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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah my bed Shut up we just started on a shallow so we can commence the q&a session

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so being loud are the questions or inshallah so we take the questions for myself, I'll be given the Scheffler questions and he will be answering them.

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First question is,

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Can Ramadan be used to expiate previous sins?

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Smilla hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Amma Balto Prophet mentioned an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a Salawat two humps while Joomla to either Joomla or Ramadan. Ramadan mocha FIRA to Mima been on is it today but till Kibera here.

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The five prayers that you make every day for one prayer to the next, praying one Juma to the next Juma the following week. Fasting Ramadan to the next Ramadan is an expiation for the sins if you avoid the major sins. So Ramadan, wipes out the minus sins and Toba wipes out the major sin and Allahu Allah

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Next question is, should sisters attend tearaway at the masjid or stay at home.

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Best place for a woman to pray is in her home. But because of the season or because of the place that baraka of the season or the baraka of the place, may be recommended for her to come to the masjid. So if she goes to perform Umrah or Hajj

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she should go to the masjid and pray with the Muslims and Mecca and Medina. Although the Prophet mentioned some long while he was setting up the best place for the woman to pray as in a home

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keeping with the command of Allah will cut on a fee booty kunda when at the bar Regina the Burj Al J. Haley, it's an all the women should stay in their homes and not make a display like they did during the time to live J Helia. So she comes out with her hijab not smelling with any fragrances and because of the time or the place, she's in Mecca, Medina, she goes to the masjid because she won't get that opportunity a lot.

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And it's the time Ramadan. So to come and pray and witness the height of the Muslims Inshallah, the same way she goes to their Eid as the Prophet says some Allahu alayhi salam, even the women who want their periods of Chroma Kamala, they should go to the masala Valerie to do what? To witness the height of the Muslims. So let them come to the masjid on that day inshallah is easy. The Hello.

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Is it valid to masturbate during the month of Ramadan?

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Concerning masturbation is not permissible to masturbate inside of Ramadan or outside of Ramadan if a person is doing that to himself or to herself, whether it's Ramadan outside of the Ramadan, but as we mentioned, the time of Ramadan makes it worse to do it at that time we make dua to Allah azza wa jal that he purifies and he helps me assist the Chabad who go through that. The boy was one of the companions and he was dealing with his desires, and he went to the Prophet and Seattle sulla give me permission to make Xena because he was finding it hard, not to know to be celibate, to stay chaste. And the Prophet make dua for him. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam grabbed them and made to offer him and

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Allah took that away. That Hadith goes to show that it's something normal it's just how it is ladies of the shot. Yeah, I'm not sure the Shabbat Minister time in common by affiliate is Oh, which are you young brothers, you young sisters, anyone who has the ability to get married, hurry up and get married? Because those desires are a challenge. So doing it in Ramadan outside of Ramadan is not permissible again in Surah Al Farrakhan the rebuttal, man, they are those people are Latino whom before rugi him have his own. They are those people protect their private parts, except with their wives and the slave girls than those ones that they have relationships with. And then Allah

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mentioned, woman tugu Vatika for Hula, hula, I Dune, anyone who does it with other than his wife, his slave girl than they are the ones who have gone overboard they have gone beyond the limits. So the individual should not do that in Ramadan and outside

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I have Ramadan and should be avoided all together. So Hello

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Is it harmful to fast for a woman who is expecting a baby?

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A woman who's expecting a baby, Is it harmful her too fast she has to consult with her doctor sometimes or she just consults with herself. As Allah mentioned in the Quran, Berlin, San Juan NFC, Bo Sera. Everybody knows his own situation, come to my wife, and my wife knows I don't want to fast I have a migraine headache. I don't feel well. So she can consult with her doctor she can make that decision on her own. But we would advise pay attention to this guy's pay attention I

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want you to know something about this Dean moving forward inshallah. You read Allah who will be coming to Yasser ma you read to be coming Rasul. Allah wants ease for you. He doesn't want to make things difficult for you.

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He said another if

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you read Allah when you have fever and come the hotel in San all the info, Allah wants to make your burden lighter. Mankind was created week by mine my

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name and heritage military be Kimmy Brahim. He has made things difficult for you and your religion. So listen to this hadith I want you to remember this hadith. The Prophet mentioned something Allahu Allah he was sending them in Allah ha You hipbone to Roho Soho, comma your hippo and took time. iser mo tremendous Hadith. Allah loves it in a way that befits His Majesty. He doesn't love the way you and I love laser chemistry he shade. I will tell them though who mercy Semyon no is Allah loves the way that because magic, he loves it when you take advantage of the concessions. The same way he loves it when you do the Azima.

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So what does that mean? The Zima Allah loves it when you do the Azeem is the Azeema on the alignment and then away he those things Allah told us to do, and those things he told us not to do. So Allah loves it when you make mobile before prayer. He loves it when you make the five prayers when you make Juma when you make the eight, he loves it when you do the Sunnah prayers, that's the Isaiah and he loves it when you do those things. He loves it when you make hydrogen aamra where he died, he loves it. And what He prohibited you from, don't do this don't he loves it when you don't do that. So that being said, Allah loves when you take advantage of the Rosa the concession was the

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concession, something you would normally have to do but the religion gave you an out not to do it for an example. When you travel, Allah loves it. When you combine your prayers and you take the Roxa

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the lady who's on a period, Allah loves it. When you don't come to the masjid and you don't pray and you don't he loves it when you do that. This is what he told you to do. So just as everyone is trying to please Allah by doing what he told us to do, and stay away from the Haram, you should not have any problem with Allah loves it when you take advantage of the Rosa. So the other day Friday, I woke up in the morning

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when I woke up, I looked out the window and frigid time it was snow all over the place and Leeds. It was snow all over the place. No Serato fidget and they're gonna fudge it. No,

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And then I had to think as the man we're going to suspend Joomla if it stays like this, we're going to suspend the Joomla if it stays like that, why? Because if it was very cold if it was windy, if it was raining during the time of the NABI sallallahu alayhi salam, the muezzin will make design and after he says hey yalla Salah here and Asana

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for now he will say Allah Salafi but you take home Allah solo fee but you take on praying your homes, pray in your homes.

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So don't feel any kind of way about it. So as it relates to an issue like this, a lady who was pregnant, she can be in the first month, second month, third month, eighth, now it's up to her. If she wants to fast and it's not going to hurt her this fast. She doesn't want to fast she doesn't have to fast. You don't have to go to Joomla when it's raining. You don't have to go to Joomla when it's snowing, don't even go the our masjid and leaves a Rama was packed out on Friday because the children didn't go to school. How is it that the school they are fuqaha

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the non Muslims have sick and they told the kids go home don't come to school, and then we bring the kids to the masjid. I'm not discouraging anyone from coming to the masjid. I'm not saying this how

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rom to come to the masjid, but going have a party and eat cereal with your kids and relax and take it easy, we're going to do that. So take advantage of the Roxa especially this stuff for the sisters and the old people, old people don't have to fats but that may come up from them. The Hello Hi.

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How do we answer the questions to a non Muslim? Why do we first

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answer the question Did Allah muslim why do we first tackle this Allah ordered us to fast and if you are Muslim, the Muslim is the one who makes a list slammed Allah heater under the toe he will then clear doula who the TA will borrow too many shake. Woman early, we submit to Allah with towhee we don't worship anyone along with Allah. And we do what He told us to do. And we free ourselves some *. And then people have a shift. If you're not doing those three things, and your Islam is faulty, it is minus is minus something's wrong. So he told us to do it. And that's what we do, just as he told the nations before us. Also, there are benefits and fasting will tell them gold, you

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bring that to them. You looked it up on the internet. We appreciate the things after you fast you go through that. When I saw my last child born, I appreciate motherhood more. I appreciate it much more. Anyone who had a baby, my mother and other than that, because I saw my own eyes. So now that we go through fast and we have a feel for what other people are going through the brotherhood of a listener, it raises your level of a Taqwa. Yeah, you're living in a

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coma. katiba publikum. Like the tone for Taqwa. So as soon as you're fasting, when you wake up in the morning, you're fasting. You are trying to practice snap. It's only when you start meeting people, that you start making minima and if he been cut emphatic and looking at only when you start meeting people, but when you're by yourself, especially the beginning of the day, you have more religious person, we're not the same people in Ramadan, that we are in Chabad. So the level of a person's tuckaway he feels more connected to Elijah and the other reasons benefit in your health. And other than that,

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if someone used to fast Mondays and Thursdays and stopped for a certain period of time, is the permissible start again. Given that Ramadan is about to start, as in we've passed the 15th of Shaba. Yeah, person can start again because those prayers, those fasts are not an obligation they are from the Nawab field but as I mentioned in the month of Shodan, the Hadid said is in tougher shot than Fela to sue. If the 15th of Shaban come stop fast and if you don't have any Whadjuk fast the lady she miss fast she can size after the 15th The person who made another Oh Allah, if you do this and that I'm going to fast every Monday and Thursday for a whole year. You made that oath. Yes, do that

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prayer. Yes, do that fast. So if it's not wagging upon you, you should stop and what's one of the wisdoms for that? One of the wisdoms for that is we shouldn't fast a day before Ramadan. So prohibition of fasting just to be sure the art so he said after the 15th Stop fasting so yeah, you could resume them and make this stick knife because they are not watchable upon you.

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what Jakob regarding the three groups of people that were mentioned the Quran, which surah is that

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regarding the three categories stoma or RESNA, Al Kitab, laziness the faina min rebel Dina from them is the one who is oppressive the one who was the third that

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the US hobble main manner then the middle good and bad. And number three those people will sabich condo hierarchies and sorted sorted far too far they're sort of fighting the creation I think they call it the creation

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what Neph knuffel sunnah Salah can you pray beside the 12 Sunon that you mentioned, some Muslims pray a set amount of knuffel after every prayer is this from the Sunnah Yes, you have to go back Abdullah Muslim everybody everybody

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he says that a solid hydrothermal door the sunlight is the best thing you can do.

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He said No Oh, what am I you have to be our

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very first thing Allah gonna ask you about your milk IAM is the prayer.

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So we have to always go back and keep perfecting our prayer and learning about it. You should learn about the subject to sell how to do it.

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When to do this and when to do that. You have

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to know these things, we have to know these things.

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So in regards to these Sunnah prayers, you have to know them. So there are some before the five prayers and some after, and some there none after. And then in addition to that we have the other prayers that the scholars call a Salawat that a sub, the prayers that have a specific meaning reason you come into the masjid, that's one of those prayers.

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And it's the hara,

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the Eclipse Nassif the clips come, but for the president we're dealing with all the time so lotto hija

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any of those prayers will count if they come out to 12. So the ones connected to the five prayers are enough, they could give you 12 Even more than 12 to be four, the two before Fajr two before the two after the two before answer none after answer, two after maghrib, two before Isha two after hrs 14. And you can make more than that. But you go back and you read those so that you can get an understanding the other thing of those other prayers and like I mentioned, and let's say follow Salah to Doha, before Lahore, you will get 12 out of that just Doha 12 Just out of that. So the important thing is try to do as many as you possibly can, especially those people who in the last

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third last 10 days of doing a T calf.

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What did you mean by being the N word?

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The N word

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the N word. People want to be Nick grumps. They want to be Nick grumps. That's what we call in America now. A long time. Come on Nick grumps.

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That's all I can say here, man. I can't say that word. I don't think, right? If I was in America, I would feel comfortable saying that word to my own people. Because they understand we can say words over there that you guys can say over here that they're very offensive to say those words like the P word for your eyes or urine. You can say that word in the football in America. Nobody get upset with you the P word. But if you say that in the member head is very distasteful. So the N word is ni grumps and Libby Bill ishara your family and let the bow do

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Can we keep our fast if we don't want to eat school?

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If a person doesn't want to take the breakfast is so hot in the morning he's going against an important sunnah is going against an important sunnah. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says the difference between our fast and fast arrow keytab is this so whole. He said that no matter should be Mirella be philosopher all of the prophets were ordered to do 333 things. And one of them he said first one to hear us so who is that you delay the Sahaba as close to fudges possible, he said in a fiscal hole, Baraka photo photo is the Soho for the Sahara, and the Soho is a blessing. So take this blessing. He said, even if you just drink a glass of water, you should take your soul. So

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I highly encourage person not to go against the Sunnah and to abandon the sooner you remember the hadith of those three companions. One said I never gonna get married to women, they distract you from salon rabada the other one said, I'm gonna pray all night for tahajjud never stop. The third one said I'm gonna fast all the time. The prophets of Allah, why do you send them heard about that? He said, I get married. And I fast. He said that he said, fast and I break my fast. I pray and I go to sleep and I'm marrying women.

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For men, Ravi binds to native arrays and many anyone who intentionally tries to abandon and avoid my sunnah, trying to get close to a while doing that you're not from me. So one of the things that he used to be allowed to do was he used to make and we sell we sell as he will fast days upon days at a time without breaking fast. So when you don't take savour you're kind of competing with him in that. So don't religiously leave off the Sahara not for sleep. Not because you don't mean it. No, there's some people can go through a whole day without eating at all. They're used to that Ramadan and outside of Ramadan. Don't do that. Take some sawhorse even if it's with a pistachio Pina try to take

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so hard because it is baraka following the Sunnah of the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tabula

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We'll all be shocked thumbor favor Hellfire even if it was half of a de they half of the date for solar or water took Hello.

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If I have a wet dream does it break my fast, a wet dream doesn't break your fast if a person is sleeping as a wet dream, it doesn't break your fast you just have to make a hustle and then pray after that. So the wet dream does not break your fast doesn't break your fast

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if a pregnant woman cannot first due to health problems, fear for herself and the baby. Does she have to make the first up? Or can she pay video? This is an ongoing question that happens every single year in this life between our and we look at the scholars with a slam as guiding lights and guidance posts to help us to get guided through our religion. Whether you're on the mishap or not. But the mishap is not the goal, the objective and we don't blindly follow people we respect the other position. We respect the other position.

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But in this issue I'm of the opinion of what I do live in Irma was upon Abdullah now bass, Abu Huraira may Allah be pleased with them and that is whenever their wives their daughters, the a slave girls became pregnant. They used to tell them don't fast and they will spin failure and feed a poor person for every day. She didn't fast and they never told them make it up after once you have to make it up. She got to pay a Vidya and make it up. Why are we punishing her like that? Why she's being punished like that.

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So those companions just paid the freebie of for one poor person each day that the lady didn't fast and that was it. Some scholars say you have to pay and make it up. You don't agree with that point of view? And may Allahu Tada bless those scholars past and present for the efforts in the HD hat.

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The halacha to make it easier to finish the Quran and Ramadan. Can you read along with a recital from your phone?

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You can read along with the recitation from your phone. Nothing that prevents you from doing that. You can do that if that helps you. It may be a good idea for some people to listen to the recite and recite it helps you to give to the recitation. Yeah. Shaolin is no problem with that knuckle okay. How do you juggle school work with being a good practicing Muslim during the month of Ramadan?

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You remember Yeah, it's funny that the 17th of Ramadan, anybody know what the 17th Ramadan is?

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say it again my brother.

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The Battle of better happened on the 17th of Ramadan center. That was the greatest war ever known to Benny Adam. The Companions traveled from Medina to better Allahu Taala is in control of the time he didn't have to. He didn't have to let it be in bed in the month of Ramadan. It hasn't been a month of Ramadan subhanho wa taala.

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Now as they traveled, the Prophet told them break your fast because we need our strength to deal with these people to march stands in to deal with these people.

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But with that being the case you have to understand Ramadan is not like what you have in Medina and Mecca. In other parts of you know, the Middle East, especially the Gulf states, where you sleep all day. And then right before Maghrib you get up you do your thing. That's not the Ramadan. Ramadan is like the Ramadan in Africa.

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In Africa, like in The Gambia, and Senegal, and in Nigeria, and in Sudan, and Somalia, well, you have to go to the Soca, you have to go here. You have to go here every day. By the time you get back home for Maghrib you're gonna take a shower. You were tired already.

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It's not this thing will you just sleep all day? This is the month of jihad. This is the month of actions. So working being a student and all of that, as I said before, you have to navigate don't overdo it. Don't overdo it. Don't overdo it. But don't think that Ramadan is just about laying back and just cooling out. Ramadan is about making Jihad making efforts may Allah Who Tada gives us the strength in sha Allah.

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Allahu can a woman perform it because in her home, and if so how? Can a woman perform electric calf in her home and how she has done something from our religion the Quran said went to be fulfilled masajid when you make an 80 Calf in the masjid

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before Ramadan was even wagging

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Mr. kamin sejarah Sula, in Jae Hee in Jahai Lea, I made another another an oath that I'm gonna do one night of aitikaf in the Masjid Al haram in Mecca Should I do it? He said go ahead and complete your oath that was in Jamia. He made that near to give Allah the haka. aitikaf in the masjid. So this cultural thing of women doing it decaffeinate houses where does that come from? that come from it the calf is in the homes and the prophets wives sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are of the Allah and Hoonah they made it the calf in the message and the message. But there's Fick as relates to the woman's calf, just as the as fit with her coming to the masjid for Joomla and the five prayers and

00:25:47--> 00:26:11

for taraweeh so she has to learn about those issues, but it's permissible for her to make a calf in the mystery. What's the dealio Russell was wives did it sallallahu alayhi wa sallam plus the Hadith, and Nisa, Chicago encourage young women are the twins of the men. Everything that's applicable to the men is applicable for the woman everything except where the text came and said, there is a difference between them.

00:26:13--> 00:26:21

Women have to pray we pray, we may have to fast because we fast but they don't pray at that time of the month. They don't fast at that time of the month.

00:26:22--> 00:26:41

Women don't have to come to the Juma because the Prophet said that the woman the old person in the sick person don't have to come to the Juma so everything men do women have to do the same way pray the same way everything except the as a delille to make a distinction so aitikaf is in the masjid.

00:26:43--> 00:26:47

How do I know if my Ramadan has been accepted? What are the signs?

00:26:49--> 00:27:24

Ramadan hide? Salah? How do you know that it is accepted? Ultimately that's in the middle Hey, nobody knows that. But Allah. Nobody knows that. But Allah. Why the who last shirt he color? Nobody knows. But there's some things that are Gaiden posts. He says I'm Allah Who are you sending them in? The in Ghana Mala who in the life Williams or mallala? Hindu? Someone wants to know what his position is with Allah? Then let him look at Allah's position with you.

00:27:26--> 00:28:07

You want to know where you stand with Allah? How does Allah stand with you? What how do you look at Allah? Well, I'm gonna do it because Allah says, I will put Allah before my parents, I'm gonna put a lot before my desires. Or do you say, Allah could take the backseat? Figuratively speaking, I'm not doing that. And I think everybody has to struggle with things like that. The woman in Islam knows her position, she should respect her husband, the child should respect the mother and the father. But what do you do when you get very, very angry, you get very, very angry. Some of us have anger management issues, we become very, very, very angry, someone may come to you and say yo, yo fella,

00:28:08--> 00:28:20

and the person has to the ability to disengage, and to be quiet and the fall back to the black and lagging column. But some people when you say Hey, relax, they become more angry.

00:28:22--> 00:28:37

Body we have those kinds of issues. Hey, take it easy, and they become more angry, more more upset. So this issue is like that I hate these kind of issues are all the same. You all just have to struggle. What was the question again?

00:28:39--> 00:28:54

What are the signs in which do you see those signs a Salaat hijack camera? Is it acceptable is that after you've done the thing, after you've done the thing, you're a better person.

00:28:55--> 00:29:14

The Salaat really stops you as Allah said in the Salah, 10 100 fracture, even monka Salah it stops you from doing the fascia and the mistakes. So if you're not doing that, the salon is working. You go to erode you come back and you're doing better. That's a sign you got a good camera, you got a good high.

00:29:15--> 00:29:30

The Ramadan, you're not eating as much as you used to be for Ramadan, you're not smoking cigarettes or whatever. Those are signs. But ultimately, only Allah knows. Only Allah knows May Allah bring Ramadan to us and bring it to us in a good way. Forgive us and make it easy for all of us.

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The clock was there any particular way of when the Sahaba would recite the Quran during Ramadan? How long would they read for doing a blessed month of Ramadan? Some of the setups used to read all of the Quran multiple times you will know that you should only read the Quran in a month time. He said do it in one month. Do a juice every day do it in one month. I do live in Amarillo and I said I can do more. He said okay then do it in this and do it in that

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to them 15 Do it in seven. He said anything less than that you didn't read the Quran, but the seven of us to read the Quran and to rock at one rakaat but they didn't do that all the time it was in the month of Ramadan because of the blessing of the period.

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So everybody reads the Quran and what's easy for you as Allah mentioned in the Quran, Flocka Matsuya Salah Camino Quran re what is easy for you go to the masjid, that's easy, green lane, they go kind of long. They do the whole Jews. You do that if you want. But there's a mystery over there. They don't do it Jews and that's easy for you.

00:30:41--> 00:30:56

It's a lot of rewarding doing the whole Quran, no doubt about that. But it may not be easy for you. So everybody has to get in where they fit in. But don't come to a masjid where you feel like you're being alive. Or that punished.

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Don't Don't, don't, don't, don't, don't do that. Don't do that. Don't do that. So make it easy for yourself in sha Allah make it easy, especially especially when you find yourself getting tired. Because the shaytaan what happened is we'll be pumped up at the beginning. And then after that, we become weak. And if anyone plays sports, he still will remember what my high school coach and my college coaches always say both of them. When you're playing sports and you start getting tired, like in football and four quarters, American football, and that fourth quarter when you're tired, you start getting that's when you start to lose focus and concentration and that's when you want to

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start giving up and not doing your job.

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That's why you have to train for the whole four quarters. You got to know how to pace yourself and Ramadan, the young whippersnapper, young brother young sister, they just you know, like we mentioned, that hadith is not authentic. But the Hadith said don't be like the man who rides his horse and he rides it 100 miles per hour, nonstop. He said he won't arrive to where the Hadith said he won't arrive to his destination, nor will he keep his horse alive. He's gonna kill his horse. Does he hate him stop. Same thing with your car. You can't drive from here to London 120 miles per hour. You're gonna blow your engine, you're gonna mess up your What are you doing? You have to pace

00:32:24--> 00:32:59

yourself for the month of Ramadan and maneuver and navigate. May Allah make us the intelligent navigators in the month of Ramadan. Now there are some Chabad that we have are hardcore, they just are called. They hardcore. That guy, okay, put him on his side and him do it by himself. But don't put that on your family. Don't put that on your friends. Don't put that on other people. And don't be hardcore. I'm delighting Ahmed, and that allows that companion who used to fast he fast one day on one day off one day on one day off one day on one day off.

00:33:01--> 00:33:25

That's the same one say God also not can read the whole Quran he said don't do that. That man. He kept fasting one day on one day off one day on the fast of devil. He became old. He went blind. He became over the line he became decrepit, his body is strengthened, left him he told the students from the tabby I wish I would have listened to the Prophet sallallahu it was suddenly

00:33:27--> 00:33:30

your body will take the rice off of you whether you like it or not.

00:33:33--> 00:33:39

How do I fast and break my fast as a river when my family doesn't know and food isn't halal?

00:33:42--> 00:34:12

You do the best that you can brother sister. Just remember you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You're not the first one who was in this situation where you're fasting and the people around you and not helping you I was in a place where I was fasting. Allah He had almost made me apostate we I was there it was difficult. I never fast in my life. So I used to save the food that they gave us in the morning. I will save it into Maghrib time. But the ignorant Muslims who were with me in that place, that

00:34:13--> 00:34:21

institution of higher learning that's what I call it. When I was in that place the muscles are telling me at the break my fast at Isha time.

00:34:22--> 00:34:37

And summer time was very long. 1986 It was very long. So I'm fasting all day. I never knew fast and before the food is according to the schedule, I will save it. By the time it came time to fast. The oatmeal for breakfast was a weapon.

00:34:40--> 00:34:48

You could put it in your sock and hit somebody over the head with the Wallah he I tell you no lie. You put the oatmeal in your sock and you had a weapon.

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

I was saying to myself what religion is this slam is hard slam is difficult. I almost apostate it. Almost said I don't want it this religion.

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

And because it was tough, and that's why, in the beginning of Islam, they used to only fast on the day of Ashura and then Ramadan became Whadjuk years later. That's it today Raj Rama in Ellis lamb ilosone So far reverb brothers sister tried to consult with people in the masjid to hear especially from the group of brothers back there called what? Islam wise go to the brothers at Islam wise because these brothers have experienced we have brothers who have gone through this stuff that you're going through

00:35:34--> 00:35:43

rely on Allah and then use your brothers and your sisters May Allah make it easy for you may Allah give strength for the new Muslims inshallah to go through the month of Ramadan

00:35:45--> 00:36:10

Nicola here I've missed so many fasts throughout Ramadan when I was younger, do I need to make up those fasts and is it the same for Salah there is no making up for the prayers there is no making up for the prayers and listening because you don't know how many of you missed anyway. There is no COBOL no Kabbalah for Miss prayer that you let go out on your own.

00:36:11--> 00:36:29

As for the is no delille none of the companions ever made any made up pres doesn't happen you won't have any deal. If the slot come and go, you missed it gotta make Toba and then after that make as many waffle as possible and this is one of the benefits of so loud to Tara we

00:36:30--> 00:36:49

make those Nawab feel. The other thing about Ramadan if a person misses a day in Ramadan and unjustly or he doesn't have a reason he has to fast two months consecutively. Now he has a bunch of O's under, like on his scale.

00:36:50--> 00:37:05

He has about 1020 years that he suppose that's a lot. So let him make Toba to Allah azza wa jal. And then I'm fast Thursday and Friday, Thursday, and I'm fast outside of Ramadan, as much as possible make Toba to Allah.

00:37:10--> 00:37:20

So some of my students, they wrote these questions and really good question. The first question was, what is the ruling of the person who fasted month of Ramadan, but they don't pray the five prayers.

00:37:21--> 00:37:53

This is a common practice of many of our community members, the one who doesn't pray, you don't have any fast in the month of Ramadan. That the little of that is it. The Prophet mentioned some of the law while he was sending them in Taraka salatu, Allah Azza forgot, forgot habitat Amala who anyone who abandons intentionally set out to the outside and just awesome, he left it there his deeds will be destroyed, his facet will be destroyed, his comrades Hydra will be destroyed, his account will be destroyed.

00:37:54--> 00:38:34

So you can't do the Ramadan. And you're you're not praying I didn't say ribbon saw in, lays it a woman saw me in little jour will attach and may be in person as fast and during the course of the day. But all he's doing is making himself hungry, thirsty, thirsty and hungry and tired. Because that's not fasting, not praying. As for the one who misses prayer, he forgot about the prayer. The prayer passed him by but this is different. But the one who doesn't pray in the month of Ramadan, not praying awesome, destroys your deeds. They destroy your DS. That's just one prayer.

00:38:35--> 00:38:46

The other one said here. How do we I think they mean how do we understand because they say how do we combine the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam faster shot ban?

00:38:48--> 00:38:49

Or most of it?

00:38:50--> 00:39:26

How do we understand that, that some of the wives of the prophets of Allah who it was sent him said he fasted all of shabang have a companion say he never fasted any month other than Ramadan all of the month, but he fasted a lot of chabang a lot of it more than any other month isn't the life that's there between the companions. So what we have to do as muslims, you have two things, you have those things that are clear in the religion, and you have those things that are ambiguous. The thing that is clear, that's called the outcome is clear. Call who Allah who is clear.

00:39:28--> 00:39:50

And then you have the thing that's not clear, I leave la meme that's from them with a shabby hat. It's not clear we don't know what that means. And there are a lot of rules and things that happen Hadith incidents with the Prophet I like that as well. That the more you learn about your religion, the better you are to navigate and deal with that, especially when people want to run you off of your religions scare you off of your deen.

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

So, what we do is we take them with the shabby that thing that's not clear. It's ambiguous and we refer it back and we

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

superimposed on come on that and we worked by them

00:40:04--> 00:40:30

work by was clear was clear and we don't do that other thing from Allah Xena feel Kulu be him Zabel and forget Debbie own MIT Shabba min hoopty Rahl fitna what Tierra Willy Wonka Jana mu were my alma mater will will Allah Murase Hana film and we are called on Armineh be called Woman in the Robina. Magazine in rural Alabama

00:40:32--> 00:40:33

on absorb

00:40:36--> 00:40:36


00:40:38--> 00:41:02

So in this case, what is clear is that Ramadan is the multifaceted all of it, the narration of the companion the woman, the wife of rasool Allah who said he did the whole month the whole month. Say, maybe she misunderstood something, maybe she got it wrong. Allah knows best. Okay, when he I think that's it. Those are the two questions from the students.

00:41:05--> 00:41:23

I sent a lie like Mubarak, Allah ficam was salam, a Kamala min Cooley Summa macro? Subhanak Allahumma Byham deca, what a shadow Allah ilaha illa and stack Furukawa tubal shava shava to hunt. Come meet me at the door little man Shava

00:41:25--> 00:42:02

brothers, sisters JazakAllah for attending the session this evening I'd like to thank Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost in the share for coming and delivering the session just a few announcements a shallow pretending to them alone in sha Allah. Same as last year we'll be having to see the Saturday after Salah to the whole every day. And then we have the Quran recital with Karnataka Allah after Salah to Lhasa there's going to be a course on the Salah we can do online insha Allah to Allah. In addition to that we'll be releasing video series during the month of Ramadan about building good habits and also will be facilitating the Iftar Tarawa Sahara to cough and activities

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for sisters and children. If you'd like to know more about what the mission is going to be offering for the month of Ramadan insha Allah to Allah you can visit Ramadan revolution Dakota, UK or you can scan the QR code or on the banners to my right and to my left. We ask Allah sponsor to allow us to reach Ramadan and to see Ramadan and to benefit from Milan Baraka African Woodstock. Kamala Harris, Santa Monica, Allahu Allah. Are you

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are you coming to the stage? It's important Hurry up, I hope