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Jumuah Khutbah at the Green Lane Masjid on June 9, 2017.

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And then handed in that Hina Meadow who when a stain or when a stock hero

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when I will do we let him in surely and fusina women's safety at the La Nina

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Mayor de la have moved in Lola woman del Farah de la

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y shadow Ella ilaha illallah wa la sharika lah

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y shadow. Mohamed Anam do who are Sulu Salaam wa Salatu was salam o and e amudha.

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If we were to look at

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the Quran and the Sunnah,

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we'll find that both of those sources are replete with an abundant amount of verses and a hadith.

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that tell us about the virtues of Kryon as a result of the field of lies, which in

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many, many I act and a hadith

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that clearly indicate to the Muslim

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that there are a lot of virtues and a lot of rewards for the person who as a Muslim, he finds himself crying,

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crying as a result of desiring what Allah has prepared and stored for the believers, the punishment of Allah, the anger of Allah.

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There are too many examples Quran and the Sunnah.

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prophets Allah, why do you send him describe some people and he said that there are some people with their heart so like a EDA tool, a tool will tell you

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the hearts of like the hearts of birds, meaning that they're very heavy, very light. And it's easy for them to cries easy for them to be impacted. He looks at his situation, and he has a lot to cry about. So he cries as a result of that.

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He told us in that Hades, there are seven people will be shaded under a lot of shade on the day in which there will be no shade, which is a tremendous reward. You only can do big things to get that reward. You're not going to be a person from the riffraff and the miscreants getting that tremendous reward being shaded. Under laws thrown yomo piano you got to be doing some big stuff. One of those seven people is the person who he cried as a result of the fee of Allah. It's not something everybody can do.

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As for the Quran, many examples, Allah told us about some of the non Muslims of Unruh keytab non Muslims, non Muslims, not people from the companions Ridwan why

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they were not Muslims from the hood and the nesara

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during the time of the Prophet sallallahu it was setting them and even now up until now and after today they are going to come people from those groups that a lot described in the Quran, Tara you know whom to feed him in a dump him out of a minion haka. yaku, Luna robina, manna, * Cubana Masha he did. He told the story of those a rookie tab and he said from them, you will see their eyes shedding tears as a result of what they know is from the truth from the Lord. So they say Oh Allah we believe so record us and write us down as those people will bear witness now Muslims

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in the month of Ramadan right now, and some of us have not cried. And we have a lot to cry about. As the Prophet says sallallahu Sallam a few people knew what I knew. You will laugh less and you'll cry more. The person in the blessed month of Ramadan is on social network social media, looking at videos of people laughing playing around watching movies of some of the famous comedians from the Arabs, famous comedians from our culture from America from here from the Asian culture from Africans, you know, the Joker's the Joker's who are from the handiwork in the inside of the sheep barn in the month of Ramadan. So you find it difficult to cry hasn't cried yet. And half of Ramadan

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is almost gone is the 14th day of fasting.

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And it's as if some of us are sure that the Ramadan that we're doing, it has been accepted. And we don't consider just one issue this one issue.

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When the Prophet used to break his fast some of the law while he was sending me toward us, from his Sudanese to say that have a Dhamma what till later rock with agile insha Allah the thirst has dissipated that God when we eat in our days at that event and we're drinking our water

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The third step today is left us. And our things have become moist because we broke out fast. And the reward has been established in sha Allah. Because you don't know, at the end of each and every day when you make that door, and you get the two happinesses that the Prophet talked about sell a lot, he was selling them a happiness as a result of breaking it fast and is over. And then a happiness yo piano, when you make that door, no one here can say for sure. My reward has been established today. Maybe I fast this whole day, half of the month, the whole month, and I didn't get anything from the reward because of something that I'm doing and something that I'm not doing, or a plethora of things

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that I'm doing or prefer things that I'm not doing with agile inshallah. So the people don't cry.

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If we looked at our Nabi sallallahu, it was sending them throughout the duration of his life. He cried for a lot of reasons, not 1-234-567-8910 a lot of reasons. And most of the reasons that he cried for not all of them, because he cry for issues that we'll only procure to him, the Netherlands that a law bestowed upon him. Those are not present anymore. But the vast majority of reasons why he cried. They're in our lives right now. And we have every reason to cry over those issues, following his sooner and also because it's just natural, natural. The nature is the way Allah has created the people so not to life living a colonial cover, is the suit of Allah that went with the people before

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it's natural. And if you're not doing it, if we're not doing it, there is something wrong.

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He used to cry. Have a Rama and his own Rahmatullah Mati he part of being a Muslim gotta have Rama.

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The companion Amma ribbon allows read the Align who said

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they were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu what who suddenly started reading the Quran, sort of Ibrahim. When Allah told us the story about Ibrahim and Ibrahim said to allies with Jarrah be in Atlanta kathira min anass Oh, my lord Allah, these idols that the people are worshipping my time, these idols they have caused a lot of people to go astray. Abraham was saying that to his Lord, telling his Lord about the reality in the condition of his people that Allah knows best about.

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And then he read to them. What he said no, Miriam said another, another nibi

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is in the Quran. He mentioned in the boom for in Noam rabada. We're in touch with him for inika antilla xizhou Hakeem Allah, if you punish my community, they are your service is up to you. And if you forgive them, then you are definitely Li Z's capable and lacking or wise. When the Prophet read those I add to the people. So a lot he was setting them. He raised his hand and he said Allahumma, Almighty Almighty, oh my lord, my community, my community.

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So we as Muslims, look at our community, this metallus lamb. We look internationally, we look nationally, we look locally. We look right here in this area right here. Our home is in trouble.

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Our mind has problems.

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We see the Arabs of our oma as an example and don't become fixated with the Arabs and the problem of Qatar. We see some of the leading Arab communities on part of our Ummah, being able to unite against their brother,

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but not being able to unite against our common enemy. I don't have to mention the common enemy. Everybody here we lived all of our Islam knowing the common enemy. I don't have to mention to you the name is so well known, but we can't unite. How are we going to deal with them?

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These issues that are going on in our country right now with this bomb and that bombing law, save us from this fitna. The Muslims become very ready and willing to stand in solidarity with the non Muslims and that's okay. We're going to be tolerant with the non Muslims. Nice, okay. But when it comes to being tolerant with your brother, who doesn't see it that way, you see, he's not from your tribe. He's not from your Masjid, no tolerance. That's our ummah.

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But where is the crying when we're praying for turn are we and other than that, where is all of that crying?

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One of the reasons that cause the prophet to crying so Lola who it was settled him from

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These many reasons is if it comes a companion, whether it was relative or regular companion, a member of the community, if they became sick, if they died, if they were buried, he would cry sallallahu alayhi wa it was cellular, and there were so many examples. If they became sick, like his boy Ibrahim's getting sick. his companion side Bader was sick, many cases, he would go visit that person, and he would cry. He took his boy sallallahu it was sending them and he smelled this boy, and he hugged his boy, after I met him and he came in. He said, we saw him doing that. Smoked his son, and he held his son and squeezed his son. And he started crying and the people left.

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Even outside, jasola you're crying.

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And they left. He came back in, they came back in and the boy had died because he was struggling to live up to that man even outside yaroslava you're crying? He said, Yes. The I shed tears and the heart it becomes sad. But we only say that which pleases our Lord. sick people side they've been bad. His friend from his community. His brain starts to bleed his brain starts to bleed. He gets news of that brother friend in the hospital, no crying, no issues, no problem.

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He saw a lot while he was sending them heard the news of the death of his daughter foom Zayn and he crying profusely. He cried. His uncle Hamza jab Filipina Vitaly, all of them, were people who were his relatives. But it didn't stop there. They sabich died, he cried Salalah while he was sending him abdulai but why people from his community cry sallallahu alayhi wa sallam without the law. And those reasons are present with us relatives who have died, close friends with dying, people we know who are sick people from our community in Iraq, the orphans who are there in Syria. All of this drama that Muslims have to deal with in the month of Ramadan and outside of the month of Ramadan. But

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there are no tears coming from our own mind during the month of Ramadan.

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For problems a problem the person who sits there, he has to say what has happened to me

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is what happened to Benny and surah l the same thing that's happened to many of us. Hello tadamichi and fumar kosaku boohooman badie vatika he killed he Jara to shut the car sweating. Their hearts became hard became hard after that became like rocks even worse than rocks even harder. Because the things they used to do.

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Those of us who have been to some of the beautiful places in this world, like

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in Canada, they have the Niagara Falls, they call it one of the seven wonders of the world. Lake Victoria over there in Africa over there. beautiful places. We go and we look at it we marvel at what we're seeing. And Benny Adam says, Wow, Whoa, look at this. Oh snap. This is real nice. When in fact, this is just an idea that even the rock shares tears as a result of the fee of Eliza Jelena Command of Allah. But the person the month of Ramadan, half of it is gone. He didn't cry once once. Once, not one time, he has to look retros into himself, look within himself introspectively and say, Have I been afflicted with a disease of my heart? One of the worst disease

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ficolo be him Morocco. azada Houma la humara la and their hearts there is a disease and align crysta disease many disease, disease of arrogance, the disease of fear. The disease of wiswell is the disease of doubt, meaning diseases, but one of the worst disease is to have a heart that has caused a heart that is rough and tough,

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rough and tough. A heart that has no Rama. When the nebby sola Selim was asked about

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your crying, he said yes, so Rama, Rama

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when that bedwin saw him kissing hassling Hussein, the bedroom said we don't kiss our children. The Prophet said to that man Southern law while he was selling our um liquor liquor, and nessa Allahumma calbee kurama I can't help it. That a lot to grandma out of your heart, that you don't have Rama for your children. You don't have Rama for the week, the old press. You don't have Rama but you don't have Robin in your heart. You can look at a person during the month of Ramadan

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On and still not give sedans and still looking with googly eyes like you're crazy. You're crazy and he's crazy. You can't say to yourself a Hey, the doing is Ramadan. Let me relax myself and pump my brakes. Because this thing is real and ain't no joke. It ain't no joke. From the reasons why he cries a lot while he was sending them and they're present right now with us is the salaat and the recitation of the Quran.

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The companion Abdullah isn't sure here. He said, I came to the Prophet while he was praying Salalah what he was selling for summit to LA Whoa, a zero margin. I heard from him what he called a zero and Mirage in the Azir. And Laura Gil, is the sound that sounds like this.

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Doing a slot doing this prick. The containers used to stand behind him, and they can hear that Salalah while he was

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doing the prayer, doing the recitation of the Quran, Abdullah Abdullah sprue said that the Navy said in the famous Hadith sallallahu wasallam read reread should I read it to you I'd also love as a revealed upon you I love to hear from other than me. I'm delighted in my own not in Tara we're not in can not in Juma not in federal after person woke up he got good life A new day to free his soul. He got a new chance to make Toba new brand spanking new chance. So he's pumped up, he's fired up. He comes to the masjid and he is affected by the opportunity by the Quran, the ambience, all of that wasn't like that. He was just sitting there. And the man of the lobby must oh man lobby people

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started reading the Quran. He came to me is sort of nice at Russellville. I said stop, he stopped. He looked up, he said and lo and behold His eyes were shedding tears

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in our community in the blessing month of Ramadan right now, speaking to myself, first. Those people from my family members who are listening from all over wherever they may be, and I'm speaking to you directly to your heart, in your eyes in your mind. monka Ramadan, there are those of us who have not cried at all. There are those of us who were waiting for the 27th of Ramadan to cry. So as the 27th Kids close, some of us lose count of the days. So you trace it out to the Asia. The man looks over and says Is it the 27th tonight? The person says no. He says okay, I'm out of here. I'm leaving. I'm gonna come back on the 27th I make tearaway and I cry on that night.

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There's the person from amongst us. He's crying and hamdulillah. Even the one who only cries on the 2700. But don't wait into that time to cry. But it's better than not crying at all.

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There are those of us who 14 days of listening to the Columbia Law.

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And he didn't cry yet.

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But when we make the long dwad keynote, and many times what's being said is from what people come up with, and that's okay. Sometimes what's being said is *can, Clifford and other messages at the minute and the time of day, Ah, that's when the community breaks down. But when we hear the kadem of a lot,

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so we all have to say to ourselves, what's going on, I have to say to myself, why is it this the month of Ramadan? Why is it that I'm not crying? And I know this is what the Prophet used to do so a lot he was settled. And Abu Bakar and Omar and earth men and Allie, and they used to cry for many reasons. When they accused our mother, he showed up the law of the to settle if of doing something she didn't do the wave of the bottom of the NBN the Rasul Salatu was salam wa de him committing Zina behind his back with one of his companions were from the OD of Allah. And the people have the nerve to say that. She said, I cried for a month. I cry so much that my kidneys dried up, couldn't cry

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anymore. I was just making a sound, but the water the liquid, I was all cried out, dried up.

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And some people can cry, no matter what happens. They can make themselves cry. If they lose their mother, their father, their baby, it doesn't harm them nothing. Because individually has one of the worst diseases. A heart that is hard, can't cry, especially from the dhikr of Allah for waiting for waiting for the car car to Hulu boohooman decorilla woe unto those people

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who their hearts become hard as a result of listening to Allah calamity.

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Vicar you give them the see ha, yeah he tequila he becomes holy and rough nasty upset even more Korans recitation doesn't mean too much to him. As for the believer, the real believer who works on himself who he understands as we all understand, like the day palm tree, the man goes up and down when day like this one day like that. One day, the water, the shore, the water comes up, and then it goes back out his night and his day, up and down. It's not always the same handle and those companions aboubaker jasola when we're with you, our man is really high, because you remind us of a law and all of this and all of that, but when you go away and we're by ourselves, our man comes

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down, we're dealing with our families when we go to work the dounia

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he told him if you're a man can stay up high like when you're with me, you'll be able to shake hands with the melodica when I can see what Sarah is like this up and downs back and forth. So the believer, he has to make Jihad enough's, make efforts in jihad against his heart against that shape, fun, who has put the run over the heart, for many reasons, many reasons. A lot mentioned about the Quran, Allah who nessa is another Hadith keytab and Muta. shabbiha, Messiah Nia, Tasha Roman, who julu the lady Nia, shoulder a bow. Allah has sent down the best speech, a book that resembles itself the eye at the sores, they resemble each other. And they are oft repeated, they are repeating

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themselves over and over. The very skin of those people, when they read it correctly. Hear it collect correctly, the believers, they get goosebumps goosebumps. Boobs Come on their skin, because they are afraid of

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Allah punishment when they hear the vicar. they desire allies,

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when they read about and hear what a lot bestowed upon for them, put in the agenda. As for the individual who he always complains, he never finds it in his heart to forgive. He never finds it in his heart, his demeanor to smile. He can't say I'm sorry. He can't say it's stuck to the law. He can't do all of that. Then this one is definitely touched. We say that in America for someone who acts up. You have a child he's acting up, we say about that child, relax, relax, he's touched, touched. They mean like maybe shaytaan touched them. The person is touched dead heart. So I want to advise you and there are many things we could tell you. How can we kill the heart heart? There many

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things to say. But looking at the time, if I'm seeing it correctly, I'm going to just give you two inshallah.

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Number one is when in the month of Ramadan, we're trying to do more. This one is carrying around and Miss swag that he normally doesn't carry around. But in the month of Ramadan, he's found that sooner that one over there breaks is fast on dates only a few days and that's all that he comes in praise. He doesn't normally do that. This one over there has given more coffee sabini lay this one over there is in the first row and that one over there is attending Jimmy normally doesn't attend Juma and that one is doing that and isn't doing that and she's doing this everybody's doing new stuff. We're praying taraweeh we're doing more stuff new stuff, even. I'm gonna memorize the do all this

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stuff far. I don't know. I made my goal and objective. I'm going to memorize in the month of Ramadan. So everyone's doing new things, more things. I want to add one of those things. You want to soften your heart, then go to the graveyard today. Not because it's Friday, but because I'm advising you today and you remember, not because it's Friday, not because it's that eat, go to the graveyard today. When the Prophet went to his mother's grave sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Mecca when he conquered Mecca, she was anonymous and he went to a grave and he sat at a grave. The Companions came and they found him crying. He told them I asked a lot allow me to visit her grave sorry allow me to

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visit grief.

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Later on, he told the people in Medina sallallahu alayhi wasallam that had come to hate to come means era till four zero half an hour to the Kira Campbell ashira what

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I used to tell you people in the beginning of Assam don't go to the graves. But now I'm telling you go to the graves and visit the grave for Vernon remind you of the hereafter and it will cause your heart to become soft.

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Now if you can follow a janessa Furby when Emma but the Heidi mentioned anything about a janessa

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hadebe said, Go to the grave, just go to the grave, you and your family. And one of the best times to do it is out to South rasa. Because the time it takes to get from your house to the grave, at the hospital. By the time you get there and you sit there, you look at this stuff and you're contemplating you and your children, you and your wife. By the time you come back, it's almost time for Mother's Day. So that whole issue saves you time. staying off of social media saves you time, listening to music, saves you time. Kido Carla, Kevin Heba, all that stuff. Go to the grave, it is one of the best remedies for killing our heart that is hard.

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Another advice that I will give you and as I mentioned it, honey, there are many

00:25:47--> 00:25:55

during the month of Ramadan and doing new things or doing things that we didn't do good before, but we're doing more in Ramadan is important.

00:25:56--> 00:26:04

If you fall into this, it can kill your heart. And that is the contracts that we have made.

00:26:06--> 00:26:53

Take care of those contracts. The ones you've been lollygagging about, you borrow money from a man and you still owe him money. You've been on the money for a minute now. You came into a contract with someone, you made a promise to someone you made an agreement, the rent, whatever it is, whatever contract you married, the wife, whatever her dowry, whatever, whatever, any promise, any agreement that you need, and you're not taking care of it. Take care of those contracts now in the month of Ramadan if you don't do it now. Allahu Allah, will it ever get done? Look what Allah said happened to Benny Ezra eel for Bhima Shakti him effetto Nana now machala Pooh, bah home kharsia

00:26:54--> 00:27:01

because they broke their contracts and agreements, we cursed them, and we cause their hearts to become hard.

00:27:02--> 00:27:17

So one of the reasons that people have hard hearts are the contracts that we don't live up to. And there are many, many, between our family members between each other, there is a contract that we made of a lot in the law shuttle, meaning that

00:27:20--> 00:27:35

Allah has made a contract with the believers, he purchased from them, their lives and their money, and they'll get the agenda. That's the laws contract. Now we have to get a law, his rights now outside of the bargain, what's outside of the bargain.

00:27:36--> 00:28:20

Don't make chicken with him makes a lot worshiping the way he wants love is profit, father's profit, love your brother, be easy with your brother, respect your relatives, all of that all of that contract with the law. Not to mention those contracts that I told you about Benny Adam, the rent, the debt, this that the student loan, all of that stuff, try to satisfy that in the month of Ramadan. And we got a contract as well acquainting in this country as well. We have civic duties that we signed up for universal international laws accepted by everybody. Take care of those contracts. Apolo Cody how that was stuck for a lot Lee welcome. When us Allah to Allah, you know, he

00:28:20--> 00:28:21

akumina you hibou yoruba

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and hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Tonight, inshallah we'll mention a few more of these issues before the q&a session at the taraweeh. But I want to end this hook by in 60 seconds by telling you what I told you before trying to accomplish something in this month of Ramadan

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in Ellis land, if someone asks you by Allah for something, the prophet said, so I love what he was saying, Let him give it to you. If he asked you a Can you take me to London, please? You say no, I'm going to London man, because I'm going to the grade after it's no problem. But if the person sets you ask you by Allah By Allah, can you take me to London? And you have the ability to do it because of your Eman belaire and making the vehm of Allah in your heart in your mind. You take them to London, because the guy asked you about Allah. He said, you know, Miriam said Bukhari, so a man stealing, he said, Did you still the man said I swear by Allah who there's no God worthy of worship

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but him I didn't still be several Millennium said, I believe in Allah and I disbelieve my eyes and he knew the man stole but he made takim of Allah. I'm not gonna ask you to take me to London. I'm not gonna steal from you and say, You know what, why I didn't steal and expect you to believe me. I'm going to ask you for what's easy in the neck as the Hatim today as your brother. I'm asking all of you in this question who have the ability I asked you about Allah each and every

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be one of you on this day to donate generously to this message today, on this special day of Juma do what you have the ability to do normally you walk out the door, no problem, and you're planning on giving that money somewhere else. I'm Lila. I'm asking you about a lot to give sadaqa FISA be related to this mystery of where we're at right now, in the hopes that the Allahu taala it is a de Lille is a proof on our behalf that we believe in Allah. For those of you who can do that, do that. We asked a level tada to save us from the sicknesses of the heart, the sickness of having hard hearts, hearts without hearts that don't have your king. We asked a little toddler to protect us and

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save us from arrogance, and to make us of those people truthful and wording deep and to establish us firmly upon the tab in the authentic sooner this prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Akin Salah your hammock moolah.