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Chapter 3: Not Regarding the Polytheists to be Disbelievers.

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Mila Han Rahim hamdulillah Hampton Cathedral and will play even Mubarak and feet. Also the lotto la he was sent mo Allah and that'd be you know, meanwhile, early he was having a Jemaine while Adam and Thomas secondly, Sunita, he will send in Yomi Dini from battle,

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calm and most certainly for Rahim o Tana, and not to fadeth minnewanka Islam, Carl Mendham UK Phil mushrikeen. Out Shakopee kufri him out Saha myth hebbal the third

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nullifier from the 10, nullifies of Islam that were mentioned in this book is The not that the individual who does not consider he does not deem

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the polytheist as being polytheist He doesn't say that the people should or Mr. Kane says that they believe is there from the people that agenda

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or the individual who doubts their coffee and they shake

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and the third one

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is he says that their way is okay. That they have never had a religion what they believe is so heinous, okay.

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shekel Islam rapper to Lai LA and mentioned in this third NACA, it is as if he's living in this society right now. I don't know what the situation was back then. But he must have mentioned this to address something that was apparent Avaya that was apparent back then. But it's as if he's living right now. 2018 we find many people connect themselves to LSM falling into this not where they're quiet quite a few people you'll be surprised at how many they are. They don't say that the machete King are now Muslims. They have doubt as to whether they are now Muslims. And that's not a characteristic of a believer, especially an issue like this. A lot describe the meaning in the Quran

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he said and normal me Nolan levena am in LA he was Sunni. He from lm era taboo. Verily the believers are those people who they believe in Allah and His messenger and they don't have any doubt about any aspect of the religion. No doubt of Allah no doubt about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you'll know kiama agenda not was heartless Bartel people have doubt. And this is one of the things many people doubt.

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So when it comes to this issue of people who don't embrace and accept the non Muslims as being non Muslims, especially during our time, there are quite a few people who say that the Masada and the whole, the Christians and the Jews, are our brothers in faith in that they're going to go to agenda and there are different categories of people say that one group of people, they say that because they heard they read the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu was sending them in a fecal Muna fluorine, when he criticized some of the companions who are making things a bit difficult on other people, may Allah be pleased with them. He says some of you run the people away from the religion. You pray too

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long. You're too tough. You're too rough. He said that about my new job burrata man who who prayed a long time on the people. So some people given down today they say, we don't want to offend non Muslims. non Muslims are offended by that name, Kathy mushrik. they translate as being infidel. So they say when you use that word, you're being offensive. So this person says we're going to call them not Muslims yet. So whenever you talk about a non Muslim you don't call them a cafe or emotionally. This person calls from a non Muslim yet. We heard and we read in the Koran, words like meaning McKean, Muslim mean, Mozart became slightly mean Salim faggoty wintery mean, we heard those.

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We never heard we never read a category of people called not Muslims yet. So we have to go and give some data to the non Muslims yet and whoever told you that they're going to ever become Muslims. They're called kuffar a commercial recall. And that is not a word or description in Arabic own religion, where we are putting people down. Another group of those people are those people who make it. We'll attempt we'll in this one keep repeating to you although these are from the no aka developers fan. Everyone who falls into it doesn't necessarily become a cafe. The guy is making down a line in the environment that we're living in got to be politically correct. You are very careful

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what you say.

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So if you say something that's offensive, they'll say you're preaching hate. So we'll call them the non Muslims yet so

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He's making an effort not to do something that's going to cause dour and Islamic problems. So we're going to put them outside of Islam and say that this not that applies to him. Or the second group, people will make it we'll from the Quran, they use the Quran. And as a result of that, they have doubt, as a result of that they don't say that they confer although this position is wrong, and I know quite a few imams will have this opinion back in America with this group called the American Muslim mission. And if anybody has connected to those brothers, this is one of the main things you have to give Dawa, to that community about African American Muslims from this group of people,

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because a lot of other problems fall into the realm of via worship. When one of them dies, the non Muslims come to the mosque, and they're allowed to pray. So lots of janaza because they don't see them as being non Muslims. But it's because of that we'll have the Quran explanation as wrong of the Quran in the Latina M and we'll let Dina handle one Lazzara wasabi in him and I'm in a bit now when the

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fella whom agito whom Indira be him when I hopefully I lay him when I was alone, as Allah mentioned in the Quran, Verily, those people were the meaning the believers, and those people with Jews, and those people were Christians, and those people were the sabihin. Anyone who believes in London last daily does righteous works, he's going to get his reward with the law, and they won't be afraid, nor will they be sad. So that person reads that is by itself, he doesn't have a lot of knowledge. And he says, look, Allah said, the believers, the Jews and the Christians and the sabihin Society on the tips, the call Allah had differences of opinion, who are they Some said they are a group from the

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Christians say a group from the Jews, some say that group from the modules pointing, they were included in that equation. So like clearly stated in that if they will get their reward with the Lord, and they won't be afraid you'll know piano so the person reads that. But then I say to him, yes, if you read that by yourself as a new revert, you read that, as a newly practicing Muslim who was born and raised in Islam, you can possibly understand that Allah is talking about the Jews and the Christians. But you have to go back to the tip. See, if you can as a revert, just come and pop up and open up the Quran and start reading, if that have some problems where they seem to conflict

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or they're not clear, can just come and give you see it. You have to go back to see what the rhythm of it to see if set in is like this. And all of them unanimously said this is talking about the Jews who came before the Prophet sallallaahu send them the Christians who came before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Not every Jew, not every Christian. So the point is, the person makes that position. I don't think they're kafar you know who then Asara because of the ayat B is said he may tell we'll and again, we don't make tech fear and everybody who falls into things because he may have made a mistake, and gave a wrong interpretation of a particular thing. Like Allah mentioned in

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the Quran about Iblees and the melodica. With kanalen Mela equitas to do the AD FS said you do like a breeze. Remember when we said to them, and I bow down to Adam, and they all bow down to set a breeze. So some people have the opinion it bleeds was from the melodica based on that, if he bleeds is from the melodica. And he refused to bow down. So uses the Koran to support what he's saying. And you could understand that, but we're gonna say no, that's the wrong interpretation, just like the other is the wrong interpretation about the Jews and the Christians being believers. You have to look at other Ayat of the Quran. Can I mean Elgin for foster care and imray? Another irlr said he

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was from the jinn. And he went away and didn't obey his Lord and agenne were created from the smokeless fire. The maniacal were created from norm, and the men that don't have the ability to disobey Allah. So you bring those I get to the person who say you can't just take one ayah by itself. So the point here is, there are those people who say that the annual keytab are not kuffar, not mushrikeen because they're trying to do the right thing. They may, Will. And then we have the third group. The third group of those people have extreme ink doings. People are not reading the Quran at all. They don't know Islam. They don't know that Islam is a priceless commodity that Allah

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gave to people, it's anathema. And it's not open for distribution by every backer in Zeidman and nursing. Slam is not your property to that degree. When you put in Islam who you want to take out a slam who you want not like that. Slam and the law is no fees

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Religion is, and it's important. So these people based upon their ignorance, they just don't accept. They're our brothers in humanity. God is not a mean God, Allah has mercy and this and that. So everybody's going to go to jail and so forth. So on know, if the person doesn't like that, and he knows what he's saying, then he goes outside of the DNA analyzer job. And we have a lot of these liberal thinking people today.

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Quilliam foundation and people who are on that understanding level Islam, Muslim lady can marry a non Muslim man, all of this stuff, that they have the basics of the religion or not comprehended by quite a few of these people. So one individual falls into that. Then what happens is he goes outside of this religion of Islam Sonata for many reasons. One reason is as we mentioned, attack fear and putting people outside of the religion excommunicating them is not for everybody. It is a hokum. shuttering is for a lot, and one of the groups of people that allowed me to feed off or the machinery came from anarchy tab, and from the nesara and there are too many ayat and too many a

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hadith for the Muslim to be in doubt about an issue like that. It is what the scholar said. well known in the religion by necessity ma Lumina Deen Dora, the Bedouin guy who can't read and write knows that that brand spanking new Muslim came to Islam three days ago, he knows I left coffee when I came into Islam. People would like me to three days ago and cover Muslims and today I'm with the Muslims and like the Muslims, the lady knows that the man knows that the little kid knows that someone's going to come down and say no, they're not non Muslims with all of those are yet so so hook them shuttering. Allah has given this hokum and his wagon ladson follow the pine everybody to

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make to fear of who allowed me to fear of being he him directly. If Allah did that, if I did that, the Prophet did that sound a lot he was sending. Another is too many. There's too many. Allah said about them in the Quran. Catherine levena carlu in LA LA Hola, merci. Prabhu Maria. Verily,

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look at the language look at Kapha very clearly. They have disbelieved. Those people who say, Isa, and we may see is the son of Allah. So Allah says that Kufa and you come and say no, they're not kuffaar

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Nakata for a living in a condo in Allaha Sabbath that I said, 10 they have disbelieved. They are kufr those who say that Allah is one of three that Trinity allowed me to Viva that makes it but it's not true. To many I

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gotta tell you hold Rosita boo la Wakata nesara Anima Si, la Colombe fyp you di una cola levena macabre him, Kotaku and they call it baramulla Balam or badman, dueling La La him is the Jew say, Rosetta is the son of Allah. The Christians say Allah msca resemble money is the son of Allah. That is a statement that comes from the mouths directly. They are competing with those who disbelieved before

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those who disbelieve they're competing with them with the statement of conference should Allah subhanaw taala send me they be destroyed based upon what they're saying. And then the next ISF, they took the pressingly amongst as low as along with a lot of comfort a shake and the person comes and says no, we buddy here memorize certain beginner and the livina kathal rumina lil ki Tabby welding machinery kena Moon 14 had to humble beginner So allow me to fear he said that the mystery code seals Hindus agnostics, atheists people worship this worship that there are mushrikeen those who disbelieve from the mystery key and Admiral Keita. We talked about how can I be non Muslims and

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allies stablish that throughout the Quran and the Prophet throughout the pseudonym sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there is a honey like again in Surat Al begginer and levena Castle Rahman Al Kitab. We should be king de la de janela Cali Dena Abba de la ecohome Chateau Berea those people disbelieve from anarchy tab in the machine, they will be in the Hellfire forever. And then the ISS. They are the wave burst of the creation shutter in Berea and you come you say now they're in general. They were the Muslims. Allah said that they are shutting Berea the worst of creation and you can say no

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Then agenda. So there are just too many iottie waiting for the copy of Ellis lamb and the article and like gave him an intellect is to read the basics of Islam to clearly see show and indicate improve Al Kitab kuffaar and if it doesn't make clear of them then he becomes like them like they Shiva and well our barraba manga lo hoomin come for woman whom anybody who chooses to be with them

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chooses to be down with them then you're from them. So if you don't make took fear of them then you're from them you become a non Muslim as a result of that. As a result of that. You mentioned another tremendous iron, the iron marva the slam they call it the iron of jizya the jizya caught you live in LA you know live in LA he will

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fight those people

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who do not believe in Allah and they don't believe in the last day and I believe us well are you hurry Mona Maha Rama la hora su lo and they don't make her on what a lot is messaging me haraam

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Willa Dena demon hoc and they do not practice the religion of truth. Mina levena O'Toole kita keytab from those people were given the book, Jews and Christians had to get in the room until they give you the disease as protection. Muslims they pay jizya now this is clean is replete with aspects of the eye that clearly show they don't believe in a lot. They don't believe in the last day not a lot a lot they don't believe in and they don't believe in the last day the way the Quran and the Sunnah described it. They don't make halau haram haram halau in Al Islam. In addition to that, as the ayah clearly said, they don't practice a follow the Dean of the real religion, the religion something

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else. As for the Sunnah for had difficult to many I had the Hadees incidents. He told the people so long, why do you sell them there is not a single Jewish person, or Christian person, he hears about me, and then he doesn't believe in me. And then he dies in that state, except he's going to go to the hellfire.

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Mr. Kane with the Torah, reading some pages from the Torah, the book of the Jews.

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He saw him and he said, Are you weak? Are you in doubt now? I'm with the whole weekend. NT Abdullah hapa Are you in doubt now? What do you read in a book for you read the NIV Torah four. He said I swear by law when living fcbd. If my brother Moosa was here and you people follow musar and you left me, then you will go straight.

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Because the prophets religion sallallahu Sallam abrogated, musos religion abrogated. He says religion abrogated the agenda of everybody the sabihin and everybody Other than that, so the tech field one is made here and this individual who's fallen into this not knowing what he's doing. Now, the issue about this not but from the nuwakot of Islam is you can be a real Muslim. You can't be a real Muslim. Until you disbelieve in everything that is worship other than a lot.

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Everything that people worship or they take as worship other than a lot you're not a believer until you say what they're doing is wrong and they're wrong. And you really believe in that you either love it. You can't be a real Muslim until you do that.

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A lot commandment in the Quran that we shall follow the Minda our Fabi Brahim, Posada Kala for Tabby milliliter, Ibrahim hanifa mccannon Milam, Mr. King, say Allah told the truth. So when people read the Quran and at the end of the Quran, they want to stop they say sadaqa lo la V, we say Yes, sir the Pahlavi but don't say that when you're completing reading the Quran, because it's an innovation, just like saying Juma mubaraka. If this was from the religion was something that brings us closer to Elijah, gentlemen, it should be done. Prophet Mohammed would have told us about his son in law who said, I mean, it's not a case of making the religion hard. No, it's a case of that new revert, you

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can respect this and appreciate it. Hey, revert, it can't just take the Quran and open up the Quran and just read it out on your own and come to conclusions and tell us all our lives. Our mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, great grandma's great grandfather's. All of them No, Andrew keytab in the whole fight, some of them can't read and write our people. We know that and he you come new, reverting you telling us and we'll keep tabs on Muslims in general.

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And it's right for you to take that position. But now he takes a position that can shoot and he says by you saying Juma Mubarak, did you proceed there in a month from the Senate for that issue. I need to figure that out on a date, and we

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Why is it okay for you to be liberal in the religion? But what the revert is doing is that okay? This is what I find crazy about our double standards.

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The people who don't care or they don't like aspects of the senate because it's not in the America, they didn't know about it. So they have animosity towards that thing. They get upset when they don't know when they get mad. They don't want you to innovate, innovate it, introducing the religion something although what you're doing it from the center, they just don't know it. So they think you're introducing something new, they get mad. But then they turn around and they introduce things in their religion and their own meaning it's okay for them. No, everybody is equal across the board. So Ibrahim, you have to follow his Miller. He was Hanif and he wasn't from the machinery keen wasn't

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from the machinery cane. So what did Ibrahim do?

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Abraham mcweeny being Hanif and being in the middle of that he wasn't being an online. Part of his Islam was to free himself from his people and what they were worshiping. He just didn't hang out with them. I'm a Muslim, and you guys are non Muslims. I'm okay. You okay, let's just you know, hang out No, allow the time I mentioned in the Quran Carnot the Chrome OS watton has an atom. Ebrahim when levena mount with Kali Tomi him in bura min Kuma metabolome in de la cafaro become well better been in our been acumen I doubt we'll ever have had to lay wider you people have in Ebrahim a perfect example. And Ebrahim is an example for the Muslim ummah. Abraham is an example for Jewish

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people raise them up. Abraham was an example for Christians who raise them up all three of these p all three of these groups. You haven't he brought him a perfect example. When he and those people were believers along with them said to their people, we're not Muslims, we are free from you. And we're free from what you worship, along with Allah. And we disbelieve in you, and there has appeared between us and you animosity and enmity until you worship other than what you're worshiping.

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You can't be in the middle of Ibrahim without taking that position. That doesn't mean to be nasty. antisocial doesn't mean that we don't buy into multiculturalism doesn't mean we don't want to integrate Prophet Mohammed lived with non Muslims sallallahu wasallam in Medina

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don't get the issues confused or conflated, but as it relates to religion, you have to let the Jewish person the Christian person to see the agnostic Yeah, let everybody know. Let go Dino comb. Walia, Dean. You can't just exist like that. Let them know doesn't mean nasty doesn't mean that at all doesn't mean that you can't be sociable and tolerant you can't be respectful and respectable towards your non Muslim relatives co workers doesn't mean that but you got to make it known people around you who can't mix in to the melting pot like that.

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A lot told us a lot who it was set them tell us an authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim. So he Muslim men Kala La ilaha illallah wa Kapha Bhima Yura burjuman dunlea he huruma Moto, who would demo Who? What he saboo out of line to Allah. Anyone who says La ilaha illa Allah and he disbelieves in what is being worshipped along with Allah, then his blood and his money become Haram. And then his his admin is recommended is with a lot. If you make some mistake, then his blood may get shed. If he does a mistake and he loses someone's money, destroy someone's money. We may take his money from him as a result of that. But he said that he lied a lot and disbelieved in everything that's worship

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along with a lot. Now he's a Muslim, that's the point not a Muslim. If you don't do that, you're not a Muslim if you don't do that, in the Quran, Surah Baqarah Louboutin, I mentioned for me yuck forbid taboo to deny further distances setubal urawa to bootha, lampi Samana anyone who disbelieves in the boot and he believes in Allah has a disbelieve in the towel what's the double deal with that more in detail next week inshallah. But the thought is any and everything that's worshipped along with a lot he's calling 14 happy with it. As for the one who's not calling today, he's not happy with it, we don't say is a toggle. He said, Marian is not a toggle to chumps is not a tugboat, a monkey. These

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things that people worship, they're not calling to it, they're not happy with it. But the human beings who make themselves Gods Emperor is all that kind of stuff. People who make manufacture Gods statues, things like that. So the idea they said, anyone who disbelieves in the topcoat

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He believes in Allah. So it's funny. When it comes to a coffee table, this one even traveled, it implies that you have to have both, that you hate that thing that's being worshipped. And the people were worshipping it, there's a baggage to it, that you have both in them that you believe in has to be left it has to be abandoned is not permissible. It's not okay for people to do that particular thing. You have to free yourself from them in it. And also, there has to be some a dour, like Ibrahim said, by the brain and our building a common adapter to wall Bob Bob. There has appeared between us in you enmity and animosity,

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enmity and animosity but I have to make this clear, I have to make this clear. enmity and animosity means you don't placate and you don't acquiesce and smooth over aspects of coffee by people or parent, there's a new movie out in America, called Black Panther. Black Panther is a movie that they made from those Marvel comic books, Captain America discipline in that one. So African Americans always struggling trying to find their place in the world. So they made a movie, all black cast producers, all of that big issue in America big debate, this discussion. All right, the movie Black Panther, the theme of Black Panther, part of that stuff is okay. They're in a country that's in

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Africa. And they're in control, but they're connected to the ancestors. And this is what happens with a lot of our Muslim brothers and sisters who are not grounded in aqeedah. We are proud to be where we are from and who we are not apologizing for that for anyone. But Africans, many times are emotionally cold. And part of the religion of non Muslim Africans is a connection to the ancestors. I can't be acquiescing in a placate. I gotta go see black panthers, I gotta go see Black Panthers. Amen. And people are talking about the dead people from the ancestors answering prayers, you being able to connect with them. When you're afraid when something is going to happen. Call on and make do

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on make devotion to the ancestors. So the meaning of having conference tavole is not being mean and nasty to people but making it clear. making it clear. You have a friend who are past stated, you have a friend left this religion and you're close to the child for an example. And you love the child child has nothing to do with the past ation of the plant. Are you going to continue to say Oh good, yes. Okay. We know. You gotta draw the line in the sand. But that doesn't mean any I'm not saying by any stretch of the imagination. Be nasty to people. No, Abraham, totally his people who still disbelieve there has appeared between us and you animosity.

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And allies that kind of luck on us. Watson has Ana de Brahim. You people have a perfect example in Abraham. So some of you have relatives who curse the companions. Some of you have relatives who are on ship can be really bad. Some of you have relatives who are really some of those people outside of Islam because some of that stuff that they do. Now I respect and I understand you have to take care of the ties of relationship and manage fitna. But this thing about acting like everything is cookie crunching call with relatives and people doing magic and all kinds of nonsense. Got to take a position. And I'm not judging. I'm just saying. This is why we started in the no aka Vollis land

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from the mudjacking as well honey is this issue of and voila, will Bara. Ibrahim, if you're a Muslim Hanif, you have to separate yourself from coffin ship. We told you the definition of Al Islam. One of the components is an Bara two minute ship,

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that you have to free yourself from shiftiness people can't just be a Muslim. You have to free yourself from ship and the people have a ship and if you don't have this one, our Bora there's some problems with your Amen. Because Allah mentioned to me is concerning that. He told the Muslims here. Yeah, you are living in Amman.

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Juana Olia in it's taboo for an Amen. Oh you believe who you believe. Oh, you who believe. Do not take your father's and your brothers as Oh yeah. If they love and prefer coffee over email.

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Your mother, your father, your relatives, they want coffee over email. And we have too many examples with the companions that are one way and am how they fought against their fathers, their brothers and uncles and their sons to establish

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kenema have a tauheed

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how those companions rub the lower

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edge My name used to tell their mothers I don't care you commit suicide 100 times if you want. I'm not going to leave my religion that come Dino Come with me a dean. So in order to be a Muslim there has to be this thing about Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah. Well, bara laget meenal caffine ODM and many, many of Allah Delica Felisa Milan ye she just don't do the, with these people. How are we going to this is an amazing thing was going on in Palestine, in Syria in these other places. We want to get money from the Muslims, we need money from the Muslims. So we get tired because, you know, we've been asked so many times, give money, give money, give money, so we're tired.

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We get tired, so we don't want to give money it's Ramadan, or this issue of Syria. But when it comes to these now Muslims will bend over backwards do everything to be politically correct and defend their feelings and I'm all about not offending people but not to the degree we bring been the religion or defend them are about what they do. They don't like it.

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And a lot criticize the Menaka King for that in the Quran. That is the way of the monaca keep trying to be over here and over here, but with a lot of sensitivity to making them feel okay. in tune, Jaya dealt him and when Phil hired the form and you judge a loved one who Akiyama among your kunaal even more killer. Here you people are told you are the ones who used to defend them in the dunya always worried always defending them, our brothers their agenda. They have a religious book, they say that you defended them, who's going to defend them Yokoyama with allies with gela, who's going to be there will kill them protected a helper. So whiny this issue is a pretty clear issue shouldn't be

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ambiguous to any Muslim who has common sense. Our forefathers our grandparents were under fitrah. If someone he knew that your father your mother, or you his grandson granddaughter will go and visit him in the country you come from and then you sit there in the living room and tell the guests or your relatives you know, I believe a hierarchy type arena agenda. The ones right now. They can't read and write, they're not educated, many of them

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never been on an airplane, I mean lives. They're gonna look at you and say, what's wrong with you? And people will

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know, and this is why we have in the religion equality, this issue of separating ourselves as Muslims, from non Muslims in many things. Rasulullah sallallahu it was sending me mentioned that Yeti foo and Muslim and Kathy well, careful Muslim, it is not permissible for a Muslim to inherit from a non Muslim and he can inherit from him. So we're Blood Brothers, you die. They don't get your money. They die. You don't get their money. Now, I'm not talking about the person who's sitting there say, Man, if that happened to me, I'm gonna take that money. I don't care. Nobody said. We're not talking about that. We're talking about the hokum and Ellis lamb. Why is that hokum with Allah?

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Why? Because there are people who won't take that money.

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It's a difference look on Dino comm when he Dean. He said somebody was sending in another issue a hook them in Al Islam, the flick of an Islam showing us there is a difference between how Allah He and Allah.

00:33:36--> 00:33:41

He says some of what he was sending them like you tell muslimin Be careful.

00:33:42--> 00:33:55

If a Muslim and justly kills a non Muslim, he was wrong. When I talk about a mistake, he committed a crime and he killed the non Muslim. He is not killed.

00:33:56--> 00:34:01

He goes to jail. He gets punished. His family has to pay the blood money.

00:34:03--> 00:34:33

But he's not killed. Whereas if he killed another Muslim, an iPhone I have an eye for an eye tooth for tooth. If he killed him with a handmaiden he killed him intentionally he's in trouble. But if he killed a non Muslim, he's not killed. I don't want to minimize that it's serious he killed the non Muslim and to shed anybody's blood is serious thing whoever kills a person can cut in a NASA Jamia like he killed all the people. If a Muslim killed the non Muslims like he killed all the people serious.

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

So serious, put that on the side. Now we have to do something about this crime you committed? Well, you're not killed, similar to your father. If your father were to kill you. I laugh a bit. But if the Muslim father killed his son, that Father is not killed. He's going to be dealt with. But if that son killed his father, I for an eye tooth for tooth because the father is the Son and the son is

00:35:00--> 00:35:43

The forest branch so you don't kill the branch for the awesome you don't kill the Muslim for the non Muslim and add to say this at 20. Clearly for you and anyone who's listening from the majority mean and the criminals take your words out of context. I'm not telling anybody to go kill anybody. Nor am I saying that for a Muslim to kill a non Muslim is a easy thing. No, I'm telling you about our religion, our religion, like it will like it, hate it, hate it. That's our Deen and I'm trying to bring that to your attention, lol our barah with different colors and allow us to sell them in another situation. Another example another example where the Muslim shouldn't be a person who thinks

00:35:44--> 00:35:48

he were the same. Not the same, what's wrong with you?

00:35:50--> 00:35:53

Call us on the law while he was selling them law Jacobo law.

00:35:54--> 00:36:44

Men machinery can bother me Assalamu alaikum how you find it mushrikeen elmsley me. Allah will not accept from a mushrik who became a Muslim and accepted Islam. Allah will not accept from any of his DS until he leaves the machinery keen and they go to the muslimeen. Why? Because the two fires can't coexist. They're gonna affect you. Which brings me to this critical point, as I say here and don't apologize for you and anyone else is our religion ready to say that to anybody. And we won't accept anything other than that being Islam from these liberal, apologetic bootlicking people and in our religion, our religion is balanced and it has knowledge and has a right mind, practice the right

00:36:44--> 00:36:48

way. it alleviates problems.

00:36:49--> 00:37:39

Although this is the case, the Muslim doesn't inherit from the non Muslim and vice versa. The Muslim should leave the machine and go and set up shop somewhere else. As long as we are here we have challenges on a tape problem, Mohammed coexisted, salatu salam with non Muslims and all of these ahaadeeth and these rules and regulations are there. But he's still showed us you can be in a situation where your circumstances dictate and necessitate that you're here. Okay. Well, we have challenges in dealing with these challenges, like multiculturalism, like integration, Islam is not against that. It's not against that. These now Muslims come to the masjid the schools to see us and

00:37:39--> 00:38:23

the community in Islam, the mosque. So our children go to the Sikh temple, our children go to the Hindu temple to the synagogue and to the church is Islam against that. Islam is against it, if you don't know about it, and you're not a part of it. The non Muslim parents come to the mosque, Masjid with their children to supervise. So you go in, there are people that are Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, everybody is different. And we live in a melting pot. Don't think that all of the people are monolithic. And as a result of that, you don't know how to coexist in this society, you know, the challenges. And the religion gives us the ability to meet those challenges, the deen of allies,

00:38:23--> 00:39:07

which will give us the ability to meet those challenges. So this particular chapter kleinian is a chapter in the fitna that we're dealing with right now, with many of the categories of people connect themselves to Al Islam, as I said, and I repeat the individual who falls into this I mean making we'll have an iron or he just doesn't know he's ignorant, and he just doesn't know that we're not going to make fear of them. We're going to make took fear, though, of the one who rejects those meanings is that are clear rejects this concept that no matter what he's just I need that he's not trying to hear and this is what he really believes we put them outside of Islam because he did it to

00:39:07--> 00:39:20

himself. Okay, what if you brothers have any questions and shorelines region? You can put any of your questions forward concerning today's not that fun. The walk was that Abdul Wahab they just got up there was up Do

00:39:21--> 00:39:22

you guys have any questions?

00:39:32--> 00:39:33

guys have any questions?

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Awesome. The logo suddenly, kind of maybe not. What it was it was Santa Monica Mara wabarakatuh