in the amount of rubbish yet in the Quran. Jannetty call Allah Allah who has a local agenda, I hear him under his voice asking Allah for agenda. The reason is that he talks about now I can hear him as I'm seeking refuge in Allah from now, if he goes to an ayah that talks about Allah subhanaw taala here in praising Allah subhana wa Tada. He's enjoying himself. I think it's awesome. This is his joy, he finds he finds peace in it. They've learned the hard way that that's how we did it. Allahu alayhi salatu salam, Aisha Topo will

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refer you to Sophia. Cool, can interview so I sent him your poem or had said I felt Barack Obama who he would pray until his feet there were lines in the openings in his feet because he stood for so long. Of course to be honest with Allah Lima does not have that fear Allah can condemn them because no matter so why are you doing this Allah gave give us forgiven everything for you. He told you word for word in sort of all your sins are forgiven don't think about anymore don't count out as thought was an issue. I found a cool i've done Sakura, do I not be a thankful and grateful servant of Allah if he if he forgave everything should I be grateful of that and show gratitude Salah Hardy was like

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using them throughout the day in him and he shot him in their in their magazine. And they're sealed. The hadith does not have an A chain of narration in the books of Hadith, but it exists in the books of history. The books of Sierra were Hadith of the Allahu anha during

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In the early times of Islam I will tell you it also will help Will you not sleep? Sleep? A BA and that's why it's my boys and men who know me. These are the type of sleepers gone to sleep are behind me I can't afford to sleep anymore so Allah honey CIBJO syndrome and he was telling us in prayer Alia Salatu Salam is even harder to do honey collection you are Muslim by eternity or something or selling your soul? Yes, I'm praying when they go to the Mukunda salata Rasulullah I'm not going to do what not gonna make the mistake that even Mr. Odin Are they for me, I'm just gonna watch him out of your thoughts on prayer but for Salah the Oh Willie lady like a tiny hottie for tiny pray to

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short liquor or to masala by the Houma like our teeny is what he said and this is this is the wording of Muslim rock I take any thought we attain it or we either take any for either taken he very very very, very long to look after. So masala vada, Houma la katine, Kala Minella to formulate any Fabula whom they pray to after that a little bit shorter than one before than two and he counted for quite a few Motala for kinda delicata

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that he did altogether 30 on like, which is what we're doing what we tried to do here because this hadith end at least gives us some authenticity of his of his behavior that we said Allah he's like you said, Robbie, I've been fabulous. Let me it was a young gentleman who, whenever he had time off, or he had time to offer he would go and he was served the Prophet audio source and he was a young man. He would go just do whatever the proper audio so others are needed just to spend time with him. And one night he didn't catch up, meaning after Isha, the prophet hasn't got home before I was actually able to come and tell him that he wanted to do something for him. And he's like, I've

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already made the intention of serving the prophet Ali Asad to Assam. What I'll do is I'll just I'll stay on his doorstep outside and wait for him to wake up for visual or something and I'll go in his will do it for him and go to facial with him. So he said so I sat in front of his doorstep. And I heard him it is awesome. Get up at night for at night for prayer. But if a coma for Salah

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Takara Al Quran, Tessa tiny and then he read the Quran until I fell asleep or stay close to who or who woke up and he was still reading. I feel Monica first. I mean, I took all your poster behind all of the lovely Subhanallah and all the and then he I heard him make recording Subhanallah get all the and then I fell asleep. And I woke up and he's still saying Subhanallah via LogMeIn and then he sent me I love him and Hamidah and you could hear him say it all but I look at him and kill him like a hand like a hand. You say saying that repetitively until I fell asleep, and I woke up again he was still saying look at him, look at him. Look at hamdulillah the Hadith he would wake up on his social

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infrastructure open the door almost step on a robot I said what are you doing here finally I'd also like to say to the SD Mac I'm here to serve you. I want to stay here to take care of you and get your will do and stuff but Allah whom I teach you how those that seriously while you're here before then I'm fine. Suddenly my ship to IBO asked me for whatever you want. And then we'll be I would go and he spent a few days thinking what do I ask him for? Dunya I can ask him for dunya I want to get married but I'm not gonna ask him for that. I need some money I need a house of Allah He lives alone No, I need my as you put on your Salah sudo Allah so I'm gonna ask him what the prophet should be

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asked so Allah is going to imply it so Allah

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Luca Mora taka taka Zildjian Nice to be with you and Jana Carla some nice

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and curvy you asked us a big thing hello hi Euro How about you ask for something different called La se la jolla also know nothing but that Bacala either any other NFC Card because for this to do that helped me by doing a lot of sujood helped me if I'm going to do this for you you have to help me out to make a lot of sujood prostrate a lot pray a lot realize that they can I can I can argue for you to be there because I can't do that if you're not doing it so Allah Allah He was like you said

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it was earlier songs that have in Hadith Yeah. And they're telling me the other one a beautiful comb. Haley I'm Nico was in the Maliki comb. We are very happy the majority calm or higher on Lakhan and tune flippers they have well very well hello lagoon and telco I do work on photography whoo I Napa whom we believe will try not tell you of something that is more beloved to Your most Beloved thing to your Lord is the heaviest thing and your skills, it will grant you the highest status in Jannah is better than spending wealth is better than going in combat against your enemy. Upon Obadiah rasool Allah, Allah the Quran Allah said invocation of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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in Jannah, all acts of worship cease to exist, all them cease to exist except for the heritage site paella, you'll remove this be

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they will continue to perform disappear. And Jana you continue to perform this to be as you enjoy what Allah subhanaw taala has prepared for you. You continue to Say Subhan Allah will be handy he Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar Jalla Jalla Allah. So if your tongue is not used to doing that now, I can't imagine there's going to be a big flip on the Day of Judgment. I think it's something you have to start now in order for you to continue your military ammo item. How do you think and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Rasulillah and so if you're tolerating marqeta Allah Jubilee, new power hula hula boom done privately if someone was on the way on a journey towards Mecca, and he went by a

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mountain called gem done for cada. See you walk quickly. Hi there, Jim Dunn. This is the name of Downton suboptimal for redo

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suboptimal fairly soon those who do very don't make it first will get their first call you are already doing what is what is what is it already doing you've never heard this word before call that you ruin Allah hackathon with those who continue to remember Allah subhanaw taala alot those who remember Allah at all times and male and female, those who continue to remember Allah subhanaw taala have been bustled one of the Sahaba in the collection. I'm giving me the Welcome to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Rasulillah go through to Allah Yasha Islam. There's too much about Islam. This is too confusing. I can't I can't memorize all of this stuff. You're just too many things too

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many I don't know what to do anymore for Dolni Isla che in addition, he can be just one thing to do to hold on to to make it make it to my destination. There's too much going on. He's one of those people who just need a simple Gokarna set and use it for many years. Lisa knew karate can be the killer. memorize these fibers six words MA Yes sir. No, Lisa and Luca Rottman. Be the grill May your tongue continuously be moist in the invocation and remembrance of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada may you always in the moisture obviously, is a figure of speech and metaphor as if when you don't remember Allah subhanho wa Taala you don't invocate Allah you don't do this via your tongue turns dry and

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when you remember Allah subhanaw taala performances Yes, like it's moist with with his remembrance subhanho wa Taala which is what he's trying to explain. So Allah He was like, do some examples again, I won't take time for you. The raw value is what I was saying. How do you think so here? But in Neelu why no Allah will be sometimes I feel a moment of lack of remembrance, but it's still a futile Allah philleo Mimi Tamara Stokes Viola Hawa to boo LA. When I feel a moment of of lack of focus, I ask Allah for forgiveness 100 times does he have 100 sins Allah salatu salam

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in his mind, he does to us he doesn't. The thing is you only you have to your sensitivity really has to increase for you to see sun.

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Your sensitivity as a Muslim has to really increase for you to see sin. If you have if you're not sensitive, you don't see sin. It's hard to see it. I'm fine. I have one or two of them. That's it. I got sensitive enough about a salatu salam would see the lack of wushu on every single rocker that he prayed a sin. If he wasn't behaving perfectly the way he wanted to if he wasn't treating people exactly the way he should let you see that as a sin. The more sensitive you become, the more you see as sinful. And you pray for your in JAMA rTMS should know. Well depends on how sensitive you are the field if that's a sin or not for yourself, did you do pay me later tonight or last night? Well, it

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depends. Are you sensitive? Do you feel that this is something you shouldn't be doing? Those who don't feel that don't feel to synodal they don't care what the profit it is some level of sensitivity was so high that the smallest little variation that he wasn't doing things exactly the way he should perfectly the way they shouldn't be done. He felt it was sinful. So you'd ask Allah for forgiveness. So yes, he felt he has sinned, even though technically he didn't. But because this level of sensitivity had with Allah subhanaw was so high that the smallest variation was meaningful to him. He didn't want to be anything less than the best he could be for Allah. But many of us don't

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have that so we don't You don't take us too far. For what it is one second I already made it so far for it miskeen Allah make us tough hard for the fact that you don't know what to make it so far for. Right if you're like I don't know what to make is too far for make us too far for that because that on its own is almost Ciba if you don't feel that you're sinful it makes make make this difficult ask for forgiveness for the fact that you have failed to see that you're sinful that you're not doing exactly what you should do that you've lost your sensitivity to the point that you don't feel you Oh Allah subhanaw taala more than what you're doing

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that's why he would do this only and that's why he'll do his stuff all the time. And another Hadith the prophet Isaiah will say it will tell him what Musa Allah do look at this and and tell me the I do look, I can zoom in closer and I want to give you a treasure from Jana. Something that you buy in a cooler hola hola. Quwata illa biLlah is Allah your thoughts? I'm killing attorney for FIFA Tony Agha Lisa nice to eat attorney Phil Nisa and you Habib attorney, Rahman Subhan Allah he will be handy he's so behind Allah and I think two words that easy on the tongue, their beloved to Allah, they're heavy in the skills say subhanallah behind DISA. pilotlight? I think due to 100 times a day.

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What does it take? Two minutes, not even two minutes. I just counted I must borrow something. The other electronic ones we can put them on a pinkie just count better than your wedding ring Allah Subhanallah MD Subhan Allah Allah Allah Subhanallah just something something you have in your skills on the Day of Judgment. You will say Ali Asad was born with decree in Allah and he's telling me that the best word ever said in other in other Aluma Oh, hi Omar pull to a call and maybe you will. I mean, probably the best thing I've ever said in the interview and all the prophets before me have ever said you know, in number, make sure you do it 100 times at least today. What's what is that

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going to take from you? I'll end with this hadith and the Imam telling me the wave and carb came to the Prophet Alia Sato Sam Yeah, said Yasser Allah. Allah Allah, Allah can in Salah it. How much do I make out of all the invocations I do a day. By the way, I'm Muslim without a word. I don't know how to get high on listing without a word would it survives, you have to have a good you have to have a certain amount of invocation daily, a certain amount. I'm not saying you have to have you know 1000s have a couple of 100 today that you adhere to that you'll never

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Leave that you never drop just as some still photo 100, Delila 100 Solea and maybe Ali usado Sam say subhanallah Gandhi semana do something you can't you can't afford not to do something throughout the day, commit yourself to a small amount of invocation as you drive in the car as you're driving How much do you spend? What 40 Maybe 45 minutes, maybe more just commuting, just do stuff for the whole time or do some form of before you lie in bed before you go do an invocation until you fall asleep some things have something so lame and God came to the Prophet Allah You're so awesome. You said you also Allah, I do my invocation. I want to know how much should I make of Salah lmdb for you like

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Salah Alec, Papa mush it up. Whatever you want to call it. I know like a robot. How about fourth quarter sorry, look, I'm actually doing it differently. That's good. And if you want to do more, it's quite far and useful. How about half of my time Salah Alec, I'm actually that's good Wednesday. If you do more, it's better because I know like to say about two thirds, but I'm not sure. When is it ever higher. If you do more, it's better. But you also know that I don't like a celebrity cola just to hold my whole invocation Salah Alex Fatah, Eden took him mock or you'll follow them book and if you do that, then your stress will be removed and relieved and your sins will be forgiven. So

00:26:13--> 00:26:33

Allah My name is Iris I'm How do you decide? And that's his head. Yeah, that's his teachings out of your souls and in Salah and in vocation May Allah subhanahu grant us the ability to follow in his footsteps how they will have you become Salah li Salalah Allah you earlier Samuel Salam Subhan Allah behind the Shinola Illa, halen TestoFuel to Waco some Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad in early was like we just means like Milan and Barcelona. Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.