Abu Usamah At-Thahabi – Aspects of the Days of Ignorance #01 – Masa-il-ul-Jahiliyyah

Abu Usamah At-Thahabi
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Why should an EDA in law why the hula should ICA

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Why should you Anna Mohammed Abdullah who was Hulu Salawat to La he was cinammon why they bother? Fin hydro Kedem Qalamoun ye why even Houda Houda Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam were short on more Martha to ha Mohr coulomb desert in begotten. What could be the atom? Balala Wakulla Gualala 10 phenom. This is the first class introduction of the new book that we're going to deal with in sha Allah. The book which is known as Messiah, L. L. J. Leah, and Letty halophyte fee her Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Jay Haley

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and is a book that was authored by the Mujaddid and the shareholders slam 100 Ibn Abdul Wahab, rahmatullahi talathi, Rama tun Wasa, it's one of those important books, because it deals with the reality of what he was dealing with during his time. And the reality of what we're dealing with right now as well. Similar to his book, The Wanted of Al Islam, those things that nullifying your religion, although he offered that book during his time, and for the condition of the people during

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his time, that book is extremely relevant for what we're seeing and experiencing, and witnessing right now. There are a lot of our Chabad, our young brothers and our young sisters, who were falling into things that can quite clearly and easily expel them from the religion of Allah Islam. So their book that he wrote, back then about the NAWAPA, Devil Islam, it is applicable for right now. So if it was to be taught in a masjid or anywhere, then the people were teaching that book and Shala are

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doing a good job, given the see her to the community. And if you never read the book, I would encourage you to get the book because it's pretty self explanatory for the most part. And it has been translated into English along with the explanation. So you really, in reality, don't really need someone as such to teach you the book. But he's one of those important books. This book is similar to that. And that he wrote it dealing with the condition of his people, the Messiah in of a

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J. Leah, those issues and things of the times of a J Leah, that the Prophet King sallallahu alayhi, wa ala it was setting them and he was in opposition to those things and there are many, they are meaning. But the che, in this book, he only brought 128 things that he took from the Quran, they took from the Sunnah, maybe took from the statements of the marble Islam showing this is something that the people of Ajay helliya used to do, and the religion that the Prophet brought and he came

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with some Allah while he was setting them is diametrically opposed to these issues. It's similar to again, the Book of Shadows Islam Ibn Taymiyyah Rahmatullahi Tala Ali, he also had a book that is similar to this book, but it was more scholastic and it was deeper as well. He called his book de la serata, Mr. Payne Lima Khalifa T, as hobbled J him. And that is the book in which you try to get on the throttle, stopping, trying to be different from the companions of the Jehane. The Companions of

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the jinn.

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The intent behind that are the non Muslims, the intent behind that are the non Muslims. And he predicated that book on the whole concept, that the Muslim has a unique and distinct way of life, the way he eats, the way he sleeps, the way he dresses the way he talks the way he exist, there has to be a difference between him and non Muslims. A Prophet mentioned some Allah who it was sending them into Chabahar be a coalmine, for who among whom, anyone who resembles a group of people, he

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wants to do a thing that those people, they are known by that thing, and only they are known by it. And then now Muslims, then is from those people. So both of the books, they're trying to do the same thing. And the wisdom and reason behind the Imam right in this book, and given Naseeha to the community is to warn the community. This is what the people of Jay Leno used to be upon. So we can't be like that or why would Allah sin, His Messenger SallAllahu it was sending them if he wanted us to

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remain like these

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People in these particular issues. So the book is a Naseeha. The book is at 10 B. The book is a tough kid to remind you to make HD nine to avoid these things and there maybe we won't deal with all 128 Because although they're all important, some of them are not as important to our environment, as others are. So we'll deal with what we perceive as being the most important ones, be it in Lehi. subhanho wa Taala as it relates to Messiah in LJ Helia Messiah is the plural of the word masala and

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it could be you know, the masala, the issue, the issue, the article, the point of FJ havia as Jay Haley and this is really important, because I know after embraces Ellis lamb, we're going to continue to make mistakes in the way we pronounce things we should do our best to be perfect as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said in the Lucha catalyst, sun and a cliche. Allah has written perfection on any and everything. So when you slaughter slaughter well, and when you kill

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kill well, and that each and every one of you sharpen his knife, so as to spare the animal from suffering. So we have to do our best to do our best. You're a student in the University, you're a student in primary school, whatever you find yourself engaged in and with, you have to try to do your best. So we're not Arabs. Arabic is not our language, not at all. So we have to really make an effort when we hear certain words to try to perfect our pronunciation of those words, to the best of

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our ability. And this is one of the wisdoms and rotmans and sand from Allah azza wa jal Olivia Kuru Quran will who are yet the title will fee Fellow at Juran anyone who reads the Quran with difficulty because he's not an Arabic. He reads it with difficulty because he's trying and because he's putting his best foot forward and he believes in the virtues of reading the Quran, he will get a double reward because Allah knows we're going to struggle all of us not our language.

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After coming into al Islam in 1986, I still know a lot of reverb Muslims who say about LJ Leah, they call it g Helia. J Helia. It's just the way we were pronouncing that word. I don't know why. I don't know where it comes from. But we want the people who are listening right now. This is not the way you pronounce that word. It's J Helia or L J Helia. Not J Helia. So anyone who calls it that inshallah from this point on, we are going to start that Inshallah, J Lea, L J. Lea

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and I Lu l j havia. The people of LJ Hevea. The Golden the objective is talking about three groups of people. What the Prophet was different as it relates to the people of Jay Lee and what he came with Salah what he was selling what people

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the first two groups of people are the Andrew keytab at Lu al Kitab vein, that people had those two books that were revealed to their respective Prophets and Messengers Salawat Allah He was sin Mo who it Hema and Ro keytab, meaning the Yehudah because Musa came to them and he had the Torah.

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And Isa is also someone that Allah azza wa jal revealed the Injeel upon and he came to the Nosara. So those are the first two groups. They were present during the time of the Prophet salallahu. It was setting them some of them were present in Mecca, and they were a few but they were there. And they were more in than in Medina where Rasul Allah travels on Allah He was sent them along with other Arabs of Mecca, they traveled to a sham, and there are quite a few of Andrew keytab there in

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Sham as well. So the Prophet king with a religious of Allahu Allah, he was sending them that was different in many ways, then all of those yahood and the NESARA so that's the first group of people at Lu al Kitab. The whole who Musa came to Salawat Allah He was sent Abu Ali and he was given the Injeel which is called the Old Testament. And then the Injeel, which was given to me several new money and mercy reciprocal Maria Salawat. Allah He was sent on one eight, who was given the Injeel,

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which they call the New Testament, and that Injeel came and it was

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Making a state of what went before it. In the rasool Allah He VAGCOM Musa Daikon Lima benei a Devi a minute Torah. I am a messenger of Allah to you Benny in Surah eel, and I'm confirming what went before me in the Torah. So he came SallAllahu it was sending them supporting what Musa didn't call into it. So that's the first one. The other group of people that the book is talking about the Prophet came to be different from them SallAllahu it was setting them are.

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They people have a shift in COVID that people worship idols, the US none. The COFA Quraysh the poly fears of courage. They're the people of Jamia and they are known as the mean, the people only known they were illiterate. They couldn't read. And they couldn't write for the most part. There were a few people peppered in the environment in the society who could read and write, but they were the minority. They were the minority. So Allah mentioned a number of items in the Quran

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explaining their condition. And that condition included our net being our Rasul as well. SallAllahu it was sending them well my it now hoomin couldto. Being at the rasuna we have not given these people have Quraysh. These Arabs any book that they used to study, meaning they couldn't read, they couldn't write. They could not read they cannot write. Allah will Tyler mentioned in the Quran and levena get TB Runa Rasulullah Nabeel me a levy as you don't know who MK to Belen don't fit total it

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will Injeel the raw soul the Nebby, the illiterate one, those who follow Him, those who follow Him and they found him being mentioned, and the Torah and the Injeel. So the Prophet, he was prophesized in the Torah and the Injeel that was coming to the people sallallahu alayhi wa, it was setting them so it is part of Islam and part of the responsibility of the Muslim to believe that Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam couldn't read and couldn't wait. Some of the non Muslims may take that

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as an opportunity to make a turn. And Rasulullah Salallahu Salam put him down. He couldn't read, couldn't write. And normally speaking, not being able to read and write is not praiseworthy. It's much more. It's not praiseworthy. Our religion encourages that you get knowledge, very first ayat that will reveal ikura Bismillah be Kalevi halacha Rasul Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam put a lot of emphasis and telling Muslims to learn to lowball me for either to Nanakuli Muslim, gaining

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knowledge is an obligation upon every single Muslim

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as it relates to the prophets of Allah, what He was selling being me, although he couldn't read and write, he was the Sayed of Benny Adam. So being able to read and write doesn't necessarily mean you will good person or your praiseworthy person doesn't even necessarily mean that you are intelligent, how many people we know they have degrees, masters, PhDs, things like that, but they have no common sense. They can't see the truth, not only about the dean, but they have no common sense and what

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benefits and what harms and their own personal life. You do help you have a discussion with them. You can see that they are daft. So as it relates to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa either it was seldom he

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is a sign a Mirage is that he couldn't really couldn't write with the people couldn't deal with the hodgepodge. And the A dilla. And the Brahim that he brought, claiming that is sent by lies with Joe the book that he explained to them the book that he read the miracles that He told them about leaves no doubt in the mind of the intelligent person as it relates to him being on me and eight what's the problem? So Marchesa. It added to the proof that has been sent by Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Lautaro mentioned in the Quran, who will levy Bertha, Amina rasool and minhang. Yet to allay him, I had to hear what you say key him where you are lemma whom will keytab when Hekmatyar when cattleman, couple of feet Boliden Mubin, Allah is the One who sent to the unleaded the mean, Abdullah have been all those people. Allah sent them a messenger from themselves. He was an Arab. He was a man and he was me just like them sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came to them

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with a great amount of knowledge that came from somewhere else.

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So, one of the arguments would have been You think you're better than us, you think you're better than this. But he came and he was from them and he was similar to them, in many ways. sallallahu alayhi wa ala It was similar. So when you want to make this point very clear, we don't want anyone to think that there is a contradiction or conflict. Islam doesn't want you to be illiterate. The Prophet said about this ummah, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in on Mattoon, Mia, la Nacra when NASA,

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we are an ummah that can't read, and we can't write, we're illiterate. We don't read we don't write, we don't add that. Well, the meaning of that is if you gather up all of the Muslims who ever have been Muslims, all of them, the majority of them are going to be illiterate. You bring all of the Muslims from the past and the Muslims right now. And I Muslims, they help this situation unfortunately, like, as we mentioned, Syria, and their community have been bombed 50 years into the

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past, it's gonna take them a long time when London's best to start to get back on track in terms of the infrastructure. So when these people decide to go into the Muslim world, not to make this a political talk, but they want to steal, they want to steal the resources, and they want to put the people back and disconnect them from their religion and disconnect them from the masala those things are going to benefit their lives. Syria, Iraq, those countries are going to be back for a number of

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years Libya, those countries are going to be far far back. So when the Prophet says Allah, Allah will send me an ummah we don't read and we don't write with me. It wasn't Pray, he wasn't praising you, encouraging you not to read and write. We come here all the time. We tell you young brothers, learn how to read and learn how to write and you make sure you make sure that to the best of your ability try to get yourself a degree, but the reality is, that's how everybody has been born.

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Everybody as Allah mentioned in the Quran, will Allah Who? Roger Khumba tunic Mahatma come? Latter alimony? Che, what Jalla come as summer when Assad will have either La La Quinta Sharon, Allah is the one who brought all of you out of the stomachs in the wombs of your mothers and you didn't know anything. And then he gave you the ability to hear and the ability to see and he gave you a heart so that you can learn and reflect in the hopes that you will have Shaka lemenager Allah logo, I mean,

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would he sell him whenever I leave him alone a name what he's selling was chef I think we're heading now who Nadine, Allah gave the human beings a mind to think eyes, ears, lips, a tongue, and he taught them the right way and the wrong way. So everybody came out on me, everybody, everybody, and then Allah azza wa jal put the means in the ways for people to learn and to develop. So that's who the book is referring to. The Prophet came sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and contradiction to those

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As relates to Al Kitab, the Prophet said in an authentic hadith sallallahu alayhi wa sallam during his time, verily, Allah looked at the people in the earth. And he became angry with all of them, with the exception of a few people from Adeline kitab.

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A few people from the remnants of the people from Al Kitab. So that goes to show during the time of Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, that people of the heart were few, a few people from anarchy tab, and not all of them, because Paul came, and he contaminated and corrupted the religion of a several new millennium. And as it relates to the yahood, that their priests and their monks and their rabbis came, and they started to depend upon the Talmud more than they did the Injeel itself

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or the Torah which had been corrupted. So that's the condition as it relates to the issue love at J. Leah, what does it mean a J V. And what does it mean? L J. Leah mean means that there was no Rasool. There was no revelation. The people of Jamia back then, as Jay Lea, there is no real soul who came to them. There was no book of Revelation that had come to them. They didn't have anything Jay Helia is connected to ignorance, ignorance, there was a man, a prolific personality during the time of

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Prophet Muhammad's life in his Dawa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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And his name is Ahmed ibn he Shan he was an enemy to Al Islam. He was the uncle of Irma even

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to have problems with this man. His Konya was Abdul Hakim Abdul hakim from Hakeem and hikma as if he had knowledge and he was wise. And he had some level of wisdom. He was a person and a personality and a force to be reckoned with. But because he was opposed and he was obsessed in his opposition to Islam, and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he made so many problems Rasul Allah called Abu Jamal, Abu Jamal,

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you are able to juggle

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that was to say he's the father of ignorance, meaning he's the man and he's in the forefront of ignorance was a problem. So that's what Jay Lee means something that is connected to not having knowledge. It's been mentioned a number of times in the Quran, and in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and soda to the Fed. Allah azza wa jal mentioned and that is if Jana Lavina kifaru Fearful lubi him honey. Yeah, honey, it'll Jamia those people who disbelieve they had

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in their hearts al hamir. The honey of L j here. The HMI of J. Lea means the racism, the bigotry that they had. So the people of J Lea, the people who the Prophet came to be against it came with a religion different than theirs and in contrast to the IRS, is that those people used to be racist amongst themselves, and we're going to deal with that inshallah. From the book. People of Jay Lee are racist. Muslim shouldn't be racist. Unfortunately, Muslims are racists, but they're just being

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like the people who are covering it, and then Jamelia. Another is is the ayat of the hijab. Along the top I mentioned to the women of our community a prohibition will add to Virgina to baru juja Helia Talulah Muslim woman, do not go outside and make the display like the times of Jackie Leah.

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The times of Ajay, Leah, how did the woman display herself in a J Lea, she wouldn't go out covered. She will go out you can see her hair, she will go out she has perfume on, she will go out she read shoes that make sounds when they come into contact with the earth to get people to look at it. She will walk in a seductive way. She will mix with the men and be with the men and the privacy of their own homes. They all used to sit together they used to hang out, let's land came and stopped all of

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that. All of that told this sister who she can sit with and who she can sit with how she has to go out and so forth and so on. So Allah mentioned that

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that word of Jay Haley yet that Tibet approach the display taking the clothes off like that. So now, my question to you brothers right now.

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Are there people who fall into this practice that the people of Jamia used to do are they people like that now from my alma? Yes, there are people like that. And that's why the book is important, because the things that he touched upon are things that we deal with right now and we need to be reminded, and then there's quite a bit of benefit as well. Another issue is about the authentic sunnah. There are many, many statements from the authentic Sunnah of the nubby satellite who was

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sending him that helps us to understand this issue this concept of a Jamia and what it is, I think everybody you aware Shala of the problem that transpired. The misunderstanding that transpired between the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam were the best of the people. And they examples for us. And the examples to show us how will Islam is today. I was looking at some videos on YouTube. And there was a masjid in America call the women's mosque of America. And it had

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different people given the hook but for Juma different women, they invited a lot not a lot of non Muslims sitting in the audience and there were only women sitting in the audience. This was not those people sit together men and women all of that, from what I understood and what I saw was only women. And there must have been about 12 or 13 people gave hope but from the women. When I tuned in to see I was shocked at the

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The level of lack of knowledge. Some of them had PhDs and they were doctors in their respective field. And in those fields of theirs, we got to respect them. And we got to raise them up, because they know what they're talking about. And they went through training. But when it came to the dean, and when it came to given the hotbar, and when it came to a dowel and knowledge, hey, you have to fall back.

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There's nothing wrong with falling back. You don't have to be out in the front and showing everybody you know, if you don't know you know, they'll know no problem.

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So I mentioned that to say,

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the companions are the example for us, may Allah be pleased with them. So we know during the time, there was a door, and the prophets Masjid SallAllahu Sallam is still there right now called Babel NYSAC. The door for the women, and was sulla used to tell the men after you finish praying, stay in your places for some times, not Whadjuk. But stay in your places and do the vicar just stay in your places give the women an opportunity to go through the door. We all know that women were in the

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mystery that that time sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught women I want to get in the salon, I want to leave the slide a long time I start hearing a child I shorten him because the Mother's Day they brought their children to the masjid Ramadan, they start crying close to McGraw time, they will give them toys. We know the can of what women do and what they don't do in our religion. We don't find a single example of the companions, those women who want to good more than men today want good. The

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women from the Companions wanted good more than the men of today want good because all of them were from the ODR of Allah, may Allah be pleased with them. Not once did you find them going into a special message or a special house and a lady gives the whole book, I share her mental column, let's stick to what the companions were upon.

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Let's stick to what they were upon. And we're going to make mistakes. But when they made mistakes, they made Tober.

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So as it relates to the issue of Ajay, Leah, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the incident between those companions is that the companions had a misunderstanding that people from the unsalted people from the Maha Maha Julene and they almost started fighting one another man said all my brothers from the inside, and then the inside stood up, because he made that call.

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You know, it's like in America with the gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, and depending upon your area code, like Birmingham is a one to one. And America, if you come from a particular error area, code 973, the four to nine wherever you screen that out in the park, or you screen that out somewhere where people happen to be, you're going to get people from your locale, come into your assistance without asking the question. What are you calling me for? What did you do? Am I gonna

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help you unless I know what's going on? So that companion said, Oh, and saw and the people from the answer who were originally from El Medina, they say yes, and they all stood up to help the man. And they didn't ask what happened. When the man from the mohajir in the people came from Mecca, saw all of that, that man say Hi, Judy. He called out his area code. He called his people and they all stood up, and the two groups are about to have civil war and go to war with each other. Or Sula SallAllahu

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Sallam heard about it, and he addressed them and he said to them, I'd be down with to the Janelia when a Boehner of hurry comb the Ruha in Nahum, Tina, do you people make the call of the times of a Jamia? And I'm right here with you.

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abandon it, because it stinks. So we'll come to this. This is just to show you how the Sunnah mentioned the word. So now for me to be a push to him, or for me to be download, or for me to be from any of these groups or any of these groups. Nothing's wrong with that. For you to be from Afghanistan, from Bangladesh, for to be from wherever you from, you will Hausa Yoruba, no problem with that. But when you start looking at other people who are not from your clan, and you're using

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that usage of the word to be different and divided, and to fuel the drama that are between people, that's in the times of Ajay havia that I believe is inside of Bukhari and Muslim. Another hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam is his statement. Men matter what as if he Bay matter meter J havia. 10. Anyone who dies and he doesn't have the base of Allah slamming his neck

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He dies without the bat. He has died the death of a Jamia. He has died the death of a Jamia. So the people of Ajay Leah, they used to live in phobot confusion. They would refuse anyone being over them. They want to fear affairs to be just wild do what you want to do when you want to do how you want to do it. Can't nobody tell me what to do. That's not our religion.

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That is not our religion went to a Medina and we were students and then Medina, coming up in America and in the West, we got into the classroom. And we had 30 students from all over the world. Some of them come from where you guys come from. Pakistan, they came from, from Philippines, they came from Africa, all of it. A lot of them were in front of us because they were born and raised as Muslims. So some of them memorized all of the Quran. Some of them memorize half of the Quran, a lot of them

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new Arabic, at least a lot of words, we came brand spanking new, we didn't know any better. We were brand spanking new. When the teachers used to teach us only in Arabic, we used to sit in huff and puff, suck in our teeth and breathe in. Because we were upset. Why is he teaching in Arabic, he should be teaching us in a language that we all understand.

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That was the arrogance of coming from the west. That was the arrogance that we had. He's teaching in the language that we're trying to learn. And every single person here if they put their best foot forward, and he's much the head, he's going to find borghetto, he's going to find it. My point is, we didn't have any man and the man we didn't have that concept that in order for you affairs to be organized, you need a leader over you. Husband has to be the leader, your eldest son, Senior Brother

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in your absence has to be the leader, there has to be a boy boss. And that's why when we live in America and we live in Europe, and we don't have that Imam and we die in that condition. That is one of the types of death of Jamia, we're not going to say that your criticize depends on what your situation is. How was your life while you're living here? Because many of us are here for opportunity and we're practicing our religion. So that hadith mentions the death of the times of at

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Now the Hadith from what the Prophet told us Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam similar to the first one. One man had an argument with another man.

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And the authentic hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim doesn't tell us that his beloved liberal Raba and I will vertel rafati.

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But one man had a problem with another man, one man was black and the other one wasn't black and they got upset with one another. And the Arab man said to the black man, you son of a black woman. There are some narrations that say it was above and below, but they bring some weak narrations that are not true in that but this one is Sal Bukhari and Muslim.

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When that man went to the Prophet to complain sallallahu alayhi wa salam, ya Rasul Allah He called me the son of a black lady are so lacks that man Salah was telling me that statement. i You have to who beat me? Do you criticize him and talk bad about him? Because his mother, he came out the color of his mother, her forefathers? What does he have to do with that? What does this Somali brother right, his smile have to do with the texture of his hair? The color of his skin? Has nothing to do

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with that. That's all with Allah. Why are you blaming this man because of something that was Mother? And then he told him something Allahu alayhi wa sallam in Nick cambrie and Victor J Helia. You are a man that has some Jamelia in you. Because before the messenger came Salallahu Salam before the Quran and revelation came, this was big. With the kuffaar Quraysh we're sure color, what triad do you come from and so forth. So we're gonna get with that. I'm just showing you Inshallah, we're gonna get

00:34:18 --> 00:34:35

with that. I'm just showing you. There are a number of a hadith that mentioned met quite a few. But I wanted to take this time out by mentioning this hadith as well. To clarify, I made that mistake of saying this happened with Bilal and a Buddha, fatty.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

And I narrated the Hadith that unbeliever came in said to be Lao, put your foot on my face, and he said, I won't put my foot on the face of a person who makes sense to to Allah azza wa jal. So we don't want to fall into that issue of speaking about Allah's religion without knowledge, nor do we want to spread weak Hadith

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

On the Prophet sallallahu it was setting up so we want to free ourselves from the usage of that weak Hadith back then the clarify last point concerning these a hadith and there are many as you're going to see, inshallah is that the Prophet said and what was in saleable having a Muslim philosopher to mean more LJ Lea T Len Tada AHA Mati Aveda a titan Phil

00:35:27 --> 00:35:57

will fucker a turn and sad while fucker Bill Abba, when they are hotter and made. There are three things from the times of a J. Leah that my Umar going to do this, my community will do it and they'll never stop it. And then from the times of Jamia, people will brag about where they come from brag about their tribe, their lineage, what their father's accomplishments were, they'll brag with their Sunday with their daughter date, they'll brag about that.

00:35:58 --> 00:36:30

My son did this my father did that we came from over here, our profession and our vocation where we come from was that we were this you people make shoes, you people you know, you drive you give you sell milk in the village, our people did this and that they do that. Second one is that they talk bad about other people. Your father is this, your this in your colors, this. And we use those bad superlatives. And those very, very bad adjectives to describe other people. And the third thing and

00:36:30 --> 00:36:38

yeah, and a mate, screaming and wailing. When someone dies, we have that in our community.

00:36:40 --> 00:37:10

And lady dies or someone dies, the women from the family are misbehaving and carrying on in one way, like the people have a Jackie Leah, we're going to come to that, because they just do some really crazy things. There's one Hadith similar to this and mentioned the fourth one, a fourth one, he mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is this carbon, no June, that people would try and say it rained because of the moon. And because of this star on this planet. So about a week and a half ago,

00:37:10 --> 00:37:45

two weeks, and the Arab world there was a Eclipse Did you guys see that Eclipse, there was an eclipse and the Muslim world they make a list this up. They go out and they make the salaat asking Allah to send the rain, especially prayer. And Jay Helia they used to have a lot of horror Ifat and a lot of foreign ideas and concepts about the rain that the Prophet came SallAllahu was setting them and said this is not from our religion. When the rain comes, you make this dua when the rain comes,

00:37:45 --> 00:38:18

you go out and you put your things in the rain and you let some water come on you because it just came recently from your Lord. When you're seeing the rain. Seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal so you won't be like those people who they saw a cloud come in and they were rejoicing sand finally the rain, the rain, and when the rain came it destroy them. So proud of the Prophet sunnah Salah what he was setting that he came with as the release of the rain, he came with things that were against what

00:38:18 --> 00:38:50

Andrew keytab we're doing against what the mean of Croatia doing used to say Allahumma savy but not via Oh Allah make this ring, a ring that is beneficial. Right here in the UK three weeks ago, four weeks ago, there were floods in different parts of this country, a rain. That's the rain that harms us. So that's what he taught the people before the rain, when the wind is blowing, oh, Allah asked you for the good in this wind, and they seek refuge in You from the evil in this wind and so forth

00:38:50 --> 00:39:02

and so on. So he came with all of those four things, four things of a Jahangir. Last thing that we want to mention today. One is something that happened with

00:39:04 --> 00:39:37

this famous leader of the one and Muslimeen and I have to say when I gave that lecture the other day about the groups, some brothers who are from day one and mostly mean some of our brothers. They are really upset. I don't mean to upset you or anybody else but I still say It's haram to be from the one screaming because it's against the Kitab in the Sunnah, ultimately slamming all of that is haram. It's haram for you to be with a group of people call themselves set a few. You have to say

00:39:37 --> 00:39:53

everything they say and do whatever they want to do. If you go against what they're saying and doing you get excommunicated you get blacklisted that that's haram you don't have to be with any group. You be with the group of Muslims as we mentioned, I just want to say

00:39:55 --> 00:39:59

the leader of the one Muslimeen in the past name was said Koto Sayed

00:40:00 --> 00:40:00

The Koto

00:40:02 --> 00:40:06

Rahmatullahi to Allah alayhi wa kufr Allahu Tada Lenola who?

00:40:07 --> 00:40:38

People who have a Hulu and they go overboard with their leaders this is one man people go overboard they call him the Shaheed they believe he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But the scholars of Islam and people involved in knowledge, no, say caught up didn't have knowledge of the deen like that. He was an a deep, a person who writes letters, a man who knew about the Arabic language. You know, I don't know anyone I could give you an example of but you know if you study

00:40:40 --> 00:40:59

what's that famous? British author? Shakespeare. So a person is like a thespian? Yeah, thespian. That's what it is. A person of letters. As for Halawa and haram and the dean, he didn't have that kind of knowledge. But in writing, he was prolific.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:35

And a lot of his ideas helped to create some of the shit that we see with these groups that broke off from the one Mussolini that one themselves and other Muslims, other groups. My point is, he had mentioned in one of his writings, he has a book. And he wrote in that book, he said that the societies of Muslims are societies of Ajay Helia. And he made that blanket statement that the societies of the Muslims are the societies of Jamia because of what he knew what people know what's

00:41:35 --> 00:42:06

going on in the Muslim world. Like everything that I just mentioned, and all of the ideas that we mentioned, and all of the Hadith, all of that is happening in the Muslim world. So he made that statement. And that open ended statement is a problem. It's a big mistake. Because as I said, at Jahai, Leah, was what happened before slam. So if you describe the Muslim societies and societies of Algeria here, it says, if you make the Giroud of the word Jude of the rissalah, as if you're saying

00:42:06 --> 00:42:37

there's no Risala, the Prophet came with salatu salam, and Rasul Allah King with the message. And the message made it clear. And when he came with made it so that everyone could distinguish that Janelia, and that's Islam. So I believe what he said was wrong. But I don't believe that he intended to make to feel on the muscles. But that's the kind of language he used to use. So people who are adversaries to him, they apply the worst possible meaning to people's words. That's what happens.

00:42:37 --> 00:43:11

You apply the worst possible mean, and that's what happened. Personally, I don't think demand meant that all the Muslims are Kfar. I think he was making a point. The reason why I'm saying that is we have to be careful when we talk like that. We have to be careful when we say things like, we came to the west, and we found Islam Islam here, because of the Nevada and the way things are. This Islam here, but no Muslims, and we went to the east and we found Muslims with no Islam. That person is not

00:43:11 --> 00:43:27

trying to say that Muslims are kuffaar. In the Muslim world, he's not trying to say that, nor is He saying that these are Muslims, and he put non Muslims and make them them. Well, he's not doing that. He's trying to make the point. And it's a cotton Lulla he shouldn't make that point.

00:43:28 --> 00:44:03

You found Muslims here? No, it's Cofer here is coughing here. And coughing is what runs the show. And there are Muslims who will live in, within this coffin, and the Muslim world. They are Muslims over there, and they are practicing Islam. And perfection is only with Allah and from Allah. I'm just saying we have to be careful with the way we express ourselves with these issues because it's not okay. Lastly, concerning studying this issue, since Islam came, why do we need to study that was

00:44:03 --> 00:44:04

the importance of it.

00:44:06 --> 00:44:10

Mr. Ravi, Allah and who he mentioned, the time is going to come

00:44:12 --> 00:44:14

when the institutions of Al Islam

00:44:16 --> 00:44:18

are going to be destroyed.

00:44:19 --> 00:44:23

They will be destroyed one by one by one.

00:44:25 --> 00:44:41

And that will happen if and when people grow up in LS lamb and they never knew anything about LJ Helia. So really important statement of El Faro, Amaro Robbie Alon.

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

He said Ellis lamb is going to be destroyed Urawa Urawa every institution every button of Al Islam, a salon as a con el hijo song el hijab, la Hiya, the Masjid via than their Eid

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

They have Juma al jihad.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:15

The institutions of Islam are going to be destroyed one by one by one by one, if and when people grow up in Ellis LAN, and they never knew LJ Helia.

00:45:17 --> 00:45:22

The meaning of that famous statement of the Ameerul Momineen are allowed to ride the line is

00:45:25 --> 00:45:40

MJ Lea Armada and his companions. They knew what Janelia was. They knew what drinking Hamid was. They knew what burying their children was. And I want to take this opportunity out share some information.

00:45:42 --> 00:46:07

A lot of people have the opinion that the statement that says that Irma buried his daughter alive. And while he was burying his daughter, his daughter was picking up dirt. The dirt was on his leg here. And the little girl was taking the dirt off while he was burying her. And then he just buried alive. How many of you heard that hadith about remedy? How many of you, it's very famous, very famous.

00:46:08 --> 00:46:41

He laughed, and then he cried. So he told the prophet, I cry, because I remember in January, I took my daughter. And I was burying her. And as I was burying her, the dirt was in my leg and he was wiping it, she was wiping off my leg here. And I had no mercy and every time that hadith is not authentic, this is the statement and the image and the imagery that was made up by the rafidah of Iran, those people, those people over there, who have an aversion and a hatred for the Amuro within

00:46:41 --> 00:47:05

an amount of love the alignment. So it's not authentic, it's not authentic at all. But although it's not authentic, you can rest assured, Mr. Liu the reality of that, although it doesn't appear that he's tried bending him up, Zoom used to do that. But hey, he knows that. So now when they came into this lab, they had an appreciation for Ellis lab, because he saved their lives,

00:47:06 --> 00:47:23

saved their lives. So if a person is born in Islam, raising Islam, and he just is raised up, it can become quite easy for him. Just to say, Man, I ain't praying. I pray when I want to pray, I don't pray when I want. I'm a Muslim. My name is Ahmed, Bilal Abdullah Falken machete for Khadija.

00:47:24 --> 00:47:37

But that person who was smoking Judas, that person was smoking crack. That person was robbing people and just going crazy and all of that stuff that was going on. He comes into the religion and he says, Wow,

00:47:38 --> 00:47:49

slam helped to change my life. And you does is not the way blondes is not the way misbehaving with gangs is not the way it's not the way.

00:47:50 --> 00:48:23

Now does that mean that if a person was born and raised in Islam, that's a bad thing, that we want you guys to stop practicing and going to jail. Havia love Allah, he wouldn't want that from you. It just goes to show if a person didn't have water and he was thirsty, and when that water came, he's going to cherish that water, it's going to mean a lot 10 Whereas if he drinks water, and it's always on tap whenever on demand, what if it spills is no big deal. But in the desert in the desert. This

00:48:23 --> 00:48:24

water means a lot.

00:48:25 --> 00:49:01

This water means a lot in the desert. So the one who was in Jamia, it's not like the one who was not in jail here. And the people will revert it to Islam. They have their virtues, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, there are three people will get their reward twice. They'll get the reward twice. A man who believed in his Prophet, Isa Musa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he believed in me as well. So that's virtue, especially if you from anarchy type it from anarchy. So there's some

00:49:01 --> 00:49:34

virtues, but there's also virtues and being born in Islam and raised in a sense, because you guys grew up and you never drink cover. You guys grew up, never got high. You guys grew up, and you never did a lot of the things that are from the cadaver that people are doing on a daily basis. So this is why you shallow Tyler, we're going to learn this as a reminder, the Eli xojo So that's the introduction inshallah we'll go point by point as it relates to what's in the book. And we asked

00:49:34 --> 00:49:56

Allah azza wa jal to cause it to be a vicar and a tip Kier and a 10 b, that will benefit from and we'll see the results of it in the dunya before the hara, had the salah who was sending them robotic, I didn't know Bettina why the early he was hobby Jemaine was sent mid Kamara to light he were better cattle

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